Thursday th 29th of November 2018

Indian police break up international computer virus scam - 05:30

Future uncertain for Australia's unique platypus: researchers - 04:00

Ghosn arrest lays bare frustration at Nissan - 04:00

Peru 'catastrophe' feared after 8,000-barrel Amazon oil spill - 04:00

Science conference slams 'deeply disturbing' baby gene-editing claim - 03:30

Indonesia's Go-Jek enters Singapore market, challenges Grab - 03:30

With US sales boom over, carmakers enter belt-tightening mode - 03:30

New Zealand says Huawei ban not because it's Chinese - 03:30

Tech giants warn Australia against law to break encryption - 03:30

Facebook mulled charging for access to user data - 03:30

UK's reliance on unpaid carers is unsustainable, research warns - 03:00

Whale songs' changing pitch may be response to population, climate changes - 02:30

Forest fragmentation disrupts parasite infection in Australian lizards - 02:30

Researchers rise to challenge of predicting hail, tornadoes three weeks in advance - 02:30

Wednesday th 28th of November 2018

Swapping bacteria may help 'Nemo' fish cohabitate with fish-killing anemones - 16:30

Virtual library of 1 million new macrolide scaffolds could help speed drug discovery - 16:00

Online sex ads rebound, months after shutdown of Backpage - 16:00

Google extends telecom service Fi to iPhones - 16:00

Germany's CEBIT computer show scrapped after 32 years - 16:00

Innate fingerprint could detect tampered steel parts - 15:30

Indian peafowls' crests are tuned to frequencies also used in social displays - 15:30

Views of ideal female appearance in China are changing - 15:30

Study shows regions increasingly suffer hot, dry conditions at the same time - 14:30

Fossil algae reveal 500 million years of climate change - 14:30

High-throughput platform enables activity mapping of emerging cancer drug targets - 14:30

Why do some plants live fast and die young? - 14:30

When a city feels good, people take more risks - 14:30

With an eye on past problems, Facebook expands local feature - 14:00

US teens drawn to social media despite 'drama' - 14:00

Two Iranian hackers charged in US ransomware scheme - 14:00

Google CEO to appear before US House panel December 5 - 14:00

'Stash your trash,' say rat researchers - 13:32

Fires fueled spread of grasslands on ancient Earth - 13:32

New study explores ecosystem stability - 13:32

Geographer brings fresh perspective to study of US, world corruption in new books - 13:32

Dutch Banks post-2008: Substantial increase in the equity capital is key to bank stability - 13:32

Resource-based communities: Not just all work and no play - 13:32

Researchers map light and sound wave interactions in optical fibers - 13:10

Authenticating the geographic origin of hazelnuts - 13:10

Flexible electronic skin aids human-machine interactions - 13:10

Lasers could take 3-D printing to next level - 13:10

Sharing benefits of digitized DNA - 13:10

New method automatically computes realistic movement with friction from 3-D design - 13:10

Growing pile of human and animal waste harbors threats, opportunities - 13:10

Intelligent framework aims to optimize data transfer in 5G networks - 13:10

The secret to better berries? Wild bees - 13:10

NIST atomic clocks now keep time well enough to improve models of Earth - 13:10

Earth's polar regions communicate via oceanic 'postcards,' atmospheric 'text messages' - 13:10

Atomic jet—the first lens for extreme-ultraviolet light developed - 13:10

The future of fighting cancer: Zapping tumors in less than a second - 13:10