Friday the 2nd of October 2015

Big plans for small satellites—testing laser communications, formation flying - 05:50

New gene drive technology evokes hopes and fears - 05:50

Electron partitioning process in graphene observed, a world first - 05:50

In Tech: Music for kids, Facebook video profiles and more - 02:50

Can youths in 'hackathon' help struggling city help itself? - 02:50

Desert tortoise released on Marine Corps base - 02:50

Here's why Americans are getting new credit and debit cards - 02:50

Russian supply ship docks at space station - 02:20

India vows to cut carbon intensity in Paris pledge - 02:20

New home found for Sandra the orangutan - 02:20

Honda recalling 143,000 Civics, Fits to fix faulty software - 02:20

US regulator missed its best chance to catch VW cheating - 02:20

Indonesia forest fires could become worst on record: NASA - 02:20

Thursday the 1st of October 2015

People-rating app sparks firestorm - 18:20

15 EU nations opt to stay GMO-free - 18:20

Hurricane and rainstorm are locked in a dangerous dance - 18:20

New polymer creates safer fuels - 17:50

Satellites show Joaquin becoming a Category 4 hurricane - 17:50

Experian says info from 15 million T-Mobile customers hacked - 17:50

Review: Chip-based credit cards part of bigger change in payment system - 15:50

Hotel 'greenwashing' dirties eco-friendly reputation - 14:50

Researchers in Northwestern Hawaiian Islands finds highest rates of unique marine species - 14:50

GM warns the Valley: Prepare to compete over driverless cars - 14:50

Developing technology to help seniors live independently - 14:50

Mission impossible? Study reveals challenges of watching computers fly the plane - 14:20

A balanced diet is good for corals too, study finds - 14:20

News Corp sells education unit to management team - 14:20

Pluto's big moon Charon reveals a colorful and violent history - 14:20

Amazon to ban sale of rival video streaming devices - 14:20

Supercomputer-maker advances weather forecasts - 14:20

US adds two macaws to endangered species list - 14:20

Anti-piracy battle unfolds in real time on Periscope, live-streaming apps - 13:50

Study explores ancient ecosystem response to a 'big five' mass extinction - 13:20

New dietary guidelines must be sustainable, regardless of politics - 13:20

Hibernating bats mount a partial immune response against white nose fungus - 13:20

Asteroid impact, volcanism were one-two punch for dinosaurs - 13:20

New HOLODEC study on using holography to better understand clouds - 13:20

Search for Mars life stymied by contamination threat - 13:20

The solution to a 50-year-old riddle: Why certain cells repel one another - 12:50

Investors are indifferent to the technology needs of health-care systems - 12:50

NASA provides various views of Hurricane Joaquin - 12:50

Google: What people search for most on presidential hopefuls - 12:50

Study shows importance of universities in producing entrepreneurs, boosting economy - 12:50

Local habitat conditions can safeguard cutthroat trout against harvest, climate change - 12:50

Observed latitudinal variations in erosion as a function of glacier dynamics - 12:50

Hurricane Joaquin: 14 million could lose power - 12:50

NASA sees new tropical storm affecting the Philippines - 12:50

Simulating path of 'magma mush' inside an active volcano - 12:50

Apples names ex-Boeing CFO to board, diversifying its ranks - 12:50

US teens add social media to toolbox for flirting: study - 12:50