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Tailless Comet Is 'Time Capsule' From Earth Formation Era | Video

Spectral analysis of the ''Manx" comet (C/2014 S3 (PANSTARRS)), using the European Southern Observatory's Very Large Telescope, revealed characteristics of an inner solar system asteroid in pristine condition.

Pop went the weasel and down went the Large Hadron Collider

It's one of the physics world's most complex machines, and it has been immobilized—temporarily—by a weasel.

Birds of prey miss out on benefits of beak evolution

Brooks HaysBRISTOL, England, April 29 (UPI) -- According to new research out of England, raptors, eagles and hawks have missed out on the perks of a specialized pecker.

Study: Spiders have oral sex

Brooks HaysLJUBLJANA, Slovenia, April 29 (UPI) -- A new study highlights an exceedingly rare occurrence -- oral sexual encounters among spiders.

Insulating layer of air above the Greenland ice sheet reduces precipitation

The Earth's climate has been warming, but even though the Greenland ice sheet is melting rapidly in the coastal regions, there are large parts of the ice sheet (40 percent)...

Unique Fragment From Earth's Formation Returns After Billions of Years in Cold Storage

In a paper to be published today in the journal Science Advances, lead author Karen Meech of the University of Hawai`i's Institute for Astronomy and her colleagues conclude that C/2014...

Why can’t a woman play tennis like a man?

Changing court conditions to address differences in men’s and women’s play might make women’s tennis matches more competitive, according to a new study by Ben-Gurion University of the Negev (BGU)...

Frailty, depression symptoms linked in older spouses, study says

Stephen FellerNEW YORK, April 29 (UPI) -- Researchers found depression and frailty are linked among older people, if one spouse has one of the conditions, the other is more likely...

Light-powered 3-D printer creates terahertz lens

Created from a 3-D printed metamaterial, the new lens could be used for biomedical research and security imaging.

Parts of India ban daytime cooking as hundreds die of heat

PATNA, India (AP) -- With sizzling temperatures claiming more than 300 lives this month in India, officials said they were banning daytime cooking...

Japan abandons unresponsive $450 million space telescope

Japan's space agency has abandoned its efforts to restore the operations of a multimillion-dollar satellite featuring Canadian technology that was to probe the mysteries of black holes using X-ray telescopes.

Spintronics: Spin currents in topological insulators controlled

Scientists have shown how spin-polarized currents can be initiated in a controlled manner within samples of topological insulator material. In addition, they were able to manipulate the orientation of the...

Newly discovered baby Titanosaur sheds light on dinosaurs' early lives

Long-necked sauropod dinosaurs include the largest animals ever to walk on land, but they hatched from eggs no bigger than a soccer ball.

Lizards share sleep patterns with humans

Scientists say sleep patterns previously thought exclusive to mammals and birds are also found in lizards.

Sterilizing implants with oxygen may save time, money

Stephen FellerBATH, England, April 29 (UPI) -- Oxygen may be a cheaper, easier, safer method for sterilizing polymer implants without the risk of them being damaged, as in other sterilization...

Smog may boost risk for several cancers

Steven Reinberg, HealthDay News Long-term exposure to fine particles of air pollution is tied to an increased risk of dying from several kinds of cancer, a new study suggests.

2016 NFL Draft: Day 2 Mock; Myles Jack to Cleveland Browns, Derrick Henry to Miami Dolphins

By Dane Brugler, The Sports Xchange With 31 picks complete in the 2016 NFL Draft, Day Two begins with the second round on Friday night and several very talented players...

Pentagon slams Benghazi panel for wasting money with exhaustive probe, repeated 'threats' and demands

Doug G. WareARLINGTON, Va., April 29 (UPI) -- The Pentagon this week sent a letter to the House panel still investigating Benghazi and expressed frustration with its prolonged probe and...

Cooling graphene-based film close to pilot-scale production

Heat dissipation in electronics and optoelectronics is a severe bottleneck in the further development of systems in these fields. To come to grips with this serious issue, researchers have developed...

Royal anniversary: 5 moments from Prince William and Kate Middleton's marriage

Marilyn MalaraLONDON, April 29 (UPI) -- Prince William and Kate Middleton, the British royal couple whose romance enchanted the world, celebrated their fifth wedding anniversary Friday.

