Wednesday the 25th of February 2015

Technology could make treatment and reuse of oil and gas wastewater simpler, cheaper - 09:00

Researcher tackles some of the biggest bottlenecks holding back the data science industry - 09:00

Disappearing lakes stoke megafauna debate - 09:00

New 'knobs' can dial in control of materials - 09:00

Unique solar lab shines year-round light in Stockholm - 09:00

Several "new" craters found in Siberia - 08:00

Distant quasar spectrum reveals no sign of changes in mass ratio of proton and electron over 12 billion years - 07:30

Canada looks east-west to ship oil after Keystone veto - 03:00

US sees little severe weather so far in 2015 - 02:30

In Japan, robot dogs are for life - and death - 02:30

Manhattan Project physicist Ralph Nobles dies at 94 - 02:30

Internet access limited in developing world - 02:30

Zombie outbreak? Statistical mechanics reveal the ideal hideout - 02:00

Tuesday the 24th of February 2015

Crocs rocked pre-Amazonian Peru: New research uncovers 7 crocodile species in single 13-million-year-old bone bed - 19:30

Boy or girl? Lemur scents have the answer - 19:00

SOHO sees something new near the sun - 17:31

Los Angeles rolls out online database of historic sites - 17:00

Train car design reduced impact in Southern California crash - 17:00

HP profit dips, sees impact from strong dollar - 17:00

Fireballs spotted over western US as Chinese rocket burns up - 16:30

New effort in functional annotation of animal genomes - 16:30

Review: Apple-centric 'Modern Family' goes beyond gimmicks - 16:30

Appeals court considering warrantless cellphone tracking - 16:30

Android dominant in two-horse smartphone race: IDC - 16:30

A new look at culture and its influence on individuals and organizations - 16:00

Research suggests using neuroscience in law may face political resistance - 16:00

Russia to keep its part of space station after its duty ends - 16:00

Reddit cracks down on posting nude pics - 16:00

US offers $3 mn reward for Russian sought in bank hack - 16:00

Data-driven audience targeting expands to drone tests in LA - 16:00

Micro-5: Gut reactions in space - 16:00

Geysers have loops in their plumbing: Periodic eruptions tied to underground bends and side-chambers - 15:30

Texas natural gas grants generated $128 million in economic impact last year - 15:30

Dendrite eraser: New electrolyte rids batteries of short-circuiting fibers - 15:30

Space station 3-D printed items, seedlings return in the belly of a Dragon - 15:30

World's protected natural areas receive 8 billion visits a year - 14:30

Using 'fuzzy logic' to optimize hybrid solar-battery systems - 14:00

Causes of Great Lakes smelt population decline are complex - 13:30

NASA Terra satellite spots new Tropical Cyclone 14S - 13:30

Technology changing the climate debate - 13:30

Who's your daddy? Hippo ancestry unveiled - 13:00

Facebook claims 2 million advertisers - 12:30

Mitsubishi's iMiev remains cheapest electric - 12:00

Luring deer away from livestock feed with fall cover crops - 12:00

Ultra-thin nanowires can trap electron 'twisters' that disrupt superconductors - 11:30

Comcast 4Q profit edges up, adds customers, boosts dividend - 11:30

Exotic mammals may play key role in the spread of invasive pines throughout New Zealand (w/ Video) - 11:30

Why a latte is less likely to spill than a coffee - 11:30

Sea level spiked for 2 years along northeastern North America - 11:30

Optical nanoantennas set the stage for a NEMS lab-on-a-chip revolution - 11:30