CBC: Health

Thursday th 25th of April 2019

AI researcher, Soviet historian among winners of $100K Killam Prize - 13:20

'This is the face of the health-care crisis:' Woman issues plea to N.S. premier - 12:20

Parents say they 'can't afford' their disabled children under N.L. health system - 10:30

What an anesthesiologist shortage means for pregnant women in Yarmouth - 09:30

'It was disgusting': Nova Scotia meat plant pleads guilty to multiple violations - 09:30

Wednesday th 24th of April 2019

Measles cases in U.S. hit highest mark in 25 years - 14:40

How rising risks of air pollution are affecting health, life expectancy - 14:40

Whooping cough outbreak declared in Fredericton - 14:10

Ford government proposes scrapping OHIP's out-of-country medical coverage - 13:40

Provincial health officer calls on B.C. to 'urgently' decriminalize possession of illicit drugs - 13:11

Point of View | My son's addictions killed him. His death shows how our systems need to change - 12:50

Alcohol and cannabis companies form pot-beverage group to push changes - 11:10

WHO recommends one-hour maximum screen time per day for young kids - 10:10

Fort St. John, B.C., considers supplying free menstrual products in public spaces - 09:20

A match is found: Nova Scotia transplant advocate gets 2 new lungs - 09:20

The working-at-home blues: Loneliness, depression a risk for those who are isolated - 03:30

Tuesday th 23rd of April 2019

B.C. woman gets first implant in Western Canada to help treat opioid addiction - 19:50

Gonorrhoea, syphilis rates skyrocket in N.W.T.: public health officer - 16:50

Synthetic street drug causes zombie-like effects, says provincial health authority - 16:50

Americans get more sedentary as computer use surges - 16:20

U.S. brings 1st criminal case against major drug distributor over opioid crisis - 13:50

Ontario's cuts to Toronto Public Health threaten to 'devastate' school nutrition program, some warn - 12:50

Malawi is first nation to use malaria vaccine to help kids: UN - 11:00

How mistrust and fear make fighting Ebola more difficult - 09:00

Monday th 22nd of April 2019

Moose nose and prairie oysters: Sask. farmer, chef say nose-to-tail cooking is a sustainable option - 12:01

Using their immunity, Ebola survivors play special role in Congo outbreak - 11:31

Why shift work can be tough on your health - 03:20

Sunday th 21st of April 2019

Shelters for victims of abuse in Canada still struggling with underfunding, capacity issues: StatsCan - 09:40

Battling burnout: Modern work pressures distort our very identities, warns Rahaf Harfoush - 03:30

Saturday th 20th of April 2019

What happened to triclosan? A lingering legacy of the hyper-hygiene era - 08:20

Friday th 19th of April 2019

This exoskeleton shows people with spinal cord injuries what it's like to walk again - 19:10

Brain-injury device licensed by Health Canada was rejected by the FDA - 03:30

Thursday th 18th of April 2019

Ontario slashes Toronto Public Health funds by $1B over a decade, board chair says - 20:40

An end to #TAMPONGATE. Period. - 16:30

Calgary groups look for solutions after Syrian girl, 9, dies by suicide - 14:00

B.C.'s top doc Bonnie Henry reflects on 3-year anniversary of opioid emergency - 09:30

As fewer patients sue their doctor, the rate of winning malpractice suits is dropping too - 03:20

Wednesday th 17th of April 2019

Doctors use gene therapy to fix 'bubble boy' disease - 18:10

Intragastric balloons for weight loss linked to punctures to stomach and esophagus, Health Canada says - 17:20

Clinic serving Montreal's Hasidic community educates patients about measles outbreak - 16:50

New rules for driving with children on board come into effect Thursday - 13:44

After a cancer diagnosis at 30 'shook her world' this P.E.I. woman wants to spread hope - 13:20

After Moncton Hospital allegations, renewed calls for patient advocate - 13:20

Tuesday th 16th of April 2019

SickKids shuts down Motherisk helplines after grants, donations 'reduced to zero' - 22:10

New measles case confirmed, infected person visited Vancouver airport - 21:20

Liberal MP 'in a mood to celebrate' as Manitoba signs on to health accord after 18-month delay - 16:20

'He was so broken': B.C. mother loses son to opioids after years of sobriety - 16:20

Telemedicine and walk-in clinics have future of family doctor in flux - 15:50

They were strangers. Then she changed his life in what's believed to be a North American first - 15:50

Congo's president wants Ebola contained within 3 months - 15:00