Wednesday the 28th of January 2015

Detecting chemical weapons with a color-changing film - 12:20

The electric eye of Cyclone Bansi - 12:20

Custom tailoring robotic exoskeletons that fit to perfection - 12:20

Beer compound could help fend off Alzheimer's and Parkinson's diseases - 12:20

Nordic marine scientists push for way forward - 12:20

Nannofossils from El Hierro place the Canaries closer to Hawaii - 12:20

News from the depths: A new cave-dwelling flatworm species from the Brazilian savanna - 12:20

No direct link found between rising inequality and reduced trust - 12:20

When aid brings conflict, not relief - 12:20

Refineries challenge EPA plan to cut emissions - 12:20

International research project leads to a breakthrough in terahertz spectroscopy - 12:20

The two faces of Mars - 12:20

Did genetic links to modern maladies provide ancient benefits? - 12:20

Demystifying nanocrystal solar cells - 12:20

Scientists in China and US chart latest discoveries of iron-based superconductors - 11:50

Scientists review early evolution of eukaryotic multicellularity - 11:50

Researchers find evolutionary reasons for homosexual behavior in beetles - 11:20

Every time a fig is born there is a wasp massacre - 11:20

Researchers find social lifestyle also helps mole rats live a long time - 11:20

Ballooning offers platform for performing research in a space-like environment - 11:20

A new instrument to study the extreme universe—the X-Ray polarimeter X-Calibur - 11:20

Researchers use sound to slow down, speed up, and block light - 11:20

Blind beetles show extraordinary signs of sight - 11:20

Into the dark: Two new encrusting anemones found in coral reef caves - 11:20

How tropical subsoil microbes could affect the carbon cycle - 10:50

Research projects contribute to shaping EU regulation to control invasive species - 10:50

Meet the parasitic worm that kills giant pandas - 10:50

Researchers capture, document first northern saw-whet owl in Arkansas - 10:50

Image: A Hubble sweep of the dust filaments of NGC 4217 - 10:50

Youth migration is changing definitions of childhood - 10:50

The rise of an intelligence lobby threatens the rights of lawyers, journalists – and all of us - 10:50

New tattoos discovered on Oetzi mummy - 09:20

Modular disability aids for world's poorest - 09:20

Study identifies common elements of STEM schools - 08:50

Scientists study surface composition of asteroid 2004 BL86 during close flyby of Earth - 08:50

Cellular memory of stressful situations - 08:50

Particle physicists discuss JUNO neutrino experiment - 08:50

The unique spatial firing patterns of the hippocampal place cells - 08:50

Halogen-free leaded multilayer ceramic capacitors for automotive and general-purpose applications - 08:20

Plant-based molecule may be key to cleanup of Fukushima nuclear reactor disaster - 08:20

Generators that relieve power grid worsen ozone pollution - 08:20

Body motion energy harvester may power medical and consumer wearable devices - 08:20

Experimental proof of an interferometric orbital angular momentum mode multiplexer/demultiplexer - 08:20

Satellite study identifies water bodies important for biodiversity conservation - 07:50

Orangutans take the logging road - 07:50

Sociologist links cheaper gas prices to more vehicle crashes - 07:50

Researchers identify protein capable of neutralizing antibiotic-resistant bacterial cells - 07:20

Long dry spell doomed Mexican city 1,000 years ago - 06:50

Arthropod 'family tree' gets bigger through evolution studies - 06:50

Does time pass? New book says it does—but not in the way you may think - 06:50