Tuesday th 12th of February 2019

Next-generation optics in just two minutes of cooking time - 07:50

X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy of hydrogen and helium - 07:50

Human enhancement: Is it good for society? - 07:50

Study examines how 'data in the wild' is used in diverse school district - 07:50

Stonehenge mystery solved? Prehistoric French may have inspired it and other European megaliths - 06:50

World Record Egg: From a challenge to social media to a mental health campaign - 06:50

Fitbit launches new wearable, but your employer has to sign you up - 06:50

Amazon buys eero: What does it mean for the price of Wi-Fi routers? - 06:20

Nissan cuts forecast in first earnings since Ghosn arrest - 05:50

Earth's magnetic shield booms like a drum when hit by impulses - 05:21

Tencent investment in Reddit sparks censorship worry - 04:10

Dutch scientists probing mystery of mass bird deaths - 04:10

Malaysia makes record 30-tonne pangolin seizure - 04:10

Making green cars greener with battery recycling - 04:10

Adopt an olive tree—and breathe new life into Spanish village - 03:40

Samsung reaches settlement over 'exploding' washing machines - 03:40

Thyssenkrupp presses on with split as profits rise - 03:40

Research will help urban planners prioritize bike lanes - 03:10

Monday th 11th of February 2019

New deep sea animal discoveries warrant expanded protections in Costa Rican waters - 17:30

Mosquitoes that carry malaria may have been doing so 100 million years ago - 16:40

Scientists use smartphones to improve dismal rating of nation's civil infrastructure - 16:40

Machine learning algorithm helps in the search for new drugs - 16:10

Arctic sea ice loss in the past linked to abrupt climate events - 16:10

NYC mayor defends Amazon deal at state budget hearing - 16:10

Trump to call for investment in artificial intelligence - 16:10

SoftBank fund invests big in self-driving deliveries - 16:10

Trump's simple, confident language has strong historical roots - 16:10

NIST: Blockchain provides security, traceability for smart manufacturing - 15:40

Study of Arctic fishes reveals the birth of a gene—from 'junk' - 15:40

NASA catches the 1-day life of Tropical Cyclone Neil - 15:40

Working proteins make good use of frustration - 15:40

Lefty or righty molecules lend a hand to material structures - 15:40

X-ray laser study identifies crystalline intermediate in our 'pathway to breathing' - 15:40

Diverse scents of woodland star wildflowers driven by coevolution with pollinators - 15:10

Discovery of the oldest evidence of mobility on Earth - 15:10

For the first time, scientists 'see' dual-layered scaffolding of cellular nuclei - 15:10

Redox traits characterize the organization of global microbial communities - 15:10

Termites shape and are shaped by their mounds - 15:10

Researchers examine puzzling sizes of extremely light calcium isotopes - 15:10

Engineers develop room temperature, two-dimensional platform for quantum technology - 15:10

MAVEN spacecraft shrinking its Mars orbit to prepare for Mars 2020 rover - 15:10

Developing a flight strategy to land heavier vehicles on Mars - 15:10

Explainer: The promise of 5G wireless - speed, hype, risk - 14:10

Hotel groups hail new offensive on Airbnb in Paris - 14:10

Dutch staff warn Air France-KLM of strikes over chief - 14:10

World seeing 'catastrophic collapse' of insects: study - 14:10

Using big data to help manage global natural assets - 13:42

Learning how (and how not) to learn - 13:42

The widow next door: Where is the globally invasive noble false widow settling next? - 13:42

Researchers use X-rays to understand the flaws of battery fast charging - 13:42