Thursday the 26th of March 2015

Mobile DNA sequencer shows potential for disease surveillance - 04:00

'Ice vault' idea to keep climate's time capsule intact - 03:30

Japan launches replacement spy satellite - 03:30

Morphing wings help drones manage collisions - 03:30

Feud on Earth but peace in space for US and Russia - 03:30

Wednesday the 25th of March 2015

Report: Diversity of New England plant life threatened - 23:00

USTelecom, Texas Internet provider sue over net neutrality - 17:00

Uber ramps up safety efforts after criticism - 16:30

PayPal to pay $7.7M in sanctions violations settlement - 16:00

Europe poised to launch more navigation satellites - 16:00

OSVR dev kit to carry optional faceplate with Leap Motion tech - 16:00

Study demonstrates desalination with nanoporous graphene membrane - 15:30

Flying insects take note of opponents' strengths and abilities before entering into a fight - 15:30

Just right: A spider's tale - 15:30

Ancient Martian lake system records two water-related events - 15:30

Researchers discover genetic origins of myelodysplastic syndrome using stem cells - 15:01

Coastal property values could erode if nourishment subsidies end - 15:01

30 new species discovered in Los Angeles in first-ever intensive urban biodiversity survey - 15:01

A mile deep, ocean fish facing health impacts from human pollution - 15:01

Will you ever pay off your student loan? - 15:01

Weather service: Tornado likely touched down in Arkansas - 15:01

NASA details plans to pluck rock off asteroid, explore it - 15:01

EU unveils ambitious overhaul of digital economy - 15:01

A new spin on Saturn's peculiar rotation - 14:00

Study finds climate refuges where corals survive, grow - 14:00

Olive disease threatens Italian Easter tradition - 14:00

Two exotic termites find love in Florida, worrying researchers - 14:00

Snapchat or Facebook—which one is more likely to elicit romantic jealousy? - 14:00

Facebook's Messenger app adding more ways to connect - 14:00

Comcast says $45B Time Warner Cable deal to take longer - 13:30

Camry Hybrid: A family car winner - 13:30

Team discovers link between lifestyles of indigenous communities and gut microbial ecologies - 13:00

Unexplained warm layer discovered in Venus' atmosphere - 13:00

Mobile battery life can be prolonged with system settings - 13:00

NASA-NOAA satellite sees semnants of ex-Tropical Cyclone Nathan - 13:00

Lemur teeth help take a bite out of Madagascar's mysteries - 13:00

Shell-shocked: Ocean acidification likely hampers tiny shell builders in Southern Ocean - 13:00

Hydrolyzed fish fertilizer tested in organic vegetable production - 13:00

Yelp expands Asian presence with Taiwan launch - 13:00

3,000 atoms entangled with a single photon - 13:00

Mitigating reptile road mortality: Fence failures compromise ecopassage effectiveness - 13:00

Stem cells make similar decisions to humans - 13:00

Supermassive black hole clears star-making gas from galaxy's core - 13:00

More big storms increase tropical rainfall totals - 13:00

Snowflakes become square with a little help from graphene - 13:00

Study maps development, one county at a time - 13:00

American, Russian leaving Earth for year at space station - 11:00

Greenhouse gases unbalanced - 10:30

Short circuit delays particle hunter machine restart - 10:30

Misuse of sustainability concept may lead to even more toxic chemical materials - 10:30