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This image shows the range of voluntary movement prior to receiving stimulation compared to movement after receiving stimulation, physical conditioning, and buspirone. The subject's legs are supported so that they can move without resistance from gravity. The electrodes on the legs are used for recording muscle activity.
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Simple procedure using a nasal balloon can help treat hearing loss in children

For children with a common middle-ear problem, a simple procedure with a nasal balloon can reduce the impact of hearing loss and avoid unnecessary and ineffective use of antibiotics, according...

Study finds non-genetic cancer mechanism

Cancer can be caused solely by protein imbalances within cells, a study of ovarian cancer has found.

Manipulating molecule in the brain improves stress response, new target for depression treatment

This is Dr. James Bibb.Increasing the levels of a signaling molecule found in the brain can positively alter response to stress, revealing a potential new therapeutic target for treatment of depression, UT Southwestern Medical...

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Early antiretroviral therapy prevents non-AIDS outcomes in HIV-infected people, study

Starting antiretroviral therapy early not only prevents serious AIDS-related diseases, but also prevents the onset of cancer, cardiovascular disease, and other non-AIDS-related diseases in HIV-infected people, according to a new...

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Attention beachgoers: Fecal contamination affects sand more than water

"No swimming" signs have already popped up this summer along coastlines where fecal bacteria have invaded otherwise inviting waters. Some vacationers ignore the signs while others resign themselves to tanning...

New guidelines for statin eligibility improve prediction of cardiovascular risk

The new guidelines for determining whether patients should begin taking statins to prevent cardiovascular disease issued in 2013 by the American College of Cardiology (ACC) and the American Heart Association...

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Subset of plasma cells represent 'historical record' of childhood infections

Long-lived plasma cells have a distinctive "fried egg" appearance, containing bubble-like vacuoles or lipid droplets, which are generally rare in bone marrow cell samples.Immunologists from Emory University have identified a distinct set of long-lived antibody-producing cells in the human bone marrow that function as an immune archive.

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Super graphene helps boost chemotherapy treatment

Elise Ramleth Østli and Ph.D. candidate Federico Mazzola of the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) check their experiment. As part of her master's project at NTNU, Elise Ramleth Østli spent time in Stockholm, studying the tubes used with intravenous catheters. Back at NTNU, she contacted Justin Wells at the Department of Physics, asking if he was interested in continuing studies on these types of medical materials.Chemotherapy treatment usually involves the patient receiving medicine through an intravenous catheter. These catheters, as well as the the equipment attached to them, are treated with a silver coating which...

Detecting more small cancers in screening mammography suggests overdiagnosis

Screening mammography was associated with increased diagnosis of small cancers in a study across U.S. counties but not with significant changes in breast cancer deaths or a decreased incidence of...

New genetic form of obesity and diabetes discovered

Scientists have discovered a new inherited form of obesity and type 2 diabetes in humans.

World's first bilateral hand transplant on child at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia

Surgeons at The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) joined with colleagues from Penn Medicine recently to complete the world's first bilateral hand transplant on a child. Earlier this month, the surgical team successfully transplanted donor hands and forearms onto eight-year-old...

Mobile stroke treatment units may greatly improve survival rates, chance of recovery for ischemic stroke patients

Two new studies presented today at the Society of NeuroInterventional Surgery 12th Annual Meeting in San Francisco, report that Mobile Stroke Treatment Units (MSTUs) can significantly reduce the time it...

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Queen's University Belfast, UK, researchers discover how to cut worrying levels of arsenic

Researchers at Queen's University Belfast have made a breakthrough in discovering how to lower worrying levels of arsenic in rice that is eaten all over the world.

E-cigarettes may be as addictive as traditional ones

Electronic cigarettes or "e-cigs" have been touted as a tool smokers can use to wean themselves off of traditional cigarettes, which many believe are more harmful than their "e" counterparts....

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Stem cells move one step closer to cure for genetic diseases

Salk researchers have generated disease-free stem cells from patients with mitochondrial disease that can be converted into any cell type including neuronal progenitors (left) or heart cells (right). These could potentially be used for future transplantation into patients.Healthy brain, muscle, eye and heart cells would improve the lives of tens of thousands of people around the world with debilitating mitochondrial diseases. Now, researchers at the Salk Institute...

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Making 'miniature brains' from skin cells to better understand autism

These are stem cell-derived miniature early forebrains.A larger head size -- or macrocephaly -- is seen in many children with severe autism spectrum disorder (ASD). A new stem cell study of these children by Yale School...

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Breast cancer survivors gain more weight than cancer-free women

Main Finding(s): Among women with a family history of breast cancer, those diagnosed with breast cancer gained weight at a greater rate compared with cancer-free women of the same age...

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Heading the ball, player-to-player contact and concussions in high school soccer

Contact with another player was the most common way boys and girls sustained concussions in a study of U.S. high school soccer players, while heading the ball was the most...

Why don't men live as long as women?

Across the entire world, women can expect to live longer than men. But why does this occur, and was this always the case?

Live imaging reveals how wound healing influences cancer

Researchers in the United Kingdom and Denmark have studied the "see-through" larvae of zebrafish to reveal how wound healing leads to skin cancer. Live imaging shows neutrophils, the protective inflammatory...

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His and her pain circuitry in the spinal cord

New research released today in Nature Neuroscience reveals for the first time that pain is processed in male and female mice using different cells. These findings have far-reaching implications for...

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