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Thursday th 13th of July 2017

How Scientists Stored a Movie Inside DNA - 15:52

What the Heck? Odd, Slimy Sea Creature Defies Explanation - 14:22

See Juno Probe's Amazing Up-Close Views of Jupiter's Great Red Spot (Photos) - 11:22

NASA Images Show Gradual Separation of Massive New Antarctic Iceberg - 11:22

Tiny Bird Fossil Solves Big Mystery About Life After Dinosaurs - 10:22

Ancient House of the Dead Unearthed Near Stonehenge - 10:22

Space Images Reveal Speed of New Island's Growth - 08:52

Photos: Champion Cats are Show-Stopping Stunners - 05:52

Feline Purr-fection: What Makes a Cat Best of Breed? - 05:52

Hundreds of Stone Tombs Discovered in Land of 'Dead Fire' - 05:52

In Photos: Tomb Discoveries in the Land of 'Dead Fire' - 05:52

Wednesday th 12th of July 2017

What Is Culture? | Definition of Culture - 22:32

What is Diclofenac (Voltaren)? - 22:32

Eat Better, Live Longer? Small Food Changes Make a Difference - 18:32

Humanity's Daily Steps Counted via Smartphone Data - 18:02

Flea Market Find: World War II Enigma Machine Sells for $51,000 - 17:02

Why ER Doctors Want to Banish the Term 'Dry Drowning' - 16:02

How Antarctica's Larsen C Ice Shelf Birthed Such an Enormous Berg - 15:02

Alexander Hamilton's 'The Grange': His Last Home Before the Duel - 13:02

Vatican Frescoes Found to Contain 2 Female Figures Painted by Raphael - 12:32

Eco-Friendly Technique Spins Super-Strong Artificial Spider Silk - 11:32

No, That's Not Amelia Earhart in That 'History Channel' Photo - 11:02

Photos: Alexander Hamilton Lived Here Until the Infamous Duel - 09:32

Trillion-Ton Iceberg Breaks Off Antarctica - 08:32

Diatoms Have Sex, and Ammonium Is a Turn-On - 06:32

Earth Faces 'Biological Annihilation' as Animal Populations Decline Dramatically - 06:02

Fire Ants Build Sinking 'Eiffel Towers' from Their Own Bodies - 05:32

2 Whale Shark Sightings in Maryland: Are These Colossal Fish Dangerous? - 05:32

Tuesday th 11th of July 2017

Camels: Facts, Types & Pictures - 19:32

Atorvastatin (Generic Lipitor): Uses, Dosage & Side Effects - 19:32

Scabies: Causes, Symptoms & Treatment - 19:32

Summer Health Quiz: Test Your Knowledge of This Season's Hazards - 17:32

Medication Mistakes Getting More Americans Sick - 16:32

How John F. Kennedy's Back Pain Affected His Life and Death - 16:32

Awesome 'Star Wars' Lego Sets On Sale for Prime Day - 15:32

Superdense Extraterrestrial Ice Formed in a (Laser) Flash - 14:32

Brewing Up a Longer Life: Drink Coffee, Studies Suggest - 14:32

In Photos: The Stunning Sea Life 'Stars' of 'Big Pacific' - 14:32

Mysterious Sea Creatures Surface in 'Big Pacific' - 14:32

Dazzling Auroras Dance on the Southern Horizon in Astronaut's Photo - 14:32

Climate Cities: Can Urban America Save Paris Agreement? - 14:02

The 'Chickens From Hell' Were Probably Good Parents - 13:02

Hey, Star Wars Fans! Check Out These Amazon Prime Day Deals - 11:02

Beer and Birthdays: Personal Roman Letters Unearthed Near Hadrian's Wall - 09:32

Meet the Beetles: Stunning Museum Specimens from London - 08:32

Amazon Prime Day: The Best Science Kit Deals - 07:02

I Know Your Next Move: Game Reveals How the Brain Strategizes - 07:02

Can You Open a Plane Door Midflight? If You Can Lift Elephants - 06:32

Why Does the Holy Communion Wafer Need Gluten? - 06:32

Monday th 10th of July 2017

Clindamycin: Uses & Side Effects - 19:02