Wednesday the 19th of July 2017

NASA spots a diminished, but drenching ex-Tropical Cyclone Don - 10:32

Aging power plants provide Trump administration with risks and opportunities - 10:32

Soil filters out some emerging contaminants before reaching groundwater - 10:32

Privacy, please: Why surveiling shoppers can inhibit sales, and how to fix it - 10:32

Supramolecular materials with a time switch - 10:32

Not under the skin, but on it: Living together brings couples' microbiomes together - 10:32

Researchers create new technique for manipulating polarization of terahertz radiation - 10:32

Mexico announces new laptop, tablet security on US flights - 10:32

New app reveals little-known history of Rio de Janeiro port - 10:32

NASA's Terra satellite watching Tropical Storm Greg - 10:02

Scientists reveal new connections between small particles and the vast universe - 10:02

Simulation reveals universal signature of chaos in ultracold reactions - 10:02

Smart toys without the batteries - 10:02

Treated hydraulic fracturing wastewater may pollute area water sources for years - 10:02

Birds avoid crossing roads to prevent predation - 09:32

Innovative nanosensor for disease diagnosis - 09:32

Evidence of the Higgs particle's decay in quarks - 09:32

Research shows that just 36 percent of new science teachers are teaching only in their trained subject - 09:32

Hitting the bull's eye on crop nutrient requirements - 09:32

Antiaromatic molecule displays record electrical conductance - 09:32

Pangolins at huge risk as study shows dramatic increases in hunting across Central Africa - 09:32

Compact, precise photon beam could aid in nuclear security, report says - 08:32

Does the next industrial revolution spell the end of manufacturing jobs? - 08:32

A powerful laser system for driving sophisticated experiments in attosecond science - 08:32

Manipulating electron spins without loss of information - 08:32

Researchers report on cell-permeable nanobodies - 08:32

Cleaning up CO2 emissions could be worth millions - 08:32

Bio-inspired materials—borrowing from nature's playbook - 08:32

Protein produced with electricity to alleviate world hunger - 08:32

New study explains moss migration around the globe - 08:32

Growing better trees faster - 08:32

Image: Supersonic parachute testing - 08:32

Parasitic worms may lead to agricultural stem cell breakthrough - 08:32

The asymmetric synthesis of halogenated compounds from carboxylic acids is world first - 08:32

Researchers test 3-D-printed water quality sensor - 08:32

How wildfires could radically change forests—and your life - 08:32

Piglets might unlock keys to in vitro fertilization in humans - 08:02

Selfish motives, not fairness, the best message for criminal justice advocacy groups - 08:02

Physicist points way to controlling elasticity with magnetism - 08:02

Uber banned from operating in Czech Republic's number 2 city - 08:02

Study suggests climate change may kill off the aardvark in some areas - 08:02

Researchers pair robotics and information theory to better understand predator and prey relationships - 08:02

Aquatic plants survive in 'ghost ponds' under agricultural fields - 08:02

Astronomers discover Earth-sized exoplanet with very short orbital period - 08:02

Protecting your smartphone from voice impersonators - 08:02

Noninvasive magnetic resonance imaging of lung fibrogenesis with an amino acid targeted probe - 07:32

New materials with important applications in enhanced oil recovery - 07:32

'Shadow network' keeps communities safe from deadly volcano - 07:32

Opinion: Bracing for the cost of climate change - 07:32

Earthquake physics on multiple scales - 07:32