Friday th 15th of March 2019

Jury rules Apple owes Qualcomm $31M for patent infringement - 17:00

Receding Chilean glacier a sign of accelerating climate change - 17:00

Make love, not CO2: Students worldwide demand climate action - 13:10

Facebook loses longtime product chief as it revamps strategy - 13:10

EU to slap Google with fresh fine: sources - 13:10

Cuddly polar bear cub makes splash in Berlin debut - 13:10

New Zealand massacre provides test for live video platforms - 12:40

Nanocrystal 'factory' could revolutionize quantum dot manufacturing - 11:50

Chile tests floating solar panels to power mine, save water - 11:50

Ford to slash over 5,000 German jobs in European overhaul - 11:50

Nations agree 'significant' plastic cuts - 11:50

Cheesy listening: study says tunes change Emmental's taste - 11:50

NASA tracks Tropical Cyclone Idai over Mozambique - 11:50

Study examines how herbicide adds to phosphorus levels in soil and waterways - 09:50

NASA's Greenland mission still surprises in year four - 09:50

Some sunscreens may kill corals. Should they be banned? - 09:50

Med-tech trade group launches online cybersecurity tool - 09:50

Trade wars are growing over the digital economy – and developing countries are shaping the agenda - 09:50

Scientists track patterns of island growth in crystals - 09:20

German lawmakers raise hurdle for diesel bans - 09:20

New view of the world could create unlimited sustainable resources - 09:20

Long-distance quantum information exchange—success at the nanoscale - 09:20

Adaptive learning system using big data based machine learning - 09:20

Drag reduction and relaminarization of wall-turbulence by traveling wave control - 09:20

Trials testing new educational methods in schools 'often fail to produce useful evidence' - 09:20

Speeding up artificial intelligence - 09:20

Metal innovation offers a unique, cost-effective option for plumbing and manufacturing industries - 09:20

How a mitochondrial enzyme can trigger cell death - 09:20

Nature-inspired antibacterial metals - 08:51

Softer, processed foods changed the way ancient humans spoke - 08:51

When Facebook and Instagram are down, small businesses and big brands can suffer - 08:51

Current sexual harassment penalties are too low: Study - 08:51

Biosensor may provide better cancer diagnosis - 08:51

Neanderthals didn't need Nintendos: Why we always choose story over technology - 08:51

New book by biochemist David Deamer explores the origins of life - 08:51

Cooking up alien atmospheres on Earth - 08:51

Elite sport is becoming a platform to target the trans community - 08:51

3-D printing shapes building industry, creates rapid construction potential - 08:51

Nations set to agree 'significant' plastic cuts - 08:51

Quantum sensing method measures minuscule magnetic fields - 08:51

Image: Bering in dire straits - 08:51

InSight lander among latest ExoMars image bounty - 08:51

A new approach to drugging a difficult cancer target - 08:51

Why rich parents are more likely to be unethical - 08:51

Cause of cathode degradation identified for nickel-rich materials - 08:51

Artificial intelligence for the study of sites - 08:51

No such thing as a plastic-free lunch? - 08:51

As climate continues to warm, study finds several barriers to northward tree migration - 08:51

Build social and affordable housing to get us off the boom-and-bust roller coaster - 08:51

Orange crush of visitors: Will California's wildflowers survive the crowds? - 08:51