Friday the 26th of August 2016

Earthquakes don't kill, collapsing structures do—how can we build them to stay up? - 07:21

Predicting plant-soil feedbacks from plant traits - 07:21

How a 'weather bomb' shook the Earth – and why that's not an earthquake - 07:21

ZnO-coated high-performance bearings developed - 06:51

Going beyond impact factors—reforming scientific publishing to value integrity - 06:51

Discovery of an ape virus in an Indonesian rodent species - 06:51

Saving water with superabsorbent polymers - 06:51

Public archaeologists dig before the construction crews do - 06:51

Image: Space station view of Grand Canyon National Park - 06:21

Using data science to confront policing challenges - 06:21

Lyme bacteria mark out cell division locations for their progeny - 06:21

Police, authorities and Chinese community need to work together for a safer New Zealand - 06:21

New tool for medical students' anatomy lessons – a virtual scalpel - 06:21

Fluorescence Explorer satellite takes on mutants - 05:51

3-D printed structures that 'remember' their shapes - 05:51

Flexible treatment processes may create water supply that is affordable and benefits crops - 05:51

Apple issues update after security flaws laid bare: media - 05:51

SpaceX Dragon heads back to Earth with station science, gear - 05:51

NASA awards launch services contract for Mars 2020 rover mission - 05:51

NASA's Juno to soar closest to Jupiter this Saturday - 05:21

Spitzer Space Telescope begins 'Beyond' phase - 05:21

Where does AlphaGo go? - 04:51

Physicists discover new peculiarities of a material with a giant magnetocaloric effect - 04:51

A new study looks for the cortical conscious network - 04:51

Selective recovery of gold from secondary resources by a simple extraction method - 04:51

Russian scientists on the verge of solving the 'muon mystery' - 04:51

Seeing inside an ancient Australian Indigenous artefact non-invasively - 04:51

Netflix taunts N. Korea on-demand TV service on Twitter - 02:51

Conflict and drought threaten Mozambique's Gorongosa park - 02:51

Climate change taking toll on American pika's Western lands - 02:51

US government seeks ban on swimming with Hawaii dolphins - 02:21

NASA nears the end of its splashdown tests for Mars craft - 02:21

Strong aftershocks rattle devastated Italian earthquake zone - 02:21

Japan scientists detect rare, deep-Earth tremor - 02:21

Activist discovers iPhone spyware, sparking security update - 02:21

Singapore shrouded in smog as haze returns to SE Asia - 02:21

Indonesia seizes hundreds of frozen pangolins - 02:21

Businesses spent $341 billion on R&D performed in US in 2014 - 01:51

NASA awards Next Generation Land Mobile Radio contract - 01:51

Symmetry crucial for building key biomaterial collagen in the lab - 01:51

NASA sees heavy rain in Gaston as it fights wind shear - 01:51

Difference between shallow, deep earthquakes - 01:51

Thursday the 25th of August 2016

More to rainbows than meets the eye - 18:31

Scientists discover a 'dark' Milky Way: Massive galaxy consists almost entirely of dark matter - 15:01

A nanoscale wireless communication system via plasmonic antennas - 13:31

Conservation ecologists lay out a set of guidelines for how de-extinction can be made more ecologically responsible - 13:31

Apple boosts iPhone security after Mideast spyware discovery - 13:31

ICE, Homeland Security investigate Leslie Jones website hack - 13:31

Volkswagen, dealers reach tentative deal in cheating scandal - 13:31

Amazon starts car research and review site - 13:31