Friday the 13th of January 2017

Chemist develops new theory for explaining the function of proteins - 06:31

Bay in Scandinavia claims world record in carbon storing - 06:31

China develops world's brightest VUV free electron laser research facility - 06:31

Researchers find neurons that orient bats toward destination - 06:31

Image: MetOp-C payload module - 06:31

Sentinel-2B launch preparations off to a flying start - 06:31

Technique enables adaptable 3-D printing - 06:31

Catching Cassini's call - 06:31

Researchers quantify in high speed a viper's strike in nature for the first time - 05:02

California singing in the rain - 04:31

For ski resorts in Western US, too much snow is a good woe - 04:31

Nintendo: Nintendo Switch game console to launch in March - 04:31

Thursday the 12th of January 2017

Researchers capture first glimpse of ruby seadragons in the wild - 20:11

New study shows where carbon finance should—and shouldn't—drive conservation efforts - 19:11

Phone hacking company falls victim to hackers - 19:11

Court revives suit alleging Apple monopoly on iPhone apps - 19:11

Benefits of renting a home may be underrated - 19:11

Amazon's Bezos buys US capital home for $23 mn, in cash - 17:41

Keck Cosmic Web Imager ships from Caltech to Keck Observatory - 16:41

BLAST: Greater speed, accuracy in recognizing brain injury - 16:11

Ocean acidification to hit West Coast Dungeness crab fishery, new assessment shows - 14:11

What role do supermassive black holes play when galaxies merge? - 14:11

Mapping movements of alien bird species - 14:11

Manchester scientists tie the tightest knot ever achieved - 14:11

Microbes rule in 'knee-high tropical rainforests' - 14:11

Biologists discover how viruses hijack cell's machinery - 14:11

Wearable sensors can tell when you are getting sick, study shows - 14:11

US gov't accuses Fiat Chrysler of cheating on emissions - 12:41

Smartphone, internet use at record high in US: survey - 12:41

Scientists switch on predatory kill instinct in mice - 12:11

Fish lightly to keep snapper on the reef - 12:11

Cholera bacteria infect more effectively with a simple twist of shape - 12:11

Bacteria recruit other species with long-range electrical signals - 12:11

Some cells need a 'haircut' before duplicating - 12:11

Research shows how rebuilding Britain's Houses of Parliament in the 1800s helped create clean-air laws - 12:11

'Shrew'-d study: Arctic shrews, parasites indicate climate change effect on ecosystems - 12:11

Conservation practices may leave African indigenous populations behind - 10:51

India was by no means as isolated as we thought - 10:51

Drones delivering packages in cities won't take off—here's why - 10:51

Twenty-five frogs added to the amphibian fauna of Mount Oku, Cameroon - 10:51

Robots need 'kill switches', warn Euro MPs - 10:51

Amazon to add 100,000 US jobs over 18 months - 10:51

3 lions decapitated in South Africa, likely for medicine - 10:51

China puts up Stop sign for Pokemon Go - 10:51

Europe urged to expand pesticide ban for bees' sake - 10:51

India's TCS beats expectations with $995 mn profit - 10:51

Officials: More than 40 percent of California out of drought - 10:51

Amino acids formed from the single-electron activation of carbon dioxide - 10:51

Offenders' deadly thoughts may hold answer to reducing crime - 10:51

Renewable energy investment fell 18% in 2016: study - 10:51