Monday the 27th of April 2015

The cost of staying cool when incomes heat up - 16:30

Liquid crystal bubble OASIS in space - 16:30

Facebook rolls out video calls on Messenger - 15:00

High-pitched sounds cause seizures in old cats - 15:00

Rare dune plants thrive on disturbance - 14:30

Strange supernova is 'missing link' in gamma-ray burst connection - 14:30

Researcher collects leadership insights from 'Transformers' - 14:30

Alternate theory of inhabitation of North America disproved - 14:30

Study reveals similar genetic, geographic patterns in monk parakeet - 14:30

Phone-packed Africa leads way in take-up of mobile banking - 14:30

Ocean bacteria get 'pumped up': Team discovers new factors impacting fate of sinking carbon - 14:30

Model uncovers malaria parasite causes red blood cell changes - 14:00

Combining ecology and human needs, researchers assess sustainability of Baja fisheries - 14:00

Unexplained gap in global emissions of potent greenhouse gases resolved - 14:00

Collin Burns in 5.253 seconds sets Rubik's Cube time record (w/ Video) - 13:00

Research team invents electrical power converter for renewable energy - 12:30

Computer cooling system could save U.S. $6.3 billion in electricity a year - 12:30

How an RNA gene silences a whole chromosome - 12:30

Google sets up marketplace to buy patents - 12:30

ESPN suing Verizon over unbundling of its sports channel - 12:30

Lightweight membrane can significantly reduce in-flight aircraft noise - 12:00

Tinder, Vice honored in online Webby awards - 12:00

Google searches for 'n-word' associated with black mortality - 11:00

Astrophyicists draw most comprehensive map of the universe - 11:00

Preventing a Fukushima disaster in Europe - 11:00

Bizarre 'platypus' dinosaur discovered - 10:30

Climate change: How Brits feel about 'smart' energy - 10:30

Study blames global warming for 75 percent of very hot days - 10:30

Did Kathmandu shift? Questions and Answers - 10:30

High court to consider lawsuits over personal data - 10:30

Starbucks breakdown shows how registers have evolved - 10:30

Is the universe a hologram? - 10:00

Chemistry of seabed's hot vents could explain emergence of life - 10:00

Bumblebees use nicotine to fight off parasites - 10:00

Conifer study illustrates twists of evolution - 10:00

In fashion first, Google shows what's hot and not - 10:00

Negative electronic compressibility: More is less in novel material - 10:00

Single cells seen in unprecedented detail - 10:00

Two-dimensional semiconductor comes clean - 10:00

New coral-inhabiting gall crab species discovered from Indonesia and Malaysia - 09:00

Two new iguanid lizard species from the Laja Lagoon, Chile - 09:00

Discover to have Apple Pay available for US cardholders - 08:30

SpaceX picks up launch pace, sets April 27 commercial launch and May 5 Dragon pad abort test - 08:30

ANZAC grevillea hybrid marks centenary celebrations - 08:30

New 3-D method improves the study of proteins - 08:30

Adding transparency to graphene paper improves supercapacitor capacitance - 08:30

Human ancestors could hold the key to early diagnosis of bone disease - 08:00

Nepal shows its vulnerability after devastating earthquake - 08:00

Making LED-illuminated advertisements light and flexible - 08:00

Scientists plan to cut insect pests down to size by turning their own hormones against them - 08:00