Monday the 22nd of August 2016

Researchers reduce expensive noble metals for fuel cell reactions - 12:31

Strong external governance makes top managers more prone to cheat - 12:31

Russian and US scientists collaborate to map migration paths of Arctic breeding birds - 11:31

Study measures methane release from Arctic permafrost - 11:01

Survey finds vast majority of Americans think US is divided over values and politics - 11:01

Some signs of induced seismicity spotted in Salton Trough's geothermal production fields - 11:01

How cell nuclei squeeze into tight spaces - 11:01

Bubble-wrapped sponge creates steam using sunlight - 10:31

New flexible material can make any window 'smart' - 10:31

Logged rainforests can be an 'ark' for mammals, extensive study shows - 10:31

NASA sees Tropical Storm Fiona weakening from wind shear - 10:31

Survey finds deep concerns among young people of color about crim justice and gun violence - 10:31

Hibernating pygmy-possums can sense danger even while dormant - 10:01

Single-celled fungi multiply, alien-like, by fusing cells in host - 10:01

Antarctica's past shows region's vulnerability to climate change - 09:31

German Greens call for end to coal power in 20 years - 09:31

City centre seagulls could help plan drone flight paths - 09:31

Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution announces innovative wind turbine monitor - 09:02

Novel chemical sensor six-times faster than alternatives - 09:02

Creating a molecular snapshot of the way proteins interact could help development of new cancer drugs - 09:02

New theory could lead to new generation of energy friendly optoelectronics - 09:02

Elongation by contraction – pulling forces drive changes in cell shape - 09:02

World's biggest telescope meets world's second fastest supercomputer - 09:02

NASA successfully test fires Mars mega-rocket engine with modernized 'brain' controller - 09:01

Sick animals limit disease transmission by isolating themselves from their peers - 09:01

If you're going to ridicule research, do your homework - 09:01

Pro-nuclear countries making slower progress on climate targets - 09:01

New visualization of waves in Saturn's rings - 09:01

Beetles pollinated orchids millions of year ago, fossil evidence shows - 09:01

Drought and fire activity—what's climate change got to do with it? - 09:01

'Artificial atom' created in graphene - 09:01

Scientists study efficiency of adsorbents for natural gas sweetening - 08:31

New 'butterfly of the sea' species discovered - 08:31

Full-circle vista from NASA Mars rover Curiosity shows 'Murray Buttes' - 08:31

The flight of fruit flies under the microscope - 08:31

Physicists propose method for braiding light - 08:31

Iron found in fossils suggests supernova role in mass dying - 08:31

Jellyfish proteins used to create polariton laser - 08:01

One of the most inflated giant planets discovered - 08:01

New modelling on bushfires shows how they really burn through an area - 07:01

Study reveals meteorological impact of 2015 solar eclipse - 07:01

Canine hereditary disorders are more widespread than previously indicated - 07:01

Relationship advice from the government doesn't help low-income couples – here's what might - 07:01

Improved tests of the weak nuclear force from beta decay - 07:01

Scientists create a ceramic resistant to extreme temperatures - 07:01

Scientists conduct mathematical analysis of a rare cavernicolous crustacean - 07:01

Proba-3: Seeing through shadow to view Sun's corona - 07:01

What does social science say about how a female president might lead? - 07:01

Scientists create method to obtain the most precise data for thermonuclear reactors - 07:01

Cybersecurity student researches how to keep cars safe from hacking - 06:31