Science Daily

Tuesday th 18th of December 2018

Scientists develop method to visualize a genetic mutation - 18:10

Uncovering a key mechanism in assembly of Avian Sarcoma Virus, a relative of HIV-1 - 18:10

Using endangered barbary macaques as photo props could negatively impact Moroccan tourism - 17:40

Experimental findings support a connection between mucins in the lung and pulmonary fibrosis - 17:40

MRI effective for monitoring liver fat in obese patients - 17:40

Gender separation affects sense of smell - 17:40

Using CRISPR technology for conditional gene regulation - 17:40

Southwest forest trees will grow much slower in the 21st century - 17:40

Removing sweets from checkouts linked to dramatic fall in unhealthy snack purchases - 17:40

Genetic cause of ALS and frontotemporal dementia blocked by RNA-binding compound - 17:10

Study of traditional medicine finds high use in Sub-Saharan Africa despite modern medicine - 17:10

Machine learning-detected signal predicts time to earthquake - 17:10

Pathogen predicament: How bacteria propel themselves out of a tight spot - 17:10

HPV discovery raises hope for new cervical cancer treatments - 17:10

Oroville Dam earthquakes in February 2017 related to spillway discharge - 17:10

Upwind wind plants can reduce flow to downwind neighbors - 17:10

Two ways cancer resists treatment are actually connected, with one activating the other - 17:10

Low-income, rural kids at higher risk for second- or third-hand smoke exposure - 17:10

Recruiting ants to fight weeds on the farm - 17:10

The importance of 'edge populations' to biodiversity - 17:10

Extraordinary 'faithful father' revealed by study of smooth guardian frog of Borneo - 17:10

How breast cancer avoids immune system detection - 17:10

Takeaway containers -- the environmental cost of packing our favorite fast-foods - 16:10

System monitors radiation damage to materials in real-time - 15:40

New megalibrary approach proves useful for the rapid discovery of new materials - 15:40

Experts identify 'tipping point' in tree disease outbreaks - 15:40

A versatile vaccine that can protect mice from emerging tick-borne viruses - 15:40

Chemistry: The vanished mirror image - 15:40

A new model of ice friction helps scientists understand how glaciers flow - 15:40

Dive-bombing for love: Male hummingbirds dazzle females with a highly synchronized display - 15:40

Assessing the promise of gallium oxide as an ultrawide bandgap semiconductor - 15:40

Nearly one in five Tibetan refugee schoolchildren has tuberculosis infection, study finds - 15:40

Buruli ulcer: Promising new drug candidate against a forgotten disease - 15:40

Machine-learning research unlocking molecular cages' energy-saving potential - 15:40

Optimizing restoration can deliver an eightfold increase in cost-effectiveness - 15:40

Greener days ahead for carbon fuels - 15:40

Graphene's magic is in the defects - 15:40

Today's children reach bone maturity earlier, study reveals - 15:40

Artificial intelligence meets materials science - 15:40

With a focus on high-risk patients, researcher eyes eliminating TB for good - 15:40

Gene identified with a key role in plant adaptation to fluctuating soil salinity levels - 15:40

Understanding dynamic stall at high speeds - 14:10

Biologists identify promising drug for ALS treatment - 14:10

Deciphering infanticide - 13:41

Gut microbiome regulates the intestinal immune system - 13:20

Hurricane Maria gave ecologists rare chance to study how tropical dry forests recover - 12:50

Widespread, occasional use of antibiotics in US linked with resistance - 12:50

Sofosbuvir rids organism of chikungunya and yellow fever viruses - 12:50

Broading the biodiversity catalogue of spider populations in the Iberian Peninsula - 12:50

Peering into Little Foot's 3.67 million-year-old brain - 12:20