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Alcohol may speed up age-related brain shrinkage

11 years ago from LA Times - Science

The more people drink, the smaller the size of their brains, a study finds. The association is especially pronounced in women. ...

Does It Matter If Black Plus White Equals Black Or Multiracial?

11 years ago from Science Daily

"Is Barack Obama Black or Biracial?" a recent headline asks. Should such racial characterizations of people like Obama -- who have one black parent and one white parent --...

Gut Reaction To Arsenic Exposure Simulated

11 years ago from Science Daily

A simulated gastrointestinal system is helping scientists test contaminated soil for its potential to harm humans. The method is likely to save time and money for people hoping to repurpose...

Thinner Cortex In Cocaine Addicts May Reflect Drug Use And A Pre-existing Disposition To Drug Abuse

11 years ago from Science Daily

New research findings suggest that structural abnormalities in the brains of cocaine addicts are related in part to drug use and in part to a predisposition toward addiction. The research...

Connections Between Vision And Movement, As They Relate To Perceived Threats, Autism

11 years ago from Science Daily

In research designed to assist US Department of Homeland Security and provide insight into how autistic individuals perceive others, scientists are examining how our visual system helps interpret the intent...

American Culture Derails Girl Math Whizzes, Study Finds

11 years ago from Science Daily

A culture of neglect and, at some age levels, outright social ostracism, is derailing a generation of students, especially girls, deemed the very best in mathematics, according to a new...

Peers, Not Profs Make College Students More Left-leaning

11 years ago from Live Science

Exposure to peer groups shift students leftward during time at college, study shows.

Just A Numbers Game? Making Sense Of Health Statistics

11 years ago from Science Daily

Health statistics fill today's information environment, but even most doctors, who must make daily decisions and recommendations based on numerical data, lack the basic statistical literacy they require to make...

Wheezing And Asthma In Young Children

11 years ago from Science Daily

The diagnosis of asthma in a young child may well be more challenging to pediatricians than previously appreciated, according to a review of research and clinical experience literature.

Five Basic Things To Know About Stem Cell Research

11 years ago from Science Daily

In just a few weeks, Michigan voters will have an important decision to make when casting their ballots. Not just who they want to be president, or to represent them...

Curing Disease or Playing God: Obama and McCain on Genetics Research

11 years ago from PopSci

Question 7: Genetics Research The extraordinary development of genetics over the last 20 years has resulted in both a wealth of new technologies and a wide range of ethical concerns relating...

Step-on scanner lets air passengers keep shoes on

11 years ago from Reuters:Science

LOD, Israel (Reuters) - Israel has introduced a step-on scanner that spares airline travelers the nuisance of having to remove their shoes so they can be X-rayed for hidden weapons,...

Exclusive interview: Deborah Swackhamer

11 years ago from Chemistry World

New head of EPA’s science advisory board expects more influence on environmental policy

UNC's Pisano, Rimer Elected to Institute of Medicine

11 years ago from Newswise - Scinews

Two University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill faculty members have been elected to the Institute of Medicine, considered one of the nation's highest honors for those in the fields...

EU tells music lovers to turn down MP3 players

11 years ago from Physorg

(AP) -- The European Union told music lovers Monday to turn down the volume of MP3 players, saying they risk permanent hearing loss from listening too long at maximum...

VIDEO: Family Keeps Webbed Fingers

11 years ago from National Geographic

A family in India chooses to opt out of surgery to correct a congenital condition known as syndactyly, in which one or more digits are fused together.

Chemist Svilen Bobev Receives ACA Early Career Award

11 years ago from Newswise - Scinews

Svilen Bobev, assistant professor of chemistry and biochemistry at the University of Delaware, has been selected to receive the 2009 Margaret C. Etter Early Career Award from the American Crystallographic...

Plunge in markets brings another kind of depression

11 years ago from LA Times - Science

Porter Ranch murder-suicide is an extreme example of the stresses gripping the American psyche, experts say. Mental health professionals say referrals have soared. ...

Kenya's elephants send text messages to rangers

11 years ago from Physorg

(AP) -- The text message from the elephant flashed across Richard Lesowapir's screen: Kimani was heading for neighboring farms.

Financial Fears Outweigh Terrorist Threat

11 years ago from Live Science

Most Americans believe the current financial crisis poses a greater threat than terrorism.

Understanding The Cycle Of Violence

11 years ago from Science Daily

Researchers have long known that children who grow up in an aggressive or violent household are more likely to become violent or aggressive in future relationships but the developmental link...

Religiosity Curbs Teen Marijuana Use By Half, National Study Finds

11 years ago from Science Daily

While many congregations of different faiths preach against drug abuse, it has been unclear whether a youth's religious involvement has any effect on his risk of drug abuse. Now a...

Bad air for growing brains and minds

11 years ago from

Mexico City’s air pollution may be undermining neural and mental functioning in some children

Science's Call to Arms

11 years ago from Science Blog

In case anyone was wondering, I am far from alone in my call for a new science policy in the coming administration. It is the topic of the editorial in...

Want a mammogram? Get in line

11 years ago from Physorg

Doctors usually recommend that women older than 40 get yearly mammograms. But if you're planning on calling Northwestern Memorial Hospital's state-of-the-art breast imaging center, grab next year's calendar: The next...

Facebook rekindling long-lost friendships

11 years ago from Physorg

It was the first message Marlee Wallingford ever received on Facebook. And it was a simple one: "Did you go to Salisbury Central School in 1968?"

Creation Museum Claims Big Crowds

11 years ago from Live Science

Year and a half after opening, Creation Museum claims to draw crowds.

Instant insight: Asbestos comes naturally

11 years ago from Chemistry World

Martin Harper, National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, US, points out a hazard in the natural environment