Thursday the 16th of October 2014

UK mining co in bankruptcy on market slump, Ebola - 13:01

Dutch court refuses to punish illegal cannabis growers - 13:01

Mysterious Midcontinent Rift is a geological hybrid - 13:01

Engineers find a way to win in laser performance by losing - 13:01

Loss of big predators could leave herbivores in a thorny situation - 13:01

Feds: Don't expect winter to be polar vortex redux - 12:31

Cadavers beat computers for learning anatomy - 12:31

Cell architecture: Finding common ground - 12:04

Light bending material facilitates the search for new particles - 12:04

WASP has printer, will travel, to make houses - 12:03

Amphibians being wiped out by emerging viruses - 11:31

Study recommends ongoing assessment of impact of offshore wind farms on marine species - 11:31

The social web of things - 11:01

New report synthesizes best available science on management of moist mixed-conifer forests - 11:01

That pregnant feeling makes a fly start nesting - 11:01

Are male brains wired to ignore food for sex? - 11:01

Amphibian communities collapse in wake of viral outbreak - 11:01

Dispelling a misconception about Mg-ion batteries - 11:00

How, when, and why industrial ecology is good for business - 10:31

CBS debuts stand-alone streaming service - 10:31

FBI director warns against cellphone encryption - 10:31

Nortal and VTT start cooperation in the fast-growing big data market - 10:31

Primitive microbes stole bacterial genes on a surprising scale - 10:00

Inexplicable signal provides tantalising clue about dark matter - 09:30

Amazon hires 80K seasonal holiday workers - 09:30

Family farms crucial in fight to eradicate hunger: UN - 09:30

New iPads, Mac system expected at Apple event - 09:00

Polymer hybrid thin-film composites with tailored permeability and anti-fouling performance - 09:00

Mongolian women 'want status over big families' - 09:00

Shaping the way to see the world - 09:00

Turning humble seaweed into biofuel - 09:00

3D models can bring quicker, greener, cheaper construction - 09:00

Researcher discusses international team to protect ancient footprints - 09:00

Magnetic mirrors enable new technologies by reflecting light in uncanny ways - 09:00

Scientists identify "naïve-like" human stem cell - 09:00

Even the latest malware detection systems can be bypassed - 09:00

Researchers embark on longest space simulation on U.S. soil - 08:31

Image: Deforestation in the state of Rondônia in western Brazil, from orbit - 08:31

Scientists build first map of hidden universe - 08:31

Male songbirds don't have to be studs to find a mate - 08:31

Rivers flow differently over gravel beds, study finds - 08:31

New project to detect possible damages in aircraft parts early in process - 08:31

India's TCS Q2 rises 13% on US, European deals - 08:31

UnitedHealth tops 3Q expectations, raises forecast - 08:31

Study shows lemurs use communal latrines as information exchange centers - 08:31

Butterflies rely on connections amid changing climate - 08:31

Two-element atomic chain synthesized using microscopic space inside a carbon nanotube - 08:00

NASA Soil Moisture Mapper arrives at launch site - 08:00

NASA's RapidScat keeps a watchful eye on ocean storms - 08:00

Plant communities produce greater yield than monocultures - 08:00