Wednesday the 17th of September 2014

NASA air campaigns focus on Arctic climate impacts - 08:30

New study elucidates the social world of parrots - 08:01

Smart teens rub off on teammates: Study shows why extra-curricular activities matter - 07:00

Reducing pesticides and boosting harvests - 07:00

Using solar energy to turn raw materials into ingredients for everyday life - 07:00

Sharks found to exhibit altered swimming behavior when exposed to more acidic water - 07:00

Is that rock hashtag really the first evidence of Neanderthal art? - 07:00

Free ecosystem services for better crops - 06:30

Research team finds evidence of oil residue in Gulf two years after BP spill - 06:30

Scientists refine formula for nanotube types - 06:30

Native vegetation makes a comeback on Santa Cruz Island - 06:30

Asia's billionaires see fastest wealth growth: report - 06:00

Pulse of a dead star powers intense gamma rays - 06:00

Researchers use liquid inks to create better solar cells - 06:00

Twisted graphene chills out - 06:00

Scots' inventions are fuel for independence debate - 06:00

Expert says requiring background checks for all gun sales would improve safety - 06:00

Car hacking: The security threat facing our vehicles - 06:00

Power lines offer environmental benefits - 06:00

Image: Rainbow aurora captured from space station - 05:30

Is it too late to protect privacy? Pessimism reigns over big data and the law - 05:30

Can Qatar rise to the challenge and accommodate alcohol at the 2022 Football World Cup? - 05:00

Computation of the stabilities and crystal structures of known and new phosphorus allotropes made of nanotubes - 05:00

Bioengineers develop a toolkit for designing more successful synthetic molecules - 05:00

Software catches vulnerabilities on websites before they're exploited - 05:00

A promising light source for optoelectronic chips can be tuned to different frequencies - 05:00

Researchers create materials that reproduce cephalopods' ability to quickly change colors and textures - 05:00

New dawn for pasta wheat in Australia - 05:00

Red tide off northwest Florida could hit economy - 04:30

LG Chem's super-efficient OLED lighting has life of 40,000 hours - 04:00

Using bacterial biofilms for production of new self-healing materials and bioprocessing technologies - 04:00

Japan's whaling bid tested by world panel - 03:30

Lava on Hawaii continues moving through vacant lot - 03:30

Self-storage site SpaceWays expands to France - 03:00

Sony forecasts $2 billion loss, cites weak mobile - 03:00

Poachers turn gamekeeper to guard Rwandan gorillas - 03:00

Sea Shepherd to switch campaign from whales to toothfish - 03:00

Early reviews heap praise on big-screen iPhones - 03:00

Rising sea levels to cost Australia billions, study says - 02:30

Alibaba post-IPO structure gives insiders control - 02:30

Congress: Safety agency mishandled GM recall - 02:30

Global shift away from cars saves US$100 trillion, eliminates 1,700 MT of CO2 pollution - 02:00

Violent origins of disc galaxies probed by ALMA - 02:00

Atlas V rocket launches, taking satellite aloft - 02:00

Experts: Mystery fireball was Russian satellite - 02:00

Number of websites explodes past a billion (and counting) - 02:00

Rushed evacuations as Philippine volcano spews lava - 02:00

New Apple mobile software arrives Wednesday - 02:00

Tuesday the 16th of September 2014

Dutch unveil big plan to fight rising tides - 18:00

King Richard III died painfully on battlefield - 18:00