Science Daily

Saturday the 3rd of October 2015

Fatty liver disease and scarring have strong genetic component - 18:00

FDA approves game-changing immunotherapy drug to fight lung cancer - 18:00

Online e-cigarette vendors engage customers using popular internet tools - 18:00

New study removes cancer doubt for multiple sclerosis drug - 17:30

Research shows a cause of gastrointestinal symptoms in Type 1 diabetes - 17:30

Signs of ancient mega-tsunami could portend modern hazard - 15:00

Pathogen-carrying neotropical ticks ride migratory birds into US - 15:00

Trade in invasive plants is blossoming - 15:00

Lead exposure in mothers can affect future generations - 13:30

Graphene as a front contact for silicon-perovskite tandem solar cells - 09:50

Players object to extreme physique of video game characters - 09:50

Self-propelled powder designed to stop severe bleeding - 06:50

Colorful caterpillar chemists - 06:50

Researcher calls for changes to colorectal cancer screening guidelines - 06:50

Nanocellulose materials by design - 06:50

Friday the 2nd of October 2015

Largest dinosaur population growth study ever shows how Maiasaura lived and died - 23:20

To breathe or to eat: Blue whales forage efficiently to maintain massive body size - 22:50

Does knowing high-status people help or hurt? - 22:50

First-aid for defective mucus - 15:00

Stand-up solution: Sit-stand desk users sit less, burn more calories - 15:00

Can exercise be replaced with a pill? - 15:00

Irrigation of cutaneous abscesses may not be necessary - 15:00

Reducing aeromedical transport for traumas saved money and lives - 15:00

Cell division: Physical forces involved in creating the mitotic spindle probed - 15:00

Chore or stress reliever: Study suggests that washing dishes decreases stress - 14:30

High-fructose diet slows recovery from brain injury - 14:30

Researchers design 'biological flashlight' using light-producing ability of shrimp - 14:30

High opioid use in older people with COPD raises safety concerns - 14:30

Drug used to treat cancer appears to sharpen memory - 13:30

Fusion reactors 'economically viable' say experts - 11:30

Three new species of fruit flies identified - 11:30

Panel identifies most-effective methods for protecting western snowy plovers from raptors - 11:30

Exercise is good for everyone, but some struggle more than others - 11:30

Pneumothorax treatment gets less painful - 11:00

Micro photosynthetic power cells may be the green energy source for the next generation - 11:00

Novel technology to produce microalgae biomass as feedstock for biofuel, food, feed and more - 11:00

Mimicry helps sheep solve a dilemma - 11:00

Cell marker enables prognosis about the course of infections - 10:30

Pre-purification system allows heightened purity of a metal binding compound - 10:30

Researchers identify cause of inherited form of extreme nearsightedness - 10:30

Languages less arbitrary than long assumed - 10:00

Rising cancer rates in low, middle income countries threaten economic stability - 10:00

Online affairs can be addictive, new study finds - 10:00

Discovering the brain’s memory switch - 10:00

From nuclear research to surgery technology - 10:00

The golden anniversary of black-hole singularity - 09:30

Study finds dramatic benefits of weight-loss surgery - 09:30

Scientists create an all-organic UV on-chip spectrometer - 09:30

Organics energize solar cell research - 09:30

Tallness linked to increased risk of premature death for patients on dialysis - 09:30