Wednesday the 27th of May 2015

Quantum computer emulated by a classical system - 08:30

Researchers find migration risks likely led to drab colored female birds - 08:00

Study finds shade, cover can reduce predation by birds on trout - 08:00

Putting piano music from Schubert's time under the microscope - 08:00

Using radar satellites to study Icelandic volcanoes and glaciers - 08:00

Satellites catch the birth of two volcanic islands - 08:00

3-D printed anatomy kit is now available - 08:00

Nanotechnology helps protect patients from bone infection - 08:00

Study suggests genetic basis for same-sex sexual behavior offers evolutionary advantage - 08:00

Extracting useful scientific information from social media - 08:00

Experiments show that the careful choice of witnesses makes it easier to detect entangled quantum states - 07:30

Recharging in private - 07:30

Gravitational wave detection likely within five years, according to researcher - 07:30

Potential of seagrass in combating climate change - 07:30

Assault and robbery rates impact high-end property values - 07:30

Faster evolution not responsible for tropical biodiversity - 07:00

Protecting food, energy and livelihoods in Punjab - 07:00

Scientist provides new fluid dynamics insights - 07:00

Biosensor may improve clinical diagnosis of influenza A - 07:00

Online survey researchers should be cautious with trick questions - 07:00

Uncovering diversity in an invisible ocean world - 07:00

Voice synthesis software delivers high-quality singing automatically - 07:00

Assessing the impacts of small-scale mining in eastern Indonesia - 07:00

'Dementor' wasp, giant stick insect among new Mekong finds - 06:30

Germany auctions off new mobile phone frequencies - 06:30

Interconnecting distant NZ windfarms could be boon for grid - 06:30

Almost half of all people released from the prison system become homeless - 06:30

Technology, collaboration can personalize education for American students - 06:30

Flexible reduced-load work arrangements can help companies, professionals - 06:00

Non-aqueous solvent supports DNA nanotechnology - 06:00

'Very exciting time' ahead for power industry, energy expert says - 06:00

Development decisions made today will fundamentally alter Africa's ecological future - 06:00

Rewriting the history of the Boaz mastodon - 05:30

Highly endangered 100-year-old turtle given last chance to breed - 05:30

Nanosilver and the future of antibiotics - 05:30

Evolution of the Antarctic ice sheet - 05:30

Discovery shows what the solar system looked like as a 'toddler' - 05:30

Image: XMM-Newton self-portraits with planet Earth - 05:30

New algorithm lets autonomous robots divvy up assembly tasks - 05:30

Fly-catching robot expands the scope of biomedical research - 05:30

Online mapping tool shows fishery managers how to reduce bycatch - 05:30

How living with a tech expert affects your own tech abilities - 05:30

Better mouse model enables colon cancer research - 05:30

SUrface Dust Mass Analyzer (SUDA) selected for Europa mission - 05:30

A bubbly cosmic celebration - 05:30

How to lure a pest of pistachio, almond and walnut - 05:30

Image: Europa's Jupiter-facing hemisphere - 05:30

Audi R8 e-tron aims for high performance and self-driving tech - 04:31

SpaceX cleared for US military launches - 04:31

OECD eyes 'enormous' economic gains from better education - 04:30