CBC: Health

Wednesday the 22nd of February 2017

Re-thinking Canada's Food Guide 'a tall order', but P.E.I. dietitians have suggestions - 11:31

Sask. mom speaks out after boy, 12, severely burned having cast removed - 11:31

Ontario teacher faces discipline for allegedly telling students they 'could die' from vaccination - 09:01

Do we still need 3 square meals a day and breakfast in the morning? - 05:31

Tuesday the 21st of February 2017

$30K fine proposed for nurse who vented online about grandfather's care - 13:01

Exercise, keeping weight down help prevent breast cancer recurrence, review finds - 12:31

'She was actually burning from it,' Manitoba mom says about toddler's cast removal - 12:01

'Keep our kids from dying': Ottawa dad pens letter warning of overdoses - 09:31

91% vs. 47%: Why vaccination rates are so different in these neighbouring Alberta towns - 09:01

Monday the 20th of February 2017

U.S. teen suicide attempts fell as same-sex marriage became legal - 16:21

Fish still healthy, but study suggests species with more mercury may be linked to ALS - 16:21

Young kids at risk of opioid overdose from adult prescriptions in household: study - 07:31

Sunday the 19th of February 2017

Taking on vitamin D headlines, and health professionals weigh in on Donald Trump - 08:31

Donating body to science 'the last best thing,' says prof - 07:31

Saturday the 18th of February 2017

Stuart McLean's death could help boost melanoma awareness, experts say - 13:51

How table salt developed at U of T is saving millions of lives in India - 08:41

Friday the 17th of February 2017

Feds investigating as B.C. oyster norovirus outbreak spreads - 17:51

2 weeks of storms hits Atlantic Canada blood supply - 17:21

U.S. shuts high-security labs over concerns about air hose safety - 16:31

B.C. signing health-care deal with federal government, including money for opioid crisis - 12:01

How to improve the 'health literacy' of parents caring for kids with chronic kidney disease - 10:31

Are face transplants still research? surgeons ask - 09:31

College of Family Physicians calls for review of Safe Third Country Agreement - 09:01

Ardene removes toxic jewelry from stores, vows change - 09:01

Thursday the 16th of February 2017

Kids needing OHIP funding for surgery tangled in 'catchment area' red tape - 16:02

Millbrook youth make video to uplift Indigenous youth contemplating suicide - 16:02

Waterloo woman makes picture books for adults with dementia, Alzheimer's - 12:41

It takes longer for Canadians to get health care, but is it worth the wait? - 11:01

PharmaNet breach compromises personal information of 7,500 B.C. residents, says province - 09:02

Children with ADHD have some smaller brain regions, study shows - 05:31

At least 79 died from bird flu in 1st month of year in China - 01:01

Wednesday the 15th of February 2017

China to regulate carfentanil, seen as 'substantial step' in curbing opioid exports - 23:31

Stop saying Trump has narcissistic personality disorder, says psychiatrist who defined it - 20:51

'I have a couple of good years': Charlottetown man adjusts to life with ALS - 15:21

Surgeons rude to patients may pose problems, U.S. study finds - 14:51

Harvard, MIT research team keeps gene-editing patent rights - 13:21

B.C. family asks for help finding special KD for their autistic son, and the Internet responds - 11:51

Yellow fever outbreak in Congo declared over - 11:51

Soccer players' brains show damage 'probably related' to frequent heading, neurologists say - 11:22

Indigenous water solutions: 2 steps forward, 1 step back - 09:01

Can all suicides be prevented in an inpatient facility like St. Joe's? - 09:01

Could a virtual walk in the woods relieve chronic pain? - 08:31

Tuesday the 14th of February 2017

All 3 measles cases in Halifax linked but source not yet known, says health official - 16:01

Potential carcinogen found in water used on Coast Guard ships - 16:01

Scientists soften position on DNA editing of human eggs, sperm, embryos - 12:31

Quadriplegic woman who seeks hunting licence among those being helped by Regina group - 11:01

Want your partner to 'melt'? Offer simple support rather than solitude - 10:31

Let them eat steak: Charlottetown doc calls for food guide facelift - 10:02

Monday the 13th of February 2017

Health Canada warns of burn risk with menthol pain creams - 17:01

Health charities rebrand in effort to stay relevant, counter cynicism - 16:01