Tuesday the 25th of October 2016

Opinion: World shipping meeting must tackle climate and toxic fuel - 09:01

Development of a new thermoelectric material for a sustainable society - 09:01

Structure of key DNA replication protein solved - 09:01

Our collective guilt is leading to a rise in werewolf sightings, says expert - 08:01

Research reveals big economic benefits to housing homeless population - 08:01

Four luminous blue variables found to be much closer than previously assumed - 08:01

Lifting the veil on evolution from terrestrial to water walking insect - 08:01

Merck beats Street 3Q forecasts, hikes 2016 profit forecast - 07:31

Epilog technology improves diagnosis of epilepsy using automated EEG analysis - 07:31

More than ever, this election threatens to divide U.S., says psychologist - 07:31

Flawed analysis casts doubt on years of evolutionary research - 07:31

Less is more when learning through science investigation - 07:31

How many planets are there in the galaxy? - 07:31

Driverless truck from Uber's Otto makes Colorado beer delivery - 07:31

Border fences need not harm large fauna - 07:31

Researchers conduct first quantitative study of liquid water combining dielectric relaxation and neutron scattering - 07:31

Reducing food waste could put birds and animals at risk - 07:31

Integrated neighborhoods more common across the US, study finds - 07:01

Study reveals human ability to make ourselves sound bigger - 07:01

IEA hikes green energy forecast after 'turning point' year - 07:01

Pumped-storage hydroelectricity systems in buildings - 07:01

Microbe hunters discover iron-munching microbe - 07:01

Splitting disulphide bonds in water is more complicated than previously thought - 07:01

Why pints spill but straws don't—researchers uncover the science of spilling - 07:01

Study reveals which genes are critical to a plant's response to drought - 07:01

The exciting new age of quantum computing - 07:01

Turning CO2 to stone - 06:31

Researchers discover new rules for quasicrystals - 06:31

Professor creates self-folding, origami robots - 06:31

Researcher discusses the transition from gas to electric motors - 06:31

Now Amazon Alexa can control your entire family room entertainment experience with Logitech Harmony - 06:02

New method of estimating biodiversity based on tree cover - 06:02

Massive cyberattack poses policy dilemma, scholar says - 06:02

Image: CST-100 Starliner manufacturing - 06:02

Uber service faster in low income Seattle neighborhoods, initial study finds - 06:02

Integration of oxidative perovskite with a reductive framework through aqueous pre-oxidation for water oxidation - 05:31

Microscopic technique to observe antibiotics live in action - 05:31

3-D printed metamaterial shrinks when heated - 05:31

What wind, currents and geography tell us about how people first settled Oceania - 05:31

Samsung rolls out industry's first 8GB LPDDR4 DRAM package - 05:31

Nano-decoy lures human influenza A virus to its doom - 05:31

How does the loss of a wildebeest migration also harm giraffes? - 05:01

Whaling nations vote down bid for South Atlantic sanctuary - 05:01

Nissan hiring 300 to develop common connected car technology - 05:01

Court: US agency acted reasonably to protect seals - 05:01

Scientists discover particles similar to Majorana fermions - 05:01

Changes in the macrobenthos community of the southern Bohai Sea over the past 60 years - 05:01

Earth-sized planets with abundant water statistically likely around red dwarfs - 05:01

Towards better metallic glasses - 04:01

Enormous dome in central Andes driven by huge magma body beneath it - 04:01