Wednesday the 24th of May 2017

Research explores 'artificial leaf' system for solar fuel production - 03:02

China shuts some live streaming sites, punishes companies - 03:01

Samsung investigating Galaxy S8 'iris hack' - 02:32

Weaponized penis drives sexual 'arms race' (in beetles) - 02:32

Alaska aquiver: State hosts plate tectonics research effort - 02:32

Jump in renewable energy jobs worldwide: agency - 02:32

Four climbers found dead on Everest - 02:32

Mouse sperm survives in space, but could human babies? - 02:32

Study finds heavier precipitation in the northeast began in 1996 - 02:02

Qatar says state news agency hacked - 02:01

Tuesday the 23rd of May 2017

Song diversity hints at thrushes' evolutionary past - 23:01

Microhabitats enhance butterfly diversity in nature's imitation game - 18:01

Friends help female vampire bats cope with loss - 18:01

Whales only recently evolved into giants when changing ice, oceans concentrated prey - 18:01

Egypt moves bed, chariot of King Tut to new museum - 16:31

Lizards may be overwhelmed by fire ants and social stress combined - 16:01

More than play: Can video games train sailors and marines? - 15:31

Genetic mutation trade-offs lead to parallel evolution - 15:01

New chemical reaction could eventually yield new fuels and medications - 14:01

The high plains aquifer: Can we make it last? - 14:01

NASA sees powerful storms with advancing monsoon in Bay of Bengal - 14:01

Gulf Coast anglers plan protest against fishing limits - 14:01

Appeals court: NSA surveillance challenge can move forward - 14:01

US says Fiat Chrysler used software to beat emissions tests - 13:31

VLA reveals new object near supermassive black hole in famous galaxy - 13:01

Biosynthetic secrets: How fungi make bioactive compounds - 13:01

Scientists transform how complex marine data from the Ocean Health Index is synthesized, communicated - 13:01

Special X-ray technique allows scientists to see 3-D deformations - 13:01

Improve evolution education by teaching genetics first - 13:01

How X-rays helped to solve mystery of floating rocks - 13:01

Atomic structure of irradiated materials is more akin to liquid than glass - 12:02

Oyster farming to benefit from new genetic screening tool - 12:02

Pope's encyclical boosted his credibility on climate change, especially among liberals - 12:02

Study: DNA may have only modest impact on sexual assault arrests - 12:02

Study: Street gangs, crime serve as deviant leisure activities for youths - 12:02

Cowbird moms choosy when selecting foster parents for their young - 12:02

Declawing linked to aggression and other abnormal behaviors in cats - 12:02

Study shows snakes, thought to be solitary eaters, coordinate hunts - 12:02

NY Attorney General: $18.5 million settlement with Target - 12:02

Collecting real-time data for material microstructural evolution during radiation exposure - 11:31

Neptune: Neutralizer-free plasma propulsion - 11:31

Understanding stars: How tornado-shaped flow in a dynamo strengthens the magnetic field - 11:31

Researchers reveal bioelectric patterns guiding worms' regenerative body plan after injury - 11:01

NASA scientist parlays experience to build ocean worlds instrument - 10:32

School choice policies may impact segregation and diversity of public schools - 10:32

Fall calving season may yield higher returns for southeastern beef producers - 10:32

Common artificial sweetener likely a safe, effective birth control and pesticide - 10:31

Tracking down the scent of recycled plastic - 10:02

Research decoding the first deep-sea mussel genome published - 10:02

Video: Should you pee on a jellyfish sting? - 10:02