Science Daily

Wednesday the 26th of November 2014

Studying the speed of multi-hop Bluetooth networks - 15:31

Classical enzymatic theory revised by including water motions - 15:31

Efficacy of new drug against stem cells that provoke onset, growth of cancer, metastasis - 15:31

New measuring system to objectively ascertain level of fatigue in physicians through eye movement - 15:31

New test to measure HDL cholesterol can predict cardiovascular risk - 15:31

Glassy protein solution may cause eyesight deterioration - 15:31

Sportswomen still second best to sportsmen, in the press - 15:31

Hydrothermal settlers: Barnacle holds clues about how climate change is affecting the deep ocean - 15:31

Inpatient psychotherapy is effective in Germany - 15:31

How various brain areas interact in decisions - 15:31

Drivers of sexual traits: Age and a whole lot more - 15:31

It's particle-hunting season! Scientists launch Higgs Hunters Project - 15:31

Pleasure at another's misfortune is evident in children as young as two - 15:31

Isolation of important centres in brain results in age-related memory deficits - 15:31

Prehistoric conflict hastened human brain's capacity for collaboration - 15:31

Global quantum communications: No longer the stuff of fiction? - 15:31

Protons fuel graphene prospects - 15:31

Particles, waves and ants - 15:31

Study unlocks basis of key immune protein's two-faced role - 15:31

Protecting rainforest through agriculture, forestry - 15:31

Toolkit for ocean health - 15:31

Bioengineering study finds two-cell mouse embryos already 'talking' about their future - 15:31

New evidence of ancient rock art across Southeast Asia - 15:31

The mysterious 'action at a distance' between liquid containers - 15:31

An 'eel-lectrifying' future for autonomous underwater robots - 15:31

Amazonian shrimps: An underwater world still unknown - 15:31

Minimally invasive disc surgery is a pain in the neck - 15:31

Study examines communication, end-of-life decisions - 15:31

How a common antacid could lead to cheaper anti-cancer drugs - 15:31

Iberian orcas, increasingly trapped - 15:30

Hacked emails slice spam fast - 15:30

New guide to genetic jungle of muscles can help health research - 15:30

Brain researchers pinpoint gateway to human memory - 15:30

Research on rare cancer exposes possible route to new treatments - 15:30

Enzyme may be key to cancer progression in many tumors - 15:30

Cognitive test battery developed to assess impact of long duration spaceflights on astronauts' brain function - 15:30

Elderly brains learn, but maybe too much - 15:30

Dogs hear our words and how we say them - 15:30

An enzyme that fixes broken DNA sometimes destroys it instead, researchers find - 15:30

More public health interventions required to tackle grim reaper of 'lifestyle' diseases - 15:30

Saving ovaries does not help prevent prolapse for women after menopause - 15:30

Engineers make sound loud enough to bend light on a computer chip: Device could improve wireless communications systems - 15:30

Copper on the brain at rest - 15:30

Laser physicists 'see' how electrons make atomic and molecular transitions - 15:30

The living, breathing ocean - 15:30

Why patients respond to a life-saving melanoma drug - 15:30

Modeling the past to understand the future of a stronger El Niño - 15:30

Shaping the future of energy storage with conductive clay - 15:30

Vaccines may make war on cancer personal - 15:30

Majority of women report sexual dysfunction after childbirth - 15:30