Monday th 16th of July 2018

Researchers find hidden signals in RNAs that regulate protein synthesis - 11:12

NASA finds fading Sub-Tropical Storm Beryl devoid of center precipitation - 11:12

Embraer sells United Airlines 25 jets valued at $1.1 billion - 11:12

One of the densest clusters of galaxies in the universe is revealed - 09:13

How your social network could save you from a natural disaster - 09:13

Pristine Antarctic fjords contain similar levels of microplastics to open oceans near big civilisations - 09:13

Restrictions on research grant applications cause chaos - 09:13

Do I want an always-on digital assistant listening in all the time? - 09:13

Chernobyl exposure alters the gut bacteria of wild animals - 09:13

KAIST to introduce enhanced PDT to cure cancer with fewer side effects - 09:12

Particulate matter increases drought vulnerability of trees - 09:12

Silver salt used to break C–C bonds in unstrained cyclic amines - 09:12

Researcher develops algorithm to improve information security tools - 09:12

Regulator unveils plan to monitor cryptocurrency threat - 09:10

Hybrid device harvests both mechanical and magnetic energy - 08:30

Making solar hydrogen generation more efficient in microgravity - 08:01

Triple bend structure splits light into two highly pure polarization components - 08:01

How ideas of 'adulthood', its rights and responsibilities, are changing around the world - 08:01

A silicon-nanoparticlephotonic waveguide - 08:00

New algorithm limits bias in machine learning - 08:00

In Yellowstone, one geyser's trash is a researcher's treasure - 08:00

You've heard of a carbon footprint – now it's time to take steps to cut your nitrogen footprint - 08:00

The surprising impact happiness has on health, relationships and even the economy - 07:33

Australia has a new venomous snake – and it may already be threatened - 07:33

New study reveals Ulsan is exposed to yearlong toxic fine dust - 07:33

Why plastic bag bans triggered such a huge reaction - 07:33

How quantum computers could steal your bitcoin - 07:32

ATLAS telescope pinpoints meteorite impact prediction - 07:02

Current strategies using satellite data limit the accuracy of space-based estimates of how aerosols brighten clouds - 07:02

Understanding the universe through neutrinos - 07:02

New study finds folding graphene significantly enhances mechanical performance - 07:02

Sound waves reveal diamond cache deep in Earth's interior - 07:01

Poll shows consensus for climate policy remains strong - 07:01

Four ways the electric system can better integrate microgrids - 07:01

How glacial biomarkers can hone the search for extraterrestrial life - 07:01

Image: Jamming with the 'spiders' from Mars - 07:01

Research focuses on impact of strategic shopping - 07:01

Trials under way for new fibre-based ready meal pack - 06:31

Brown dwarf detected in the CoRoT-20 system - 06:31

New tools to characterise physical properties of biofilms - 06:31

Gault site research pushes back date of earliest North Americans - 06:31

New materials improve delivery of therapeutic messenger RNA - 06:31

Fierce heatwave hits Japan flood recovery - 03:20

Scotland chosen as site for first British space port - 02:55

Some manufacturers feeling trade war pinch: survey - 02:55

X-ray triggered nano-bubbles to target cancer - 02:54

Human evolution: back to the trees? - 02:52

Digital age 'desperately' needs ethical and legal guidelines - 02:50

Mobile coupons can increase revenue both during and after a promotion - 02:20

Sunday th 15th of July 2018

Sea turtle found dead with beach chair string around neck - 14:30