Thursday th 25th of April 2019

Liquid crystals in nanopores produce a surprisingly large negative pressure - 09:30

New key stages discovered in how plants prepare to make sex cells for reproduction - 09:30

Microsoft tops trillion-dollar mark for first time - 09:30

Forest fires blight Europe amid drought fears - 09:30

Study reveals massive ecological and economic impacts of woody weed invasion in Ethiopia - 09:30

The Momo Challenge: A digital ghost story - 09:10

Online retailer tactics and impulse buying: Consumers welcome tools to avoid it - 09:10

Long live Nemo! New animal model in aging research? - 09:10

Cooling with light - 09:10

Study shows the potential of carbon nanotubes to cool electronic circuits - 09:10

Characterisation of the structure of a member of the L-Amino acid Transporter (LAT) family - 09:10

Astronomers find quasars are not nailed to the sky - 09:10

US manufacturer 3M says to cut 2,000 jobs on slowing demand - 09:10

New lens system for brighter, sharper diffraction images - 09:10

Reindeer adapt to climate change by eating seaweed - 09:10

New Hubble measurements confirm universe is expanding faster than expected - 09:10

New ultra metal-poor star discovered - 09:10

Using DNA templates to harness the sun's energy - 09:10

Engineers make injectable tissues a reality - 09:10

During abrupt warming, lobsters in acidic water have reduced heart function, fewer infection-fighting cells - 08:40

China's efforts to reduce air pollution in major cities found to increase pollution in nearby areas - 08:11

Housing costs dampen residents' satisfaction with life in Los Angeles - 08:11

Northeastern students design and build devices to help improve the lives of individuals with disabilities - 08:11

Renewable energy mandates reduce carbon dioxide emissions—but at a cost - 08:11

Study suggests Sino-Tibetan language family originated in present-day northern China - 07:50

Japan creates first artificial crater on asteroid - 07:50

UK government says it hasn't decided yet on Huawei 5G role - 07:50

Comcast sheds cable customers but adds internet subscribers - 07:50

Nanosized container with photoswitches releases cargo upon irradiation - 07:50

Image: Testing satellite marker designs - 07:50

Turtle study shows gender lifespan differences likely due to aggressive tendencies - 07:50

Cat problem can only be solved by owners - 07:50

GOP's 2017 tax plan came down hardest on California, researchers say - 07:50

Researchers study radioactive material behavior—without the radioactivity - 07:50

AI-generated profiles? Airbnb users prefer a human touch - 07:50

New nanomaterial to replace mercury - 07:20

The natural comeback of tropical rainforests in the savanna region - 07:20

A new energy-saving LED phosphor - 07:20

Peering into plasma mirrors - 07:20

A new way to 'freeze' cells promises to transform the common cell-freezing practice - 07:20

Researchers modify magnetic behavior of exotic materials - 07:20

Schadenfreude: Your pain is my gain - 07:20

Sound of the sea solves decades-old supervolcano mystery - 06:00

Nokia books surprise loss amid tough competition in networks - 05:30

Moon rocks to be studied at University of Tennessee - 05:30

Bosses who put their followers first can boost their business - 05:00

Nintendo says full-year profit up nearly 40% on strong game sales - 05:00

Norwegian losses deepen as 737 MAX grounding adds to problems - 05:00

Holy Pleistocene Batman, the answer's in the cave - 04:30

Older job applicants up to three times less likely to be selected for interview than younger ones, study finds - 04:00