Tuesday the 13th of October 2015

One direction: Researchers grow nanocircuitry with semiconducting graphene nanoribbons - 18:00

NASA, Israel ink space cooperation agreement - 18:00

EDF for carbon price floor - 18:00

Cassini Begins Series of Flybys with Close-up of Saturn Moon Enceladus - 18:00

Study finds that a comet's tail may shed light on solar wind heating - 15:00

NASA sees birth of Tropical Storm Koppu in Northwestern Pacific - 14:30

Suomi NPP gets an infrared look at Tropical Storm Nora - 14:30

Suomi NPP spots twenty-fifth tropical depression in Northwestern Pacific - 14:30

Straight up, with a twist: New model derives homochirality from basic life requirements - 14:30

Hubble's planetary portrait captures changes in Jupiter's Great Red Spot - 14:30

In dryland African regions, limiting wildlife water access can reduce water quality - 14:30

New research maps areas most vulnerable to ocean acidification - 13:30

Twitter sidelines sports highlight accounts - 13:30

A resonator for electrons - 13:01

On the precision frontier: A new calculation holds promise for new physics - 13:01

Toward clearer, cheaper imaging of ultrafast phenomena - 13:01

Building a better liposome - 13:01

Scientific breakthrough can lead to cheaper and environmentally friendly solar cells - 13:01

NASA sees the short life of Tropical Cyclone 03A - 13:01

Research sheds new light on the Great Recession - 13:00

Manuscript at the click of a button - 13:00

Plant hormone 'switch' unravels chromatin to form flowers, biologists find - 13:00

Research shows diversity can improve stores' sales performance - 13:00

Video: Nanobots: The rise of the molecular machines - 13:00

Engineers quantify amount of Android root exploits available in commercial software - 13:00

Mysterious oak leaf itch mite leaves its tiny bite mark across lower Plains - 12:00

High efficiency rating shines on Panasonic solar panel - 12:00

Team extends the lifetime of atoms using a mirror - 11:30

Researchers learn how to keep pathogens, pests from traveling with grain - 11:30

Global warming may cause East Asian monsoon belt to shift north - 11:01

New deposition technique enhances optoelectronic properties of lasers - 11:01

Pebbles on Mars likely traveled tens of miles down a riverbed, study finds - 11:01

VLA reveals spectacular 'halos' of spiral galaxies - 11:01

Noninvasive imaging method looks deeper inside the body to study living brain - 11:01

Scientists track speed of powerful internal waves - 11:01

Researchers create light emitting diodes from food and beverage waste - 11:01

Quantum coherent-like state observed in a biological protein for the first time - 11:01

Workplace mentors benefit female employees more than men - 11:01

New gorgeous coffee tree species from Honduras is critically endangered - 11:01

With this new universal wireless charger, compatibility won't be an issue - 11:01

Measurements of dinosaur body temperatures shed new light on 150-year debate - 11:01

Belief in higher returns from private equity may be misplaced - 11:01

EU lawmakers reject GM crop compromise - 11:01

India's TCS beats expectations with $928 million profit - 11:01

TRIGA Mainz reaches world record of 20,000 pulses in 50 years - 10:31

Cleaning water one stroke at a time - 10:31

Belief in climate change not linked to wildfire mitigation actions - 10:31

Sixth sense: How do we sense electric fields? - 10:31

Flood hazards: Vermont and Colorado as case studies - 10:31

Health care, research failing to adapt to US's growing multiracial population - 10:31