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SpaceX readies cargo ship for launch to ISS

SpaceX Dragon cargo ship and a Falcon 9 rocket will deliver more than 5,000 pounds of equipment and supplies to the International Space Station

World Should Prepare for 11 BIllion or More People

Contrary to previous estimates, the number of people on the planet now seems unlikely to stabilize this century -- Read more on

Dog pooping, Jesus toast honored at this year's Ig Nobels

Ceremony celebrates the wacky side of science

SideSwipe: Gesture Control Using Reflected Smartphone Transmissions

Mobile phones are in the hands of 80 percent of Americans so manufacturers are scrambling to find new ways to keep people buying the next model. Being able to use...

NASA eyes Tropical Storm Fung-Wong move through Northwestern Pacific

Tropical Storm Fung-Wong continued to affect the Philippines while moving north through the Northwestern Pacific Ocean. NASA's Aqua satellite provided infrared data on the storm's clouds that showed some high,...

Team improves solar-cell efficiency

New light has been shed on solar power generation using devices made with polymers, thanks to a collaboration between scientists in the University of Chicago's chemistry department, the Institute for...

Domestic violence more frequent in same-sex couples

Extra stress in same-sex couples may raise risk of domestic […]

Dwindling wind may tip predator-prey balance

Bent and tossed by the wind, a field of soybean plants presents a challenge for an Asian lady beetle on the hunt for aphids. But what if the air—and the...

8 Ebola workers found slain in Guinea, 6 suspects arrested

Six people have been arrested in the killings of eight people in Guinea who had been on an Ebola awareness campaign there, the Guinean government says.

Fingertip sensor gives robot unprecedented dexterity

Equipped with a novel optical sensor, a robot grasps a […]

The Role Of Mitochondria In Neurodegenerative Diseases

A longstanding question in science has the role of mitochondria in debilitating and fatal motor neuron diseases. Mitochondria are organelles – compartments contained inside cells – that serve several functions, including...

Dinosaur: New hadrosaur noses into spotlight

Call it the Jimmy Durante of dinosaurs -- a newly discovered hadrosaur with a truly distinctive nasal profile. The new dinosaur, named Rhinorex condrupus by paleontologists, lived in what is...

Hubble telescope time preferentially goes to men

An internal study finds that female-led proposals to use the in-demand device are less likely to be selected.Nature News doi: 10.1038/nature.2014.15969

Environmental pollutants make worms susceptible to cold

Some pollutants are more harmful in a cold climate than in a hot, because they affect the temperature sensitivity of certain organisms. Now researchers have demonstrated how this happens, and...

Lymphatic fluid used for first time to detect bovine paratuberculosis

Paratuberculosis, also known as Johne’s disease, is caused by the bacterium Mycobacterium avium subspecies paratuberculosis (MAP). Paratuberculosis mainly affects ruminants and causes treatment-resistant diarrhea and wasting among affected animals. The...

Researchers present a milestone in chemical studies of superheavy elements

An international collaboration led by research groups from Mainz and Darmstadt, Germany, has achieved the synthesis of a new class of chemical compounds for superheavy elements at the RIKEN Nishina...

Graphene sensor tracks down cancer biomarkers

An ultrasensitive biosensor made from the wonder material graphene has been used to detect molecules that indicate an increased risk of developing cancer.

Study shows one dose of antidepressants changes the brain

Brooks HaysLEIPZIG, Germany, Sept. 19 (UPI) -- A new study found that a single dose of SSRI antidepressants has almost immediate effects on the brain's connectivity.

National Briefing | Science: Global Heat Records Set for Month and Season

The globe smashed more heat records last month, including earth’s hottest August and summer, federal meteorologists said.

First Minister of Scotland and SNP Leader Alex Salmond resigns after failed independence vote

Matt BradwellEDINBURGH, Scotland, Sept. 19 (UPI) -- Alex Salmond resigns as First Minister of Scotland and leader of the Scottish National Party after Scots vote to remain part of the...

Cut premature deaths globally by 40% by 2030, experts suggest

Premature deaths can be cut by 40 per cent in all countries by 2030, says an international team of researchers.

