Friday the 27th of March 2015

Google patent focuses on pedestrian protection in vehicle impact - 04:30

Wood bison make it to Alaska village; April release planned - 04:30

Meerkat vs. Periscope: Live-streaming app battle & buzz - 04:30

Climate fund signs up first partners - 04:00

First glimpse inside a macroscopic quantum state - 03:00

Sea otter rescued in California oil spill dies of shark bite - 03:00

Critters found in Antarctic ice shows how tenacious life is - 03:00

Thursday the 26th of March 2015

Two degrees climate change target 'utterly inadequate', commentary says - 20:00

Russian, American ready for a year in space - 19:00

Wearable device helps vision-impaired avoid collision - 19:00

Antibiotic effectiveness imperiled as use in livestock expected to increase - 19:00

Honey bees use multiple genetic pathways to fight infections - 19:00

Domestic violence victims may be hurt by mandatory arrest laws - 19:00

Stereotypes lower math performance in women, but effects go unrecognized - 19:00

Cell phone 'bill shock' warnings can leave consumers worse off, says new study - 19:00

Facebook moves ahead toward Internet drone air fleet - 19:00

Google's new CFO gets $70M for defecting from Morgan Stanley - 19:00

Earliest humans had diverse range of body types, just as we do today - 19:00

Yahoo boosts share buyback plan by $2 billion - 18:30

$1 billion water spending plan heads to California governor - 18:30

Microsoft wants US suppliers to give employees paid time off - 18:30

Researchers master gene editing technique in mosquito that transmits deadly diseases - 14:31

The brain in the supermarket: Simple 'index strategy' helps consumers make choices - 14:31

Scientists uncover key cellular mechanism involved in neurodegeneration and herpes - 14:31

Blue Freedom uses power of flowing water to charge - 14:31

Researchers use neutron scattering and supercomputing to study shape of a protein involved in cancer - 14:30

Flocks of starlings ride the wave to escape - 14:30

Theory of the strong interaction verified - 14:01

Special ops troops using flawed intel software - 14:01

Engineers develop new methods to speed up simulations in computational grand challenge - 14:00

Using magnetic fields to understand high-temperature superconductivity - 14:00

New mitochondrially-derived peptides show what they can do - 13:00

Designer's toolkit for dynamic DNA nanomachines - 13:00

Swirling currents deliver phytoplankton carbon to ocean depths - 13:00

Bacteria can use magnetic particles to create 'natural battery' - 13:00

Galaxy clusters collide—dark matter still a mystery - 13:00

Intergenerational transmission of abuse and neglect more complicated than previously believed - 13:00

Antarctic ice shelves rapidly thinning - 13:00

Bats obey 'traffic rules' when trawling for food - 13:00

To survive, a parasite mixes and matches its disguises, study suggests - 13:00

Chemists make new silicon-based nanomaterials - 12:31

The Mediterranean diet is not only healthier, it also pollutes less - 12:31

Deadly Japan quake and tsunami spurred global warming, ozone loss - 12:31

Girl POWer! How strong female superheroes are gaining ground on the guys - 12:30

How did the chicken cross the sea? - 12:30

Pacific-wide study reveals striped marlins' preferred habitat, may help avoid overfishing - 12:30

Cell celebrates intersection of food and science in special issue - 11:02

Photosynthesis hack needed to feed the world by 2050, report says - 11:02

Twice the coral trout in Great Barrier Reef protected zones - 11:02

Twitter launches Meerkat-killer app Periscope - 10:30