Wednesday the 25th of November 2015

Fossil vertebrae reveal clues to evolution of long neck in giraffe - 09:00

Next-generation fuel cells are ready for low-emission electricity production - 09:00

Who owns space? US asteroid-mining act is dangerous and potentially illegal - 09:00

Magic-angle-spinning NMR used to probe protein/microtubule assembly at atomic scale - 09:00

Visual authoring tool helps non-experts build their own digital story worlds - 09:00

Study suggests fish can experience 'emotional fever' - 09:00

Anti-seismic bricks to improve buildings' response to earthquakes - 09:00

Inside Snapchat's newest feature: Story Explorer - 09:00

UTA engineer to build device to capture lost heat energy - 09:00

Three new technologies to make energy cleaner, more efficient - 09:00

Dynamic calibration of pressure sensors for engines - 08:30

Can eating less meat help reduce climate change? - 08:30

Lidar scanning can help identify structurally heterogeneous forest areas - 08:30

Nanoparticles simplify DNA identification and quantification - 08:30

Why are we more divided than ever on climate change? - 08:30

Will we have to rewrite Einstein's theory of general relativity? - 08:30

Earliest modern humans in Southern China recast history of early human migration - 08:30

Image: NIRSpec on the James Webb Space Telescope - 08:30

Paleolithic elephant butchering site found in Greece - 08:30

The ethics of robot love - 08:00

New study suggests angler education can benefit sharks - 08:00

Genetically modified fly deployed against fruit pest - 08:00

How Einstein's general theory of relativity killed off common-sense physics - 08:00

Many young people blame female victims, excuse male aggressors, according to report - 08:00

Well-preserved homo erectus skull discovered in Eastern China - 08:00

Global growth in CO2 emissions plateaus - 08:00

New step towards producing cheap and efficient renewable fuels - 07:30

Cloudy with a chance of life: How to find alien life on distant exoplanets - 07:30

How solar panels are making waves - 07:30

In Hawaii, living with lava - 07:00

Bigger smartphone screens can change customer's buying intentions - 07:00

Study provides new insights on water quality management - 07:00

What have plants ever done for us? - 07:00

100 years of relativity and enthusiasm for bringing science to public - 07:00

Aging star's weight loss secret revealed - 06:30

Inkjet hologram printing now possible - 06:30

Personal glucose meters can be effectively employed for the quantification of many biomarkers in the patient's blood - 06:30

Astronomers say comet fragments best explanation of mysterious dimming star - 06:30

Music-making for the deaf - 06:30

Tracking new space missions from down under - 06:30

Physicists set quantum record by using photons to carry messages from electrons almost 2 kilometers apart - 06:30

UN weather agency: It's record hot out there this year - 05:30

Drowning has emerged as a mysterious cause of death amongst groups of young common starlings - 05:30

River turbines turn Austria's Danube from blue to green - 04:00

Australia to use drones to track sharks from the air - 04:00

Why government and tech can't agree about encryption - 03:30

Good COP, bad COP: Will Paris climate summit prevail? - 03:30

Hilton hotels hit by cyber attack - 03:00

Developing-nation climate-adaptation cost to hit $790B a year - 03:00

S. Korea, US ratify new civilian nuclear pact - 03:00