Wednesday the 25th of May 2016

Asia hotbed of IT piracy despite economic growth: report - 05:51

Environmental favorability and tolerance of stress drives freshwater species distribution - 05:51

Who sells when the market is down? - 05:51

Augmented reality for firefighters - 05:51

Target coal or carbon? Researchers are analyzing coal and energy caps as carbon policy instruments for China - 05:51

Opinion: GM crops already feed much of the world today – why not tomorrow's generations too? - 05:21

How does a bike stay upright? Surprisingly, it's all in the mind - 05:21

Survey shows leadership effect on common core - 05:21

IT tools enhance global crop management strategies - 05:21

Antarctic wildlife at risk from human derived E. coli - 05:21

Japan hatches penguin chicks using artificial insemination - 05:21

Debugging system for complex analysis of programs that import huge swaths of commonly used code - 05:21

Recent progress in tracking the viability of transplanted stem cells in vivo - 04:50

Current atmospheric models underestimate the dirtiness of Arctic air - 04:21

Solar Impulse 2 leaves Ohio on fuel-free flight - 03:51

Gov't report: Feds spend billions to run ancient technology - 03:21

Indonesian birds face extinction due to pet trade: study - 03:21

After delay, solar plane will fly from Ohio to Pennsylvania - 02:31

NGOs slam Japan for investing abroad in carbon-polluting coal - 02:31

Smart home gadgets need to live together - 02:31

Drugs and dung a bad mix for climate: study - 02:31

After big expansion, Vice Media retrenches - 02:31

Canada scientists ask government to reconsider dam project - 02:31

Diagnosis app scoops Africa health prize - 02:31

Individual quality trumps reproductive tradeoffs in ducks - 02:01

Use of parasitic wasps to fight ash borer grows to 24 states - 02:01

HP Enterprise selling tech services business to rival - 02:01

Volkswagen, Toyota buy into ridesharing - 02:00

Tuesday the 24th of May 2016

Footprints of baby planets in a gas disk - 22:20

A 100-million-year partnership on the brink of extinction - 18:20

Researchers developed a Time Reverse Imaging algorithm to alert coastal areas against incoming tsunamis - 16:50

Researchers find higher than expected carbon emissions from inland waterways - 16:50

High performance golf club comes with annoying sound - 15:51

Mucus may play vital role in dolphin echolocation - 15:21

High-speed camera captures amazing lightning flash - 15:21

Toyota to invest in ride-hailing app Uber - 15:21

Nuclear foes renew push to shut plant near Manhattan - 15:20

Harnessing nature's vast array of venoms for drug discovery - 14:50

Google ex-boss Schmidt reveals he has an iPhone - 14:50

Experts develop method for including migration uncertainty in population projections - 13:51

Single-step hydrogen peroxide production could be cleaner, more efficient - 13:21

Hubble finds clues to the birth of supermassive black holes - 13:21

Best Buy offers weak profit view, says CFO stepping down - 13:20

Silencing cholera's social media - 13:20

Hunting for dark matter's 'Hidden Valley' - 13:20

Scientist suggests possible link between primordial black holes and dark matter - 12:50

China's Huawei sues Samsung over wireless patents - 12:50

Organizational innovations to accelerate technology transfer and translational research do they work? - 12:21

Wildfire - it's not spreading like wildfire - 12:21

Microsoft makes grants to extend Internet in remote areas - 12:20