Tuesday the 30th of September 2014

How dinosaur arms turned into bird wings - 13:00

At dusk and dawn: Scientists pinpoint biological clock's synchronicity - 13:00

Study shows how chimpanzees share skills - 13:00

California becomes first state to ban plastic bags - 12:30

Sandblasting winds shift Mars' landscape - 12:00

Feds to unveil cleanup plan for nuke waste dump - 12:00

Education Dept awards $75M in innovation grants - 12:00

AOL to feed more video, news to Microsoft's MSN - 12:00

Mathematical model tackles 'Game of Thrones' predictions - 12:00

Biologists identify pot gardens as salmon threat - 12:00

A heartbeat away? Hybrid 'patch' could replace transplants - 11:30

In stickleback fish, dads influence offspring behavior and gene expression - 11:30

Tropical Storm Rachel dwarfed by developing system 90E - 11:30

TRMM satellite sees Tropical Storm Phanfone fragmented - 11:30

Laser-guided sea monkeys show how zooplankton migrations may affect global ocean currents - 10:00

Layering rough surfaces with nanometer-thin optical interference coatings opens new array of possible applications - 10:00

Breakthrough study discovers six changing faces of 'global killer' bacteria - 10:00

Unexpected new mechanism reveals how molecules become trapped in ice - 10:00

New material steals oxygen from the air - 09:30

Scientists invent award winning 2-in-1 motor for electric cars - 09:30

Scientists discover how to beat monk parakeets at their own game - 09:30

Entanglement made tangible - 09:30

Shape up quickly—applies to fish, too - 09:30

Bacteria may have ability to reduce impact of diazepam on UK river environments - 09:30

PanSTARRS K1, the comet that keeps going - 09:30

Risk-taking behavior depends on metabolic rate and temperature in great tits - 09:30

Pollution linked to lethal sea turtle tumors - 09:30

Climate change affecting species - 09:30

Nanotube cathode beats large, pricey laser - 09:01

First self-contained step dimming LED tube - 09:01

'Atomic fingerprint' of catalyst helps industrial researchers refine cleaner oil - 09:01

Kickstarter project SAM kit helps teach hardware system coding - 09:00

Study shows how to convince those with low self-confidence to pursue their career choice - 09:00

Academic journals should adopt nonprofit publishing model, expert says - 08:30

Winemaking taint smoked out - 08:30

Battery system will be able to light 2,500 homes - 08:30

NASA ocean data shows 'climate dance' of plankton - 08:30

Gene doubling shapes the world: Instant speciation, biodiversity, and the root of our existence - 08:30

Scientists manipulate molecules inside living cells with temperature gradients - 08:30

Eradication efforts unite to preserve fairy-wren population - 08:30

Orion spacecraft transfers to Launch Abort System Facility - 08:30

Gender equality leads to more Olympic medals for men and women - 08:30

News Corp. to buy Move Inc. for about $950 million - 08:30

Driving cancer cells to suicide - 08:30

A new kind of data-driven predictive methodology - 08:30

Scientists discover coral's best defender against an army of sea stars - 08:00

Microsoft to tap $2-trillion Indian cloud market - 08:00

PayPal to separate from eBay in 2015 - 08:00

5G mobile networks will support an internet that's so good you can feel it - 08:00

The risks of blowing your own trumpet too soon on research - 08:00