Thursday the 23rd of October 2014

Coping with water scarcity: Researchers evaluate effectiveness of water policies aimed at reducing consumption - 06:00

Megalodon shark became extinct 2.6 million years ago - 06:00

Extremely rare footage of a tuatara hatching captured on film (w/ Video) - 06:00

NASA taps Livermore photon scientists for heat-shield research - 06:00

Researchers developing new thermal interface materials - 06:00

Insider trading study shows stronger enforcement - 06:00

Google offers peek into Bhutan with Street View launch - 05:30

New evidence on Neanderthal mixing - 05:30

Microscopic "walkers" find their way across cell surfaces - 05:30

Study examines effects of credentialing, personalization - 05:30

Sweat and a smartphone could become the hot new health screening - 05:00

No-till agriculture may not bring hoped-for boost in global crop yields, study finds - 05:00

The search for habitable worlds, from sub-Neptunes to super-Earths - 05:00

Fossil fuels at what price? EU analysis looks at energy costs - 04:30

Sk Hynix logs all-time high Q3 earnings - 03:00

Mapping drone prompts China to scramble fighter jets: report - 03:00

Yahoo CEO defends strategy in face of criticism - 03:00

Nokia turnaround since handset unit sale continues - 03:00

Superstring theorist at University of Florida wins 2015 Heineman Prize - 02:30

New policymaking tool for shift to renewable energy - 02:30

Facebook's Zuckerberg wages China charm offensive—in Mandarin - 02:30

Apple computer sells for record $905K in NY - 02:30

Wednesday the 22nd of October 2014

BofA to refund Apple Pay customers charged twice - 17:30

Image: Third substantial solar flare in two days - 17:00

NASA-NOAA Suomi NPP Satellite team ward off recent space debris threat - 17:00

Tablets, cars drive AT&T wireless gains—not phones - 16:01

TRMM Satellite calculates Hurricanes Fay and Gonzalo rainfall - 15:32

NYSCF Research Institute announces largest-ever stem cell repository - 15:32

New insights on carbonic acid in water - 15:32

NIST's Cloud Computing Roadmap details research requirements and action plans - 15:32

NIST offers electronics industry two ways to snoop on self-organizing molecules - 15:32

Organic molecules in Titan's atmosphere are intriguingly skewed - 15:32

Twitter looks to weave into more mobile apps - 15:32

Terra Satellite sees wind shear affecting Tropical Storm Ana - 15:03

Tropical Depression 9 forms in Gulf of Mexico - 14:31

Google unveils app for managing Gmail inboxes - 14:31

'Twisted rope' clue to dangerous solar storms - 14:31

Blink, point, solve an equation: Introducing PhotoMath - 14:31

No silver bullet: Study identifies risk factors of youth charged with murder - 14:31

'Silicon Beach' brings tech boom to Los Angeles - 14:00

New feather findings get scientists in a flap - 13:02

Goofy dinosaur blends Barney and Jar Jar Binks (w/ Video) - 13:02

Camera-traps capture wild chimps' nighttime raiding activities - 13:02

Males of great bustard self-medicate to appear more attractive to females - 13:02

Rescued 'abandoned' penguin chicks survival similar to colony rates - 13:02

Oldest DNA ever found sheds light on humans' global trek - 13:02

Recently discovered microbe is key player in climate change - 12:31

Some scientists share better than others - 12:01

Solar flare knocks out some radio temporarily - 12:01

Data indicate there is no immigration crisis - 12:01