Friday the 30th of January 2015

Report disputes claims that US hacked reporter's computer - 03:50

How can Google snap its stock out of its stupor? - 03:50

Thursday the 29th of January 2015

Apple's growing patent portfolio offers clues about future products - 21:00

Renewable biofuel production avoids competition with food resources - 20:00

Genetic basis of color diversity in coral reefs discovered - 19:30

What Microsoft didn't say about Windows 10 is important to know - 19:30

Heat waves becoming more prominent in urban areas, research reveals - 19:00

Facebook abuses 'quasi-monopoly' on user data, EU lawmaker says - 19:00

New algorithm can separate unstructured text into topics with high accuracy and reproducibility - 18:00

Google delivers another earnings letdown, stock sinks - 18:00

Amazon surprises with $214 mln quarterly profit - 18:00

Crystal light: New light-converting materials point to cheaper, more efficient solar power - 17:30

Skin device uses motion to power electronics - 17:00

Sundance doc examines real-life Close Encounter - 17:00

Structure of world's largest single cell is reflected at the molecular level - 16:30

A rare glimpse at the elusive saharan cheetah - 16:30

Reddit reveals bids for user data by outside agencies - 16:30

Smartphone Snapshot: Samsung getting squeezed - 16:30

New app first to use gesture for language learning - 16:30

Facebook adds 'tips' in potential Yelp challenge - 16:30

Poll shows giant gap between what public, scientists think - 16:30

2011 vehicle models with highest and lowest death rates - 16:30

Filming begins on Steve Jobs film starring Fassbender - 16:30

A sneaky snake: Teams hunt for rock pythons in Everglades - 16:30

US settles case against 'revenge porn' site operator - 16:30

Scientists investigate link between skyrocketing sea slug populations and warming seas - 16:00

Where did the missing oil go? New study says some is sitting on the Gulf floor - 16:00

Is this the year you join the one percent? - 16:00

Team develops new technique for growing high-efficiency perovskite solar cells - 15:30

Powerful tool promises to change the way scientists view proteins - 15:30

Generating Mobius strips of light: Researchers experimentally produce these structures from light polarization - 15:30

In a role reversal, RNAs proofread themselves - 15:30

Canceled flights: For monarch butterflies, loss of migration means more disease - 15:00

Scientists reveal global patterns of specialized feeding in insect herbivores - 15:00

Just four bits of credit card data can identify most anyone - 14:30

Invasive species in the Great Lakes by 2063 - 14:30

Bird watchers help federal agencies pinpoint conservation priorities - 14:30

CAT scan of nearby supernova remnant reveals frothy interior - 14:30

First-ever view of protein structure may lead to better anxiety drugs - 14:30

Global warming won't mean more stormy weather - 14:00

Researchers determine key element in circadian clock speed - 14:00

Individuals may fail to navigate complex tradeoffs in privacy decision-making - 14:00

New clues about a brain protein with high affinity for Valium - 14:00

Baleen whales hear through their bones - 14:00

Mashable gets $17 mn funding led by Time Warner - 13:30

Alibaba run-in with China regulator signals tougher scrutiny - 13:30

Game Review: A new life for old video games - 13:30

Who's going to win? The answer could change by the hour - 13:00

Dinosaur no more: UK museum's Dippy to be retired in 2017 - 13:00

NASA remembering 17 astronauts killed in the line of duty - 13:00