The Guardian - Science

Friday the 6th of March 2015

Royal Society celebrates 350 years of scientific publishing - 09:30

Iraq's Nimrud before it was destroyed by Isis - video - 08:30

Dawn starts to orbit Ceres in mission to photograph dwarf planet - 08:30

Climate change: why the Guardian is putting threat to Earth front and centre - 08:00

Teachers, not Nobel laureates, are the experts in how to teach science - 08:00

First cancer genome sequences reveal how mutations lead to disease - 06:30

Caught by the lens: the hidden secrets of nature – in pictures - 06:30

Cuba approves first therapeutic vaccine for lung cancer - 06:00

Viruses may raise the risk of lung cancer - 06:00

Research leaders: funding 'blackmail in Senate' risks sending jobs overseas - 04:30

Lung cancer stem cell therapy to be trialled in UK - 03:00

350 years of the scientific journal: celebrating the anniversary of Philosophical Transactions - 03:00

Images of star exploding four times captured by astronomers - 00:30

Thursday the 5th of March 2015

Archaeologists find two lost cities deep in Honduras jungle - 20:00

Curiosity finds ancient riverbed on Mars - 16:31

Curiosity rover finds evidence Mars lost its atmosphere 4bn years ago - 16:00

Another Mars mission: has Nasa made the wrong choice? - 15:30

Nasa finds evidence of a vast ancient ocean on Mars - 14:30

John Muranka hopes to give Bradford City a psychological edge over Reading - 13:30

What came first, the chicken or the egg? The definitive answer - 12:31

What’s the big deal with spitting? - 11:30

The strange world of felt presences - 08:30

Major laser: the brightest light in the universe, photographed B-movie style - 08:30

Arctic sea ice is getting thinner faster than expected - 05:00

Chappie review – robot boy grows up to become angry robot teen - 04:00

We can make science funding go further by better sharing equipment - 03:00

Uncertainty over research funding is corrosive, Mr Pyne. Australia needs scientists - 01:30

Scarlet signs of spring - 01:00

Wednesday the 4th of March 2015

Psychedelic drugs like LSD could be used to treat depression, study suggests - 20:00

Oldest dinosaur nests discovered in South Africa - 18:00

The Guardian view on the Large Hadron Collider: back to the future - 15:00

Expressing ourselves in uncertain terms - 15:00

Jaw bone discovered in Ethiopia is oldest known human lineage remains - 13:31

Smartphones are addictive and should carry health warning, say academics - 13:01

Why media coverage of alternative cancer cures is dangerous - 12:30

Rules for the black birdwatcher - 05:00

Sexing up the human pheromone story: How a corporation started a scientific myth - 04:02

Men are too insecure about penis size to ever stop worrying it - 03:30

The most important article you’ll ever read - 02:30

Feeling paranoid? Your worries are justified but can be helped - 02:30

Australian science research facilities prepare for shutdown as government refuses to secure funding - 02:00

Burnt cakes and ticking bombs - 01:00

Tuesday the 3rd of March 2015

Statins work for those at highest risk of heart attack – study - 22:20

Kew funding is 'recipe for disaster', warn MPs - 20:00

Cockroach robots? Not nightmare fantasy but science lab reality - 19:30

Mars rover Curiosity halts its work after short circuit - 19:30

Is cannabis a gateway drug? - 18:30

Cannabis: what's in a name? - 17:00

Drugs Live: Cannabis on Trial - live blog - 17:00

Breast cancer patient’s daily headgear selfies raise £8,000 for Macmillan - 12:30