Thursday the 25th of June 2015

Most of America's poor have jobs, study finds - 06:00

Key link in turtle evolution discovered - 05:30

Antarctic life – highly diverse, unusually structured - 05:30

Exposed water ice detected on comet's surface - 05:30

Fish reared in hard water are more susceptible to columnaris disease - 05:30

Interaction of tailored light with a single atom and individual nanostructures - 05:30

Engineered particles produce toxins deadly to targeted bacteria - 05:30

Environment takes big hit from water-intensive marijuana cultivation - 05:30

UK youths win for color-changing condom to recognize STIs - 05:00

French taxis strike after weeks of rising tension over Uber - 05:00

Welfare reform hitting vulnerable young people in the housing market - 05:00

Giant galaxy is still growing - 05:00

Solar Impulse could be stuck in Japan for a year: pilot - 04:30

Conservationists: New China policy could save elephants - 04:30

New conductive ink for electronic apparel - 04:00

Review: Microsoft Office, Foursquare mayors, Amazon Echo - 03:30

Warnings removed from Instagram accounts in North Korea - 03:30

Oslo creates world's first 'highway' to protect endangered bees - 03:00

Moon bears rescued from bile farms in Vietnam - 03:00

Magnitude-5.8 quake shakes buildings in south-central Alaska - 03:00

Wednesday the 24th of June 2015

House panel OKs cuts to education, boosts medical research - 16:30

Research findings point way to designing crack-resistant metals - 16:30

Analyzing ocean mixing reveals insight on climate - 16:00

Independents line up behind Apple Music - 15:30

Wildfires blister Alaska with increased frequency, intensity - 15:30

Google data center to rise in former power plant - 15:30

House GOP targets Obama climate plan for US power plants - 15:30

IT failure may have triggered Polish airline meltdown - 15:30

UN wants Internet chiefs to crack down on 'digital terror' - 15:00

Microsoft makes Word available on Android phones - 15:00

Ford to support car-sharing with program for buyers - 14:00

Searchers comb Alaska glacier for GIs killed in 1950s crash - 13:31

Lexus unveils smoking hoverboard, uses magnetic levitation - 13:31

US, China to cooperate on ocean preservation - 13:31

Carter: NATO must bolster cyber defense - 13:00

Study: Weather patterns that bring heatwaves happening more - 13:00

Tech company finds stolen government log-ins all over Web - 13:00

Turkish cyberattack suspect appears in New York court - 13:00

Lovebird rotates head 2700 degrees per second while turning, minimizing blind spots - 13:00

Navy celebrates once-secret sub now on display in museum - 13:00

Study hints at why parrots are great vocal imitators - 13:00

First species of yeti crab found in Antarctica named after British deep-sea biologist - 13:00

Rainbow of glowing corals discovered in depths of the Red Sea - 13:00

Silica 'spiky screws' could enhance industrial coatings, additive manufacturing - 12:00

Reenergizing antibiotics in the war against infections - 12:00

New polymer-piezoelectric hybrid creates potential for 'materials that compute' - 12:00

Single-cell technologies advance the value of genomics - 12:00

NASA's Aqua Satellite sees Tropical Depression Kujira at landfall - 12:00

Minorities underrepresented in US special education classrooms - 12:00

To the rescue: Helping threatened Mediterranean sea turtles - 12:00