Monday the 19th of September 2016

Pigeons can learn to distinguish real words from non-words - 05:31

Genes identified in defence against powdery mildew - 05:01

How a bacterial virulence factor promotes its own secretion - 04:31

Orphaned baby koala finds fluffy toy friend - 03:31

Samsung phones reportedly catch fire in China - 03:31

Study estimates 100,000 deaths from Indonesia haze - 01:31

First wave-produced electricity in US goes online in Hawaii - 01:31

Sunday the 18th of September 2016

Exec: Most Lyft rides will be in autonomous cars in 5 years - 15:11

Air Force base wildfire postpones hi-res satellite launch - 15:11

Borneo loggers swap chainsaws for cheap healthcare - 06:41

In Uruguay, green school 'plants seeds' for planet - 06:41

Stone Age mummy still revealing secrets, 25 years on - 06:41

Saturday the 17th of September 2016

Technology at Paralympics sparks advances and controversy - 16:01

Yelp warns California lawsuit could scrub critical reviews - 16:01

Russia cancels manned space launch over 'technical' issues - 05:21

Twitter kicks off US football game streams - 05:21

Friday the 16th of September 2016

Scientists enhance ability of antibiotics to defeat resistant types of bacteria using molecules called PPMOs - 19:41

A reptilian anachronism: American alligator older than we thought - 19:41

Renewable energy: Research reveals more than industry truths - 19:41

Study yields new knowledge about materials for ultrasound and other applications - 17:01

Johnson & Johnson to buy Abbott's vision unit for $4.33B - 15:31

France strikes with longest-lasting lightning bolt - 14:01

Illinois, China study nutritional value of wheat bran for pigs - 13:31

Tesla to build California utility battery storage project - 12:31

Angering activists, Norway says to kill wolves - 12:31

New method of engineering polymer brush patterns promises to cut down processing time while adding versatility in design - 12:01

US confident in election security despite threats - 12:01

AP, other media sue FBI for details on iPhone hacking tool - 11:11

Judge OKs extradition of British man on US hacking charges - 11:11

Protest targets rail line over Kenya's oldest wildlife park - 11:11

Software maker: Warned Tesla about hands-free Autopilot use - 11:11

Agency says driverless cars will need OK once Uber charges - 11:11

August equals July as hottest month in modern times - 11:11

Five things to know about VW's 'dieselgate' scandal - 11:11

FAA contemplating whether millions of drones will fill skies - 11:11

NIST releases new 'family' of standardized genomes - 11:11

High-tech and low-cost solutions to handle urban waste - 11:11

Amazon Echo will bring genuinely helpful AI into our homes much sooner than expected - 08:41

Researchers eye gaming as tool for boosting computer science skills, diversity in middle schools - 08:41

Deep insight into interfaces between materials - 08:11

Image: Poyang Lake viewed by Sentinel-1 - 08:11

Meet AISOY1 the robot, autism therapy assistant - 08:11

Why researchers look for white stains on Edvard Munch's masterpiece with DESY's X-rays - 08:11

Understanding intent crucial to improving race relations - 08:11

iPhone 7 launches in bid to revive Apple's fortunes - 08:11

Light causes drosophila to take longer midday nap - 08:11

Why are there so many species of bugs, but so few species of human? - 07:44

China eyes year-long stays for space station astronauts - 07:44

Vietnam investigating new fish deaths - 07:44

To Bennu and back - 07:44