Banana peel takes top Ig Nobel Prize

Gabrielle LevyCAMBRIDGE, Mass., Sept. 19 (UPI) -- The winners of the Ig Nobel Prize conducted real science, but their projects will still make you laugh.

A two generation lens: Current state policies fail to support families with young children

Recent two-generation approaches to reducing poverty that help children and their parents are receiving increasing attention from researchers, advocates, and foundations. By combining education and training for parents to enable...

Cosmic Rays Reveal More About Mysterious Dark Matter

The AMS particle detector aboard the International Space Station has found more evidence of dark matter in cosmic ray data.

Newly discovered molecule can aid leukaemia and lymphoma treatments

A new type of molecule has been discovered and it can be used to dramatically increase the production of umbilical cord stem cells, which are used to treat blood-related diseases...

Borrowed genes raise hopes for fixing "slow and confused" plant enzyme

Inserting some bacterial Rubisco chemistry into a plant might one day boost photosynthesis and help raise crop yields.

BYU electric car breaks another land speed record

Brooks HaysPROVO, Utah, Sept. 19 (UPI) -- An ultralight electric car, an E1 streamliner called Electric Blue, just set a new land speed record for vehicles in its class, averaging...

A refined approach to proteins at low resolution

Membrane proteins and large protein complexes are notoriously difficult to study with X-ray crystallography, not least because they are often very difficult, if not impossible, to crystallize, but also because...

Netflix warns Canada against regulating the internet

Netflix is telling the country's broadcast overseer that regulating the Internet will only hurt consumers.

Pre-dawn SpaceX Launch on Saturday Visible Along US East Coast

Dragon will lift off atop SpaceX's Falcon 9 v1.1 rocket at 2:16 a.m. EDT Saturday from Florida. Dragon will fly nearly parallel to the U.S. East Coast, so the launch...

Simple test can help detect Alzheimer’s before dementia signs show

York University researchers say a simple test that combines thinking […]

Wireless sensor transmits tumor pressure

A novel sensor that can wirelessly relay pressure readings from inside a tumor has been developed by researchers. The interstitial pressure inside a tumor is often remarkably high compared to...

Brain uses three perceptual parameters to recognize 'gloss'

The brain uses three perceptual parameters, the contrast-of-highlight, sharpness-of-highlight, or brightness of the object, as parameters when the brain recognizes a variety of glosses, researchers have discovered. They also found...

Smartgels, like gelatin, are thicker than water

Transforming substances from liquids into gels plays an important role across many industries, including cosmetics, medicine, and energy. But the transformation process, called gelation, where manufacturers add chemical thickeners and...

Human sense of fairness evolved to favor long-term cooperation, primate study suggests

The human response to unfairness evolved in order to support long-term cooperation, according to a new research. Fairness is a social ideal that cannot be measured, so to understand the...

White House declares war on drug-resistant superbugs

The White House announced Thursday that it was mobilizing key federal agencies to combat a growing, global health threat -- bacteria that have evolved an immunity to powerful antibiotic drugs.

Brand new iPhone 6 crashes to the ground on TV

First guy in line at Apple Store in Perth, Australia, was showing off his purchase when it slipped

No means yes for Scotland, energy companies say

Daniel J. GraeberLONDON, Sept. 19 (UPI) -- After a "no" vote, British energy company BP said Friday it would work closely with the governments in Edinburgh and London to boost...

Kids with incarcerated dads more likely to be held back a grade

While proud classmates bring parents to school for Career Day, […]

Drivers fed up with slowing down at inactive roadwork sites

Drivers frustrated at slowing down at inactive roadwork sites are ignoring reduced speed limits, a QUT study has found.

Changes in coastal upwelling linked to temporary declines in marine ecosystem

In findings of relevance to both conservationists and the fishing industry, new research links short-term reductions in growth and reproduction of marine animals off the California Coast to increasing variability...

U.S. to Iran ahead of nuclear talks: Free detained Americans

JC FinleyNEW YORK, Sept. 19 (UPI) -- On the eve of the latest round of Iranian nuclear negotiations, the U.S. renewed its call for the release of American citizens detained...

