Harvard Science

Thursday th 25th of April 2019

Harvard scientist finds microbial contaminants in e-cigs - 13:30

Living walls at Smith Campus Center bring beauty, cleaner air, calm - 12:10

Wednesday th 24th of April 2019

Arboretum goes solar in massive Harvard sustainability initiative - 17:30

Harvard seniors share their top things to do before graduation - 16:50

Sustainability-themed escape room raises stakes during Harvard Heat Week - 16:10

Could a popular food ingredient raise the risk for diabetes and obesity? - 14:10

Tuesday th 23rd of April 2019

First African American dean of Harvard’s Education School seeks to inspire - 16:50

Harvard economist, sociologist win prestigious Carnegie fellowships - 12:10

Harvard Club of Seattle sponsors field trip to Cambridge for ninth-graders - 10:10

Monday th 22nd of April 2019

Harvard, Princeton scientists make AI breakthrough for fusion energy - 16:10

Harvard doctoral students describe projects at the cutting edge of evolutionary inquiry - 16:10

Three alumni to receive Harvard Medal at Commencement - 09:50

Friday th 19th of April 2019

GSD students mull how to protect Provincetown while retaining its charm - 16:10

Gina McCarthy reflects on progress 50 years after Cuyahoga River fire - 14:51

Harvard fellow and ex-astronaut Ochoa reflects on Apollo landing - 13:00

Study shows China can be carbon-negative in an economically competitive way - 11:50

Sociologist recalls academic crackdown in Cairo - 09:50

Thursday th 18th of April 2019

Harvard professor: Mueller ‘found substantial evidence of obstruction of justice’ - 17:40

Harvard launches new student survey on sexual misconduct - 17:00

At WHRB, Henna Hundal clues listeners in on current events and trends - 16:20

Harvard study proposes new way to probe universe before the Big Bang - 16:20

Harvard student tutors ease challenges for immigrant employees - 15:40

New tool calculates genetic risk for obesity - 11:00

Wednesday th 17th of April 2019

Harvard unveils new technique 60 times faster than traditional fMRI - 17:00

Harvard’s Jesse McCarthy on teaching, reframing the canon - 16:20

Students present projects at HILT Education Innovation Showcase - 15:40

Harvard Graduate School of Design names new dean - 14:20

Finalists named in Harvard’s annual Innovation Challenge - 12:20

Harvard Gaga dance course teaches students to listen to their bodies - 11:00

12 faculty honored as newest members of American Academy of Arts and Sciences - 05:40

Tuesday th 16th of April 2019

Workplace wellness programs yield unimpressive results in short term - 18:00

Harvard’s Ronald Ferguson explores how to raise successful children - 16:40

Harvard bioethics conference focuses on physician-assisted death - 16:00

Two Harvard students selected as Hertz Fellows - 16:00

Harvard neurologist examines the middle class through photojournalism - 16:00

Harvard scientists develop way to identify topological materials - 15:20

Wyss Institute lays some groundwork to protect environment with robots - 11:30

Monday th 15th of April 2019

Harvard grad studies cons and how to avoid them - 17:40

Harvard conference to explore nexus of art, race, and justice - 17:00

Harvard grad heads home to take on one of Ghana’s biggest problems - 13:50

HMS researchers design algorithm that ID’s DNA defects, making more cancers treatable - 13:50

Harvard’s initiative aims to improve your health and the world’s - 06:30

Friday th 12th of April 2019

Reasons Harvard community members run the Boston Marathon - 16:50

Harvard dinner brings together donors and financial aid students - 16:50

Harvard experts analyze potential fallout of Julian Assange arrest - 13:10

Harvard professors take a lively look at love and politics - 13:10

Donoff to step down as dean of Harvard School of Dental Medicine - 11:50

Thursday th 11th of April 2019

At Harvard, law students learn while reaching out - 16:40

Faculty diversity continues to grow at Harvard - 15:20

Event commemorating 1969 Harvard strike to include current student activists - 13:20