Thursday th 13th of December 2018

An astronaut returns to Earth - 10:20

VR more engaging than video and textbooks when it comes to the classroom - 10:20

The secret life of cloud droplets - 10:20

Study calls for stricter regulation of elusive rabbit breeding industry - 10:20

The secret to the best seasonal hot chocolate? It's all in the chemistry! - 10:20

How to save endangered freshwater pearl mussel? - 10:20

Researchers lay foundation for smart contrast medium - 10:20

Stretched quantum magnetism uncovered by quantum simulation - 10:20

New discovery improves use of optical tweezers - 10:20

How poor management of Nigerian forests led to exploitation by criminals - 10:20

What winter solstice rituals tell us about indigenous people - 10:20

Living on Mars: Team to lead simulation facility mission - 09:50

Climate data now available on Amazon - 09:50

Humpback whales linger in Sitka Sound - 09:50

Enhanced osteogenic activity of pre-osteoblasts on surface-modified 3-D printed scaffolds - 09:50

How chickens became the ultimate symbol of the Anthropocene - 09:50

Selective dissolution of elemental gold from multi-metal sources in organic solutions - 09:20

Four NASA-sponsored experiments set to launch on Virgin Galactic spacecraft - 09:20

Fifty years of decline in Queensland's coastal sharks - 09:20

Researchers capture 'key' to deadly malaria infection - 09:20

New book describes ways for researchers to make their images more informative and appealing - 09:20

Scientists explore the potential for a truly decentralised energy system - 09:20

Novel X-ray imaging technique provides nanoscale insights into behavior of biological molecules - 09:20

People with gay and lesbian acquaintances tend to support same-sex marriage - 08:51

Hurricane flooding affects Lumbee River Basin - 08:51

Demographics of deportation: Noncitizens fare better in communities that are 20-40 percent Hispanic - 08:50

Two-micron fill tubes fill two needs - 08:30

Networking goes quantum - 08:30

The next great leap forward? Combining robots with the Internet of Things - 08:30

How to best predict chemical reactions of contaminants in water - 08:30

Apple deepens Austin ties, expands operations east and west - 08:30

Whale experts call for rethink of global shipping routes to stop marine giants becoming 'roadkill' - 08:30

We have a Christmas comet: How to spot interplanetary comet 46P/Wirtanen - 08:30

Stop-and-frisk on the way to school - 08:30

We can't know the future cost of climate change. Let's focus on the cost of avoiding it instead - 08:30

Study confirms rise in megaesophagus cases in dogs was linked to pet food - 08:30

The 'gilets jaunes' movement is not a Facebook revolution - 08:30

Light-induced modification of a carboxylic acid with an aminocyclopropenone - 08:00

Pollen dispersal in traditional processing of buckwheat - 08:00

Development of world's first vertical gallium oxide transistor through ion implantation doping - 08:00

Mini-detectors for the gigantic? Bose-Einstein condensates are currently not able to detect gravitational waves - 08:00

Scientists automate electrolyte composition analysis for aluminium production - 08:00

Microscopic devices that control vibrations could allow smaller mobile devices - 08:00

New climate model to be built from the ground up - 08:00

The world's first culturally sensitive robots for elderly care - 08:00

Scientists study genes misidentified as 'non-protein coding' - 08:00

Scientists develop a cellulose biosensor material for advanced tissue engineering - 08:00

Biologists shed new light on the diversity of natural selection - 08:00

Pushing lithium ion batteries to the next performance level - 08:00

Study reveals striking decline of Vermont's bumble bees - 08:00