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How dinosaurs shrank into birds

Scientists have mapped how a group of fearsome, massive dinosaurs evolved and shrank to become the first birds.

"Octomom" guards eggs for record length of time

Octopus with the longest brooding time known of any animal on the planet did not leave her eggs until they hatched

Goalkeepers' penalty 'flaw' revealed

Goalkeepers in penalty shoot-outs make a predictable error that could influence the outcome of the game according to new research.

Study Finds Benefits to Burning Flint Hills Prairie in Fall and Winter

A new study looks at 20 years of data concerning the consequences of burning Flint Hills prairie at different times of the year. It finds that burning outside of the...

Going Nova: Star Explosions Unleash Gamma-Ray Blasts

Gamma rays, the most powerful form of light, may erupt from star explosions known as novas surprisingly often, but the way these gamma rays remains a mystery, scientists say

Wisconsin Supreme Court fiddles with voter ID law

Frances BurnsMADISON, Wis., July 31 (UPI) -- Wisconsin voters must be able to get state-issued identification without paying for documents, the state Supreme Court said in a ruling upholding the...

Numerous unknown jets from young stars and planetary nebulae discovered

Preliminary research findings have identified hundreds of so far unknown jets from young stars, as well as numerous new planetary nebulae in the Galactic Plane.

Tesla partners with Panasonic for $5B Gigafactory battery plant

Electric car manufacturer Tesla is to partner with Japanese electronics giant Panasonic to build a $5-billion battery manufacturing plant on U.S. soil.

Key to Aging Immune System Is Discovered

UCSF Scientist Leads Team Discovery of DNA Replication Problem There’s […]

Facebook's app to connect millions

Project to spread free Internet access launches in African nation where millions lack service

NASA's Next Mars Rover to Collect Martian Samples, Carry Lasers

NASA's next big Mars rover launching in 2020 will be packed to the brim with high-tech instruments, including twin lasers, a water-hunting radar and a new drill to collect samples...

Chemists create nanofibers using unprecedented new method

Researchers from Carnegie Mellon University have developed a novel method for creating self-assembled protein/polymer nanostructures that are reminiscent of fibers found in living cells. The work offers a promising new...

Refocusing research into high-temperature superconductors

Below a specific transition temperature superconductors transmit electrical current nearly loss-free. For the best of the so-called high-temperature superconductors, this temperature lies around -180 °C – a temperature that can...

Multidisciplinary study reveals big story of cultural migration (w/ Video)

Quantifying and transforming the history of culture into visual representation isn't easy. There are thousands of individual stories across millennia to consider, and some historical conditions are nearly impossible to...

The 'memory' of starvation is in your genes

During the winter of 1944, the Nazis blocked food supplies to the western Netherlands, creating a period of widespread famine and devastation. The impact of starvation on expectant mothers produced...

AUDIO: Why the Moon is shaped like a lemon

Professor of planetary sciences Ian Garrick-Bethell explains what gave the Moon its unusually distorted shape.

Finding quantum 'lines of desire': Physicists track quantum system's wanderings through quantum state space

What paths do quantum particles, such as atoms or photons, follow through quantum state space? Scientists have used an "artificial atom" to continuously and repeatedly record the paths through quantum...

Sierra Leone Declares Health Emergency Over Ebola

The country, one of three battling the worst known outbreak of the disease, will deploy security forces to quarantine epicenters of infection.

Selective logging takes its toll on mammals, amphibians

The selective logging of trees in otherwise intact tropical forests can take a serious toll on the number of animal species living there. Mammals and amphibians are particularly sensitive to...

Scientists find growing consensus: Political attitudes derive from body and mind

Do people make a rational choice to be liberal or conservative? Do their mothers raise them that way? Is it a matter of genetics?

Hubble shows farthest lensing galaxy yields clues to early universe

Astronomers have unexpectedly discovered the most distant galaxy that acts as a cosmic magnifying glass. Seen in a new image as it looked 9.6 billion years ago, this monster elliptical...

Researchers discover low-grade nonwoven cotton picks up 50 times own weight of oil

Texas Tech University researchers recently discovered that low-grade cotton made into an absorbent nonwoven mat can collect up to 50 times its own weight in oil.

