NY Times Health

Thursday the 27th of April 2017

Sometimes It’s Better Not to Know - 06:02

‘Pacemaker’ for the Brain Can Help Memory, Study Finds - 06:02

Public Health: A New G.O.P. Health Proposal Evokes the Old Days - 06:02

F.D.A. Strengthens Warnings for Painkillers in Children - 06:02

Marijuana on Religious Grounds? A Cannabis Church Opens in Denver - 06:02

Affordable Care Act: A Tale of Two States - 06:02

Ties: Unmoored by a Psychotic Break - 06:02

Ask Well: Why Do Allergies Cause ‘Brain Fog’? - 06:02

Smokeless Tobacco Is Gone From the Ballpark, if Not the Clubhouse - 06:02

Advertising: XOXO Campaign: Will It Spell Profit or Trouble for Condom Maker? - 06:02

The New Health Care: Spend a Dollar on Drug Treatment, and Save More on Crime Reduction - 06:02

Global Health: Fatal Malaria in the U.S. More Common Than Previously Known - 06:02

Q&A: A Dry Side Effect - 06:02

Heart Attack Survivors Often Fail to Take Statins - 06:02

Sugary Drinks Tied to Accelerated Brain Aging - 06:02

Take a Number: Common Nursery Products Send Thousands of Children to Hospitals - 06:02

Meditation for Real Life: How to Be Mindful While Gardening - 06:02

Diet Sodas Tied to Dementia and Stroke - 06:02

Beer Drinkers May Develop Irregular Heart Rhythms - 06:02

Global Health: Inexpensive Drug Prevents Deaths in New Mothers, Study Finds - 06:02

Public Health: What Changed in the Health Repeal Plan to Win Over the Freedom Caucus - 06:02

Op-Ed Contributors: How Trump Could Save Obamacare, and Help Himself - 06:02

Diagnosis: What Caused This College Student’s Stomach Pain and Vomiting? - 06:01

Winning While Pregnant: How Athletes Do It - 06:01

Video Games Help Model Brain’s Neurons - 06:01

The Checkup: Fending Off Math Anxiety - 06:01

The New Old Age: Could Be the Thyroid; Could Be Ennui. Either Way, the Drug Isn’t Helping. - 06:01

Personal Health: After Knee or Hip Replacement, No Place Like Home - 06:01

Phys Ed: The Best Thing to Eat Before a Workout? Maybe Nothing at All - 06:01

Learning to Talk Like a Woman (or Man) - 06:01

Feature: The C.E.O. of H.I.V. - 06:01

Hard-Line Republican Caucus Backs Revised Bill to Repeal Obamacare - 06:01

Anthem Threatens to Leave Health Exchanges if Subsidies Are Halted - 06:01

Thursday the 20th of April 2017

A Transgender Learning Gap in the Emergency Room - 06:12

Marathons: An Especially Bad Day for a Heart Attack - 06:12

Trump Signs Law Taking Aim at Planned Parenthood Funding - 06:12

Michigan Doctor Is Accused of Genital Cutting of 2 Girls - 06:12

Trump Threatens Health Subsidies to Force Democrats to Bargain - 06:12

About New York: A Boy’s Life Is Lost to Sepsis. Thousands Are Saved in His Wake. - 06:12

Modern Love: A Dose of Empathy From My Syrian Doctor - 06:12

Public Health: Explaining the Health Payments That Trump Is Threatening to End - 06:12

Your Money: A Baby or Your Money Back: All About Fertility Clinic Package Deals - 06:12

Dr. Mark Wainberg, Who Identified a Key AIDS Drug, Dies at 71 - 06:12

Personal Health: The Cost of Not Taking Your Medicine - 06:11

Prince Harry Says He Sought Counseling Over His Mother’s Death - 06:11

The March for Science: Why Some Are Going, and Some Will Sit Out - 06:11

First Words: America’s New ‘Anxiety’ Disorder - 06:11

Public Health: Bare Market: What Happens if Places Have No Obamacare Insurers? - 06:11

Retired Miners Lament Trump’s Silence on Imperiled Health Plan - 06:11

Fixes: A Focus on Health to Resolve Urban Ills - 06:11