Tuesday the 7th of July 2015

A quarter of young people in the UK have experienced 'unsafe' homelessness, study finds - 05:50

Students' 2098 mpg fuel-efficient car gets top score in mileage challenge - 05:20

Graphene sheets enable ultrasound transmitters - 05:20

Transition from three to two dimensions increases conduction - 05:20

Optical 'dog's nose' may hold key to breath analysis - 05:20

Warm winters, summer rain help wildfire recovery - 05:20

Senate, House look to update Bush-era education law - 04:00

Young Indians embrace dating apps despite social taboos - 04:00

Thousands of birds abandon eggs, nests on Florida island - 04:00

Could black phosphorus be the next silicon? - 04:00

GoPro to sell smaller camera - 02:30

Samsung forecasts profit fall as S6 sales disappoint - 02:30

Monday the 6th of July 2015

FBI chief urges 'robust debate' on encryption - 18:50

Lush conditions fuel Colorado increase in rabbit fever - 18:50

NOAA: Warm oceans cause concern of coral bleaching - 18:50

'Here comes the sun': Does pop music have a 'rhythm of the rain?' - 18:20

Satellite sees smoky skies over World Cup soccer - 18:20

Experts express concern over cyclone trends in the British-Irish Isles - 18:20

Spacecraft closing in on Pluto hits speed bump, but recovers - 18:20

Cactus scientists offer insights to solve future global agricultural challenges - 17:50

Investigators insert large DNA sequence into mammalian cells - 17:50

Reducing stroke damage may be next for OCT technology widely used in vision healthcare - 14:50

Amazon as an adult: Two decades of online shopping - 14:50

Why don't men live as long as women? - 14:20

Killer sea snail a target for new drugs - 14:20

Gas sensors promise advances in Earth science - 14:20

SpaceX rocket explosion unlikely to slow launches for long - 14:20

Perennial biofuel crops' water consumption similar to corn - 13:50

Study provides new insights into the genetics of drug-resistant fungal infections - 13:50

Blacklegged tick populations have expanded via migration, biologists show - 13:50

LG Display moves advanced touch tech up to notebooks - 13:20

Faster detection of hidden objects by new terahertz sensor - 12:50

US appeals court upholds EPA plan to clean up Chesapeake Bay - 12:50

Mozambique destroys over two tonnes of ivory, rhino horns - 12:50

Scientists pinpoint gene for better rice - 12:20

Italian surveillance company appears to get hacked - 12:20

Amazon pushes Prime service with day of deals - 11:50

Stormwater practices at Texas A&M AgriLife Dallas center show statewide, broader promise - 11:50

NASA sees Tropical Storm Linfa exiting northern Philippines - 11:50

Study shows grey squirrels are quick learners - 11:50

Tundra study uncovers impact of climate warming in the Arctic - 11:50

Big city life: New leafhopper species found on a threatened grass in New Jersey - 11:50

NASA's infrared look at strengthening Typhoon Chan-Hom - 11:50

Surfing a wake of light: Researchers observe and control light wakes for the first time - 11:50

Ion channel mechanics yield insights into optogenetics experiments - 11:50

Project uses crowd computing to improve water filtration - 11:50

NASA sees Nangka become a typhoon - 11:50

Researchers develop world's most sensitive test to detect infectious disease, superbugs - 11:20

Waiting to harvest after a rain enhances food safety - 11:20

Revealed: Positronium's behavior in particle billiards - 10:50