Friday the 19th of December 2014

Indonesia volcano erupts, injuring 4; 1 missing - 05:30

Hackers may have exploited Sony's weakest link: humans - 05:30

Brazil's Coelho offers $100,000 for N. Korea parody film - 05:30

Gift Guide: Strong photo, video gear options - 05:00

Quantum physics just got less complicated - 05:00

Movie world fears for freedom of speech as N.Korea parody pulled - 04:30

Warming leads to more run-ins with polar bears - 04:30

Apple co-founder Wozniak skeptical on smartwatches, Google Glass - 04:00

Japanese scientist resigns over stem cell scandal - 04:00

Lava slows but still on track to hit Hawaii market - 04:00

Poll: Americans skeptical of commercial drones - 04:00

Thursday the 18th of December 2014

Signs of Europa plumes remain elusive in search of Cassini data - 19:30

Compact galaxy groups reveal details of their close encounters - 19:30

Scientists find meteoritic evidence of Mars water reservoir - 19:30

Experts 'grasping at straws' to save near-extinct rhino - 18:30

US brands movie studio hack a national security breach - 18:00

Sony hacking fallout puts all companies on alert - 18:00

Ear-check via phone can ease path to diagnosis - 16:31

Study: Large carnivores gaining ground in Europe - 16:00

NOAA establishes 'tipping points' for sea level rise related flooding - 16:00

Rosetta comet-landing is Science's 2014 breakthrough - 16:00

Study on world's biggest animal finds more than one population in the southeastern Pacific - 16:00

Research aims to improve rechargeable batteries by focusing on graphene oxide paper - 16:00

Two more former Sony workers sue over data breach - 16:00

Timeline of the Sony Pictures Entertainment hack - 16:00

Researchers glimpse pathway of sunlight to electricity - 15:30

Digital dilemma: How will US respond to Sony hack? - 15:30

NASA's Orion spacecraft back in Florida after test flight - 15:30

Second security clearance investigation contractor hacked - 15:30

Conservation and immunology of wild seabirds: Vaccinating two birds with one shot - 15:00

Satellite sees green-up along Colorado River's Delta after experimental flow - 15:00

Computational clues into the structure of a promising energy conversion catalyst - 15:00

New, tighter timeline confirms ancient volcanism aligned with dinosaurs' extinction - 15:00

Constantly changing online prices stump shoppers - 14:30

Time management skills keep animals primed for survival - 14:00

The fine-tuning of human color perception - 14:00

Origin of 'theta aurora'—long-standing space mystery—revealed - 14:00

Newest computer neural networks can identify visual objects as well as the primate brain - 14:00

Creation of 'Rocker' protein opens way for new smart molecules in medicine, other fields - 14:00

RNA measurements may yield less insight about gene expression than assumed - 14:00

'Hairclip' protein mechanism explained - 14:00

UN sends team to clean up Bangladesh oil spill - 13:30

Amazon launches one-hour shipping in Manhattan - 13:01

Report: Radiation leak at nuclear dump was small - 13:00

Fifth SpaceX mission lets the CATS out on the International Space Station - 13:00

Study identifies metal organic framework candidates for methane storage, fuels hope for natural gas cars - 13:00

How will climate change transform agriculture? - 13:00

Team develops 'cool' new method for probing how molecules fold - 13:00

Brain structures devoted to learning, memory highly conserved in animal kingdom, suggesting common evolutionary origin - 13:00

Study finds Illinois is most critical hub in food distribution network - 13:00