Thursday the 20th of April 2017

Crystals grown aboard space station provide radiation detecting technology - 16:52

Apple touts greater use of recycled metal in gadgets - 16:52

Activists sue to force Canada to protect caribou - 16:52

Application of statistical method shows promise mitigating climate change effects on pine - 16:51

France to introduce video refereeing in football play-offs - 16:51

Video: The weird chemistry threatening masterpiece paintings - 16:51

Rising water temperatures endanger health of coastal ecosystems, study finds - 16:51

Flying cars take off on French Riviera - 13:02

Naked mole-rats turn into plants when oxygen is low - 13:02

BP oil spill did $17.2 billion in damage to natural resources, scientists find - 13:02

Environmental 'memories' passed on for 14 generations - 13:01

Researchers uncover a mechanism of how bacteria with the same genotype can show a different phenotype - 13:01

Using venomous proteins to make insect milkshakes - 13:01

Empowerment of women worldwide key to achieving competing goals of food sufficiency and biodiversity protection - 13:01

Rare supernova discovery ushers in new era for cosmology - 13:01

New quantum liquid crystals may play role in future of computers - 13:01

NASA sees the formation of early Atlantic Ocean Tropical Depression 1 - 12:31

Researchers unlock hardware's hidden talent for rendering 3D graphics for science—and video games - 12:31

Study: Accomplished female scientists often overlooked - 12:31

NASA sees the end of ex-Tropical Cyclone 02W - 12:01

Bacteria used to fight antimicrobial contamination of soil and water - 12:01

Finding order and structure in the atomic chaos where materials meet - 12:01

Italian court rules mobile phone caused tumour - 12:01

New NSF special report released ahead of Earth Day - 11:31

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Flying car to go on sale - 11:31

Google Home's assistant can now recognize different voices - 11:31

Researchers produce detailed map of potential Mars rover landing site - 11:31

New tools visualize where bacterial species live in the gut, control their activity - 11:01

Scientists develop a new method to understand what and where the DROSHA protein is cutting - 11:01

In roundworms, fats tip the scales of fertility - 11:01

Bergamotene—alluring and lethal for Manduca sexta - 11:01

Open-source mungbean genetic information website enables better varieties - 09:31

Research underlines positive impact of press freedom on stock markets - 09:31

The formation of gold deposits in South Africa - 09:31

Can we see a singularity, the most extreme object in the universe? - 09:31

By listening to optical 'noise,' researchers discover new way to track hidden objects - 09:31

Hubble celebrates 27 years with two close friends - 09:31

Stink bug traps perform poorly during winter invasions - 09:31

Antarctica's biodiversity is under threat from tourism, transnational pollution and more - 09:31

American, Russian arrive at International Space Station - 09:31

Coral reefs struggle to keep up with rising seas, leave coastal communities at risk - 09:01

Deadly amphibian plague can infect young zebrafish, scientists discover - 08:31

Genetic evidence suggests that early mammals had good night-time vision, suggests they were nocturnal - 08:31

These amazing creative animals show why humans are the most innovative species of all - 08:31

Nature and nurture dictate the social structure - 08:31

Widely used engineering technique has unintended consequences new research reveals - 08:31

Image: Proba-1 images Calanda reservoir - 08:31

Coordination chemistry of anions through halogen-bonding interactions - 08:31

Buying drinks for a band: the birth of payment service Venmo - 08:31

Poll: Black teens most active on social media apps - 08:31