Friday the 11th of April 2014

High-altitude wind turbines have potential to generate large amounts of electricity - 08:02

3D printing: The shape of things to come? - 08:02

Mechanobiology: Enzyme micropump autonomously delivers insulin in response to glucose levels - 08:02

Study resolves controversy over nitrogen's ocean 'exit strategies' - 08:02

Mercury contamination threatens Antarctic birds - 07:30

How the Heartbleed bug reveals a flaw in online security - 07:30

Research team develops method to strengthen elastomers - 07:30

Black box adoption by the air industry nearly didn't happen - 07:01

Researchers find sulfur reducers were at work on the early Earth - 07:01

How 'social contagion' begins and escalates - 07:01

Kickstarter Project ZUtA - a crawling microprinter (w/ video) - 07:00

Does public transportation encourage suburban sprawl? - 07:00

Den conditions reveal status of polar bears as they face decreasing ice - 06:30

Scientists explore one of Earth's deepest ocean trenches - 06:30

Researcher looks to save an endangered duck habitat - 06:30

Research explores the games people play on credit applications - 06:30

Economics of using mesquite for electricity dependent on outside factors - 06:30

Magnetization can surf on the top of a laser-induced sound wave - 06:30

The bicoloured shrew is a health risk for horses - 06:30

Long-term study of uranium release could improve remediation strategies - 06:30

Shark fin imports to world's biggest market drop by third - 06:30

Tusk suggests greener, wetter Arabian Desert in the past - 06:01

Breakthrough DNA study could slow big cat extinction - 06:00

Toxic tap water spurs panic buying in China city - 06:00

New light on novel additive manufacturing approach - 06:00

Study to measure gravity's effects on plant cells in space - 06:00

Determining the sustainability of water, agriculture in Arizona - 05:30

Uncertainty isn't cause for climate complacency—quite the opposite - 05:30

Image: NASA engineers prepare game changing cryotank for testing - 05:30

Genetically identical ants help unlock the secrets of larval fate - 05:00

National Synchrotron Light Source II achieves first stored electron beam - 05:00

Online food reviews reveal inner self, Stanford linguist finds - 05:00

Sony issues battery-fire warning over 26,000 Vaio laptops - 04:30

Samsung Galaxy S5 makes global debut - 04:01

Extra-terrestrial Tweet-up links Tokyo with space - 04:00

'Heartbleed' bug a critical Internet illness - 03:30

'Cherry tree from space' mystery baffles Japan - 03:30

Thursday the 10th of April 2014

Global poverty could be up to a third higher than reported - 18:20

Sneak a peek through the mist to technology of the future (w/ video) - 18:20

Amazon to buy digital comics company - 17:20

Congress clashes over online domain name oversight - 17:20

Astronomers suggest more accurate star formation rates - 17:20

Mexican police issue 'ransom ware' virus warning - 17:20

Geologists prove early Tibetan Plateau was larger than previously thought - 16:50

Physicists hope to find traces of dark matter by studying particles with low masses and interaction rates - 16:50

Wearable tech gaining momentum - 16:50

Global warming not taken seriously: World Bank's Kim - 16:50

Date set for New Mexico dig for Atari 'E.T.' games - 16:50

NASA sees hurricane-strength Tropical Cyclone Ita heading toward Queensland - 15:50

Appearance of night-shining clouds has increased - 15:50