Science Daily

Friday the 27th of November 2015

Insect DNA extracted, sequenced from black widow spider web - 17:10

Cichlid fish view unfamiliar faces longer, from further distance than familiar faces - 17:10

Eggshell porosity can be used to infer the type of nest built by extinct archosaurs - 17:10

NTDs disproportionately found in areas of poverty in Islamic Nations - 17:10

Seasonal monarch butterfly migrations may help lower infection levels - 16:40

Molecular trigger for cerebral cavernous malformation identified - 16:40

How can I tell if they're lying? - 15:40

Rapid plankton growth in ocean seen as sign of carbon dioxide loading - 15:10

Even the elderly can recover from a severe traumatic brain injury - 15:10

New, presumably tick-borne bacterium discovered in an Austrian fox - 15:10

Instrument to measure brand embarrassment developed by economists - 15:10

Personally tailored diabetes care reduces mortality in women, but not men, study suggests - 15:10

White matter damage caused by 'skunk-like' cannabis, study shows - 15:10

Cognitive behavior therapy can help overcome fear of the dentist - 15:10

Don't forget plankton in climate change models, says study - 15:10

Scientists get first glimpse of black hole eating star, ejecting high-speed flare - 14:40

Scientists single out individual photons from a pulse of light - 14:10

Scientists get first glimpse of black hole eating star, ejecting high-speed flare - 13:10

Rapid plankton growth in ocean seen as sign of carbon dioxide loading - 13:10

Extreme heatwaves may hit Europe in the short term - 12:40

Certain factors may help identify patients for surgical procedure for obstructive sleep apnea - 10:00

Two-thirds of studies on 'psychosocial' treatments fail to declare conflicts of interest - 10:00

New strategy discovered for treating arthritis - 10:00

Discovery could open door to frozen preservation of tissues, whole organs - 10:00

Immunotherapy for type 1 diabetes deemed safe in first US trial - 10:00

Thursday the 26th of November 2015

Robot to help passengers find their way at airport - 15:30

Remote lakes are affected by warming climate, research shows - 15:00

Using sphere packing models to explain the structure of forests - 15:00

Functional human liver cells grown in the lab - 15:00

Surprise: One organism responsible for nitrification instead of two - 15:00

Data scientists create world's first therapeutic venom database - 14:10

Specifically controlling the structure of macromolecules - 13:40

Looking for Cosmic Superaccelerators - 13:40

Oxytocin increases social altruism - 13:10

Stem cell study paves the way for patient therapies - 12:40

Rice basket study rethinks roots of human culture - 12:40

Recommended levels of activity rarely achieved by obese children and those with liver disease - 12:40

Ancient genetic components of sex determination in ants - 12:40

Global warming will be faster than expected - 12:40

Bat immune receptors are one of a kind - 12:40

Mathematical proof for hot hand shooting in basketball - 12:40

Heart disease patients who sit a lot have worse health even if they exercise - 10:20

No benefit found for use of probiotic Bifidobacterium breve in preemies - 09:50

Overweight, obesity early in life increase risk of cardiac death - 07:50

New technology promises fast, accurate stroke diagnosis - 07:50

Progesterone supplements do not improve outcomes for recurrent miscarriages, study shows - 07:50

Researchers assess use of drug-susceptible parasites to fight drug resistance - 06:50

Closing the loop on an HIV escape mechanism - 06:50

New gene map reveals cancer's Achilles heel - 06:50

Shedding light on oil behaviors before the next spill - 06:50