Thursday th 18th of April 2019

New satellite data sets reveal flood risk for vulnerable populations - 09:02

Capturing energy flow in a plasma by measuring scattered light - 09:02

Spin flipper upends protons - 09:02

Tiny, fast, accurate technology on the radar - 08:40

Facebook bans UK far-right groups - 08:40

Climate change is hitting hard across New Zealand, official report finds - 08:40

Folding an acoustic vortex on a flat holographic transducer to form miniaturized selective acoustic tweezers - 08:40

Nanoscale magnetic imaging of ferritin in a single cell - 08:40

Going to the beach this Easter? Here are four ways we're not being properly protected from jellyfish - 08:40

The Cerrado once connected the Andes with the Atlantic Rainforest - 08:10

Toyota hybrids drive over 60% of the time in zero emissions mode, study finds - 08:10

Triplet superconductivity demonstrated under high pressure - 08:10

Planck reveals link between active galaxies and their dark matter environment - 08:10

The potential of flexible OLEDs as an innovative surface material - 08:10

Lithium detected in an ancient star gives new clues for Big Bang nucleosynthesis - 08:10

Striking a balance between climate action and social equality - 08:10

New study finds family violence is often poorly understood in faith communities - 08:10

Recovered carbon black for multicolour fluorescence displays - 08:10

Research provides insights into molecular gas in the massive spiral galaxy NGC 5908 - 08:10

OSIRIS Image Viewer makes available all images of Rosetta's comet 67P - 08:10

Luminescing nanosized crystals are showing promise for peering deeply into body tissues - 08:10

Researchers hunt for 17th century 'witch bottles' - 08:10

Four questions: Here there be monsters - 08:10

Google offers Android users choice to satisfy EU - 08:10

Amazonian soils mapped using indicator species - 07:40

In vivo super-resolution photoacoustic computed tomography by localization of single dyed droplets - 07:40

Predicting tvariable carbon dioxide uptake by the ocean - 07:40

Breakthrough research to revolutionise internet communication - 07:40

Study finds global action needed to ensure acceptable climate futures - 07:40

Scientists invent way to trap mysterious 'dark world' particle at Large Hadron Collider - 07:40

Microcavity experiment heads to ISS - 07:40

Making a fast ion transporter - 07:40

Maori loanwords in NZ English are less about meaning, more about identity - 07:40

New carbon dioxide capture technology is not the magic bullet against climate change - 07:40

Researchers report observation of room-temperature polar skyrmions - 07:40

Lab-to-market study explores success - 07:40

Building a better turbine - 07:40

Five planets revealed after 20 years of observation - 07:10

Organic farming drives sustainable agriculture - 07:10

New study shows people used natural dyes to color their clothing thousands of years ago - 07:10

Genome analysis shows common origin of Pskov, Novgorod and Yakutia populations - 07:10

New research exposes extent of mineral demand for renewable energy technologies - 07:10

Lessons learnt from the drift analysis of MH370 debris - 07:10

New automated biological sample analysis systems to accelerate disease detection - 07:10

China to launch asteroid probe, calls for partners - 06:40

Not now, not ever: Working with domestic violence - 06:40

Researchers develop new variant of Maxwell's demon at nanoscale - 06:40

Synergy of anthropogenic emissions and atmospheric processes may cause severe haze in northern China - 06:40

The secret to a stable society? A steady supply of beer doesn't hurt - 05:21

Strong 6.1-magnitude quake hits Taiwan, injuring 17 people - 05:21