Tuesday the 22nd of April 2014

The anti-inflammatory factory - 06:30

Engineering students invent virtual fitting room for online shoppers (w/ video) - 06:30

MRI sensor that enables long-term monitoring of oxygen levels could aid cancer diagnosis, treatment - 06:30

Til' death do us part – in the plant world - 06:30

Solar research group on quest for affordable solar fuels (w/ video) - 06:30

Optical PAyload for Lasercomm Science (OPALS) launched to space station - 06:00

Lead in 'tap-water' in ancient Rome up to 100 times more than local spring waters - 06:00

Computer-assisted accelerator design - 06:00

New mineral shows nature's infinite variability - 06:00

Extrusion technology improves food security in Africa - 06:00

Some cows' infertility linked to Y chromosome - 05:30

Red stars and big bulges: How black holes shape galaxies - 05:30

Researchers find mentor programs often harm, more than help first-year science teachers - 05:30

Old tires become material for new and improved roads - 05:30

Study shows rhesus monkeys able to add numbers together for a reward - 05:00

Image: X-raying the cosmos - 05:00

A new approach to engineering the materials of the future - 05:00

Low-cost 3D printed hand suits man for daily needs (w/ video) - 04:31

Mysteries of nearby planetary system's dynamics solved - 04:00

Streaming TV case before Supreme Court on Tuesday - 03:01

Drones unearth more details about Chaco culture - 03:01

Sixty percent of Japanese support whale hunt - 02:31

Monday the 21st of April 2014

Cow manure harbors diverse new antibiotic resistance genes - 23:00

Brain size matters when it comes to animal self-control - 17:31

MESSENGER completes its 3,000th orbit of Mercury, sets mark for closest approach - 17:30

'Upside-down planet' reveals new method for studying binary star systems - 16:30

Netflix poised to raise prices after strong 1Q - 16:30

Today's Antarctic region once as hot as California, Florida - 16:00

Scientist discovers ancient species of assassin fly - 16:00

Apple offering free recycling of all used products - 16:00

Netflix attracts 2.25M US subscribers in 1Q - 16:00

Gates-funded student data group to shut down - 16:00

Taiwan sets up sanctuary for endangered humpback dolphin - 16:00

'Russian Facebook' accepts founder's resignation - 15:30

Directing charges through single molecules: Progress made in developing nanoscale electronics - 15:30

Bark beetles change Rocky Mountain stream flows, affect water quality - 15:30

Simulating in tiny steps gave birth to long-sought-after method - 15:30

Krypton used to accurately date ancient Antarctic ice - 14:00

A plague in your family: The independent evolution of harmful organisms from one bacterial family - 14:00

Ecology team improves understanding of valley-wide streamwater chemistry - 14:00

NASA sees wind shear affecting newborn Tropical Cyclone Jack - 12:31

Taking the pulse of mountain formation in the Andes - 12:31

AT&T explores expansion of super-fast Internet - 12:31

Lack of breeding threatens blue-footed boobies' survival - 12:01

Edible flowers may inhibit chronic diseases - 11:02

NASA image: God of the Gap - 11:02

More red ink for US newspapers in latest survey - 11:02

A new key to unlocking the mysteries of physics? Quantum turbulence - 09:31

Teachers' scare tactics may lead to lower exam scores - 09:31

New material coating technology mimics nature's lotus effect (w/ video) - 09:31