Tuesday the 18th of April 2017

Interfacial dynamics research may make industry machines safer, more efficient - 06:01

Making the bed just right for alkali bees - 05:31

Mountain clouds—from rain makers to snow makers - 05:31

Landslides on Ceres reflect hidden ice - 05:31

Pigeon study takes on sexism in science: Big differences in genes involved in reproductive control - 05:01

Volkswagen plans all-electric car for China next year - 05:01

Success in recognizing digits and monosyllables with high accurary from brain activity measurement - 05:01

The new game of Russian Roulette for fire-prone ecosystems - 05:01

Image: James Webb Space Telescope lights out inspection - 05:01

Researcher proposes answer for why cave animals go blind - 05:01

Homing pigeons share our human ability to build knowledge across generations - 04:31

New era for nature in Colombia - 04:01

Birds sing shorter songs in response to traffic noise - 04:01

Orbital to launch cargo to space station Tuesday - 02:02

Endangered species poached in protected areas: WWF - 02:02

Trump order would target high-skilled worker visa program - 02:02

Monday the 17th of April 2017

New York preps rat birth control test-run - 17:01

'Detergent' molecules may be driving fluctuations in atmospheric methane concentrations - 16:31

Netflix on the verge of hitting 100 million subscribers - 16:01

Learn a language while you wait for WiFi: Tool integrates with email and web browsers to harness micro-moments - 15:31

Physicists create time crystals: New form of matter may hold key to developing quantum machines - 15:31

Termite gut holds a secret to breaking down plant biomass - 15:31

Scientists find that the space bullethead parrotfish use is influenced more by competition than by fear of predators - 14:32

YouTube channel showing giraffe birth 2nd most live-viewed - 14:32

NASA spots Tropical Cyclone 02W's remnants in South China Sea - 14:01

Regulating plant physiology with organic electronics - 14:01

Science fiction horror wriggles into reality with discovery of giant sulfur-powered shipworm - 14:01

Scientists engineer human-germ hybrid molecules to attack drug-resistant bacteria - 14:01

New era of western wildfire demands new ways of protecting people, ecosystems - 14:01

Banned industrial solvent sheds new light on methane mystery - 14:01

Reading the genetic code depends on context - 14:01

Atomic structure reveals how cells translate environmental signals - 14:01

NASA providing first live 360-degree view of rocket launch - 13:31

California utility launches first hybrid power systems - 13:31

What wine did Jesus drink at the Last Supper? - 13:31

Seeing the forest for the trees: What one oak tells us about climate change - 13:31

Supermassive black holes found in two tiny galaxies - 13:31

Cover crops may be used to mitigate and adapt to climate change - 13:31

Houston's gourmet food trucks cooperate, compete to elevate group's prestige - 13:31

NASA team explores using LISA Pathfinder as 'comet crumb' detector - 13:01

New many-toothed clingfish discovered with help of digital scans - 13:01

Experts: Ship may have hit endangered whale found dead - 12:01

Behind the iron curtain: How methane-making microbes kept the early Earth warm - 11:32

Dietary supplement may enhance dairy cattle health and reproductive capacity - 11:32

Migration from sea-level rise could reshape cities inland - 11:32

Researchers working toward indoor location detection - 11:02

Researchers provide new insight into dark matter halos - 11:01

Nano-SPEARs gently measure electrical signals in small animals - 11:01

NASA spots short-lived Tropical Cyclone Maarutha - 11:01

Telecom lobbying muscle kills privacy rules - 11:01