Tuesday the 19th of August 2014

Wildfire near Yosemite sparks 13,000 evacuation orders - 14:20

Pangolins under threat in Gabon as demand surges in Asia - 14:20

Philippine tarsier gets boost from Kansas research, and genetic proof of a new variety - 14:20

Asian inventions dominate energy storage systems - 13:50

Future phones to use blood and speech to monitor HIV, stress, nutrition - 12:50

Moving single cells around—accurately and cheaply - 12:50

College education not always about what you have - 12:20

Electrical engineers take major step toward optical computing - 11:50

NASA sees Depression 12-E become Tropical Storm Lowell - 11:50

Laser optical tweezers reveal how malaria parasites infect red blood cells (w/ Video) - 11:50

Bubbling down: Discovery suggests surprising uses for common bubbles - 11:50

Thousands of intense earthquakes rock Iceland - 11:50

'Safer' pesticide could create toxic mercury, study says - 11:50

HTC makes Windows version of flagship One phone - 11:50

Evolution of marine crocodilians constrained by ocean temperatures - 11:20

Life on Mars? Implications of a newly discovered mineral-rich structure - 11:20

Secrets of how worms wriggle uncovered - 11:20

Love makes sex better for most women - 10:50

Organic photovoltaic cells of the future: Charge formation efficiency used to screen materials - 10:20

Neuron circuit may enable pitch perception applications - 10:20

Researchers create wind-powered mechanoluminescent lighting material - 10:20

NASA sees Tropical Storm Karina losing its punch - 09:50

Activists urge EU to scrap science advisor job - 09:50

Why global warming is taking a break - 09:50

The difficult question of Clostridium difficile - 09:24

Exporting US coal to Asia could drop emissions 21 percent - 09:24

Сalculations with nanoscale smart particles - 09:24

How steroid hormones enable plants to grow - 09:24

First indirect evidence of so-far undetected strange baryons - 09:24

Study at Deepwater Horizon spill site finds key to tracking pollutants - 09:24

Earth's resource budget for 2014 already spent, NGO says - 09:24

New loss mechanism for global 4G roaming - 09:24

Has the puzzle of rapid climate change in the last ice age been solved? - 09:24

Study of African dust transport to South America reveals air quality impacts - 09:24

Video: Researchers instruct scientists in giant role tiny fungi play - 09:01

Local fish bred in captivity for first time in vitro - 09:01

Quasi-distributed temperature sensors from draw-tower fabrication technology - 09:01

A bump circuit with flexible tuning ability that uses 500 times less power - 09:01

Scientists unveil new technology to better understand small clusters of atoms - 08:30

Interpretative dance coaxes bees into quick decisions on nest sites - 08:30

Forestry geneticists develop tree biomass crop to grow on marginal lands - 08:30

Ultra-compact implantable image sensor using body channel communication - 08:30

Surviving the attack of killer microbes - 08:30

Highly conductive organic metal looks promising for disposable electronic devices - 08:30

Forget quotas for women MPs – time to limit the number of men - 08:30

Knee-deep sensing - 08:30

Microwave multi-tool - 08:30

Research shows how buildings can better generate and retain energy - 08:30

SI traceability for mercury vapour measurement in air - 08:00

Researchers reveal how ocean bacteria use light to grow - 08:00