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Human settlements in Amazonia much older than previously thought

16 hours ago from Science Daily

Humans settled in southwestern Amazonia and even experimented with agriculture much earlier than previously thought, according to an international team of researchers.

Americans Are Among the Most Stressed People on the Planet, Poll Finds

17 hours ago from NY Times Health

An annual, global Gallup poll, released Thursday, reported that feelings of stress and worry are particularly high in the United States.

In photos: Renee Zellweger turns 50: A look back

17 hours ago from UPI

Actress Renee Zellweger, known most for her roles in "Chicago" and "Bridget Jones's Diary," turns 50 on April 25, 2019. Here's a look back at her career through the years.

50 years ago, scientists fought over element 104’s discovery

18 hours ago from

A conflict known as the Transfermium Wars marked a contentious struggle over the search for new elements beginning in the 1960s.

Parents charged in death of 5-year-old Andrew Freund

18 hours ago from UPI

Illinois authorities said Wednesday they found the body of a 5-year-old boy who'd been missing for a week, and have charged the parents with murder.

U.S. condemns Putin's decree pushing Russian citizenship for Ukrainians

19 hours ago from UPI

The United States condemned Russian President Vladimir Putin's decision to hasten the process for residents in separatist-occupied Ukraine to gain citizenship.

Older job applicants up to three times less likely to be selected for interview than younger ones, study finds

20 hours ago from Physorg

Fifty-year-old job seekers are up to three times less likely to be selected for interview than younger applicants with less relevant experience, a major new study shows.

Working class 'always less likely to get into acting and film making', says research

20 hours ago from Physorg

Working class people have always been much less likely to find jobs in creative industries such as acting and film making, and there was no golden age of classless meritocracy,...

Isley Brothers receive star on St. Louis Walk of Fame

21 hours ago from UPI

In front of the Pageant theatre with a crowd of 300 people on hand, celebrated music group Isley Brothers were inducted into the St. Louis Walk of Fame.

On This Day, April 25: 'Golden Girls' star Bea Arthur dies

21 hours ago from UPI

On April 25, 2009, Bea Arthur, star of TV sitcoms "Maude" and "The Golden Girls," died in Los Angeles. She was 86.

Gallup: Government, immigration most important problems for most Americans

1 day ago from UPI

A Gallup poll released on Wednesday found that the government and immigration were the two greatest concerns for Americans.

Top prospects ponder future on eve of 2019 NFL Draft

1 day ago from UPI

Most prospects are choosing to be with family and friends during the 2019 NFL Draft, but some of the best potential talents told UPI they have alternate plans.

Sub-optimal food allergy knowledge and attitudes among restaurant staff

1 day ago from Science Daily

A new study of restaurant staff reveals low levels of food allergy knowledge and negative attitudes about serving people with food allergies, while exploring key factors that might influence such...

Officials: Sri Lankan bombing suspects 'well educated,' had international ties

1 day ago from UPI

Sri Lankan officials revealed Wednesday that the suspects behind the deadly Easter Sunday suicide bombings were "well-educated" with "middle-class" backgrounds and international ties.

Classroom crowdscience: Students challenged to detect schizophrenia genes

1 day ago from Science Daily

Teaching big data to future scientists means having them think creatively about ways to harness the terabytes of information available to them. To that end, a systems biologist used his...

Brain scans on movie watchers reveal how we judge people

1 day ago from Science Daily

Researchers used brain scans to reveal the biases people feel towards people who are like them, even if they can't see that they are like them.

Harvard seniors share their top things to do before graduation

1 day ago from Harvard Science

Hang out with friends. Finish the thesis. Hang out with friends. Venture outside campus and at last go to a Red Sox game. Attend one or two lectures by eminent professors and...

Scientists turn brain signals into speech

Technology that harnesses brain activity to produce synthesized speech might one day give voice to people who have none due to stroke or ALS, researchers say.

Synthetic speech generated from brain recordings

1 day ago from Science Daily

A state-of-the-art brain-machine interface created by neuroscientists can generate natural-sounding synthetic speech by using brain activity to control a virtual vocal tract -- an anatomically detailed computer simulation including the...

The neurobiology of noshing: Why is it so easy to overeat calorie-rich tasty foods?

1 day ago from Science Daily

When you eat something super tasty, ever wonder why you really don't want to stop even though you know you've eaten enough? Scientists may have found the reason. In lab...

NFL Draft 2019: Odds dipping for Kyler Murray as No. 1 pick

1 day ago from UPI

Oklahoma quarterback Kyler Murray is still the favorite to be the No. 1 overall pick in the 2019 NFL Draft, but the odds are dipping.

Scientists turn brain signals into speech, may help people who cannot talk

1 day ago from Reuters:Science

People robbed of the ability to talk due to a stroke or another medical condition may soon have real hope of regaining a voice thanks to technology that harnesses brain...

Indian court lifts ban on Chinese social media app TikTok

1 day ago from Physorg

An Indian court on Wednesday lifted its ban on Chinese social media video-sharing app TikTok on the condition that the platform popular with teenagers would not be used to host...

Bengals pick up fifth-year option on CB William Jackson

1 day ago from UPI

The Cincinnati Bengals picked up the fifth-year option on William Jackson's rookie contract Wednesday, keeping him with the team through 2020.

Watch: Opossum found living for three days in kids' closet

1 day ago from UPI

An Ohio woman said she thought her young daughters' imaginations were running wild for three days until she discovered an opossum living in their closet.

Minor sleep loss can put your job at risk, study finds

1 day ago from Science Daily

Just 16 minutes shaved off your regular sleep routine can dramatically impact job performance the next day. A new study shows that slight dip of sleep causes workers to have...

Scientists Create Speech From Brain Signals

1 day ago from NY Times Health

A prosthetic voice decodes what the brain intends to say and generates (mostly) understandable speech, no muscle movement needed.

Obesity linked with differences in form and structure of the brain

1 day ago from Science Daily

Researchers using sophisticated MRI technology have found that higher levels of body fat are associated with differences in the brain's form and structure, including smaller volumes of gray matter, according...