Wednesday th 18th of July 2018

Solar supercapacitor could power future of wearable sensors - 08:20

The brainwashing myth - 08:20

Water desalination picks up the pace - 08:20

State of the Polar Oceans 2018 published - 08:00

First major Carbon Landscape restoration project is officially opened - 08:00

Largest-ever UK study into body shapes and sizes - 08:00

New evidence suggests the Devonian Nekton Revolution never occurred - 08:00

A new study should be the final nail for open-plan offices - 07:32

The rollercoaster of exploding pollen - 07:32

'I don't see race' and other white lies - 07:31

Plastic poses biggest threat to seabirds in New Zealand waters, where more breed than elsewhere - 07:31

Biological signalling processes in intelligent materials - 07:31

A possibly better way to measure our own galaxy speed moving through space - 07:31

How language boosts satisfaction and buying behaviour - 07:31

Lateral gene transfer enables chemical protection of beetles against antagonistic fungi - 07:02

Feeding plants to this algae could fuel your car - 07:02

Microprocessor designers realize security must be a primary concern - 07:02

Nanotech diagnostic can indicate cancer or thrombotic risk in one drop of blood - 07:02

Researchers measure simulated spent nuclear fuel temperatures in a dry cask for new data set - 07:02

Nature can heal itself after an oil spill, it just needs a little help - 07:02

Traditional Tibetan medicine exposes people and environment to high mercury levels - 07:01

Comprehensive report on private- and public-sector Big Data policies affecting transport - 06:40

Ferocious Ferguson fire in California threatens Mariposa—again - 06:40

Urbanization and changes to climate could pack a one-two punch for watersheds in the future, study finds - 06:40

U.S. citizens can now publish models of 3-D printed firearms online. What does it mean for us? - 06:40

Growing more food with less fertiliser - 06:40

Green sea turtle digging its own watery grave due to invasion of non-native seagrass - 06:40

Using camera fingerprints to catch cybercriminals - 06:40

Keeping up with sea-level rise - 06:10

Image: Proba-1 view of Guam - 06:10

A new approach for narrowing down huge calculations by focusing on a single, predictive parameter - 06:10

Research collaboration could reshape injection molding - 06:10

Outsider candidates perform better in polarized political environments, study finds - 06:10

Study eyes worker mobility impact on economy - 06:10

Searching for wind for the future - 06:10

Londoners feel ignored and not represented by adverts - 06:10

From an almost perfect universe to the best of both worlds - 05:42

Supersharp images from new VLT adaptive optics - 05:10

How does the sun's rotational cycle influence lightning activity on earth? - 05:10

Machine learning predicted a superhard and high-energy-density tungsten nitride - 05:10

UK delivers super-cool kit to USA for Next-Generation Dark Matter Experiment - 05:10

Study finds climate determines shapes of river basins - 05:10

Gold nanoparticles to find applications in hydrogen economy - 05:10

Ocean Resort Casino joins New Jersey internet betting market - 02:21

Skeletons and scares at Portugal's dino park - 02:21

Android software puts Google at heart of mobile life - 02:20

Legal battle over rights to Olympic founder's name - 02:20

Artificial intelligence technology could help protect water supplies - 01:50

Texas Instruments' new CEO loses job for personal misconduct - 01:20

Quick soil test aims to determine nitrogen need - 01:20