Thales wins Royal Thai Navy contracts

Richard TomkinsPARIS, April 29 (UPI) -- The Royal Thai Navy has commissioned Thales of France for the modernization of two mine-hunter vessels and for a communications suite on a new...

Obama to attend final White House Correspondents Dinner

Eric DuVallWASHINGTON, April 29 (UPI) -- Barack Obama will attend his final White House Correspondents Dinner as president. Republican front-runner Donald Trump said he will skip the event.

First U.S. Zika-Related Death Reported In Puerto Rico

Health Still no vaccine to combat the outbreak The first case of death related to the Zika virus has been reported in Puerto Rico.

HPV infection can be identified in self-collected vaginal swabs

High risk, potentially cancer causing human papillomavirus infections are common among women in Papua New Guinea. But self sampling with vaginal swabs may provide materials that screen as accurately as...

Researchers discover potential treatment for sepsis and other responses to infection

Ebola and other dangerous microbes often produce these inflammatory responses. Researchers say that tiny doses of a cancer drug may stop the raging, uncontrollable immune response to infection that leads...

Gene therapy stops hypertension in study with animals

Stephen FellerNEW YORK, April 29 (UPI) -- Using gene therapy, researchers slowed progression of pulmonary hypertension and improved arterial function in pigs, suggesting the condition is treatable.

Los Angeles Rams expect QB Jared Goff to be long-term starter

The Sports Xchange LOS ANGELES -- When the Los Angeles Rams made the unprecedented move to trade from the 15th pick in the draft to the first overall pick, it...

Jellyfish from Outer Space? Amazing Glowing Creature Spotted

Near the deepest spot in the world's oceans, scientists have discovered a jellyfish that looks more alien spaceship than deep-sea cnidarian.

Salt-inducible kinases may have therapeutic potential for autoimmune diseases

A new research report suggests that specific enzymes, called 'salt-inducible kinases,' may be able to help curb runaway inflammation associated with autoimmune diseases like Crohn's disease, arthritis, and psoriasis.

Benefits of stem cells for treating spinal cord injuries assessed

Stem cell therapy is a rapidly evolving and promising treatment for spinal-cord injuries. According to a new literature review, different types of stem cells vary in their ability to help...

Cause of rocket launch glitch identified

United Launch Alliance says it knows what caused an early engine shutdown in March and hopes to resume Atlas flights in June

Painkiller training requirement for U.S. doctors gets another look

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is reconsidering whether doctors who prescribe painkillers like OxyContin should be required to take safety training courses, according to federal documents released Friday.

What lies beneath West Antarctica?

Three recent publications by early career researchers at three different institutions across the country provide the first look into the biogeochemistry, geophysics and geology of Subglacial Lake Whillans, which lies...

New Data Improve Techniques for Determining Whether a Jaw Bone Comes From a Man or Woman

The scientific breakthrough, carried out by researchers at UGR and the Spanish National Research Council, is of great significance to the field of biological anthropology. It also has further implications...

Clay nanotube-biopolymer composite scaffolds for tissue engineering

Scientists combined three biopolymers, chitosan and agarose (polysaccharides), and a protein gelatine, as the materials to produce tissue engineering scaffolds and demonstrated the enhancement of mechanical strength (doubled pick load),...

Hormone, neurotransmitter systems disturbed in alcoholics' brains

Stephen FellerKUOPIO, Finland, April 29 (UPI) -- While there are similarities between the brains of alcoholics, researchers found differences that separate most into 2 groups based on why they drink.

Detecting minute nano amounts in environmental samples

It is still unclear what the impact is on humans, animals and plants of synthetic nanomaterials released into the environment or used in products. It’s very difficult to detect these...

Mechanism discovered for plants to regulate their flowering in a warming world

Monash researchers have discovered a new mechanism that enables plants to regulate their flowering in response to raised temperatures.

At least one person burned in Pennsylvania natural gas explosion

Amy R. ConnollySALEM TOWNSHIP , Pa., April 29 (UPI) -- At least one person was injured in a natural gas explosion in Salem Township, Pa., about 40 minutes outside of...

Denver Broncos' Elway explains draft plans that landed QB Paxton Lynch

The Sports Xchange ENGLEWOOD, Colo. -- As the Denver Broncos general manager, John Elway is reminiscent of what he was as a quarterback: Cool, composed, unruffled and without a trace...

