Tuesday th 8th of August 2017

Draft US report says extreme storms driven by climate change - 14:22

Canary Islands keep beaches open despite algae bloom - 14:22

Apple will reportedly release an LTE Apple Watch: report - 14:22

Rocket Lab says ground equipment marred New Zealand launch - 14:22

Amateur collectors in Japan discover country's first and oldest fossil diving bird - 13:52

Even bacteria have baggage—and understanding that is key to fighting superbugs - 13:22

An updated classification for freshwater crayfishes - 12:22

Researchers develop method that could produce stronger, more pliable metals - 11:52

Annual wind report confirms tech advancements, improved performance, low wind prices - 11:52

NASA sees Tropical Depression Noru fading over Japan - 11:52

Foxconn package would cost $50 million in lost sales taxes - 11:52

Icy treat for panda stars' birthday in Dutch zoo - 11:52

NASA measures Tropical Storm Franklin's soaking rains from space - 11:22

Single cell RNA-seq will provide key insight on how different types of taste cells function - 11:22

New scanning process allows unprecedented look inside live insects - 11:22

Relieving antibiotic resistance: Researchers take steps toward new treatment for E. coli - 11:22

Dino hips discovery unravels species riddle - 11:22

Violent news videos can be a moral motivator, says researcher - 10:02

Bush and Obama's gifts to Trump: More war-making powers - 10:02

Asian hornet to colonize UK within two decades without action - 10:02

Local collaboration key to protecting pollinators while managing ticks, mosquitoes - 10:02

Video: How superhydrophobic materials stay totally dry - 10:02

UCI celestial census indicates that black holes pervade the universe - 10:02

Dopaminergic neurons derived from iPSCs in non-human primate model - 10:02

NASA studies tethered CubeSat mission to study lunar swirls - 10:02

Four new fruit fly species from the Himalaya and information about their flower visitation - 10:02

Researchers discover potentially harmful nanoparticles produced through burning coal - 10:02

No longer water under the bridge, statistics yields new data on sea levels - 09:32

NI former-paramilitaries can help deter future generations - 09:32

Highly skilled workers more likely to have control over their working day - 09:32

Researchers and global fishing companies form coalition for sustainable seas - 09:32

Bank of England ledgers reveal failure of World War One loan scheme - 09:32

New theory on the origin of dark matter - 09:32

Court date looms for UK cybersecurity expert held in Vegas - 09:02

Hacking cybersecurity to anticipate attacks - 08:32

Algal biofuel production is neither environmentally nor commercially sustainable - 08:32

Divalent gold complex isolated for the first time in a pure form - 08:32

Multi-nutrient rice against malnutrition - 08:32

Study shows seaweed succumbs to viruses - 08:32

Scientists investigating properties of hybrid systems consisting of carbon nanostructures and a dye - 08:32

Sage grouse conservation changes praised, provoke alarm - 08:32

Activists call for whale refuges, but can they stay afloat? - 08:32

Anger mounts in Hong Kong over massive palm oil spill - 08:32

Gender quotas can work but it depends on how employees feel about them - 08:02

Cities need more than air conditioning to get through heat waves - 08:02

Folktale diffusion traced using genomic data - 08:02

Two studies suggest trouble ahead for paywall journals - 08:02

Researchers find that teamwork helps jellies jet around the ocean - 07:32

This is how regional rail can help ease our big cities' commuter crush - 07:32

Database of inbred mouse proteins responsible for strain discrepancies created - 07:32