Live Science

Tuesday the 17th of January 2017

Later Gator! Video of Giant 'Humpback' Alligator Goes Viral - 16:51

Murderous Mickey: 'Zombie' Mice Triggered with Predatory Gene - 16:51

Goodnight, Colo! Oldest Gorilla in the US Dies in Sleep - 14:51

Small Honor: Tiny Moth Named for Trump - 13:51

Can Marijuana Treat MS Symptoms? - 12:31

Why Adults Diagnosed with Asthma May Not Actually Have It - 12:01

3-Year Search Ends for Lost Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 - 12:01

Well, That Sucks: Vampire Bats Found Drinking Human Blood - 11:31

Were Egyptian 'Pot Burials' a Symbol of Rebirth? - 10:31

Live and Let Die: James Bond's Smoking Habits Over the Years - 10:01

In Photos: Girls' Hut Found at Nazi Death Camp - 07:11

Pendant Just Like Anne Frank's Discovered at Nazi Death Camp - 07:11

Mysterious Planet Nine May Be a Captured 'Rogue' World - 07:11

Monday the 16th of January 2017

Cup of Joe Could Fight Age-Related Inflammation - 14:31

New Icy Island Forms as Arctic Glacier Retreats - 10:31

What Shaped King's Prophetic Voice? - 10:31

In Photos: 'Human Swan' Shadows Endangered Birds on Annual Migration - 10:01

'Human Swan' Trails Endangered Birds on Epic 4,500-Mile Migration - 10:01

Saturday the 14th of January 2017

Preserving Bodies in a Deep Freeze: 50 Years Later - 09:21

Shocking the Brain: The Wild History of Electroconvulsive Therapy - 09:21

Photos: Biblical-Era Fortress Discovered in Israel - 08:51

Friday the 13th of January 2017

Facts About Bumblebees - 23:31

Phew! Taking Selfies Doesn't Make You a Narcissist - 17:01

What a Pickle: 13,000 Condiment Jars Unearthed in the UK - 16:31

Two Days Aloft: 'Vanilla' Drone Breaks Endurance Record - 16:31

Why More Americans in Their 50s and 60s Are Smoking Pot - 16:02

Elusive Ruby Seadragons Show Off on Camera for First Time - 15:31

Can Cannabis Oil Help Heal Wounds? - 14:31

5 Ways to Have a Healthier Weekend - 14:31

Megalodon's Demise: Why Earth's Largest Shark Went Extinct - 12:31

Just 20 Minutes of Walking May Reduce Inflammation in Your Body - 12:01

New You: Personality May Change After Therapy - 11:01

Photos: Artifacts of a Failed Spanish Colony - 10:31

Wreck of 16th-Century Spanish Ship Found Off Florida Coast - 10:31

Sophisticated Defense System Discovered at Biblical-Era Mining Camp - 09:31

Astronaut's View of the Rocky Mountains from Space Is Just Amazing - 08:31

Not So Scary? 'Unlucky' 13's Other Meanings - 07:31

Kangaroo Rat Vs. Rattlesnake: Little Critter's 'Elastic' Advantage | Video - 07:31

High-Speed Video Captures Amazing Viper Strike in the Wild - 07:31

Thursday the 12th of January 2017

Russia Jammed Your Satellites? US Military Develops Undersea Network as Backup - 19:12

How Healthy Is Your Diet? New Urine Test Can Tell - 19:12

Baboons Vocalizations Hint at Origins of Human Speech - 17:11

Just How Safe Are Vaccines? Here the Numbers - 17:11

'Pineapple Express' Triggers Floods in California, NASA Animation Shows - 17:11

'Donkey Kong' Smashes Neuroscientists in Thought Experiment - 15:11

The Science of Fashion: What's Really Driving the Fuller Lip Trend? - 14:11

Doe! Deer and Macaque Caught Monkeying Around - 13:11

Not Aliens: Brilliant Light Pillars Appear Over Canada - 13:11

New 'Skywalker' Gibbon Named for 'Star Wars' Hero - 12:41

No More Flu Shot? Search Begins for Universal Influenza Vaccine - 11:51