Tuesday the 28th of October 2014

Variation in antibiotic bacteria in tropical forest soils may play a role in diversity - 01:00

Monday the 27th of October 2014

How did complex life evolve? The answer could be inside out - 20:10

Sniffing out new repellents: why mozzies can't stand the DEET - 17:50

Ebola virus spreads to Halloween outfits - 17:50

Chandra observatory identifies impact of cosmic chaos on star birth - 17:50

Chimps plan for a good early breakfast - 17:20

Phaistos Disk may be prayer to mother goddess - 16:50

Future-focused women stand up to global warming with taxes, checkbook - 16:50

Hawaii volcano lava wave nears homes - 16:50

SDO observes more flares erupting from giant sunspot - 16:20

Twitter reports loss as revenue and use grows - 16:20

Wi-Fi hotspot named for terror group delays flight - 15:50

Possible complete mammoth skeleton found in Idaho - 15:50

UF physicists win two top international awards - 15:20

Two million barrels of oil on ocean floor after BP spill - 14:50

Ultrafast electron diffraction experiments open a new window on the microscopic world - 14:20

Two years after superstorm Sandy: Resilience in twelve neighborhoods - 14:20

Xbox One price cut in US for holiday season - 14:20

First atlas of body clock gene expression informs timing of drug delivery - 14:20

Reducing population is no environmental 'quick fix', modelling research shows - 14:20

Scientists' new analysis of plant proteins advances our understanding of photosynthesis - 14:20

Viral switches share a shape - 14:20

In Amazon wars, bands of brothers-in-law - 14:20

African lion deserves 'endangered species' protection - 14:20

Syracuse physicists closer to understanding balance of matter, antimatter in universe - 13:50

Satellite movie shows Tropical Storm Ana headed to British Columbia, Canada - 13:50

Amazon workers in Germany stage fresh strikes - 13:50

No Galileo nav-sat launch for December - Arianespace - 13:50

With comet film, ESA boldly goes into sci-fi - 13:50

Prostate cancer, kidney disease detected in urine samples on the spot - 13:21

Using microscopic bugs to save the bees - 13:00

Study gives new view on how cells control what comes in and out - 13:00

Aqua satellite eyeing Tropical Cyclone Nilofar in Arabian Sea - 13:00

Odor molecules monitor pest that spreads devastating citrus disease - 13:00

Space station dodging junk from old satellite - 12:30

Hot on the trail of the Asian tiger mosquito: Scientists use new discipline of landscape genetics - 12:00

Study connects penguin chick weights to local weather conditions - 12:00

'Sticky' ends start synthetic collagen growth - 12:00

Rice team sets sights on better voting machine - 12:00

Ancient shipwreck discovered near Aeolian Islands - 12:00

Imaging the genome: Cataloguing the fundamental processes of life - 11:30

Starting salaries largely stagnant; internship scene improves - 11:30

A GPS from the chemistry set - 11:30

Taxi GPS data helps researchers study Hurricane Sandy's effect on NYC traffic - 11:30

Boosting biogasoline production in microbes - 11:30

NASA sees a 'Zombie' tropical storm kick off Halloween week - 11:30

Amazon unveils TV stick, challenging Chromecast - 11:00

Light-matter interaction can turn opaque materials transparent - 11:00

Mars Orbiter's spectrometer shows Oort comet's coma - 10:30

Data from 'old' experiment appears to constrain the idea of dark photons as part of dark matter theory - 10:30