Wednesday the 23rd of April 2014

WSU innovation improves drowsy driver detection - 16:30

Zynga founder Pincus leaving operations role - 16:30

Chameleon crystals could enable active camouflage (w/ video) - 16:01

Drought may take toll on Congo rainforest, study finds - 16:01

Images released of shipwreck in San Francisco Bay - 16:01

Facebook profits nearly triple to $642 mn; mobile soars - 16:01

Apple increases stock buyback, raises dividend - 16:01

Not just the poor live hand-to-mouth - 16:01

Mapping the road to quantum gravity - 16:01

Microbes provide insights into evolution of human language - 16:01

The hemihelix: Scientists discover a new shape using rubber bands (w/ video) - 16:01

'Off-the-shelf' equipment used to digitize insects in 3-D - 16:00

Citizen scientists match research tool when counting sharks - 16:00

US urged to drop India WTO case on solar - 16:00

Tech Tips: Add 2nd layer of protection online - 15:00

Osaka team fine-tunes quadruped robot Pneupard (w/ Video) - 15:00

First sex determining genes appeared in mammals 180 million years ago - 14:31

Scientists watch enormous Antarctic iceberg drift - 14:31

Superconducting qubit array points the way to error-free quantum computers - 14:02

Economics = MC2—A portrait of the modern physics startup - 14:01

Atomic switcheroo explains origins of thin-film solar cell mystery - 14:01

Amazon Prime wins streaming deal with HBO - 13:02

First view of nature-inspired catalyst after ripping hydrogen apart provides insights for better, cheaper fuel cells - 13:02

Increased infrastructure required for effective oil spill response in US Arctic - 13:02

Math modeling handbook now available - 13:02

New social networks connects cooks and diners - 13:02

Some astronauts at risk for cognitive impairment, animal studies suggest - 12:32

Odds of storm waters overflowing Manhattan seawall up 20-fold, study shows - 12:32

NASA sees last vestiges of Tropical Depression Jack - 12:32

Picky male black widow spiders prefer well-fed virgins - 12:32

Archaeologists, tribe clash over Native remains - 12:32

Too many chefs: Smaller groups exhibit more accurate decision-making - 12:31

From liability to viability: Genes on the Y chromosome prove essential for male survival - 12:04

Elevated CO2 further lengthens growing season as climate warms - 12:04

Change 'authoritarian' football culture to produce future stars, says research - 11:01

Following a protein's travel inside cells is key to improving patient monitoring, drug development - 11:01

A key to enjoying massive online photo files may be giving up some control - 11:01

Soviet space capsule up for sale in Belgium - 11:01

Spacewalking astronauts tackle urgent repair job - 11:01

Fiction prepares us for a world changed by global warming - 10:33

Male-biased tweeting - 10:32

Study suggests mysterious bio-duck sounds in southern ocean come from minke whales - 09:50

X-ray laser experiment explores how specially shocked material gets stronger - 09:50

Researchers annotate genome of the smallest known fungal plant pathogen - 09:50

Researchers find fish 'yells' to be heard over human made noise - 09:50

Physicist demonstrates dictionary definition was dodgy - 09:20

New discovery helps solve mystery source of African lava - 09:20

Researchers detail newly discovered deer migration - 09:20

Field study shows how sailfish use their bill to catch fish - 09:20

Developing nations ride a motorcycle boom - 09:20