Thursday the 24th of July 2014

Synchronization of North Atlantic, North Pacific preceded abrupt warming, end of ice age - 13:00

8.2 percent of our DNA is 'functional' - 13:00

Invertebrate numbers nearly halve as human population doubles - 13:00

Artificial intelligence identifies the musical progression of the Beatles - 13:00

Leaf-mining insects destroyed with the dinosaurs, others quickly appeared - 13:00

Noise pollution impacts fish species differently - 13:00

Atomic structure of key muscle component revealed - 13:00

A tiny new species of frog from Brazil with a heroic name - 12:30

Insecticides similar to nicotine widespread in Midwest - 12:30

Neiker-Tecnalia is researching the potato genes that best adapt to climate change - 12:30

Fukushima monkeys show possible 'effects of radiation' - 12:30

Fires in Central Africa During July 2014 - 12:30

Western Indian Ocean communities play vital role in conservation - 12:01

Study gives new perspective on agricultural plastic, debris burning, and air quality - 12:01

Fukushima study: Think about unthinkable disasters - 10:01

Apple, Samsung lose ground in cooling tablet market - 10:01

New mass map of a distant galaxy cluster is the most precise yet - 09:31

Space sex geckos at risk as Russia loses control of satellite - 09:30

Nearly 50 years of lemur data now available online (w/ Video) - 09:30

FX says overnight ratings becoming meaningless - 09:30

Unleashing the power of quantum dot triplets - 09:01

Graphene and related materials promise cheap, flexible printed cameras - 08:30

Discovery is key to metal wear in sliding parts (w/ Video) - 08:30

The future of ultrashort laser pulses - 08:30

Wives with more education than their husbands no longer at increased risk of divorce - 08:30

Chemist develops X-ray vision for quality assurance - 08:30

Highest-precision measurement of water in planet outside the solar system - 08:30

Ultra-deep astrophoto of the Antenna Galaxies - 08:03

Apartment dwellers more likely to fear crime in their neighbourhood but feel safer at home than those in detached homes - 08:03

Video: The diversity of habitable zones and the planets - 08:03

UK: Former reporter sentenced for phone hacking - 08:03

Satellite galaxies put astronomers in a spin - 08:03

Safeguarding Belize's Barrier Reef with conservation drones - 08:03

Commercial Dream Chaser closer to critical design review and first flight - 08:03

Butterflies illustrate the effects of environmental change - 08:03

Researchers demonstrate reconfigurable clusters made of colloidal particles as a form of data storage - 08:03

Suburban dugites and bobtails come under the microscope - 08:03

Four billion-year-old chemistry in cells today - 07:31

Wireless home automation systems reveal more than you would think about user behaviour - 07:31

Students use physics to unpack DNA, one molecule at a time - 07:30

What the UK Space Agency can teach Australia - 07:30

Evaluating system security by analyzing spam volume - 07:30

NEOWISE spots a comet that looked like an asteroid - 07:30

New Indian government takes promising steps on agriculture, water and climate - 07:30

Brown recluse spider bites crawling upward - 07:30

A third of U.S. low-wage workers are only earners in household - 07:30

Video: A dizzying view of the Earth from space - 07:30

Galileo's 'midwives' stand ready for launch - 07:00

Cost-effective, solvothermal synthesis of heteroatom (S or N)-doped graphene developed - 07:00

Discover the "X-factor" of NASA's Webb telescope - 07:00