EIA: Russia diversifying energy production

Daniel J. GraeberWASHINGTON, Sept. 19 (UPI) -- Russia is looking to develop energy in hard-to-reach areas as legacy production falls from its peak, the U.S. Energy Information Administration found.

Tree rings used to determine history of geological features, arroyos

A new study uses tree rings to document arroyo evolution along the lower Rio Puerco and Chaco Wash in northern New Mexico, USA. By determining burial dates in tree rings...

Apple iPhone 6 goes on sale globally

Ed AdamczykNEW YORK, Sept. 19 (UPI) -- The iPhone 6 and the 6 Plus went on sale Friday across the globe, attracting long lines of customers eager to be the...

Winter in the southern uplands of Mars

Over billions of years, the southern uplands of Mars have been pockmarked by numerous impact features, which are often so closely packed that they overlap. One such feature is Hooke...

Kendra Wilkinson confronts Hank Baskett about cheating scandal

Veronica LinaresLOS ANGELES, Sept. 19 (UPI) -- Kendra Wilkinson confronts her husband Hank Baskett about his alleged cheating in a new trailer from her reality show "Kendra on Top."

Miranda: An icy moon deformed by tidal heating

Miranda, a small, icy moon of Uranus, is one of the most visually striking and enigmatic bodies in the solar system. Despite its relatively small size, Miranda appears to have...

Germanium tin could mean better and cheaper infrared cameras in smartphones

Engineering researchers at the University of Arkansas have fabricated a new semiconductor material—germanium tin deposited in layers on a substrate of silicon—that could be used to build better and less...

Lonesome No More: George the Giant Tortoise on Public Display in NYC

The famous giant tortoise, Lonesome George, holds his head high, even in death.

A more efficient, lightweight and low-cost organic solar cell: Researchers broke the 'electrode barrier'

For decades, polymer scientists and synthetic chemists working to improve the power conversion efficiency of organic solar cells were hampered by the inherent drawbacks of commonly used metal electrodes, including...

Toward quantum computing, spintronic memory, better displays: Nuclear spins control current in plastic LED

Physicists read “spins” in hydrogen nuclei and used the data to control current in a cheap, plastic LED – at room temperature and without strong magnetic fields. The study brings...

Fortune 500 employees can expect to pay more for health insurance

A new survey is the first factual collection of data on how firms have been impacted by PPACA and how they are responding to the rising costs they report. More...

Reliable and highly efficient method for making stem cells

Scientists have found a way to boost dramatically the efficiency of the process for turning adult cells into so-called pluripotent stem cells by combining three well-known compounds, including vitamin C.

Sierra Leone under 3-day national lockdown to curb Ebola

Gabrielle LevyMONROVIA, Sierra Leone, Sept. 18 (UPI) -- Desperate to halt the spread of Ebola, Sierra Leone has instituted a three-day nationwide "lockdown" that some health officials worry could worsen...

NASA Mars spacecraft ready for Sept. 21 orbit insertion

NASA's Mars Atmosphere and Volatile Evolution (MAVEN) spacecraft is nearing its scheduled Sept. 21 insertion into Martian orbit after completing a 10-month interplanetary journey of 442 million miles (711 million...

Canadian military tests drones in High Arctic

The Canadian military is testing remotely piloted vehicles in the extreme conditions found in the High Arctic. The ground and air vehicles could be used for rescues and for mapping...

U.S. explorer first person to reach massive beaver dam in Alberta

The world’s largest beaver dam, buried in the thick wildness of northern Alberta and once thought to be inaccessible, has been reached by an amateur explorer from the United States.

Disulfide Bond Helps Cancer Prodrugs Assemble Into Nanoparticles

Nanomedicine: The simple trick could be a low-cost method to form particles from a range of drug molecules

SpaceX aims to step up launch rate with next mission for NASA

CAPE CANAVERAL Fla. (Reuters) - A cargo version of the spaceship being developed by privately owned Space Exploration Technologies is slated to launch early Saturday from Cape Canaveral Air Force...

“Super size that” with your iPhone at a McDonalds drive thru

With the release of the iPhone 6 and all its goodies, one of the main thing Apple is promoting like there’s no tomorrow is their Apple Pay feature. Not surprisingly,...

