Saturday the 25th of October 2014

UN climate talks shuffle to a close in Bonn - 12:00

Russia turns back clocks to permanent Winter Time - 12:00

SpaceX ship leaves ISS for Earth loaded with lab results - 12:00

Microsoft beefs up security protection in Windows 10 - 07:30

Friday the 24th of October 2014

Spain defends Canaries oil drilling plan - 18:50 domain sold for big payout - 18:20

Out-of-patience investors sell off Amazon - 18:20

US official: Auto safety agency under review - 18:20

NASA identifies ice cloud above cruising altitude on Titan - 17:50

New 'Surveyman' software promises to revolutionize survey design and accuracy - 17:50

Hinode satellite captures X-ray footage of solar eclipse - 17:50

Law of the Sea authorizes animal tagging research without nations' consent - 17:50

New study finds options for climate change policy are well characterized - 17:50

Climate change caused by ocean, not just atmosphere, study finds - 17:50

Warning coloration paved the way for louder, more complex calls in certain species of poisonous frogs - 17:50

Google exec makes record skydive from edge of space - 17:50

Lava from Hawaii volcano picks up speed - 17:50

Hacker gets prison for cyberattack stealing $9.4M - 14:20

Magic Leap moves beyond older lines of VR - 13:20

Icelandic volcano sits on massive magma hot spot - 13:20

Remains of French ship being reassembled in Texas - 13:20

Climate change impacts countered by stricter fisheries management - 12:53

Team infuses science into 'Minecraft' modification - 12:53

New social network for teenagers experiences a growth spurt - 12:53

NBCUniversal settles with unpaid interns for $6.4M - 12:53

Beyond GoPro: Skiers and snowboarders can measure everything with apps, hardware - 12:53

Can Whisper, an app for anonymous confessions, protect users' identities? - 11:31

NASA sees Tropical Storm Ana still vigorous - 11:31

Li-ion batteries contain toxic halogens, but environmentally friendly alternatives exist - 11:31

Satellite catches lingering remnants of Tropical Depression 9 - 11:31

Startups should seek quality—not quantity—in partnerships, study finds - 11:31

Ambitious EU targets for renewable energies make economic sense - 11:31

Europe postpones launch of first 'space plane' - 11:31

States ascend into the cloud - 11:31

Powerful new software plug-in detects bugs in spreadsheets - 10:30

Yelp adds hotel and winery bookings with new partnerships - 10:30

Cat dentals fill you with dread? - 10:30

Molecular beacons shine light on how cells 'crawl' - 10:30

Apple to open 25 new stores in China in the next two years - 10:30

NTU and UNESCO to create mini-lab kits for youths in developing countries - 10:01

Microsoft's Garage becomes an incubator of consumer apps - 10:01

Tomorrow's tablets? Look, no hands - 10:01

Amazon's loss makes holidays a question mark - 09:30

Microsoft drops Nokia name from smartphones - 09:30

Students win challenge for real-time traffic app - 09:00

Mycologist promotes agarikon as a possibility to counter growing antibiotic resistance - 08:30

Flatland, we hardly knew ye: Unique 1-D metasurface acts as polarized beam splitter, allows novel form of holography - 08:30

Who owns space? - 08:01

Strongly interacting electrons turn oxide interfaces into magnetically controlled and extra-efficient solar cells - 08:00

Researchers find ferns communicate with one another to decide gender - 08:00