Thursday the 19th of January 2017

New York Jets owner Woody Johnson named UK ambassador - 22:21

MLB All-Star Josh Johnson retiring after Tommy John hat-trick - 21:51

Barbara Bush hospitalized for bronchitis, President Bush remains in ICU - 21:51

Rideshare company Uber to pay $20M for exaggerating drivers' pay - 21:01

Rick Carlisle compares Dirk Nowitzki to Udonis Haslem - 20:31

Trump kicks off 58th inauguration on National Mall: 'I'll see you tomorrow' - 19:31

Trump speaks on National Mall to kick off 58th presidential inauguration - 19:01

Drug kingpin 'El Chapo' extradited to U.S. to face charges - 18:31

Live: Trump on National Mall to kick off 58th presidential inauguration - 17:31

Troops cross into Gambia from Senegal to oust long-time ruler refusing to step down - 17:01

UPI Horse Racing Weekend Preview - 17:01

Live: Trump to speak at Lincoln Memorial during inauguration kickoff - 17:01

Truck driver chases escaped pigs around stretch of Chinese highway - 17:01

Prankster kicks tree to cover kids in surprising amount of snow - 17:01

Train clears stranded car from the railroad tracks in Virginia - 17:01

Food stamp use linked to raised early death risk in study - 17:01

Alligator hops onto Missouri couple's boat in Florida swamp - 17:01

Abortions in Texas dropped dramatically after restrictions - 17:01

Genital herpes vaccine shows promise in animal trials - 16:31

Seattle Seahawks could lose a pick in the 2017 NFL draft - 16:31

NFC Championship Game: Atlanta Falcons WR Julio Jones being cautious - 16:31

Foreclosed Pittsburgh mall sells for $100 at auction - 16:31

Study ties inflammation, gut bacteria to type 1 diabetes - 16:31

Scientists use non-invasive brain stimulation to improve memory - 16:31

Climate change to depress crop yields in the United States, new study claims - 16:31

Limpets repair their damaged shells with biological materials - 16:01

Green Bay Packers injury report: WR trio uncertain for NFC Championship game - 16:01

Fat content of cells changes as cells age: Study - 16:01

Denel to deliver armored vehicles to Namibia - 16:01

Nearly half of U.S. men infected with HPV, study finds - 16:01

Most cow milk baby formulas don't up risk of type 1 diabetes - 16:01

U.S. healthcare costs from birth defects total almost $23 billion a year - 16:01

Motorcyclist crashes into car at high speed, ends up sitting on the trunk - 15:31

Treasury pick Mnuchin fights questions about tax shelters, 'foreclosure machine' - 15:31

Adrian Peterson: Aaron Rodgers is better than Tom Brady - 15:31

Rescuers in Italy race to save avalanche victims; up to 35 trapped in hotel - 15:31

$70,000 worth of cocaine found inside Jamaican beef patties - 15:31

Army orders mortar fuzes for FMS customer - 15:31

USWNT: Arsenal Ladies pick up midfielder Heather O'Reilly - 15:01

Portland boy celebrates snow day by pulling chickens through street in a sled - 15:01

Nigerian air force, Comp Air Aviation to develop light utility aircraft - 15:01

Study shows benefits for teens who seek mental health treatment - 15:01

Scientists unlock graphene's superconductive powers - 15:01

Paris Jackson channels Madonna for new modeling gig - 15:01

Injured owl rescued from side of road by Massachusetts police sergeant - 14:31

Trade nearly paired Anthony Davis with Dwight Howard - 14:31

Sea lion hitches rides on backs of boats to beg for fish in Mexico - 14:31

Savannah Chrisley gives update following car accident, calls experience 'very scary' - 14:31

China calls for negotiations to resolve U.S. trade dispute - 14:31

Louis Tomlinson talks reconciliation with Zayn Malik: 'It's great' - 14:31