Thursday th 18th of April 2019

Preliminary study suggests mercury not a risk in dog foods - 15:00

Fish under threat release chemicals to warn others of danger - 15:00

New variety of zebra chip disease threatens potato production in southwestern Oregon - 15:00

IPOs help communities prosper, new research shows - 15:00

Tech startups Pinterest, Zoom soar in Wall Street debut - 15:00

NASA's 1st female astronaut candidate, Jerrie Cobb, dies - 15:00

Americans' energy use surges despite climate change concern - 15:00

New method enables quantum simulations on larger systems - 13:30

Bioengineers add cooperative molecules to their toolkit for programming signal processing - 13:30

Scientists identify almost two million previously 'hidden' earthquakes - 13:30

Giant tortoises migrate unpredictably in the face of climate change - 13:00

Folding faults and seismic risk in the Kunlun range, Northwest Tibet - 12:30

How superstitions spread - 12:30

Scientists advance creation of 'artificial lymph node' to fight cancer, other diseases - 12:30

Disappearing bumblebee species under threat of extinction - 12:30

Cell-killing proteins suppress listeria without killing cells - 12:30

Bee-wildering! Hives of Notre-Dame in miraculous survival - 12:30

IPO mania: Zoom, Pinterest surge in market debuts - 12:30

Israeli team: human error may have caused spacecraft crash - 12:30

How to hack your deadline: Admit it's uncertain - 12:00

Researcher uses network science to understand how materials work - 12:00

Ginkgo seed extracts show antibacterial activity on skin pathogens - 12:00

Hubble celebrates its 29th birthday with unrivaled view of the Southern Crab Nebula - 12:00

CEBAF turns on the charm - 12:00

Antimicrobial paints have a blind spot - 12:00

Study: Infamous 'death roll' almost universal among crocodile species - 12:00

Weak honey bee colonies may fail from cold exposure during shipping - 12:00

Firms are better off revealing their environmental practices, new research shows - 12:00

Newly proposed system of measurement could help determine community sustainability - 12:00

Ocean currents bring good news for reef fish - 11:30

Team develops new method to explore what happens inside fires and explosions - 11:30

Worldwide study reveals air pollution link to unborn baby growth - 10:00

Future hypersonics could be artificially intelligent - 10:00

Video: Is it really 'dry clean only'? - 10:00

Amazon, Google agree to allow each other's streaming apps - 10:00

Groundbreaking Indian Ocean science mission reaches an end - 10:00

Flies smell through a Gore-Tex system - 10:00

Studies identify mechanism key to removal of protein aggregates from cells - 10:00

A history of the Crusades, as told by crusaders' DNA - 10:00

Light and peptides: New method diversifies natural building blocks of life - 09:30

Turning an old enemy into a helpful friend - 09:30

Multistep self-assembly opens door to new reconfigurable materials - 09:30

Demonstrating a weak topological insulator in bismuth iodide - 09:30

As governments adopt artificial intelligence, there's little oversight and lots of danger - 09:30

Lasers make magnets behave like fluids - 09:30

Training data for autonomous driving - 09:30

Could computer games help farmers adapt to climate change? - 09:30

Living room conservation: Gaming and virtual reality for insect and ecosystem conservation - 09:30

The quest to save the banana from extinction - 09:30

Polluter pays—promoting best practice among plastic producers - 09:02