Findings from the Gut--New Insights into the Human Microbiome

A preference for dark versus milk chocolate, among other things, shows up in the kinds of healthy germs found in the gut -- Read more on

Cruz camp hits back on Boehner's 'Lucifer' remark

Eric DuVallWASHINGTON, April 29 (UPI) -- Carly Fiorina called former House Speaker John Boehner a failure after he called her running mate "Lucifer in the flesh" and a "miserable son...

Researchers use viral particles to trap intact mammalian protein complexes

Belgian scientists from VIB and UGent developed Virotrap, a viral particle sorting approach for purifying protein complexes under native conditions. This method catches a bait protein together with its associated...

Buddhist Sculptures Discovered in Ruins of Ancient Shrine

The sculptures, one of which may depict the Gautama Buddha, show the religious life of the ancient city of Bazira.

Helicopter carrying 13 'totally smashed' on Norway coast, several dead

Marilyn MalaraBERGEN, Norway, April 29 (UPI) -- A helicopter said to have been carrying 13 people crashed off the coast of Norway.

Infant attention span suffers when parents' eyes wander during playtime

Caregivers whose eyes wander during playtime -- due to distractions such as smartphones or other technology, for example -- may raise children with shorter attention spans, according to a new...

Netherlands to hand out iodine pills in case of nuclear accident

The Dutch government has ordered 15 million iodine pills to protect people living near nuclear plants in case of an accident, officials said Friday, as concerns rise over ageing reactors...

Colorado woman who cut baby from mother's womb gets 100-year prison sentence

Doug G. WareDENVER, April 29 (UPI) -- A Colorado woman who lured an expectant mother to a home and cut the unborn baby from her womb was sentenced Friday to...

World Map of Pluto Includes Every Image of Beloved Dwarf Planet

A complete world map of Pluto, compiled using all resolved images taken by NASA's New Horizons probe, is the most comprehensive view yet of the icy world.

Study analyzes impact of Washington state coal-export plan

A coal-export terminal proposed along the Columbia River in southwest Washington state could have unavoidable, significant impacts on greenhouse gases emissions, vessel traffic and rail safety, according to an environmental...

Yahoo CEO could get $55M in severance pay in potential sale

Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer will walk away with a $55 million severance package if the company's auction of its Internet operations culminates in a sale that ousts her from her...

Pennsylvania probes possible link between quakes

Pennsylvania environmental regulators want to determine whether a series of minor earthquakes in the state this week were caused by nearby fracking operations by an oil and gas company.

Washington Capitals' Tom Wilson fined $2,403.67 for kneeing

The Sports Xchange Washington Capitals forward Tom Wilson was fined $2,403.67 for kneeing Pittsburgh Penguins forward Conor Sheary during Game 1 of the second-round Stanley Cup playoff series.

Ole Miss vows to 'aggressively investigate' Laremy Tunsil's admission

The Sports Xchange Ole Miss vowed to "aggressively investigate" possible NCAA violations after Laremy Tunsil, the offensive tackle taken by the Miami Dolphins with the No. 13 NFL Draft pick,...

A cell senses its own curves

Septin proteins in human and fungal cells can sense micron-scaled curves in the cell membrane, scientists discover.

Biologists study imperiled lizard in Texas and Mexico to develop conservation plan

University of Texas at Arlington biologists are studying a species of lizard found in parts of Texas and northeastern Mexico to find out why the reptile's numbers have been dwindling...

Petition aims to shield sex abuse victims from punishment over Mormon college's 'honor code'

Doug G. WarePROVO, Utah, April 29 (UPI) -- A petition that seeks to protect victims of sexual assault from backlash at one of the most religious universities in the country...

Chances are you don’t remember what you just retweeted

Research finds retweeting or otherwise sharing information creates a 'cognitive overload' that interferes with learning and retaining what you've just seen. Worse yet, that overload can spill over and diminish...

Building on shells: Study starts unraveling mysteries of Calusa kingdom

Centuries before modern countries such as Dubai and China started building islands, native peoples in southwest Florida known as the Calusa were piling shells into massive heaps to construct their...

