Friday the 17th of March 2017

For female mosquitoes, two sets of odor sensors are better than one - 15:51

Hubble discovery of runaway star yields clues to breakup of multiple-star system - 15:21

Study IDs link between sugar signaling and regulation of oil production in plants - 15:21

Highly contagious infection threatens endangered San Joaquin kit fox population - 15:21

Silk sensor could speed development of new infrastructure, aerospace and consumer materials - 15:21

Alaska sea lion study gets help from crowdsource volunteers - 15:21

Bail hearing set for Canadian accused in Yahoo email hack - 15:21

Software company rises as price configuration takes off - 13:31

Human skull evolved along with two-legged walking, study confirms - 13:01

No El Nino? No problem. Earth sizzles to near record heat - 13:01

New Hubble mosaic of the Orion Nebula - 13:01

Human brain networks developing in adolescence related to evolutionary expansion - 12:31

AI won't kill you, but ignoring it might kill your business, experts say - 11:31

Why Virgin Orbit's new president isn't worried about a bubble in the small satellite market - 11:31

Unlimited data plans offer boon to consumers - 11:01

Telecom policy tilts in favor of industry under Trump's FCC - 10:31

Review: SnapPower teaches old plugs and switches some new tricks - 10:31

Biotech firm carves a large niche in tools for research - 10:31

UN body urges China to act as bird flu deaths spike - 10:01

Germany to test dialect analysis software on asylum-seekers - 10:01

ALMA's ability to see a 'cosmic hole' confirmed - 09:31

Flexibility is key in mechanism of biological self-assembly - 09:31

Can quantum theory explain why jokes are funny? - 09:31

Scientists reveal open-ringed structure of Cdt1-Mcm2-7 complex - 09:31

Nanotube film may resolve longevity problem of challenger solar cells - 09:31

Rare butterfly killer convicted in Britain - 09:01

New computer software program excels at lip reading - 08:31

Islamophobia stops young Muslims playing bigger role in politics - 08:31

Wi-fi on rays of light—100 times faster, and never overloaded - 08:31

From entanglement to invasions of alien species—the harm caused by marine litter - 08:31

First steps in human DNA replication dance captured at atomic resolution - 08:31

Identification of molecular origins underlying the interfacial slip - 08:31

Nano-polycrystalline film leads to stronger magnetism compared to single-crystal films - 08:31

Chimp filmed cleaning dead son's teeth - 08:31

Children who play outside more likely to protect nature as adults - 08:31

Two more spacewalks for Thomas Pesquet - 08:02

Climate change to stretch household budgets - 08:02

The oldest known parasitic isopod - 08:01

Better nanoimages 'spin' the path to improved magnetic memory - 08:01

Zero2Infinity successfully test launches its Bloostar prototype - 08:01

How to counterfeit quantum money - 08:01

Readers can virtually explore Italian archeology dig in new publication - 08:01

Lockheed Martin to deliver world record-setting 60kw laser to U.S. Army - 08:01

Researcher studies impact of climate change, deforestation in Namibia - 08:01

Why water splashes—new theory reveals secrets - 08:01

A multi-channel nano-optical device dramatically increases the parallel processing speed - 07:01

LHCb observes an exceptionally large group of particles - 07:01

New technology reveals 16th century Edinburgh - 07:01

Is fog more secure than cloud? - 07:01

Green beer highlights the science behind the brew - 07:01