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Monday th 10th of December 2018

4,000-Year-Old Game Board Carved into the Earth Shows How Nomads Had Fun - 07:30

16 of the Most Interesting Ancient Board and Dice Games - 07:30

Sunday th 9th of December 2018

Will Dark Matter Mess with These Ultraprecise Atomic Clocks? - 09:10

This Fluffy Alien World Farts Helium - 09:10

Saturday th 8th of December 2018

China Launches 1st Mission to Land on Far Side of the Moon - 09:40

Tiny 'Blueberries' on Mars Continue to Baffle Scientists - 09:40

Friday th 7th of December 2018

Climate Change Is Making Sharks Right-Handed - 16:10

How Do Animals Breathe Underwater? - 15:11

Man Coughs Up a Giant Blood Clot in the Shape of His Lung - 14:20

Physicists Keep Trying — and Failing — to Find Dark Matter in Dark Places - 13:00

The Human Fossil-Fuel Addiction: Greenhouse Emissions Soar to Record Levels - 08:40

Sorry Indiana Jones, the Ark of the Covenant Is Not Inside This Ethiopian Church - 07:47

Thursday th 6th of December 2018

Polonium: A Rare and Highly Volatile Radioactive Element - 18:31

Centuries-Old Ninja Oath Warns of Divine Wrath - 16:10

'It Was Just Dead Brain Tissue': Seattle Women Dies from Extremely Unusual Infection - 16:10

Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment - 14:20

Stonehenge Archaeologists Furious at Construction Crew Accused of ‘Smashing’ a 6,000-Year-Old Platform - 14:20

'Chemo Brain' May Result from Effects on 'Helper Cells.' The Finding Could Lead to Possible Treatments. - 13:30

Seal with Eel Stuck Up Its Nose Was Probably Just Really Bad at Hunting, Scientists Say - 13:30

Uterine Cancer Killing More US Women, with Black Women Hardest Hit - 13:30

Ancient, Unknown Strain of Plague Found in 5,000-Year-Old Tomb in Sweden - 11:40

Astronomers Think They've Figured Out the Raging Swirls of Gas Around Supermassive Black Holes - 08:00

Man Unknowingly Buys 4,000-Year-Old Pottery at Flea Market, Uses It As Toothbrush Holder - 07:30

A Common Virus May Be Linked to Heart Problems in Fetuses - 07:30

Wednesday th 5th of December 2018

SpaceX Launches Dragon Cargo Ship to Space Station, But Misses Rocket Landing - 16:50

Scary Map Shows Where Animal Poop Is Turning into Deadly Ammonia Pollution - 15:50

What Is X-Ray Spectroscopy? - 14:30

Greenland Is Melting Faster Than Ever - 14:30

This Legless Lizard Breathes Through 'Christmas Trees' Growing from Its Head - 14:30

This Frozen Russian Island Is the World's Biggest Jigsaw Puzzle - 12:40

500-Year-Old Body of Man Wearing Thigh-High Boots Found in London Sewer Construction - 12:10

Photos: 500-Year-Old Body of Man with Thigh-High Boots - 11:40

Here's the Truth Behind a NASA Document on Aliens Visiting Earth - 11:10

Rare Rainfall in the Atacama Is Deadly for Its Tiniest Inhabitants - 10:10

A Woman's Odd Symptoms After Chiropractic 'Neck Manipulation' Revealed a Brain Cyst - 09:43

A Woman's Odd Symptoms After Chiropractic 'Neck Manipulation' Revealed a Brain Cyst - 09:43

Tuesday th 4th of December 2018

Carnivores: Facts About Meat Eaters - 16:40

Tehran Is Sinking Dramatically, And It May Be Too Late to Recover - 15:40

Cancer DNA Binds to Gold. That Could Lead to New Cancer Blood Test. - 15:10

Centipedes and Millipedes: Lots of Legs, What's the Difference? - 14:10

The Sun's Turbulent North Pole Looks Like a Spooky Vortex in This Composite Image - 13:40

Moldy Mouse Chow Delays SpaceX Dragon Launch to Space Station - 10:00

SpaceX Delay May Mean 36,000 Wormy Passengers Are Too Old for Their Planned Experiments - 09:30

Humanity's Largest Atom Smasher Takes a Pause, Will Wake Up Again in 2021 - 09:00

Scientists Just Discovered What May Be Canada's Largest Cave. And It Looks Like Sarlacc's Pit. - 09:00

Were Paleo Artists Also Self-Mutilators? - 08:00

Common Chemicals in Toiletries May Lead to Early Puberty - 08:00

Monday th 3rd of December 2018

SpaceX Rocket Makes Historic 3rd Launch Into Space with 64 Satellites On Board - 19:10

Hello, Bennu! NASA Asteroid-Sampling Probe Reaches Its Target Space Rock - 19:10

Sculptor Unknowingly Poisons Herself with Her Own Art - 17:50