Live Science

Thursday th 25th of October 2018

Controversial Spearpoints Could Rewrite the Story of the First Americans - 14:00

Ridiculously Tiny Baby Octopus Riding Ocean Trash Is So, So Smol - 14:00

'Phantom' Archaeopteryx, One of the World's 1st Birds, Could Probably Fly - 13:00

Weird Rectangular Iceberg in Antarctica Isn't Alone, NASA Photos Show - 09:50

Robbed of Nobel, Female Physicist Blazed Her Own Amazing Trail: Watch Her Speak Tonight - 07:30

People with Psoriasis More Likely to Develop Certain Gut Disorders - 07:30

The Earth Breathes in Incredibly Creepy Video from Canadian Forest - 07:30

Traces of Earth's Oldest Animals Possibly Found - 07:30

Wednesday th 24th of October 2018

Bats: Fuzzy Flying Mammals - 17:50

Spaceflight Might Expand Your Mind, But It Shrinks Your Brain - 17:00

A New Flu Drug Was Just Approved by the FDA. It's the First in Nearly 20 Years. - 16:30

It Might Stress You Out to Know What Stress Is Doing to Your Brain - 16:00

No, The CDC Didn't Say You Can't Put Chickens in Halloween Costumes - 14:20

Vintage WWII Fighter Plane Crashes on California Highway - 13:21

Space Pirates Take Warning: This 'Skull and Crossbones Nebula' Is Full of Gas and Baby Stars - 13:00

Octopus Moms Enter Death Spiral Before Eight-Armed Bundles Are Born - 13:00

Scientists Now Have the Most Detailed Picture Yet of the Neutrino Factory Inside Our Sun - 12:30

Could Misbehaving Neutrinos Explain Why the Universe Exists? - 11:40

What Is the Fibonacci Sequence? - 10:43

World's Deepest Volcanic Eruption Creates Nightmare Garden of Glass - 08:50

Bizarre, Blue Space Rock Even Weirder Than Astronomers Thought - 07:50

Oh, Great: Apparently Electrons Are Too Round, and These Viruses Aren't Round Enough - 06:50

Tuesday th 23rd of October 2018

Adenovirus Doesn't Usually Kill, So Why Did 6 Kids Die from the Virus in New Jersey? - 18:00

Sandra Day O'Connor Says She 'Probably' Has Alzheimer's: What Defines Different Dementias? - 17:10

Sweet Potatoes: Delicious and Nutritious - 16:10

World's Oldest Intact Shipwreck Found at the Bottom of the Black Sea - 15:10

Salmonella Hides Its Tail to Stay Invisible to Immune System - 15:10

What Is Lithium? - 13:10

Portrait 'Painted' by A.I. Up for Auction at Christie's in NYC - 11:50

Trying to Conceive: 10 Tips for Men - 11:20

Are You Pregnant? 12 Early Signs of Pregnancy - 11:20

Cheetahs: The Fastest Land Animals - 10:20

48-Million-Year-Old Fossil Owl Is Almost Perfectly Preserved - 07:50

What Are Americans Most Afraid Of? Corrupt Government Officials & Global Warming. - 07:50

Why Did This Zoo Lion Murder the Father of Her Cubs? - 07:50

Monday th 22nd of October 2018

Dead Sea Scroll Fragments in Museum of the Bible Are Fake - 18:00

This Very Good Dog Is Defending America Against African Swine Fever - 18:00

Microplastics Are Everywhere — and That Likely Includes Your Poop - 17:30

Stephen Hawking's Thesis, First Wheelchair to Be Auctioned Off - 17:00

Man's Bug Bite Turns into Rare 'Flesh-Eating' Infection - 14:00

Bizarre 'Headless Chicken Monster' Drifts Through Antarctic Deep - 13:30

Yes, the 'Blob' Is Back. No, It Won't Wreak Havoc on East Coast Weather. - 13:00

Weight-Loss Supplements Contain Dangerous Stimulants Years After Being Prohibited - 12:30

Skin: The Human Body's Largest Organ - 11:30

38 Baby Skulls of Weird Jurassic-Era Mammal Relative Found - 11:00

Ice Age Graveyard Holds the Bones of Mammoth Nursery Herds That Died at Watering Hole - 06:30

Chocolate Labs Are Less Healthy Than Their Black and Yellow Puppy Pals - 06:30

BepiColombo Spacecraft Headed to Mercury Snaps 1st Photo, a Selfie - 06:30

Sunday th 21st of October 2018

Extraterrestrial Life Could Be Purple - 08:50

Saturday th 20th of October 2018

Exoplanet Hunters Have a New Plan to Spot Hidden 'Migrating' Worlds - 08:40