Friday the 1st of August 2014

Scientists solve 2000-year-old mystery of the binding media in China's polychrome Terracotta Army - 08:30

Scientific Games strikes $3.3B deal to buy Bally - 08:30

Mobile Internet and SMS blocked during exams in Uzbekistan - 08:30

Sieving for genes: Developmental regulation of important plant phloem components discovered - 08:30

Creative adaptation of a quadcopter - 08:00

Oxygen-creating instrument selected to fly on the upcoming Mars 2020 mission - 08:00

Lunar occultation of Saturn - 08:00

Despite extensive analysis, Fermi bubbles defy explanation - 08:00

New system to optimize public lighting power consumption - 08:00

Filling up could cost less thanks to biomolecular engineering breakthrough - 07:31

Heavy metals and hydroelectricity - 07:31

Surprise: Biological microstructures light up after heating - 07:31

How dinosaurs shrank, survived and evolved into birds - 07:31

Researchers predict below-average 2014 Atlantic hurricane season - 07:31

For stable flight, fruit flies sense every wing beat - 07:31

Companion planets can increase old worlds' chance at life - 07:31

Computer writes its own fables - 07:01

Thin diamond films provide new material for micro-machines - 07:01

Ecosystems can have their fish, and we can eat them too - 07:01

Scientists develop pioneering new spray-on solar cells - 07:01

Children's book explores Really Big Numbers - 07:01

Finding long-term links between weather and cattle production - 06:30

SHERLOC to micro-map Mars minerals and carbon rings - 06:30

Ten things to know about invasive fire ants on the march - 06:30

Unexpected phenomenon discovered at the surface of a transition metal oxide material - 06:30

What's wiping out the Caribbean corals? - 06:30

Inspired by Los Angeles, researcher takes a new approach to urban planning - 06:00

The science behind the ice in Disney's Frozen - 06:00

Researchers discover universal molecular 'flag' that highlights critical genes - 06:00

Researchers develop treated surfaces that can actively control how fluids or particles move (w/ Video) - 06:00

Image: Rub' al Khali desert imaged by Sentinel-1 - 06:00

Chemists develop MRI technique for peeking inside battery-like devices - 05:30

Video: ATV-5 separation from Ariane 5 - 05:30

A distinct coma surrounds comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko as seen from Rosetta - 05:30

Researchers identify the metabolic products of foulbrood pathogen in honeybees - 05:30

NuSTAR celebrates two years of science in space - 05:30

Scientists in search of explanation of high-temperature superconductivity - 05:30

Berkeley team explores sound for indoor localization - 04:30

No walk in the park for S. Africa's embattled game rangers - 03:31

Tesla loss widens as it ramps up expansion plan - 03:31

NASA to test making rocket fuel ingredient on Mars - 03:01

Tesla says decision on battery factory months away - 03:01

CIA director reverses himself on Senate spying - 03:00

'Fracking' in the dark: Biological fallout of shale-gas production still largely unknown - 02:30

Los Alamos laser selected for 2020 Mars mission - 02:30

Certain Arctic lakes store more greenhouse gases than they release - 02:00

Study of bigeye tuna in Northwest Atlantic uses new tracking methods - 02:00

Unintended consequences: More high school math, science linked to more dropouts - 02:00

Google says 'forgetting' isn't easy, as requests mount - 02:00

Judge won't free Russian accused of hacking in US - 02:00