Wednesday the 26th of August 2015

Russian extends travel time to International Space Station - 05:00

Researchers identify protein that allows Bordetella pertussis to form a protective biofilm - 05:00

Parasites can affect innate behaviors of their hosts - 05:00

Mosquito terminators and vampire spiders - 05:00

Cassini image: Dark side of Enceladus - 05:00

'Evolutionary fitness' key in determining why some females more physically attractive than others - 05:00

Late-hatched canaries learn their songs as well as early-hatched birds - 05:00

Fossil remains of an Old World lizard discovered in the New World overturn long-held hypothesis of lizard evolution - 04:30

Brazil builds climate tower in pristine Amazon jungle - 04:30

Sensel's pad can morph for artists, music makers, gamers - 04:30

Australia's coal city backs green future - 04:00

Police professionals are better observers than ordinary civilians - 03:00

No improvement: ACT says college exam scores are stagnant - 03:00

Waikiki water tested for bacteria after sewage spill - 03:00

Drought-plagued California readies for El Nino storms - 02:30

Smartphone growth creating etiquette challenges - 02:30

Size matters for science paper writers, study finds - 02:30

Ashley Madison hack strikes fear in outed users - 02:30

US prosecutors say video game maker's secrets swiped - 02:30

Cajuns losing Louisiana island home to erosion - 02:30

3D-printing microscopic fish: Team demonstrates novel method to build robots with complex shapes, functionalities - 01:30

Home sweet microbe: Dust in your house can predict geographic region, gender of occupants - 01:30

Tuesday the 25th of August 2015

Chocolate physics: How modeling could improve 'mouthfeel' - 18:30

'Targeted punishments' against countries could tackle climate change - 18:00

Foes can become friends on the coral reef - 18:00

Smaller of US panda twins on antibiotics; larger doing well - 17:30

China, US seek 'clean coal' agreement as industry struggles - 17:30

NASA finds vegetation essential for limiting city warming effects - 17:00

IRIS and Hinode: A Stellar research team - 17:00

Batting practice in the genome - 16:30

Friends' online influence increases ecommerce purchases 60 percent - 15:30

NOAA's new Climate Science Strategy outlines efforts to build resilience - 15:30

Algorithm helps identify elusive genes that express like clockwork - 15:30

Audit: California agencies vulnerable to IT security breach - 15:00

Dawn spacecraft sends sharper scenes from Ceres - 15:00

Seven New Yorkers arrested over 'Internet brothel' - 15:00

Uber to work with UofA on mapping, self-driving cars - 15:00

NASA sees Tropical Cyclone Atsani bow out - 14:30

Study in bats and rodents offers insights on how viruses spread across species - 14:30

Chinese smartphone market expected to cool this year: report - 14:30

The greater a country's gender equality in employment, the higher its homicide rate - 14:30

Ceres image: The lonely mountain - 13:30

Glitter from silver lights up Alzheimer's dark secrets - 13:30

Sequencing of barley genome achieves new milestone - 13:00

Ashley Madison users in US sue cheating website - 13:00

University student pleads guilty to making Android spy app - 12:30

Deforestation in Mexico butterfly reserve nearly triples - 12:30

Debut of the global mix-master - 12:30

Rare nautilus sighted for the first time in three decades - 12:30

Predicting who will murder his wife or his family - 12:00