Live Science

Friday th 15th of March 2019

A Lump Grew Out of a Woman's Belly Button. It Was Cancer. - 06:40

French Painting Stolen by Nazis in 1940 Raid to Be Returned to Owner's Descendants - 06:10

A Strange, Sleeping Magnetar Just Woke Up After a Decade of Silence - 06:10

Thursday th 14th of March 2019

Mammoth DNA Briefly 'Woke Up' Inside Mouse Eggs. But Cloning Mammoths Is Still a Pipe Dream. - 16:40

Scientists Watch As Heat Moves Through 'Pencil Lead' at the Speed of Sound - 14:50

Tropical Tectonic Collisions May Have Unleashed Ancient Ice Ages - 13:30

We're Due for a Flu Pandemic, So Why Hasn't It Happened Yet? - 12:00

Little Short for a Stormtrooper? Newfound Spiders Named for 'Star Wars' Villains - 11:40

How Do Waterfalls Form? - 09:40

The Asteroid Bennu Keeps Spinning Faster. And Scientists Aren't Sure Why - 07:50

Here's What NASA's Opportunity Rover Saw Before 'Lights Out' - 07:20

9 Numbers That Are As Cool As (or Cooler Than) Pi - 06:50

Kangaroo with a Mean Right Hook Foils Paraglider's Perfect Landing - 06:50

Wednesday th 13th of March 2019

Inactive Ingredients in Drugs May Be Less Inactive Than You Think - 17:30

Ancient Stonehenge Pigs Had Long Journey Before Their Slaughter - 15:30

Righty Male Cuttlefish Are Better at Sex and Fighting - 15:30

Decapitated Worms Regrow Their Brains - 15:00

Put a Black Hole in Your Pocket with This New Stephen Hawking 50-Pence Coin - 13:30

Pet Dog with Plague Exposed More Than 100 Veterinary Workers to the Disease - 13:00

Gorgeous Hubble Photo Gives Glimpse of Milky Way's Fate - 09:30

Chickens Peck Intruder Fox to Death, Because They're Dinosaurs - 09:30

Early Animal Life Exploded on Earth Even Earlier Than Once Thought - 06:00

Newly Discovered 'Starry Dwarf Frog' Wears a Galaxy on Its Back, Hides in Dead Leaves - 06:00

Tuesday th 12th of March 2019

Claire's Recalls 3 Makeup Products for Possible Asbestos Contamination - 16:40

Women's Genes May Increase Risk of Birth Control Failure, Study Suggests - 16:20

Why Are These Massive, Baby Stars Orbiting So Close Together? - 15:50

A Woman Had a Dangerous Allergic Reaction After Sex. Here's Why. - 15:50

Oranges: Facts About the Vibrant Citrus Fruit - 15:50

What a Fluke! Man Ends Up in Whale's Mouth - 13:50

Miles-Long Lake Pops Up in Death Valley - 13:00

Early Earth's Spin Helped Shape Its Molten Magma Ocean - 13:00

This Octopus's Dreams (Maybe) Were Written All Over Its Body - 06:10

Water Molecules Bounce Around the Moon. Here's Why. - 06:10

A Man Cleaned His Ears with a Cotton Swab. Then He Got an Infection in His Skull. - 06:10

Monday th 11th of March 2019

Ice Samples Reveal a Massive Sun Storm Hit Earth in Ancient Times...And It Could Happen Again - 14:20

Who Was the Real King Herod? - 13:50

Please Don't Hop the Zoo Wall to Take Jaguar Selfies - 13:50

Wallaby-Size Dinosaur Discovered in Australia (Crikey!) - 08:50

Monastery of 7th-Century Scottish Princess (and Saint) Possibly Discovered - 08:50

Sunday th 10th of March 2019

Why Do Cats Wiggle Their Butts Before They Pounce? - 10:10

Saturday th 9th of March 2019

Antarctica's Bizarre Green Icebergs Are More Than a Quirk of the Southern Ocean - 08:50

Do Any Animals Know Their Grandparents? - 08:50

Friday th 8th of March 2019

SpaceX Crew Dragon Splashes Down in Atlantic to Cap Historic Test Flight - 12:00

Secret Group of Killer Whales Discovered in Southern Ocean - 10:30

Sometimes This Comb Jelly Has An Anus. And Sometimes It Doesn't. - 09:30

Can You Learn Anything While You Sleep? - 09:30

Why Daylight Saving Time Starts Sunday - 09:30

15 Unforgettable Images of Stars - 09:30

This Ghostly Galaxy May Be a 'Living Fossil' from the Dawn of the Universe - 08:02

A Mathematician Wrote a 'Hipster Equation' to Figure Out Why All Hipsters Look Alike - 07:40