Wednesday th 18th of July 2018

Ocean Resort Casino joins New Jersey internet betting market - 02:21

Skeletons and scares at Portugal's dino park - 02:21

Android software puts Google at heart of mobile life - 02:20

Legal battle over rights to Olympic founder's name - 02:20

Artificial intelligence technology could help protect water supplies - 01:50

Texas Instruments' new CEO loses job for personal misconduct - 01:20

Quick soil test aims to determine nitrogen need - 01:20

No more zigzags: Scientists uncover mechanism that stabilizes fusion plasmas - 01:20

Materials processing tricks enable engineers to create new laser material - 01:20

Tuesday th 17th of July 2018

Research on British teeth unlocks potential for new insights into ancient diets - 18:31

Concentrated wealth in agricultural populations may account for the decline of polygyny - 18:31

Oleo Sponge successful in real-world conditions off California coast - 16:10

Amazon pokes fun at glitches, says tech gadgets popular - 16:10

Twitter suspended 58 million accounts in 4Q - 14:50

Iceberg looming over Greenland village spotted from space - 14:50

Sap-sucking bugs manipulate their host plants' metabolism for their own benefit - 14:00

Study shows 5,000 percent increase in native trees on rat-free Palmyra Atoll - 14:00

UTA regional assessment shows segregation, challenges - 14:00

Study: Blowhole spray can provide fast data on whale health - 14:00

Lessons from a real Atlantis - 13:01

Nitric oxide tells roundworms to avoid bad bacteria - 12:30

A single genetic change in gut bacteria alters host metabolism - 12:30

Close-ups of grain boundaries reveal how sulfur impurities make nickel brittle - 12:30

EU set to fine Google billions over Android: sources - 12:00

As Amazon slashes prices, Bezos sees jump in wealth - 12:00

Solutions to water challenges reside at the interface - 12:00

Another endangered black rhino dies after Kenya transfer - 12:00

Why is Facebook keen on robots? It's just the future of AI - 12:00

GPM satellite sees Tropical Cyclone Son-Tinh dropping rain in the Philippines - 12:00

Millions in UK face water restrictions amid hot, dry weather - 12:00

Data software firm Snowflake lands on Microsoft's Azure cloud - 11:30

Researchers enable transmission of specific colors of light over long distances - 11:30

Newly discovered shark species honors female pioneer - 11:30

Black children subjected to higher discipline rates than peers - 11:30

Research finds troubling disadvantages, including bias, against women in business - 11:00

Exploding waves from colliding dissipative pulses - 10:30

New cost-effective instrument measures molecular dynamics on a picosecond timescale - 10:30

High vinculin levels help keep aging fruit fly hearts young - 10:30

Social isolation: Animals that break away from the pack can influence evolution - 10:30

They worked at Apple, Amazon and Lyft. Now they're working to get you stoned - 09:30

It's no vibranium or proto-adamantium, but researcher's new alloy comes close - 09:30

Rolls-Royce warns about Brexit uncertainty - 09:30

Immigrants and their children are more likely to be profiled for citizenship - 09:30

Jupiter's moon count reaches 79, including tiny 'oddball' - 09:30

Amazon upbeat on Prime Day, despite early glitches - 09:30

EPA proposal to limit science studies draws opposition - 09:30

New shark species could be swimming toward UK as seas warm - 09:01

Dutch company gets funding to bring lab-grown meat to market - 09:01

Walmart, Microsoft team up to take on Amazon - 09:01

China's Didi teams with for $500mn investment - 09:01