Wednesday th 24th of April 2019

Chemists invent new Lewis acidity test using fluorescence - 11:40

Study reveals vast diversity of ocean microbes - 11:40

Perfume makers seek natural, sustainable scents - 11:40

Changes in rainfall and temperatures have already impacted water quality - 11:40

NASA examines Tropical Cyclone Kenneth in infrared light - 10:40

New perennial brome-grass from Iberian Peninsula named after Picos de Europa National Park - 10:40

Scientists are world's firsts to reproduce complete copy of 'anti-tumour antibiotic' - 10:40

Corruption contagion: How legal and finance firms are at greater risk of corruption - 10:40

Foxconn says it's looking for 'flexibility' with Wisconsin - 10:40

Digital cathedrals: bringing Notre-Dame de Paris back to life - 10:13

Classroom crowdscience: UC students challenged to detect schizophrenia genes - 10:13

Atom interaction discovery valuable for future quantum technologies - 09:50

We're all influenced by people in our networks – how to make this a force for good - 09:50

Boeing's troubled jet prompts it to pull 2019 forecast - 09:50

Ghana eyes world record in medical drone service - 09:50

Antarctica: the final frontier for marine biological invasions? - 09:50

A Neanderthal tooth discovered in Serbia reveals human migration history - 09:50

New type of silicon promises cheaper solar technology - 09:20

Big money goes around the world - 09:20

Quality of laser beam shaping can be enhanced at no extra cost - 09:20

Rapid destruction of Earth-like atmospheres by young stars - 09:20

Slow media: how to renew debate in the age of digital authoritarianism - 09:20

Uncovering Polynya: Research unravels 43-year-old mystery in Antarctica - 09:20

Scientists develop low-cost energy-efficient materials - 09:20

OCR4all: Modern tool for old texts - 09:20

Ford to invest $500M in electric vehicle startup Rivian - 09:20

Understanding the periodic table through the lens of the volatile Group I metals - 09:20

NIST tool enables more comprehensive tests on high-risk software - 09:20

Get set for take-off in electric aircraft, the next transport disruption - 08:51

How hacking photosynthesis could fight deforestation and famine - 08:51

Female warblers live longer when they have help raising offspring - 08:51

Rensselaer team developing tool to battle space debris - 08:51

New chemical tool to block endocytosis in plants identified - 08:30

Field trial with neonicotinoids: Honeybees are much more robust than bumblebees - 08:30

Plant signals trigger remarkable bacterial transformation - 08:30

Study shows British and Japanese people have very similar touching rules - 08:30

Scientists develop a new method for improving the efficiency of air purifiers - 08:30

Nanocomponent is a quantum leap for Danish physicists - 08:30

Developing a dual-gradient ultrafast biomimetic snapping hydrogel material - 08:30

Young workers suffer longer from recessions - 08:00

Capturing the behavior of single-atom catalysts on the move - 08:00

Targeting how fungi 'taste' wheat could be key to control - 08:00

Why Pluto is losing its atmosphere: winter is coming - 08:00

What happens now we've found the site of the lost Australian freighter SS Iron Crown, sunk in WWII - 08:00

Researchers reveal how bacteria can adapt to resist treatment by antibiotics - 08:00

Bacteria reveal strong individuality when navigating a maze - 08:00

Study unravels mystery of antimicrobial frog secretions - 08:00

Quantum gas turns supersolid - 08:00

Researchers develop safer electrochromic inks - 07:30

Evidence found of early hunter-gatherer eating an entire venomous snake - 07:30