Thursday the 30th of October 2014

The economics of age gaps and marriage - 07:30

Preparing for a zero-emission urban bus system - 07:30

'Nanomotor lithography' answers call for affordable, simpler device manufacturing - 07:00

Like eating fish? It's time to start caring where it comes from - 07:00

Anthropology exposes how miners shape our world and our views of it - 07:00

Seeing dinosaur feathers in a new light - 07:00

Lab breakthrough can lead to cheaper biofuels, improved crops, and new products from plants - 07:00

Dam hard: Water storage is a historic headache for Australia - 07:00

Technology is changing the face of northern Australian cattle farming - 07:00

Calculating encryption schemes' theoretical security guarantees eases comparison, improvement - 06:30

New system would allow programmers to easily trade computational accuracy for energy savings - 06:30

Everyone can have an impact on the dynamics of a group, particularly if they join forces with others - 06:30

New imaging technique leads to better understanding of freezing in plants - 06:30

Project will apply cognitive computing to uncover new patient treatment options - 06:30

European Data Relay System on track - 06:30

Greater inequality within UK and US than some developing countries, trade 'footprint' shows - 06:30

Selling and buying water rights - 06:30

Researchers discover way to coordinate different types of robots - 06:00

Use asteroids as stepping stones to Mars: Richard Binzel on NASA's asteroid redirect mission - 06:00

93 percent of mining, oil and gas, logging, agriculture developments involve inhabited land - 04:30

Baidu profit up 27 percent as mobile grows - 04:30

Sistine chapel dazzles after technological makeover - 04:30

Burning passion: Chinese rich pay sky-high meteorite prices - 04:30

Future air passengers may get unique, windowless view - 04:30

Billionaires' $10m gift to Yale stirs debate in China - 03:30

Bayer raises forecasts for 2014 after strong Q3 - 03:30

Student science projects explode with rocket - 03:30

WhatsApp founders own nearly $9B in Facebook stock - 03:30

Samsung vows changes after mobile profit plunges - 03:30

Plans for Antarctic marine reserve falter again - 03:30

Wednesday the 29th of October 2014

Through 3D-printed prosthetic, Illinois students lending a hand in Ecuador - 18:40

IBM dips into Twitter stream for business insights - 18:40

Debris revives hope of finding Amelia Earhart plane - 18:40

US theaters advised to ban 'smart' watches and glasses - 18:40

Running robots of future may learn from world's best two-legged runners—birds - 17:20

Apple Pay rival defends service - 16:50

Plump turtles swim better: First models of swimming animals - 16:50

What is Orbital Sciences? - 16:50

Russian rocket engines suspected in launch blast - 16:50

'Treasure in saliva' may reveal deadly diseases early enough to treat them - 16:20

Technology provides improved access for disabled voters - 16:20

Apple in talks to sell iPhone in Iran: report - 16:20

First detailed picture of a cancer-related cell enzyme in action on a chromosome unit - 15:50

Mexico archaeologists explore Teotihuacan tunnel - 15:50

NASA sees Tropical Cyclone Nilofar being affected by wind shear - 15:20

HTML5 reaches 'Recommendation' status - 14:50

Lava creeps closer to main road in Hawaii town - 14:50

Urban seismic network detects human sounds - 14:20

Amazon opens three logistics centers in Poland - 14:20

The science of charismatic voices - 14:20