Friday the 22nd of May 2015

Robot walker for elderly people in public spaces - 09:00

An evolutionary heads-up—the brain size advantage - 09:00

Physicists develop efficient method of signal transmission from nanocomponents - 09:00

Used MRI magnets get a second chance at life in high-energy physics experiments - 09:00

How we discovered the three revolutions of American pop - 09:00

How bad can solar storms get? - 09:00

Earthquake preparations need to start now, expert advises federal officials - 09:00

Enhancing knowledge crucial to improving energy-saving behaviors, study shows - 08:30

Herpes virus hijackers - 08:30

Canada building less social housing despite risk of increased homelessness - 08:30

Time to move beyond 'medieval' cyber security approach, expert says - 08:30

'Draconian border policies' embolden human trafficking networks, expert says - 08:30

Semiliquid battery competitive with both Li-ion batteries and supercapacitors - 08:30

Recycling preparative HPLC for isolation of styryl-lactones from goniothalamus lanceolatus - 08:30

Rapid action necessary to protect Malaysia’n sea cows and their habitat - 08:30

Artificial muscles get graphene boost - 08:30

Land management practices to become important as biofuels use grows - 08:30

Could 'green rust' be a catalyst for Martian life? - 08:30

Iris scanners can now identify us from 40 feet away - 08:30

From reverberating chaos to concert halls, good acoustics is culturally subjective - 07:30

Study finds cell division sign posts for chromosomes along microtubule highway - 07:00

Media exposure to prior tragedies may sensitize people to new disasters - 07:00

Power to the batteries - 07:00

France hits reverse on sinking tyres for artificial reefs - 06:00

NASA announces opportunities to advance 'tipping point' and emerging space technologies - 05:30

5 pelicans, 1 sea lion rescued in Santa Barbara oil spill - 05:30

Engineers develop ballistic wallpaper to reinforce temporary shelters - 05:00

Serengeti Park disappearing - 05:00

Advances in technology and computational analysis paving the way for translational studies - 05:00

Compassion is an effective managerial strategy, expert says - 05:00

A closer look at a deadly bacterium sets the stage for new vaccines - 05:00

Study finds cells that become sperm or eggs in humans are vulnerable during pregnancy - 05:00

New research shows how politics manipulates a culture of optimism - 05:00

Connected cars, data traffic jams, to challenge mobile operators - 04:30

Image: Cambodian rivers from orbit - 04:30

Double Janus nanoparticles transformed into cup-shaped dynamic inclusion bodies for colloid design - 04:30

Coal, medicine, trains top Tokyo's Asia infrastructure plan - 04:00

Finding California oil spill's cause could take months - 04:00

Aviation agency unveils messaging system to reduce delays - 03:30

Drought-ridden California faces decision on new water cuts - 03:00

American Indians disproportionately disciplined at school compared to white students - 03:00

Toyota promises to help find cause of Takata airbag defects - 03:00

Is it a UFO? Sun halo sparks fear and jokes in Mexico - 03:00

Star power: Troubled ITER nuclear fusion project looks for new path - 03:00

Playboy puts clothes back on for new mobile app - 03:00

Thursday the 21st of May 2015

More than two dozen articles provide insights on mummies - 23:00

Supercomputers a hidden power center of Silicon Valley - 20:30

Parents who use cellphones on playgrounds feel guilty, study finds - 20:00

Defense Department's tech investing signals Silicon Valley's importance in cyberwarfare - 19:30

Online marketer Jellyfish helps advertisers turn Google searches to sales - 19:00