Science Daily

Monday th 18th of February 2019

The Lypla1 gene impacts obesity in a sex-specific manner - 15:13

Blood clot discovery could pave way for treatment of blood diseases - 15:13

Preserved leaves reveal 7000 years of rainfall and drought - 15:13

Looking behind a rare brain disease for clues to treat more common mental disorders - 15:13

People who cunningly use cooperation and egoism are 'unbeatable' - 15:13

Researchers discover anti-laser masquerading as perfect absorber - 15:13

Linking sensing to signaling during plant immunity - 15:13

Solid-state catalysis: Fluctuations clear the way - 15:13

Can we trust scientific discoveries made using machine learning? - 15:13

Happy as a pig in muck? - 15:13

Hormone therapy may increase cardiovascular risk during gender transition - 15:12

Physicists pinpoint a simple mechanism that makes bacteria resistant to antibiotics - 15:12

Parents: Keep medical marijuana dispensaries away from kids - 15:12

Hinge morphology of click beetle's latch mechanism - 15:12

More primary care physicians leads to longer life spans - 15:12

Gearing up for 5G: A miniature, low-cost transceiver for fast, reliable communications - 15:12

Light-based production of drug-discovery molecules - 15:12

Febrile infants may not need painful tests, antibiotics, hospitalizations - 15:12

DNA variants significantly influence body fat distribution - 15:12

Heavy smoking can damage vision - 15:12

Advancing therapy by measuring the 'games' cancer cells play - 15:12

Depression reversed in male mice by activating gene that helps excite neurons - 15:12

Researchers find trigger that turns strep infections into flesh-eating disease - 15:12

How 3D arrangement of DNA helps perpetuate the species - 15:12

DMD: Single CRISPR treatment provides long-term benefits in mice - 15:12

Tuberculosis: Commandeering a bacterial 'suicide' mechanism - 15:12

Sunday th 17th of February 2019

Live better with attainable goals - 20:20

Brain discovery explains a great mystery of Alzheimer's, Parkinson's - 19:50

Lithium-air batteries can store energy for cars, houses and industry - 19:50

Biologists identify honeybee 'clean' genes known for improving survival - 19:50

Magnetic fields enhance bone remodeling - 18:50

First model of mitochondrial epilepsy - 17:20

3D protein structure reveals a new mechanism for future anti-cancer drugs - 17:20

Indigenous hunters have positive impacts on food webs in desert Australia - 15:30

Children carry evidence of toxins from home flooring and furniture - 15:00

Understanding carbon cycle feedbacks to predict climate change at large scale - 15:00

Virus-infected bacteria could provide help in the fight against climate change - 15:00

There's a place for us: New research reveals humanity's roles in ecosystems - 15:00

Altered data sets can still provide statistical integrity and preserve privacy - 14:10

Tiny fibers create unseen plastic pollution - 14:10

Weak spots for Mission to Mars revealed - 14:10

A hidden source of air pollution? Your daily household tasks - 14:10

Drug combination may become new standard treatment for advanced kidney cancer - 14:10

Saturday th 16th of February 2019

How do we conserve and restore computer-based art in a changing technological environment? - 17:20

PET/CT imaging agent shows promise for better diagnosis of acute venous thromboembolism - 17:20

Push-up capacity linked with lower incidence of cardiovascular disease events among men - 10:20

Engineered metasurfaces reflect waves in unusual directions - 10:20

Drinking contexts associated with early onset of alcohol intoxication among adolescents - 10:20

How to feed the world by 2050? Recent breakthrough boosts plant growth by 40 percent - 10:20

Friday th 15th of February 2019

A weakness in a rare cancer that could be exploited with drugs - 20:50