The Guardian - Science

Friday the 29th of May 2015

Legal highs: what drugs will be banned in the UK? - 07:00

Banning legal highs: the biggest obstacle is the human brain - 06:30

Phablets and fauxhawks: the linguistic secrets of a good blended word - 02:30

How has publishing changed in the last 50 years, and what has this meant to scientists? - 02:30

'Sceptical environmentalist' Bjorn Lomborg on climate change - podcast - 01:30

Ida, fossil that fascinated the world, may miss out on missing link status - 01:00

Face transplants – a short history - 01:00

Fossil Ida: Extraordinary find is 'missing link' in human evolution - 00:30

Psychoactive substances ban will 'end brain research' in Britain, experts warn - 00:30

Fossil of dinosaur-eating snake found - 00:00

Thursday the 28th of May 2015

Amnesia researchers use light to restore 'lost' memories in mice - 23:30

Dog attack victim gets world's first face transplant - 23:01

Freedom and liberty should not be red flags for climate science denial, but they are - 23:01

'Missing link' in shark evolution found in 380m-year-old Australian fossil - 23:00

Woman comes face to face with her dead brother's transplanted face - 22:00

Doctors prescribing antibiotics for gonorrhea that no longer work - 18:00

Science magazine retracts same-sex marriage and gay canvassers study - 16:30

Readers recommend: songs that build - 14:30

No place for animal experiments that cross the line - 13:30

Gender and racial bias can be 'unlearnt' during sleep, new study suggests - 13:30

Swiss scientists plug hole in cheese knowledge - 10:30

How can we best assess the neuropsychological effects of violent video game play? - 09:00

Gay conversion therapy ruins lives. We cannot afford to keep it legal - 07:00

Creators defend vanilla flavour made using synthetic biology - 07:00

Can brands change their personality? Psychology has the answer - 06:30

How can we stop big science hoovering up all the research funding? - 05:30

Water: the strangest chemical in the universe – video - 04:30

Vitamin D may help to curb breast cancer, say scientists - 03:00

Wednesday the 27th of May 2015

Breast cancer could be 'stopped in its tracks' by new technique, say scientists - 19:00

UK's cancer death rates blamed on delays in sending patients for tests - 18:30

Plantwatch: Dog for the bones - 16:00

Prehistoric skull with puncture wounds could be world's first murder mystery - 14:30

Beware the wounded robot: scientists develop machines that adapt to injury - 14:00

Drugs to keep people with HIV alive should be given without delay, trial finds - 14:00

How much for your Nobel prize? A buyer’s guide to the world’s top trophies - 13:30

Siri Lowe obituary - 11:00

The real threat to global security isn’t Islamic State – it’s burning fossil fuels - 08:30

Most glaciers in Mount Everest area will disappear with climate change – study - 02:30

China rounds up ancient tomb raiders - 02:00

Watch the skies: the season for rare and mysterious noctilucent clouds is here - 02:00

Tuesday the 26th of May 2015

Physicist puts Nobel prize medal up for auction - 18:30

Mediterranean-style diet may halve womb cancer risk, study suggests - 18:30

Thorny frog and dementor wasp among new species discovered in Mekong - 18:30

Skin cancer patients successfully treated with herpes-based drug - 15:30

Grand Theft Author: why read books in 100 years when you could steal them? - 12:30

Birds identify good nuts by listening to them - 12:30

Dawn of the cyborgs: how humans will turn themselves into gods - 11:00

Global warming could spread US ragweed to UK, causing misery for hayfever sufferers - 05:00

Did you solve it? Denise's birthday brainteaser - video - 03:30

How to solve it: Cheryl's birthday puzzle part two, Denise's revenge - 01:30