Wednesday the 15th of April 2015

Ice pigging technology offers dairy industry significant savings - 06:30

New book offers strategies for engaging millennials for ethical leadership - 06:30

Quantum cryptography at the speed of light: Researchers design first all-photonic repeaters - 06:00

In parched California, Beverly Hills may go greener by going brown - 06:00

China's Ninebot buys US personal scooter maker Segway - 06:00

'Robobarista' can figure out your new coffee machine - 06:00

Lanthanide-organic framework nanothermometers prepared by spray-drying - 05:30

Icy tendrils reaching into Saturn ring traced to their source - 05:30

New method relates Greenland ice sheet changes to sea-level rise - 05:30

Research details 40 million-year-old family tree of baleen whales - 05:30

LSST lays first stone - 05:30

Scientists urge three nations to preserve Borneo wildlife - 05:00

First hatch of critically endangered species - 05:00

New method to engineer surfaces along multiple directions in a nanowire - 05:00

Students work to ease the pain of needle injections - 05:00

Report: Trusted Voice option rolling out for some - 04:00

Physics community to discuss latest results of the Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer experiment - 03:10

TechBits: Analyzing medical data, breaking smartphones - 02:40

Three new species of 'mini-Godzilla' found in Andes - 02:40

Review: Adobe PDF tool is great, but casual users won't need - 02:40

'Game of Thrones' hit by piracy from Twitter-owned app users - 02:10

Pope's iPad fetches $30,500 at auction - 01:40

Migrating whale sets distance record - 01:40

Culture clash as hip online firm Etsy hits Wall Street - 01:40

Nokia confirms acquisition of Alcatel-Lucent - 01:40

Investigators warn airplane computers could be hacked - 01:40

US military not ready to wage digital attack: official - 01:40

Astronaut Hadfield to release first space album - 01:40

Tutoring for nature: Production of valuable nootkatone with yeast - 01:10

Pluto, now blurry, will become clear with NASA flyby - 01:10

Tuesday the 14th of April 2015

3-D printing blossoms into powerful new tool for ecologists - 19:00

Bone eating worms dined on marine reptile carcasses - 19:00

Potential signs of 'interacting' dark matter suggest it is not completely dark after all - 18:00

Disabled girls vulnerable to abuse by carers and partners due to isolation and incapacity - 18:00

Facebook use can worsen as well as improve mental health conditions - 18:00

Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider smashes record for polarized proton luminosity - 17:00

Pentagon eyes recruiting cyber talent through National Guard - 17:00

Report: Google to face antitrust charges in Europe - 17:00

Elusive mountain lion captivates LA then quickly vanishes - 17:00

Climate connections - 16:30

Nanoparticles at specific temperature stimulate antitumor response - 16:30

Intel lifted by data centers, as PC market flounders - 16:30

Singapore high school maths problem stumps the Internet - 16:00

Study puts a price on help nature provides agriculture - 16:00

WTO rules against US in tuna label feud with Mexico, again - 16:00

Egypt archaeologists find pharaoh chapel - 16:00

Twitter as a flood rescue tool - 16:00

SpaceX bid to recycle rocket fails again - 16:00

Foursquare unveils location-based ad service - 16:00

Most comprehensive study to date reveals evolutionary history of citrus - 16:00