Friday the 19th of December 2014

Scientists reveal breakthrough in optical fibre communications - 09:30

Oil palm—a modeled crop: Scientists developed a model for oil palm cultivation - 09:30

Research pair devise a way to make nylon precursor that is less harmful to the ozone layer - 09:30

How wise is the woolly bear caterpillar's wintry weather prediction? - 09:30

Thermoelectric power plants could offer economically competitive renewable energy - 09:30

Legume has potential to turn sandy soils into productive land - 09:30

Pinpoint laser heating creates a maelstrom of magnetic nanotextures - 09:30

Team realizes an Aharonov-Bohm type interferometer to measure the band topology in graphene type lattices - 09:00

Researchers use new technique to quantify the electrostatic contribution to the transition state of enzymatic reactions - 09:00

Bangladesh development threatens fragile Sundarbans mangroves - 09:00

CERN nuclear physics lab admits Pakistan - 09:00

The origin of the language of life - 09:00

Coping with floods—of water and data - 09:00

Explainer: What is 4-D printing? - 08:30

Optimized algorithms help methane flame simulations run 6x faster on NERSC supercomputer - 08:30

Multifold challenges for districts level retrofitting - 08:30

Two-armed control of ATR, a master regulator of the DNA damage checkpoint - 08:30

Hearing capabilities of bushcrickets and mammals - 08:30

Blackberry posts 3Q adjusted profit, revenue down - 08:30

Fully automated: Thousands of blood samples every hour - 08:30

Renesas announces SRAM using leading-edge 16 nm FinFET for automotive information systems - 08:30

Image: Underwater structures of the Great Bahamas Bank - 08:30

After Rosetta, Japanese mission aims for an asteroid in search of origins of Earth's water - 08:00

Digging up the 'Spanish Vikings' - 08:00

Study finds tropical fish moving into temperate waters - 08:00

First series production vehicle with software control - 08:00

Sony hack adds to security pressure on companies - 08:00

Epithelial tube contraction: A new feedback mechanism for regulating contractility - 08:00

Atos shares soar after Xerox acquisition - 08:00

Image: Christmas wrapping the Sentinel-3A antenna - 07:30

Creating the fastest outdoor wireless Internet connection in the world - 07:30

The tsunami-early warning system for the Indian Ocean – ten years later - 07:30

How the cell keeps misdelivered proteins from causing damage in the cell nucleus - 07:30

Less privileged kids shine at university, according to study - 07:30

Finding innovative solutions for reducing CO2 emissions - 07:30

Technology to help people with disabilities to learn and communicate - 07:30

Veteran employment falls as disability enrollment climbs, study shows - 07:00

The next Napa earthquake could be much bigger, scientists find - 07:00

Video: Flying over Becquerel - 07:00

New species and surprising findings in the Mariana Trench - 06:30

Spinning up a dust devil on Mars - 06:30

What we've learned from the Boxing Day tsunami - 06:30

Rolling lab tracks methane to its source - 06:30

New method to reduce the optical band gap of strontium titantate thin films - 06:30

3-D-printable materials deform to change surface area, enabling curvature rather than rigid folding - 06:30

Will rapprochement mean new research collaborations between Cuba and the U.S.? - 06:30

Astronomer confirms a new "Super-Earth" planet - 06:30

NASA's spaceborne carbon counter maps new details - 06:30

Amputee puts limb system through its paces - 06:00

Indonesia volcano erupts, injuring 4; 1 missing - 05:30