Otzi Iceman had genetic predisposition for atherosclerosis: Much the same in ancient peoples as it is today

While prevalence and types of risk factors for atherosclerosis have varied over time from ancient times to modern society -- such as levels of obesity, physical activity -- genetic predisposition/risk...

Argentine bonds crash after country defaults

Ananth BaligaBUENOS AIRES, July 31 (UPI) -- Argentina slipped into its second default in 13 years after officials and bondholders could not come to an agreement on how to service...

New Mapping Approach Lets Scientists Zoom In and Out as the Brain Processes Sound

Researchers at Johns Hopkins have mapped the sound-processing part of the mouse brain in a way that keeps both the proverbial forest and the trees in view. Their imaging technique...

Oldest rove beetle in the Omaliini tribe found in French amber

An international team of scientists from Spain, France, and the U.S. has discovered and described a rove beetle that is the oldest definitive member of the tribe Omaliini that has...

Free pores for molecule transport

Metal-organic frameworks (MOFs) can take up gases similar to a sponge that soaks up liquids. Hence, these highly porous materials are suited for storing hydrogen or greenhouse gases. However, loading...

Pressure probing potential photoelectronic manufacturing compound

Molybdenum disulfide is a compound often used in dry lubricants and in petroleum refining. Its semiconducting ability and similarity to the carbon-based graphene makes molybdenum disulfide of interest to scientists...

Effect of loud noises on brain revealed in study

Prolonged exposure to loud noise alters how the brain processes speech, potentially increasing the difficulty in distinguishing speech sounds, according to neuroscientists. Exposure to intensely loud sounds leads to permanent...

Monoamine oxidase A: Biomarker for postpartum depression

Postpartum mood swings are correlated with high monoamine oxidase A binding, a study shows. For most women, the birth of their baby is one of the most strenuous but also...

Pervasive implicit hierarchies for race, religion, age revealed by study

As much as social equality is advocated in the United States, a new study suggests that besides evaluating their own race and religion most favorably, people share implicit hierarchies for...

Dan Aykroyd recalls seeing James Brown perform at a Montreal bar in 1968

Karen ButlerNEW YORK, July 31 (UPI) -- Dan Aykroyd, who plays James Brown's manager in "Get On Up," says he spent an unforgettable night with friends watching the music icon...

Breakthrough in understanding of important blood protein

A previously unknown protein mechanism has now been described by new research. This provides an exceptionally detailed understanding of how nature works, and it can also provide the ability to...

Tilted binary stars test theories of planet formation

Tilted disks in binary star systems may help astronomers explain variety of exoplanet orbits.

Comfortable climate indoors with porous glass incorporated into plaster

Proper humidity and temperature play a key role in indoor climate. In the future, establishing a comfortable indoor environment may rely on porous glass incorporated into plaster, as this regulates...

Charging electric cars efficiently with inductive method

We already charge our toothbrushes and cellphones using contactless technology. Researchers have developed a particularly efficient and cost-effective method that means electric cars could soon follow suit.

Misinformation diffusing online

The spread of misinformation through online social networks is becoming an increasingly worrying problem. Researchers in India have now modeled how such fictions and diffuse through those networks. They described...

Spin Diagnostics

Recently physicists led JQI Fellow Christopher Monroe have executed an MRI-like diagnostic on a crystal of interacting quantum spins. They predict that their method is scalable and may be useful...

Aquanautics: Why Astronauts Train Underwater | Video

NASA astronaut Mark Vande Hei explains how he trains for assignments in space during a long stay in the Aquarius underwater laboratory in the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary.

Oxy gets lift from U.S. shale

Daniel J. GraeberHOUSTON, July 31 (UPI) -- Occidental Petroleum Corp. said Thursday oil production from U.S. assets increased during the second quarter, marking a year-long streak.

Privileged strategies for direct transformations of inert aliphatic carbon-hydrogen bonds

Functional group transformations are central to organic synthesis. Traditionally, the functionalities used in such transformations are highly active organic groups such as halogens, ester groups and hydroxyl groups. Carbon–hydrogen bonds...

