Friday the 29th of July 2016

Researchers study how cobalt catalysts produce hydrogen - 06:31

Two-dimensional materials 'as revolutionary as graphene' - 06:31

Research aimed at increasing safety of temporary structures on construction site - 06:31

Scientists discover a way to create specialized cells more efficiently - 06:31

New research explores why people 'pass the buck' - 06:31

Making space for climate simulations - 06:31

Maize pests impacted by the climate - 06:31

Engineering student designs tactile maps for people who are visually disabled - 06:31

New guide a world-first template for greening urban roofs and walls - 06:01

Researchers uncover the mechanism that triggers host plant resistance against parasitic plants - 06:01

Researchers scan most complete heterodontosaurus skeleton ever found - 06:01

New robot overcomes obstacles - 06:01

First major database of non-native English - 06:01

Novel 'repair system' discovered in algae may yield new tools for biotechnology - 01:31

Huge, once-hated fish now seen as weapon against Asian carp - 01:31

Microsoft making additional job cuts in phone business - 01:31

Amazon's already large distribution empire keeps expanding - 01:31

Baidu profit falls 34% in Q2 after ads scandal - 01:31

Drone technology aids whale research off Hawaii - 01:31

Thursday the 28th of July 2016

Scientists warn about health of English bulldog - 19:01

Alphabet's 2Q earns soar despite rising 'moonshot' losses - 17:01

Hollywood starts to see a role for virtual reality - 16:31

Review: Universe2Go like Pokemon Go for astronomy geeks - 16:31

Amazon tops Street 2Q forecasts - 16:01

Compromise nearly guaranteed when a woman is involved in decision-making pairs - 16:01

Alphabet/Google profit jumps 43% to $4.9 bn - 16:01

SpaceX will spend $300 million on Red Dragon Mars mission, NASA says - 16:01

Bay Area girls stream into summer coding camps - 16:01

Scientists unveil fundamental properties of spin Seebeck effect - 15:31

Wild animals evacuated due to fire in LA, return home - 15:31

Facebook agrees to refunds on in-app purchases by minors - 15:31

Big cats returned to California sanctuary threatened by fire (Update) - 15:31

Team helps African scientists to use remote sensing and climate data to predict poor harvests and prevent severe - 15:31

Evolution drives how fast plants could migrate with climate change - 15:01

Team of biologists discovers cellular mechanism through which fruit flies sense food texture - 15:01

Earth's mantle appears to have a driving role in plate tectonics - 15:01

Chorus of black holes radiates X-rays - 15:01

Production area does not affect phosphorus digestibility in soybean meal fed to pigs - 15:01

Vortex laser offers hope for Moore's Law - 15:01

Study finds reporting crimes to police reduces likelihood of future victimization - 15:01

First whale detected by newly deployed acoustic buoy in New York Bight - 15:01

Butterflies use differences in leaf shape to distinguish between plants - 15:01

Breakthrough solar cell captures carbon dioxide and sunlight, produces burnable fuel - 13:01

A step closer to understanding the 'switch' that triggers flowering in plants - 13:01

Samsung extends lead over Apple in smartphone market - 12:01

Latest El Nino weather pattern over, but storms could follow: UN - 12:01

NASA finds Tropical Cyclone Frank fading - 12:01

How comets are born - 12:01

Plumbing the possibilities of a camera that 'sees around corners' - 11:31

PR officials should utilize Twitter, social media during crises to gauge public response - 11:31