Kenya demands total ivory ban to stop elephant slaughter

Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta on Friday demanded a total ban on trade in ivory to end trafficking and prevent the extinction of elephants in the wild.

Are wormholes or 'gravastars' mimicking gravitational-wave signals from black holes?

LIGO experiment could have detected signal from 'exotic' compact celestial object

Jupiter, Virgo Cluster and More In May 2016 Skywatching | Video

In May, the southern skies are home to the Gas Giant and its moons, Mars and Saturn. The Virgo Cluster of galaxies can be viewed with binoculars. Also, the Eta...

Satellites 11 and 12 join working Galileo fleet

Europe's latest navigation satellites, launched last December, have been officially commissioned into the Galileo constellation, and are now broadcasting working navigation signals.

Gene Therapy For Congenital Blindness Has Long-Lasting Effect

Health Could treat other degenerative eye conditions Treatment has worked well in patients over the course of four years, buoying hopes that a treatment...

Spotting hidden activity in cells

Inside every living cell, internal structures are continuously moving about. Under a microscope, organelles such as the nucleus, mitochondria, transport vesicles, or even external flagella wobble and twitch. This may...

Structure of an enzyme that pathogenic bacteria use to reduce oxygen revealed

(—An international team of researchers has revealed for the first time, the structure of an enzyme that pathogenic bacteria use to reduce oxygen. In their paper published in the journal...

Beyoncé Got It Right: Cheating's Emotional Fallout Gushes from 'Lemonade'

Beyoncé hasn't revealed what inspired her to create "Lemonade," an album that details emotions felt after learning of a husband's infidelity. But regardless of whether the album is "real," it...

Protesters force Trump motorcade to pull over in California

Eric DuVallSAN FRANCISCO, April 29 (UPI) -- For a second consecutive day, protesters in California swarmed the location of a rally for Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump.

Secret Atomic Role of WWII-Era Aircraft Carrier Revealed

A team of underwater archaeologists has pieced together information from declassified government documents and a shipwrecked WWII-era naval vessel to understand the secret role of one of the most historic...

To avoid food poisoning, there's an app for that

HealthDay News There are apps for maps, restaurants and calorie-counting. Now, the FoodKeeper app from the U.S. government can reduce your risk of food-borne illness.

20 arrested in violent protests at California Trump rally

Shawn PriceCOSTA MESA, Calif., April 29 (UPI) -- Police in Orange County, Calif., arrested 20 people after fights broke out and a police car windshield was smashed amid anti-Donald Trump...

Wine and coffee lovers, drink up! It's great for your microbiome

Great news for wine, coffee and tea drinkers: A new study finds that all three beverages are correlated with a healthier and more diverse microbiome. Researchers also found that consuming sugary...

'Secret of youth' in ginger gene

Scientists say they have made a leap in knowing why some people retain their youthful looks while others age badly.

Influence of Religion and Predestination on Evolution and Scientific Thinking

Generally seen as antithetical to one another, evolution and religion can hardly fit in a scientific discourse simultaneously. However, biologist Dr Aldemaro Romero Jr., Baruch College, USA, devotes his latest...

Investigative report offers statistics and opinions on Sci-Hub

(—A correspondent for the Science family of journals has published an investigative piece in Science on Sci-Hub, a website that illegally publishes scholarly literature, i.e. research papers. In his article,...

A Brain Atlas, Armor For Modern Day Jousting, And Other Amazing Images Of The Week

Science Plus, the $750,000 “high-tech vehicle of the future” Our favorite images from this week in science and tech news.

Mandy Moore shares sweet photo from 'A Walk to Remember'

Annie MartinLOS ANGELES, April 29 (UPI) -- Mandy Moore posted a throwback photo of herself and Shane West as Jamie and Landon on their wedding day from "A Walk to...

Raytheon producing targeting system variant for Air Force

Richard TomkinsMCKINNEY, Texas, April 29 (UPI) -- The U.S. Air Force has awarded Raytheon a $90 million contract for production of the AN/DAS-4 multi-spectral targeting system with next-generation accuracy.

The dangers of unexploded bombs in Syria

Al-Basel Tadrous, Syria DeeplyGHOUTA, Syria -- Hundreds of cluster bombs dropped by the Syrian government on Eastern Ghouta lie unexploded throughout the rebel-held area northeast of Damascus.

