NY Times Health

Friday th 21st of July 2017

Ask Well: Should We Be Buying Iodized Salt? - 06:22

A Drug Maker Spends Big in Washington to Make Itself Heard - 05:02

Thursday th 20th of July 2017

These Americans Hated the Health Law. Until the Idea of Repeal Sank In. - 22:22

Congressional Memo: In a Cruel Summer for the G.O.P., ‘Things Are Starting to Feel Incoherent’ - 16:42

Something Strange in Usain Bolt’s Stride - 11:02

Long Workdays May Be Bad for Your Heart - 11:02

Trilobites: A Sensor on Your Skin That Looks and Feels Like a Temporary Tattoo - 11:02

John McCain’s Brain Cancer Carries a Troubling Prognosis - 09:02

Certain Antibiotics May Increase Risk of Birth Defects - 07:42

Doctors: The Risk of Exertional Heatstroke to Young Athletes - 06:22

Wednesday th 19th of July 2017

A New Brooklyn Clinic for Hotel Workers Who Enjoy No-Cost Care - 17:32

Trump Defends Health Care Bill Over Lunch With G.O.P. Senators - 16:12

Tina Howe Copes With Caregiving and Other Late-in-Life Storms - 12:42

Are You a Carboholic? Why Cutting Carbs Is So Tough - 05:42

Phys Ed: The Toll of Exercise on the Heart (and Why You May Not Need to Worry) - 05:42

Tuesday th 18th of July 2017

How the Senate Health Care Bill Failed: G.O.P. Divisions and a Fed-Up President - 22:22

‘Plan C’ on Obamacare, Repeal Now and Replace Later, Has Collapsed - 13:12

Economic Scene: In Health Care, Republicans Could Learn From Rwanda - 11:54

Uber Discriminates Against Riders With Disabilities, Lawsuit Says - 11:54

After Decades of War, Colombian Farmers Face a New Test: Peace - 03:12

Monday th 17th of July 2017

Health Care Overhaul Collapses as Two More Republican Senators Defect - 21:12

As Workouts Intensify, a Harmful Side Effect Grows More Common - 19:12

Global Health: Houston Braces for Another Brush With the Peril of Zika - 12:22

In South Asian Social Castes, a Living Lab for Genetic Disease - 10:32

The Checkup: Why Smoking in Films Harms Children - 06:42

Personal Health: With Cancer Screening, Better Safe Than Sorry? - 06:42

Sunday th 16th of July 2017

McCain’s Surgery May Be More Serious Than Thought, Experts Say - 18:22

Saturday th 15th of July 2017

Families of Tuskegee Syphilis Study Victims Seek Leftover Settlement Fund - 15:12

In Clash Over Health Bill, a Growing Fear of ‘Junk Insurance’ - 14:32

Friday th 14th of July 2017

‘To the Bone’ Opens Frank Dialogue on Eating Disorders: ‘They Steal Your Voice’ - 16:52

The New Health Care: Don’t Assume That Private Insurance Is Better Than Medicaid - 09:12

Public Health: Revised Senate Health Bill Tries to Win Votes, but Has Fewer Winners - 09:12

Ask Well: Why Does My Dentist Give Me So Many X-Rays? - 08:42

Ties: Love Letter to My Future Surrogate - 06:12

Thursday th 13th of July 2017

A Tide of Opioid-Dependent Newborns Forces Doctors to Rethink Treatment - 21:52

Senate G.O.P. Leaders to Unveil Health Care Bill to Win Over Skeptics - 10:22

Wet Hot American Summer. In Running Shoes. - 05:32

When Your Doctor Is Fitter Than You Are - 05:32

Wednesday th 12th of July 2017

Entrepreneurship: Fat Freezing Helps Doctors Enhance Physiques, and Their Revenue - 21:32

The Chemicals in Your Mac and Cheese - 21:32

F.D.A. Panel Recommends Approval for Gene-Altering Leukemia Treatment - 15:52

Phys Ed: High-Intensity Workouts May Be Good at Any Age - 06:32

Feature: A Small-Town Police Officer’s War on Drugs - 06:32

Oscar Health to Join Humana in a Small Business Venture - 06:32

Tuesday th 11th of July 2017

F.D.A. Deal Would Relax Rules on Reporting Medical Device Problems - 22:12

W.H.O. Likely to Scrap Plan to Ship Cholera Vaccine to Yemen - 14:12

A Spanish Airline’s Unusual Job Requirement: A Pregnancy Test - 14:12

Tobacco Gets More Screen Time in Blockbuster Movies, Study Shows - 09:12

The Gentler Symptoms of Dying - 09:12

Empathy Lessons: Doctors With Disabilities: Why They’re Important - 05:32