Wednesday the 24th of August 2016

A new path for killing pathogenic bacteria - 04:11

Scores sagging for high school grads taking ACT college test - 03:41

Fugitive tech CEO expected to plead guilty in fraud case - 01:21

Engineers discover a high-speed nano-avalanche - 01:21

Bags don't fly free: Charges have boosted airlines' departure performances, study finds - 01:21

Refugee who made it returns with drone to halt drownings - 01:21

Myanmar's peacock: a national symbol dying off in the wild - 01:21

Giant cruise ship heads to Arctic on pioneering journey - 01:21

Rare endangered primate spotted in Vietnam - 01:21

China sets sights on new global export: nuclear energy - 01:21

Recordings of tiger sounds aim to help save wild population - 01:21

China unveils 2020 Mars rover concept: report - 00:51

Tuesday the 23rd of August 2016

African bird shows signs of evil stepdad behavior - 23:01

Modelling water uptake in wood opens up new design framework - 18:31

New study reveals adaptations for snub-nosed monkeys - 16:01

BPA can disrupt painted turtles' brain development could be a population health concern - 15:31

Scientists unravel genetic ancestry of cultivated strawberry - 15:01

Where can I buy a chair like that? This app will tell you - 15:01

Wi-Fi? Why not? Homeless are avid users of NYC's free kiosks - 15:01

Tesla lays claim to world's fastest production car - 15:01

Lacking other meaningful data, university faculty devise their own evaluation systems - 14:31

FBI probing possible Russian hack of US newsrooms: CNN - 14:31

NASA satellite spots new tropical depression in Northwestern Pacific Ocean - 14:03

Social Security rolls back security measures on website - 14:03

Streamlining accelerated computing for industry - 13:31

Fossilized rivers suggest warm, wet ancient Mars - 12:31

NASA's Aqua Satellite sees Tropical Depression Kay sevoid of strength - 12:31

Israeli scientists say they can block melanoma spread - 12:31

Study reveals surprising role of haze in the warming of Chinese cities - 11:31

Human footprint surprisingly outpaced by population and economic growth - 11:31

Music at work increases cooperation, teamwork - 11:31

NIST's compact gyroscope may turn heads - 11:31

NASA sees a fading Fiona in Atlantic - 11:31

Analog DNA circuit does math in a test tube - 11:31

Guaranteed-tuition laws inflating college costs, study finds - 11:31

Reframing body weight as baby weight may help women handle pregnancy - 11:31

NASA witnesses Atlantic's Tropical Storm Gaston coming together - 11:31

NASA sees Tropical Storm Lionrock sonsolidating - 11:31

Iran rounds up 450 social network users - 11:31

Pokemon-mad Russians hunt Ivan the Terrible with new app - 11:31

Tech issues cause most drone accidents, study finds - 11:01

New technology may give electric car drivers more miles per minute of charging - 10:31

Why are we now? Researchers suggest life on Earth may be early in cosmic terms - 10:31

Researchers image roots in the ground - 10:01

New approach to determining how atoms are arranged in materials - 10:01

The demise of the Maya civilization: Water shortage can destroy cultures - 10:01

Understanding nature's patterns with plasmas - 10:01

Chaos could provide the key to enhanced wireless communications - 10:01

Rising temperatures could accelerate radiation induced DNA effects in marine mussels - 09:31

New tiny species of extinct Australian marsupial lion named after Sir David Attenborough - 09:31