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This image shows a specimen of brown bear.

You can teach an old dog new tricks

The dogs were trained to touch symbols on a screen using their nose.The effect of aging on cognitive processes such as learning, memory and logical reasoning have so far been studied almost exclusively in people.

Newly identified pathway links fetal brain development to adult social behavior

Representative images of control (left) and Dvl mutants (right) embryonic brains at embryonic day 18.5 (E18.5, just before birth at E20) were stained with DAPI to highlight all of the nuclei (Blue), anti-Ctip2 (Green) for deep layer neurons and anti-Cux1 (Red) for more superficial layer neurons. Analysis of the results shows specific reduction of the deep layer (Ctip2+) neurons at E18.5. This reduction in deep layer neurons is preceded by a transient brain over growth at E14.5, associated with increased proliferation of neural progenitors and premature differentiation.Fetal development has been known to play an important role in social interaction, a fundamental behavior found in nearly all organisms, and later adult social behaviors. Autism, a highly heritable...

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Urban sprawl stunts upward mobility, University of Utah study finds

This is a Google Earth image of San Jose, CA, which has a low sprawl score and high upward mobility.A recent study by University of Utah Department of City & Metropolitan Planning professor Reid Ewing and his colleagues in Utah, Texas and Louisiana, tested the relationship between urban sprawl...

Depressive symptoms prevalent among Division I college athletes

Prevalence of clinically relevant depressive symptoms by sport and gender among 465 Division I athletes.Nearly a quarter of Division I college athletes reported depressive symptoms while enrolled at a liberal arts university on the East Coast, says a new study published in the February...

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Slow down your typing to improve your writing: Study

The quality of your writing will likely get better if you simply type slower, according to a recent study.

Diagnosing depression before it starts

A new brain imaging study from MIT and Harvard Medical School may lead to a screen that could identify children at high risk of developing depression later in life.

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Study reveals how birds learn through imitation

A tutoring male finch teaches a courtship song to a younger finch as researchers record nerve circuits.Precise changes in brain circuitry occur as young zebra finches go from listening to their fathers' courtship songs to knowing the songs themselves, according to a study led by neuroscientists...

Forensic research on modern child abuse can shed light on past cultures

Biological anthropologists look at skeletal remains of past cultures to gain insight into how earlier peoples lived, and forensic anthropologists work with modern-day law enforcement to decipher skeletal evidence and...

Government instability prompts support for lighter-skinned candidates

Government instability prompts both Black and White Americans to show a preference for lighter-skinned over darker-skinned political candidates, researchers at New York University, the University of Chicago, and Rutgers University...

Tackling the 'credibility crisis' in science -- new PLOS Biology meta-research section

Widespread failure to reproduce research results has triggered a crisis of confidence in research findings, eroding public trust in scientific methodology. In response, PLOS Biology is launching on January 4th,...

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UT study measures impact of removing Planned Parenthood from Texas women's health program

The public defunding of Planned Parenthood in Texas may have led to a decrease in highly effective forms of contraceptive services and an increase in Medicaid-paid childbirths among women who previously used injectable contraception, according to a peer-reviewed study by...

TV a top source of political news for caucus-goers

TV news is a primary source for political information, but this chart shows how media preferences vary by supporters of the top-polling candidates.Journalists from around the world will file countless reports from Iowa in the final days leading up to the caucuses. According to the latest Iowa State University/WHO-HD Iowa Caucus Poll,...

Researchers' preclinical trial upends conventional wisdom about responses to fear

Fear. You've been there: Your heart races, even jumps to your throat. Your hands grow clammy and your stomach churns. Your mind goes blank.

Health goes downhill when older adults stop driving

For older adults, driving a car is an important aspect of having control over one's life. While 81 percent of the 29.5 million U.S. adults aged 65 and over continue...

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Too many minions spoil the plot

If you're thinking of creating a massive conspiracy, you may be better scaling back your plans, according to an Oxford University researcher.

Discovery of consoling behavior in prairie voles may benefit autism research

Researchers have discovered that a social laboratory rodent, the prairie vole, shows an empathy-based consoling response when other voles are distressed.Researchers at the Yerkes National Primate Research Center, Emory University, have discovered that a social laboratory rodent, the prairie vole, shows an empathy-based consoling response when other voles are distressed....

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Young whites at elite colleges see Asian-Americans as more competent than other minorities

Americans are stereotyped as "cold but competent" -- and more competent than blacks and Hispanics -- by young white students at elite colleges, according to a Baylor University study.

Public contributions to science increasingly common

This photo shows Christopher Kullenberg and Dick Kasperowsk.So-called citizen science has become a significant force in several scholarly disciplines. The phenomenon can be found in both the natural and the social sciences, according to the largest systematic...

UK's political center ground could be further to the left than thought, research suggests

Where strong party supporters and their parties are located ideologically.The centre ground of British politics could be further to the left than we think, according to new research by the University of Sussex and Queen Mary University of London.

New technology to provide insights into the health of students

Cellphones, any parent can attest, play a central role in the lives of college students. Studies show that nearly all college students own a cellphone, and most of those students...

Researchers find that in race stereotypes, issues are not so black and white

Recent race-related events in Ferguson, Mo., St. Louis, Baltimore, Chicago, Charleston, S.C., and New York City -- all point to the continuing need to study and understand race relations in...

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