Wednesday the 22nd of March 2017

Study of non-rainfall water in Namib Desert reveals unexpected origins - 13:42

Scientists evade the Heisenberg uncertainty principle - 13:42

New study shakes the roots of the dinosaur family tree - 13:42

Molecular 'treasure maps' to help discover new materials - 13:42

Lack of staffing, funds prevent marine protected areas from realizing full potential - 13:42

Scientists identify a new way gut bacteria break down complex sugars - 13:42

Tiller the Hun? Farmers in Roman Empire converted to Hun lifestyle—and vice versa - 13:42

Charitable giving: How do power and beliefs about equality impact donations? - 13:42

Researchers use light to remotely control curvature of plastics - 13:42

Sea ice extent sinks to record lows at both poles - 13:42

Under the dead sea, warnings of dire drought - 13:42

T-Mobile moves the needle in its research lab to compete with larger rivals - 13:42

CEO of Silicon Valley networking firm looks to future - 12:01

Insights pave way for solar cells and photodetectors based on tunable nanoparticles - 11:31

Bird flu confirmed in 3 Southern states; poultry not at risk - 11:31

Making 'mulch' ado of ant hills: Ant hill mulch improves soil moisture - 11:31

The 'time machine' that replicates three years of weather in three days - 11:31

Faster cellular signals could mean slower Wi-Fi - 11:31

'Super sponge' promises effective toxic clean-up of lakes and more - 11:01

Researchers create self-sustaining bacteria-fueled power cell - 11:01

With Astronomy Rewind, citizen scientists bring zombie astrophotos back to life - 11:01

Nature conservation as a bridge to peace in the Middle East - 11:01

Google Maps already tracks you; now other people can, too - 11:01

AP Interview: Emirates defends security as laptop ban looms - 11:01

NASA taking first steps toward high-speed space 'internet' - 10:31

Sea urchin spines could fix bones - 10:31

Spreading rumors on Twitter and mistaking retweets for truth - 10:31

Accounting for sex differences in biomedical research - 10:31

Fledgling stars try to prevent their neighbors from birthing planets - 10:31

Surveiling the consumer for loyalty and profit - 10:31

The Cerberus Groundsnake is a Critically Endangered new species from Ecuador - 10:31

3-D printing turns nanomachines into life-size workers - 10:01

Visualizing nuclear radiation: Team images gamma rays to help decontaminate Fukushima - 09:01

ATP hydrolysis energy explained through large-scale hybrid quantum / classical simulations - 09:01

Non-invasive prostate cancer diagnosing, monitoring - 09:01

Quadruped robot exhibits spontaneous changes in step with speed - 09:01

Discovery of a novel chromosome segregation mechanism during cell division - 09:01

One in four children will live with water shortages by 2040: UNICEF - 09:01

Synthetic physiologists engineer new receptor switched off by green light - 09:01

'Lab-on-a-glove' could bring nerve-agent detection to a wearer's fingertips - 09:01

Overeating and 'throwaway mentality' reduce global food security and damage the environment - 08:31

Experts in social support hope to help Cuba with its demographic dilemma - 08:31

How scarce funding shapes young scientists - 08:31

'Mean blind spot' leaves organisations vulnerable to cyber attack - 08:31

Innovative sensor monitors fruit cargo - 08:02

Imprinting nano-patterns in metals - 08:02

South Africa is no longer the poster child for providing access to safe water - 08:02

Ghosts of past diseases shape species evolution - 08:02

Heat treatment offers precise control over catalytic activity of metal sulfide nanoparticles - 08:02

Pollination mystery unlocked by bee researchers - 08:02