Wednesday the 21st of January 2015

Screening plants for potential natural products - 06:50

New computation method helps identify functional DNA - 06:50

Light replaces the needle - 06:50

In theory, the Milky Way could be a 'galactic transport system' - 06:50

Is glass a true solid? - 06:50

From ash to eco-friendly solution for hazardous metals removal - 06:20

How to make train rails as straight as they should be - 06:20

Researchers use new methods to survey native vs. non-native plants - 05:50

Students to send life to Mars onboard Mars One lander in 2018 - 05:50

Addressing fast community detection and other related data problems - 05:50

DARPA to Atlas contest hopefuls: Time to cut the cord - 05:20

Self-assembled nanotextures create antireflective surface on silicon solar cells - 05:20

Dutch hi-tech group ASML profits leap 18 percent - 05:20

Study finds a natural impediment to the long-term sequestration of carbon dioxide - 05:20

Review: Open e-book format comes with headaches - 04:00

Feds say third guilty plea entered in computer hacking case - 03:30

Pipeline breach located beneath Montana's Yellowstone River - 03:30

Microsoft to show off more Windows 10 features - 03:30

Toyota remains top in global vehicle sales, beats VW, GM - 03:30

Four years in prison for bitcoin exchanger who helped Silk Road - 03:30

Volcanic eruption in Tonga creates new island - 03:00

Air Force launches rocket carrying a Navy satellite aloft - 03:00

Syrian group hacks French newspaper's Twitter account - 03:00

Tuesday the 20th of January 2015

Endangered chimpanzees may experience drastic habitat loss within five years - 20:00

With $15 billion valuation, Palantir looks to raise more money - 19:30

Hewlett-Packard introduces eight new business tablets - 18:30

Kennewick Man's DNA likely that of a Native - 18:30

Microsoft buys text analysis startup Equivio - 18:30

Y Combinator report shows difficulty in diversifying tech workforces - 18:30

Russia sounds alarm as Lake Baikal's water levels drop - 18:00

Test your home for radon: EPA - 18:00

Harnessing data from Nature's great evolutionary experiment - 17:30

Scientists drilling first deep ice core at the South Pole - 17:30

Simple soil mixture reverses toxic stormwater effects - 17:30

IBM tops 4Q profit forecasts but revenue continues to sag - 17:30

US settles case over fake Facebook page - 17:30

What does davos really do? Analyzing the World Economic Forum - 17:30

Google aboard as Musk's SpaceX gets $1 bn in funding - 17:30

Man charged with helping run website selling drugs, guns - 17:30

Netflix reels in 4.3M more subscribers 4Q; stock surges - 17:30

Beijing team proposes effortless phone charging with light beams - 16:30

NOAA's DSCOVR NISTAR instrument watches Earth's 'budget' - 16:00

Evaluations that consider school resources could fairly assess teacher performance - 16:00

Organic and conventional milk—comparing apples to apples? - 16:00

Facebook aims to curb news feed 'hoaxes' - 16:00

Greenland Ice: The warmer it gets the faster it melts - 15:00

New model explores location of future US population growth - 15:00

Study says Facebook not to blame for negative impact on grades - 15:00

Vegetation can help prevent soil erosion due to wind - 14:30

One nanoparticle, six types of medical imaging - 14:30