Wednesday the 20th of May 2015

Japanese zoos, aquariums vote over dolphin hunt - 03:00

Review: Curves and 'self-healing' in super-premium phones - 03:00

Rubber plantation brings both work and worries to Gabon - 03:00

Oregon to test pay-per-mile idea as replacement for gas tax - 02:30

Cyber attacks a growing threat for US financial system - 02:30

Museum defends artist's call for drugs to fuel teens' creativity - 02:30

Japan's whaling science under the microscope - 02:30

John Glenn: Evolution should be taught in schools - 02:30

China illegally fishing in Africa, Greenpeace study finds - 02:30

Tuesday the 19th of May 2015

Offshore wind turbine construction could be putting seals' hearing at risk - 23:20

British invasion of the harlequin ladybird threatens other species - 23:20

Tim Armstrong reinvents a flagging AOL - 19:30

Silicon Valley aims for Cuba, but treads carefully - 19:00

What did the first snakes look like? - 19:00

Banned from driving, Saudi women flock to ride-share apps - 18:30

YouTube's toddler app full of disturbing videos, say child advocates who want FTC to investigate - 18:00

Climate change could cause cold-blooded animals' thermal tolerance to shrink - 18:00

What's love got to do with it? A lot for eavesdropping bats, singing katydids - 18:00

Deezer prepares for battle in competitive music streaming sector - 17:30

The 'CAPEd' crusader: NASA advances CubeSat concept for planetary exploration - 17:00

Using a sounding rocket to help calibrate NASA's SDO - 17:00

Bugs and slugs ideal houseguests for seagrass health - 17:00

Drought-induced tree mortality accelerating in forests - 17:00

Twitter-Google deal puts tweets in search results - 17:00

For spider monkeys, social grooming comes with a cost - 16:00

US charges China academics in trade theft scheme - 15:30

Thinking alike changes the conversation - 15:30

PayPal to pay $25 mn for illegally enrolling users in credit program - 15:30

Advocacy group: Wind turbine rules needed to protect birds - 14:30

Airline chief casts doubt on plane hacking claim - 14:30

Mobile shapes how video, wireless providers evolve - 14:30

Sweden seizes Pirate Bay web domains - 13:30

Iceland whale meat shipment to Japan sparks protests - 13:30

FDA proposes to know more about antibiotic use in animals - 13:00

Air Force mystery space plane poised for Wed. launch - 13:00

NASA's triple examination of Typhoon Dolphin - 13:00

I sprint for exercise: NASA's iRAT study - 12:30

Seashell strength inspires stress tests - 12:30

Printing 3-D graphene structures for tissue engineering - 12:30

A virtual twin: Can virtual drivers resembling the user increase trust in smart cars? - 12:30

Plastic a valuable option for farmers' markets - 12:30

Bloom preservation: Keep your gerberas blooming with urea and acid - 12:30

Tech firms, activists press US on encryption - 12:30

Not Your Ma's Bell: AT&T evolves beyond phones - 12:30

Dutch threaten UberPOP with million-euro fine - 12:30

New techniques for reprogramming stem cells target neurological disease models - 12:00

Unsavory hits the App Store and Google Play - 12:00

Chameleon proteins make individual cells visible - 12:00

Atmospheric release of BPA may reach nearby waterways - 12:00

Researcher harnesses energy-efficient pulsed electric fields to preserve milk - 12:00