Science Daily

Thursday the 17th of April 2014

Refining language for chromosomes - 15:40

Adrenaline does little to increase patient's survival after cardiac arrest, study finds - 15:40

There's something ancient in the icebox: Three-million-year-old landscape beneath Greenland Ice Sheet - 15:40

Fewer sources for self-cleaning air: Study overturns existing knowledge on nitrous acid, HONO - 15:40

Alternative identification methods for threatened species urged - 15:40

More, bigger wildfires burning western US over last 30 years - 15:40

An abundant and inexpensive water-splitting photocatalyst with low toxicity - 14:31

World's first successful visualization of key coenzyme - 14:31

Identifying the complex growth process of strontium titanate thin films - 14:31

Chiral breathing: Electrically controlled polymer changes its optical properties - 14:31

Genetic study tackles mystery of slow plant domestications - 14:31

In sex-reversed cave insects, females have the penises - 14:31

20 years of data shows treatment technique improvement for advanced abdominal cancer - 14:31

Common links between neurodegenerative diseases identified - 14:31

For resetting circadian rhythms, neural cooperation is key - 14:31

Discovery could lead to novel therapies for Fragile X syndrome - 14:31

A cross-section of the universe - 14:31

Fear of the cuckoo mafia: In fear of retaliation, birds accept and raise brood parasites' young - 14:31

Classifying cognitive styles across disciplines - 14:31

Unraveling the 'black ribbon' around lung cancer - 14:31

Surprising material could play huge role in saving energy: Tin selenide is best at converting waste heat to electricity - 14:31

Internet use may cut retirees' depression - 14:31

Proper stem cell function requires hydrogen sulfide - 14:31

New cause of brain bleeding immediately after stroke identified - 14:30

Re-emergence of Ebola focuses need for global surveillance strategies - 14:30

Boosting Depression-Causing Mechanisms in Brain Increases Resilience, Surprisingly - 14:30

Connecting sleep deficits among young fruit flies to disruption in mating later in life - 14:30

First structural insights into how plant immune receptors interact - 14:30

Thinnest membrane feasible has been produced - 14:30

First potentially habitable Earth-sized planet confirmed by Gemini and Keck observatories - 14:30

Fish consumption advisories for expecting mothers fail to cover all types of contaminants - 14:30

Why interest is crucial to your success - 12:30

Mutant protein in muscle linked to neuromuscular disorder - 12:30

Tracking down cause of eye mobility disorder - 12:30

Immune system research may help predict who gets long-term complications from Lyme Disease - 12:30

Hospitalization records an additional tool to monitor disease outbreaks - 12:30

Beating the clock for ischemic stroke sufferers - 12:30

Chimpanzees prefer firm, stable beds - 12:30

In funk music, rhythmic complexity influences dancing desire: Syncopated rhythm may influence our desire to dance to music - 12:30

Surprising consequences of banning chocolate milk - 12:29

Family ties in the language jungle: Amazon language relationships revealed - 12:29

Atypical brain connectivity associated with autism spectrum disorder - 12:29

Declining catch rates in Caribbean Nicaragua green turtle fishery may be result of overfishing - 12:29

Bacteria survive longer in contact lens cleaning solution than previously thought, study shows - 12:29

At least one in 20 adult outpatients misdiagnosed in U.S. every year - 12:29

Changing where a baby is held immediately after birth could lead to improved uptake of procedure that reduces infant iron deficiency - 12:29

Chess robots to cause Judgment Day? - 12:27

Creative activities outside work can improve job performance - 12:27

Simplicity is key to co-operative robots - 12:27

New MRSA superbug emerges in Brazil - 12:27