Science Daily

Tuesday the 26th of July 2016

Real-time imaging of fish gut ties bacterial competition to gut movements - 22:11

Genetic factors are responsible for creating anatomical patterns in the brain cortex - 21:41

Engineers discover highly conductive materials for more efficient electronics - 21:41

Cord blood outperforms matched, unrelated donor in bone marrow transplant - 21:41

Witnesses confuse innocent and guilty suspects with 'unfair' lineups - 21:41

New evidence: How amino acid cysteine combats Huntington's disease - 16:01

Research tracks interplay of genes and environment on physical, educational outcomes - 16:01

Improving Internet with mid-wavelength infrared - 15:31

NASA team begins testing of a 'new-fangled' optic - 15:31

Dirty to drinkable: Novel hybrid nanomaterials quickly transform water - 15:31

Nanoparticles used to break up plaque and prevent cavities - 15:31

Health insurance coverage is associated with lower odds of alcohol use by pregnant women - 15:31

Study in mice suggests stem cells could ward off glaucoma - 15:31

Genome-editing 'toolbox' targets multiple genes at once - 15:31

New model is first to predict tree growth in earliest stages of tree life - 15:31

Medicaid expansion increased Medicaid enrollment among liver transplant recipients - 15:31

Making terahertz lasers more powerful - 14:31

Study links gymnastics equipment to exposure to flame-retardant chemicals - 14:31

Researchers identify protein role in pathway required for Ebola replication - 14:31

Researchers discover a way that animals keep their cells identical - 14:31

Decade-long cooling cycle: Middle atmosphere in sync with ocean - 14:31

Effective monitoring to evaluate ecological restoration in the Gulf of Mexico - 14:31

Major new study provides important insights for effective treatment of heart failure with pEF - 14:31

Overlooked benefit of successful healthy lifestyle programs: Improved quality-of-life - 14:31

Pixel-array quantum cascade detector paves the way for portable thermal imaging devices - 14:31

Hospital data helps predict risk of pneumonia after heart surgery - 14:31

Morel mushroom abundance after wildfire - 14:31

New genetics clues into motor neuron disease - 14:31

Protein insights to help find heart disease cure - 14:31

Rainforest greener during 'dry' season - 14:31

Repeated experiences of racism most damaging to mental health - 14:31

Distant volcanic eruptions foster saguaro cacti baby booms - 14:01

Self-assembling nano inks form conductive and transparent grids during imprint - 14:01

Silicon-air battery achieves running time of over 1,000 hours for the first time - 14:01

Americans worried about using gene editing, brain chip implants and synthetic blood - 14:01

Plasma technology can be tapped to kill biofilms on perishable fruit, foods - 14:01

Evidence insufficient to make recommendation regarding visual skin examination by a clinician - 13:31

Study compares cognitive outcomes for treatments of brain lesions - 13:31

Task force maybe too stringent in not yet recommending melanoma screening - 13:31

Trends in late preterm, early term birth rates and association with clinician-initiated obstetric interventions - 13:31

Survival, surgical interventions for children with rare, genetic birth disorder - 13:31

Sexual rivalry may drive frog reproductive behaviors - 13:31

Puzzling paucity of large craters on dwarf planet Ceres - 13:31

How to sound the alarm: As hazard warnings increase, experts urge better decisions on who and when to warn - 13:31

Newly discovered virus a prime suspect in often-fatal beak disorder spreading among birds - 13:31

Elite cyclists are more resilient to mental fatigue - 13:31

Childhood illness not linked to higher adult mortality - 13:31

A famous supermassive black hole 'spied on' with the Gran Telescopio CANARIAS - 13:31

Towards smarter crop plants to feed the world - 13:01

'Gestational Sleep Apnea': Wake Up to a New Diagnosis - 13:01