Wednesday the 30th of November 2016

Combining silicon with an optically active material enables tiny lasers for industry - 08:31

3-D printed operational drone with embedded electronics using aerospace-grade material - 08:31

Corals much older than previously thought, study finds - 08:31

Production and shedding of tissues in sponges found to be slower than believed - 08:31

The evolution of the baleen in whales - 08:31

Image: Saturn's icy moon Mimas - 08:01

Colombia plane crash—how can people survive deadly air disasters? - 08:01

Study examines effect of privacy controls on Facebook behavior - 08:01

The black rail—a bird that's been flying under the radar since Audubon's day - 08:01

Novel solid forms of the anti-inflammatory drug oxaprozin may lead to a new combined asthma therapy - 08:01

Can maths help you win at roulette? - 08:01

Synchronized swimming: How startled fish shoals effectively evade danger - 08:01

The good, the bad, and the ugly of algorithmic trading - 08:01

First signs of weird quantum property of empty space? - 07:31

S. Korea confirms more cases of deadly bird flu - 07:31

Europol blames human error for data security breach - 07:31

Researchers develop new method to test for antioxidants in chocolate - 07:31

Bridging the vocabulary gap - 07:31

Image: Fiery south Atlantic sunset - 07:31

Engineering researchers develop a process that could make big data and cloud storage more energy efficient - 07:31

NASA radio on Europe's new Mars Orbiter aces relay test - 07:31

Study finds coastal officials eschew climate planning until they see damage - 07:31

New neutron spectrometer design being tested for manned spaceflight - 07:01

Bioenergy grass can withstand freezing temperatures - 07:01

Researchers find evidence of original 1620 Plymouth settlement - 07:01

Low-cost technology to better provide drinking water in developing countries - 07:01

How a researcher discovered a completely undocumented whale - 07:01

Giant rays shown to be predators of the deep - 07:01

9,500-year-old funerary rituals involving the reduction of fresh corpses discovered in east central Brazil - 07:01

Cat tongues are even 'handier' than you imagined - 07:01

Image: The Muscle Atrophy Research and Exercise System for astronauts - 07:01

Climate models may be overestimating the cooling effect of wildfire aerosols - 07:01

Micro-scale relationships between microbial diversity and productivity - 07:01

Study finds cash and coins help engage primary maths students - 07:01

A problem: water and inequality - 07:01

A method for storing vaccines at room temperature - 05:31

Quantum obstacle course changes material from superconductor to insulator - 05:31

Using sound to stop destructive beetles in their tracks - 03:31

Study explains evolution phenomenon that puzzled Darwin - 03:31

'Thank the aliens': Thousands displaced for China's huge telescope - 03:31

Rare ferrets settling in, making babies at new Colorado home - 03:31

Sun setting on Japan's solar energy boom - 03:31

As oceans empty, Kenya fishermen must adapt or disappear - 03:31

Learning makes animals intelligent - 02:41

Tuesday the 29th of November 2016

Mobbing mongooses get by with a little help from their friends - 19:01

Cloud in a box: Mixing aerosols and turbulence - 18:01

First 'water-wave' laser created - 17:31

'Listening' to signals traveling through bridges for diagnosing damage - 17:31

New website uses big data to address underrepresentation of women in philosophy - 17:01

Mercury contamination found in Everglades dolphins - 17:01