Monday the 5th of December 2016

Political left, right both inspired by utopian hopes: study - 17:21

Powerful new technique reveals the mechanical environment of cells in their natural habitat, the living embryo - 17:21

Snow data from satellites improves temperature predictions, researchers show - 17:21

Birds flying through laser light reveal faults in flight research - 17:21

New LED display lights help improve taste of milk, researchers find - 17:21

Researchers study sea spray to improve hurricane intensity forecasting - 17:21

Uber steps up efforts on artificial intelligence - 17:21

Cell Atlas launched at ASCB 2016 Meeting - 16:21

During last warming period, Antarctica heated up two to three times more than planet average - 16:21

Trust issues: Users more gullible when they customize their technology - 16:21

Researchers develop a simple processing technique that could cut the cost of organic photovoltaics - 15:51

How plants manage excess solar energy - 15:21

Geoscientists size-up early dinosaurs, find surprising variation - 15:21

Designer switches of cell fate could streamline stem cell biology - 15:21

Scientists shed light on the climate-changing desert dust fertilizing our oceans - 15:21

Plant 'chemical factory' could produce variety of commercial products - 15:21

Secrets of the paleo diet: Discovery reveals plant-based menu of prehistoric man - 15:21

Prehistoric plant remains highlight diverse origins of cereal domestication - 15:21

Syrian crisis altered region's land and water resources, study finds - 15:21

Study analyzed reef fish grazing behaviors to understand coral reef health - 13:31

Feds: Business lost $387,500 in world cybercrime operation - 13:31

Over half of Med's shark and ray species 'at risk of extinction' - 13:31

Amazon testing cashier-free retail store - 13:31

3-D solutions to energy savings in silicon power transistors - 13:01

New study of water-saving plants advances efforts to develop drought-resistant crops - 13:01

Efficiency of insect biodiversity monitoring via Malaise trap samples and DNA barcoding - 13:01

Fast evolution affects everyone, everywhere - 13:01

Safer, less vulnerable software is the goal of new NIST computer publication - 13:01

Female lemurs with color vision provide advantages for their group - 13:01

Experimental insecticide explodes mosquitoes, not honeybees - 12:31

Ultrathin protective layer brings quite a bit more stability to perovskite solar cell - 12:31

Researchers stress the need for research on Ebola virus disease in great apes - 12:31

Flowers use physics to attract pollinators - 12:31

Report reassesses variations in global warming - 12:31

'Spooky' sightings in crystal point to extremely rare quantum spin liquid - 12:01

How do creatures like sea urchins take up the calcium they need to build hard structures? - 12:01

Why the flounder is flat - 12:01

Interest, skills and belief in own abilities steer youngsters towards STEM jobs - 12:01

A handful of photos yields a mouthful of (digital) teeth - 12:01

New neuron dynamics model better fitted to the biological reality - 12:01

Researchers uncover possible source of genetic error causing multiple diseases - 12:01

Gene editing yields tomatoes that flower and ripen weeks earlier - 12:01

Ribosome recycling as a drug target - 12:01

Availability of human food shortens and disrupts bears' hibernation - 12:01

Guppies: Study sorts the maths whizzes from the dunces - 12:01

Rapid validation for genome assemblies? Introducing KAT: K-mer Analysis Toolkit - 12:01

Study examines the impact of climate change on freshwater species - 12:01

Extreme downpours could increase fivefold across parts of the US - 12:01

Wise plant analysis - 12:01

Lufthansa, GE invest in aircraft engine plant in Poland - 12:01