Wednesday the 1st of April 2015

Current residential development research is a poor foundation for sustainable development - 17:00

Outside CEOs could rejuvenate struggling businesses - 17:00

Study provides detailed projections of coral bleaching - 16:30

New class of insecticides offers safer, more targeted mosquito control - 16:00

NJIT mathematician's 2015 Major League Baseball projections - 16:00

California unveils historic water restrictions over drought crisis - 16:00

Astronomers solve decades-long mystery of the 'lonely old stars' - 16:00

Scientists create quick-charging hybrid supercapacitors - 16:00

Dish's Internet TV, Sling, gets HBO service for $15 a month - 16:00

Mind the gap: Nanoscale speed bump could regulate plasmons for high-speed data flow - 15:00

Team uses XSEDE/TACC resources to study flood zones in Northwestern coastal towns - 15:00

Search, social & shopping: Pinterest turns 5 - 14:30

Complete camel skeleton unearthed in Austria - 14:00

Ancient seashell coloration patterns revealed using ultraviolet light - 14:00

Nanoparticles release drugs to reduce tooth decay - 14:00

Uber files complaints with EU against France, Germany, Spain - 14:00

Vibration pen is designed for people with Parkinson's - 13:30

Interview blues—anxious, slow talkers often do not get the job - 13:00

How long do firms live? Research finds patterns of company mortality in market data - 13:00

NASA covers Super Typhoon Maysak's rainfall, winds, clouds, eye - 13:00

Dragons awaken and Clarkson goes green in April Fools' medley - 13:00

Scientists discover new 'transformer frog' in Ecuador - 13:00

Femto-snapshots of reaction kinetics: Bonding behavior of iron pentacarbonyl experimentally decoded - 12:00

Polar bears unlikely to thrive on land-based foods - 12:00

New instrument dates old skeleton—'Little Foot' 3.67 million years old - 12:00

Springing ahead of nature: Device increases walking efficiency (w/ video) - 12:00

Longer DNA fragments reveal rare species diversity - 12:00

Study identifies highly efficient new Cas9 for in vivo genome editing - 12:00

Video: Chemistry jokes for April Fools' Day - 11:30

Study finds EITC bolsters recipients' self-respect while helping them financially - 11:30

GoDaddy races higher in Wall Street debut - 11:30

Germany says Pissarro painting from Gurlitt trove to be returned - 11:30

'Furious 7' film shows off sharp new Imax laser technology - 10:30

Accountancy stereotypes add up to stable profession - 10:30

Germany restricts fracking but doesn't ban it - 10:30

Texting too tempting for college students even when inappropriate - 10:30

US gives threatened status to northern long-eared bat - 10:30

TAU researchers move Star Trek's fictional "Tricorder" into the real world - 10:30

The vital question: Why is life the way it is? - 10:30

Mice sing like songbirds to woo mates - 10:00

Ads in free mobile apps have hidden costs for both users and developers, study finds - 10:00

Two-dimensional Dirac materials: Structure, properties, and rarity - 10:00

New study highlights the value of local knowledge in recovering endangered species - 10:00

Cooling massive objects to the quantum ground state - 10:00

How can dark matter cause chaos on Earth every 30 million years? - 10:00

New study tracks feeding behaviour of Antarctic fur seals in winter - 10:00

Food poisoning: New detection method for bacterial toxin - 10:00

Smartphones a lifeline for many Americans, study finds - 10:00

Mandela phone app for tourists in S.Africa - 10:00

Emu movements chronicled in seed dispersal project - 10:00