Thursday the 25th of May 2017

Genetic risk factor for equine eye cancer identified - 08:42

Survey finds US honeybee losses improve from horrible to bad - 08:42

Everest rescuers retrieve bodies of two Indian climbers - 08:42

Controlling 3-D behavior of biological cells using laser holographic techniques - 08:42

Approach tested at FAU first to look at dolphin immune system - 08:42

Modeling invasive activity: Zebra mussels' infiltration of North American rivers - 08:42

Your mobile phone can reveal whether you have been exposed to radiation - 08:01

Genome Analysis Toolkit 4 (GATK4) released as open source resource to accelerate research - 08:01

Teachers who write creatively can boost children's confidence in writing - 08:01

Study of biodiversity suggests a small increase in size of protected areas could reap large rewards - 08:01

Military-funded prosthetic technologies benefit more than just veterans - 08:01

Researchers replicate molten metal pouring behavior with newly developed simulation technology - 08:01

Study of relocated desert tortoises reveals a surprise - 08:01

Harvard team creates a cold-atom Fermi–Hubbard antiferromagnet - 08:01

Climate change litigation growing rapidly, says global study - 07:31

20 million birds and other animals die annually after ingesting lead left behind by hunters - 07:31

Researchers seek atomistic insights into ferroelectric materials - 07:31

The economics behind Uber's new pricing model - 07:31

Effective restoration of aquatic ecosystems - 07:31

Odd-petal-number states and persistent flows in spin-orbit-coupled Bose-Einstein condensates - 07:31

Potatoes with great potential for added value - 07:02

Researchers help provide first glimpse of organelles in action inside living cells - 07:02

Cultural value of natural world doesn't depend only on species diversity - 07:02

Harnessing nature to manage rising flood risk - 07:02

NASA moves up launch of Psyche mission to a metal asteroid - 07:02

Methanol detected for first time around young star - 07:02

Managing demand can save two power stations' worth of energy at peak times - 07:02

New Neliota project detects flashes from lunar impacts - 07:02

Research reveals different aspects of DNA demethylation involved in tomato ripening process - 06:01

Schiaparelli landing investigation completed - 06:01

Water forms 'spine of hydration' around DNA, group finds - 05:31

Smartphones could be changing the way we make moral decisions, says study - 05:31

Nanocar is the first step toward a controlled transport system at the molecular scale - 05:01

Scientists develop new concept of confined catalysis under 2-D materials - 05:01

Cassini looks on as solstice arrives at Saturn - 05:01

Research makes topological insulators magnetic well above room temperatures - 05:01

Image: Silicon carbide mirror subjected to thermal-vacuum testing - 05:01

High pressure key to lighter, stronger metal alloys, scientists find - 04:02

Summer rainfall in vulnerable African region can be predicted - 04:02

Scientists borrow from electronics to build circuits in living cells - 04:01

Chinese fans trash blackout as Google AI wins again - 03:31

A molecule produced by a Thai liver parasite could be the solution to those non-healing wounds - 02:32

Fighting forgery with paper fingerprints - 02:32

From blue and black dresses to turbine blades—here's the science of 'fake fake' photographs - 02:32

Facebook's Zuckerberg to give Harvard graduation speech - 02:32

New Zealand test rocket makes it to space but not to orbit - 02:31

New research proves the 'migrant work ethic' exists, in the short term - 02:02

Jury out on North Korea link to ransomware attack - 01:31

Chinese go champion begins 2nd game against computer - 01:31

Serious injuries at Tesla plant double industry average: report - 01:31