Tuesday the 6th of December 2016

An amino acid controls plants' breath - 12:01

High court sides with Samsung in patent dispute with Apple - 11:31

PewDiePie threatens to shut down YouTube channel - 11:31

EU approves Microsoft buyout of LinkedIn with conditions - 11:31

Research assesses impact of soil erosion on land and communities in East Africa - 11:01

Researchers' wobulation technique allows 3-D printing of more sophisticated microstructures - 11:01

Critical genes unravelled to understand human diseases and support drug discovery - 11:01

The balancing act in membrane turnover—an enzyme that links endocytosis to membrane recycling - 10:31

Survey: Parents binge on media, say they're good role models - 10:01

Game theory can help protect against terrorist attacks - 10:01

Happy salmon swim better - 09:31

The science behind tweeting in times of crisis - 09:31

Researchers find racial, gender bias in online freelance marketplaces - 09:31

Expectation versus reality in the acceptance of self-driving cars - 09:31

Study examines victim cooperation in cases of intimate partner sexual assault - 09:31

Google hits renewable energy goal in quest to pare pollution - 09:31

Bacteria produce aphrodisiac that sets off protozoan mating swarm - 09:31

Curiosity rover team examining new drill hiatus - 09:01

New method for studying individual defects in transistors - 09:01

Sense-making processes of human-robot encounters - 09:01

GOES-R heads to orbit, will improve weather forecasting - 09:01

New method of studying environmental toxins - 09:01

Wide analysis of the Swedish forestry sector's carbon balance to bolster Climate Roadmap 2050 - 09:01

Honey bee teenagers speed up the ageing process of their elders - 09:01

2016—an exceptional year for the LHC - 09:01

Male Manogea porracea spiders found to care for young - 08:31

Unbelievable news? Read it again and you might think it's true - 08:01

Reproducibility crisis timeline—milestones in tackling research reliability - 08:01

Protein complex FACT able to unwind nucleosomes without expending energy - 08:01

System lets users design and fabricate drones with a wide range of shapes and structures - 07:31

Legislation alone not enough to close gender gap in boardroom - 07:31

Smart plants learn new habits - 07:31

Our ideas about vertebrate evolution challenged by a new tree of life - 07:31

Scientific breakthrough reveals unprecedented alternative to battery power storage - 07:31

Researchers compare biodiversity trends with the stock market - 07:31

Identifying biological images with sound physics - 07:31

What happens in the cell nucleus after fertilization - 07:31

A new perspective on microbes - 07:31

Study of wild plants contribute to understanding of high risks associated with a warming climate - 07:01

OSCE helps Albania dispose of toxic chemicals - 07:01

Paris bans half of cars to tackle new peak of pollution - 07:01

Reconstructing the Red Sea's climate patterns - 07:01

Australia's 'great green boom' of 2010-11 has been undone by drought - 07:01

Image: Chaos at Hyperion - 06:31

Progress on deep meridional overturning circulation in the South China Sea - 06:31

Panasonic develops first IPS liquid crystal panel with contrast ratio of over 1,000,000:1 - 06:31

New telescope chip offers clear view of alien planets - 06:31

Cassini makes first ring-grazing plunge - 06:31

Scientists build new ultrasound device using 3-D printing technology - 06:31

Superior crystals grown from levitating droplets - 06:31