Science Daily

Saturday the 18th of April 2015

The Influence of College Experiences on Career Outcomes - 20:20

A call to US educators: Learn from Canada - 20:20

College rankings go under the microscope - 20:20

Local physician recommends World Health Organization retire the term opioid substitution therapy - 12:30

Applied physics helps decipher causes of sudden death - 12:30

Cancer and chemobrain: Cancer diagnosis affects cognitive function - 12:30

Forming school networks to educate 'the new mainstream' - 12:30

Seafood samples had no elevated contaminant levels from oil spill, study shows - 12:30

Kids with ADHD must squirm to learn, study says - 12:30

Study reveals cause of poorer outcomes for African-American patients with breast cancer - 12:30

Researchers make key malarial drug-resistence finding - 12:00

'Real-time' feedback, 'pay for performance' improve physician practice, hospital safety - 11:30

New research shows how to tackle obesity - 11:30

Social shaming and the search for validation - 10:00

Impacts of Gulf oil spill on marine organisms on Gulf coast - 09:30

Devices or divisive: Mobile technology in the classroom - 09:30

Understanding thermo-mechanical properties of a new class of materials - 09:30

Friday the 17th of April 2015

Bacterial flora of remote tribespeople carries antibiotic resistance genes - 20:30

How to maximize the superconducting critical temperature in a molecular superconductor - 20:30

Telling the time of day by color - 20:30

Experts warn Ebola epidemic could return with a vengeance unless lessons about medical trials are learned - 14:30

Young women objectify themselves more browsing Facebook, magazines than media types - 14:30

Artificial blood vessel lets researchers better assess clot removal devices - 14:30

Protecting students from homophobic bullying - 14:30

Importance of counselling in those affected by infertility - 13:30

Stomach ulcers in cattle: Bacteria play only a minor role - 13:00

To fight nasty digestive bugs, scientists set out to build a better gut – using stem cells - 13:00

Diabetes perceptions vary according to risk factors, researchers find - 13:00

Invasive parasitic fly on Galapagos Islands probably came from mainland Ecuador - 13:00

Two drugs reduce teacher-rated anxiety, in addition to ADHD, aggression - 13:00

Text messages a good way to support mothers with postpartum depression - 13:00

New genetic mutation could signal start of malaria drug resistance in Africa - 13:00

Mouth, as well as gut, could hold key to liver disease flare-ups - 13:00

Fruit fly studies shed light on adaptability of nerve cells - 12:30

New lab technique reveals structure and function of proteins critical in DNA repair - 12:30

Self-affirmations may calm jitters, boost performance - 12:00

Study links brain anatomy, academic achievement, and family income - 12:00

A scientific look at the art of teacher talk - 11:00

How radiative fluxes are affected by cloud and particle characteristics - 11:00

One in four advanced lung cancer patients tested for EGFR mutations started on first-line treatment before test results available - 11:00

DNA blood test detects lung cancer mutations - 11:00

Beyond the lithium ion: Significant step toward a better performing battery - 11:00

How to develop healthy eating habits in a child: Start early and eat your vegetables - 10:30

Droperidol is safe for agitated ER patients, despite black box warning, experts say - 10:30

New studies about endovascular therapy for stroke represent paradigm shift - 10:30

Detector at the South Pole explores the mysterious neutrinos - 10:01

Bioenergy: Genetics of wood formation - 10:01

Evidence grows that melanoma drugs benefit some lung cancer patients - 10:01

Smokers underestimate risks of a few cigarettes - 10:01

Effectiveness of new stroke treatment confirmed - 10:01