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Wednesday th 3rd of April 2019

Physicists Stuffed a Ghostly 'Skyrmion' Full of 'Antiskyrmions' - 07:10

This 17th-Century Massacre in Connecticut was New England's 'Jamestown' - 05:50

In Photos: Discoveries at the Site of the Pequot War in Connecticut - 05:50

Photos: Remains of Colonial Cemetery in Philadelphia Discovered - 05:50

Colonial Cemetery Accidentally Unearthed in Philadelphia, and Researchers Race to Analyze the Bones - 05:50

A Woman Consumed Only Juice and Water for Weeks. Now, She May Have Brain Damage. - 05:50

Tuesday th 2nd of April 2019

How an Injection of Tiny Beads into Stomach Arteries Might Help with Weight Loss - 16:30

A Mathematician Just Solved a Deceptively Simple Puzzle That Has Boggled Minds for 64 Years - 15:30

Climate Change Drove Some Neanderthals to Cannibalism - 13:40

Airplane Wing Assembles Like a Jigsaw Puzzle and Can Morph Into Any Shape - 13:40

Fossil 'Death Pit' Preserves Dino Extinction Event … But Where Are the Dinosaurs? - 13:10

Space Debris from India's Anti-Satellite Test Is a 'Terrible, Terrible Thing,' NASA Chief Says - 10:40

In Photos: A Conveyor Belt for Arctic Sea Ice - 06:30

Most of the Arctic's 'Baby Sea Ice' Melts Before It Leaves the Nursery. And That's a Problem. - 06:30

Will There Ever Be a Universal Test to Detect Cancer? - 06:30

Teen Boy Discovers Long-Lost Medieval Gravestones in Scottish Churchyard - 06:30

Photos: Lost 'Govan Stones' Are Found Again - 06:30

Monday th 1st of April 2019

What's the Most Common Blood Type? - 17:10

Photos: Diving for Ancient Offerings in Lake Titicaca - 16:40

Offerings to Supernatural Deities Discovered in Lake Titicaca in the Andes - 16:40

Mosquitoes Sucked Less Blood (and Had Less Sex) While Listening to Skrillex, Study Finds - 16:10

Parkinson's Disease: Risks, Symptoms and Treatment - 15:20

Another Dead Whale Full of Plastic. This Time, in Italy. - 13:30

Mysterious Mummy Taken from Peru a Century Ago Was the Body of a Teen Boy - 10:54

Flossing and Going to the Dentist Linked to Lower Risk of Oral Cancer - 09:31

69 Million Years Ago, Crested Duck-Billed Dinosaurs Roamed the Warm, Forested Arctic - 06:50

Physicists Just Detected a Very Odd Particle That Isn't a Particle at All - 06:20

After a Bout of Flu, Mice Grow Taste Bud Cells in Their Lungs - 06:20

Sunday th 31st of March 2019

Do Elephant Tusks or Rhino Horns Ever Grow Back? - 08:20

Saturday th 30th of March 2019

Gila Monster Photos: The Sluggish and Scaly Sweethearts of the American Desert - 07:30

Why Do Babies Babble? - 07:30

Friday th 29th of March 2019

Does March Madness Really Mean 'Vasectomy Season'? - 18:50

Judas Iscariot: The Mysterious Disciple Who Betrayed Jesus with a Kiss - 16:50

Here's What the Speed of Light Looks Like in Slow Motion - 16:00

Space Agency Seeks Women to Stay in Bed for 2 Months. Pancakes Will Be Provided. - 14:30

This Silly, Bug-Eyed Dwarf Deity Was Defender of 'Everything Good' - 12:30

Your Brain Needs 1.5 MB of Storage to Master Your Native Language - 08:00

Doomed Asteroid 'Gault' May Finally Explode After 100 Million-Year Death Spiral - 06:30

How a Woman Gave Birth Twice, One Month Apart - 06:30

Wee Orange 'Pumpkin' Frogs Have Bones That Glow Through Their Skin - 06:30

Why Saturn's 'Ring Moons' Are Different Colors and Shapes - 06:00

Thursday th 28th of March 2019

CDC Reports Unusual Spike in Rare Tick-Borne Disease in Oregon - 15:40

Ninja Rat Drop-Kicks Deadly Rattlesnake in Epic Slow-Motion Video - 14:10

Starquakes Rock Alien Sun, Revealing Details of a 'Hot Saturn' - 13:40

Extreme, Hydrogen-Crushing Physicists Are Pushing Us into a 'New Era of Superconductivity' - 12:40

This Woman Doesn’t Feel Pain. A Tiny Mutation May Be to Thank. - 12:40

What Is An Atmospheric River? - 12:40

15th-Century Warlord's Fearsome Sword Now Gleams in 3D - 12:10

Astronauts Spent 6 Nights in a Pitch-Black Cave, and Emerged with a Brand-New Species of Crustacean - 07:10

Mount Sedom Hides the Longest Salt Cave on Earth - 06:40