Thursday the 25th of August 2016

World's first self-driving taxis debut in Singapore - 01:31

Research aims to use wider engagement to improve prisoner-community relations - 01:31

Wednesday the 24th of August 2016

Seismic shield: Large-scale metamaterials combat earthquakes in 3-D model - 18:31

Hay fever from ragweed pollen could double due to climate change - 18:01

By mid-century, more Antarctic snowfall may help offset sea-level rise - 18:01

Silicon Valley's power brain food: Crickets - 17:01

Bay Area startups developing the high-tech way to make a baby - 16:31

Augmented reality offers new way to shop for furniture - 16:01

Exoplanets 101: Looking for life beyond our Solar System - 15:31

US Treasury blasts European tax probe of multinationals - 15:31

Lyft CEO Logan Green has a plan that's far bigger than ride-hailing - 15:31

One of the most significant Etruscan discoveries in decades names female goddess Uni - 15:01

For teens, feeling safe at school means increased academic success - 15:01

Norwegian prisons rehabilitate criminal offenders - 15:01

Chew on this: How we believe our meat is raised can influence how it tastes - 15:01

NASA sees a small tropical depression 14W - 15:01

GPM sees Tropical Depression Kay fading into history - 15:01

Feeling the force between sand grains - 15:01

Green light: Biochemists describe light-driven conversion of greenhouse gas to fuel - 15:01

NASA sees Lionrock strengthen into a typhoon - 15:01

Can one cosmic enigma help solve another? Astrophysicists argue fast radio bursts could provide clues to dark matter - 15:01

Do juvenile murderers deserve life without parole? - 15:01

Scientific dig in weird Wyoming cave yields ice age insights - 15:01

Underwater expedition off California reveals sunken warship - 15:01

Reward your ears: Five gadgets to liven up your music - 15:01

Post-disaster optimization technique capable of analyzing entire cities - 14:31

New electrical energy storage material shows its power - 14:31

Earth scientists untangle the curious landscape of China's Tarim Basin using a model simulation of ancient events - 14:31

Median installed price of solar in the United States fell by 5-12 percent in 2015 - 14:31

Cosmic neighbors inhibit star formation, even in the early-universe - 14:31

A better way to learn if alien planets have the right stuff - 14:31

WISE, Fermi missions reveal a surprising blazar connection - 14:31

Researchers plumb the secrets of tissue paper - 14:31

Whiskers help animals sense the direction of the wind - 14:31

Arctic gives clues on worst mass extinction of life - 14:31

Ocean acidification threatens cod recruitment in the Atlantic - 14:31

Parents, listen up: Children keep still during prayer - 14:31

Bio-inspired tire design: Where the rubber meets the road - 14:02

Spherical tokamak as model for next steps in fusion energy - 14:02

Astronaut breaks US record: 521 days in space and counting - 14:02

Calcium channel blockers caught in the act at atomic level - 14:02

NASA's GPM observes Tropical Storm Gaston's development - 14:02

Mutually helpful species become competitors in benign environments - 13:01

Golden eagles may be more abundant in undeveloped, elevated landscapes - 13:01

Climate change: Trade liberalization could buffer economic losses in agriculture - 13:01

More than a few good men: Study finds counterintuitive outcomes of gender imbalance - 13:01

Interactive, open source visualizations of nocturnal bird migrations in near real-time - 13:01

Rocky planet found orbiting habitable zone of nearest star - 12:01

Humans have caused climate change for 180 years: study - 12:01

Whales in the desert - 10:01