Tuesday the 15th of April 2014

Criterion Collection extends Hulu streaming deal - 09:01

Research offers 'promise' of improved food safety - 08:39

Debating the future of infrastructure - 08:39

Fiber-optic microscope will help physicians detect cancer, diseases at early stages - 08:38

Study shows less snowpack will harm ecosystem - 08:38

Crater creator uses explosions to find the secrets of volcanoes - 08:38

Researchers hope new tests will prevent enteric disease in pork industry - 08:38

Research traces the genetic print of the Asturian people - 08:38

Deep water thwarts robot sub's 1st search for jet - 08:38

When it comes to underage sex trafficking, pimps may not be the problem - 08:38

Love-shy panda artificially inseminated - 08:38

UN weather agency warns of 'El Nino' this year - 08:37

Using strong lasers, investigators observe frenzy of electrons in a new material - 08:08

Wind tunnel tests support improved aerodynamic design of B61-12 bomb - 08:08

Scientists see urgent need for reducing emissions - 08:08

Metals go from strength to strength - 08:07

Study shows climate change disrupts natural relationships between species - 08:03

Ecologists find national park tourists offer elk and antelope shelter from predators - 08:03

Nanocrystalline cellulose modified into an efficient viral inhibitor - 08:02

CERN: World-record current in a superconductor - 08:01

Vegetables on Mars within ten years? - 08:01

By means of a catalyst, cellulose can be bleached in seconds - 07:31

Researcher's protein crystal experiment set to fly to ISS - 07:31

NASA Cassini images may reveal birth of a Saturn moon - 07:31

Video: Research is revealing more about what it takes to truly swim like a fish - 07:31

Chemists design nanoparticles that can deliver three cancer drugs at a time - 07:31

First metritis vaccine protects dairy cows - 07:01

Historian explains how 'conquered' indigenous Brazilians shaped their own histories - 07:01

Cybersecurity researchers roll out a new Heartbleed solution - 07:01

Sharks contain more pollutants than polar bears - 07:01

Research suggests scale of disruptive behaviour in schools is underestimated [rejected] - 07:00

Engineers develop new materials for hydrogen storage - 06:33

Aging research goes to the dogs - 06:33

Pushy neighbors force stellar twins to diverge - 06:32

Meteorite studies suggest hidden water on Mars - 06:32

Multifunctional microcapsules made from metals and tannic acid - 06:32

Chemists achieve molecular first - 06:32

From red Mars to green Earth - 06:01

'Math detective' analyzes odds for suspicious lottery wins - 05:31

Long-term predictions for Miami sea level rise could be available relatively soon - 05:30

Agriculture's growing effects on rain - 05:30

Rock-paper-scissors model helps researchers demonstrate benefits of high mutation rates - 05:30

Study brings greater clarity to sex roles - 05:30

FINsix small-size laptop adapter uses special power platform - 05:00

Neuroscientist's idea wins new-toy award - 05:00

Amazon reportedly plans to release a smartphone this year - 04:35

Ikea buys wind farm in Illinois - 04:35

Deadly H5N1 bird flu needs just five mutations to spread easily in people - 04:00

Relativity's last-minute bid for Maker rebuffed - 04:00

Greenwald, Poitras, Gellman, MacAskill: key in NSA coverage - 04:00