Thursday th 8th of November 2018

Analysing graffiti helps to understand the Egyptian uprising of 2011 - 09:20

Enhanced power factor in transparent thermoelectric nanowire materials - 09:20

Bats versus dolphins – the ultimate battle of sonar systems - 09:20

Most complete study on Europe's greatest hadrosaur site published - 09:20

How massive solar eruptions 'probably' detonated dozens of US sea mines - 09:20

One million years of precipitation history of the monsoon reconstructed - 08:50

Short stature in rainforest hunter-gatherers may be linked to cardiac adaptation - 08:50

Image: Recovery of the test Orion capsule in the Pacific Ocean - 08:50

Researchers simplify tiny structures' construction drip by drip - 08:50

Stretchy solar cells a step closer - 08:50

Smallholder clearing found to be dominant reason for forest loss in the Congo Basin - 08:50

Researchers investigate complex molecular structures - 08:50

Learning from gorillas to save killer whales - 08:50

Are organisms basically living machines? - 08:50

The argument from cyberspace for eliminating nuclear weapons - 08:50

Exploiting epigenetic variation for plant breeding - 08:50

Embryos remember the chemicals that they encounter - 08:50

Graphene takes a step toward renewable fuel - 07:20

Far fewer lakes below the East Antarctic Ice Sheet than previously believed - 07:20

Interdisciplinary interactions inspire new discovery - 07:20

Quantum systems: Same, but different - 07:20

Sandwich structure of nanocrystals as quantum light source - 07:20

Researchers generate plants with enhanced drought resistance without penalizing growth - 07:20

Opinion: Methods for protecting England's coastal communities 'not fit for purpose' - 07:20

Video: ESA's future Lagrange mission to monitor the sun - 07:20

Dating apps use artificial intelligence to help search for love - 07:20

EU court backs Dyson on vacuum cleaner energy tests - 07:20

Cosmic detective work: Why we care about space rocks - 07:20

Image: Proba-V images the Yucatán peninsula - 07:20

Marine Protected Areas overlook a large fraction of biodiversity hotspots - 05:10

Live-streaming a marshland for fun—and science - 04:10

Tesla names board director to replace Musk - 04:10

Nissan first-half profit slumps on rising costs - 04:10

Lions suspected in drowning of 400 buffaloes in Botswana - 03:40

Watchdog approves landmark Australian media merger - 03:40

NewsCorp sees higher profits as subscriptions rise - 03:40

Toshiba slashes 7,000 jobs, downgrades profit outlook - 03:40

Philippines marks five years since its deadliest storm - 03:40

Climate change causing more severe wildfires, larger insect outbreaks in temperate forests - 03:10

Report: Google planning big New York City expansion - 03:10

Toxic smog cloaks New Delhi morning after Diwali festivities - 03:10

Samsung folding screen lets smartphone open into tablet - 03:10

Siemens profit falls on severance, tax costs; dividend up - 03:10

Bolivian observatory collects data as glaciers melt - 03:10

Amazon forests failing to keep up with climate change - 02:40

Dry conditions may have helped a new type of plant gain a foothold on Earth - 02:40

Wednesday th 7th of November 2018

Midterm voting exposes growing problem of aging machines - 15:50

First monarch butterflies arrive at Mexico wintering area - 15:50

Levitating particles could lift nuclear detective work - 15:20

Hawk study could benefit conservation - 15:20