Tuesday the 25th of July 2017

NASA encourages kids to Train Like an Astronaut - 03:02

Researchers offer new and novel paradigm for advancing research on beneficial microbes - 02:32

Dragonfly brains predict the path of their prey - 02:32

No gene is an island: Gene's position on chromosome affects mutations - 02:32

Monday the 24th of July 2017

Saturn surprises as Cassini continues its grand finale - 17:02

Alphabet profit hit by EU fine on Google - 16:32

Fact-checking site Snopes pleads for help to stay alive - 16:32

Multitasking monolayers lay groundwork for devices that can do two things at once - 15:32

Greatest threat to eastern forest birds is habitat loss on wintering grounds - 15:32

Microsoft Paint brushed aside - 15:32

Google parent books $2.7B fine as European fight looms - 15:32

How fear alone can cause animal extinction - 15:02

High-temperature superconductivity in B-doped Q-carbon - 14:32

Researchers perform first basic-physics simulation of the impact of recycled atoms on plasma turbulence - 14:32

Algae cultivation technique could advance biofuels - 14:32

Target 'best connected neighbors' to stop spread of infection in developing countries - 14:02

Rainforest metropolis casts 1,000 km shadow on wildlife - 14:02

Research showing how nematodes use smell to select new insect hosts could improve biological control of crop pests - 13:32

New study challenges prevailing theory about how deep-sea vents are colonized - 13:32

Tropical Storm Kulap forms a fist on satellite image - 13:32

Fishing crew catches 926-pound shark in New Jersey - 13:32

Dark matter is likely 'cold,' not 'fuzzy,' scientists report after new simulations - 13:02

Satellite view of a compact Hurricane Hilary - 13:02

NASA sees Tropical Storm Irwin getting in better shape - 12:32

Pioneering Paris canal swimming spot closed due to pollution - 12:32

Nutritional value of soybean meal varies among sources from different countries - 12:32

NASA sees Typhoon Noru raging near the Minami Tori Shima Atoll - 12:32

Academics on Google's payroll? - 12:02

Fearing surveillance, dads with a record avoid kids' schools - 12:02

Sea level rise could bring costly flooding in coastal communities within decades - 12:02

Satellite shows Tropical Storm Greg losing shape - 11:32

NASA flights gauge summer sea ice melt in the Arctic - 11:32

Fungi that evolved to eat wood offer new biomass conversion tool - 11:32

Scientists synthesize research, evaluate model on coastal armoring - 11:32

CHESS imaging reveals how copper affects plant fertility - 11:32

Scientists enlist baker's yeast in a hunt for new medicines - 10:32

Could 'cocktail geoengineering' save the climate? - 10:32

NASA mission surfs through waves in space to understand space weather - 10:32

NASA sees Tropical Depression Roke over Hong Kong - 10:32

Researchers find corn gene conferring resistance to multiple plant leaf diseases - 10:32

Strength of tectonic plates may explain shape of the Tibetan Plateau, study finds - 10:32

Swedish leader says security leak in 2015 was disaster - 10:02

German automakers' shares fall on diesel emissions concerns - 10:02

South Africa moves ahead on domestic trade in rhino horn - 10:02

Allowable 'carbon budget' most likely overestimated - 10:02

Team improves plant carbon-cycle models - 10:02

Escherichia coli bacteria hijack copper, feed off it - 10:02

Evolutionary biologists solve puzzle of evolutionary relationships among vertebrates - 10:02

Receptors for neuron communication in humans vital for reproduction in mosses - 10:02

Elastic Leidenfrost effect enables soft engines - 10:02