The Guardian - Science

Friday the 31st of October 2014

Rosetta selfie, bands of Mars and ghostly spokes of Saturn in pictures - 11:31

Pumpkins, plutonium and polio - blogs roundup - 07:30

European newts and salamanders at risk from deadly skin-eating fungus - 06:31

Asda, offensive halloween costumes and mental health stigma - 04:30

Monstrous Science: How the Yeti gets research funded - 03:31

The stereotype of scientist as crazy genius does no favours to the mentally ill - 03:00

The curse of the Halloween baby: women avoid giving birth on 'evil day' - 00:00

Thursday the 30th of October 2014

Halloween: the science of cashing in - 18:30

Nasa's next generation of spacecraft and rocket designs stress safety and escape - 17:30

World Bank pledges $100m to send health workers to Ebola-hit countries - 09:30

Plant scientists urge Europe to stop blocking GM trials on political grounds - 06:30

Drug laws amount to scientific censorship, says David Nutt - 02:30

Pumpkin geometry: stunning shadow sculptures that illuminate an ancient mathematical technique - 01:30

Wednesday the 29th of October 2014

Sad students see science experiments go up in smoke aboard Antares rocket - 15:30

New frog species found in New York - 14:30

Ebola may have reached turning point, says Wellcome Trust director - 14:00

Scientists grow miniature human stomachs from stem cells - 13:30

Mysteries of the universe: Cern's astonishing unseen archive in pictures - 13:00

Antares disaster is stark reminder of the 'incredible dangers' of spaceflight - 12:30

Russian rocket manufacturer insists it is not to blame for Antares crash - 12:30

Google is developing a cancer and heart attack-detecting pill - 12:00

Antares rocket explodes seconds after launch in Virginia - in pictures - 11:30

No, you cant fly over a rainbow that would break the laws of physics - 07:30

Quiz: what mental disorder do you have? - 02:30

Tuesday the 28th of October 2014

Life aboard the International Space Station - 20:30

SpaceX resupply mission postponed due to technical problems after launch - 20:00

Rocket explodes and crashes after takeoff from Nasa base - video - 20:00

Antares rocket explodes at Nasa base seconds after launch - 18:30

Susan Greenfield and the rise of the Facebook zombies - 14:30

The real-life Indiana Jones on the hunt for lost ancient Mayan cities in Mexico - 13:00

Film funded by ESA tells the story of comet-chasing spacecraft Rosetta - 12:02

A message from Martha by Mark Avery - review - 11:30

Jonas Salk: Google doodle celebrates polio vaccine pioneer - 09:00

Met Office says new supercomputer will provide more reliable weather warnings - 06:00

Monday the 27th of October 2014

Remember Movember: the science behind the moustache - 13:01

William and Kate: whatever you do, don't call him Kevin - 11:00

Chocolate component reverses memory loss in older people, claims study - 11:00

To claim someone has 'Viking ancestors' is no better than astrology - 08:30

The guillemots of Skomer need YOU! - 03:00

Astronomers capture first ever images of an exploding fireball from a nova star - 02:30

Solutions to Martin Gardner's best mathematical puzzles - 02:30

Sunday the 26th of October 2014

The Saturday interview: Harvard biologist Edward Wilson - 18:20

Starwatch: The November night sky - 16:50

Jack Dominian obituary - 13:22

Saturday the 25th of October 2014

William Burroughss drugs cure inspires Alzheimers researcher - 18:30

Youre powered by quantum mechanics. No, really - 18:30

SpaceX Dragon concludes fifth mission to International Space Station - video - 11:00

Regrown finger is 'junk science' - 08:00

Google executive Alan Eustace jumps 130,000ft from edge of space - video - 05:30

A hummingbird and his man - 04:30