Thursday th 10th of August 2017

Researchers calculate new compensation 'benchmark' for victims of violent crime - 09:32

A new chloroplast role for making biofuels - 09:32

Chimpanzees learn rock-paper-scissors - 09:32

How California's climate policies created an economic boon - 09:32

The only way is up: Trees help reptiles thrive - 09:32

New insights into the survival techniques of a prehistoric beast - 09:32

Microwave technology improves the properties of grape-derived products - 09:02

What changes minds about climate change? - 09:02

Image: Liquid propellant tanks for NASA's powerful Space Launch System rocket - 09:02

Scientists find new method to control electronic properties of nanocrystals - 09:02

Yoda bat officially recognised as new species - 09:02

Cellular transport routes - 09:02

New observations of Crab Nebula and pulsar reveal polarised emissions - 09:02

Nearly 1.5 million college students to use free textbooks this school year - 09:02

Beyond Trump—why power companies should be investing now in carbon-free electricity - 09:02

Sea level is a surprisingly variable parameter - 09:02

Jupiter-mass planet orbiting giant star discovered - 08:32

Two ways to improve optical sensing using different resonator techniques - 08:32

Textured LED gives green light to Li-Fi - 08:32

Versatile coating for magnesium could eventually lead to better bone implants - 08:32

Harnessingthe properties of a remarkable 2-D material - 08:32

Seeing without eyes – the unexpected world of nonvisual photoreception - 08:32

Unzipping Zipf's Law: Solution to a century-old linguistic problem - 08:32

Want to fix America's infrastructure? Build in the places that need help the most - 08:32

A wheeled robot to monitor grape growth - 08:32

Investigating the death of a great white shark - 08:32

Consumers Reports pulls Microsoft laptop recommendation - 08:02

Moon to spoil meteor show: astronomers - 08:02

Tracing secondhand opinions across social networks - 08:02

Super-light graphene and ceramic metamaterial possesses high strength, other attributes - 08:02

New research could show how legendary musicians would play modern music - 08:02

Megamovie app makes photographing total eclipse a snap - 08:02

Sea urchins—from pest to plate - 08:02

Old teeth from a rediscovered cave show humans were in Indonesia more than 63,000 years ago - 08:02

Why massive galaxies don't dance in crowds - 08:02

Watch martian clouds scoot, thanks to NASA's Curiosity - 08:02

Novel manufacturing method could lead to massive energy savings, new materials - 08:02

Cassini to begin final five orbits around Saturn - 08:02

NASA selects proposals to study galaxies, stars, planets - 08:02

Image: Solar evaporation ponds near Moab, Utah - 08:02

New study tracks nonnative plant species in timing of grassland green-up - 08:02

Plants love microbes – and so do farmers - 08:02

Computer 'anthropologists' study global fashion - 08:02

Global research collaboration seeks water shortage solutions - 08:02

A role for algae to combat future food scarcity - 08:02

The structural mystery of scandium fluoride illustrated - 08:02

Chinese team sends quantum keys to ground stations and teleports ground to satellite signals - 08:02

Growing a startup with a big impact from a tiny fungus - 08:02

Successful filming of fastest aurora flickering - 07:02

VR cricket game uses motion capture technology for full immersive experience - 07:02