Live Science

Tuesday th 28th of August 2018

Viking History: Facts & Myths - 22:20

Wildfires: Causes, Costs & Containment - 22:20

First-Ever Evidence of Higgs Boson Decay Opens New Doors for Particle Physics - 17:11

STD Rates Keep Rising As US 'Slides Backward,' CDC Says - 16:41

Your Low Carb Diet Won't Kill You, But It's Probably Not a Good Idea - 13:30

What Is CBD Oil, and Does It Really Work? - 12:30

1,000 Human Teeth Uncovered in Excavation for Australian Subway - 11:30

Which Is Rarer: Gold or Diamonds? - 10:30

A New 'Brown Tide' Could Make Florida's Dangerous Red Tide Worse - 09:01

If You Have Heart Disease, Too Much 'Good' Cholesterol May Be Harmful - 06:13

How Does a Black Hole Form? - 06:13

China Won't Share Its Samples of a Deadly Flu Virus. Here's Why That's a Problem. - 06:13

Monday th 27th of August 2018

Obesity: Causes, Complications & Treatments - 22:31

How a Hangover Affects Your Brain the Next Day - 16:40

Zafar the Sexually-Frustrated Dolphin Shuts Down Beach in France - 16:40

Divers Find Enormous, Creepy Squid on New Zealand Beach - 15:40

Old Stone Drought Warning Resurfaces in Europe: 'When You See Me, Cry' - 14:40

Scientists Find a Strange New Cell in Human Brains: The 'Rosehip Neuron' - 14:40

Hidden Coral Reef Found Off South Carolina Stretches 85 Miles - 14:10

Why Jupiter's Rapid Growth Spurt Was Delayed for Millions of Years - 12:10

Scientists Discover a Sixth Species of Ebola Virus — in Bats - 11:20

E.T., Phone Earth? How Neutron-Star Crashes Could Help Aliens Call Us - 09:50

What Forehead Wrinkles Might Tell You About Your Heart Health - 06:20

Marijuana and Pregnancy: 5 Key Takeaways from the New Official Guidelines - 06:20

Sunday th 26th of August 2018

Why Does the Earth Rotate? - 06:30

Saturday th 25th of August 2018

Watch 1,400 Tarantula Babies Emerge from Their Mother's Egg Sac - 06:22

'Lost Squadron' WWII Warplane Discovered Deep Beneath a Greenland Glacier - 05:51

Photos: Perfectly Preserved Baby Horse Unearthed in Siberian Permafrost - 00:02

Friday th 24th of August 2018

Facts About Yttrium - 23:06

This Asteroid Poses No Risk — Again, No Risk — to Us Earthlings - 19:30

Siberian Permafrost Reveals Perfectly Preserved Ice-Age Baby Horse - 17:50

What's Causing Hurricane Lane's Massive Rainfall? - 17:50

Glowing NASA Map Shows Huge Dust Clouds Swirling Across Earth - 13:30

Texas Man Survived Shark Bite. Now the Wound Has Flesh-Eating Bacteria. - 13:00

Will Baby Poop Bacteria Become the New Probiotic? - 10:30

NASA Will Launch a Laser Into Space Next Month to Track Earth's Melting Ice - 10:30

How Scientists Created the Purest Drop of Water on Earth - 10:30

Hawaii Braces for 'Catastrophic Flooding' and Landslides from Hurricane Lane - 10:00

Scientists Blasted Mirrors with Lasers to Listen to Light - 06:30

Blue-Eyed Immigrants Transformed Ancient Israel 6,500 Years Ago - 06:30

There's No 'Safe' Level of Alcohol Consumption, Global Study Finds - 06:30

Thursday th 23rd of August 2018

A Whole Lot of the Planet Is on Fire Right Now - 15:10

Deadly 'Love Vine' Penetrates Wasps' Homes (and Drains Their Bodies) - 15:10

Twitter Bots and Trolls Fuel Online Discord About Vaccines - 15:10

Gamma-Rays Spewed As a Black Hole Forms Might 'Reverse Time' - 14:10

Earth's Magnetic Field Can Reverse Poles Ridiculously Quickly, Study Suggests - 13:20

Tons of Major Quakes Have Rattled the World Recently. Does That Mean Anything? - 09:50

See an Alligator Devour Another Alligator in These Gruesome Photos - 09:20

Hurricane Lane Bears Down on Hawaii - 08:50

Massive Pyramid, Lost City and Ancient Human Sacrifices Unearthed in China - 07:31