Tuesday the 30th of August 2016

Apple faces huge Irish tax payout in EU case - 04:11

Dotcom wins right to live-stream appeal against US extradition - 02:21

Offshore wind sails forward, but a different story on land - 01:51

Strong typhoon Lionrock heads for Japan's northeast - 01:51

Anti-whalers enlist fast ship to fight off Japanese - 01:51

Monday the 29th of August 2016

Race for Facebook data center raises tax-break questions - 17:01

Electron anions impart unconventional properties in a unique cement semiconductor - 16:31

Purest yet liver-like cells generated from induced pluripotent stem cells - 16:31

3-D printed tool for building aircraft achieves Guinness World Records title - 16:31

How gay men navigate the corporate world - 16:31

Miracle fruit's flowering, fruiting behaviors revealed - 15:01

Propagation protocols determined for two Nyssa species - 15:01

NASA sees Typhoon Lionrock approaching Japan - 15:01

60 percent of key S.Asian water basin not usable: study - 15:01

Apple expected to show new iPhone at event next week - 15:01

FAA forecast: 600,000 commercial drones within the year - 15:01

Double your genes: Stepping stones for the next century of understanding plant polyploidy - 15:01

NASA team probes peculiar age-defying star - 15:01

NASA spots Central Pacific's Madeline strengthening into a hurricane - 14:01

New research sheds light on how aged wine gets its aroma - 14:01

Device to control 'color' of electrons in graphene provides path to future electronics - 14:01

How machine learning can help with voice disorders - 14:01

Graphene key to growing 2-D semiconductor with extraordinary properties - 14:01

America's wars take uneven toll, study finds - 14:01

NASA peers into Tropical Depression 9 in the Gulf of Mexico - 14:01

Climate change has less impact on drought than previously expected - 14:01

Isotope study determines fish were more prominent in early Alaskans' diets - 14:01

Inferring urban travel patterns from cellphone data - 14:01

Ancient dental plaque sheds new light on the diet of Mesolithic foragers in the Balkans - 14:01

Why mole rats are more flexible than we previously thought - 14:01

Research outlines cellular communication processes that make life possible - 14:01

SwRI to demonstrate low-cost miniature solar observatory - 12:01

Researchers find thin layers of water can become ice-like at room temperature - 12:01

Simple equation predicts force needed to push objects through granular and pasty materials - 12:01

FBI warns of possible state election-system hacks - 12:01

Did fall from tree kill famous human ancestor Lucy? - 11:31

Pokemon, just go: France doesn't want creatures in schools - 11:31

Driverless taxi firm eyes operations in 10 cities by 2020 - 11:31

Isolation of Fe(IV) decamethylferrocene salts - 11:31

Boredom was hardest part of yearlong dome isolation: NASA crew - 11:31

Iceland's Met Office: Two earthquakes rock our largest volcano - 11:31

'Strong signal' stirs interest in hunt for alien life - 11:31

Chemists make rapid developments in antibacterial drug research - 11:01

Hunt for ninth planet reveals new extremely distant solar system objects - 11:01

Bringing artificial enzymes closer to nature - 11:01

Continuous roll-process technology for transferring and packaging flexible LSI - 11:01

Researchers unravel process for the formation of rainstorms - 11:01

Electrons with no mass acquire a mass in the presence of a high magnetic field - 11:01

Calm or fiery? Study says candidate language should match the times - 11:01

NASA eyes powerful Hurricane Gaston almost 600 miles from Bermuda - 11:01