Wednesday the 23rd of July 2014

Chinese scientists search for evidence of dark matter particles with new underground PandaX detector - 09:01

Developing the next evolution in underwater communication - 09:01

Scientists find way to maintain quantum entanglement in amplified signals - 09:01

Designing exascale computers - 09:01

Ancient genetic material from caries bacterium obtained for the first time - 09:01

Scientists use DNA analysis to prevent extinction of only native rabbit in Maine and New Hampshire - 09:01

Company converts coconut husk fibers into materials for cars and homes - 09:01

Where have all the swallows gone? - 09:01

K computer runs largest ever ensemble simulation of global weather - 09:00

New etching process builds custom nanostructures for X-ray optics - 09:00

Study finds missing piece of biogeochemical puzzle in aquifer - 09:00

Blood flow lends insights to bird flight and motion - 09:00

Museum workers pronounce dobsonfly found in China, largest aquatic insect - 09:00

Heatstroke kills three in Japan, thousands hospitalised - 08:31

1 dead, 2 injured by SW Fla. lightning strike - 08:31

Telerobotics puts robot power at your fingertips - 08:31

Lives and deaths of sibling stars - 08:31

Agricultural trade appears unaffected by BC carbon tax - 08:31

Angry Bitcoin investors demand answers at Tokyo creditors' meet - 08:31

Eco-pottery product from water treatment sludge - 08:31

Brand new technology detects probiotic organisms in food - 08:31

Engineers recall five-year planning for nation's largest federally owned wind project - 08:31

Ultra high definition TVs boost LG Display profit - 08:31

Compact vibration harvester power supply with highest efficiency opens door to "fix-and-forget" sensor nodes - 08:30

Watch the Falcon 9 rocket booster descend into the ocean for its "soft" landing (w/ Video) - 08:30

Funding review casting shadow over Portuguese research could cloud other countries - 08:01

Research finds charter schools nationwide more cost-effective, produce greater ROI - 08:01

North Atlantic right whale's prospects tied to climate - 08:01

Perthites wanted for study on the Aussie lingo - 08:00

Minimising drag to maximise results - 08:00

The first direct-diode laser bright enough to cut and weld metal - 08:00

Protein evolution follows a modular principle - 08:00

Hurricane Imaging Radiometer prepared for deployment - 08:00

Achieving chemical-free natural cosmetics with the power of enzymes - 08:00

Microfluidics and nanofluidics research provide inexpensive ways to analyze blood and filter water (w/ Video) - 08:00

Researchers study bamboo for engineered building material - 08:00

Drugmaker GSK slashes annual profits forecast - 08:00

New meteor shower "just a memory" of what once was there - 07:30

Wildlife hospitals save 16,000 animals in four years - 07:30

Support for carbon tax grows when revenue fuels renewable energy - 07:30

Heat testing the miniature Aausat 4 satellite - 07:30

Finding the 'heart' of an obstacle to superconductivity - 07:30

Exotic state of matter propels quantum computing theory - 07:00

NASA's Chandra X-ray Observatory celebrates 15th anniversary - 07:00

Australian researchers pioneer a 'Google street view' of galaxies - 07:00

U.K. grocery store to power itself on biogas generated from its own food waste - 07:00

Google made failed bid for Spotify - 03:00

Wall Street Journal takes computers offline after hacking - 03:00

Microsoft CEO sees 'bold' plan as 4Q tops Street - 02:30

IBM's Watson advises US soldiers on life after service - 02:30