Tuesday the 14th of October 2014

NASA's Aqua satellite sees Extra-Tropical Storm Vongfong pulling away from Hokkaido, Japan - 14:31

Are there enough fish to go around? - 14:31

Facebook, Apple to cover women's egg-freezing: report - 14:30

1934 drought was worst of the last millennium, study finds - 14:30

Microsoft's Skype launches video messaging app - 14:02

NASA satellite spots Hudhud's remnants - 14:02

New electric vehicle technology packs more punch in smaller package - 14:02

NASA sees Hurricane Gonzalo head toward Bermuda - 14:01

Fires dot the Ukraine countryside - 14:01

Prescribed burns in Western Australia - 14:01

'Rock of Ages' casts YouTube star Chester See - 14:01

New wireless communications systems to serve remote and rural areas - 14:01

Turtle tumors linked to excessive nitrogen from land-based pollution - 13:30

Brand loyalty: What happens when our favorite products are unavailable? - 13:01

Study exposes bias in transportation system design - 13:01

Protein found in insect blood that helps power pests' immune responses - 13:01

New discovery will enhance yield and quality of cereal and bioenergy crops - 12:31

Discovery of cellular snooze button advances cancer and biofuel research - 12:31

'Grapes of Wrath': Stomping out grape disease one vineyard at a time - 12:31

Country of origin: Are negative stereotypes always bad for business? - 12:31

Forced to be bad: When eating that chocolate cake is 'not our fault'? - 12:31

Marketing an innovative new product? An exciting product launch could hurt sales - 12:31

HARCO Project: Intelligence in manufacturing equipment - 12:31

The Costco effect: Do consumers buy less variety at bigger stores? - 12:31

WTO sides with US farmers in dispute with India - 12:31

Jobs plentiful for college grads - 12:31

New light on the 'split peak' of alcohols - 12:31

New research shows that salinity plays a major role in salt marsh grass's response to insect grazing - 12:31

Feeling guilty or ashamed? Think about your emotions before you shop - 12:31

Discovery of the Benešov meteorites 20 years after the bolide event - 10:30

Beyond LEDs: Brighter, new energy-saving flat panel lights based on carbon nanotubes - 10:30

A simple way to retrieve small genomes from a mix of various organisms - 10:30

Researchers say academia can learn from Hollywood - 10:30

Inside the Milky Way - 10:30

Swiss scientists explain evolution of extreme parasites - 10:00

Satellites confirm Fay weakened to a Tropical Storm - 10:00

Tropical Storm Gonzalo triggered many warnings in Eastern Caribbean - 10:00

NASA satellite sees wind shear affecting Tropical Storm Vongfong - 10:00

Protecting biodiversity could be key to keeping forests standing in the long term - 10:00

Taiwan reveals new plans to send nuclear waste abroad - 10:00

Russia used Windows flaw to spy for years: researchers - 09:31

Rising sea levels of 1.8 meters in worst-case scenario - 09:31

Can we teach robots right from wrong? - 09:31

Warming streams have cascading impacts in the Amazon - 09:30

Scientists create new protein-based material with some nerve - 09:30

Researchers explore power of thorium for improved nuclear design - 09:30

What do wildfires have to do with climate change? - 09:30

Clemson leads research on new materials that could make it safer to store nuclear waste - 09:30

Sustainability in numbers – new method for estimating nutrient stocks and flows in agriculture - 09:30

Archaeologists discover bronze remains of Iron Age chariot - 09:30