Science Daily

Saturday the 22nd of November 2014

'Mind the gap' between atomically thin materials - 15:00

Digoxin associated with higher risk of death, hospitalization, study shows - 15:00

In landmark study of cell therapy for heart attack, more cells make a difference - 15:00

Anti-HIV medicines can cause damage to fetal hearts, research shows - 15:00

Self-regulation intervention boosts school readiness of at-risk children, study shows - 15:00

New terahertz device could strengthen security - 15:00

Rejecting unsuitable suitors is easier said than done - 15:00

How the hummingbird achieves its aerobatic feats - 15:00

Friday the 21st of November 2014

An Ebola virus protein can cause massive inflammation and leaky blood vessels - 14:51

Epidemic spreading and neurodegenerative progression - 14:51

Breakthrough in managing yellow fever disease - 14:51

Genetic connivances of digits and genitals: Formation of these embryonic structures involves action of very similar group of genes - 14:51

China's new 'Great Wall' not so great, experts say - 14:51

Dizzying heights: Prehistoric farming on the 'roof of the world' - 14:51

Why some people may be immune to HIV-1: Clues - 14:51

Geologists discover ancient buried canyon in South Tibet - 14:51

Tropical rickettsial illnesses associated with adverse pregnancy outcomes - 14:51

HIV/AIDS drugs could be repurposed to treat AMD, researchers suggest - 14:51

11-country survey of older adults: Americans sicker but have quicker access to specialists - 14:51

How to estimate the magnetic field of an exoplanet - 14:51

Firms pressure sales people to invest in costly internal negotiations - 14:51

New device reduces scarring in damaged blood vessels - 14:51

Evolutionary principles used to model cancer mutations, discover potential therapeutic targets - 14:51

Improved nanomaterials: Understanding surface structure of quantum dots will aid design of new solar devices - 14:51

Longer work hours for moms mean less sleep, higher BMIs for preschoolers - 14:51

Cost of meeting basic needs rising faster than wages in Washington state - 14:51

Deep-Earth carbon offers clues on origin of life: New organic carbon species linked to formation of diamonds -- and life itself - 14:51

Employees of small, locally owned businesses have more company loyalty, study finds - 14:51

Nuclear reactor fuel behavior during a severe event - 14:51

Pain, magnet displacement in MRI in patients with cochlear implants - 14:51

When vaccines are imperfect: What math can tell us about their effects on disease propagation - 14:51

Global report card: Are children better off than they were 25 years ago? - 14:51

New survey of employers about health insurance market - 14:51

Time-lapse photos and synched weather data unlock Antarctic secrets - 14:51

First inhibitor for enzyme linked to cancers created - 14:51

How mutant gene can cause deafness - 14:51

Tapeworm found living inside a patient's brain: Worm removed and sequenced - 14:51

Worldwide action needed to address hidden crisis of violence against women and girls - 14:51

Key protein decrypted: Scientists develop 3D model of regulator protein bax - 14:50

Novel regulatory mechanism for cell division found - 14:50

Teasing out glitches in immune system's self-recognition - 14:50

A coating that protects against heat and oxidation - 14:50

Mental disorders due to permanent stress? - 14:50

Novel robotic walker helps patients regain natural gait and increases productivity of physiotherapists - 14:50

Erosion may trigger earthquakes - 14:50

Brain injuries in mice treated using bone marrow stem cells, antioxidants - 14:50

Possibilities for personalized vaccines - 14:50

Cohesin: Cherry-shaped molecule safeguards cell-division - 14:50

Repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation studied for stroke rehab - 14:50

Life's extremists may be an untapped source of antibacterial drugs - 14:50