Friday the 15th of August 2014

Web marketer stands trial amid China crackdown - 04:30

Ebola puts focus on drugs made in tobacco plants - 04:30

Hello Kitty on space mission - 04:00

Structure of certain types of beetle shells could inspire brighter, whiter coatings and materials - 04:00

Wireless sensors and flying robots: A way to monitor deteriorating bridges - 03:31

Personal, public costs of scientific misconduct calculated - 03:30

Woodrats' genes help them to win the arms race against their food - 03:30

Ultra-rare crocs survive in Philippine 'Noah's Ark' - 03:30

Samsung to buy US tech firm SmartThings - 03:30

Alibaba film unit finds possible accounting issues - 03:30

Thursday the 14th of August 2014

New technologies are improving the lives of seniors - 20:00

Apple, Google, VCs invest in health technology - 18:30

Tech review: Garmin Vivofit fitness band aims to keep you moving - 18:30

Make your mobile device live up to its true potential—as a data collection tool - 17:40

How Sony is enlisting gamers on Twitch, Reddit to develop new titles - 17:40

Move over, Turing Test. Winograd Schema Challenge in town - 16:40

Texas company helps energy giants keep track of equipment - 16:40

Space Station sharper images of Earth at night crowdsourced for science - 16:10

New tool makes a single picture worth far more than a thousand words - 16:10

Yahoo brushes up its e-commerce for small business - 16:10

Wearable devices are unlikely to be big sellers, analysts say - 16:10

Understanding parallels of human and animal parenting can benefit generations to come - 16:10

Hitchhiking robot travels across Canada - 16:10

'Warcraft' to memorialize Williams as character - 15:40

Spain's Canary Islands fume over oil exploration - 15:40

Chandra observatory searches for trigger of nearby supernova - 15:40

Molecular shuttle speeds up hydrogen production - 15:40

Ukrainian hackers claim attack on Polish websites - 15:10

Researchers believe blood-sucking parasitic eyeworm a culprit to 2010 quail decline - 15:10

Venus and Jupiter super-close before dawn on August 18 - 15:10

Scientists fold RNA origami from a single strand - 14:41

New analysis links tree height to climate - 14:41

Scientists study 'talking' turtles in Brazilian Amazon - 14:41

Study sheds light on factors affecting veteran hiring - 14:41

Molecular engineers record an electron's quantum behavior - 13:33

New Milky Way maps help solve stubborn interstellar material mystery - 13:33

Human contribution to glacier mass loss on the increase - 13:33

Parasitic worms sniff out their victims as 'cruisers' or 'ambushers' - 13:33

Predicting fracking policy - 13:33

Chemists uncover powerful new click chemistry reactivity - 13:33

Digital imaging group OmniVision gets Chinese offer - 13:33

Autonomous robots: A self-organizing thousand-robot swarm (w/ Video) - 13:01

Plants may use newly discovered language to communicate - 13:01

Seven tiny grains captured by Stardust likely visitors from interstellar space - 13:01

Harnessing the power of bacteria's sophisticated immune system - 13:01

Mark Zuckerberg's chilly charity challenge to Bill Gates - 12:30

Novel nanovehicle transports drug cocktail to target cancer - 12:00

Research gives further insight into graphene-based electronics - 11:31

Tissue development 'roadmap' created to guide stem cell medicine - 11:31

Freeways as fences, trapping the mountain lions of Los Angeles - 11:31