Thursday the 12th of January 2017

Incentive pay schemes can affect employee well-being - 04:31

Alphabet drops dream of drones providing internet - 04:31

360-degree replays at Super Bowl a taste of what's next - 04:31

Scientists uncover novel properties of key signalling molecule in cell division - 04:31

Russia's Vavilov institute, guardian of world's lost plants - 04:31

Bee placed on endangered list after US habitat loss - 04:31

Bitcoin plunges as China investigates exchanges - 04:31

Wednesday the 11th of January 2017

Huygens: 'Ground truth' from an alien moon—2005 historic descent to Titan revisited - 18:31

Facebook takes on a bigger role in journalism - 18:31

Scientists: Moon over the hill at 4.51 billion years old - 18:01

VW pleads guilty in emissions scandal; six employees indicted - 18:01

Study: Some bats showing resistance to deadly fungus - 18:01

As they go electric, auto giants vie for tiny US prize - 18:01

Personal computer sales fall for fifth year in a row - 18:01

Mother-daughter competition in orcas may explain menopause - 18:01

Amazon to pay Canada fine over pricing practices - 18:01

Pressures from grazers hastens ecosystem collapse from drought - 17:31

Northeast US temperatures are decades ahead of global average - 17:01

Why better choices depend on 'libertarian paternalism' - 17:01

Deciphering the beetle exoskeleton with nanomechanics - 17:01

Bacterial protein structure could aid development of new antibiotics - 17:01

Genetic opposites attract when chimpanzees choose a mate - 15:41

Should biomedical graduate schools ignore the GRE? - 15:41

Team directly measures how perovskite solar films efficiently convert light to power - 14:11

NASA sees Pineapple Express deliver heavy rains, flooding to California - 14:11

DNA duplicator small enough to hold in your hand - 14:11

Researchers use TACC supercomputers to create first all-atom simulation of genome editing in action - 14:11

Strep spreads by harnessing immune defenses of those infected - 14:11

Trust issues: Users more gullible when they customize their technology - 14:11

'Pedal bin machine' of gut bacteria revealed - 14:11

Report recommends new framework for estimating the social cost of carbon - 14:11

DirecTV Now: A trial is free, but it's a hard sell for some - 14:11

Twitter: Obama's 'thank you' tweet his most popular ever - 14:11

Termite queens' efficient antioxidant system may enable long life - 14:11

Baboon vocalizations contain five vowel-like sounds comparable to those of human speech - 14:11

Release of water shakes Pacific Plate at depth - 14:11

Recreating conditions inside stars with compact lasers - 14:11

New Facebook project aims to fight the spread of 'fake news' - 14:11

Scientists claim new gibbon species—name it Skywalker - 14:11

2017 Pacifica has more technology than earlier Chrysler vans - 14:11

New laser based on unusual physics phenomenon could improve telecommunications, computing - 13:11

Paleontologists classify mysterious ancient cone-shaped sea creatures - 13:11

Experiments confirm that structural defects at the periphery are key in catalyst function - 13:11

Researchers discover 'marvel microbes' explaining how cells became complex - 13:11

Scientists discover world's largest tropical peatland in remote Congo swamps - 13:11

Physicists 'squeeze' light to cool microscopic drum below quantum limit - 13:11

Double fish production while preserving biodiversity—can it be done? - 12:21

Six things we learned at the Detroit auto show - 12:21

Europe freeze death toll rises to 65 - 12:21

Farthest stars in Milky Way might be ripped from another galaxy - 11:51