Tuesday the 19th of July 2016

Comparing fungal secretions to uncover carbon compound degradation pathways - 13:01

Scientists create new thin material that mimics cell membranes - 12:31

Modern off-grid lighting could create two million new jobs in developing world - 12:31

NBA teams up with Twitter for streaming, but no games - 12:01

Judge in Brazil blocks WhatsApp messenger application - 12:01

Netflix plan to conquer world stumbles, for now - 12:01

Mathematicians may have found an answer to the longstanding puzzle as to why we have evolved to cooperate - 11:31

Aftermath of a mass extinction - 11:31

Ancient rocks reveal how Earth recovered from mass extinction - 11:31

Scientists watch water fleas take over new territory - 11:31

NASA sees two areas of strength in a weakening Tropical Cyclone Abela - 11:31

NASA seeks picometer accuracy - 11:31

X marks the spot at the center of the Milky Way galaxy - 11:31

What hibernating toads tell us about climate - 11:31

New technique uses electrical conductivity to measure blood in dry blood samples - 11:31

Role for enhancers in bursts of gene activity - 11:31

Model helps identify drugs to treat cat eye infections - 11:31

Behavioural scientists help Ontario save money through more online licence plate renewals - 11:31

NASA science flights target melting Arctic Sea ice - 11:31

Last month was hottest June on record: NOAA - 11:31

NASA sees a weaker Hurricane Darby in infrared light - 10:31

NASA's Aqua satellite sees an almost symmetrical Tropical Storm Estelle - 10:31

House-hunting ants know how to take the hassle out of moving - 10:31

For ancient deep-sea plankton, a long decline before extinction - 10:31

NY, Massachusetts sue Volkswagen over emissions cheating - 10:31

Moo-ving out: Sensor sends text alerts from cows in labor - 10:31

Electron 'spin control' of levitated nanodiamonds could bring advances in sensors, quantum information processing - 10:31

Short-wavelength spin waves generated directly for the first time - 10:01

'Big mama' bonobos help younger females stand up for themselves - 10:01

Fabrication method for swimming microrobots with minimalist geometric requirements - 10:01

Policy makers and ecologists must develop a more constructive dialogue to save the planet - 09:31

Landsat—The watchman that never sleeps - 09:01

Research to help racehorses put their best foot forward - 09:01

Government requests for Google data hits record high - 09:01

Software adds new level of control to industrial knitting machines - 09:01

Modular acoustic filters simplify design of mufflers, musical instruments, audio tags - 09:01

Oceanographers grow, sequence genome of ocean microbe important to climate change - 09:01

New detector overcomes key challenge in using light for wireless communications - 09:01

Can robots recognize faces even under backlighting? - 08:31

Fast-charging everlasting battery power from graphene - 08:31

POLAR detector flies into orbit with a Chinese space mission - 08:31

Rocky exercise device will help keep deep space a fit place - 08:31

Research effort to develop drought-proof crops - 08:01

Researcher says warmer waters in Nova Scotia 'ocean hotspot' killing off kelp forests - 08:01

Scientists develop plastic flexible magnetic memory device - 08:01

Huge time-lag between erosion and mountain building - 08:01

Time travelling to the mother tongue - 08:01

Fujitsu begins field trial for AI-based train delay prediction - 08:01

Perseverance pays off with peacock spiders - 08:01

Review: 'Pokemon Go' is a nifty idea marred by glitches - 08:01