Tuesday the 29th of July 2014

London mayor expected to say city will rock 5G by 2020 - 05:00

Minorities aren't well represented in environmental groups, study says - 03:00

Illuminating the dark side of the genome - 03:00

Airbnb woos business travelers - 02:30

OkCupid admits toying with users to find love formula - 02:30

T-Mobile deal helps Rhapsody hit 2M paying subs - 02:30

Asians eating scaly anteaters to extinction: conservationists - 02:30

Monday the 28th of July 2014

German scientist starts four-week swim down Rhine river - 16:00

World's largest solar boat on Greek prehistoric mission - 15:30

Physicists unlock nature of high-temperature superconductivity - 15:00

Mineral magic? Common mineral capable of making and breaking bonds - 15:00

Impact of Deepwater Horizon oil spill on coral is deeper and broader than predicted - 14:00

New study confirms water vapor as global warming amplifier - 14:00

Microsoft says under antitrust probe in China - 13:00

Researchers discover cool-burning flames in space, could lead to better engines on earth (w/ Video) - 13:00

Lenovo's smart glasses prototype has battery at neck - 13:00

NASA sees Tropical Storm Hernan near Mexico's Baja California - 12:30

Satellite sees Genevieve's remnants chased by 2 more systems - 12:30

NOAA: 'Nuisance flooding' an increasing problem as coastal sea levels rise - 12:30

Sea star disease strikes peninsula marine centers - 12:30

Seeing is bead-lieving: Scientists create model 'bead-spring' chains with tunable properties - 10:30

Amazon launches 3D printing store - 10:30

Google searches hold key to future market crashes - 10:30

How sweet it is: New tool for characterizing plant sugar transporters - 10:30

Serial time-encoded amplified microscopy for ultrafast imaging based on multi-wavelength laser - 09:30

Zillow buys real estate rival Trulia for $3.5 bn - 09:30

Measuring the smallest magnets: Physicists measured magnetic interactions between single electrons - 09:01

Computer model shows moon's core surrounded by liquid and it's caused by Earth's gravity - 09:01

Understanding the source of extra-large capacities in promising Li-ion battery electrodes - 08:30

The right amount of grazing builds diverse forest ecosystems - 08:30

Image: Our flocculent neighbour, the spiral galaxy M33 - 08:00

Social network research may boost prairie dog conservation efforts - 08:00

EU antitrust body clears Apple's $3bn Beats deal - 08:00

Australia approves huge India-backed mine - 08:00

Fracking in UK national parks allowed in 'exceptional circumstances' - 08:00

Comet Jacques makes a 'questionable' appearance - 08:00

A word in your ear, but make it snappy - 08:00

'Doing nothing' to maintain the dunes on Ameland does not affect coastal safety - 08:00

Breakthrough in coccidiosis research - 08:00

Native species may be hindering fox control efforts - 07:30

Seeds keep vital much longer when stored without oxygen - 07:30

Having fun with the equation of time - 07:30

The mysteries of Antarctic sea ice - 07:30

Functional analysis reveals Miocene fossil pig's foraging behavior - 07:30

Titan offers clues to atmospheres of hazy planets - 07:30

James Webb Space Telescope's giant sunshield test unit unfurled first time - 07:30

Scientists throw light on the mechanism of plants' ticking clock - 07:30

Graphene surfaces on photonic racetracks - 07:00

New theory predicts magnets may act as wireless cooling agents. - 07:00

Can you really be identified on Tor or is that just what the cops want you to believe? - 07:00