Friday th 17th of August 2018

Physicists propose new model to study pairing properties of nuclei - 09:00

What is NASA's Heat Melt Compactor? - 09:00

Racial and gender discrimination among teens exposed to dating violence - 09:00

Historically black schools pay more to issue bonds, researchers find - 09:00

Acceleration of mountain glacier melt could impact Pacific Northwest water supplies - 09:00

Newly discovered class of molecules may boost cancer vaccine development - 09:00

Are our wild animals growing old gracefully? - 09:00

Researchers unravel the age of fine tree roots - 08:30

Scientists improve deep learning method for neural networks - 08:30

From pine cones to an adaptive shading system - 08:30

Global study shows environmentally friendly farming can increase productivity - 08:30

Magnetized inflow accreting to center of Milky Way galaxy - 08:00

Six things about Opportunity's recovery efforts - 08:00

New 'droughty' soils model for Pacific Northwest could aid forest health in changing climate - 08:00

Volcano eruptions at different latitudes impact sea surface temperature differently - 08:00

How do plants rest photosynthetic activity at night? - 08:00

Scientists find coarse resolution models underestimate future Mei-yu rainfall - 08:00

Efficient glycopeptide separation achieved by interfacially polymerized polymer particles - 08:00

Scientists turn to the quantum realm to improve energy transportation - 08:00

Interactive software tool makes complex mold design simple - 08:00

How Einstein's equivalence principle extends to the quantum world - 08:00

Rovio shares lifted as 'Angry Birds 2' sales fly higher - 08:00

Narrow-beam laser technology enables communications between underwater vehicles - 08:00

Image: Sun's magnetic field modeled - 08:00

Another way for stellar-mass black holes to grow larger - 07:31

When sulfur disappears without trace - 07:00

'Hacky hack hack': Australia teen breaches Apple's secure network - 04:40

Vietnam's caged bears dying off as bile prices plummet - 04:40

Flood death toll in India's Kerala jumps to 164 - 04:40

Particulate pollution's impact varies greatly depending on where it originated - 04:17

Study confirms truth behind 'Darwin's moth' - 04:17

These Android phones have security defects out of the box, researchers say - 03:28

Tesla's Musk says stress, overwork taking heavy toll - 01:32

Google employees sign protest letter over China search engine: NYT - 01:30

Choking hazard: air pollution hangs over Asian Games - 01:30

Rare 'bamboo rat' photographed at Machu Picchu - 01:30

Thursday th 16th of August 2018

New ultrathin optic cavities allow simultaneous color production on an electronic chip - 17:24

Protecting the power grid: Advanced plasma switch for more efficient transmission - 17:24

Researcher discovers genetic differences in trees untouched by mountain pine beetles - 17:24

New CRISPR technique skips over portions of genes that can cause disease - 17:24

NASA water vapor data shows a 'patchy' Sub-Tropical Storm Ernesto - 17:24

NASA sees Tropical Storm Bebinca along Vietnam's coast - 17:24

NASA sees Tropical Storm Rumbia off China's East Coast - 17:24

Infrared NASA imagery shows Tropical Storm Soulik strengthening - 17:24

Tesla files lawsuit against Ontario government - 17:24

Can Twitter change its 'core' and remain Twitter? - 17:24

Microfossils, possibly world's oldest, had biological characteristics - 16:42

Astronomers identify some of the oldest galaxies in the universe - 16:11

Hubble paints picture of the evolving universe - 13:57

'Abrupt thaw' of permafrost beneath lakes could significantly affect climate change models - 13:57