Thursday the 24th of April 2014

China toughens environment law to target polluters - 13:20

Ocean microbes display remarkable genetic diversity - 13:20

Breakthrough harnesses light for controlled chemical reaction - 13:20

Genomic diversity and admixture differs for Stone-Age Scandinavian foragers and farmers - 13:20

Untangling Brazil's controversial new forest code - 13:20

Cosmic illusion revealed: Gravitational lens magnifies supernova - 13:20

Some corals adjusting to rising ocean temperatures, research says - 13:20

Study finds accelerated soil carbon loss, increasing the rate of climate change - 13:20

Genetic code of the deadly tsetse fly unraveled - 13:20

Ride-sharing app Lyft expands to new markets - 12:50

Engineered E. coli produces high levels of D-ribose - 12:20

Cell resiliency surprises scientists - 11:50

Facebook buys fitness app Moves - 11:10

Three-banded panther worm debuts as a new model in the study of regeneration - 11:10

Morocco wind farm, Africa's biggest, starts generating power - 11:10

Large-scale identification and analysis of suppressive drug interactions - 11:10

Oldest pterodactyloid species discovered, named by international team of researchers - 11:10

To mark territory or not to mark territory: Breaking the pheromone code - 11:10

Gadget Watch: Whistle, a fitness tracker for dogs - 11:10

A 'quantum leap' in encryption technology - 10:40

New ultrasound device may add in detecting risk for heart attack, stroke - 10:40

Small business owners not always worried about being treated fairly, researcher finds - 10:40

The blood preserved in the pumpkin did not belong to Louis XVI - 10:40

'Double-duty' electrolyte enables new chemistry for longer-lived batteries - 10:40

Russia's Putin calls the Internet a 'CIA project' - 10:40

Kazakh satellite to be launched into orbit - 10:40

How productive are the ore factories in the deep sea? - 10:10

Using antineutrinos to monitor nuclear reactors - 09:50

Tiny magnetic DNA particles protect olive oil from counterfeiters - 09:20

Sea floor conditions mimicked for drilling platforms - 09:20

Cheetahs found to use spatial avoidance techniques to allow for surviving among lions - 09:20

Research proves nanobubbles are superstable - 09:20

Researcher develops method for monitoring whether private information is sufficiently protected - 09:20

Computer algorithm outperforms humans on 'Labeled Faces in the Wild' benchmark - 08:40

Review: 'Hearthstone' card game is the real deal - 08:40

Bake your own droplet lens - 08:40

Your T-shirt's ringing: Telecommunications in the spaser age - 08:40

How a plant beckons the bacteria that will do it harm - 08:40

Research splits alligator snapping turtle, 'dinosaur of the turtle world,' into three species - 08:40

Bloody souvenir not from decapitated French king: DNA - 08:40

Habitable exoplanets are bad news for humanity - 08:10

Physicists use magnetism simulation software to model US presidential elections - 08:10

Researchers discover what makes us feel European - and it's food - 07:40

Verizon 1Q profit surges on Vodafone-related gains - 07:40

Tackling urban problems with Big Data - 07:40

Switch on sunlight for a brighter future - 07:40

How do liquid foams block sound? - 07:40

Enhanced ground control system and software for small unmanned aircraft - 07:11

World's largest 4K video board - 07:11

Toshiba starts mass production of world's first 15nm NAND flash memories - 07:11