Monday the 5th of October 2015

A 2-D microwave camera developed - 09:30

Liquid cooling moves onto the chip for denser electronics - 09:30

Horse sickness shares signs of human brain disorders, study finds - 09:30

Norway's Telenor to sell stake in Russia's VimpelCom - 09:30

New Quantum Cats game launches to build better understanding of quantum concepts - 09:02

Night calls reveal two new rainforest arboreal frog species from western New Giunea - 09:02

Research project focuses on narrowing nation's achievement gap - 08:30

A laptop battery system that knows your habits and lasts a lot longer - 08:30

What fewer women in STEM means for their mental health - 08:30

Researchers simulate information signaling between cells - 08:30

Best of Last Week – Water on Mars, drunk kicking a robot and a drug to sharpen memory - 08:30

At Asian film fest, new etiquette shows rise of mobile app - 08:30

Twitter gives co-founder Jack Dorsey a second chance as CEO - 08:30

Global climate agreements could be counterproductive - 08:30

Researchers measure electron orbitals of molecules in 3-D - 08:30

High-speed electron tomography sets new standards for 3-D images of the nanoworld - 08:30

High-speed march through a layer of graphene - 08:30

GCHQ's surveillance hasn't proved itself to be worth the cost to human rights - 08:30

Flipping molecular attachments amps up activity of CO2 catalyst - 08:30

Three new chigger mite species discovered in Taiwan - 08:30

Proposed diamond maser could operate at room temperature - 08:30

Instance of female reproductive failure due to shortage of males found in squirrels - 08:00

Invest a night in Vesta - 08:00

Keeping personal details personal in the Digital Age - 08:00

Saturn's moon Titan - 08:00

What kind of life would we find on Titan? - 08:00

Gas 'fingerprinting' could help energy industry manage carbon dioxide storage - 08:00

Atlas V streaks to orbit on 100th successful mission for ULA with Mexico's Morelos-3 - 08:00

Farming water on Mars - 07:30

Is there life on Mars? We're finally starting to wonder again - 07:30

Curiosity's drill hole and location are picture perfect - 07:30

Muon g-2 magnet successfully cooled down and powered up - 07:30

How big is the universe? - 07:30

Researchers find a new way to weigh a star - 07:00

Killing saltcedar does not increase streamflow in the Pecos River - 06:30

With the Peeple app you will be judged by the crowd – whether you like it or not - 06:30

Archaeology and conservation in the tropical forests of the Central African Republic - 06:30

Chewing over the aging process - 06:00

How we found the 'prehistoric beaver' that helped mammals inherit Earth after dinosaurs were wiped out - 06:00

Emissions targets are out of reach without a massive technological shift in Europe's basic industries - 05:30

Study: Airlines could achieve improved fuel savings - 05:30

Hundreds of new species discovered in the fragile Eastern Himalayan region - 05:30

Washtenaw County mammoth find hints at role of early humans - 05:30

Facebook, Eutelsat in African Internet satellite hook-up - 05:30

Three ways viruses have changed science for the better - 05:30

Color matters in display of fish aggression - 05:30

Genetic findings could save threatened water buffalo - 05:30

Brightness-equalized quantum dots improve biological imaging - 04:30

Student debt squeezing parents and children simultaneously - 03:30

Obama administration designates two new marine sanctuaries - 02:20