Thursday th 18th of October 2018

New fly species found in Indiana may indicate changing climate, says researcher - 16:00

US authorities reel in StarKist in canned tuna scandal - 16:00

MoviePass operations under investigation by New York AG - 16:00

States and feds unite on election security after '16 clashes - 16:00

Epidemic in turf management: Herbicide resistance in annual bluegrass - 15:30

EU leaders vow tough action on cyber attacks - 15:30

Study finds racial disparities in student debt increase after young people leave college - 15:30

Genetic breakthrough will aid whitebark pine conservation efforts - 14:40

Food systems planning experts say it's time to reflect on local governments' efforts - 14:10

Social media for medical journals operates in 'wild west,' needs more support to succeed - 14:10

Researchers propose CRISPR as influencer of low genetic diversity in deadly bacteria - 13:44

Estimating the feeding habits of corals may offer new insights on resilient reefs - 13:44

Superflares from young red dwarf stars imperil planets - 13:44

Government corruption tops 5th annual Chapman University survey of American fears - 13:44

Pushing the extra cold frontiers of superconducting science - 13:44

First proof of quantum computer advantage - 13:20

New cell movement process key to understanding and repairing facial malformations - 13:20

Smallest life forms have smallest working CRISPR system - 13:20

Scientists discover first high-temperature single-molecule magnet - 13:20

Working lands play a key role in protecting biodiversity - 13:20

Breakthrough in accessing the tiny magnet within the core of a single atom - 13:20

New tool helps align investment with objectives in biodiversity conservation - 13:20

Everglades restoration must deal with rising ocean, new report says - 12:50

Wet and mild: Warm winter predicted for much of the US - 12:20

Mass tax trickery cost Europe 55 bln euros: report - 12:20

Astronomers catch red dwarf star in a superflare outburst - 12:20

Facebook lured advertisers by inflating ad-watch times up to 900 percent: lawsuit - 12:20

Manufacturers adopt robots that help human workers, not replace them. For now - 12:20

Study links genes to social behaviors, including autism - 11:50

'Geek Girl' gamers are more likely to study science and technology degrees - 11:50

Warsaw taxis hold anti-Uber go slow - 11:50

Researchers unfold secret stability of bendy straws - 11:50

'Malnourished' animals report prompts Albania zoo closure - 11:50

Summer drought may shrink supplies of French spuds - 11:50

Saint-Tropez cleans up after Mediterranean oil spill - 11:50

The big problem of small data: A new approach - 11:20

A new cermet that could provide a better heat exchange for solar power plants - 11:20

South American marsupials discovered to reach new heights - 11:20

Video: How to catch fruit flies - 10:50

Iron Man-like exoskeletons studied to improve productivity, safety, and well-being - 10:50

Pathogens may evade immune response with metal-free enzyme required for DNA replication - 10:50

Bioceramics power the mantis shrimp's famous punch - 10:20

Research gives new insight into the evolution of the nervous system - 10:20

Expanding the optogenetics toolkit - 10:20

150-million-year old, piranha-like specimen is earliest known flesh-eating fish - 10:20

Study provides insight into how nanoparticles interact with biological systems - 10:20

Valuable insights into the modeling, application, and production of bioactive materials - 10:20

Portable "tricorder" scans life signs - 10:20

Astrophysicist contributed into international-team efforts on study Comet 29P - 10:20

Scientists find unusual behavior in topological material - 10:20