Wednesday the 19th of April 2017

Fertility can hinge on swimming conditions in the uterus - 01:41

Tuesday the 18th of April 2017

Time-lapse cameras provide a unique peek at penguins' winter behavior - 23:21

Under-studied boreal habitat key for North America's ducks - 23:21

Canary in the kelp forest: Sea creature dissolves in today's warming, acidic waters - 18:01

Captive meerkats at risk of stress - 18:01

UNH helps lead the way for campuses to measure their nitrogen footprints - 16:01

Ex Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer offers facts on government - 16:01

Bacteriophages, natural drugs to combat superbugs - 15:31

Florida tests bacteria-infected mosquitoes to kill off bugs - 15:31

68-year study shows long-term effects of burning forests at frequent intervals - 14:31

Scientists identify neural basis for parasitic cowbird's secret password - 14:31

Sat nav for bread wheat uncovers hidden genes - 14:31

People's tribunal accuses Monsanto of possible 'ecocide' - 14:31

Research team uses supercomputing to understand processes leading to increased drought resistance in food and fuel crops - 14:31

Study on impact of climate change on snowpack - 14:31

Facebook CEO sees augmented reality's future in the camera - 14:01

Big space rock to streak past Earth on Wednesday - 14:01

Researchers suggest sea scorpions used serrated tail spine to dispatch their prey - 14:01

New method can model chemistry in extreme magnetic fields of white dwarfs - 14:01

Predictive power: CASL aids startup of TVA's Watts Bar Unit 2 - 14:01

Climate change and risk to fossil fuel industry: Sustainability train has left the station - 14:01

Well-kept vacant lots can help reduce crime - 14:01

Virtual technology can make landscaping easier - 13:32

Zuckerberg vows work to prevent next 'Facebook killer' - 13:32

Google Earth gets revival with tools for exploration - 13:32

Police break up WhatsApp child porn image sharing network - 13:32

NASA measures rainfall rates in Tropical Cyclone Maarutha - 11:01

Space debris problem getting worse, say scientists - 11:01

NASA sees lingering remnants of Tropical Cyclone 02W - 11:01

Study finds amoeba 'grazing,' killing bacteria usually protected by film - 11:01

Killing flu viruses with help from a frog - 11:01

New study offers good news for pork producers - 10:31

Over 18,000 high school students learned to hack in this year's picoCTF hacking contest - 10:31

Galaxy S8: More screen and elegance, but a hefty price tag - 10:31

Understanding decisions: The power of combining psychology and economics - 10:02

Megafaunal extinctions driven by too much moisture - 10:02

Hydrogen halo lifts the veil of our galactic home - 10:02

'Gamers' method creates unique 4-D molecular spectral maps - 10:02

Lasers measure jet disintegration - 10:01

Rapid screening machine can read and separate protein sequences - 09:32

Banning transshipment at-sea necessary to curb illegal fishing, researchers conclude - 09:32

Mummies discovered in ancient tomb near Egypt's Luxor - 09:32

India's TCS records fourth quarter profit - 09:32

Uber banned in Czech Republic's second biggest city - 09:32

Arctic river ice deposits rapidly disappearing - 09:31

Space station supply ship at launch pad honors John Glenn - 09:31

Face of woman from Tham Lod during Late Pleistocene reconstructed - 09:01

Origins of an enigmatic genus of Asian butterflies carrying mythological names decoded - 09:01

Two in the pack: No changes for Isle Royale wolves - 09:01

Charisma-challenged? You can still be a good boss - 09:01