Thursday the 22nd of January 2015

Doubt cast on global firestorm generated by dino-killing asteroid - 07:10

'Bike sense' research will tap drivers on the shoulder to prevent cycling accidents - 07:10

Graphene brings quantum effects to electronic circuits - 07:10

Nadella: Microsoft aspires to get consumers 'loving Windows' - 06:40

'Sea butterflies' are part of effort to better understand changing oceans - 06:40

Fukushima executives to be spared charges over nuclear disaster - 06:40

Review: New TV tech focuses on better picture - 06:40

Researchers confirm elusive structure of powerful oxidizing intermediate 'Q' - 06:10

Apple buys British analytics company Semetric, gains music data tool - 06:10

Shazam receives $30 million investment at $1 billion valuation - 05:40

Advocates pressure US Congress to let small drones fly - 04:40

China air quality dire but improving: Greenpeace - 04:40

Netflix eyes empire as Internet TV battle heats up - 04:10

LG to launch curved G Flex 2 smartphone next week - 04:10

In next 15 years, Gates Foundation sees big jump for poor - 04:10

Microcredit doesn't live up to promise of transforming lives of the poor, six studies show - 03:50

Reports: Google planning to sell wireless phone service - 03:50

Wednesday the 21st of January 2015

Goshawk hunt and prey-evasion strategies revealed - 18:50

Law enforcement personnel using see-through radar tech - 18:50

Senate says climate change real, but doesn't agree on cause - 18:50

Antarctic drilling team is first to bore through hundreds of meters of ice to where ice sheet, ocean and land converge - 18:20

The Facebook of plant science - 18:20

Blended ecological knowledge systems yield insight for managing beargrass - 18:20

Ghana opens probe after government websites hacked - 18:20

Montana oil spill renews worries over pipeline safety - 18:20

Low gas prices, incentives change math for electric cars - 18:20

Uber raises $1.6 billion in financing from Goldman Sachs - 18:20

EBay to cut 2,400 jobs, spin off or sell enterprise unit - 17:20

WhatsApp adds messaging from Web - 17:20

Israel arrests man for stealing, selling Madonna songs - 17:20

Stepping stones to NASA's human missions beyond - 15:20

When the price just feels right: Do rounded numbers appeal to our emotions? - 15:20

Not so obvious: Consumers don't just assume bundled products are a better value - 15:20

Trying to project an image of success? It could make you dwell on your failures - 15:20

Marketing a new product? Getting consumers to visualize using it could backfire - 15:20

Does black-and-white advertising help consumers make better decisions? - 15:20

Huge asteroid to whip past Earth on Monday - 15:20

Developer has plans to preserve Westinghouse atom smasher - 15:20

'HoloLens': Microsoft debuts hologram goggles - 14:50

Four in 10 American children live in low-income families, new report shows - 14:20

UNL drillers help make new Antarctic discoveries - 14:20

New Windows 10 weaves together Microsoft-powered devices - 14:20

Job seekers with 'learning' attitude have more success - 13:50

Some oil recovered from broken pipeline after river spill - 13:50

4chan founder to retire from site he started at age 15 - 13:50

Peer-reviewed pocket-calculator climate model exposes serious errors in complex computer models - 13:20

Biological safety lock for genetically modified organisms - 13:20

Two lakes beneath the ice in Greenland, gone within weeks - 13:20

Synthetic amino acid enables safe, new biotechnology solutions to global problems - 13:20

A hard drive from space: Hidden magnetic messages uncovered - 13:20