NY Times Health

Friday th 31st of August 2018

You’ll Never Guess Which Company Is Reinventing Health Benefits - 09:10

Ask Well: When Is a Baby Fully Protected by Vaccines? - 05:33

How Modern Medicine Has Changed the Supreme Court - 05:33

Too Many Chinese Children Need Glasses. Beijing Blames Video Games. - 03:59

Thursday th 30th of August 2018

England Proposes Ban on Selling Energy Drinks to Children - 11:40

A Fertility Doctor Used His Sperm on Unwitting Women. Their Children Want Answers. - 11:40

Wednesday th 29th of August 2018

Scotland to Provide Free Sanitary Products to Students - 11:20

Pollution May Dim Thinking Skills, Study in China Suggests - 04:24

Phys Ed: Exercise Now, Sit in Front of the TV Later - 04:24

The New Health Care: A Little-Known Windfall for Some Hospitals, Now Facing Big Cuts - 04:24

Putting Their Eggs, and Hopes, on Ice - 04:24

Tuesday th 28th of August 2018

S.T.D. Diagnoses Reach Record 2.3 Million New Cases in U.S. - 18:50

Inside a Neonatal Clinic in South Sudan: ‘In Some Ways, It Felt Wrong to Be Here’ - 12:10

Monday th 27th of August 2018

Breast-Feeding Mothers Should Avoid Marijuana, Pediatricians Say - 17:40

China Has Withheld Samples of a Dangerous Flu Virus - 13:50

How to Tame Health Care Spending? Here’s a One-Percent Solution - 10:40

Women Struggling to Get Pregnant Turn to Fertility Apps - 09:22

Personal Health: The Heartbreakers at Chain Restaurants - 04:32

INTERNETTING WITH AMANDA HESS: The Dark Side of the Male Fitness Internet - 04:32

Saturday th 25th of August 2018

England to Allow Women to Take Early Abortion Pill at Home - 09:11

Friday th 24th of August 2018

Big Tobacco’s Global Reach on Social Media - 16:10

Heart Risks Tied to Parkinson’s Disease - 13:10

Former Head of C.D.C. Arrested on Sex Abuse Charge - 12:00

Ask Well: Do Collagen Supplements Help Skin, Hair, Nails and Joints? - 04:32

Thursday th 23rd of August 2018

Purveyors of Juice-Box Style, Nicotine-Filled E-Liquids Quit Selling the Products - 14:10

The Camaraderie of the Long-Distance Relay Runner - 12:50

E-Cigarettes May Raise Risk for Heart Attack - 12:10

Voices: When Your Heart Fails You - 04:18

Rites of Passage: Talking Sex With Dad (in the Ford Taurus) - 04:18

Wednesday th 22nd of August 2018

Hilary Lister, a Quadriplegic Who Sailed Solo, Dies at 46 - 19:33

Depression in Mothers Impacts a Child’s Immune and Psychological Health - 15:50

Frequent Home Moves May Increase a Child’s Risk of Psychosis - 10:10

Air Pollution Is Shortening Your Life. Here’s How Much. - 08:40

Living With Cancer: Tracking Cancer and Ancestry, With Mysteries in Each - 04:56

Phys Ed: How You Felt About Gym Class May Impact Your Exercise Habits Today - 04:56

Netherlands Dispatch: Fighting Dementia With Memories of Childhood and Happy Times - 04:56

Tuesday th 21st of August 2018

The Healthier Your Heart, the Healthier Your Brain May Be - 16:50

Square Feet: If Food Is Medicine, These Are the Labs - 15:40

Is Coconut Oil Good or Bad for You? - 10:50

Take a Number: You’re Getting Very Sleepy. (So Is Everyone Else.) - 02:31

Monday th 20th of August 2018

A Chinese Pharmacist Found Out He Had Cancer. Then He Vanished. - 14:40

The Checkup: Let Kids Play - 09:50

Personal Health: What Twins Can Teach Us About Nature vs. Nurture - 05:30

Sunday th 19th of August 2018

Trilobites: Before You Flush Your Contact Lenses, You Might Want to Know This - 05:12

Friday th 17th of August 2018

For Babies, Solid Food at 3 Months May Lead to Sounder Sleep - 14:50

Ask Well: How Do You Die From Leukemia? - 04:15

The New Old Age: A Retirement Community Turned Away These Married Women - 04:15

Thursday th 16th of August 2018

F.D.A. Approves Generic EpiPen That May Be Cheaper - 16:40

How Karate Helped an Aging Expert Age Better - 04:15

Wednesday th 15th of August 2018

Report Finds Traces of a Controversial Herbicide in Cheerios and Quaker Oats - 23:10