Neutron tomography technique reveals phase fractions of crystalline materials in 3-dimensions

The method overcomes limitations of existing techniques which are limited to the surface or small-sized specimens, and allows a 3-D representation of the phase fractions within the sample volume. The...

Deepwater Horizon damage footprint larger than thought

In the Gulf of Mexico, most deep-sea corals have escaped damage from the Deepwater Horizon blowout. However, the impact does extend deeper and wider than previously thought.

Benefits of e-cigarettes outweigh harms, current evidence suggests

A major scientific review of available research on the use, content, and safety of e-cigarettes has concluded that -- although long-term health effects of e-cigarette use are unknown -- compared...

Eni posts strong second quarter

Daniel J. GraeberMILAN, Italy, July 31 (UPI) -- Italian energy company Eni said Thursday it doubled its net profit during the second quarter despite a poor market environment in the...

Researchers develop algorithm that allows robots to walk after legs are damaged or broken (w/ Video)

A trio of researchers has developed an algorithm that when added to the code of walking robots, allows them to recover from a damaged or broken leg and resume walking....

UK to Permit Driverless Cars on Public Roads in 2015

Starting in January 2015, the United Kingdom will allow driverless cars on public roads, U.K. government officials said.

In Photos: Boneyard of Iron Age Warriors

The skeletons of Iron Age warriors found in a bog in Denmark seem to have been collected and ritually mutilated months after months on the battlefield some 2,000 years ago....

Artemisinin Resistance: Malaria Drug Changes Need To Be Made

Resistance to artemisinin, the main drug to treat malaria, has become widespread throughout Southeast Asia. Resistance among the Plasmodium falciparum (P. falciparum) parasites that cause the disease is likely caused by...

Classic Lewis Carroll character inspires new ecological model

Inspired by the Red Queen in Lewis Carroll's Through the Looking Glass, researchers have improved a 35-year-old ecology model to better understand how species evolve over decades to millions of...

Superman's solar-powered feats break a fundamental law of physics

It goes without saying that Superman can accomplish some pretty spectacular feats. But according to students, the Man of Steel actually achieves the impossible – by breaking the fundamental physics...

Hummingbirds vs. helicopters: Stanford engineers compare flight dynamics

A quantitative analysis of hummingbird wings shows that they generate […]

NASA sees Tropical Storm Halong move northwest of Guam

NASA's Tropical Rainfall Measuring Mission or TRMM Satellite passed over Guam as heavy rain fell over the island while Tropical Storm Halong's center passed just to the north of the...

Mechanism promoting multiple DNA mutations described by scientists

Recent studies have shown that cancer development frequently involves the formation of multiple mutations that arise simultaneously and in close proximity to each other. These groups of clustered mutations are...

A mathematical theory proposed by Alan Turing in 1952 can explain the formation of fingers

Alan Turing, the British mathematician (1912-1954), is famous for a number of breakthroughs, which altered the course of the 20th century. In 1936 he published a paper, which laid the...

Diverticulitis patients reveal psychological, physical symptoms long after acute attacks

Patients were interviewed by a research team in great detail about the symptoms they experience weeks, months or even years after an acute diverticulitis attack. Their striking findings add to...

Justin Bieber shares photo of Orlando Bloom 'crying' after Ibiza incident

Veronica LinaresIBIZA , Spain, July 31 (UPI) -- Justin Bieber mocked Orlando Bloom in an Instagram photo hours after the actor attempted to hit Bieber in Spain.

Cygnus and the Summer Triangle - August 2014 Constellation Skywatch | Video

The constellation of Cygnus flies high in the night sky with a multitude of targets. The brightest star, Altair, in the Aquila constellation is one of the 3 stars that...

USDA overhauls decades-old poultry inspections

WASHINGTON (AP) -- The Obama administration is overhauling poultry plant inspections for the first time in more than 50 years, a move it says could result...

UF Study Advances 'DNA Revolution,' Tells Butterflies' Evolutionary History

By tracing nearly 3,000 genes to the earliest common ancestor of butterflies and moths, University of Florida scientists have created an extensive "Tree of Lepidoptera" in the first study to...

