Tuesday the 22nd of April 2014

Researchers discover the most effective animal signal strategies - 16:30

Humpback protections downgrade clears way for pipeline - 16:30

Physicists consider implications of recent revelations about the universe's first light - 16:00

Getting at the root of the mountain pine beetle's rapid habitat expansion and forest - 16:00

Florida is 'Ground Zero' for sea level rise - 15:30

Top US court wrestles with TV, copyright and 'cloud' - 14:30

Globe had fourth hottest March; US cooler than normal - 14:30

Bloomberg invests $5M in solar-powered lamp - 14:30

Peru probes killing of endangered penguins - 14:30

Online retailers have clear advantage by not collecting sales tax - 14:00

AT&T joins crowded field with online video plans - 13:00

Madagascar fights to prevent oil spill from stricken tanker - 13:00

Research shows impact of Facebook unfriending - 12:30

New patenting guidelines are needed for biotechnology - 12:30

Mantis shrimp stronger than airplanes - 12:30

NASA gets two last looks at Tropical Cyclone Jack - 12:30

Cyber risks can cause disruption on scale of 2008 crisis, study says - 12:30

New electric fish genus and species discovered in Brazil's Rio Negro - 12:00

'Russian Facebook' founder says has left country after being pushed out - 12:00

Vacuum ultraviolet lamp of the future created in Japan - 12:00

Ask yourself: Will you help the environment? - 12:00

What gave us the advantage over extinct types of humans? - 12:00

Full power: Alternative energy partnerships flourish in Asia - 12:00

Wildlife response to climate change is likely underestimated, experts warn - 11:30

Paleoanthropologists use models to show humans may have left Africa earlier than thought - 10:00

High-performance, low-cost ultracapacitors built with graphene and carbon nanotubes - 10:00

Rainbow trout genome sequenced - 10:00

UV-radiation data to help ecological research - 09:30

Nanomaterial outsmarts ions - 09:30

Unique pair of supermassive black holes in an ordinary galaxy discovered - 09:30

Genetic testing shows Neanderthals less diverse than modern humans - 09:30

How far are the planets from the Sun? - 09:00

Carnegie Mellon system lets iPad users explore data with their fingers - 09:00

Grasp of SQUIDs dynamics facilitates eavesdropping - 09:00

Like a hall of mirrors, nanostructures trap photons inside ultrathin solar cells (w/ Video) - 09:00

Cloaked DNA nanodevices survive pilot mission - 09:00

Tesla delivers first China cars, plans expansion - 08:31

NIST removes cryptography algorithm from random number generator recommendations - 08:30

Material scientist exploring ways to improve efficiency of solar cells - 08:30

Understanding the energy and charge transfer of ions passing through membranes - 08:30

First size-based chromatography technique for the study of living cells - 08:30

How often are unauthorized immigrant workers trafficked and abused? - 08:30

Queuing theory helps physicist understand protein recycling - 08:30

Google challenges nonprofits on ideas to use Glass - 08:30

Comcast 1Q earns beat Street on upbeat NBC result - 08:30

Previewing the bizzare April 29th solar eclipse - 08:30

Massive climate change mapping and modeling project - 08:00

Bright lights, small crystals: Scientists use nanoparticles to capture images of single molecules - 08:00

UK's lead in physics healthy but insecure - 07:30

Researchers achieve higher solar-cell efficiency with zinc-oxide coating - 07:30