Wednesday the 27th of August 2014

New study charts the global invasion of crop pests - 18:00

Novel 'butterfly' molecule could build new sensors, photoenergy conversion devices - 16:30

A touching story: The ancient conversation between plants, fungi and bacteria - 16:30

NASA begins hurricane mission with Global Hawk flight to Cristobal - 16:30

Zambia lifts ban on safari hunting - 16:30

US judge rejects Apple bid to ban Samsung smartphones - 16:30

NASA deep-space rocket, SLS, to launch in 2018 - 16:30

Feds protect 20 species of coral as threatened - 16:30

Study examines 13,000-year-old nanodiamonds from multiple locations across three continents - 16:02

Social class makes a difference in how children tackle classroom problems - 16:02

NASA's TRMM Satellite sees powerful towering storms in Cristobal - 16:02

Research geared to keep women from fleeing IT profession - 16:02

Water 'thermostat' could help engineer drought-resistant crops - 14:31

Alibaba's revenue growth surges in latest quarter - 14:31

New analytical technology reveals 'nanomechanical' surface traits - 14:31

Web-weaving spiders force Suzuki recall - 14:30

Rubber meets the road with new ORNL carbon, battery technologies - 14:01

Intel says world's smallest 3G modem has been launched - 13:30

Stone-tipped spears lethal, may indicate early cognitive and social skills - 13:00

Orphaned children can do just as well in institutions - 13:00

Self-deceived individuals deceive others better - 13:00

Bronze Age wine cellar found - 13:00

Wolves susceptible to yawn contagion - 13:00

MU researchers develop more accurate Twitter analysis tools - 12:31

Scientist uncovers red planet's climate history in unique meteorite - 12:31

More wolf spiders feasting on American toads due to invasive grass, study shows - 12:31

Witnessing the early growth of a giant - 12:31

NASA sees massive Marie close enough to affect southern California coast - 12:31

Climate change poses growing health threat, UN reports - 12:31

Detecting neutrinos, physicists look into the heart of the Sun - 12:00

Walking fish reveal how our ancestors evolved onto land - 12:00

Scientists looking across human, fly and worm genomes find shared biology - 12:00

Breaking benzene - 12:00

Big snowstorms will still occur in Northern Hemisphere following global warming, study finds - 12:00

Orion rocks: Pebble-size particles may jump-start planet formation - 11:00

Yellowstone supereruption would send ash across North America - 11:00

Group identity emphasized more by those who just make the cut - 10:30

Piglet weaning age no bar to litter frequency - 10:01

Sentinel-1 poised to monitor motion - 10:01

Leading scientists call for a stop to non-essential use of fluorochemicals - 10:01

How to prevent organic food fraud - 10:01

Light of life - 10:01

The roots of human altruism - 10:00

Study identifies upside to financial innovations - 10:00

Pacific plate shrinking as it cools: Calculations challenge assumptions about rigid lithosphere - 10:00

NOAA's Marine Debris Program reports on the national issue of derelict fishing traps - 10:00

NASA image: Veld Fires in South Africa - 10:00

Karina's remnants drawn into Hurricane Marie's spin - 10:00

Identifying long-distance threats: New 3D technology could improve CCTV images - 10:00

Paleontologists describe a possible dinosaur nest and young 'babysitter' - 09:30