Thursday the 8th of December 2016

Satellites, airport visibility readings shed light on troops' exposure to air pollution - 16:52

All-American John Glenn: Astronaut, fighter pilot, senator - 16:52

US election was most 'talked about' in 2016: Facebook - 16:52

John Glenn, the 1st American to orbit Earth, has died at 95 - 16:52

Shark's 8,500-mile odyssey ends on a NC fisherman's hook - 16:52

Review: Sony's PlayStation VR shows virtual reality's promise and problems - 16:52

Fishery bycatch rapidly driving Mexico's vaquita to extinction, new studies find - 14:01

Researchers create global map of soil pH and illuminate how it changes between wet and dry climates - 14:01

Pebble discontinuing smartwatches after its sale to Fitbit - 14:01

Researchers show viability of 5G communication with record-setting data rates - 14:01

Harvard reaches goal of cutting gas emissions by 30 percent - 14:01

Climate change is already causing widespread local extinction in plant and animal species - 14:01

State of the art sensors made from graphene and children's toy silly putty - 14:01

Researchers improve qubit lifetime for quantum computers - 14:01

Report proposes standards for sharing data and code used in computational studies - 14:01

The song of silence - 14:01

A nano-roundabout for light - 14:01

Electron highway inside crystal - 14:01

Evolution in action: A fish adapts quickly to lethal levels of pollution - 14:01

Research explains why some presents are great to give but not to receive - 13:31

An anti-CRISPR for gene editing - 13:31

Researchers peer into atom-sized tunnels in hunt for better battery - 13:31

Drought, the South's unwelcome guest, stays despite rains - 13:01

Parisians grapple with worst winter pollution in a decade - 13:01

Navy's futuristic-looking USS Zumwalt arriving in homeport - 13:01

Researchers create hidden images with commercial inkjet printers - 12:31

Jefferson Lab-NVIDIA collaboration uses Titan's to boost subatomic particle research - 12:31

Closer look at life-cycle impacts of lithium-ion batteries and proton exchange membrane fuel cells - 12:31

Metaphoring the police: It's all about the right choice of word - 12:31

Wait times at polls in 2016 election improved in several key states, new survey results show - 12:31

RNA modification important for brain function - 12:31

The 2016 Ocean Health Index shows no major declines—and few real improvements - 12:31

NASA sees Tropical Cyclone Vardah spinning near Andaman Islands - 12:31

Unraveling the secrets of cluster crystallization - 12:31

Scheduling leisure activities makes them less fun: study - 12:31

Banking on change: Tech startups target financial services - 12:31

Germany's ThyssenKrupp hit by sustained hacking attack - 12:31

High altitudes hamper hummingbirds' ability to manoeuvre - 12:01

Who needs a body? Not these larvae, which are basically swimming heads - 12:01

Valuable Caribbean spiny lobsters get their food from an unexpected source - 12:01

Scientists reveal 'safety catch' within all dividing cells - 12:01

Amber specimen offers rare glimpse of feathered dinosaur tail - 12:01

Why cryptophyte algae are really good at harvesting light - 12:01

Researchers building flow battery prototype to augment grid - 11:31

Sniffing out your dinner in the dark: How miniature predators get their favourite soil bacteria - 11:31

Fossilized evidence of a tumor in a 255-million-year-old mammal forerunner - 11:01

Jumping water striders know how to avoid breaking of the water surface - 10:01

Optical probes overcome light scattering in deep-brain imaging - 10:01

Going with the flow: Facile synthesis of a complex biologically active oligopeptide - 10:01

Every grain of sand: Method efficiently renders massive assemblies of granular materials - 10:01