Friday th 14th of December 2018

See a passing comet this Sunday - 15:50

NASA moves liquid hydrogen tank to Huntsville for testing - 15:20

For these critically endangered marine turtles, climate change could be a knockout blow - 14:50

International academic 'Santa survey' shows children stop believing in Father Christmas aged eight - 14:50

'No evidence' of Huawei spying, says German IT watchdog - 14:50

Mention of 'fossil fuels' cut from videos at UN climate talks - 14:50

NASA-NOAA's satellite tracks a stronger Tropical Cyclone Owen nearing landfall - 14:50

A damming trend - 14:50

Colorado River Delta report provides restoration road map - 12:50

A painless adhesive: Adhesives for biomedical applications can be detached with light - 12:20

How an app can help fight loneliness in old people at Christmas - 11:20

How do cellular machines unfold misfolded proteins? - 11:20

Researchers verify that agricultural biodiversity is an effective tool to fight plagues - 11:20

We train Colombian woolly monkeys to be wild again – and maybe save them from extinction - 11:20

First-ever footage of wolves hunting freshwater fish captured near Voyageurs National Park - 10:50

Image: Mount Triglav, Slovenia - 10:50

Scientists create bee vaccine to fight off 'insect apocalypse' - 10:50

Nations still worlds apart at crunch UN climate summit - 10:50

There is hope amidst environmental anxiety, says a scholar of ecotheology - 10:50

A space playground for the fourth state of matter - 10:50

Missing ocean monitoring instrument found after five years at sea - 10:50

Weather monitoring from the ground up - 10:20

Women don't speak up over workplace harassment because no one hears them if they do - 10:20

Orangutans can communicate about the past just like humans, new research finds - 10:20

On the horizon: Looking ahead for global conservation - 10:20

Africa: An air pollution wildcard - 10:20

Predicting the accuracy of a neural network prior to training - 10:20

Archaeologist debunks the myth of "the nearly naked Bushmen" - 10:20

How Amazon delivers holiday gifts from the buy button to your door: Go inside a fulfillment center - 10:20

Scientists warn of slow progress towards United Nations biodiversity targets - 10:20

How complexity science can quickly detect climate record anomalies - 10:20

Study peels back details on mammalian keratin genes and adaptation to living on land or sea - 10:20

Are reef corals stressed or just pessimistic? - 09:50

Soybean oil driving technology to improve roadways - 09:50

Scientists dismiss the idea of travel through wormholes - 09:50

Native cherries are a bit mysterious, and possibly inside-out - 09:50

Researchers solve seismic mystery that shook central Alberta communities - 09:20

Applying emerging technology to solve environmental challenges - 09:20

Video: Enjoying the Geminids from above and below - 09:20

Using Wi-Fi signals to perform analog, wave-based computations - 09:20

It's not so easy to gain the true measure of things - 09:20

Computing the origin of life - 09:20

Data from Kilauea suggests the eruption was unprecedented - 09:20

Black widow spiders dial up posture for survival and sex - 09:20

Direct electrolysis has mixed results for extracting fuel sources from microalgae - 09:20

Exactly how we would send our first laser-powered probe to Alpha Centauri - 09:20

Modification of existing nitrile latex with magnetite nano particle - 09:20

Climate change has made western megadrought 38 percent more severe, say new estimates - 09:20

Megacity traffic soot contributes to global warming - 09:20

Studying marine biodiversity from pole to pole - 09:20