British inventor builds homemade hover bike

Daniel UriaLONDON, April 29 (UPI) -- A British inventor constructed a metallic hover bike that uses propellors to allow it to float a few inches off of the ground.

Khloe Kardashian, Rob Kardashian reunite in rare photo

Annie MartinLOS ANGELES, April 29 (UPI) -- Khloe Kardashian and brother Rob Kardashian posted a new, rare photo following word of Rob's engagement to Blac Chyna.

Harris producing more electronic jammers for Navy jets

Richard TomkinsMELBOURNE, Fla., April 29 (UPI) -- The U.S. Navy has issued an $88 million contract modification to Harris Corporation for electronic jammers for F/A-18 Hornet and Super Hornet aircraft.

Metal-on-metal hip implants since 2006 show higher failure rate

Tens of thousands of people worldwide who had metal-on-metal hip replacements may need further surgery because of the high failure rate of the implants, British researchers say.

Scientists reveal secret of antibiotic-resistant bacteria

Researchers have built a computer model of the interaction between different bacteria, and between bacteria and the gut wall. This has led them to explain how antibiotic-resistant microbes develop and...

How microgrids may transform the future of energy

Michael McDonald, While the debate between renewable and conventional power rages, the debate over the future of the electrical grid and the role of microgrids has been forgotten.

Nuns respond to Katy Perry court decision over sale of convent

Marilyn MalaraNEW YORK, April 29 (UPI) -- Katy Perry is set to perform at the Cinema Against AIDS event held during the Cannes Film Festival in May.

Woman returns library book 67 years late

Daniel UriaAUCKLAND, New Zealand, April 29 (UPI) -- A woman in New Zealand returned a book that she had checked out from a library more than 60 years ago.

External wall peels from side of Chinese high-rise

Ben HooperSHENYANG, China, April 29 (UPI) -- Huge chunks of a Chinese high-rise's external wall peeled off the side of the building and plummeted 15 stories to the ground below.

Eric Young debuts at WWE NXT

Wade SheridanORLANDO, Fla., April 29 (UPI) -- Wrestling star Eric Young shocked fans Thursday when he appeared during a taping of WWE NXT.

David Stephan's 'Dear Jury' letter could haunt him at sentencing, law experts say

Law experts say the "Dear Jury" letter David Stephan posted to Facebook after being convicted in the meningitis death of his son Ezekiel may come back to haunt him when...

Genes that influence dizygotic twinning and fertility

Medical researchers have obtained a breakthrough in identifying genes that increase the chance for mothers to have dizygotic twins. Researchers believe the findings represent a significant advance in the identification...

Team wins prize for bringing rentable refrigeration to India’s food supply chain

A team of MIT and Harvard University students won the first-ever MIT Food and Agribusiness Innovation Prize on Thursday night for an idea to make India’s temperature-controlled supply chain for food — or...

Actress Allison Janney reprises press secretary role in White House visit

Eric DuVallWASHINGTON, April 29 (UPI) -- Actress Allison Janney, famous for her role as White House press secretary C.J. Cregg on "The West Wing," actually spoke from the press room...

Dog bumps bottom of trampoline to help bird bounce

Ben HooperHANOVER, Md., April 29 (UPI) -- A Maryland dog owner captured footage of the helpful pooch pushing on the bottom of a trampoline to help a bird learn to...

Instagram hopes garbage app will trash its name

Facebook has gotten in a dispute with a mobile app called Littergram that it says sounds a little too similar to Instagram

Rare disease gene has a key role in chronic hepatitis C infection

Hepatitis C virus hijacks the host's fat metabolism for its own survival, growth, and transport in the human body. A study identifies a host gene involved in the formation of...

France shows off humanoid underwater exploration robot

French officials hope that the robot will help with the practice of underwater archaeology

Ohio State football: 5 Buckeyes taken in NFL Draft's top 20

By Jeff Reynolds, The Sports Xchange CHICAGO -- It was a scarlet-letter day for the Ohio State Buckeyes at the 2016 NFL draft.

Glucose as a new energy source for pacemakers

Researchers are working on the creation of a bio-battery that uses blood glucose to produce energy. Such a battery would cut down on the number of surgical interventions a pacemaker...