Science Daily

Tuesday the 31st of March 2015

Mystery galaxies: Astronomers discover likely precursors of galaxy clusters we see today - 13:00

Scientists discover elusive secret of how continents formed - 13:00

Age matters: Discovering why antidepressants don't work well for kids - 13:00

Genetic variability in the platelet linked to increased risk for clotting - 13:00

Soft, energy-efficient robotic wings - 13:00

Non-invasive technique allows amputee to use bionic hand, powered by his thoughts - 13:00

History of depression puts women at risk for diabetes during pregnancy, study finds - 12:30

Intestinal bacteria can be used to classify effects of different diseases - 12:30

Brittle bone disease: Drug research offers hope - 12:30

Internet searches create illusion of personal knowledge, research finds - 12:00

People in MTV docusoaps are more ideal than real: Obese characters are no-shows in 'reality' programs - 12:00

Travelling pollution: East Asian human activities affect air quality in remote tropical forests - 12:00

Keeping hungry elephants at bay - 12:00

What makes a child feel unsafe in their neighborhood? - 12:00

Researchers map seasonal greening in US forests, fields, and urban areas - 12:00

'Gold standard' for pain relief after shoulder surgery may not be 24 karat - 12:00

Poor behavior linked to time spent playing video games, not the games played - 12:00

Domestic violence deters contraception - 12:00

Brain's 'gender' may be quite flexible: Mechanism that plays key role in sexual differentiation of brain - 12:00

Bacteria play an important role in long term storage of carbon in the ocean - 12:00

New clues to why poor nutrition in the womb leads to obesity later in life - 11:30

HIV patients experience better kidney transplant outcomes than hepatitis c patients - 11:30

How to make a profit from rotting garbage - 11:30

Secrets of the seahorse tail revealed - 11:30

Score! Video gamers may learn visual tasks more quickly - 11:30

Goodbye, range anxiety? Electric vehicles may be more useful than previously thought - 10:10

Macrostructure of the universe: An 'unfocused' eye that sees the big picture - 10:10

What 300,000 year old eggshells reveal about the environment of the Paleolithic - 09:40

Discovery of two new species of primitive fishes - 09:40

Why slimy cheats don’t win: 'Cheating' amoebae don't survive better than 'cooperating' amoebae - 09:40

Scientists find clues into cognitive dysfunction in chronic fatigue syndrome - 09:40

Pig-borne disease most likely jumped into humans when rearing practices changed - 09:40

Generous welfare benefits make people more likely to want to work, not less - 09:40

How a deadly fungus evades the immune system - 09:40

Impact of domestic violence on women's mental health - 09:40

New pathways into the cell: Fundamental insights into drug delivery processes - 09:10

South-east England ahead on genetic tests for inherited eye conditions - 09:10

Citizen tweeters: How Twitter users can work together to defuse social tensions - 09:10

Kids allowed to 'sip' alcohol may start drinking earlier - 09:10

Innovative strategies needed to address US transplant organ shortage - 09:10

Unique mechanism of natural product with powerful antimicrobial action revealed - 08:40

Biology in a twist: Deciphering the origins of cell behavior - 08:40

Particulate air pollution: Exposure to ultrafine particles influences cardiac function - 08:40

Why flowers bloom earlier in a warming climate - 08:40

New concept: Can Resuscitation be delayed? - 08:40

Rodeo in liquid crystal: Unprecedented level of control over defects - 08:10

ALMA disentangles complex birth of giant stars - 08:10

The 100 million year-old piggyback: Amber reveals earliest example of maternal care in insects - 08:10

Five years after Deepwater Horizon, wildlife still struggling dolphins dying in high numbers; sea turtles failing to nest - 08:10

Monday the 30th of March 2015

Good luck and the Chinese reverse global forest loss - 22:30