Shonda Rhimes takes NYT critic to task for calling her an 'angry black woman'

Aileen GraefLOS ANGELES, Sept. 19 (UPI) -- Shonda Rhimes took to Twitter Friday to express her anger toward New York Times television critic Alessandra Stanley for deeming her an "angry...

China fines GlaxoSmithKline $487 million for bribery

Ed AdamczykCHANGSA, China, Sept. 19 (UPI) -- The British pharmaceutical company GlaxoSmithKline was fined $487 million Friday after a bribery conviction in China.

Roger Goodell holds press conference to address NFL domestic abuse scandals

Matt BradwellNEW YORK, Sept. 19 (UPI) -- NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell will address the fans, players owners and media to discuss the league's increasingly volatile domestic abuse scandal.

Pope's security detail doubled over terror concerns

Ed AdamczykVATICAN CITY, Sept. 19 (UPI) -- The threat of a possible terrorist attack has prompted the doubling of security around the Vatican's St. Peter's Square.

New GenDyn mission computers for Navy F/A-18s

Richard TomkinsFAIRFAX, Va., Sept. 19 (UPI) -- Advanced mission computers are being produced by General Dynamics for F/A-18 and E/A18G aircraft of the U.S. Navy and Australia under $16.2 million...

Pope's hat for sale on eBay, bidding now at $258,000

Ed AdamczykROME, Sept. 19 (UPI) -- A skullcap worn by Pope Francis is up for auction on eBay with sale money going to a charity, and the highest bid is...

Calif. teachers fund to boost clean energy bets

The California State Teachers' Retirement System says it plans to increase its investments in clean energy and technology to $3.7 billion, from $1.4 billion, over the next five years.

Flu Vaccine: Should Your Kids Get the Nasal Spray?

In a new recommendation this flu season, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says that the nasal spray is the preferred flu vaccine for kids ages 2 to 8....

Mystery of why male chimpanzees kill other adults solved

The mystery of why male chimps kill other adults has been solved according to U.S. researchers.

3-D scans reveal secrets of extinct creatures

Paleontologists can dig into fossils without destroying them and see what’s inside using 3-D scanning. What they’re learning helps bring the past to life.

India's Push for Renewable Energy: Is It Enough?

India faces pressure to cut emissions even as its new prime minister is promising to boost energy access. Can a push for renewable energy achieve both goals?

Particle detector finds hints of dark matter in space

Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer detects positrons in cosmic ray flux that […]

Human error suspected in measles vaccination deaths in Syria

A muscle relaxant appears to have been mixed mistakenly with measles vaccine, killing 15 children in Syria this week, the World Health Organization says.

Researchers Discover How Circular RNA Is Created

Circular RNA were discovered a few years ago, but their role in our bodies is poorly understood. Our genetic information is stored in DNA, tiny strands of nucleic acid that contain...

Microplastic pollution discovered in St. Lawrence River sediments

Microplastics have been discovered widely distributed across the bottom of the St. Lawrence River, the first time such pollutants have been found in freshwater sediments. The microbeads likely originate from...

Pupil size shows reliability of decisions, before information on decision is presented

The precision with which people make decisions can be predicted by measuring pupil size before they are presented with any information about the decision, according to a new study.

'Lost chapel' skeletons found holding hands after 700 years

Some relationships last a lifetime – and University of Leicester archaeologists have discovered that they can last even longer after unearthing two skeletons at a lost chapel in Leicestershire that...

Domestic Violence For Same-Sex Couples Much Higher

A new review of literature suggests that while domestic violence rates are higher for homosexual couples, they aren't as high as previous studies have found, and the authors of the...

Letter to the community on the MIT Climate Change Conversation

The following email was sent today to the MIT community by Maria T. Zuber, vice president for research. To the members of the MIT Community: I am pleased to share important news...

'Honey Boo Boo' star Mama June separates from Sugar Bear

Annie MartinMCINTYRE, Ga., Sept. 19 (UPI) -- "Here Comes Honey Boo Boo" star Mama June has separated from partner Sugar Bear, reportedly because she suspects him of cheating.

Lockheed to update, maintain battle management system

Richard TomkinsCOLORADO SPRINGS, Sept. 19 (UPI) -- Lockheed Martin has been contracted to maintain the U.S. Marine Corps' Virtualized Theater Battle Management Core Systems under $18 million award.

