Tuesday the 16th of December 2014

Future batteries: Lithium-sulfur with a graphene wrapper - 11:00

Commensal bacteria were critical shapers of early human populations - 10:30

Imaging the chemistry of the global atmosphere - 10:30

Discovery aims to fight destructive bee disease - 10:30

Climate study predicts a significant increase of lightning during 21st century - 10:30

NIST physicists build a watt balance using LEGO blocks to measure Planck's constant - 10:30

Tropical trees may not be the carbon sink planet scientists have been hoping for - 10:30

Why is space black? - 10:00

Better protection against floods - 10:00

A beetle named Marco Polo - 10:00

Most carbon-dense ecosystem in Amazonia mapped for first time - 10:00

Team develops thermotherapy smartphone controlled skin patch for pain relief - 10:00

Tackling tiny mites to bring major benefits to egg suppliers - 10:00

Time, energy and storage capacity determine the measurement accuracy of the 'cell computer' - 10:00

Getting bot responders into shape - 09:30

Wolves discriminate quantities better than dogs - 09:30

Effects of growing beaver population on habitat and methane gas emissions - 09:30

Hurricane-forecast satellites will keep close eyes on the tropics - 09:30

"ResearchLandscaping" brings together science and industry experts - 09:30

Restorative justice may provide additional justice mechanism for victims of sexual crime, study shows - 09:30

Shortcut to protein portraits - 09:30

What was the 'Paleo diet'? There was far more than one, study suggests - 09:30

Urban stream contamination increasing rapidly due to road salt - 09:30

Amazon extends Christmas shipping deadlines - 09:30

NASA and SpaceX targeting Dec. 19 for next space station launch - 09:30

Increase in CO2 has not stimulated growth of tropical trees - 09:30

Why don't people participate in worksite health promotion programmes? - 09:30

Is the Higgs boson a piece of the matter-antimatter puzzle? - 09:30

What is the average surface temperature of the planets in our solar system? - 09:30

Why whistleblowing doesn't come easily - 09:00

Your chance of becoming globally famous depends on the language you speak - 09:00

Composite plane life cycle assessment shows lighter planes are the future - 09:00

Controlling light on a chip at the single-photon level - 09:00

Ocean acidification a culprit in commercial shellfish hatcheries' failures - 09:00

Number of prisoners in own country predicts attitude towards Iran - 09:00

Measures of stress in tropical birds reveal human stress on the environment - 09:00

Ponies' history provides cultural insights - 09:00

Red color slowly disappearing from Van Gogh's paintings - 09:00

Researchers generate tunable photon-pair spectrum using a room-temperature quantum optics silicon chip - 08:30

Image: Opportunity pausing at a bright outcrop on Endeavour rim, Sol 3854 - 08:30

'Valleytronics': Researchers investigate a new kind of 2-D microchip using different electron properties - 08:30

Self-repairing subsea material - 08:30

Confirmation bias in studies of gamma ray bursts - 08:30

Inventive thinking leads to improved optical measurements for better X-ray mirrors - 08:30

Virus causing mass Cape Cod duck die-offs identified - 08:30

Carbon-trapping 'sponges' can cut greenhouse gases - 08:30

Imec demonstrates broadband graphene optical modulator on silicon - 08:30

Why does rotting food smell bad? - 08:30

A visual journey to Bennu, the target of NASA's asteroid sampling mission OSIRIS-REx - 08:00

Voyager 1 revealing regularity of interstellar shock waves - 08:00