Wednesday the 22nd of April 2015

High levels of lead contamination in northeast Tasmanian drinking water - 06:00

Soil moisture detector helps protect endangered South African forest - 06:00

Study finds ancient clam beaches not so natural - 05:30

Electrons move like light in three-dimensional solid - 05:30

A 'frozen reaction' as key to eco-friendly chemical catalysis - 05:30

Survey results link role of principal investigators to lab safety - 05:30

Psychologists explain why British are so apathetic about the general election - 05:30

Industrial virtual factory lowers costs and reduces emissions - 05:30

The clusters of monster stars that lit up the early universe - 05:30

Will social media kill branding? - 05:30

Sony narrows annual loss forecast as sales pick up - 05:00

International experts analyze impacts of Ethiopian dam - 05:00

A new collaboration to aid the search for life on distant worlds - 05:00

Student creates powerful catalyst from potassium - 05:00

First exoplanet in visible light spectrum - 05:00

Why the Hubble Space Telescope has been such a stellar success - 05:00

Mt. Everest biogas digester project aims to treat human waste - 04:00

Beijing govt says air had less pollution in first part of year - 04:00

Look mom, no eardrums: Studying evolution beyond the fossil record - 04:00

Evolution makes invading species spread even faster - 04:00

Invisible inks could help foil counterfeiters of all kinds - 04:00

Hubble Space Telescope marking 25th anniversary in orbit - 03:10

Exploding stars help to understand thunderclouds on Earth - 03:10

Review: Plenty of options for HBO online, not enough time - 02:40

South Korea and US conclude nuclear deal - 02:40

Privacy advocates seek more openness on NSA surveillance - 02:40

China tech firms shake up world's biggest car market - 02:40

Uber to return—legally—to Portland, Oregon - 02:40

New York aims to cut waste by 90 percent by 2030 - 02:40

Miami Beach sees rising seas as no threat to real estate boom, for now - 02:10

Frozen semen earmarked for Washington giant panda - 02:10

Weird: Four rainbows photographed, but not quadruple rainbow - 01:40

Google's Waze app to alert kidnappings in LA - 01:40

Self-driving cars hold key to future highway: Google exec - 01:40

Top experts call for zero-carbon world by 2050 - 01:40

Sailing against prevailing winds, spotting big islands: Calculating how the Pacific was settled - 01:10

Most powerful space telescope ever to launch in 2018 - 01:10

Tuesday the 21st of April 2015

Proteins for anxiety in humans and moulting in insects have common origin - 19:00

Myth of tolerant dogs and aggressive wolves refuted - 18:00

Facebook shifts News Feed, gives priority to friends - 17:00

Oklahoma geology group links earthquakes to oil waste wells - 17:00

Google to help search for Scotland's Loch Ness monster - 17:00

Team first to model atomic structures of three bacterial nanomachines - 17:00

Yahoo's 1Q shows company remains mired in revenue rut - 16:30

New perspectives on how ecological communities are assembled - 16:00

Agency will hunt invasive caribou on remote Alaska island - 15:30

Verizon defends new cable deals as media companies complain - 15:00

Shoe grows five sizes, fits needs of children for years - 15:00

Research reveals new possibilities for islet and stem cell transplantation - 15:00

For Earth Day, turn off the faucet and the ignition - 15:00