Wednesday the 26th of November 2014

Brazil says pace of Amazon deforestation down 18% - 15:00

Amazon cuts Fire phone price to ignite sales - 15:00

Woolly mammoth skeleton sold at UK auction - 15:00

GoGlove wearable aims to control life's soundtracks - 15:00

DNA survives critical entry into Earth's atmosphere - 14:31

Japan's new whaling plan will prove hunt is science: negotiator - 14:31

Netflix sues Yahoo CIO for alleged kickbacks - 14:00

US agency threatens to act against air bag maker - 14:00

Matched 'hybrid' systems may hold key to wider use of renewable energy - 14:00

Feds cancel permit for Idaho wolf-killing derby - 14:00

Post-medieval Polish buried as potential 'vampires' were likely local - 14:00

Arctic conditions may become critical for polar bears by end of 21st century - 14:00

'Eye of Sauron': Using supermassive black holes to measure cosmic distances - 13:31

A cool way to cool: Engineers invent high-tech mirror to beam heat away from buildings into space - 13:31

Modeling the past to understand the future of a stronger El Nino - 13:31

Tropical depression 21W forms, Philippines under warnings - 13:31

Engineers make sound loud enough to bend light on a computer chip - 13:31

Team develops cognitive test battery for spaceflight - 13:31

The influence of the Isthmus of Panama in the evolution of freshwater shrimps in America - 13:31

Star Trek-like invisible shield found thousands of miles above Earth - 13:00

Shaping the future of energy storage with conductive clay - 13:00

The unbelievable underworld and its impact on us all - 13:00

New research shows sportswomen still second best to sportsmen... in the press - 12:31

Diverting a river from ecological disaster in northwestern China could provide new sustainable model - 12:31

Open for business: 3-D printer creates first object in space on space station - 12:31

New method to achieve ultra-narrow laser linewidth - 12:00

Hacked emails slice spam fast - 12:00

Dogs hear our words and how we say them - 12:00

New evidence of ancient rock art across Southeast Asia - 11:00

Global quantum communications—no longer the stuff of fiction? - 11:00

Classical enzymatic theory revised by including water motions - 11:00

The mysterious 'action at a distance' between liquid containers - 11:00

Amazonian shrimps: An underwater world still unknown - 11:00

NASA completes Rodent Research-1 operations on the International Space Station - 11:00

An eel-lectrifying future for autonomous underwater robots - 10:30

First harvest of research based on the final GOCE gravity model - 10:30

Toolkit for ocean health - 10:30

Protecting the rainforest through agriculture and forestry - 10:01

Particles, waves and ants - 10:00

Dutch seek to harness energy from salt water mix - 09:30

Tombs with mythical carvings found in Chinese city that was once along the Silk Road - 09:30

Beyond geometry: Shape entropy links nanostructures with emergent macroscopic behavior in natural and engineered systems - 09:30

Atoms colder than outer space are the key to futuristic nano-sensors - 09:30

Barnacles hold clues about how climate change is affecting the deep ocean - 09:30

Factors that drive sexual traits - 09:30

Prehistoric conflict hastened human brain's capacity for collaboration, study says - 09:00

Protons fuel graphene prospects - 09:00

Cracking the mystery of droplet evaporation - 08:30

Mercury spacecraft moves to testing ahead of 2016 launch to sun's closest planet - 08:30

Passengers boarding airplanes—we're doing it wrong - 08:30