Dinosaurs’ 'Shrinkage' Into Birds Explained | Video

Arms into feathered wings; bones hollowing out; morphology minimizing: The lineage of modern day birds includes the Tyrannosaurus and the Velociraptor, dating back over 50 million years.

Seafloor-Mapping Airguns May Harm Ocean Animals

The U.S. Geological Survey plans to map the continental shelf off the East Coast using acoustics, but some environmentalists say marine mammals might be at risk.

American tourists call police after getting charged $56 for 3 ice creams and water

Evan BleierROME, July 31 (UPI) -- American tourists James and Mariann Luciani called police after getting charged $56 for three ice creams and water in Rome.

Florida man pistol whipped and shot before thieves stole his pants

Matt BradwellLEESBURG, Fla., July 31 (UPI) -- Police in Florida are hunting for two potential assailants they say shot and pistol whipped an unsuspecting man before robbing him Wednesday evening.

Spain's Catalonia proceeds with secession referendum

Ed AdamczykMADRID, July 31 (UPI) -- A November independence referendum in the northeastern Spanish region of Catalonia will go on as scheduled, after a compromise to cancel it was not...

Michigan company to upgrade Army's Bradley Fighting Vehicles

Richard TomkinsPLYMOUTH, Mich., July 31 (UPI) -- A small Michigan business has won a major contract from the U.S. Army to restore and upgrade the mobility capabilities of Bradley Fighting...

London mayor flies Palestinian flag at town hall

JC FinleyLONDON, July 31 (UPI) -- Lutfur Rahman, the mayor of Tower Hamlets in east London, raised the Palestinian flag over the town hall on Wednesday. It was removed Thursday...

Disney's 'Into the Woods' debuts fantastical first trailer

Annie MartinLOS ANGELES, July 31 (UPI) -- The preview teases Grimm fairy tale characters Cinderella (Anna Kendrick), The Prince (Chris Pine), The Witch (Meryl Streep) and The Wolf (Johnny Depp).

Planets Converge While Perseids Reign In August 2014 Skywatching | Video

Mars and Saturn get together with the crescent moon for a planetary 3-way on August 31st and Venus and Jupiter get together on August 18th. The Perseids Meteor Shower peaks...

Big Cities Beckoned the Brainy Across History

A massive births and deaths database reveals that cultural figures have migrated to cities in the same way for centuries.

Humanity's cultural history captured in 5-minute film

Video map of births and deaths shows rise and fall of cultural centres.Nature News doi: 10.1038/nature.2014.15650

Jobs with Highest and Lowest Heart Disease Risk Revealed

Will your job give you a heart attack? A new report finds that workers in service and blue-collar occupations, as well as unemployed people, are at increased risk for heart...

No Record, But Arctic Sea Ice Will be Among 10 Lowest

Arctic sea ice extent won't reach a record low this year, but it is still declining and could place in the top

Well: Feeling as if I Failed the Patient

I thought about the patient I had been treating for three years for leukemia. I would be seeing her in clinic in a few hours, and I had a bad...

Podcast: Smoking mothers, record-breaking sea turtles, and how starlings move like liquid helium

Listen to a roundup of some of our favorite stories from the week

How black truffles deal with jumpers in their genome

Black truffles, also known as Périgord truffles, have a syrupy sweet flavor and are highly prized in haute cuisine. They are fungi that grow on the roots of oak and...

Over 80% of patients undergoing interventions for aortic stenosis are in same or better health one year after procedure

A survey of 13,860 patients who had undergone interventions for aortic valve disease in Germany has revealed that over 80% were in the same or a better state of health...

Put down that pop, junior — it could affect your memory

Drinking too much pop could impair teenagers' ability to learn and remember information, according to new research.

Tea party group takes credit for McConnell's stimulus opposition

Gabrielle LevyWASHINGTON, July 31 (UPI) -- Mitch McConnell reportedly needed a little convincing to oppose the federal stimulus back in 2009.

Emma Stone, Joaquin Phoenix visit park for Woody Allen film

Annie MartinNEWPORT, R.I., July 31 (UPI) -- Emma Stone and Joaquin Phoenix visited a park in Newport, R.I., earlier this week to film scenes for Woody Allen's new, untitled movie.

