Friday th 11th of January 2019

Steam-propelled spacecraft prototype can theoretically explore celestial objects "forever" - 09:50

Mapping the world's 'blue carbon' hot spots in coastal mangrove forests - 09:50

Oxygen migration at the heterostructure interface - 09:50

How dangerous is microplastic? - 09:50

The meaning of environmental words matters in the age of 'fake news' - 09:50

Researchers make complex molecule that spontaneously folds like a protein - 09:50

Flippable DNA switches help bacteria resist antibiotics and are more common than thought - 09:50

Mobile, instant diagnosis of viruses - 09:50

A $3 billion problem: Miami-Dade's septic tanks are already failing due to sea rise - 09:50

Saving energy by taking a close look inside transistors - 09:50

Three ways to be smart on social media - 09:21

The mental health pros and cons of minority spaces in the workplace - 09:21

New policy design needed to tackle global environmental threat, according to report - 09:21

Climate change spells disaster for small businesses in southern Africa - 09:20

It looks like dark matter can be heated up and moved around - 08:30

Interstellar objects like 'Oumuamua probably crash into the sun every 30 years - 08:30

China's moon rover prepares for a rough ride on the dark side - 08:00

Group of telescopes finds X-ray engine inside mysterious supernova - 07:30

Atomic-scale capillaries block smallest ions, thanks to graphene - 07:30

Immune system's front-line defense freezes bacteria in their tracks - 07:30

Holy cow! Mysterious blast studied with NASA telescopes - 07:30

'Is this a brown recluse?' A year of looking at spiders - 07:30

Security staff to strike at Frankfurt airport Tuesday - 07:30

India plans manned space mission by December 2021 - 07:30

French court rules against Uber in 'employment' contract case - 07:30

Volkswagen sets sales record in 2018 despite headwinds - 07:30

Hyperlocal radio and do-it-yourself networks bring information closer to home - 07:00

Researching cleaner, more efficient bioenergy production using neutrons - 07:00

Chirality in real time - 07:00

Social and environmental costs of hydropower are underestimated, study shows - 07:00

Kabul faces water crisis as drought, population strain supply - 06:30

Boeing-Embraer merger going ahead after Bolsonaro approval - 06:30

Virgin Atlantic consortium agrees to buy Flybe - 06:00

Ghosn hit with more charges, release unlikely - 06:00

The Jeff Bezos divorce: $136 billion and Amazon in the middle - 06:00

Retailers eye new tech, data to revive fortunes - 06:00

Washington Post launching Arabic-language commentary page - 06:00

Under pressure to change, Ford is reinventing itself - 06:00

Increased costs bit US retailers despite higher holiday sales - 06:00

China broadcasts spacecraft pictures from moon's far side - 05:00

Gamblers predicted Brexit before financial traders, study finds - 04:30

Discovery adapts natural membrane to make hydrogen fuel from water - 02:50

Foundation funding changes international reporting - 02:50

AT&T to end all location-data sales to data brokers - 02:50

Thursday th 10th of January 2019

Unusual supernova opens a rare window on the collapse of a star - 17:40

Birth of a black hole or neutron star captured for first time - 17:40

Far-ranging fin whales find year-round residence in Gulf of California - 16:20

Astronomers find signatures of a 'messy' star that made its companion go supernova - 16:20

More stable light comes from intentionally 'squashed' quantum dots - 16:20

CES 2019: "Family tech" gadgets appeal to parental anxiety - 16:20