Thursday the 25th of September 2014

Reactivity of glucosinolates and their breakdown products in foods - 07:40

Avian expert warns migratory birds are facing annihilation - 07:40

Android One won't make Google big bucks, so why bother with cheap smartphones? - 07:40

Robot lab's snake, copter combo rethinks search and rescue (w/ Video) - 07:10

Fishermen clean ocean of lost crabbing gear - 07:10

MAVEN spacecraft returns first Mars observations - 07:10

Natural selection causes early migration and shorter parental care for shorebirds - 07:10

Final proof for optimal encoding strategies in optical communication - 07:10

Could there really be such a thing as volcano season? - 07:10

Building the framework for the future of biofuels - 06:40

The Rise and Fall of Sugar in Hawai'i - 06:40

Future miners could harvest metal from plants - 06:40

NASA image: King fire in California, false-color infrared - 06:10

Compound from bacteria could be useful against pecan scab - 06:10

The impact of social media - 06:10

Discovery opens doors to building better plants - 06:10

Shaking things up - 05:40

With few data, Arctic carbon models lack consensus - 05:40

New technique reveals a role for histones in cell division - 05:40

Astronomical measurements must account for gravity - 05:40

Study finds senior citizens receive lighter sentences in federal court - 05:40

How carbon budgets can change climate negotiations - 05:40

Chemists recruit anthrax to deliver cancer drugs - 05:40

Scientists develop a more efficient way to crunch climate numbers - 05:40

Fungi eyed to tackle weedy menace of american west - 05:40

Opening doors to space - 05:10

Experts call for widening the debate on climate change - 05:10

New evidence of ancient multicellular life sets evolutionary timeline back 60 million years - 05:10

Did the universe originate from a hyper-dimensional black hole? - 05:10

Japan firm has 'thumbs up' solution for bigger smartphones - 04:40

'First Pakistani in space' congratulates India on Mars mission - 04:40

Robot cheerleading squad showcases sensor technology - 04:40

Study finds global sea levels rose up to five meters per century at the end of the last five ice age cycles - 04:10

Live long and phosphor: Blue LED breakthrough for efficient electronics - 04:10

Climate: Now to turn summit prose into action - 03:40

Obama to create world's largest marine sanctuary - 03:40

India's spacecraft beams back first Mars photos - 03:10

Manning, WikiLeaks mole, sues US military seeking sex change - 03:10

FAA expected to approve drones for moviemaking - 03:10

Wednesday the 24th of September 2014

Robotic swimmer with supple silicone web mimics octopus - 17:20

Captive whooping cranes released into the wild - 16:50

New ISERV tool enables rapid view of Earth images from space - 16:50

Vermont college blocks anonymous social media site - 16:50

Review: Samsung Alpha big on design, short on tech - 16:50

Apple pulls software update for iPhones - 16:50

When David beats Goliath - 16:21

Arabic tweets point to US influence as fuel for anti-Americanism - 16:21

'Skin-like' device monitors cardiovascular and skin health - 16:21

NASA sees System 98W become Tropical Depression Kammuri - 16:20

NASA sees the end of post-depression Fung-Wong - 14:40