Thursday the 10th of October 2013

U.S. shutdown could keep U.S. researchers from cancer conference - 18:00

Tiny 'lost' moon orbiting Neptune found in telescope images - 17:30

World's nations signing treaty to halt mercury pollution - 17:30

Sound waves could bring gesture control to mobile devices - 17:30

Spacecraft snaps dramatic images of giant scar on the surface of Mars - 16:30

T-Mobile announces end of roaming charges, but speed to be an issue - 16:30

Russia names new head of country's space program - 16:30

Scott Carpenter, second American to go into orbit, dies at 80 - 16:00

Study finds websites using 'fingerprint' technique to track users - 16:00

U.S. seniors said buying hybrid cars as status boost - 15:00

Sea level rise threatening health of Florida Everglades vegetation - 15:00

Mastodon tooth found in donation box to be displayed in Michigan museum - 13:00

Wednesday the 9th of October 2013

Samsung debuts first curved-screen smartphone - 18:30

Russia announces plans to consolidate its space industry - 18:30

British security researcher gets $100,000 award from Microsoft - 18:30

New technique helps cochlear implant users hear music better - 18:00

Government shutdown threatens U.S. antarctic research - 18:00

Report says U.S. could face shortage of nuclear reactor material - 17:30

Australians express increased worry over online privacy - 17:30

Poetry activates the brain in the same way as music does, study finds - 17:00

Lonely planet without a star discovered wandering our galaxy - 17:00

Study yields new, more urgent predictions of climate change - 17:00

Astronauts tweet from space during government shutdown - 16:30

University teams with industry to build deep-sea submersible - 16:30

Study: Longer human life spans will affect species, environment - 16:30

Fly-by of Earth to fling spacecraft toward Jupiter - 16:00

Ancient complex of shops uncovered in northern Greece - 15:30

Sprite may be the cure for hangovers, study says - 14:30

Samsung Galaxy Round is first ever curved smartphone - 14:30

Toby Jug Nebula captured in photo by ESO - 14:30

Tikker watch counts down to user's demise, reminds them to make the most of time - 13:30

Samsung unveils first curved smartphone 'Galaxy Round' - 12:00

Tikker watch counts down to user's demise - 11:30

Nobel Prize in chemistry awarded to 3 US-based scientists - 10:30

Sprite cures hangovers, study says - 09:30

iPad rumors point to Oct. 22 release - 08:00

Train passengers didn't notice man playing with gun - 07:00

Tuesday the 8th of October 2013

Underground nuclear testing results could explain strange Mars craters - 18:00

Global warming could impact China's major rivers - 18:00

Search for alien life more complicated than thought, scientists say - 17:30

Apple expected to unveil new iPads at Oct. 22 event - 17:30

Smart smoke alarm can speak, warn of smoke, carbon monoxide - 17:00

Fossil bird from 125 million years ago shows some dinosaur traits - 17:00

Reports put base price of upcoming Nexus 5 smartphone at $299 - 17:00

European 'big bang' space telescope to be switched off - 16:30

Genetic study identifies European women as source of Ashkenazi Jews - 16:00

Scientists study 'martian' clouds in experiments here on Earth - 16:00

European satellites included in test of search-and-rescue system - 16:00

BBC to push computing, coding in British schools, homes, businesses - 16:00

Genetic study identifies European women as source of Ashkenazim Jews - 15:30