Science Daily

Tuesday the 27th of September 2016

Ancestor of arthropods had the mouth of a penis worm - 03:42

Women with hearing loss more likely to have preterm or low birth weight babies - 03:42

Birth of politics in children: The case of dominance - 03:42

Single photon light emitting diodes for on-chip integration - 03:42

An algorithm for taxi sharing - 03:42

Soil modeling to help curb climate change - 03:42

How plants grow new lateral roots: New method uses 3D live imaging - 03:42

How to merge two black holes in a simple way - 03:42

A world first: Cardiovascular team carries out a new type of procedure on a heart valve - 03:42

Custom-tailored strategy against glioblastomas - 03:42

Start training for retirement as early as 50, research urges - 03:42

UTI testing technology cuts screening time to four hours - 03:42

Students in bilingual elementary school programs present worse academic results, according to study - 03:42

What happens when the brain is artificially stimulated? - 03:42

Closing the gender gap: Young women with premature acute coronary syndrome now do as well as men - 03:42

Gaps in data place thousands of illegally traded wild animals at risk, say researchers - 03:42

Having a happy spouse could be good for your health - 03:42

X-rays that don't come from any known source - 03:42

Exercise can increase levels of hunger-promoting endocannabinoids even if you are sleep-deprived - 03:41

Rapid adaptation of Aspergillus fungus presents doctors with a dilemma - 03:41

Young cancer survivors in economic struggle - 03:41

Shrubs more expansive than trees - 03:41

Widespread adoption of SBRT has improved survival rates for elderly patients with early stage lung cancer - 03:41

Medulloblastoma patients should receive both chemotherapy and radiation post-surgery - 03:41

Healthcare leaders recommend restructuring health care system to better serve needs of U.S. throughout 21st century - 03:41

Computer engineers boost app speeds by more than 9 percent - 03:41

Enzyme hyaluronidase shows promise as treatment for muscle stiffness caused by brain injury - 03:41

Unknown exposure to second-hand smoke associated with increased mortality - 03:41

How the anthrax toxin forms a deadly 'conveyer belt' - 03:41

Consuming fewer calories reduces the risk of abdominal aortic aneurysm, study suggests - 03:41

Lowering the heat makes new materials possible while saving energy - 03:41

How cancer’s 'invisibility cloak' works - 03:41

New low-mass objects could help refine planetary evolution - 03:41

'Teashirt' gene links autism and kidney problems, new study finds - 03:41

The language of senses - 03:41

Scientists track down possible new treatment for epilepsy - 03:41

Morning sickness linked to lower risk of pregnancy loss - 03:41

New genetic links for heart disease risk factors identified - 03:41

Scientists' finding supports moon creation hypothesis - 03:41

New discovery may benefit farmers worldwide - 03:41

Rising ocean temperatures threaten baby lobsters - 03:41

Photons do the twist, and scientists can now measure it - 03:41

Excess dietary zinc worsens C. diff infection - 03:41

Yeast knockouts peel back secrets of cell protein function - 03:41

Crystalline fault lines provide pathway for solar cell current - 03:41

Why belly fat is dangerous for the heart - 03:41

Broadly neutralizing HIV antibodies pave the way for vaccine - 03:41

Hubble spots possible water plumes erupting on Jupiter's moon Europa - 03:41

Tapping evolution to improve biotech products - 03:41

Vaccine vs many common cold viruses achievable - 03:41