Thursday the 20th of November 2014

'Horrific' record 1,020 rhino killed in South Africa - 09:00

China Premier calls for greater role in shaping Web - 09:00

Brighter images, more efficient LCD displays: New polarizing filter transits more light - 09:00

What is a heritage turkey? - 08:30

Comprehensive analysis of children's rights in 190 countries - 08:30

Molecular-assisted alpha taxonomy genetic testing reveals species of red algae - 08:00

Scholar traces cultural history of obsession with youth - 08:00

Scientists show plague outbreaks linked to El Nino climate conditions - 08:00

New mapping project details big game migrations in Wyoming wilderness - 08:00

Exploring extraordinary optical transmission in a plasmonic cavity - 08:00

New technology reduces size of spinal stimulator implants - 08:00

Research promises innovations in secure communications technology - 08:00

Tribes can serve as laboratories in fight against climate change - 08:00

Popular aluminum oxide created by interlacing different crystal forms - 08:00

Rosetta continues into its full science phase - 07:30

Touch-responsive 3-D maps provide independence to the visually impaired - 07:30

Gifted men and women define success differently, 40-year study says - 07:30

Two new Chandra images of supernova remnants reveal intricate structures left behind - 07:30

Meet a real interstellar explorer – but its days are numbered - 07:30

Researchers crack the ice to study the Arctic marine food web - 07:30

Bacterial slime may be survivalist solution to catastrophic crop failure - 07:30

Treats for tweets—the value of the new 'social currency' - 07:30

Researchers name new insect for 'Harry Potter' creature - 07:30

Great apes facing 'direct threat' from palm oil farming - 07:30

Unmanned team of K-Max helicopter and Indago quadrotor demonstrates firefighting capability - 07:30

Second time through, Mars rover examines chosen rocks - 07:30

Some in NSA warned of a backlash - 07:00

Google to developers: you can get to work on Android Auto - 06:30

Extreme weather in the Arctic problematic for people, wildlife - 06:00

Japanese blueprint sees modern Atlantis spiral deep into ocean - 06:00

Human rights groups release anti-surveillance tool - 06:00

Permafrost soil: Possible source of abrupt rise in greenhouse gases at end of last Ice Age - 05:00

Fossils suggest ancestor of horses and rhinos originated on the Asian subcontinent while it was still an island - 05:00

Britain issue warning over hacked webcams - 04:31

Surrogate sushi: Japan biotech for bluefin tuna - 04:31

Improving flash memory: New molecular storage devices could bridge memory gap - 04:30

Apple, Xiaomi trade smartphone barbs in China - 04:02

Apple supplier Hon Hai plans new display facility in Taiwan - 04:01

Gift Guide: Help your selfie with some add-on gear - 04:01

Green Climate Fund hopes to raise billions in Berlin - 04:01

Unravelling the mystery of gamma-ray bursts - 03:30

Heterosexuals have egalitarian views on legal benefits for same-sex couples, not on PDA - 00:03

Wednesday the 19th of November 2014

Brazil carbon emissions rise for first time in decade - 19:00

Researchers prove for the first time that ash clouds can cross Atlantic Ocean - 19:00

Swiss to nix immigration cap proposal to save environment - 18:00

Yahoo replaces Google as Firefox's default search - 18:00

Two new baryon particles discovered in agreement with York U prediction - 17:30

EU court says Britain must cut air pollution - 17:30

UN's large inflatable toilet marks global crisis - 17:30

Uber investigating if exec broke privacy rules - 17:00