Thursday the 2nd of July 2015

Traders' hormones' may destabilize financial markets - 09:00

Should we all escape to the country during a heatwave? - 08:30

Turkey 'restricts' Facebook, Twitter at schools - 08:30

German government drops plans for contested coal tax - 08:30

New device checks the amount of stationary gas in real time - 08:30

NASA's Curiosity Mars rover studies rock-layer contact zone - 08:30

Mapping the people of Scotland - 08:30

New research platform provides support to journalists - 08:30

Tesla tops 11,000 vehicles delivered in second quarter - 08:30

Grunter's life choices chronicled in fisheries study - 08:00

Researcher proposes a new energy efficiency measurement - 08:00

What is a terrestrial planet? - 08:00

Researchers demonstrate measurement system able to resolve quantum fluctuations - 08:00

Collaboration with colleagues can spell success for teachers and their students - 08:00

Cities adapt to growing ranks of coyotes, cougars and other urban wildlife - 08:00

Making the biofuels process safer for microbes - 08:00

Contextually smart mobile services will be available to consumers - 08:00

Researchers to test new optical fibre 3-D printing technique - 08:00

What happens if intelligent machines commit crimes? - 08:00

Quantum computer storage may require the help of an intermediary to transmit information - 08:00

The clock is ticking: New method reveals exact time of death after 10 days - 08:00

Could sinkholes on 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko pose yet another risk to Philae? - 08:00

Our new anti-earthquake technology could protect cities from destruction - 08:00

Astronomers predict fireworks from a close encounter of the stellar kind - 07:30

NASA maps beach tar from California oil pipeline spill - 07:30

Better memory with faster lasers - 07:30

How Virginia is preparing for the next quake - 07:30

Data exchange between vehicles and the road network increases traffic safety - 07:30

Why GM food is so hard to sell to a wary public - 07:00

Image: Light toned deposit in the Aureum Chaos region on Mars - 07:00

Focused energy of lasers breaks microscopic adhesion - 07:00

New technology using silver may hold key to electronics advances - 07:00

Trapping vortices key to high-current superconductors - 06:30

New Horizons spacecraft stays the course to Pluto - 06:30

Researcher finds some financial choices driven by a primal urge to be a grandparent - 06:30

Autonomous robot Myon joins the cast at a Berlin opera - 06:30

Carbon capture and storage safety investigated - 06:30

Not all plastics equal - 06:30

Working out in artificial gravity - 06:30

New tool will measure impact of man-made noise on sea-mammals - 06:30

NASA takes to kansas skies to study nighttime thunderstorms - 06:30

Humans once hunted them, but may now hold key to fur seal survival - 06:30

Blind French hikers cross mountains with special GPS - 06:00

Dark matter map begins to reveal the universe's early history - 06:00

Researchers find the macroscopic Brownian motion phenomena of self-powered liquid metal motors - 06:00

Scientists advance cancer drug design with image of key protein - 06:00

How volcanic lightning is helping to demystify the Earth's plasmasphere - 06:00

Insect decoys could protect ash trees - 06:00

Nanospiked bacteria are the brightest hard X-ray emitters - 06:00

Research finds protein regulation linked to cells' growth cycle - 06:00