Friday th 8th of February 2019

Economics professor discovers concerning effects for oil and gas boomtowns - 10:40

Boosting solid state chemical reactions - 10:40

Image: Northeast Kenya - 10:40

In the fight against human trafficking, industrial engineers can help - 10:40

Fluconazole makes fungi sexually active - 10:10

Research suggests life thrived on Earth 3.5 billion years ago - 10:10

The composition of ancient meteorites - 10:10

Core technology for ultra-small 3-D image sensor - 10:10

Researchers discover corn plants call in hungry nematodes when resistant rootworms attack - 10:10

Think big—at least when it comes to global conservation - 10:10

Does the presence of colleges and hospitals increase home prices? - 10:10

Generating electricity with rice straw - 10:10

What is the value of a robot life? - 10:10

Emoji are becoming more inclusive, but not necessarily more representative - 10:10

Lightning's electromagnetic fields may have protective properties - 10:10

Cladding fire risks have been known for years. Lives depend on acting now, with no more delays - 09:40

Benefits of pulses: Good for you and the planet - 09:40

Scientists take X-ray aim in effort to discover new fuel catalyst - 09:40

Turning a porous material's color on and off with acid - 09:40

New phenomenon discovered that fixes a common problem in lasers: Wavelength splitting - 09:40

Video: Planetary scientist talks about her work with NASA studying asteroid Bennu - 09:40

A laser system built on principles of supersymmetry - 09:40

Why forgetting at work can be a good thing - 09:40

How a fungus can cripple the immune system - 09:40

Chimpanzee 'mini-brains' hint at secrets of human evolution - 09:40

Decision making in space - 09:40

Tasmanian lakes metal contamination among worst in the world - 09:40

Perceptions play big role in how residents feel about wind energy - 09:40

Heartbreak becomes burnout for teachers when work is turbulent - 09:40

To save the Earth someday, team builds spacecraft to crash into an asteroid and shove it off course - 09:40

Sound and light trapped by disorder - 09:10

DNA traces on wild flowers reveal insect visitors - 09:10

Nested CRISPR enables efficient genome editing using long DNA fragments - 09:10

Addressing cooling needs and energy poverty targets in the Global South - 09:10

Asteroid from 'rare species' sighted in the cosmic wild - 09:10

Central Africa's first ever research-class astronomical observatory moves a step closer - 09:10

From supergiant to solar-mass star: Study finds HD 179821 less massive than previously thought - 09:10

Scientists scour the cosmos to find the origins of the periodic table's 118 elements - 09:10

Bone cancer found in 240-million-year-old stem-turtle fossil - 09:10

Australia streaks ahead to be renewables world champion - 09:10

Cryo-force spectroscopy reveals the mechanical properties of DNA components - 08:20

Shark Bay: A World Heritage Site at catastrophic risk - 07:22

Why are Australians still using Facebook? - 07:22

Infographic: How not to lose a spacecraft - 07:22

Drought, deluge turned stable landslide into disaster - 07:22

Video: Flying under Aeolus - 07:22

First transport measurements reveal intriguing properties of germanene - 07:00

Nanomachines taught to fight cancer - 07:00

Gummy-like robots that could help prevent disease - 07:00

Researchers develop new methods to create microfluidic devices with fluoropolymers - 07:00