Monday the 24th of July 2017

Engineers achieve significant breakthrough in spin wave based information processing technology - 07:32

The goldsmith's tomb - 07:32

Rhino poaching dips slightly in South Africa - 05:02

Philips profits plunge 32.9% in second quarter - 03:02

'Hindcasting' study investigates the extreme 2013 Colorado flood - 03:02

Thai cops bust $3 million phone scam gang - 03:02

Campaigning on climate science consensus may backfire, warn scholars - 02:32

Sunday the 23rd of July 2017

Russians march against state internet crackdown - 10:22

Uber's airport service in Madrid under attack from town hall - 10:22

Sri Lanka navy rescues two elephants washed out to sea - 10:22

Robot finds possible melted fuel inside Fukushima reactor - 03:02

China cashing out as mobile payment soars - 03:02

Pedal power sways Muscovites despite perils - 03:02

Saturday the 22nd of July 2017

Newly discovered Nevada toad species already under threat - 16:42

UK moves to tighten rules on drone use - 10:52

Creating the largest neutrino detectors in the world - 03:42

Friday the 21st of July 2017

Optimization for self-production may explain mysterious features of the ribosome - 16:32

National Weather Service cancels its union contract - 16:32

NASA sees Tropical Storm Noru east of Japan - 15:32

Name that scotch: Colorimetric recognition of aldehydes and ketones - 15:32

Zing! Sprint opens 'Twice the Price' store next to Verizon retailer - 14:32

NASA spots newly formed Tropical Depression 08W in South China Sea - 14:32

Solar eclipse offers millions a chance at citizen science - 14:02

GOES Satellite sees Tropical Depression 09E form - 14:02

NASA notes 9th northwestern Pacific Tropical Cyclone - 14:02

Rush hour pollution may be more dangerous than you think - 13:32

Since its IPO, Snap Inc. did exactly what it said it would, so why is its stock struggling? - 13:32

High-tech mystery: Is a Facebook phone in the works? - 13:32

Judge OKs $11.2M settlement for hacked Ashley Madison users - 13:32

Review: Amazon meal kits offer easy dinners—for a price - 13:32

'Mystery' signal from space is solved. It's not aliens - 13:02

Satellite sees Tropical Storm Greg after 'eating' a depression - 12:32

Good fighters are bad runners - 12:32

Hackers had access to millions of Social Security numbers - 12:32

3-D shape acquisition using water displacement as the shape sensor for the reconstruction of complex objects - 12:32

Silicon Valley investors embrace a new vision of college - 12:32

Computers using linguistic clues to deduce photo content - 11:33

NASA sees Tropical Storm Fernanda sliding into central Pacific - 11:33

Rare discovery of three new toad species in Nevada's Great Basin - 11:33

In saliva, clues to a 'ghost' species of ancient human - 11:33

Lyft forms own autonomous vehicle unit, will open network - 11:33

Exhumation of Dali's remains finds his mustache still intact - 11:33

Superluminous supernova marks the death of a star at cosmic high noon - 11:33

NC island's mysterious birth appears on NASA satellite images - 11:33

Best Buy rings up a rebound - 11:33

Re-envisioning underwater imaging - 10:02

India must rethink infrastructure needs for 100 new 'smart' cities to be sustainable - 10:02

Sparkling springs aid quest for underground heat energy sources - 10:02

Probing the pores in membrane vesicles - 10:02

Is Syria really a 'climate war'? The links between drought, migration and conflict - 10:02