Tuesday the 24th of May 2016

Rigid water pipes, fit for the future - 07:50

Drones detect sharks in coastal waters as part of ongoing study - 07:50

Early armored dino from Texas lacked cousin's club-tail weapon, but had a nose for danger - 07:50

Fish ladders reconnect stream habitat - 07:50

Astronomer explores universe through remote-controlled telescope - 07:50

Biodiversity conservation policies in tropical forests threaten the livelihood of indigenous peoples - 07:21

Potential habitats for early life on Mars - 07:21

Study sheds light on environmental graphene interactions - 07:21

Designing cities to combat climate change - 07:21

Are mystery Mars plumes caused by space weather? - 07:21

First movies of droplets getting blown up by x-ray laser - 07:21

Low temperature heterogeneous integration without glue - 07:20

Discrete convex analysis for analysis of iterative auctions - 07:20

Discovery of a new crystal structure family of oxide-ion conductors - 07:20

Great apes communicate cooperatively - 07:20

Europe's sat-nav system launches fresh pair of satellites - 06:20

An open source toolbox for pure mathematics - 06:20

Researchers examine the wake-up times of German Twitter users - 06:20

Image: Stellar association Vulpecula OB1 - 06:20

Scientist battles to 'stem onslaught of pseudoscience' - 06:20

Image: Rub' al Khali desert on the southern Arabian Peninsula - 06:20

Molecular wave of nanosized metal oxide catalyst - 05:21

CALIFA galaxy study releases dataset online - 05:21

Supercrystals with new architecture can enhance drug synthesis - 05:21

The dark side of the diffuse galaxies - 05:21

Batfarm software enables livestock farmers to assess the environmental impact of their farms - 05:21

Scientists explain how the giant magnetoelectric effect occurs in bismuth ferrite - 05:20

Light can 'heal' defects in some solar cells - 04:51

India successfully tests small space shuttle - 04:50

Microsoft's Minecraft is heading to China - 04:21

California's tech industry is headed toward a new frontier - 04:21

Cell Labelling via Photobleaching: A precious ally for scientific research - 02:31

Shareholders vote climate test for ExxonMobil, Chevron - 02:31

Facebook makes changes to avoid political bias - 02:31

Colombia peace could reveal jungle species' secrets - 02:31

Solar plane's flight from Ohio to Pennsylvania postponed - 02:31

Smaller cities across US opening high-tech crime centers - 02:31

Monday the 23rd of May 2016

Study finds little change in the IMF's policy advice, despite rhetoric of reform - 18:05

Attosecond physics: A switch for light-wave electronics - 17:26

Team creates new method to control quantum systems - 17:26

Why fruit cracking differs among sweet cherry varieties - 17:26

Scientists discover fresh lunar craters - 17:26

New technique controls autonomous vehicles on a dirt track - 17:26

Can legumes solve environmental issues? - 17:26

Antihypertensive effect of fermented milk products under the microscope - 17:26

Trial and error in viral evolution: The difference between fading out, pandemic - 17:26

Acoustic engineering transcribes crackling knee sounds into moving graph - 17:26

Violent young Sun may have seeded life on Earth: study - 17:26

Peru declares mercury poison emergency due to gold mining - 17:26

'Uncharted 4' video game for PS4 snapped up worldwide - 17:26