Sunday the 30th of August 2015

Better daily sea ice forecasts for the Arctic following innovation - 22:30

Global warming carving changes into Alaska in fire and ice - 14:00

At a virtual reality expo, VR comes in many forms - 14:00

Boeing's weapon against drones: Think laser, think welding torch - 14:00

Growing numbers of rhinos poached for horns in South Africa: minister - 14:00

Hong Kong banks turn to start-ups for tech edge - 14:00

Discarded electronics mismanaged within Europe equals about 10 times the volume of e-waste exported - 13:00

Saturday the 29th of August 2015

Far below South Dakota, a cave holds pure, promising water - 12:30

Feds win fight for access to indicted Paul aide's Gmail - 08:50

UN climate talks: the sticking points - 08:50

Clock ticking as climate negotiators meet in Bonn - 08:50

UK prosecutors mull charges for News Corp. over hacking - 08:20

New Horizons team selects potential Kuiper Belt flyby target - 08:20

How will climate change affect your livelihood? - 08:20

Don't make us hitch rides with Russia: NASA chief - 07:50

Twitter sets modest goals to diversity its workforce - 07:50

One year and counting: Mars isolation experiment begins - 07:50

NASA, NOAA satellites show Erika affecting Hispaniola - 07:50

Friday the 28th of August 2015

'It's a boy,' US zoo says of surviving panda - 15:30

What's in a billion? Facebook users hit milestone in 1 day - 15:00

Wind-powered train travel is on Dutch rail schedule - 15:00

USDA to approve Simplot's genetically engineered potato - 15:00

Seeing quantum motion - 14:30

GPM sees heavy rain in Hurricane Ignacio - 14:30

NASA sees comma shaped Tropical Storm Kilo - 14:30

Suomi NPP satellite sees rapidly intensifying Hurricane Jimena - 14:30

Increasingly severe disturbances weaken world's temperate forests - 14:30

Appeals court reverses ruling that found NSA program illegal - 14:30

EPA: Clean water rule in effect despite court ruling - 14:30

After Uber and Airbnb, meal-sharing sites under fire in France - 14:30

Beyond royal jelly: Study identifies plant chemical that determines a honey bee's caste - 13:30

Better signs could help reduce friction between motorists, bicyclists - 13:30

Stephen Hawking says he's solved a black hole mystery, but physicists await the proof - 13:00

Amazon Prime Instant Video to launch in Japan next month - 11:00

Philistines introduced sycamore, cumin and opium poppy into Israel during the Iron Age - 10:30

Key Apple music exec steps down - 10:30

Robot wars: Giant robot gears up to battle Japanese rival - 10:30

Nothing but water: Hydrogen fuel cell unit to provide renewable power to Honolulu port - 10:30

Snapchat adds three more publishers to Discover - 10:30

Development of growth factor-free tissue adhesive porous films capable of promoting angiogenesis - 10:00

Staying safe in sandy beaches - 10:00

Researchers use DNA 'clews' to shuttle CRISPR-Cas9 gene-editing tool into cells - 10:00

Ashley Madison CEO steps down in wake of hacking - 10:00

From sewage sludge to syngas and biochar—new perspectives for small municipalities - 09:30

Digital systems smarten up water networks - 09:30

The dwarf planet Quaoar - 09:00

Russia launches Proton rocket with British satellite - 09:00

Orbital ATK on the rebound with Antares return to flight in 2016 - 09:00

Ice giants at opposition - 09:00

Just how good (or bad) is the fossil record of dinosaurs? - 08:30