NY Times Health

Friday the 23rd of June 2017

Ask Well: Do M.R.I. Scans Cause Any Harm? - 07:01

Thursday the 22nd of June 2017

U.S. Suspends Beef Imports From Brazil - 22:11

Public Health: Shifting Dollars From Poor to Rich Is a Key Part of the Senate Health Bill - 20:21

Abortion Adds Obstacle as Republicans Plan to Unveil Health Bill - 12:02

Back Pain? Try Yoga - 12:02

Senate Health Care Bill Includes Deep Cuts to Medicaid - 12:02

Senate Leaders Unveil Bill to Repeal the Affordable Care Act - 10:51

Dr. Andrew Weil Says We’re Taking Too Many Medicines - 06:31

Antibiotic Eye Drops Often Unhelpful for Pinkeye - 06:31

Frédérick Leboyer, Who Saw Childbirth Through Baby’s Eyes, Dies at 98 - 00:11

Wednesday the 21st of June 2017

Creating a Stylish World for Children With Autism - 11:11

Phys Ed: To Train an Athlete, Add 12 Minutes of Meditation to the Daily Mix - 06:41

With Health Law in Flux, Insurers Scramble to Meet Filing Deadline - 06:41

PUBLIC HEALTH: G.O.P. Health Plan Is Really a Rollback of Medicaid - 05:22

Fish as Medicine for Rheumatoid Arthritis - 00:31

Tuesday the 20th of June 2017

Draft Order on Drug Prices Proposes Easing Regulations - 19:42

Sports of The Times: Chemotherapy, Then the U.S. Championships, for Gabriele Grunewald - 15:32

Health Subsidy Cuts Could Hurt the Middle Class the Most - 15:32

Haven for Recovering Addicts Now Profits From Their Relapses - 11:32

The Symptoms of Dying - 00:11

Monday the 19th of June 2017

Senate Democrats Try to Gum Up Works Over Affordable Care Act Repeal - 20:51

New Surveys Suggest Teen Vaping Rates Falling - 16:42

Drones to the Rescue - 16:41

Inspired by War Zones, Balloon Device May Save Civilians From Fatal Blood Loss - 12:21

Take a Number: A Dire Weekly Total for the U.S.: 25 Children Killed by Guns - 11:11

The Checkup: Cranky Baby? Feeding Isn’t the Only Answer - 07:21

Personal Health: Who Really Needs to Be Gluten-Free? - 07:21

The New Health Care: Get Well Sooner? A Healthier Roommate Could Help - 06:01

Op-Ed Contributor: How Did Health Care Get to Be Such a Mess? - 04:02

Sunday the 18th of June 2017

U.S. Open Grass Is an Obstacle and a Potential Health Hazard - 21:51

Friday the 16th of June 2017

Legionnaires’ Outbreak on Upper East Side Kills One and Sickens Six - 19:31

Trump Vowed to ‘Take Care’ of Opioid Crisis. Some See Few Signs of Action. - 11:01

Well : Losing Fat, Gaining Brain Power, on the Playground - 09:11

Ask Well: Is Chlorine in Swimming Pools Safe? - 06:01

As Opioid Panel Meets, Some Say Action, Not Study, Is Needed - 04:41

Thursday the 15th of June 2017

India, Stung by Backlash, Plans to Roll Back Restrictions on Cattle Slaughter - 12:41

Talking to Boys the Way We Talk to Girls - 09:41

Wednesday the 14th of June 2017

Global Health: Turtles Bred for Food in Asia Can Transport Cholera - 17:11

Entrepreneurship: A New Lure for Spa Customers? A Salt Cave - 17:11

Too Many Opioids After Cesarean Delivery - 11:51

Would Carrots by Any Other Name Taste as Sweet? Study Suggests Not - 07:52

Phys Ed: Hot Weather Workout? Try a Hot Bath Beforehand - 06:31

Tuesday the 13th of June 2017

Public Health: Trump Says Market Is Failing, but One Insurer Bets Big on Obamacare - 19:21

Noise May Raise Blood Pressure Risk - 18:01

Update: At Airports, Making Travel Easier for Autistic Passengers - 14:11

Voices: Losing a Father and Husband to AIDS, and Finding Him Again - 07:51

Monday the 12th of June 2017

The New Health Care: There’s No Magical Savings in Showing Prices to Doctors - 17:31

The New Old Age: Hearing Aids at the Mall? Congress Could Make It Happen - 12:22

Basics: Behold the Liver, the Astonishing Blob That Runs the Body - 11:02

More Than 10 Percent of World’s Population Is Obese, Study Finds - 09:11