Thursday the 12th of January 2017

A new method for converting wastewater nutrients into fertiliser - 10:21

Cyberterrorism could get personal, researchers suggest - 10:21

Venus rules the dusk skies at greatest elongation - 10:21

First attosecond timing in a kilometre-wide laser-microwave network - 10:21

Scientists launch project to tackle global 'clean cold' challenge - 10:21

Producing a better wheat crop to feed the world—single to multiple wheat genomics - 10:21

Does your smartphone make you less likely to trust others? - 10:21

Modeling magma to find copper - 10:21

New research explores the effect of winter dormancy on cold-blooded cognition - 10:21

Affordable water in the US: A burgeoning crisis - 10:21

Laboratory perfects metal powders for manufacturing - 10:21

Training computers to differentiate between people with the same name - 10:21

Finally, an explanation for the "alien megastructure?" - 10:21

Dengue and Zika virus family uses an unexpected approach to hijack human cell machinery - 10:21

Struggling families need more help to save, says academic think-tank - 09:52

3-D printing could transform future membrane technology - 09:52

Research to make crops more resilient to changing weather - 09:52

Researchers turn to 'citizen scientists' for help identifying gravitational waves - 09:52

Stripping away an infection's armour - 09:52

One radiator to heat a whole floor - 09:52

Viruses in the genome important for our brain - 09:52

Simple fats and amino acids to explain how life began - 09:52

'Hot Jupiter' detected around nearby variable star - 09:31

Simulations suggest Planet Nine may have been a rogue - 09:31

Stalagmites in dry corridor suggest Amazonia maintained forests during the last ice age - 09:01

When ice and snow melt away into streams and groundwater, road salt goes with it - 08:31

Changing urban population density will impact future building energy use, according to researchers - 08:31

Oceanographer dropping robotic floats on voyage to Antarctica - 08:31

New technology enables 5-D imaging in live animals and humans - 08:31

Slo-mo unwrapping of nucleosomal DNA probes protein's role - 08:31

Annual index reveals biggest movers in climate change adaptation - 08:31

Going inside to get a more efficient catalyst - 08:31

Trump's facial characteristics may predict leadership style - 08:31

Biosensor to detect tumors at early stages - 08:01

New method allows for quick, precise measurement of quantum states - 08:01

Project focusing on heavy-duty trucks is part of national effort to reduce vehicle fuel consumption - 08:01

A new type of monitoring provides information about the life of bacteria in microdroplets - 08:01

Study uses an electric field to create magnetic properties in nonmagnetic material - 08:01

How managers' beliefs about firm performance guide priorities - 08:01

New model could help scientists design materials for artificial photosynthesis - 08:01

Expert discusses the role public understanding of science played in this election and may play in the future - 08:01

Research shows $15 California minimum wage has big impact on pay, none on jobs - 08:01

Promising graphene catalyst obtained from sticky rice - 08:01

Varied predictions for soil organic matter as climate changes - 08:01

Noise pollution from fracking may harm human health - 08:01

Taiwan microchip giant to boost US jobs: company - 06:01

Inflammatory responses in flies give insights into human diseases - 05:31

New lease of life for Jakarta's once-filthy rivers - 05:01

China turns to robots as workers age - 05:01

B cells use mechanical forces to pull antigens from other cell surfaces - 05:01