Tuesday the 28th of July 2015

Summer fruits depend on pollinators, but where have all the bees gone? - 07:00

Image: Why grasshoppers are plaguing Alberta's farms - 06:30

Video: Additive manufacturing—3-D printing beyond plastic - 06:30

The truth about sharks - 06:30

Teacher social-emotional skills are key to successful implementation of new practices - 06:00

First applications from Sentinel-2A - 06:00

Research spotlights a previously unknown microbial 'drama' playing in the Southern Ocean - 06:00

New experimental and theoretical research could help make more efficient windows - 06:00

Are we born racist? Bias expert answers timely questions - 06:00

States can lower electric bills with clean power plan - 06:00

Transforming living cells into tiny lasers - 05:30

New material opens possibilities for super-long-acting pills - 05:30

Born-again planetary nebula - 05:30

Ancient fossils reveal remarkable stability of Caribbean lizard communities - 05:30

Geology of the Pilanesberg Ring Dike complex - 05:30

Close-up film shows for the first time how ants use 'combs' and 'brushes' to keep their antennae clean - 05:30

Next two Galileo satellites reach Europe's Spaceport - 05:30

Oxygen atoms create detailed architectures in uranium dioxide, altering our understanding of corrosion - 05:30

Researchers create smartphone-based device that reads medical diagnostic tests quickly and accurately - 05:30

Researchers develop new 'portable power supply' for engineering microbes - 05:30

Plant light sensors came from ancient algae - 05:00

Brain disease scenarios revised by step-by-step imaging of toxic aggregation - 05:00

Ancient proteins involved in DNA repair could shed light on tumor development - 05:00

French teen finds 560,000 year-old tooth - 05:00

Unique tooth structure allowed predatory dinosaurs to efficiently crunch flesh and bone - 04:30

Baidu shares dive on earnings miss - 04:00

Strong earthquake rocks Indonesia's Papua province - 04:00

Federal officials examine probable cause of spaceship crash - 03:30

Hong Kong giant panda Jia Jia becomes oldest ever - 03:30

S.Africa's top poacher-hunting pooch flies into battle - 03:30

Federal appeals court upholds California's shark fin ban - 03:30

Gossip site Gawker looks to turn over a new leaf - 03:30

Researcher to talk at Black Hat on 'scary' area in Android - 03:30

Microsoft launches Windows 10: Here's what that means - 03:30

Reshaping the solar spectrum to turn light to electricity - 03:00

Technology helps personalized medicine, enabling epigenomic analysis with a mere 100 cells - 03:00

Scientist: Whale deaths off Alaska island remains mystery - 03:00

Nike offers partial refund to end FuelBand lawsuit - 03:00

NSA to stop using bulk US phone data in November - 03:00

Monday the 27th of July 2015

Salt water for lamp designed to serve people without electricity - 16:00

Apple Watch will be sold at some Best Buy stores - 15:30

New blow for 'supersymmetry' physics theory - 15:00

Isolated indigenous group reaches out in Peru's Amazon - 15:00

Google throttles back vision for its social network - 15:00

Compulsory schooling laws could bolster free community college argument - 15:00

Greenhouse gas source underestimated from the US Corn Belt, study shows - 15:00

Study shows how a kernel got naked and corn became king - 15:00

Consumers don't view GMO labels as negative 'warnings', new study shows - 15:00

Worldwide strengthening El Nino giveth and taketh away - 15:00

Fantasy sports company DraftKings raises $300 mn - 15:00