Thursday th 1st of November 2018

Cause of long, potentially damaging channels on Antarctic ice shelves found - 10:21

Palestinian 'birdman' watches out over West Bank - 10:21

Genes that could lead to improvement of beef cattle are identified - 10:21

A record-long polymer DNA negative - 10:21

Mycoplasma pathogens sneaking past our line of defense - 10:21

Resilience of supply chain networks to major disruptions can now be measured using a multi-factor test - 10:21

People would change their consumption habits to help the climate, study finds - 10:21

McDonald's Monopoly—A statistician explains the real odds of winning - 10:21

How sheep grazing affects the Norwegian mountains - 10:21

Bee diversity and richness decline as anthropogenic activity increases, confirm scientists - 10:21

Team helps establish roadmap for filling the gaps in forest pollinator research - 10:21

'Cryptic' interactions drive biodiversity decline near the edge of forest fragments - 10:21

Yangtze dams put endangered sturgeon's future in doubt - 10:20

Small tweaks to nanoribbon edge structures can drastically alter heat conduction - 10:20

Heating up the electric vehicle market - 10:20

Organisations often learn too little from disasters and crises - 10:20

Tipping point: Huge wildlife loss threatens the life support of our small planet - 10:20

How parents' resources shape their children's attitudes to the future - 10:20

Five things to know about InSight's Mars landing - 09:50

FBI forensics hits Hollywood speed, researcher says - 08:30

Researchers find that cells can at times have superelastic properties - 08:30

Chemists discover previously unknown metabolic pathway in plankton - 08:00

Don't rule out severe global climate change yet - 07:30

Hairy nanotechnology provides green anti-scaling solution - 07:30

Dams and the damage they do - 07:30

Machine learning improves accuracy of particle identification at LHC - 07:30

Layered chambers open a window for drug release  - 07:30

Estonian soil is surprisingly rich in species - 07:30

Scientists make first detailed measurements of key factors related to high-temperature superconductivity - 07:30

Active noise control for a quantum drum - 07:30

Lab 3-D scans human skeletal remains dating back to the American Civil War - 07:30

Using a crystal to link visible light to infrared opens a window on infrared sensing - 07:30

Trading sex for sleep—aging dormice shorten their hibernation for more reproduction - 07:30

'Smart shrinkage' in small towns driven by strong social infrastructure, research shows - 07:00

Why protesters could swing the midterm elections - 07:00

A new approach to liquid-repelling surfaces - 07:00

First two-dimensional material that performs as both topological insulator and superconductor - 07:00

Eco-friendly waterproof polymer films synthesized using novel method - 07:00

Chirality of vitamin D derivative affects the protonation states of its receptor protein - 07:00

China develops world's first instrument system for Raman-activated cell sorting and sequencing - 07:00

Are we losing one of our biggest carbon dioxide sinks? - 07:00

A 31-year global diurnal sea surface temperature dataset - 07:00

When it comes to bias-based hate, U.S. appears to be slipping, analyst says - 07:00

Ultrasensitive toxic gas detector - 07:00

Environmentally friendly concrete from industrial waste is as strong as traditional - 07:00

Chinese-style 'digital authoritarianism' grows globally: study - 05:10

Russia blames rocket failure on mistake during assembly - 05:10

Barn swallows may indeed have evolved alongside humans - 02:50

Palau plans sunscreen ban to save coral - 02:50

Google employees to walk out to protest treatment of women - 02:50