Science Daily

Wednesday the 23rd of April 2014

Insurance status affects where young adults seek health care - 17:02

Cell division speed influences gene architecture - 17:01

Loss of memory in Alzheimer's mice models reversed through gene therapy - 17:01

Inverse effects of midlife occupational, leisure time physical activity on mobility limitation in old age - 17:01

From liability to viability: Genes on the Y chromosome prove essential for male survival - 17:01

New target for prostate cancer resistant to anti-hormone therapies - 17:01

Some astronauts at risk for cognitive impairment, animal studies suggest - 17:01

Sugar-sweetened beverages contribute to U.S. obesity epidemic, particularly among children - 17:01

Late freeze kills fruit buds, study shows - 17:01

Predicting drift of floating pumice 'islands' can benefit shipping - 17:01

Hundreds of genetic mutations found in healthy blood of a supercentenarian - 17:01

Odds of storm waters overflowing Manhattan seawall up 20-fold - 17:01

Scientists identify source of mysterious sound in the Southern Ocean - 17:01

Novel compound halts cocaine addiction, relapse behaviors - 17:01

Gold nanoparticles help target, quantify breast cancer segments in a living cell - 17:01

Enzymes that help fix cancer-causing DNA defects disovered - 17:01

Picky male black widow spiders prefer well-fed virgins - 17:01

Pollutants from coal-burning stoves strongly associated with miscarriages in Mongolia - 17:01

Halving hydrogen: First view of nature-inspired catalyst after ripping hydrogen apart provides insights for better fuel cells - 17:01

Hearing quality restored with bionic ear technology used for gene therapy: Re-growing auditory nerves - 17:01

Increased infrastructure required for effective oil spill response in U.S. Arctic - 17:01

Conservation priorities released for several protected areas along U.S.-Mexico border - 17:01

Finding safe drugs to treat neurodegenerative diseases - 17:01

Atomic switcheroo explains origins of thin-film solar cell mystery - 17:01

Mapping the road to quantum gravity - 17:01

Superconducting qubit array points the way to quantum computers - 17:00

Male or female? First sex-determining genes appeared in mammals some 180 million years ago - 17:00

Cyber buddy is better than 'no buddy' - 17:00

Rural microbes could boost city dwellers' health, study finds - 17:00

Not just the poor live hand-to-mouth - 17:00

Drought may take toll on Congo rainforest, NASA satellites show - 17:00

Innovation improves drowsy driver detection - 17:00

Steering chemical reactions with laser pulses - 12:31

How cells take out the trash - 12:04

Impact of Facebook unfriending analyzed by researchers - 12:04

Neuroimaging Technique: Live from inside the cell in real-time - 12:04

New patenting guidelines needed for biotechnology, experts argue - 12:04

Mantis shrimp stronger than airplanes: Composite material inspired by shrimp stronger than standard used in airplane frames - 12:04

Checking up on crude oil in the ground: Nanoreporters tell 'sour' oil from 'sweet' - 12:04

Critical new protein complex involved in learning, memory - 12:04

Bioinformatics profiling identifies a new mammalian clock gene - 12:04

Clinics not bogged down by red tape can ease health cost burdens - 12:04

Building stronger bridges: Structures lab fulfills private, public needs - 12:03

Risk of pregnancy greater with newer method of female sterilization - 12:03

New drugs offer hope for migraine prevention - 12:03

Quality improvement program helps lower risk of bleeding, death following stroke - 12:03

Conservative management of vascular abnormality in brain associated with better outcomes - 12:03

Patient preferences for emergency treatment of stroke examined in new study - 12:03

Specialized ambulance improves treatment time for stroke - 12:03

Effectiveness of medications for treating epileptic seizures in children examined - 12:03