Science Daily

Tuesday the 2nd of September 2014

Inhibiting inflammatory enzyme after heart attack does not reduce risk of subsequent event - 00:31

Consequences of teen alcohol, marijuana use studied - 00:31

Plant life forms in the fossil record: When did the first canopy flowers appear? - 00:31

Neurons in human skin perform advanced calculations - 00:31

Carcinogenic role of protein in liver decoded - 00:31

Radar and alarm system for construction vehicles - 00:31

Sniffing-out smell of disease in feces: 'Electronic nose' for rapid detection of clostridum difficile infection - 00:30

Invisible blood in urine may indicate bladder cancer - 00:30

New tuberculosis blood test in children: reliable, highly specific - 00:30

Why plants in the office make us more productive - 00:30

Greenhouse whitefly: Will the unwanted greenhouseguest make it in the wild? - 00:30

How neurons in bats' brains ensure a safe flight - 00:30

Scientists call for investigation of mysterious cloud-like collections in cells - 00:30

Training your brain to prefer healthy foods - 00:30

Childhood adoption experiences: Effect later in adulthood - 00:30

Mom's hormones could make female magpie chicks more adventurous - 00:30

Nature's tiny engineers: Corals control their environment, stirring up water eddies to bring nutrients - 00:30

Viewers eat more while watching Hollywood action flick on TV - 00:30

Quality of US diet improves, gap widens for quality between rich and poor - 00:30

Family dinners good for teens' mental health, could protect from cyberbullying - 00:30

Monday the 1st of September 2014

Green hotels lower environmental impact, increases profits - 00:30

Some women still don’t underststand 'overdiagnosis' risk in breast screening - 00:30

Meaningful relationships can help you thrive - 00:30

Balloon rise over fort sumner - 00:30

New horizon in heart failure: Investigational drug poised to change cardiology? - 00:30

Batteryless cardiac pacemaker is based on automatic wristwatch - 00:30

Energy drinks cause heart problems, study suggests - 00:30

Drinking tea reduces non-CV mortality by 24 percent - 00:30

Wine only protects against CVD in people who exercise - 00:30

Antarctic sea-level rising faster than global rate - 00:30

Changing global diets is vital to reducing climate change - 00:30

Memory in silent neurons: How do unconnected neurons communicate? - 00:30

Why sibling stars look alike: Early, fast mixing in star-birth clouds - 00:30

New way to diagnose malaria by detecting parasite's waste in infected blood cells - 00:30

Sunday the 31st of August 2014

Obese or overweight teens more likely to become smokers - 12:00

Managing coasts under threat from climate change, sea-level rise - 12:00

Socioeconomic status, gender are associated with differences in cholesterol levels - 12:00

'Face time' for the diagnoses of cardiac disease - 12:00

Not all phytoplankton in the ocean need to take their vitamins - 12:00

Can YouTube save your life? - 12:00

Intense Exercise during Long Space Flights Helps Astronauts Protect Aerobic Capacity - 12:00

Reducing water scarcity possible by 2050 - 12:00

Hydrogen powers important nitrogen-transforming bacteria - 12:00

Evidence mounting that older adults who volunteer are happier, healthier - 12:00

HIV Lessons from the Mississippi Baby - 04:01

New type of cell movement discovered - 04:00

Breakthrough in RSV research with drug trial - 04:00

Intervention needed for survivors of childhood burns - 04:00

Options for weight loss your primary care doctor might not know about - 04:00

Preventing cancer from forming 'tentacles' stops dangerous spread - 04:00