Friday th 19th of April 2019

Researchers report high performance solid-state sodium-ion battery - 12:11

How NASA Earth data aids America, state by state - 12:10

Mesopotamian King Sargon II envisioned ancient city Karkemish as western Assyrian capital - 10:20

The role of digital technologies in mobilizing the alt-right - 10:20

Scientists uncover a link between RNA editing and chloroplast-to-nucleus communication - 10:20

New method to detect off-target effects of CRISPR - 10:20

Hurricane Michael gets an upgrade to rare Category 5 status - 10:20

Salt takes a quick step before falling out of water - 09:50

Through thick and thin: Neutrons track lithium ions in battery electrodes - 09:20

Creating a cloak for grid data in the cloud - 09:20

War games shed light on real-world strategies - 08:32

Bringing the border closer to home, one immersion trip at a time - 08:31

Daily grind: The biography of a stone axe - 08:00

Successful tests of a cooler way to transport electricity - 08:00

Why mass shootings don't lead to gun control - 08:00

Fuel cells in bacteria - 07:30

On-chip drug screening for identifying antibiotic interactions in eight hours - 07:30

Scientists discover sustainable way to increase seed oil yield in crops - 07:30

Tiny pinholes in thin film could pave the way for 3-D holographic displays - 07:30

Researchers find adding rare-earth element to piezoelectric crystals dramatically improves performance - 07:30

BRB-seq: The quick and cheaper future of RNA sequencing - 07:00

Taming the genome's 'jumping' sequences - 07:00

From nata de coco to computer screens: Cellulose gets a chance to shine - 07:00

MicroRNA-like RNAs contribute to the lifestyle transition of Arthrobotrys oligospora - 07:00

When coastal hazards threaten your Outer Banks trip - 07:00

Weapons trade reveals a darker side to dark web - 06:30

Usurp the burp: How seaweed can help curb cow burps (and their emissions) - 06:30

Cities and countries aim to slash plastic waste within a decade - 06:30

Mysterious river dolphin helps crack the code of marine mammal communication - 06:30

Private cargo ship brings Easter feast to the space station - 06:30

American astronaut's dreams of seeing space becoming reality - 06:30

Multiple modes for selectivity of transmembrane transport - 06:30

An exotic microbe and an unusual extraction process may add up to an economical way to make a promising biofuel - 06:00

Opinion: Why protesters should be wary of '12 years to climate breakdown' rhetoric - 05:31

Notre Dame: the public and private lives of France's spiritual home - 05:31

Opinion: Canada's approach to lunar exploration needs to be strategic or we'll be left behind - 05:30

Airbnb's explosive growth jolts hotel industry's bottom line - 05:00

Chemists take a closer look at the spot where water meets air - 04:30

Four questions with 'Game of Thrones' expert Lisa Woolfork - 03:30

Next frontier in study of gut bacteria: mining microbial molecules - 03:30

Study outlines new proposal for probing the primordial universe - 03:00

India could meet air quality standards by cutting household fuel use - 03:00

Video: Soon, kidneys-on-a-chip will rocket to space station - 03:00

Coming soon to China: the car of the future - 02:00

Things are stacking up for NASA's Mars 2020 spacecraft - 02:00

New book traces expeditions to test Einstein's theory of relativity - 01:00

Molecular target UNC45A is essential for cancer but not normal cell proliferation - 01:00

Uber wins $1bn investment from Toyota, SoftBank fund - 01:00

Thursday th 18th of April 2019

Netflix unveils plans for New York production hub - 15:30

Facebook says more Instagram passwords exposed than thought - 15:30