Wednesday the 22nd of June 2016

Israel plans law against using Facebook for 'terror' - 17:01

A 'Fitbit' for plants? Low-cost, portable platform to gauge plant health - 17:01

94-million-year-old climate change event holds clues for future - 17:01

Negative feedback loops help maintain the function of mutated proteins - 17:01

Developed in Waterloo, now orbiting in space - 17:01

Team discovers new origins for farmed rice - 17:01

Creating more effective product recalls by improving traceability - 17:01

The call of the sea: Mammalian evolutionary transitions back to the sea - 17:01

Team predicts a universe crowded with black holes - 13:31

Russia invests in futuristic Hyperloop train - 13:31

How huanglongbing affects oranges' detachment force, fruit properties - 13:01

Car quality improves even as new technology is introduced - 13:01

Nielsen hopes to bring science to TV casting - 13:01

More reasons to eat your broccoli - 13:01

A new vision for video game consoles - 13:01

Rare moth in severe decline at its last English site - 13:01

The World's oldest farmers - 13:01

Young bowhead whales may cease growing lengthwise to grow head and baleen plates - 13:01

In worldwide chemotaxis competition, researchers race cell lines to the finish line - 13:01

Dormant black hole eats star, becomes X-ray flashlight - 12:01

Study finds contagious cancers are spreading among several species of shellfish - 12:01

Sequencing method precise enough to reveal mechanisms by which bacteria resist antibiotics - 12:01

Particle zoo in a quantum computer: First experimental quantum simulation of particle physics phenomena - 12:01

Teachers optimistic about Common Core writing standards, but not tests - 11:31

Bioplastic and biofabric tested for cucumber production - 11:31

Obama signs major overhaul of toxic chemicals rules into law - 11:31

Click here when I die: Sites lay out plans for loved ones - 11:31

Experts examine the environmental impact of crime - 11:01

Lizard tail adaptations may reflect predators' color vision capabilities - 11:01

Indian cabinet approves mobile radiowaves auction - 11:01

Decision on reviled sea birds has foes feeling helpless - 11:01

Senate blocks allowing access to online data without warrant - 11:01

As Alaska warms, methane emissions appear stable, study finds - 11:01

Looking for a good nonprofit CEO? Choose a teddy bear, not a shark, study says - 11:01

The new system that uses sound to alleviate water shortage - 11:01

Riding Segway's hoverboard is like skiing on LA's streets - 11:01

Shark census reaches first 100 reefs - 10:31

Wild boars and wart hogs may have an internal compass - 10:31

Deficit irrigation from ebb and flow system effective for poinsettia - 10:31

Hip implants—metal wear impairs bone-forming cells' function - 10:01

Bees are more productive in the city than in surrounding regions - 10:01

Neutralizing acidic forest soils boosts tree growth, causes spike in nitrogen export - 10:01

Decoding the glass 'genome' contributes to new functional materials - 10:01

Protecting grapes from pests by boosting their natural immunity - 10:01

Screwworm sex earns departed US duo a 'Golden Goose' - 10:01

Solar plane powers on over Atlantic after turbulence - 10:01

Barrier screens reduce damage from brown marmorated stink bug - 10:01

Researchers provide new insights on coral bleaching - 10:01

Changing the federal legal status of marijuana could boost research, ease confusion - 10:01

Amazon launches upgraded Kindle e-reader - 10:01