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Friday the 19th of September 2014

Science Weekly podcast: David Nutt reveals the truth about drugs - 12:30

US navy laser cannon shoots down drone during testing - video - 08:31

Royal Society 2014 Winton Prize for Science Books shortlist announced - 04:00

Ig Nobel prize for discovery that opera is good for a mouse's heart - 02:10

Ig Nobels honour dead salmon's 'brain activity' in improbable research awards - 02:10

Comments, comets and cannabis - blogs roundup - 01:42

Faith and Wisdom in Science by Tom McLeish, review rich and discursive - 00:30

Thursday the 18th of September 2014

Ig Nobels: British researchers take coveted science humour prize - 18:40

What happened when I had my genome sequenced - 13:31

Astronomy Photographer of the Year 2014 - in pictures - 07:40

Worms jawbone: how a zoological curiosity became a historical treasure - 06:10

DNA study reveals third group of ancient ancestors of modern Europeans - 03:00

Birth weight is strongly affected by the mother's own diet as a child - 01:30

Cannabis use in teens, suicide and school dropout: the jury is still out - 01:30

From online dating to driverless cars, machine learning is everywhere - 01:30

From online dating to driverless cars, machine learning is everywhere - 01:30

Brainstorm in a teacup: can epilepsy fuel creativity? - 00:31

Self help: forget positive thinking, try positive action - 00:00

Wednesday the 17th of September 2014

Why acupuncture is giving sceptics the needle - 18:30

Fried and grilled meat may raise risk of diabetes and dementia - 17:00

Can Boeing and SpaceX help Nasa take space travel back from Russia? - 13:01

Artificial sweeteners may promote diabetes, claim scientists - 12:31

Test your science knowledge - 06:30

Scientists latch on to colossal squid - 05:31

The Imitation Game is strangely shy about Alan Turings sexuality - 05:31

Richard III died in battle after losing helmet, new research shows - 05:31

US launches mystery satellite into space - video - 03:30

Giving birth and boozing? The risks of drinking during pregnancy - 01:30

Ambulance-chasing Large Hadron Collider collisions - 01:30

A giant in New York. Lonesome George returns from the dead - 01:30

Tuesday the 16th of September 2014

Transit of Venus: stargazers prepare for rare planetary spectacle - 22:00

SpaceX Dragon capsule docks at International Space Station - video - 18:30

Nasa grants Boeing and SpaceX contracts for manned space flights - 15:30

Running science as a Ponzi scheme - 11:30

Texas proposes rewriting school text books to deny manmade climate change - 10:31

Monday the 15th of September 2014

Nasa will 'miss goal to find 90% of nearby potentially dangerous asteroids' - 19:31

Landing on a comet: animation of Rosetta's mission - video - 16:30

India scents victory in Asian space race to Mars - 10:10

Revolutionary diving suit to be used at site of 'world's oldest computer' find - 09:11

Rosetta's probe may land 500 metres from jets that produce comet's tail - 09:11

Rosetta's mission impossible on comet 67P interactive graphic - 08:16

Donald Bailey obituary - 07:30

Five sigma and all that - 07:01

Eyewitness: Caithness, Scotland - 06:00

Comet landing site announced by Rosetta mission team - 06:00

Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind - podcast - 01:30

Sunday the 14th of September 2014

Starwatch: The ice giants - 16:00

Dame Julia Polak - 11:30

Why the story of materials is really the story of civilisation - 01:30

Saturday the 13th of September 2014

So you think you know where babies come from? - 18:30