NY Times Health

Wednesday th 19th of December 2018

Juul May Get Billions in Deal With One of World’s Largest Tobacco Companies - 17:20

Top Cancer Doctor Resigns as Editor of Medical Journal - 16:40

More Pets, Fewer Allergies - 14:10

Doctors: The Hospital’s Gift of Downtime - 06:40

Phys Ed: How Exercise May Make Us Healthier - 06:40

GlaxoSmithKline and Pfizer to Merge Consumer Health Units - 06:40

Tuesday th 18th of December 2018

Judge Seeks Monitoring of CVS and Aetna During Antitrust Review - 19:40

Nearly 40,000 People Died From Guns in U.S. Last Year, Highest in 50 Years - 17:00

Breast-Feeding Tied to Smaller Waist Size in Mother - 17:00

How to Help Teenagers Quit Vaping - 17:00

Addicted to Vaped Nicotine, Teenagers Have No Clear Path to Quitting - 17:00

Taking Surprise Medical Bills to Court - 06:00

Is There an Optimal Diet for Humans? - 06:00

Set It and Forget It. How Better Contraception Could Be a Secret to Reducing Poverty - 04:40

Monday th 17th of December 2018

Global Health: An Island Nation Starts an Experiment: Vaccines Delivered by Drone - 19:00

Nebraska Petition Seeks Medical Marijuana Ballot Measure in 2020 - 17:50

Global Health: The World Needs a Urine Test for TB. But It’s Already Here. - 16:30

Study Shows Big Rise in Teen Vaping This Year - 16:30

When Report Cards Go Out on Fridays, Child Abuse Increases on Saturdays, Study Finds - 12:00

Personal Health: The Brain Fog of Menopause - 06:00

The Checkup: The Case for Creative Play in a Digital Age - 06:00

Sunday th 16th of December 2018

Some Kotex Tampons Recalled After Coming Apart and Leaving Parts Inside the Body - 18:40

Fact Check: Trump Officials Say Drug Prices Are Inflated. So Are Some of Their Claims on a Solution. - 17:20

Saturday th 15th of December 2018

Health Law Could Be Hard to Knock Down Despite Judge’s Ruling - 18:10

Friday th 14th of December 2018

What Is Talc, Where Is It Used and Why Is Asbestos a Concern? - 22:00

Texas Judge Strikes Down Obama’s Affordable Care Act as Unconstitutional - 22:00

Q&A: Albinism Strips Pigment From the Body, Including the Eyes - 16:20

Ask Well: Is Eating Deli Meats Really That Bad for You? - 06:40

Thursday th 13th of December 2018

Times Insider: When Investigative Reporting Means Seeking Access to a Subject’s Mind - 17:20

Mapping the Brain’s Genetic Landscape - 16:00

N.I.H. to Scrutinize Private Donations to Scientific Research Projects - 12:44

‘That Way Madness Lies …’ Review: A Terrifying True Story, Ordinarily Told - 07:50

Women With Heart Emergencies Less Likely to Get Proper Care - 06:10

Doctors: International Patients, Seeking Cures in the States - 06:10

Voices: Am I ‘Old’? - 06:10

U.S. Diplomats With Mysterious Illness in Cuba Had Inner-Ear Damage, Doctors Say - 00:30

Wednesday th 12th of December 2018

Starting School Later Really Does Help Teens Get Sleep - 19:30

Christmas Is a Peak Time for Heart Attacks - 19:30

Fetal Tissue Research Is Curtailed by Trump Administration - 13:50

Phys Ed: Is Aerobic Exercise the Key to Successful Aging? - 06:10

Tuesday th 11th of December 2018

How Do You Recover After Millions Have Watched You Overdose? - 13:30

Can We Ever Be Truly Fearless? - 06:50

Monday th 10th of December 2018

Global Health: In Remote Villages, Surprising New Measures Save Children With Malaria - 12:30

Is Screen Time Bad for Kids’ Brains? - 12:30

Hospital-Acquired Infections Are Declining - 05:50

Personal Health: How to Foster Empathy in Children - 05:50

The Checkup: Why Is Children’s Masturbation Such a Secret? - 05:50

Friday th 7th of December 2018

U.N. AIDS Agency Is in ‘State of Crisis’ and Needs New Leader, Report Says - 17:10

Six Michigan Doctors Charged in $464 Million Insurance and Opioid Scheme - 15:50

Gender letter: Does ‘Having It All’ Mean Doing It All? - 11:20