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Nationwide Manhunt Underway for Murder Suspect

2 hours ago from MSNBC: Science

Alex Deaton, 28, is also a person of interest in the killing of a 69-year-old woman found shot to death inside a church on Thursday.

Sessions Reviewing Possible Crackdown on Marijuana

2 hours ago from MSNBC: Science

While several states have legalized possession of recreational pot, the attorney general stressed that it's still a federal crime.

New studies illustrate how gamers get good

3 hours ago from Science Daily

Researchers used data from online video games to study what kinds of practice and habits help people acquire skill. Beyond simply learning about what makes gamers good, the investigators hope...

Fears for environment as automatic legal 'cost cap' scrapped

Environmental groups have launched a legal challenge to the government's rule change.

Online security apps focus on parental control, not teen self-regulation

4 hours ago from Science Daily

Mobile apps designed to keep teens safe online are overwhelmingly focused on parental control, which may be only a short-term solution that hinders a teen's ability to learn coping strategies...

Dine and Do Good: Supper Club Raises Money for Refugees

4 hours ago from MSNBC: Science

Like many new arrivals, Najwa's family came to the U.S. with nothing. When a local mom stepped in to help, her effort snowballed into something bigger.

Wilbur Ross Confirmed to Lead Commerce Department

6 hours ago from MSNBC: Science

Wilbur Ross, President Donald Trump's pick to head the Department of Commerce, was easily confirmed in the Senate on a 72-27 vote Monday evening.

Bush defends news media, says 'we all need answers' about Russia

6 hours ago from UPI

Former President George W. Bush addressed a range of issues Monday, including his views on news media, blocking immigrants and refugees and national security.

NBCBLK28: Briana Babineaux: Gospel's Overnight Wonder

7 hours ago from MSNBC: Science

"I wasn't trying to get into the music industry. I didn't want to sing R&B. If I was going to sing for anybody, I wanted to sing for God."

How Viewers of Different News Outlets See Trump

7 hours ago from MSNBC: Science

A new poll shows how viewers of different media outlets often have wildly divergent views of the president's job performance and the state of the U.S.

Two Leaders of Hate Attack Get Lengthy Prison Terms

7 hours ago from MSNBC: Science

A man and woman were sentenced to 13 and six years in prison for joining a group of Confederate flag supporters who threatened a Georgia community.

Are Any Fad Diets Actually Healthy? What the Research Shows

7 hours ago from Live Science

A new review attempts to dispel the hype surrounding some popular diet trends, and outline what experts really known about a heart-healthy diet.

White House Responds to Ryan Owens' Father's 'Stupid Mission' Statement

8 hours ago from MSNBC: Science

White House spokesman Sean Spicer said on behalf of the President, Ryan Owens death during the controversial Yemen Raid saved American lives.

Federal appeals court rejects egg-labeling lawsuit

8 hours ago from AP Health

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) -- A federal appeals court has rejected a lawsuit that sought to require labels on egg cartons indicating the conditions...

Fast friends: Tortoise becomes guardian of wandering baby bunny

10 hours ago from UPI

The ancient rivalry between tortoise and hare seems to have ended after an Arizona hotel's pet tortoise appointed itself guardian of a wandering baby bunny.

Construction workers take on dizzying 'Cement Mixer Challenge'

10 hours ago from UPI

A group of British road construction workers came up with a new way to keep themselves amused -- and somewhat nauseous -- "The Cement Mixer Challenge."

How your brain makes articles go viral

10 hours ago from Science Daily

Activity in the self-related, mentalizing, and positive valuation regions of the brain combine unconsciously in our thoughts to determine what we want to read and share, such that brain scans...

Do you look like your name? Survey says yes

11 hours ago from UPI

New research suggests people's faces resemble their names. Participants beat random odds when guessing a person's name based only on their facial appearance.

ARVO Supports the March for Science

12 hours ago from Newswise - Scinews

e Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology (ARVO) has joined with other scientific societies in partnering with the March for Science, a mass outpouring of non-partisan support for science...

Woman returns security camera, gets video emails from inside stranger's home

12 hours ago from UPI

A California woman who returned a security camera that is supposed to email video to its owner said she is now receiving footage inside a stranger's home.

Dogs, Toddlers Show Similarities in Social Intelligence

12 hours ago from Science Blog

Most dog owners will tell you they consider their beloved pets to be members of their families. Now new research suggests that dogs may be even more like us than...

Nigeria religious leaders look past hate in conflicted country

13 hours ago from UPI

The rise in hate groups and hate-related incidents in the United States – and elsewhere – is stoking concerns about social peace.

Do you look like your name? People can match names to faces of strangers with surprising accuracy

14 hours ago from Science Daily

If your name is Fred, do you look like a Fred? You might -- and others might think so, too. New research has found that people appear to be better...

'Train surfing' teens cling to back of Australian train

15 hours ago from UPI

Australian police said they are investigating a video showing two teenagers "train surfing" by clinging to the back of a train.

Chrissy Teigen appears to fall asleep during 2017 Oscars

15 hours ago from UPI

Chrissy Teigen sent social media into a frenzy after she was spotted napping on John Legend's shoulder during Casey Affleck's acceptance speech for Best Actor.

New York Knicks waiving Brandon Jennings after he asked to play for 'playoff team'

15 hours ago from UPI

In today's NBA, Brandon Jennings might have gotten what he asked for.

Brain imaging headband measures how our minds align when we communicate

16 hours ago from Science Daily

Past research has revealed that our brains synchronize when listening to the same idea or story. Now, biomedical engineers have developed a tool to better understand this phenomenon.

Dozens of Federal Workers Admit Watching Porn on the Job

19 hours ago from MSNBC: Science

Almost 100 federal government employees have admitted or been caught viewing copious amounts of pornography while on the job in the past five years.