Tuesday the 26th of April 2016

Video: Sentinel-1B liftoff - 05:30

Researchers create artificial protein to control assembly of buckyballs - 05:01

Survival through a biochemical shortcut - 05:01

Discovery suggests possible revolutionary antibiotics - 05:01

Landslide risk remains high a year after magnitude-7.8 Nepal earthquake - 05:00

Bayer confirms full-year targets after 'successful' Q1 - 03:30

Egypt looks to avert water crisis driven by demand, waste - 03:30

SK Hynix posts lowest earnings in three years - 03:30

Federal agency defends decision not to protect Montana fish - 03:30

Australia says French company wins huge submarine contract - 03:00

Einstein's theory of relativity faces satellite test - 03:00

Chernobyl, three decades on - 03:00

Monday the 25th of April 2016

Why Silicon Valley venture capital firms are funding online retailers like Dollar Shave Club - 18:00

Feds won't designate critical habitat for threatened bat - 17:10

2nd security firm raises concerns about Cruz and Kasich apps - 17:10

Delivery services vie to offer instant —or at least same-day —gratification - 16:10

Changes in 'microbiome' during canine atopic dermatitis could lead to antibiotic-free therapies - 16:10

Champs-Elysees to be pedestrianised once a month to combat smog - 16:10

Justice Department approves deal to create new cable giant - 16:10

Flipping a chemical switch helps perovskite solar cells beat the heat - 15:40

Innovation making waves pulling water from air - 15:40

Patterns of glowing sharks get clearer with depth - 15:10

Role of life's timekeeper—a novel theory of animal evolution - 15:10

How retail stores are using virtual reality to make shopping more fun - 15:10

Do successful leaders produce more successful leaders? - 14:10

New structure identified in membrane of disease-causing bacteria - 14:10

Controlling RNA in living cells: Modular, programmable proteins can be used to track or manipulate gene expression - 14:10

US absorbed carbon dioxide despite drought - 14:10

Researchers discover fate of melting glacial ice in Greenland - 13:40

New apps help taxpayers report waste, fraud and abuse - 13:40

Planned Intel job cuts create uncertainty in New Mexico city - 13:40

LinkedIn's creates 'learning paths' for certain careers - 13:10

Microsoft axes production of Xbox 360 consoles - 12:40

Oakland drawing more tech startups - 12:40

Framing discourse around conservative values shifts climate change attitudes - 12:10

Hollywood is pushing reset button on video game adaptations - 12:10

Scientists make receptor discoveries that pave the way for new drugs to treat metabolic diseases - 12:10

A predator fish in California has lost its White House support - 12:10

Can mountain-climbing bears rescue cherry trees from global warming? - 11:40

Economic concerns drive sustainability in American cities and towns - 11:40

Environmental impacts of demand-side technologies and strategies for carbon mitigation - 10:50

Scientists advance disease resistance in three of world's most important crops - 10:50

Soy shows promise as natural anti-microbial agent - 10:50

Internet video portals do not control views well - 10:50

Critically endangered and ancient Himalayan wolf needs global conservation attention - 10:21

Attending US charter schools may lead to higher earnings in the future - 10:21

Red light controls signaling in human cells - 10:21

Socially meaningful sounds can change ear, improve hearing, study finds - 10:20

NASA sees wind shear end Tropical Cyclone Amos - 10:20

Modern DNA reveals ancient male population explosions linked to migration and technology - 10:20