Live Science

Wednesday th 28th of June 2017

This Is What Happens When a Firecracker Explodes in Your Eye - 16:32

Cockatoos Drop Sick Beats to Charm Mates - 14:32

No, There Isn't Poop in Your Iced Coffee - 14:32

Amazing Video Shows Spider Spinning 80+ Feet of Webbing - 14:32

In Photos: Carved Human Skulls Discovered at Ritual Site - 13:32

Carved Human Skulls Reveal Cultic Rituals at Mysterious Site in Turkey - 13:32

Is There a Limit to the Human Life Span? - 12:32

OMG Mission: Greenland's Ice Melting Faster Than Previously Thought (Video) - 11:32

Tiny, Lens-Free Camera Could Hide in Clothes, Glasses - 11:32

This Country, Once Again, Is the Happiest Nation in the World - 07:02

iPhone Turns 10: Why It Has Isolated, Not Connected, Humans - 07:02

Boaty McBoatface Is Back! Here's What the Sub Found on Its 1st Mission - 07:02

No More Glare: 'Moth Eye' Smartphone Coating Doesn't Reflect Sunlight - 07:02

Gene Thieves: Female Salamanders Hijack DNA from Multiple Males - 07:02

Lake Erie Facts - 00:12

Lake Superior: Facts About the Greatest Great Lake - 00:12

Tuesday th 27th of June 2017

Too Much Tech Tied to Carpal Tunnel Syndrome - 18:52

'Microneedle' Patch Promises Painless Flu Vaccine - 18:22

Photos: How 'Microneedles' Can Deliver the Flu Vaccine - 18:22

Portly Pets: Report Highlights Obesity in US Dogs & Cats - 17:52

3 People Have Caught Plague in New Mexico This Month - 15:52

Toothpick Crossbow: What They Are, How They Work and Safety Concerns - 15:22

Can Your Pet Go Blind from the Solar Eclipse? - 13:32

Why We Find It Harder to Filter Out Background Noise As We Age - 12:32

Can Acupuncture Treat Women's Health Issues? Studies Find Mixed Results - 12:32

DNA Solves 200-Year-Old Mystery of Weird Ice Age Creature - 12:32

Why Fake News Goes Viral: Science Explains - 11:41

Monkey-Mapping Satellites Could Identify At-Risk Populations - 11:41

Nearly One-Third of Ocean Animals Perished 2.6 Million Years Ago - 11:11

Internet History Timeline: ARPANET to the World Wide Web - 09:51

Great Barrier Reef Worth $56 Billion - 07:21

Ancient Samurai Scroll Describes Blinding Powders, Moonless Battles - 06:52

New Zealand's Long-Lost Pink and White Terraces May Have Been Found - 06:22

Monday th 26th of June 2017

No, NASA Hasn't Found Alien Life - 19:52

Drug May Help with Common Form of Vision Loss - 18:02

Who Would Win a Human-vs.-Chimp Wrestling Match? - 17:32

Amazon's Delivery Drones Could Take Off from Beehive-Like 'Airport' - 17:32

Babies Retain Their Early Exposure to Foreign Languages - 16:12

Puppy Love! How Baby Animal Photos Could Help Your Marriage - 15:11

A Bizarre New Form of Liquid Water Is Discovered - 14:41

Bread's Done! This Company Wants to Help Astronauts Bake in Space - 12:31

'Burung Harry Potter' Owls Found in Indonesian Markets - 12:31

4 Dead, Liverless Sharks Wash Ashore in Weird Whodunit - 12:02

Edges of Black Holes Re-Created in a Bathtub of Water - 11:32

Why Total Solar Eclipses Are Total Coincidences - 11:32

Space Robots to the Rescue! How NASA Will Service Aging Satellites - 11:32

Facts About Gnus (Wildebeests) - 11:02

The Second Amendment & the Right to Bear Arms - 10:31

Flood Facts, Types of Flooding, Floods in History - 09:32

What Are Sinkholes? - 09:01