Tuesday the 25th of October 2016

Nano-decoy lures human influenza A virus to its doom - 05:31

How does the loss of a wildebeest migration also harm giraffes? - 05:01

Whaling nations vote down bid for South Atlantic sanctuary - 05:01

Nissan hiring 300 to develop common connected car technology - 05:01

Court: US agency acted reasonably to protect seals - 05:01

Scientists discover particles similar to Majorana fermions - 05:01

Changes in the macrobenthos community of the southern Bohai Sea over the past 60 years - 05:01

Earth-sized planets with abundant water statistically likely around red dwarfs - 05:01

Towards better metallic glasses - 04:01

Enormous dome in central Andes driven by huge magma body beneath it - 04:01

Seal 'attacks surfers' in rare Australia encounter - 03:01

Report: Gunmen still control metals mined for modern gadgets - 02:31

Researchers link virus to Alaska birds with deformed beaks - 02:31

Big tech-media mergers raise fresh privacy concerns - 02:31

Washington's version of Silicon Valley startup founders - 02:31

Samsung's prestige takes another hit over lawsuit - 02:31

SK Hynix Q3 earnings beat expectations - 02:31

Chinese firm issues US recall after massive cyberattack - 02:31

Canada seeking to cooperate with Russia in the Arctic - 02:31

Deep down fracking wells, microbial communities thrive - 02:01

Take advantage of evolution in malaria fight, scientists say - 02:01

Monday the 24th of October 2016

Blurring effect comes to iPhone 7 Plus with software update - 16:31

Big US banks unveil consumer payment app - 16:31

Cyber attack likely mitigated, US Homeland Security says - 16:31

Gov't: Cybersecurity should be part of auto design process - 16:31

USGS: Oklahoma quake likely caused by wastewater disposal - 16:31

Scientists say boron nitride-graphene hybrid may be right for next-gen green cars - 16:01

NASA animation shows Seymour becomes a hurricane - 16:01

Cytomegalovirus infection relies on human RNA-binding protein - 16:01

Competing attitudes about the homeless complicate public policy - 16:01

Ancient burials suggestive of blood feuds - 16:01

Urbanization: The historical cause of low oxygen conditions in European lakes - 16:01

Genetic mutation in whale eyes may increase mortality risks - 16:01

Wildfire management vs. fire suppression benefits forest and watershed - 16:01

Psychological science explores the minds of dogs - 16:01

Smartwatch sales tumble, dragged down by Apple - 15:31

Report reveals a big dependence on freshwater fish for global food security - 14:01

Atom-by-atom growth chart for shells helps decode past climate - 14:01

Parasitic plants may form weapons out of genes stolen from hosts - 14:01

Research on rare genetic disease reveals new stem cell pathway - 14:01

Nanofiber coating prevents infections of prosthetic joints - 14:01

Team proposes new law to accurately measure charged macromolecules - 14:01

Weather forecasts for the past - 14:01

Scientists trace plant hormone pathway back 450 million years - 14:01

Semi-volatile organic compounds diffuse between atmospheric particles - 14:01

Ice shelf vibrations cause unusual waves in Antarctic atmosphere - 12:01

Man-made noise can affect how animals use information from scents - 12:01

Lexus, Toyota and Buick top new auto reliability survey - 12:01

The quantum sniffer dog - 11:31

Researchers find zebrafish want to hang out with moving 3-D robotic models of themselves - 11:01