Sunday the 30th of April 2017

SpaceX postpones classified US military launch - 14:01

Bike-sharing launched in congested Beirut - 14:01

Elon Musk teases future plans at TED talk - 14:01

Technology-loving Dubai unveils its own typographic font - 14:01

Urban farming flourishes in New York - 05:41

Thousands brave weather to protest Trump climate policies - 05:11

Nearly 50 people taken to hospitals after Texas tornado - 05:11

Biologist: Orca attacks on gray whales up in California bay - 05:11

Cities brace for climate challenges - 05:11

Ukraine clings to nuclear power despite Chernobyl trauma - 05:11

Saturday the 29th of April 2017

Turkey blocks access to Wikipedia over 'terror' claims - 16:01

Hacker releases stolen copies of Netflix series - 16:01

Hacker threatens to release stolen copies of Netflix series - 03:02

Powerful quake rouses people from sleep in south Philippines - 03:02

Soul-searching scientists struggle to get message across - 03:02

Gadgets: Gifts for your No. 1 grad - 03:02

2nd company shuts oil, gas wells after fatal Colorado blast - 03:02

Review: Coal terminal would boost global climate-warming gas - 03:01

NASA selects ASU's 'ShadowCam' to fly on Korea Pathfinder lunar orbiter - 02:32

Study finds bonobos may be better representation of the last common ancestor with humans than common chimpanzees - 02:32

When bridges collapse: Researchers study whether we're underestimating risk - 02:32

NASA eyes intensifying Tropical Cyclone Frances - 02:32

SpaceX to launch classified US govt payload Sunday - 02:32

US NSA spy agency halts controversial email sweep - 02:31

Friday the 28th of April 2017

New organic lasers one step closer to reality - 14:02

PowerPoint and LED projector enable new technique for self-folding origami - 14:02

Hybrid circuits can increase computational power of chaos-based systems - 14:02

With unique data, researchers track the effect of Brazil's 'Soy Moratorium' on an advancing agricultural frontier - 14:02

Long-term fate of tropical forests may not be as dire as believed, study says - 14:02

Plague bacteria take refuge in amoebae - 13:32

Modern metabolic science yields better way to calculate indoor CO2 - 13:32

Trump moves to lift bans on Arctic drilling - 13:32

Discovery of a facile process for H2 production using ammonia as a carrier - 13:32

Is dark matter 'fuzzy'? - 11:31

German airlines to scrap 'two-person' cockpit rule - 11:01

Tiny joints for reconfigurable microstructures - 11:01

AI-based smartphone application can predict user's health risks - 10:32

Hubble's bright shining lizard star - 10:32

Scientists set record resolution for drawing at the one-nanometer length scale - 10:32

Further knowledge required about the differences between milk proteins - 09:32

New study revises the development and evolutionary origin of the vertebrate brain - 09:32

Video: Why chemists marched for science - 09:32

Astronomers find black hole in Sagittarius constellation - 09:02

Thin layers of water hold promise for the energy storage of the future - 09:02

Uber demotes exec at center of self-driving tech lawsuit - 09:02

Unlikely pair of plants named after stars of movie 'Twins' - 09:02

The world's fastest film camera: when light practically stands still - 08:32

Bacterial symbionts transition between plant pathogenicity and insect defensive mutualism - 08:32

Quantum experiments probe underlying physics of rogue ocean waves - 08:32

Mapping the edge of reality - 08:32