Thursday the 22nd of September 2016

Scientists confirm the universe has no direction - 08:31

Oceanic crab found to change its mating habits based on refuge size - 08:01

Researchers find gene that reduces female mosquitoes - 08:01

Palaeontologists uncover age-old secret of Hollywood celebrities - 08:01

Are red imported fire ants all bad? - 07:31

Past climate swings orchestrated early human migration waves out of Africa - 07:31

Study shows Indian Ocean sea level on the rise - 07:31

Head wound suggests ancient Aborigine was killed by a boomerang - 07:31

Invasive species may unexpectedly reduce disease prevalence - 07:01

GUIDE-Seq technology might detect double-strand DNA breaks in plants - 06:01

Researchers discover a cell in spinach that uses sunlight to produce electricity and hydrogen - 05:31

Automated screening for childhood communication disorders - 05:01

Scientists say ocean fossils found in mountains are cause for concern over future sea levels - 05:01

Shaping sound waves in 3-D could be useful for medical ultrasound applications - 05:01

Coral fish stress out if separated from 'shoal-mates' - 02:51

Wednesday the 21st of September 2016

Team ahead of the 'curve' in magnetic study - 17:03

Popular geosciences free mobile app adds 53 new field trip guides with 400 stops - 17:03

'Likes' less likely to affect self-esteem of people with purpose - 16:01

Prenatal stress accelerates growth and inhibits the motoric development of unborn monkeys - 16:01

Brain to robot: "move, please" - 16:01

The microdoctors in our bodies - 16:01

US, Canada broker agreement to share dwindling cod fishing - 16:01

Immigrants have little impact on native-born workers: study - 16:01

Zuckerberg, Chan pledge $3B to end disease - 15:31

Greenland ice loss 40 trillion pounds bigger than thought - 15:31

Dutch brothers in court for bitcoin mining with stolen power - 15:31

Digitally unwrapped scroll reveals earliest Old Testament scripture - 15:31

Amazon forest fire threatens natives, wildlife in Peru - 15:31

Possible hybrid threatens native iguanas in Cayman Islands - 15:31

Your TV may use more energy than you think, group charges - 15:31

Airbus wing plant is a model of robotic technology - 14:01

A conscious coupling of magnetic and electric materials - 13:01

Scientists triple known types of viruses in world's oceans - 13:01

'Schroedinger's cat' molecules give rise to exquisitely detailed movies - 13:01

Resonance in Rainbow Bridge: Study listens to the natural bridge vibrate and sing - 13:01

Review: Apple's new iPhone 7 models offer modest updates - 12:31

Donaldson Co. jumps into beverage filtration with heavyweight customers - 12:31

Why self-driving Uber cars look so geeky - 12:31

Lawn device inspired by stream of water consciousness - 12:31

Human DNA tied mostly to single exodus from Africa long ago - 12:31

Washington Post takes heat for Snowden prosecution call - 12:01

Tesla updates software to improve radar - 12:01

Breakthrough in understanding of how things deform - 12:01

Feeding a Mars mission: The challenges of growing plants in space - 11:31

Bringing bugs to the classroom makes everyone smarter - 11:31

Study unveils hidden molecular machinery in RNA processes - 11:31

Scientists discover half of Asia's protected areas too small for snow leopard survival - 11:01

Alternative methods to understand the water regime of the temporary rivers - 11:01

Next generation of statistical tools to be developed for the big data age - 11:01

A look at Volkswagen's one-year-old emissions scandal - 10:31