Monday the 20th of February 2017

Conservative editor loses book, speaking gig over pedophilia remarks - 19:31

Arizona Cardinals could land quarterback Jay Cutler - 19:01

British territory seizes Russian billionaire's super-yacht - 18:01

'Not My President's Day': Thousands protest Trump on holiday - 18:01

Tight end Julius Thomas traded to Miami Dolphins - 18:01

Projected light creates huge dragon in Chinese fountain - 18:01

Dog gets a piggy back ride from bike-riding owner - 17:31

Earl Mitchell visiting Seattle Seahawks, three other teams - 17:31

Marine snail could offer opioid alternative - 17:31

Johnny Cueto still missing from San Francisco Giants camp - 17:01

Kids' OD risk rises when opioids left out at home - 17:01

Cannibal bull sharks come close to shore to feed on third shark - 17:01

Most parents don't think they're meeting kids' nutritional needs - 17:01

Rampaging bull elephant chases Jeep for more than 1-1/2 miles - 17:01

Scientists look to tick 'cement' as potential medical adhesive - 17:01

Don't punish pregnant women for opioid use, doctors say - 17:01

Does mercury in fish play a role in ALS? - 17:01

SIPRI: Arms imports rise in Asia, Middle East - 16:31

China's 'Kung Fu Grandma' still teaching martial arts at 93 - 16:31

Jared Odrick trolls Jacksonville Jaguars following release, friction - 16:31

Colin Morgan says 'Humans' Season 2 'ups the ante on absolutely everything' - 16:31

Stem cell transplants may help some with multiple sclerosis - 16:31

Amazon ranked most reputable company in U.S. in Harris Poll - 16:01

Paris Hilton dating 'The Leftovers' star Chris Zylka - 16:01

Victor Cruz worked out for Carolina Panthers - 16:01

Donald Trump names H.R. McMaster as national security adviser - 16:01

In Red Sea, Gulf states look to block Iran's expansion - 16:01

Finland buying secondhand howitzers from South Korea - 16:01

British territory seizes Russian billionaire's super-yacht - 16:01

Study: Rising pond temperatures could accelerate global warming - 16:01

Skydiving instructor catches falling toddler with one hand - 16:01

Radial access cardiac procedure may save $300 million - 16:01

Pakistan orders more AW139 helos from Leonardo - 16:01

Virginia police warn of fake blackmail scam claiming evidence of infidelity - 16:01

Study identifies brain process vital to short-term memory - 15:31

Man's tongue-in-cheek plan to sue Walmart over falling 'P' goes viral - 15:01

Lisa Rinna of 'Real Housewives' posts nude selfie at 53 - 15:01

Second Lockheed Martin T-50A completes first flight - 15:01

Minnesota Twins sign hometown RHP Seth Rosin - 14:31

Beijing complains South Korea denied entry to Chinese nationals - 14:31

Ringo Starr and Paul McCartney reunite in the studio - 14:31

Gabon's elephants are being decimated by poachers - 14:31

Daisy Ridley confronted by star-studded panel regarding 'The Last Jedi' - 14:31

Building a family tree of stars - 14:01

'Hook' prequel film 'Bangarang' reaches Kickstarter goal - 14:01

Chrissy Teigen says Asian models are 'underrepresented' in fashion - 14:01

George Washington letter on sale of slaves up for auction - 14:01

Four people found dead at home in Preston, Idaho - 14:01

Colorado town to get state's first drive-through marijuana store - 14:01

Tony Romo open to 'massaging' contract in order to change teams - 14:01