Thursday the 23rd of March 2017

Deer jumps over motorcyclist's head in Washington D.C. - 16:41

Great white shark tries to steal bait from New Zealand fishing boat - 16:41

Daredevil BASE jumps from top of 40-story skyscraper in China - 16:41

Stolen wallet returned 8 years later with $141 cash still inside - 16:11

NASA scientists analyze Peru's deadly precipitation - 15:41

Mattis presses Congress for $30B defense hike - 15:41

Dad shares Irish 3-year-old's claw machine adventure in viral post - 15:41

DNA test proves suspected Colorado wolf-dog hybrid is just a dog - 15:41

Gene therapy may help treat certain hearing loss - 15:41

Michigan woman wins lottery twice in three months - 15:11

National Puppy Day: North Carolina dog gets new prosthetic paws - 15:11

Lockheed transferring production site for F-16s - 15:11

Girl, 5, takes booze to school in 'EPIC lunchbox fail' - 15:11

RAF getting new G-force centrifuge facility - 14:42

Astronomers find supermassive black hole expelled from galaxy center - 14:42

Darrelle Revis 'likely' to sign with New England Patriots - 14:42

Roger Goodell: NFL executive, not refs, has final OK on every replay - 14:42

New England Patriots to visit White House, Trump on April 19 - 14:41

French government approves Rafale F4 upgrades - 14:41

Detroit Tigers' Ian Kinsler clarifies Latin America comments - 14:11

Oakland Raiders up next in Roger Goodell's All The Wrong Moves series - 14:11

Senate overturns FCC rules on web data mining - 14:11

German scientists focus radiation of 10,000 suns with new light array - 14:11

Ian McKellen to reprise Gandalf for charity show - 14:11

Bernie Kosar addresses insensitive Dwight Clark remark - 14:11

Former Boston drummer Sib Hashian dies on cruise ship - 14:11

Green Bay Packers player blasts NFL celebration training - 14:11

Chicago Cubs' Theo Epstein is 'World's Greatest Leader', Fortune Magazine - 14:11

Level of hospice care equal across types of facilities - 13:41

Ellen Pompeo says her son is 'the sweetest thing ever' - 13:41

Disney CEO Bob Iger's contract extended until 2019 - 13:41

Cleveland Cavaliers fan eats 82 chicken nuggets during Denver Nuggets game - 13:41

AirAsia flight attendant recreates Britney Spears' 'Toxic' video - 13:41

Scientists find out where laser energy goes when a beam is fired into plasma - 13:41

Narendra Modi, India's social media star, struggles to get government online - 13:41

Study finds lack of sleep limits ability to interpret facial expressions - 13:41

British brewery uses customers' DNA profiles to create custom brews - 13:41

Zac Efron says wearing heels was 'hardest' part of 'Baywatch' - 13:41

Japan commissions second helicopter carrier - 13:01

Police in Antwerp arrest would-be car attacker - 13:01

Sweden's Prince Carl, Princess Sophia expecting second child - 13:01

Ukrainian boarder guards find lion cub hidden among 2,245 parrots - 13:01

'Young and the Restless' dominates Daytime Emmy Award nominations - 13:01

Report: New Orleans Saints' Sean Payton kicked tires on Johnny Manziel - 13:01

Latin American presidents love Twitter – and that's not a good sign - 13:01

Utah gov. to sign bill lowering DUI limit to lowest in nation - 13:01

Scarlett Johansson leaps into action in new 'Ghost in the Shell' preview - 12:31

Nunes apologizes for not briefing panel on Trump surveillance - 12:31

Rob Kardashian says he 'can't wait' for Dream's first word - 12:31

If football doesn't work out, Christian McCaffrey is a sick harmonicist - 12:31