Monday the 1st of September 2014

Caterpillar comet poses for pictures en route to Mars - 07:00

Intense exercise during long space flights can help astronauts protect aerobic capacity - 06:30

Intricate algae produce low-cost biosensors - 06:30

NASA probes studying Earth's radiation belts to celebrate two year anniversary - 06:30

A multi-model geoengineering assessment looks at potential climate effects - 06:30

Biologist studies where and how animals cross busy Highway 67 - 06:30

Ray tracing and beyond - 06:30

Going to extremes for enzymes - 06:30

Scientists sequence complete genome of E. coli strain responsible for food poisoning - 06:30

Japan firm showcases 'touchable' 3D technology - 06:00

Sony founder nephew starts as head of PlayStation unit - 06:00

Sony wooing Japanese to PS4 with Dragon Quest - 06:00

Mobile technologies accelerate citizen science - 06:00

New findings on beetle flight may help control deadly walnut tree disease - 06:00

Image: Hubble looks at light and dark in the universe - 06:00

Sparks fly as NASA pushes the limits of 3-D printing technology - 06:00

Interfaces within materials can be patterned as a means of controlling the properties of composites - 06:00

Thailand totters towards waste crisis - 05:00

Dolphin hunting season kicks off in Japan - 04:30

Japan says electronics OK during take-off and landing - 04:30

Climate focus at UN small islands summit in Samoa - 04:30

Alibaba IPO comes with unusual structure - 03:30

Scientists get set for simulated nuclear inspection - 03:30

Sunday the 31st of August 2014

Why plants in the office make us more productive - 18:00

Scientists develop 'electronic nose' for rapid detection of C. diff infection - 18:00

Tesla Motors dealing as states play factory poker - 13:30

Experts seek to save Haiti's archaeological sites - 12:30

A new synthetic amino acid for an emerging class of drugs - 12:00

Mixing in star-forming clouds explains why sibling stars look alike - 12:00

Discovery reveals how bacteria distinguish harmful versus helpful viruses - 12:00

Antarctic sea-level rising faster than global rate - 12:00

Changing global diets is vital to reducing climate change - 12:00

Cleveland welcomes growing field of server farms - 11:00

18th century brewery remains found at Va. college - 09:30

14 detained trying to prevent Faroe Island dolphin hunt - 09:00

DIY glove-based tutor indicates muscle-memory potential - 07:00

Census: Orca population in Puget Sound falling - 06:00

'Halo' makers shed light on live-action series - 05:30

Indian start-up launches shoes that show you the way - 05:30

US cyber-warriors battling Islamic State on Twitter - 05:30

Water police on patrol in drought-scarred Los Angeles - 05:30

Booming electric car sales under fire in Norway - 05:30

Fujifilm vs Ebola: Japan giants turn hands to medicine - 05:30

Saturday the 30th of August 2014

Pilot sites in energy from coffee waste show good results - 07:30

PAX Prime gaming convention kicks off in Seattle - 05:00

China's Alibaba plans IPO for week of September 8 - 05:00

EPA staff says agency needs to be tough on smog - 05:00

Factor in naked mole rat's cells enhances protein integrity - 04:30

Leave that iguana in the jungle, expert tells Costa Rica - 04:30

Startups offer banking for smartphone users - 04:30