U.S. places travel restrictions on Venezuelan officials

JC FinleyWASHINGTON, July 31 (UPI) -- The U.S. Department of State has placed visa restrictions on an unspecified number of Venezuelan officials in response to alleged human rights abuses.

Flight diverted after allegedly drunken woman attacks crew with prosthetic leg

Evan BleierEDINBURGH, Scotland, July 31 (UPI) -- A woman who was allegedly drunk on a Thomson Airways flight from Tunisia to Edinburgh is accused of attacking crew members with her...

Republican candidate for Calif. governor spent week as homeless man

Frances BurnsSACRAMENTO, July 31 (UPI) -- Neel Kashkari, the Republican candidate for governor of California, spent last week searching for work and food as a "homeless man" in Fresno.

World's biggest spy center is Vienna, book says

Ed AdamczykVIENNA, July 31 (UPI) -- Vienna, Austria, is the world's foremost spy hub with over 7,000 agents working undercover, a new book says.

Weird Supernova May Blow Away Star Explosion Theories

Light from a radioactive metal forged inside a supernova blast could prompt a rethink of how some star explosions occur. See the latest discovery from the supernova SN 2014J.

Man 'expelled from Croatia for punching monk seal'

A man has been fined and expelled from Croatia after he punched a Mediterranean monk seal, one of the world's most endangered species, reports said on Thursday.

Drones thrill Martha Stewart... and US prison convicts

Lifestyle guru Martha Stewart is singing the praises of personal drones and marveling at their untapped potential—although smuggling contraband into a prison might not be what she has in mind.

US warns retailers on data-stealing malware

US government cybersecurity watchdogs warned retailers Thursday about malware being circulated that allows hackers to get into computer networks and steal customer data.

Driving high questioned on busy day in Congress

WASHINGTON (AP) -- Amid all the debates on Capitol Hill, lawmakers are also wondering whether driving cars after smoking marijuana is dangerous....

Mysterious Siberian crater attributed to methane

Build-up and release of gas from thawing permafrost most probable explanation, says Russian team.Nature News doi: 10.1038/nature.2014.15649

New Biomaterial Mimics Functionality of Natural Cartilage

Two teams, working years apart, merged their creations to develop a framework used to grow replacement cartilage — a 3-D fabric scaffold, integrated with a pliable hydrogel and then infiltrated...

Children and hot cars a cause for deadly concern

Nearly 700 children have lost their lives over the last 20 years in the United States as a result of being left in or playing in a hot car. At...

Giving emotions to virtual characters

Researchers were able to simulate human facial expressions in virtual characters and use them in order to create better environments within a virtual communication.

Fossils could be discovered on the moon: Signs of ancient life may be littered across the moon

Physicists have tested what would happen if a piece of rock containing microscopic fossils from Earth was launched into space and hit the surface of the moon. The team turned...

Dinosaurs shrank continually into birds

Steady miniaturization and rapidly changing skeletons transformed massive animals into today’s fliers.

Turing patterns show their hand in finger formation

After 62 years, scientists clinch the identification of molecules that confirm codebreaker’s ideas in a different ‘digital’ area

Disgruntled employee shoots boss, commits suicide in Chicago skyscraper

Matt BradwellCHICAGO, July 31 (UPI) -- Police in Chicago say a tech employee upset about a recent demotion shot his boss, leaving him in critical condition Thursday morning, before killing...

Window falls from Manhattan high-rise, injuring 3

Frances BurnsNEW YORK, July 31 (UPI) -- Three people, including an out-of-town tourist, were hurt Thursday morning when renovation workers accidentally shattered a window in a New York high-rise.

Alan Alda, Carol Burnett, Martin Sheen to appear in 'Love Letters' on Broadway

Karen ButlerNEW YORK, July 31 (UPI) -- Alan Alda, Carol Burnett, Martin Sheen and Candice Bergen have joined the rotating cast of the first Broadway revival of A.R. Gurney's "Love...

American in North Korea prison says he feels abandoned

Ed AdamczykTOKYO, July 31 (UPI) -- Kenneth Bae, a U.S. citizen imprisoned in North Korea, told a Japanese newspaper he feels abandoned by the U.S. government.