Live Science

Tuesday th 18th of December 2018

Massive Star Is So Big It Gives Birth to a Tiny Twin - 06:40

Monday th 17th of December 2018

Proton-Size Droplets of Primordial Soup May Be the Tiniest in the Universe - 16:00

This 87-Year-Old Woman Donated Her Body So Doctors Could Slice It into 27,000 Pieces - 15:30

Canada's Huge New Diamond Is … Well, Fine, We Guess - 15:00

It's Official: Those Flying Reptiles Called Pterosaurs Were Covered in Fluffy Feathers - 14:30

Scientists Proposed a Nuclear 'Tunnelbot' to Hunt Life in Europa's Hidden Ocean - 12:00

Photos: Artifacts from a Watery Desert Grave - 07:30

Archaeologists Sift Through Soup of Human Remains in Waterlogged Mass Grave in Egypt - 07:30

A Punch to the Face Left a Man Starry-Eyed — Literally - 07:30

An Underwater 'Ghost Fleet' of Shipwrecks Is On the Move, and Here's Why - 07:30

Long-Hidden 'Pyramid' Found in Indonesia Was Likely an Ancient Temple - 07:30

Bizarre 'Dark Fluid' with Negative Mass Could Dominate the Universe - 07:30

Sunday th 16th of December 2018

NASA's Insight Lander on Mars Spotted from Space - 10:00

Time Travel Is Possible — But Only If You Have an Object With Infinite Mass - 10:00

Could Life on Mars Be Lurking Deep Underground? - 10:00

Saturday th 15th of December 2018

Scientists Try to Save Woolly Monkeys from Extinction … by Training Them to Be Wild Again - 12:20

Photos: Exquisitely Preserved Ancient Tomb Discovered at Saqqara - 11:50

4,400-Year-Old Tomb of 'Divine Inspector' with Hidden Shafts Discovered in Egypt - 11:50

Friday th 14th of December 2018

Leo DiCaprio's Rumored Plan to Buy a Dinosaur Duo Has Paleontologists Upset - 17:50

Tornadoes Don't Form Like Meteorologists Thought They Did - 15:00

Study 'Proves' Parachutes Don't Save People Who Fall Out of Airplanes - 13:00

Half-Size, Ruffle-Headed Relative of Triceratops Discovered - 11:40

What Lies Beneath the Transylvanian Castle That Imprisoned 'Dracula'? - 07:50

Mountain of Evidence Confirms: Climate Change Is Really, Really Bad for Human Health and Well-Being - 07:20

50,000-Year-Old Tiara Made from Woolly Mammoth Ivory Found in Denisova Cave - 07:20

Thursday th 13th of December 2018

Where DOES Space Begin? Virgin Galactic's SpaceShipTwo Flies Right into the Debate - 18:00

Watch an Elephant Named Kelly Scoop Cereal Into Her Mouth in Easily the Best Study of 2018 - 17:00

Invasive Tick Is 'Here to Stay,' and Here's Where It Could Spread Next - 13:10

Do You Carry Neanderthal DNA? The Shape of Your Skull May Tell. - 13:10

Comet Will Make Closest Approach to Earth This Weekend. And You Can See It Without a Telescope. - 08:51

US Navy's Secrecy Likely Stalled Ocean Science Progress for Decades - 08:30

Fireball That Exploded Over Greenland Shook Earth, Triggering Seismic Sensors - 06:30

Wednesday th 12th of December 2018

The Rubber Ducky Comet Blasted a Magnetic Path Through Space - 17:20

Huge Marsupial Lion Terrorized Ancient Australia, Sat Adorably on Its Tail - 17:20

Some Kotex Tampons Recalled After Reports of 'Pieces Left in the Body' - 16:30

A Woman Fell Asleep During Cupping Therapy. She Woke Up with Bizarre Blisters. - 15:30

Exploding Stars Helped Kill Earth's Ancient Sea Monsters, New Study Suggests - 15:30

All About Apples: Health Benefits, Nutrition Facts and History - 14:00

NASA Space Lasers Creating Most Detailed Map Ever of Antarctica's Ice - 13:01

8,300-Year-Old Stone Snake Heads Reveal Stone Age Ritual Ceremonies - 12:10

How This Supercolony of 1.5 Million Penguins Stayed Hidden for Nearly 3,000 Years - 07:30

The US Lost 1 Warship in WWI. 100 Years Later, We Know What Caused the Sinking. - 07:00

Future Humans May Call Us the 'Chicken People,' and Here's Why - 06:30

Tuesday th 11th of December 2018

The Arctic Is Not Doing Well (at All) - 16:40

Cannibalism? Nope, This 8,000-Year-Old Man Was Likely Burned in a Ritual - 16:40

These Simple Tips May Prevent Holiday Weight Gain, Study Suggests - 07:10

Super-Steamy Megalodon May Have Been Too Hot to Avoid Extinction - 07:10

'Miracle' Excavation of 'Little Foot' Skeleton Reveals Mysterious Human Relative - 07:10

Asteroid Bennu Had Water! NASA Probe Makes Tantalizing Find - 07:10

Monday th 10th of December 2018

Here’s Why Scientists Are Poring Over Ancient Alpaca Poo - 16:10