Live Science

Wednesday the 25th of November 2015

Infections with Mosquito-Borne Chikungunya Virus Can Cause Brain Inflammation, Death - 16:30

Liberia Suffers New Ebola Death, Despite Being 'Ebola-Free' - 15:30

Buried or Open? Ancient Eggshells Reveal Dinosaur Nesting Behaviors - 15:30

Cobwebs Hold Genetic Secrets About Spiders and Their Prey - 14:30

In Photos: Worm Grows Heads and Brains of Other Species - 13:30

Ebola-Related Eye Problems Hit Second US Survivor - 12:30

Mars May Become a Ringed Planet Someday - 11:30

Dark Matter 'Hairs' May Surround Earth - 11:00

'Spooky Action' Heats Up: Atoms Entangled at Room Temperature - 09:30

'Inside Einstein's Mind': New TV Show Explores Journey to Relativity - 08:30

Best Apps for Pain Management - 08:30

7-Million-Year-Old Fossils Show How the Giraffe Got Its Long Neck - 08:30

Tuesday the 24th of November 2015

A Pill for ISIS Supersoldiers? Not So Fast - 19:20

Costco Chicken Salad Linked to E. Coli Outbreak in 7 States - 18:50

7 Tips to Make Thanksgiving More Enjoyable for People with GERD - 17:20

Franken Flatworms Grow Heads and Brains of Other Species - 17:20

What Triggered the Big Bang? It's Complicated (Op-Ed) - 17:20

Slipping into a Food Coma? Blame Your Gut Microbes - 13:20

Daily Dose of Walnuts Linked to Health Improvements - 12:30

PMS May Warn of High Blood Pressure in Future - 12:30

Google Doodle Honors Ape Ancestor 'Lucy' - 12:30

Light-Bending Microchip Could Fire Up Quantum Computers - 11:30

Manned Glider Will Reach Edge of Space, Gaze Back at Earth - 09:30

Cause of Mysterious Snake Die-Off Found - 09:30

More Infant Deaths Blamed on Crib Bumpers - 01:00

Monday the 23rd of November 2015

Why Menstruation Remains a Medical Mystery - 20:20

Round for Round: Women's Drinking Rates Catching Up to Men's - 18:50

Solar Neutrinos Caught By Chemist In Underground Experiment | Video - 18:50

Goodbye Nola: Only 3 Northern White Rhinos Remain in the World - 16:50

Lonely? You May Be More Likely to Get Sick - 16:00

Some of Earth’s Rocky Plates Are Gooey on the Inside - 16:00

Brain Connections Predict How Well You Can Pay Attention - 14:00

Beetles Speed-Grow Their Built-In Bifocal Eyes - 14:00

11 Outdoor Gifts for Exploring Our Amazing Planet - 12:30

Photos: Treasure Trove of Unopened 17th-Century Letters - 11:00

1,700-Year-Old Ring Depicts Nude Cupid, the Homewrecking God - 09:00

How Earth's Hidden Magma Ocean Formed - 08:01

Charitable Acts Can Lead to Bad Behavior - 07:30

Attention Disorder Drugs May Harm Kids' Sleep - 01:30

Sunday the 22nd of November 2015

Devils Tower: See Photos of Wyoming's Unique Rock Formation - 12:30

Pick Up the Pace: Walking Speed Linked with Heart Health in Older Adults - 05:19

Speaking More Than One Language Eases Stroke Recovery - 05:19

Abraham Lincoln Was a Science Champion, Astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson Says - 05:19

Carbon Falling, Economies Rising: Expectations for the Paris Climate Summit (Op-Ed)
 - 05:19

Food Labels: Definition of Natural & Organic - 05:19

For Severe Weather, 'Is This Climate Change?' Is the Wrong Question (Op-Ed) - 05:19

Parents Don't Have all the Answers, and That's OK (Op-Ed) - 05:19

Einstein's Unfinished Dream: Marrying Relativity to the Quantum World - 05:19

Fossilized Tropical Forest Found — in Arctic Norway - 05:19

'Letterlocked' Trove: X-Rays to Peer into Sealed 17th-Century Notes - 05:19