Thursday the 18th of August 2016

High-tech imaging reveals precolonial Mexican manuscript hidden from view for 500 years - 10:31

Venus-like exoplanet might have oxygen atmosphere, but not life - 10:31

Female forensic scientists more stressed than males - 10:31

New technologies show how cancer cells protect chromosomes from decay - 10:31

X-ray optics on a chip - 10:31

Innovative device simulates cataract replacement experience - 10:31

Uber to use autonomous cars to haul people in next few weeks - 08:31

Homosexual termite regicide - 08:31

Neuromorphic computing mimics important brain feature - 08:31

Looking from space for nuclear detonations - 08:01

Researchers identify possible catalyst for converting methane to methanol at room temperature - 08:01

A practical synthesis for benzazetidine compounds - 08:01

Discovering electric mobility in a playful way - 07:31

Game of catfish and mouse in Pilbara river - 07:31

Boeing Starliner crew access arm's 'awesome' launch pad installation - 07:31

Innovative food packaging extends shelf life, reduces footprint - 07:31

By 2050, the US wildfire season will be three weeks longer, up to twice as smoky - 07:31

As Louisiana floods, measuring the climate change effect - 07:31

An optical method of sorting nanoparticles by size - 07:31

Bee rescue mounted after hospital breaks out in hives - 07:31

Classical nova captured before, during and after exploding - 07:31

Expedition finds remains of fortified Roman port are much larger than previously thought - 07:31

Star and planetary scientists get millions of hours on EU supercomputers - 07:01

Easter Island not destroyed by war, new analysis shows - 07:01

Image: Blue Cut Fire, California - 06:31

Tracing barnacle's footprint - 06:31

Wildlife in hedgerows suffers when next to roads or pavements - 06:31

Can photos on social media lead to mistaken identity in court cases? - 06:31

Genetic influence in juvenile songbird babblings - 06:31

New technique matches gunshot residue with specific ammunition brands - 06:01

Fabricating science—discussing fraud can rebuild community confidence and deepen understanding of how science works - 06:01

Gender discrimination—social bias in the workplace - 06:01

Cut phosphorus to reduce algae blooms, say scientists - 06:01

Buying high vs. bargain hunting - 06:01

Carbon levels in soil affected by climatic conditions - 06:01

New research shows past gold mining activity near Yellowknife detrimentally impacted area lakes - 06:01

A biofortified rice high in iron and zinc is set to combat hidden hunger in developing countries - 06:01

Image: Margaret Hamilton's Apollo code - 06:01

Image: Rail fire in Oregon still burning bright - 06:01

Researchers create information technology tool for pest management - 05:31

Parents still urging teens to choose traditional subjects even though newer degrees are more likely to lead to a job - 05:31

New green method could unlock bauxite deposits - 05:31

Reinterpreting the fossil record on jaws - 05:31

Study discerns elements of successful diversity training - 05:31

90 years of monitoring change in arid zone - 05:03

Researchers attempt to explain superconductive phenomenon - 05:03

How did phosphate get into RNA? - 05:03

Software to more accurately predict structure of a drug, reduce drug discovery losses - 05:03

Railway research into safety at level crossings reaches next stage - 05:03

Video: Massive rocket fuel tank built in a minute - 05:03