Science Daily

Saturday the 21st of January 2017

System links data scattered across files, for easy querying - 10:11

Pancreatic tumors rely on signals from surrounding cells - 10:11

Number of women who take maternity leave has stalled - 10:11

New 'smart needle' to make brain surgery safer - 10:11

Researchers unlock mechanism of drug resistance in aggressive breast cancer - 10:11

Tracking movement of immune cells identifies key first steps in inflammatory arthritis - 10:11

Study of round worm that returns to life after freezing - 10:11

Seoul virus outbreak associated with home-based rat-breeding facilities - 10:11

Think binge drinking is safer for your liver than regular heavy drinking? Think again - 09:41

New genetic engineering technique could help design, study biological systems - 09:41

Friday the 20th of January 2017

Why the lights don't dim when we blink - 12:31

New, old science combine to make faster medical test - 12:31

Blood test can predict life or death outcome for patients with Ebola virus disease - 11:01

Plan A is to get patients to stick to their blood pressure pills - 11:01

As cells age, the fat content within them shifts - 10:31

Jumbled chromosomes may dampen the immune response to tumors - 10:31

Sea-surface temps during last interglacial period like modern temps - 10:31

Brief interventions help online learners persist with coursework - 10:31

How bacteria exploit a chink in the body's armor - 10:31

Seeking structure with metagenome sequences - 09:11

New findings on how plants manage immune response - 09:11

Surgical site infections are the most common and costly of hospital infections - 09:11

Scientists initiate first ethical guidelines for organs cultivated in vitro - 09:11

Official abortion rate declined in Texas after law restricted access to clinics - 08:41

Type 1 diabetes linked to gut inflammation, bacteria changes - 08:41

Team uncovers cellular responses to bird flu vaccine - 08:41

Study discusses model for understanding nutrition and brain development - 08:41

Breast cancer prognosis of African-American patients may improve with administration of chemotherapy before surgery, study finds - 08:21

Thursday the 19th of January 2017

Astronomer searches for signs of life on Wolf 1061 exoplanet - 17:21

Time to put TB on a diet - 16:01

Trapped by the game: Why professional soccer players don't talk about their mental health - 15:31

Chip-sized, high-speed terahertz modulator raises possibility of faster data transmission - 15:31

Statins could halt vein blood clots, research suggests - 15:31

Treated carbon pulls radioactive elements from water - 15:31

Public reporting of lung cancer surgery outcomes provides valuable information about quality of patient care - 15:01

Rabies viruses reveal wiring in transparent brains - 15:01

Your 'anonmyized' web browsing history may not be anonymous - 15:01

In Alzheimer's, excess tau protein damages brain's GPS - 15:01

Digital assay of circulating tumor cells may improve diagnosis, monitoring of liver cancer - 15:01

How much drought can a forest take? - 15:01

Telecommuting extends the work week, at little extra pay - 14:31

The type, not just the amount, of sugar consumption matters in risk of health problems - 14:31

Roots of related genetic diseases found in cell powerhouses - 14:31

Researchers identify mechanism of oncogene action in lung cancer - 14:31

Brain stimulation used like a scalpel to improve memory - 14:31

Moth gut bacterium defends its host by making antibiotic - 14:31

Graphene's sleeping superconductivity awakens - 14:01

Harvests in US to suffer from climate change - 14:01

Teenagers who access mental health services see significant improvements, study shows - 14:01

Theorists propose new class of topological metals with exotic electronic properties - 14:01