Science Daily

Friday the 19th of December 2014

'Deep learning' finds autism, cancer mutations in unexplored regions of genome - 17:30

Bacterial infections differ based on geography, healthcare spending - 17:30

Scientists identify new, beneficial function of endogenous retroviruses in immune response - 17:30

Resistance to anti-viral drug may be more likely in cystic fibrosis patients - 17:30

RNA measurements may yield less insight about gene expression than assumed - 17:30

Cell-associated HIV mucosal transmission: The neglected pathway - 17:30

Older kidney donors with hypertension may have good kidney health following donation - 17:30

Local enforcement of federal immigration laws affects immigrant Hispanics' healthcare - 17:30

Less than half of UK prescriptions for antipsychotics issued for main licensed conditions - 17:30

Don't be tempted to buy your teen a cheap (old) car, parents warned - 17:30

People with blood groups A, B and AB at higher risk of type 2 diabetes than group O - 17:30

Tooth loss linked to slowing mind, body - 17:30

Latest evidence on using hormone replacement therapy for treating menopausal symptoms - 17:30

High socioeconomic status increases discrimination, depression risk in black young adults - 17:30

OCD patients' brains light up to reveal how compulsive habits develop - 17:30

Quantum physics just got less complicated: Wave-particle duality and quantum uncertainty are same thing - 17:30

Parents' BMI decreases with child involved in school-based, community obesity intervention - 17:30

Neuroscientists identify brain mechanisms that predict generosity in children - 17:30

Cells identified that enhance tumor growth and suppress anti-cancer immune attack - 17:30

A vegetarian carnivorous plant - 17:30

A 'GPS' for molecules - 17:30

Helping parents understand infant sleep patterns - 17:30

Gene critical for proper brain development discovered - 17:30

Yellowstone's thermal springs: Their colors unveiled - 17:30

Europe shows that humans and large predators can share the same landscape - 17:30

Breakthrough in optical fiber communications - 17:30

Atom-thick CCD could capture images - 17:30

Choreography of an electron pair - 02:30

Crown ethers flatten in graphene for strong, specific binding - 02:30

Archaeologists unearth royal entry complex at Herodian Hilltop Palace - 02:30

Urban stressors may contribute to rising rate of diabetes in developing nations - 02:30

Hot flashes linked to increased risk of hip fracture - 02:30

Enzyme inhibitors suppress herpes simplex virus replication, study finds - 02:30

Scheduling sleep: Three nighttime habits to improve rest - 02:30

Mutations need help from evolution to cause cancer - 02:30

Time management skills keep animals primed for survival - 02:30

How llamas' unusual antibodies might help in the fight against HIV/AIDS - 02:30

Computational clues into the structure of a promising energy conversion catalyst - 02:30

Study on world's biggest animal finds more than one population in the southeastern Pacific - 02:30

NASA's Kepler reborn, makes first exoplanet find of new mission - 02:30

Signs of Europa plumes remain elusive in search of Cassini data - 02:30

Doctor who survived Ebola received experimental drug treatment - 02:30

Most commonly prescribed glaucoma drug reduces risk of vision loss by more than 50% over 2 years - 02:30

Ability to balance on one leg may reflect brain health, stroke risk - 02:30

A clear, molecular view of how human color vision evolved - 02:30

Being humble: Research shows E.B. White was right in Charlotte's Web - 02:30

Thursday the 18th of December 2014

New hope for rare disease drug development - 17:31

Clearing tropical rainforests distorts Earth's wind and water systems, packs climate wallop beyond carbon - 17:31

How does prostate cancer form? Parkinson's Link? - 17:31

Laparoscopic surgery for bladder cancer leads to good long-term cancer control - 17:31