Tuesday the 15th of April 2014

Chemists achieve molecular first - 06:32

From red Mars to green Earth - 06:01

'Math detective' analyzes odds for suspicious lottery wins - 05:31

Long-term predictions for Miami sea level rise could be available relatively soon - 05:30

Agriculture's growing effects on rain - 05:30

Rock-paper-scissors model helps researchers demonstrate benefits of high mutation rates - 05:30

Study brings greater clarity to sex roles - 05:30

FINsix small-size laptop adapter uses special power platform - 05:00

Neuroscientist's idea wins new-toy award - 05:00

Amazon reportedly plans to release a smartphone this year - 04:35

Ikea buys wind farm in Illinois - 04:35

Deadly H5N1 bird flu needs just five mutations to spread easily in people - 04:00

Relativity's last-minute bid for Maker rebuffed - 04:00

Greenwald, Poitras, Gellman, MacAskill: key in NSA coverage - 04:00

India's Infosys profit up 25 percent, beats forecasts - 03:40

Xi urges China to build up joint space and air power - 03:40

Americas to get glimpse of total lunar eclipse - 03:13

Only 1 in 7 Japanese scientists are women: study - 03:13

Monday the 14th of April 2014

Moth study suggests hidden climate change impacts - 23:02

Asian air pollution affect Pacific Ocean storms - 16:30

Scientists pinpoint when harmless bacteria became flesh-eating monsters - 16:30

Researchers demonstrate that processing can affect size of nanocarriers for targeted drug delivery - 16:00

Lions Gate partners with online outfit RocketJump - 16:00

'Heartbleed' hits 1.5 million users of UK parenting website - 15:30

SpaceX delays station delivery launch - 15:30

Penicillin redux: Rearming proven warriors for the 21st century - 15:00

Google buys solar-powered drone maker Titan Aerospace - 15:00

WashPost, Guardian get Pulitzer for NSA story - 15:00

Researchers find that the extremes in Antarctic ozone holes have not been matched in the Arctic - 14:31

Ferns borrowed genes to flourish in low light - 14:30

'Problem wells' source of greenhouse gas at unexpected stage of natural gas production - 14:30

Symbiosis between beewolves and their protective bacteria originated millions of years ago, study shows - 14:30

Fire and drought may push Amazonian forests beyond tipping point - 14:30

Veggie will expand fresh food production on space station - 14:01

NASA sees Tropical Cyclone Ita over the Coral Sea - 14:01

SpaceX's Dragon headed to space station to create astronaut farmers - 14:01

Beam on target: CEBAF accelerator achieves 12 GeV commissioning milestone - 14:00

Making dams safer for fish around the world - 14:00

NASA sees remnants of Tropical Depression Peipah over Southern Philippines - 14:00

Twitter founders, CEO to keep shares after 'lockup' - 13:30

Netflix's Comcast deal improves quality of video - 13:30

Twitter executives meet Turkish officials amid free speech row - 13:00

Land Rover demos invisible bonnet / car hood (w/ video) - 13:00

Disease threatens world's bananas, says UN - 13:00

Efficient analysis of small quantity of cells improves chances to understand disease - 12:31

Three new species of yellow-shouldered bats discovered in museum collections - 12:31

Researchers describe four new species of 'killer sponges' from the deep sea - 12:31

Invention loves collaboration at Milan show - 12:31

Study: Samsung phone durable, but iPhone has edge - 12:31

Better climate predictions within grasp - 12:00