Thursday the 24th of July 2014

Audit: NASA doesn't have the money for big rockets - 03:00

Cuba looks to mangroves to fend off rising seas - 03:00

Smarter than a first-grader? - 02:30

NASA's HS3 mission spotlight: The HIRAD instrument - 02:30

Wednesday the 23rd of July 2014

Strengthening community forest rights is critical tool to fight climate change - 19:31

Facebook shares profit growth story - 16:00

Awarded a Pell Grant? Better double-check - 16:00

Cheaper wireless plans cut into AT&T 2Q profit - 16:00

Social Security spent $300M on 'IT boondoggle' - 16:00

Romanian city opens plastic bottle bridge in litter protest - 16:00

NASA team lays plans to observe new worlds - 16:00

Six charged in global e-ticket hacking scheme - 15:30

'Big picture' thinking doesn't always lead people to indulge less, study says - 15:30

How honey bees stay cool - 15:01

Spinach could lead to alternative energy more powerful than Popeye - 15:01

Fire season in West expected to get more intense - 15:01

First Superman comic book to go up and away at eBay - 15:01

Beijing shuts large coal power plant to curb smog - 15:00

IHEP in China has ambitions for Higgs factory - 15:00

EU sets new energy savings target at 30% - 15:00

Urban heat boosts some pest populations 200-fold, killing red maples - 14:01

Android grabs more tablet market share - 14:00

Google offers big prize for small power box - 14:00

15-year analysis of blue whale range off California finds conflict with shipping lanes - 13:31

Dogs get especially jealous of other dogs, study finds - 13:31

Get paid for posts? Social networking's new twist - 13:31

The physics of lead guitar playing - 13:31

NASA sees Typhoon Matmo making second landfall in China - 13:31

Fires in the Northern Territories July 2014 - 13:01

Satellite shows Atlantic Tropical Depression degenerate - 13:01

Student develops filter for clean water around the world - 12:30

Researchers use bird 'backpacks' to put wood thrushes migration on the map - 12:30

Review: Fire phone, an improvement on the familiar - 12:30

The birth of topological spintronics - 12:30

Dead body feeding larvae useful in forensic investigations - 12:00

Voyager spacecraft might not have reached interstellar space - 12:00

Climate change and the soil: Climate warming may not drive net losses of soil carbon from tropical forests - 12:00

Genetic study shows major impact of climate change on Antarctic fur seals - 12:00

How much magma is hiding beneath our feet? - 12:00

Nano-sized chip "sniffs out" explosives far better than trained dogs - 11:00

Calcification in changing oceans explored in special issue of The Biological Bulletin - 11:00

Could tailored golf balls improve putting performance? - 10:30

Research charts the ecological impact of microbial respiration in the oxygen-starved ocean - 10:30

An increase in temperature by 2050 may be advantageous to the growth of forage plants - 10:01

A new approach in the search for extraterrestrial intelligence: targeting alien polluters - 10:01

A tree may have the answers to renewable energy - 10:01

A crystal wedding in the nanocosmos - 09:30

Rising temperatures hinder Indian wheat production - 09:30

New report takes stock of jellyfish in UK seas - 09:30

The electric slide dance of DNA knots - 09:30