Air France pilots' strike continues into fifth day, may enter second week

JC FinleyPARIS, Sept. 19 (UPI) -- A strike by Air France pilots entered its fifth day on Friday, and is expected to continue until September 26.

Week's Best Space Pictures: A Star Pulses, a Hurricane Rages, and a Pl

Astronomers catch the blue light from a pulsar, a hurricane makes landfall, and an exoplanet sucks the life out of its star in the week's best space pictures.

Banana peel slipperiness wins IgNobel prize in physics

Cartoons taught us that banana peels make for a slick trip to the floor, but scientists decided to find out just how slippery they could be.

Utah doctor gets 17 years to life for drowning wife

Frances BurnsPROVO, Utah, Sept. 19 (UPI) -- A Utah doctor killed his wife out of unmitigated selfishness," a judge said Friday as he sentenced Martin MacNeill to 17 years to...

CDC: Get your flu vaccine

Brooks HaysPHILADELPHIA, Sept. 19 (UPI) -- More than 100 kids died last year from the flu, and 90 percent of them were unvaccinated -- one of many statistics CDC officials...

PM Modi said Indian Muslims would 'die for India'

Gabrielle LevyNEW DELHI, Sept. 19 (UPI) -- Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has a message for Islamist extremists trying to gain a foothold in his country: You're not welcome here.

Gerard Depardieu hangs out with dictators and can't drink less than 14 bottles of wine per day

Matt BradwellPARIS, Sept. 19 (UPI) -- In an interview with So Film, Gerard Depardieu discussed his friendships with dictators and claimed he can't drink less than 14 bottles of wine...

Cooling of dialysis fluids protects against brain damage

Dialysis drives progressive white matter brain injury due to blood pressure instability, however, patients who dialyzed at 0.5 degrees Celcius below body temperature were completely protected against such white matter...

Vitamin E, selenium supplements unlikely to affect age-related cataracts in men

Taking daily supplements of selenium or vitamin E appears to have no significant effect on the development of age-related cataracts in men. Some research, including animal studies, has suggested that...

U.N. Security Council passes historic resolution to confront Ebola

Record number of countries agree that the epidemic is a threat to peace and security

Gilchrist shooting: Father 'accidentally' killed son, 8, on 2001 hunting trip

Gabrielle LevyBELL, Fla., Sept. 19 (UPI) -- Investigators Friday are learning more about the Florida man who shot his daughter and six grandchildren before turning the gun on himself.

A new quality control pathway in the cell

Researchers have described a new protein quality control system in the inner nuclear membrane. The new system has two main functions, to eliminate misfolded proteins and to protect the nucleus...

Fracking Blamed For Too Many Hotel Rooms

Five years ago, it was good luck finding a hotel anywhere near the rural areas where natural gas extraction - fracking - was taking place. The boom in natural gas meant...

Doctors enlisted to turn the tide on antibiotic resistance

Antibiotic stewardship requires education, diligence, and changes in prescribing. At some hospitals, it’s beginning to halt a dangerous trend.

Hospital turns pediatric MRI into 'spaceship'

Ben HooperBARCELONA, Spain, Sept. 19 (UPI) -- A Spanish hospital said transforming a pediatric MRI room into a "spaceship" is relaxing kids enough to reduce the need for anesthetic.

Army updates hair regulations to accommodate women of color

Aileen GraefWASHINGTON, Sept. 19 (UPI) -- The U.S. Army announced Tuesday a new policy regarding hair and tattoo regulations after being criticized for not accommodating the needs of black...

Prince Harry sweeps an adorable little girl off her feet at Invictus Games

Gabrielle LevyLONDON, Sept. 19 (UPI) -- Royal British heartthrob Prince Harry made a girl's day when he hoisted her up on his shoulders to get a better view at the...

Additional sub-components being made for Ballistic Missile Defense radar

Richard TomkinsTEWKSBURY, Mass., Sept. 19 (UPI) -- Backup sub-components for radar used in U.S. Ballistic Missile Defense are being built by Raytheon to ensure continuous operations during depot-level upgrades.