Wednesday the 22nd of June 2016

An ocean lies a few kilometers beneath Enceladus's icy surface - 05:01

AMA report affirms human health impacts from LEDs - 05:01

India launches record 20 satellites in single mission - 04:31

Obama to sign toxic chemical rules; 1st overhaul in 40 years - 04:31

Australian state buys cattle station to help Barrier Reef - 04:31

Studying acoustic waves at microwave frequencies in diamonds brings scientists one step closer to new microsensors - 04:31

Exotic pet trade sends Florida bird rescues soaring - 03:01

Tesla dangles $2.8B to bring SolarCity into its orbit - 03:01

Plane lands at South Pole in daring winter medical rescue - 03:01

Mama bears use human shields to protect cubs: study - 02:31

Apple free to take bite out of India after rule change - 02:31

Solar-powered plane more than halfway across the Atlantic - 02:31

Jaguar used in Olympic torch event killed in Brazil - 02:31

Plastic debris and policy: Using current scientific understanding to invoke positive change - 02:01

Heads up! Seoul launches campaign to keep smartphone users safe - 02:01

Tuesday the 21st of June 2016

Early arrival gives bluebirds an edge in keeping nest sites - 23:01

Early behavior problems impact long-term educational attainment more for boys than girls - 23:01

How squash agriculture spread bees in pre-Columbian North America - 18:31

New research details how big game follow spring green-up - 18:01

Facebook signs celebrities to boost live video - 16:31

Q&A: A look behind the deal to shutter California nuke plant - 16:31

'Coral zombies' may spell doom for coral reefs around world - 16:01

Deep-learning vision system anticipates human interactions using videos of TV shows - 15:01

Sierra Nevada snowpack not likely to recover from drought until 2019 - 14:31

Structure-mapping engine enables computers to reason and learn like humans, including solving moral dilemmas - 14:31

Estuaries like Chesapeake Bay could contribute more to global warming than once thought - 14:31

Astronomers find the first 'wind nebula' around a magnetar - 14:31

New statistical approach will help researchers better determine cause-effect - 14:31

Once labeled invasive, 'rock snot' algae now deemed native - 14:31

Bracing for summer thunderstorms - 14:31

Scorpions have similar tastes in burrow architecture - 14:01

Black hole accretion disk observed to 'breathe' - 13:01

Scientists use CRISPR to discover Zika and dengue weaknesses - 12:31

Massive rocket booster arrives at Mississippi space museum - 12:31

Strong global economic engagement is essential for US prosperity, study says - 12:31

Yahoo's Tumblr unveils live video - 12:31

Research bolsters case for a present-day subsurface ocean on Pluto - 12:01

Neighborhood watch: Online startups tackle local news - 12:01

Russian photo app Prisma makes splash, woos investors - 12:01

The benefits of friending a grownup - 11:31

Pregnant woman, Mrs. Claus among 72 new emojis - 11:31

Samsung to invest $1.2 billion in IoT research in US - 11:31

Solving science questions by playing games - 11:01

NASA analyzes short-lived Tropical Storm Danielle - 11:01

Fiat Chrysler to halt use of dangerous air bag inflators - 11:01

Scientists moot 'green fracking' technique - 11:01

Plane on way to daring South Pole medical rescue in winter - 11:01

Twitter expands video tweets to 140 seconds - 11:01

Fighting experience makes beetles better mothers, study shows - 10:32

Significant humus loss in forests of the Bavarian Alps - 10:32