Friday the 28th of August 2015

Snapchat adds three more publishers to Discover - 10:30

Development of growth factor-free tissue adhesive porous films capable of promoting angiogenesis - 10:00

Staying safe in sandy beaches - 10:00

Researchers use DNA 'clews' to shuttle CRISPR-Cas9 gene-editing tool into cells - 10:00

Ashley Madison CEO steps down in wake of hacking - 10:00

From sewage sludge to syngas and biochar—new perspectives for small municipalities - 09:30

Digital systems smarten up water networks - 09:30

The dwarf planet Quaoar - 09:00

Russia launches Proton rocket with British satellite - 09:00

Orbital ATK on the rebound with Antares return to flight in 2016 - 09:00

Ice giants at opposition - 09:00

Just how good (or bad) is the fossil record of dinosaurs? - 08:30

Flexible dielectric polymer can stand the heat - 08:30

Fluorescence-based assessment of water - 08:30

Human mobility can be modelled as mixture of different transportation modes - 08:30

Turning breath into words – new device unveiled to give paralysis victims a voice - 08:30

Biochemists identify detection signal for breaking down excess ribosomal RNA - 08:30

Future climate models greatly affected by fungi and bacteria - 08:30

Motion of supramolecular machines controlled through mechanical manipulation - 08:30

Impact origin of archean cratons: Learning from Venus - 08:30

Study suggests older adults possess important forms of expertise - 08:30

Study shows female frogs susceptible to 'decoy effect' - 08:00

Soil-dwelling fungi study shows extent of worldwide distribution - 08:00

Rules of communication in the nucleus - 07:30

Is Hawking any closer to solving the puzzle of black holes? - 07:30

A technique for reducing the salinity of brackish water - 07:30

Designing bespoke nanomaterials for energy applications - 07:00

Artificial leaf harnesses sunlight for efficient fuel production - 07:00

New synthetic tumor environments make cancer research more realistic - 07:00

Only one-third of published psychology research is reliable – now what? - 07:00

Ant communication—secrets of the antennae - 07:00

Milkweed plants in CO2 growth chambers provide glimpse of biosphere change - 06:30

Researcher magnifies minuscule vibrations in structures to detect damage - 06:30

An app to steer clear of Kenya's road hazards - 06:30

What human emotions do we really want of artificial intelligence? - 06:30

Criminologist says Amnesty's call to decriminalise prostitution makes sense - 06:30

NASA concludes series of engine tests for next-gen rocket - 06:00

A new forage comes to the Midwest, courtesy of nature - 06:00

Scientists work to predict 22nd century look of Georgia coast - 06:00

Can empathy lead to better decisions in water usage? - 06:00

Study explains how rain droplets attract aerosols out of the atmosphere - 06:00

Marriages still resilient after the second child - 06:00

Astronaut Andreas to try sub-millimetre precision task on Earth from orbit - 05:30

Research advances on transplant ward pathogen - 05:30

60 days and 60 nights in bed - 05:30

Smart home heating and cooling - 05:30

China rocket parts hit villager's home: police, media - 05:30

Pentagon funding new high-tech venture - 05:30

Leading stem cell scientist cleared of misconduct charges - 05:30

Researcher argues that there's more to the genus Homo than we may think - 05:30