Tuesday the 16th of September 2014

Dutch unveil big plan to fight rising tides - 18:00

King Richard III died painfully on battlefield - 18:00

'Smart material' chin strap harvests energy from chewing - 18:00

NASA's HS3 mission covers transition of Hurricane Cristobal - 16:30

Chandra X-ray Observatory finds planet that makes star act deceptively old - 16:00

Novel capability enables first test of real turbine engine conditions - 16:00

NASA image: Dry conditions and lightning strikes make for a long California fire season - 16:00

Boosting global corn yields depends on improving nutrient balance - 16:00

NASA HS3 instrument views two dimensions of clouds - 16:00

Capturing ancient Maya sites from both a rat's and a 'bat's eye view' - 16:00

Drought hits Brazil coffee harvest - 15:30

Healthy humans make nice homes for viruses - 15:30

NASA picks Boeing and SpaceX to ferry astronauts - 15:30

Me, my neuroprocessor, and I: Preparing for a hybrid world - 15:00

Sensors everywhere could mean privacy nowhere, expert says - 15:00

Tokyo Game Show: On the hunt for the next Minecraft - 14:30

Australian mosquito appears in California - 14:30

Flatow, 'Science Friday' settle claims over grant - 14:30

History books spark latest Texas classroom battle - 14:30

Nanoribbon film keeps glass ice-free: Team refines deicing film that allows radio frequencies to pass - 14:00

A Closer Look: Your (online) life after death - 14:00

The Malaspina Expedition confirms that pollution reaches even the most remote areas of the ocean - 13:31

Newborn Tropical Storm Polo gives a NASA satellite a 'cold reception' - 13:31

'Hidden Treasure of Rome' project unveiled - 13:31

NASA spots center of Typhoon Kalmaegi over Hainan Island, headed for Vietnam - 13:31

Computerized emotion detector - 13:30

CASIS research set for launch aboard SpaceX mission to space station - 13:30

Landmark fracking study finds no water pollution - 13:30

Court tosses $368 mn patent case verdict against Apple - 13:30

Research drones launched into Hurricane Edouard - 13:30

Media, entertainment see profit from digital - 13:30

Jindal: Obama hasn't done enough to harness energy - 13:30

Web filter lifts block on gay sites - 13:30

Meteorite that doomed dinosaurs remade forests - 13:00

Scientists twist radio beams to send data: Transmissions reach speeds of 32 gigibits per second - 12:30

Water-based nuclear battery can be used to generate electrical energy - 12:30

For electronics beyond silicon, a new contender emerges - 12:30

NASA sees Tropical Storm Odile knocking at US Southwest - 12:30

Global Hawk and satellites investigating Hurricane Edouard today - 12:30

Politics divide coastal residents' views of environment - 12:30

And so they beat on, flagella against the cantilever - 12:30

Tornadoes occurring earlier in 'Tornado Alley' - 12:30

Study finds 'magical contagion' spreads creator's essence to pieces, adding value - 12:30

UCI team is first to capture motion of single molecule in real time - 12:30

Study on global carbon cycle may require reappraisal of climate events in Earth's history - 12:30

US poverty rate dipped slightly in 2013 - 12:30

Google to test cars without a driver - 12:00

Nanocontainers for nanocargo: Delivering genes and proteins for cellular imaging, genetic medicine and cancer therapy - 12:00

New camera sheds light on mate choice of swordtail fish - 11:30

Pairing social networks with social motives to close the science gap - 11:30