Tuesday th 22nd of January 2019

Antarctic krill population contracts southward as polar oceans warm - 07:10

Armed with affection, octogenarian is an 'octopus whisperer' - 06:10

Famous freak wave recreated in laboratory mirrors Hokusai's 'Great Wave' - 04:40

Toyota, Panasonic announce venture for green auto batteries - 04:10

EasyJet takes £15m hit from London airport drone chaos - 03:50

Rising temperatures may safeguard crop nutrition as climate changes - 02:50

Possible Oahu populations offer new hope for Hawaiian seabirds - 02:50

Sociologist sees environmental support slip under democratic presidents - 02:50

World to miss 2020 climate 'turning point': analysis - 02:50

WhatsApp limits message forwarding to fight 'fake news' - 02:50

Monday th 21st of January 2019

The diversity of rural African populations extends to their microbiomes - 20:30

How hot are atoms in the shock wave of an exploding star? - 16:20

EU countries split over copyright overhaul - 15:50

China seems to confirm scientist's gene-edited babies claim - 15:50

Having stressed out ancestors improves immune response to stress - 15:50

Greenland ice melting four times faster than in 2003, study finds - 15:30

Leaf age determines the division of labor in plant stress responses - 15:00

Fossilized slime of 100-million-year-old hagfish shakes up vertebrate family tree - 15:00

Netflix is in a battle royale with Fortnite in the fight for your screen time - 14:10

Despite controversies, Facebook apps were the most used and downloaded in 2018 - 13:10

Facebook to expand Ireland operations with 1,000 staff - 12:10

France hits Google with 50 million euro data consent fine - 12:10

Scientists warn of climate 'time bomb' for world's groundwater - 12:10

Ancient climate change triggered warming that lasted thousands of years - 12:10

Following accidents, Dutch Uber lifts minimum driver age - 12:10

Spanish taxi strike against app services spreads to Madrid - 12:10

Europeans contemplating moon mission by 2025 - 12:10

Toward ultrafast spintronics - 11:10

In China, a link between happiness and air quality - 11:10

Mechanical engineers develop process to 3-D print piezoelectric materials - 11:10

New nanoparticle targets tumor-infiltrating immune cells, flips switch - 11:10

Competing species can both survive, study finds - 10:50

2-for-1: Total lunar eclipse comes with supermoon bonus - 10:50

Migrants need better access to health care in Europe: WHO - 10:20

The disintegrating exoplanet K2-22b - 10:20

Haze smoke affects butterfly caterpillars - 10:20

Research on environmental DNA in salmon monitoring could have economic benefits - 10:20

A closed cage-like molecule that can be opened - 10:20

Study to look at a dog's emotional attachment to toys - 10:20

Ancient carpet shark discovered with 'spaceship-shaped' teeth - 10:20

Biased algorithms: here's a more radical approach to creating fairness - 10:20

2-D magnetism reaches a new milestone - 10:20

Properties of graphene change in humid conditions - 10:20

Two- to three- fold increase in heatwave occurrence and severity seen directly in UK temperature records - 10:20

The living wage could lead to social and environmental sustainability - 10:20

New drug resistance process found in bacteria - 10:20

Scientists achieve the first stable simulations of DNA crystals - 10:20

How two metal detectorists discovered a complete Roman treasure - 10:20

The Victorians caused the meat eating crisis the world faces today—but they might help us solve it - 10:20

Frog choruses inspire wireless sensor networks - 09:30