Tuesday th 23rd of April 2019

Proofreading the book of life: Gene editing made safer - 04:30

Danish dogs to receive virus-inspired cancer vaccine treatment - 04:00

Large-scale forest carbon sequestration could cause food prices to skyrocket - 04:00

Good mousekeeping: En suite bathroom makes for happier mice - 02:00

Oldest southern sea otter in captivity dies in California - 02:00

Facebook hires high-ranking US State Department lawyer - 02:00

$5-tn fuel exploration plans 'incompatible' with climate goals - 02:00

China plastic waste ban throws global recycling into chaos - 02:00

Luckin Coffee, Starbucks rival in China, files for US IPO - 02:00

Boeing seeks to exit crisis mode as it reports results - 02:00

Monday th 22nd of April 2019

Engineering students build treadmill that helps athletes in wheelchairs work out - 17:20

SeaWorld publishes decades of orca data to help wild whales - 17:20

Working out makes hydrogels perform more like muscle - 16:30

How slippery surfaces allow sticky pastes and gels to slide - 16:30

Study shows zoos and aquariums dramatically increase information needed to help save species - 16:30

Researchers calculate decades of 'scary' Greenland ice melting - 16:30

New York mayor targets classic skyscrapers with Green New Deal - 16:30

Five reasons why autonomous cars aren't coming anytime soon - 16:00

Defying the laws of physics? Engineers demonstrate bubbles of sand - 14:30

Family quarrels in seeds reveal the ways parents and offspring sometimes evolve in conflicting directions - 14:30

Climate change has worsened global economic inequality - 14:30

New genomics tool ECCITE-seq expands multimodal single cell analysis - 13:30

Samsung delays folding phone launch after breaking issues - 13:00

Wristband samplers show similar chemical exposure across three continents - 12:31

Offshore wind developers to invest $4.5M in Rhode Island - 12:31

Rurality, social identity is driving polarization in Iowa - 12:02

Neonics hinder bees' ability to fend off deadly mites, study reveals - 11:31

Semiconductor firm to buy, expand upstate NY chip plant - 11:31

New technique produces longer-lasting lithium batteries - 10:30

Human influence on climate change is traced back to the 19th century - 10:30

Geomagnetic jerks finally reproduced and explained - 10:30

From coal to gas: How the shift can help stabilize climate change - 10:30

Wakeup call: Pervasiveness of sexual harassment and its effect on female physics students - 10:30

SpaceX suffers serious setback with crew capsule accident - 10:30

How artificial intelligence systems could threaten democracy - 10:30

Why responsible sourcing of DRC minerals has major weak spots - 10:30

The stone faces and human problems on Easter Island - 10:00

Rewriting the textbook on fossil fuels: New technologies help unravel nature's methane recipes - 10:00

How does wildlife fare after fires? - 10:00

Those home-delivered meal kits are greener than you thought, new study concludes - 10:00

Mixing grass varieties may reduce insect infestations in lawns - 10:00

Theory meets application: Machine learning techniques for geothermal exploration - 10:00

Was the restaurant really that bad—or was it just the rain? - 10:00

Better labor practices could improve archaeological output - 10:00

Island lizards are expert sunbathers, and researchers find it's slowing their evolution - 10:00

Sand tiger sharks return to shipwrecks off N.C. coast - 10:00

Researchers outline how humans reduce uncertainty in social situations - 10:00

Reducing energy required to convert CO2 waste into valuable resources - 10:00

Artificial receptor distinguishes between male and female hormones - 09:31

Modified 'white graphene' for eco-friendly energy - 09:31