Harvard Science

Wednesday th 6th of March 2019

Harvard grad and Rhodes recipient worries about being able to return to U.S. after fellowship - 17:40

Snapshots from Harvard’s science labs - 17:00

Best-selling author Min Jin Lee is finishing her trilogy at Radcliffe - 11:40

Harvard alumna uses movement to promote access for the differently abled - 11:40

Tuesday th 5th of March 2019

Harvard panel addresses high maternal mortality rates - 19:00

Actor who voices Siri joins Harvard panel on communication - 16:20

Study shows that many who experience trauma of war become increasingly religious - 15:00

First Harvard-wide survey on inclusion and belonging begins - 10:30

Ending HIV transmission by 2030 ‘realistic,’ says Harvard expert Max Essex - 03:52

Harvard Art Museums’ Kara Walker work on view - 03:52

Harvard professor says surveillance capitalism is undermining democracy - 03:52

Film tells story of Partners In Health and the impact of three people - 03:52

Friday th 1st of March 2019

Drag show kicks off Radcliffe Institute gender conference - 19:30

Science writers discuss ‘sideways’ DNA at Harvard - 18:50

Harvard researchers look toward nature to beat cancer - 18:10

Trump-Kim summit dissected at Harvard seminar - 17:30

Exploring the history of Harvard’s giant tuba - 12:50

Harvard fellow Gillum, former candidate for Florida governor, talks elections - 12:10

Thursday th 28th of February 2019

In health care, AI offers promise — and hype - 18:30

Harvard geneticist: No population’s DNA is ‘pure’ - 17:10

$100M donation will enable Harvard to imagine a performance center in Allston - 16:30

Bed nets coated with antimalaria compound block parasite - 15:50

Bruno Carvalho leading an effort to create a secondary field in urban studies - 13:50

Harvard researchers shine light on Roma children in Serbia - 13:10

Wednesday th 27th of February 2019

Guidelines for Harvard University’s 368th Commencement - 15:30

Harvard Glee Club honors W.E.B. Du Bois - 13:30

Making sense of how the blind ‘see’ color - 12:10

Harvard researchers convert photons; could be used to fight cancer - 12:10

Tuesday th 26th of February 2019

Harvard’s Faculty of Arts and Sciences Michael Lichten retires after 38 years - 16:50

Harvard YouTube star helps others navigate college — and life - 12:10

Quitting smoking may reduce risk of rheumatoid arthritis - 11:30

With two major exceptions, overlapping surgeries are safe overall - 11:30

Monday th 25th of February 2019

‘Endlings’ playwright talks connection, heritage - 18:10

Harvard’s ArtLab to open in Allston this fall - 14:50

Kristen Roupenian, author of ‘Cat Person,’ writes about what scares you - 14:10

Harvard study shows parrots can pass classic test of intelligence - 12:50

Friday th 22nd of February 2019

At Harvard Medical School, a rise through the ranks - 18:30

A ‘spiritual leader’ for Harvard’s student radio station - 17:50

Smith Campus Center exhibit pictures Harvard — and America - 13:50

Thursday th 21st of February 2019

Three years after undergoing gene therapy, his ‘last shot’ hit the target - 18:50

The Class of ’23 applicant pool of 43,330 reflects a 1.4 percent increase over Class of 2022 - 16:50

Exercise, fasting shown to help cells shed defective proteins - 16:50

Janet Mock to receive Harvard University Artist of the Year award - 16:50

Harvard researchers explore macular degeneration through a new lens - 09:45

Baker Library exhibition provides peek into U.S. business development through Lehman Brothers’ history - 01:00

Harvard expert says Russian spying is nothing new — only the technology is - 01:00

Ocean acidification shown to have negative impact on fish skeletons - 01:00

Coed Hasty Pudding makes its debut - 01:00

Study examines how developmental changes modified the reptiles’ snouts - 01:00

Wednesday th 20th of February 2019

Study examines how developmental changes modified the reptiles’ snouts - 16:20