Tuesday the 21st of June 2016

Coexistence of superconductivity and charge density waves observed - 10:02

Caribbean Sea acts like a whistle and can be 'heard' from space - 10:02

Ultra-thin slices of diamonds reveal geological processes - 10:02

How the songbird learns its melody - 10:02

How water droplets freeze: The physics of ice and snow - 10:02

Why planes freeze - 10:02

Important milestone reached on road to a redefined kilogram - 10:02

Video: The world's most delicious chemical reaction - 10:02

Study reveals millennials are more likely to unplug while on vacation than gen X - 09:01

Softbank sells stake in game developer Supercell to Tencent - 09:01

Endangered Boreal felt lichen set to decline 50 percent in 25 years despite conservation efforts - 09:01

Research on massive vertebrae sheds new light on Alamosaurus sanjuanensis - 09:01

Computer watches human camera operators to improve automated sports broadcasts - 09:01

Which animals will cope with climate change droughts? - 09:01

Odors can be measured by analytical chemistry - 09:01

Tracking the aluminum used to purify tap water - 08:31

Hybrid nanogenerator harvests hard-to-reach ocean energy - 08:31

Core proteins exert control over DNA function - 08:31

Historically speaking, where are the summer 'hot spots' for severe weather in the U.S.? - 07:31

Artifacts discovered on return expedition to Antikythera shipwreck - 07:31

A photoswitch made using just one photosensitive molecule - 07:31

Computational materials screening and targeted experiments reveal promising nitride semiconductors - 07:01

Victoria's forests worth more as national park than timber - 07:01

Bioenergy can support food security and sustainable development - 07:01

Asia-Pacific trade strengthened by people-to-people links - 07:01

Insights into how soil microbes regulate carbon and sulfur cycling - 07:01

New look at rare fossil reveals clues about early reptiles - 07:01

Climate change and wild weather - 07:01

Researchers tap the power of supercomputing to find rare-earth refining alternatives - 07:01

Birds found able to learn abstract grammatical structures - 07:01

Oxyhalides—a new class of high-tc multiferroic materials - 07:01

Gender equity can cause sex differences to grow bigger - 06:31

SoftBank clears founder's heir apparent of misconduct claims - 06:31

Scientists reveal sub-Saharan Africa's 4000-year legacy of past migrations - 06:01

Research shows private school principals report strong influence - 06:01

Image: Expedition 47 soyuz landing - 06:01

DNA analysis rewrites the story of thinhorn sheep during the last ice age - 06:01

Newborn giant planet grazes its star - 06:01

Mystery of powerful lightning at sea not solved completely - 06:01

Current global coral bleaching set to continue - 06:01

Swift gamma-ray bursts—a 3D step toward standard candles - 06:01

Young super-Neptune offers clues to the origin of close-in exoplanet - 06:01

Professor's work focuses on revving up the highest-speed networks - 06:01

Why so many Australian species are yet to be named - 06:01

Solar cells for greener and safer energies - 05:31

Quantum calculations broaden the understanding of crystal catalysts - 05:31

Aggressive protection plan for caribou ranges in northern and central Alberta - 05:31

Image: ESA's Planck satellite captures prominent ring of gas near the North Celestial Pole - 05:31

FAA rules to clear way for routine commercial drone flights - 04:01

Volkswagen places question mark over future of diesel technology - 04:01