Wednesday the 29th of July 2015

Japanese team fires world's most powerful laser - 05:00

New names and insights at Ceres - 05:00

USDA scientist helps Texas sorghum growers reduce water use - 05:00

Researchers mount successful attacks against Tor network—and show how to prevent them - 05:00

Wireless charging tech for metal case devices announced - 04:30

Nintendo swings to profit in April-June, sales up 21% - 04:00

Russia schedules first Proton rocket launch since crash - 04:00

Stressed out plants send animal-like signals - 04:00

Panasonic quarterly profit soars more than 50% on tax change - 04:00

Five things to know about artificial intelligence and its use - 03:30

Spaceship pilot describes harrowing free fall after breakup - 03:30

For dating apps in Asia, love by numbers or chaperone - 03:00

LG Electronics reports 45 percent plunge in 2Q earnings - 03:00

Swipe right: dating apps change US courtship rituals - 03:00

Researchers develop technology to reduce cost of purifying natural gas - 02:30

Review: Five ways Windows 10 fixes annoyances in predecessor - 02:30

Oculus debuts virtual reality film 'Henry' - 02:30

Amazon wants air space for delivery drones - 02:30

Tuesday the 28th of July 2015

Switching off street lights at night does not increase car crashes and crime, study finds - 18:30

Yelp's 2Q results, outlook disappoint as stock plunges - 18:00

NASA's GPM satellite sees heavy rainfall in new Tropical Depression 8E - 16:30

Intel and Micron memory chip tuned to data driven age - 16:00

Sydney makes its mark with electronic paper traffic signs - 16:00

Study demonstrates rapid control of phase-changes in resonantly bonded materials - 16:00

Researchers provide new details about sea stars' immunity - 15:30

Chimpanzees binge on clay to detox and boost the minerals in their diet - 15:30

Ants use brawn and brains to haul heavy loads - 15:30

Amazon moves to fuel startups for its platform - 15:30

Solar Impulse 2 needs 20mn euros to complete flight - 15:30

Senator objects to anti-terrorism rules for online sites - 15:30

New chemistry makes strong bonds weak - 15:30

Twitter posts quarterly loss as revenue climbs - 15:30

Sleep deprivation reduces aggression, mating behavior in flies - 15:00

Short wavelength plasmons observed in nanotubes - 15:00

Still offline: US non-Internet users stuck at 15 pct - 13:30

Majority rule: Why conformity can actually be a good thing - 13:00

RED Epic Dragon Camera captures riveting images on space station - 13:00

Past and present sea levels in the Chesapeake Bay Region, USA - 13:00

How to digitally stoke that old-time auction fever - 13:00

Sleeping with smartphones, and other vices - 13:00

Court orders EPA to redo air-pollution limits in 13 states - 13:00

Pygmies' stunted growth explains human success - 12:00

Remains of four early colonial leaders discovered at Jamestown - 12:00

Taiwan, Thailand join deal to end tariffs on tech products - 12:00

Geography, skills, local companies affect higher education impact on economic development - 11:30

Chill-tolerant hybrid sugarcane also grows at lower temperatures, team finds - 11:30

Cellphones can steal data from 'air-gapped computers' - 11:30

Origins of life: New model may explain emergence of self-replication on early Earth - 10:30

Lobster-Eye imager detects soft X-ray emissions - 10:30

First measurements taken of South Africa's Iron Age magnetic field history - 10:30