Wednesday the 10th of September 2014

Physicists build first 500 GHz photon switch - 08:50

Video: Popular bobolink spurs new conservation model - 08:50

Is the universe a stable quantum system? - 08:50

World falling far behind on two-degree climate goal - 08:50

Mars rover Opportunity's vista includes long tracks - 08:50

NIST helps develop new standard for microsensor technology - 08:50

Enhancing the mixing of viscous fluids for chemical reactions - 08:50

US cityscapes show consistent patterns of 'urban evolution' - 08:50

Researchers unlock the genetic code of cancer-causing liver fluke parasite - 08:50

Human nasal epithelial cells cultured on a microchip react to air pollutants - 08:50

Promoting homeownership is not entirely risk free - 08:50

Mozambique cracks ivory poaching ring - 08:21

Calculating average distance travelled by low-speed electrons without energy loss - 08:20

Next-generation remote maintenance with smart data - 08:20

Safe lithium batteries with a long service life - 08:20

Looking at Jupiter's radio frequencies - 08:20

Stack Lighting unveils Alba, smart LED bulb that adjusts itself based on your behavior - 08:20

Rats no longer rule - 08:20

Size doesn't matter if you're a sex sneak - 08:20

Would you vote for that face? - 08:20

Black hole thermodynamics - 08:20

Industrial waste converted in coating for aircraft turbines - 07:50

Most birds can't taste sugar – here's why the hummingbird can - 07:50

Group looking to fund cloud water harvesting project - 07:50

Technique enables improved sensing of toxic mercury compounds and pesticides - 07:10

Insight into future of ultra-HDTV live stream technology - 07:10

Making videogames more fun for passive audiences - 07:10

Study shows tolerance and cooperative ties between male Guinea baboons - 07:10

50 million year old mite attached to ant head found in piece of amber - 07:10

Researchers measure ozone-depleting bromine - 07:10

A cold case heats up again - 06:40

Studying how marshes respond to sea-level rise - 06:40

X-Calibur mission is finishing its last flight-readiness checks in preparation for launch - 06:40

Book explains how data analysis can aid in oil, gas exploration - 06:40

A decade of research identifies threats to Adirondack loons, provides guidance on protection - 06:10

Lasers could make hard drives faster, simpler and higher density - 06:10

Algorithm tested aboard the International Space Station analyzes the rotation of objects in space - 06:10

Researcher tracks photons to develop unprecedented quantum technology - 06:10

Japan's 'apple watch': a-peeling to core fans - 06:10

Experiment makes energy savings a game - 06:10

Earth Institute professor looks back at human history to understand how we got to 7 billion and counting - 05:40

NASA image: Flying through an aurora - 05:40

Tech giants bet on 'smart home' revolution - 05:40

Engineer aims to connect the world with ant-sized radios - 05:40

Simulating the south Napa earthquake - 05:40

Addressing the weak optical absorption of graphene - 05:40

Energy differences behind green fluorescent protein's glow in jellyfish skirts and biological studies - 05:10

New method to detect prize particle for future quantum computing - 05:10

Scientists take key step toward solving a major astrophysical mystery - 05:10

This star cluster is not what it seems - 05:10