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Wednesday th 11th of December 2019

Why White Island Volcano Erupted Without Warning - 20:10

Flu Season Is Off to an Early (and Weird) Start - 20:10

Europe Is Launching a Suicide Robot to 'Hug' Space Trash Out of Orbit - 20:10

Weird 'Tiger Stripes' on Icy Saturn Moon Enceladus Finally Explained - 20:10

Mice Caught Attacking Adult Albatross in Gruesome Video - 20:10

In Photos: Mice Brutally Attack and Devour Albatross on Gough Island - 20:10

Enormous Craters Blasted in Seafloor by Nuclear Bombs Mapped for the First Time - 20:10

Archaeologists Discover Mysterious 4,000-Year-Old Carved Stones That Look Like Humans - 20:10

Buried Christian (and Pagan) Basilica Discovered in Ethiopia's 'Lost Kingdom' of Aksum - 20:10

Puppy Licks to a Woman's Feet May Have Caused Serious Skin Infection - 20:10

First-of-Its-Kind Neutron Star Flashes Bizarre 'Cyclotron Line' at Earth - 20:10

The First Evidence of 'Head Cones' Found in 3,300-Year-Old Egyptian Tomb - 20:10

Gold and Jewels Found on Minoan Island Devoted to the Color Purple - 20:10

Inside Story Behind Mesmerizing Sky Glow Named 'Steve' Revealed in New Documentary - 20:10

Impossibly Big Black Hole Was Probably Impossible After All - 20:10

New Anti-Aging Clinical Trial Begins. For $1 Million, You Can Be a Participant. - 20:10

Humanity's Oldest Cave Art Shows Shape-Shifting Supernatural Hunters - 20:10

New Zealand Has Ordered More Than 1,200 Square Feet of Skin for Volcano Victims - 20:10

Tiny, Ancient Native American Weapons May Have Been Used to Train Children to Fight - 20:10

Pneumonia: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment - 20:10

Woman's Bones Shrank in Rare Case of 'Telescoping Fingers' - 20:10

Vast Field of Mysterious, Perfectly Circular Holes Dot the Seafloor Off California's Coast - 20:10

Thursday th 5th of December 2019

NASA Spots Crash Site and Debris from India's Lost Moon Lander - 20:20

Frothy and Toxic Bubbles Cover One of India’s Most Famous Beaches - 20:20

Hoag's Object Is a Galaxy Within a Galaxy Within a Galaxy (and Nobody Knows Why) - 20:20

What Is the Hubble Constant? - 20:20

Quantum Supremacy Is Unlikely, Scientist Says - 20:20

Concussions Damage the 'Bridge' Between the Two Halves of the Brain - 20:20

19 Galaxies Are Apparently Missing Dark Matter. No One Knows Why. - 20:20

'The Pill' Might Shrink Certain Brain Regions Among Women Taking It - 20:20

Radar Uncovers Viking Ship Buried on Norway Farm - 20:20

Is the Universe Curved? Not So Fast. - 20:20

Solar Probe Finds Active, Mysterious Corona, Surprising Scientists - 20:20

Evidence of an Alien Planet Spotted Around a White Dwarf, a Cosmic First - 20:20

Once-a-Month Birth Control Pill Is in the Works - 20:20

'Crazymothers' Want You to Stop Calling Them 'Anti-Vaxxers' - 20:20

Lonely Antarctic Expeditions Shrink People's Brains - 20:20

Incredible Time-Lapse Video Shows Giant Greenland Lake Disappearing Within Hours - 20:20

Brazen Thieves Plunder Priceless Jewels and Historic Artifacts in 2 Heists in Germany - 20:20

Love It or Hate It, Tesla Cybertruck Is Revolutionary - 20:20

Famous World War I Battleship Discovered at the Bottom of the Atlantic - 20:20

Student Solves a Decades-Old Physics Mystery - 20:20

Albert Einstein: The Life of a Brilliant Physicist - 20:20

Monday th 2nd of December 2019

There's Mounting Evidence That This Vaping Additive Is Behind Lung Illnesses - 20:30

FDA Says Most CBD Products May Not Be Safe, and Warns 15 Companies to Stop Selling Them - 20:30

Did Da Vinci and Rembrandt's Creative Genius Lie in The Way They Saw Themselves? - 20:30

Jupiter's Great Red Spot Storm Isn't Dying Anytime Soon - 20:30

The Placenta 'Invades' the Uterus in the Same Way Cancer Invades the Body - 20:30

Man in China Contracts Brain Parasite After Eating Hot Pot - 20:30

There Might Be Cracks in the Universe — But We Can't See Them from Earth - 20:30