Science Daily

Wednesday the 28th of January 2015

Cassini catches Saturn's moon Titan naked in the solar wind - 19:20

Building a better weather forecast? SMAP may help - 19:20

Researchers produce two bio-fuels from a single algae - 17:30

Beer compound could help fend off Alzheimer's and Parkinson's diseases - 17:00

Detecting chemical weapons quickly with a color-changing film - 17:00

Storm Chasers Take on Supercell Thunderstorms in Bangladesh - 17:00

To reassure electric car buyers, combine battery leasing with better charging - 17:00

Erratic as normal: Arctic sea ice loss expected to be bumpy in the short term - 17:00

Engineer advances new daytime star tracker - 17:00

Concentrating on word sounds helps reading instruction and intervention - 16:30

Some potentially habitable planets began as gaseous, Neptune-like worlds - 16:30

Long-necked 'dragon' discovered in China: Dinosaur's lightweight neck spanned half the length of its body - 16:30

Missing link in metal physics explains Earth's magnetic field - 16:00

Smothered oceans: Extreme oxygen loss in oceans accompanied past global climate change - 16:00

Gully patterns document Martian climate cycles - 16:00

Earlier menopause linked to everyday chemical exposures - 15:30

Protein pathway involved in nicotine-induced lung cancer metastasis found - 15:30

Damaged DNA may stall patrolling molecule to initiate repair - 15:30

Quantum computer as detector shows space is not squeezed - 15:30

Molecular alterations in head and neck cancers uncovered by study - 15:30

Why upper motor neurons degenerate in ALS - 15:30

New model for preserving donor tissue will allow more natural joint repair for patients - 14:00

Spiky 'hedgehog particles' for safer paints, fewer VOC emissions - 14:00

Anthropology: Ancient skull from Galilee cave offers clues to the first modern Europeans - 14:00

Playing with puzzles, blocks may build children's spatial skills - 14:00

Chimps with higher-ranking moms do better in fights - 14:00

A robot to help improve agriculture and wine production - 13:30

Novel compound switches off epilepsy development - 13:30

News from the depths: A new cave-dwelling flatworm species from the Brazilian savanna - 13:30

Picture this: Technology tightens focus on who's watching women - 13:30

Did genetic links to modern maladies provide ancient benefits? - 13:30

New protein detonates 'invincible' bacteria from within - 13:30

Breakthrough in terahertz spectroscopy - 13:30

Elucidating the origin of MDR tuberculosis strains - 13:30

The two faces of Mars: Moon-sized celestial object crashed into south pole - 13:30

Demystifying nanocrystal solar cells - 13:30

Mobile apps take students into the laboratory - 13:30

Holes in valence bands of nanodiamonds discovered: Potential catalysts for splitting water - 13:30

What's happening with your donated specimen? - 13:30

Slope on ocean surface lowers sea level in Europe - 13:00

New biological evidence reveals link between brain inflammation and major depression - 13:00

Nordic marine scientists: Showcasing growing pressure on oceans? - 13:00

Communication key when dealing with aging parents - 13:00

Bike-to-work events offer chance to explore barriers to cycling - 13:00

Eyeglasses that turn into sunglasses -- at your command - 13:00

How to make your New Year's resolution last one year, not one month - 12:30

Pacemakers with Internet connection, a not-so-distant goal - 12:30

Children feel most positively about mothers who respect their autonomy - 12:00

Satellite study identifies water bodies important for biodiversity conservation - 12:00

Hygiene practices affect contact lens case contamination - 12:00