Science Daily

Monday the 25th of May 2015

Nano-capsules designed for diagnosing malignant tumours - 15:00

Ovarian cancer-specific markers set the stage for early diagnosis, personalized treatments - 14:30

Removing mutant p53 significantly regresses tumors, improves cancer survival - 13:00

Fine-tuned molecular orientation is key to more efficient solar cells - 13:00

Complex signaling between blood, stem cells controls regeneration in fly gut - 13:00

De novo assembly of a haplotype-resolved diploid genome revealed - 13:00

Frailer older patients at higher risk of readmission or death after discharge from hospital - 13:00

Patterns of brain activity reorganize visual perception during eye movements - 13:00

DNA double helix does double duty in assembling arrays of nanoparticles - 12:30

One step closer to a single-molecule device - 12:30

Researchers unveil new gene subgroup in prostate cancer - 12:30

Climate engineering may save coral reefs, study shows - 12:30

Researchers find the 'key' to quantum network solution - 12:00

Team pinpoints genes that make plant stem cells, revealing origin of beefsteak tomatoes - 12:00

'Pain sensing' gene discovery could help in development of new methods of pain relief - 12:00

Special fats proven essential for brain growth - 11:30

Location matters in the lowland Amazon - 11:30

Revolutionary therapeutic dental adhesives with the aptitude to remineralize the resin-dentine bonding interface through biomimetic processes - 10:30

Earthquakes prove to be an unexpected help in interpreting brain activity of very premature babies - 10:30

Customizable female footware based on smart materials could prevent some of the most common foot problems - 10:30

Radio telescope: Source of mystery signals at the dish - 09:30

Table-top extreme UV laser system heralds imaging at the nanoscale - 09:30

Laser technique for low-cost self-assembly of nanostructures - 09:30

Plant extracts offer hope against diabetes, cancer - 09:30

Hubble revisits tangled NGC 6240 - 09:30

Depression associated with 5-fold increased mortality risk in heart failure patients - 09:00

Rates of re-hospitalization for patients with traumatic brain injury higher than previously reported - 09:00

Biodiversity: 11 new species come to light in Madagascar - 09:00

Can you see what I hear? Blind human echolocators use visual areas of the brain - 09:00

Scientists mix matter and anti-matter to resolve decade-old proton puzzle - 09:00

Sunday the 24th of May 2015

Beyond average: New platforms genetically barcode tens of thousands of cells at a time - 12:30

Visualizing how radiation bombardment boosts superconductivity - 12:30

Deciphering clues to prehistoric climate changes locked in cave deposits - 12:30

Parents are integral in stopping rise as teen e-cigarette usage triples - 12:30

Obesity, mood disorders increase peripartum cardiomyopathy risk - 12:30

36-percent increase in pediatric patients treated with proton therapy, new survey shows - 12:30

Cognitive impairment predicts worse outcome in heart failure - 12:30

New research leads to FDA approval of first drug to treat radiation sickness - 12:00

DNA samples from fungi collections provide key to mushroom 'tree of life' - 12:00

Saturday the 23rd of May 2015

Auroras on Mars - 10:00

'Deep web search' may help scientists - 09:30

Curiosity rover adjusts route up Martian mountain - 09:30

Mars rover's laser-zapping instrument gets sharper vision - 09:30

Vaccines developed for H5N1, H7N9 avian influenza strains - 08:00

Birds 'weigh' peanuts and choose heavier ones - 08:00

From chicken to dinosaur: Scientists experimentally 'reverse evolution' of perching toe - 07:30

Friday the 22nd of May 2015

Study on neurogenesis in the olfactory bulb - 13:30

Time to move beyond 'Medieval' cyber security approach, expert says - 13:30

Time is muscle in acute heart failure - 13:30

Supercomputer unlocks secrets of plant cells to pave the way for more resilient crops - 13:30