Friday the 31st of October 2014

Philippines' rare dwarf buffalo charges against extinction - 08:01

Leaving the right to be forgotten in Google's hands hasn't broken the internet yet - 08:01

A biocompatible conducting polymer stimulates the changes needed for nerve regeneration - 08:01

How people respond to a catastrophe on social media - 08:01

LED lighting can significantly reduce greenhouse horticulture energy consumption - 08:01

Custom-made catalysts that make vehicles and industrial processes more efficient - 08:00

Five ways to fight online abuse with good manners - 08:00

Possible bright supernova lights up spiral galaxy M61 - 08:00

Universe may face a darker future - 07:31

3-D printing incorporates quasicrystals for stronger manufacturing products - 07:31

Fifteen years of NASA's Chandra X-ray observatory - 07:31

Rising ocean acidity threatens sea life - 07:31

Self-driving vehicles generate enthusiasm, concerns worldwide - 07:31

Method to reconstruct overt and covert speech - 07:30

Researchers study the behavior of trick-or-treating children - 07:30

Disaster expert identifies nine ways robots can protect Ebola workers - 07:01

DARPA circuit achieves speeds of 1 trillion cycles per second, earns Guinness world record - 07:01

Stretching oxides to modulate electrochemical properties - 07:01

Scientists show IQs on the rise - 07:01

Researcher aims to develop system to detect app clones on Android markets - 07:01

Climate change beliefs more influenced by long-term temperature fluctuations - 07:01

Confirming a 3-D structural view of a quasar outflow - 07:00

Analysing animal anatomy using augmented reality - 07:00

Researchers focus on medical applications rather than food safety in response to customer needs - 06:31

Researcher studies why gender-based violence persists in Namibia - 06:31

Volunteering in Australia worth $290 billion a year - 06:31

A quantum leap in nanoparticle efficiency - 06:31

Youth snap parents into political-rearing mode, says study - 06:31

Scientists create mouse model to accelerate research on Ebola vaccines, treatments - 06:01

Trout trick-or-treat: Fish gobble furry animals with four feet - 06:01

Research on cell biology mystery may reveal root causes of Alzheimer's and other diseases - 06:01

Researchers improve how a peptide can be delivered to the diseased heart tissue of mice via nanotechnology - 06:00

Literature searches benefit from location tagging - 06:00

Researchers find homelessness is declining - 06:00

Hungary's Orban says will scrap draft internet tax law - 05:30

Oxygen levels were only 0.1 percent of today's levels for roughly billion years before rise of animals - 05:30

Grad student's aTmCam offers cosmic insight for dark energy survey - 05:30

China web users laud Apple boss for coming out - 03:31

Co-creator of Android mobile software leaves Google - 03:31

Sony's quarterly loss balloons on mobile woes - 03:31

Australia set to pay polluters to cut emissions - 03:00

Thursday the 30th of October 2014

Tech-industry perks long associated with Bay Area being replicated across LA - 21:30

Will Apple Pay be mobile pay's kick-start? - 19:30

Google execs discuss regulation, innovation and bobble-heads - 18:00

Reddit launches crowdfunding platform Redditmade - 18:00

FCC chief proposes opening the pay-TV industry to tech firms - 17:30

Gamers' funding fuels meteoric rise of 'Star Citizen' - 17:30

Developing the battery of the future - 17:30

Review: Sharp Aquos Crystal will make you take notice - 17:00

New iPad impresses, but not enough to reverse negative tablet sales trend - 17:00