Thursday th 25th of April 2019

Households where the woman is the sole earner are significantly poorer, says research - 04:00

Working class 'always less likely to get into acting and film making', says research - 04:00

North America driving global oil and gas pipeline 'boom' - 03:31

Possible $5B Facebook fine echoes European tech penalties - 03:10

Tesla hit with big loss as car deliveries sputter - 03:10

At Walmart, using AI to watch the store - 03:10

China's island cities: Treasure or trouble for Asia? - 03:10

Isolation helps Brazil indigenous group defend way of life - 03:10

Tropical forest the size of England destroyed in 2018: report - 03:10

Reviving Brazil's indigenous languages - 03:10

Canada residents split: to move or not after two floods in two years - 03:10

SK Hynix profits slump 69% in first quarter - 03:10

Early melting of winter snowfall advances the Arctic springtime - 02:40

Wednesday th 24th of April 2019

Research sheds light on genomic features that make plants good candidates for domestication - 19:20

'Catastrophic' breeding failure at one of world's largest emperor penguin colonies - 18:00

Microsoft surges toward trillion-dollar value as profits rise - 16:40

Freshwater fish species richness has increased in Ohio River Basin since '60s - 16:10

Facebook profit slumps on set-aside for big US fine - 16:10

What the vibrant pigments of bird feathers can teach us about how evolution works - 15:10

Indian court lifts ban on Chinese social media app TikTok - 15:10

Twitter adds way to report voter-tricking tweets - 15:10

Eclogitic diamonds formed from oceanic crust, study shows - 14:40

Scientists discover coal-derived 'dots' are effective antioxidant - 14:40

A breakthrough in the study of laser/plasma interactions - 14:40

With flower preferences, bees have a big gap between the sexes - 14:40

Meet Callichimaera perplexa, the platypus of crabs - 13:10

Tomato, tomat-oh!—understanding evolution to reduce pesticide use - 13:10

Minerals in mountain rivers tell the story of landslide activity upstream - 13:10

Human settlements in Amazonia much older than previously thought - 13:10

Modern analysis of ancient hearths reveals Neanderthal settlement patterns - 13:10

Veritable powerhouses—even without DNA - 13:10

Immense Pacific coral reef survey shows green sea turtle populations increasing - 13:10

Salish seafloor mapping identifies earthquake and tsunami risks - 12:40

Reinforced concrete wall damage may be larger than expected in major Seattle quake - 12:10

Fluorescence probe shows the distribution of active lithium species on lithium metal anodes - 12:10

New synthesis strategy speeds identification of simpler versions of a natural product - 12:10

Study finds temperature can predict wildfires - 12:10

Migrating bats use the setting sun - 12:10

Researchers dramatically clean up ammonia production and cut costs - 12:10

Researchers create the first maps of two melatonin receptors essential for sleep - 12:10

Microbes may act as gatekeepers of Earth's Deep Carbon - 12:10

Global warming hits sea creatures hardest - 12:10

Dark matter detector observes rarest event ever recorded - 12:10

Treating addiction: Cryo-EM technology enables the 'impossible' - 12:10

Crabs, lobsters and shrimp now have a family tree dating 500 million years - 12:10

NASA's Aqua Satellite catches Tropical Cyclone Lorna organizing - 12:10

New robust device may scale up quantum tech, researchers say - 12:10

How would you survive on Mars? - 12:10

AT&T shares slump as more TV customers leave - 11:40

Twitter users younger, better educated than general public: survey - 11:40