Wednesday th 20th of February 2019

Massive database traces mammal organ development, cell by single cell - 13:00

Ingredients for water could be made on surface of moon, a chemical factory - 12:30

Nepal social media bill sparks freedom of speech concerns - 12:30

Earth may be 140 years away from reaching carbon levels not seen in 56 million years - 11:43

Delhi's complicated air pollution problem - 11:43

Physicists 'flash-freeze' crystal of 150 ions - 11:43

Digital to overtake traditional advertising in US: tracker - 11:43

Dubai budget airline flydubai loses $43.5m in 2018 - 11:43

UK budget airline Flybe snubs counter-bid - 11:43

Daimler faces mega fine in diesel probe - 11:43

Scientists identify genetic mechanism involved in how females inherit traits - 11:43

Mobile video game players' mindset: They don't consider themselves "gamers," survey finds - 11:20

First evidence for an unusual congenital pathology in cave bears - 11:20

Capturing and converting carbon dioxide into a useful product - 11:20

Close encounters: planning for extra Hera flyby - 11:20

Don't be fooled by fake images and videos online - 11:20

City bees' favourite flowers, according to our DNA tracking experiment - 11:20

Skateboarding defies the neoliberal logic of the city by making it a playground for all - 11:20

A scientific method for perfect fondue - 11:20

Protecting small forests fails to protect bird biodiversity - 11:20

Crocodile face off: Study examines how developmental changes resulted in changes to crocodile snouts - 11:20

Banning plastic bags, town by town: A guide - 10:50

The holy grail of nanowire production - 10:50

What plant proteins can tell us about Alzheimer's - 10:50

Big data is being reshaped thanks to 100-year-old ideas about geometry - 10:50

More sustainable conversion of amino acids using light instead of with heat - 10:50

Fabric the reinforcer - 10:20

From Echo to Ring doorbell and Fire TV, are you comfortable Amazon with controlling your smart home? - 10:20

Foreign bees monopolize prize resources in biodiversity hotspot - 10:20

Should you feed wild birds in winter? - 10:20

Earth's atmosphere stretches out to the moon – and beyond - 10:20

Make CEOs join the same pension scheme as staff to help protect it, say experts - 10:20

Top smart cities are global cities, new research reveals - 10:20

How to keep conservation policies from backfiring in a globally connected world - 10:20

Carbon Capture and Storage project publishes findings - 10:20

Cosmic dust forms in supernovae blasts - 10:20

Superconduction—why does it have to be so cold? - 10:20

Earliest example of animal nest sharing revealed by scientists - 10:20

National parks are beautiful, but austerity and inequality prevent many from enjoying them - 10:20

Drug 'librarian' discovers new compound that may thwart common surgery complication - 09:50

Coastal communities losing ground on climate change planning, study shows - 09:50

Microalgae as natural detector of environmental safety - 09:50

Genetic blueprint for extraordinary wood-munching fungus - 09:50

Activating tooth regeneration in mice - 09:50

GraphON: Conductive coatings and materials breakthrough - 09:50

Observing matter-wave diffraction from a periodic array of half planes - 09:50

Budget‑friendly ways to get your veggie fix as prices rise - 09:50

'Origami' diagnostic device offers affordable malaria diagnoses - 09:50

Beauty is in the algorithm of the beholder - 09:50

Climate action helps companies build reputations and attract investors - 09:50