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Surprise, surprise: Bigfoot story a hoax

11 years ago from CBC: Technology & Science

The website that promoted the finding of the supposed remains of the legendary Bigfoot has confirmed what most people suspected: the body was nothing more than a rubber sasquatch costume.

Psychologist Robert M. Taylor dies

11 years ago from UPI

MARINA DEL REY, Calif., Aug. 16 (UPI) -- Psychologist Robert M. Taylor, author of the Taylor-Johnson Temperament Analysis Test, died at his home in California, the Los Angeles...

Young Children's 'Theory Of Mind' Linked To Subsequent Metacognitive Development In Adolescence

11 years ago from Science Daily

A new study detects a systematic link between children's "theory of mind" as assessed in kindergarten and their metacognitive knowledge in elementary school.

Will China Become the No. 1 Superpower?

11 years ago from Live Science

A good number of people in many countries believe the torch has already been passed.

5 Ways to Beef Up Your Brain

11 years ago from Live Science

Memory is partly a matter of genetics, but there are things you can do to keep your mind in shape.

Study shows that older adult caregivers of people with dementia have worse sleep than noncaregivers

11 years ago from Physorg

A study in the August 15 issue of the Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine shows that the sleep patterns of older adults who live with and provide direct care during...

More women choosing careers in forensic science

11 years ago from AP Science

RICHMOND, Va. (AP) -- Kelly Johnson snips pieces from a blood-stained, blue-striped shirt, then swabs the neck and armpits for sweat. Down the hall, Samantha Glass...

Call For Better Protection Of Older People From Climate Change Impact

11 years ago from Science Daily

A new report calls on Government and public authorities to take action to better protect older people from the future effects of climate change.

Teens lack judgment when driving, trauma study finds

11 years ago from CBC: Health

Teens may underestimate their risk of dying in a car collision because they not only see themselves as invincible but also make faulty assumptions, say Canadian researchers who recommend countering...

Refugees need University's support

11 years ago from Science Alert

Refugees need more holistic support from universities, such as providing child care and mentors, in order to be successful in their studies, a study has found.

Study finds that sleep selectively preserves emotional memories

11 years ago from Biology News Net

As poets, songwriters and authors have described, our memories range from misty water-colored recollections to vividly detailed images of the times of our lives.

Northwestern chemists take gold, mass-produce Beijing Olympic logo

11 years ago from Physorg

Northwestern University nanoscientist Chad A. Mirkin has mass-produced the 2008 Summer Olympics logo -- 15,000 times. All the logos take up only one square centimeter of space.

ANIMAL PHOTOS WEEKLY: Doused Cobra, Leopard Cub, More

11 years ago from National Geographic

A cobra gets milk in the face, a baby leopard lolls, a flamingo puts a twist on Olympic fever, and more in our photo roundup.

Family-based brand identity influences customers' purchasing decisions

11 years ago from Physorg

A new study in the Journal of Small Business Management shows that promoting the fact that the business is a "family" business positively influences customer purchasing decisions.

Increased campaign spending improves citizen participation in state supreme court elections

11 years ago from Physorg

A new study in the American Journal of Political Science reveals that increased campaign spending significantly improves citizen participation in State Supreme Court elections.

Peers versus parents in modern China

11 years ago from Physorg

In metropolitan China, high school students' self-esteem depends more on good relations with peers than parents, a new UC Davis study shows. But the opposite is true for younger adolescents...

Model For Neurological Disorder 'Angelman Syndrome' Developed

11 years ago from Science Daily

A model for studying the genetics of Angelman syndrome, a neurological disorder that causes mental retardation and other symptoms in one out of 15,000 births, has been developed by biologists...

That Amazing Devil Gravity

11 years ago from PopSci

Here we have a clip from the excellent movie adaptation of Tom Stoppard's play Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead. In addition to engaging and nuanced performances by Gary Oldman, Tim...

Americans Spending, Gambling, Saving: Who's Happiest, Who's Most At Risk?

11 years ago from Science Daily

For some, spending in today's tumultuous economy is not a problem, especially for those who don't care what everyone else has. But for others, casino splurges, not saving enough or...

'Toxic Tour' takes in Los Angeles' dirty little secrets

11 years ago from Physorg

Whether you want to see the multi-million dollar home of a Hollywood celebrity or the scene of an infamous crime, Los Angeles has a guided tour to suit almost every...

Andrew Brown: The discussion of religious differences online is not a game

11 years ago from The Guardian - Science

Andrew Brown: The strange, weightless intimacy of online communication has enabled complete strangers to hate each other passionately within minutes

Doctors debate when to declare organ donors dead

11 years ago from Physorg

(AP) -- A report on three heart transplants involving babies is focusing attention on a touchy issue in the organ donation field: When and how can someone be declared...

Stix takes a stab at motion-controlled PC games

11 years ago from Physorg

(AP) -- Looking at its size, shape, white wrist strap and B-button on the bottom, it's easy to compare the Stix with the Wiimote, the wireless controller for the...

Perceived level of intimacy within a relationship predicts relational uncertainty

11 years ago from Physorg

Relational Uncertainty refers to people's lack of confidence in their perceptions of relationship involvement. A new study in the journal Personal Relationships evaluated associations between intimacy and relational uncertainty and...

Professor sees optimism in prejudice research

11 years ago from Physorg

( -- It is a question on many Americans' minds: Is the United States ready for a black president, or will deep-rooted and even unconscious prejudices show at the polls?...

Kwiry service lets users text to remember tidbits

11 years ago from Physorg

(AP) -- It happens to everyone: A friend recommends a good book or movie, but by the time you get around to Googling it - assuming you get that...

Brain will be battlefield of future, warns report

11 years ago from The Guardian - Science

The human brain could become a battlefield in future wars, a new report predicts, including 'pharmacological land mines' and drones directed by mind control

Simply Listening To Music Affects One’s Musicality

11 years ago from Science Daily

Researchers have demonstrated how much the brain can learn simply through active exposure to many different kinds of music. “More and more labs are showing that people have the sensitivity...