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Thursday th 17th of August 2017

Solar Eclipse Injury Risk: Doctors Brace for Rise in ER Visits - 17:02

Why It's Dangerous to Condition Your Hair After a Nuclear Attack - 15:22

Woman Born Without a Vagina Speaks Out About Rare Condition - 11:32

Solar Eclipse-Chasing Jets Aim to Solve Mystery of Sun's Corona - 11:32

In Photos: Eclipse-Chasing Jets Aim to Get Best-Ever View of Sun's Corona - 11:02

Why Plasma Is the Crown of the Solar Eclipse - 10:02

2017 Total Solar Eclipse: Everything You Need to Know - 09:32

Why Whiskey Tastes Better with Water - 08:32

Why Flat-Earthers and Science Deniers Can't Dispute the Eclipse - 07:32

DIY Insect Levitator Brings Weird Experiments to Your Home - 07:02

For the Great American Solar Eclipse, Leave Your Camera at Home - 07:02

Psychology of Hate: What Motivates White Supremacists? - 07:02

Wednesday th 16th of August 2017

Who Invented the Light Bulb? - 22:22

Rosetta Stone: Key to Ancient Egyptian Writing - 21:52

Roman Change: Ancient Coins Reveal Rise of an Empire - 16:53

Teen Drug Overdose Deaths Increased 19% in 2015 - 16:53

Elon Musk: AI Poses Bigger Threat to Humanity Than North Korea - 13:42

Who's a Blue Boy? Indian Dogs Tinted by Polluted River - 13:12

This Enigmatic Dinosaur May Be the Missing Link in an Evolution Mystery - 12:12

Snip, Snip, Ouch: Pubic Hair Grooming Injuries May Be More Common Than You Think - 11:12

How a CT Scan of an Olive Led to Man's Diagnosis of Crohn's Disease - 10:12

Swirls in a Sea of Cotton Candy Captured in Space Image - 06:32

'Explosive Auroras': What Causes These Strobe Light Displays? - 06:02

Tuesday th 15th of August 2017

Flu Shot Facts & Side Effects (Updated for 2017-2018) - 18:22

How One Bodybuilder Died from Drinking Too Many Protein Shakes - 16:22

Ancient Greeks Built an Eclipse-Predicting 'Computer' 2,000 Years Ago - 15:52

Suspected WWII-Era Bomb Discovered at Fukushima Power Plant - 13:32

Afraid of the Dark? Why Eclipses Frightened Ancient Civilizations - 11:32

What To Do If Your Solar Eclipse Glasses Won't Arrive in Time - 11:02

Sky-High Solar Eclipse? Here's What You Might See from an Airplane - 11:02

Total Eclipse, Partial Failure: Tales of Scientific Missions Gone Bad - 07:32

Fidget Spinner Warning: Popular Toys Linked With Safety Hazards - 07:02

Nearly 100 Hidden Volcanoes Detected Beneath Antarctic Ice - 06:32

Chimps Can Play Rock-Paper-Scissors at 4-Year-Old Level - 06:32

Ancient Earthquake Turned Mosaic Workshop into Time Capsule - 06:32

Monday th 14th of August 2017

Urinary Tract Infection: Causes, Symptoms & Treatment - 23:32

Stoneware 'Factory' from Time of Jesus Unearthed in Galilee - 14:32

Plague Bacteria Found in Arizona Fleas - 13:32

Why Does Being in the Heat Make Us Feel Tired? - 09:02

Ancient Pueblo Rock Art Depicts a 'Celebratory' Solar Eclipse - 08:02

In Photos: Ancient Rock Art Depicts Total Solar Eclipse in Chaco Canyon - 08:02

Why Does a Total Solar Eclipse Move from West to East? - 06:42

Smart Shades: High-Tech Windows Can Turn Dark in Just 1 Minute - 06:42

In Photos: Awe-Inspiring Desert Tortoises of the American West - 06:42

Sunday th 13th of August 2017

Is Dark Matter Less 'Lumpy' Than Predicted? - 08:42

How Benjamin Franklin Spread Science on 'Supernatural' Solar Eclipses - 08:42

Saturday th 12th of August 2017

Reputation Study Asks, Would You Rather Cut Off Your Hand or Be Known as a Nazi? - 08:32

Effects of Global Warming - 08:32

Visualize the Total Solar Eclipse with NASA's 3D App - 08:02

In 1925, Observers Lined Manhattan to Measure the Total Solar Eclipse - 08:02