Wednesday the 27th of August 2014

Wolves susceptible to yawn contagion - 13:00

MU researchers develop more accurate Twitter analysis tools - 12:31

Scientist uncovers red planet's climate history in unique meteorite - 12:31

More wolf spiders feasting on American toads due to invasive grass, study shows - 12:31

Witnessing the early growth of a giant - 12:31

NASA sees massive Marie close enough to affect southern California coast - 12:31

Climate change poses growing health threat, UN reports - 12:31

Detecting neutrinos, physicists look into the heart of the Sun - 12:00

Walking fish reveal how our ancestors evolved onto land - 12:00

Scientists looking across human, fly and worm genomes find shared biology - 12:00

Breaking benzene - 12:00

Big snowstorms will still occur in Northern Hemisphere following global warming, study finds - 12:00

Orion rocks: Pebble-size particles may jump-start planet formation - 11:00

Yellowstone supereruption would send ash across North America - 11:00

Group identity emphasized more by those who just make the cut - 10:30

Piglet weaning age no bar to litter frequency - 10:01

Sentinel-1 poised to monitor motion - 10:01

Leading scientists call for a stop to non-essential use of fluorochemicals - 10:01

How to prevent organic food fraud - 10:01

Light of life - 10:01

The roots of human altruism - 10:00

Study identifies upside to financial innovations - 10:00

Pacific plate shrinking as it cools: Calculations challenge assumptions about rigid lithosphere - 10:00

NOAA's Marine Debris Program reports on the national issue of derelict fishing traps - 10:00

NASA image: Veld Fires in South Africa - 10:00

Karina's remnants drawn into Hurricane Marie's spin - 10:00

Identifying long-distance threats: New 3D technology could improve CCTV images - 10:00

Paleontologists describe a possible dinosaur nest and young 'babysitter' - 09:30

NASA image: Happy Camp and July Fire Complexes in California - 09:30

Measurement at Big Bang conditions confirms lithium problem - 09:30

Researchers film protein quake for the first time - 09:30

Potential therapy for the Sudan strain of Ebola could help contain some future outbreaks - 09:30

The devastating spread of the mountain pine beetle - 09:30

Maker of $33 smartphone hails 'new era' for India - 09:30

Time Warner Cable says outages largely resolved - 09:30

Researchers study gallium to design adjustable electronic components - 08:31

Astronomers find evidence of water clouds in brown dwarf atmosphere - 08:01

Researchers suggest rate of evolution change can explain discrepancy between molecular clocks and fossil evidence - 08:01

Salmon are recolonising newly reconnected zones in the rivers of the Adour basin - 07:30

How parents can help their children succeed and stay in school - 07:30

NASA completes successful battery of tests on composite cryotank - 07:30

Spider personality study shows evidence of 'social niche specialization' - 07:30

Gifts that generate gratitude keep customers loyal - 07:30

Smartphones on aircraft – what access do we really want? - 07:00

3D printed nose wins design award - 07:00

Awakening the potential of plasma acceleration - 07:00

Students' designs for cellular-networking protocols help define the limits of protocol performance - 07:00

Intelligent system that predicts when alarms might be triggered could greatly improve the management of industrial plant - 07:00

Surface dynamics studies yield resilient materials for applications in high-intensity environments - 07:00

New cancer-hunting 'nano-robots' to seek and destroy tumours - 07:00