Wednesday th 23rd of January 2019

A new approach to improve the catalysts for hydrogen evolution reaction - 10:31

New method to produce precursors for high-strength carbon fiber processing - 10:31

Building ethically aligned AI - 10:31

New study demonstrates benefits of undervalued saltmarsh - 10:31

Now that UK nuclear power plans are in tatters, it's vital to double down on wind and solar - 10:31

Why it's wrong to label students 'at-risk' - 10:31

How much rainforest do birds need? - 10:31

New study establishes causal link between climate, conflict, and migration - 10:31

Scientist sheds light on Titan's mysterious atmosphere - 10:31

Fidget spinner as centrifuge separates blood plasma - 10:31

New water splitting catalyst could make it easier to generate solar fuel - 10:31

A new board game designed to teach the old rules of masculinity - 10:31

DARPA prototype reflectarray antenna offers high performance in small package - 10:31

What makes the deadly pufferfish so delectable - 10:31

Uber threatens to pull back from Barcelona - 10:31

Image: Lunar building block - 10:31

New research suggests presidential systems are worse for a country's economy than parliamentary forms of government - 10:31

Fewer false alarms in intensive care - 10:31

Study finds high-growth firms crowd out competition for talent - 10:31

Chemists warm up to preprint servers - 10:31

Remote-control plasma physics experiment is named one of top Webcams of 2018 - 10:31

Planetary scientists continue to puzzle over the mysterious slope streaks on Mars. What's causing them? - 10:31

New equine research reveals laminitis is as common as colic and is a year-round threat - 10:31

People likely to temper criminal sentences when given information about the cost of incarceration - 10:31

Mathematician calculates wave velocity for post-stroke therapy - 10:31

Can taking breaks improve how well you do on tests? - 09:30

Courage to aim for less cleanliness? - 09:30

Identifying factors that influence mercury levels in tuna - 09:30

The feminization of men leads to a rise in homophobia - 09:30

Promising steps toward large-scale production of graphene nanoribbons for electronics - 09:30

Astronomers discover an unusual nuclear transient - 09:30

Freshwater wildlife face an uncertain future - 09:30

Experts disagree with prior study that claimed sheep have face-recognition abilities comparable to humans - 09:30

A single gene turns socially organized bees into social parasites - 09:30

Egypt says archaeologists find ancient tombs in Nile Delta - 09:30

White mortgage agents may charge minority borrowers higher mortgage fees - 09:00

Novel technology reduces energy consumption of MRAM and AI hardware - 09:00

Uncovering the future of Greenland's ice sheet - 09:00

Expanding the capacity of hydrogen engines and solar cells with mesoporous nickel - 09:00

Study finds that drug activity boosts crime in neighborhoods regardless of stability, wealth - 09:00

Soil fungi secrete an antibiotic with antitumor activity - 09:00

Combining forces to combat E. coli PI-7 in Saudi Arabia's wastewater systems - 09:00

Artificial skin could give superhuman perception - 09:00

Comcast loses cable users, but internet subscribers surge - 09:00

Collision of individual atoms leads to twofold change of angular momentum - 08:30

Dual control: Plant peptide hormone generates distinct cell structures for water flow - 08:30

Researchers study one of the most important growth processes on Earth - 08:30

First steps to understanding biochemistry of how plants detect odors - 08:30

An improved method for estimating the probability of extreme events - 08:30

To understand climate change, we need to understand weather now - 08:30