Wednesday the 27th of July 2016

New model may help solve the mystery of how lithium stabilizes moods - 15:11

How sole-source LEDs impact growth of Brassica microgreens - 15:11

Survey of 31 years of video games shows a decline in sexualized female characters - 15:11

Videos reveal birds, bats and bugs near Ivanpah solar project power towers - 15:11

Researchers use the North Atlantic Oscillation as a predictive tool for managing an iconic fishery - 15:11

Serendipitous observation may lead to more efficient solar cells and new gas sensors - 13:11

Should the gray wolf keep its endangered species protection? New genomic research provides the scientific answer - 13:11

Frog reproduction in created ponds may be affected by disease and food availability - 13:11

Two new highly adorned spiky ant species discovered in New Guinea - 13:11

Morphology suggests an endangered goby in southern California is a new species - 13:11

Building with flexible blocks - 12:11

Jupiter's great red spot heats planet's upper atmosphere - 12:11

Star's intense radiation beams whip neighboring red dwarf - 12:11

Atlantic flights disrupted by Iceland air traffic glitch - 11:11

2016 Ford Edge lauded for reliability, powerful engines - 11:11

Conservation scientists call for global strategy to halt threatened animal extinctions - 11:11

Tuned gels reveal molecules that drive stem cell differentiation - 11:11

And now it's Comcast vs. the wait for the cable guy - 11:11

Revolutionary web browser lets you lead a smarter life when you get a HAT - 10:11

Novel self-assembly can tune the electronic properties of graphene - 09:41

After-hours email expectations negatively impact employee well-being - 09:41

Researchers say trees could help strengthen auto parts - 09:41

Montreal households the greenest in Canada, study finds - 09:41

Reducing carbon emissions using waste marble powder - 09:41

NASA releases 'Microbiomics: The Living World In and On You' video - 09:11

Did the LIGO gravitational waves originate from primordial black holes? - 09:11

New approach for environmental test on livestock drugs - 09:11

New Zealand wren DNA analysis reshapes geological theory - 09:11

Improving safety of neutron sources - 09:11

Monitoring cell fates - 09:11

Watering solar cells makes them grow... in power - 09:11

Cooking oil, graphene among CO2 capture prize entry ideas - 09:11

Researchers create new 3-D imagery and documentation of Native American artifacts - 08:41

Researchers improve the ITV brake inspection systems - 08:41

Image: Dust storm over the Red Sea - 08:41

Redefining the kilogram at NPL - 08:11

Silicon-air battery achieves running time of over 1,000 hours for the first time - 08:11

Role of sponges in cold-water coral reefs investigated - 08:11

Global study reveals businesses and countries vulnerable to shortage of cybersecurity talent - 08:11

How do pesticides protect crops? - 08:11

New catalyst for hydrogen production - 08:11

How atmostpheric dust affects photovoltaic output - 08:11

Moving beyond semiconductors for next-generation electric switches - 08:11

New study reveals where MH370 debris more likely to be found - 08:11

The hot attraction of gold - 08:11

World first demo of labyrinth magnetic-domain-optical Q-switched laser - 08:11

Getting light in shape with metamaterials - 08:11

Image: ATV docking ring - 08:11

SolarWorld to appeal US court's ruling to pay $793M damages - 07:41

Novel porous materials made from flexible "spaghetti-like" molecules - 07:41