Science Blog

Tuesday the 24th of May 2016

As more states legalize marijuana, adolescents’ problems with pot decline - 12:20

Study documents African monkeys eating bats - 09:21

Researchers identify genes linked to the effects of mood and stress on longevity - 07:51

Exercise, future anticancer therapy? - 07:51

Smoking during pregnancy associated with increased risk of schizophrenia in offspring - 07:51

Monday the 23rd of May 2016

Hacking memory to follow through with intentions - 17:31

Strange reptile fossil hints at rapid evolution after mass extinction - 17:31

Engineers take first step toward flexible, wearable, tricoder-like device - 17:31

Link between cancer & light therapy inconclusive but warrants consideration - 17:31

Changing gut bacteria through diet affects brain function - 17:31

Friday the 20th of May 2016

Blindness and visual impairment will double by 2050 - 08:40

Bright light alters metabolism - 08:40

Gut biome and immune system team to keep mind sharp - 08:40

Your genes may help you with speed dating - 08:40

Taking control of key protein stifles cancer spread in mice - 08:40

Wednesday the 18th of May 2016

novel, non-toxic approach to treating variety of cancers - 21:01

Panda poop study provides insights into microbiome, reproductive troubles - 21:01

Your friends have more friends than you do - 21:01

Evidence of repeated rapid retreat of the East Antarctic ice sheet - 21:01

Photonics advances have major implications for the search for extraterrestrial intelligence - 21:01

Bubble volcano: Shaking, popping by earthquakes may cause eruptions - 20:30

Melatonin reduces blood pressure and tunes up disrupted circadian rhythms in the elderly - 02:20

Genetic switch turned on during fasting helps stop inflammation - 02:20

Relationship satisfaction depends on the mating pool, study finds - 02:20

Can sesame-based ingredients reduce oxidative stress? - 02:20

To segment words, the brain could be using statistical methods - 02:20

Monday the 16th of May 2016

Clues to ancient giant asteroid found in Australia - 09:30

Physical activity is ‘magic bullet’ for pandemics of obesity, cardiovascular disease - 09:30

Artificial intelligence replaces physicists - 09:30

What foods can help fight the risk of chronic inflammation? - 09:30

Pitchers risk greater injury if MLB cuts time between pitches - 09:30

Friday the 13th of May 2016

Another reason for wine lovers to toast resveratrol - 17:20

When selling good karma goes bad - 17:20

Scientists use astronomical software to date 2,500 year-old lyric poem - 17:20

Rapid eye movement sleep: Keystone of memory formation - 17:20

Study: Symptoms of ‘chronic multisymptom illness’ may be common in Iraq, Afghanistan vets - 17:20

Thursday the 12th of May 2016

Poaching of old forest elephant matriarchs threatens rainforests - 17:10

New method enables robots with human-like grace and precision - 16:40

How light is detected affects the atom that emits it - 16:40

Ophthalmologist recommends UV protection inside cars - 16:40

NASA directly observes fundamental process of nature for 1st time - 16:40

Eyewitnesses’ memories darken skin color - 16:40

Rare human disease found in dogs - 16:10

Wednesday the 11th of May 2016

Crowd-augmented cognition - 16:30

CDC study looks at link between age at first solid foods and later child obesity - 16:30

How urban living affects children’s mental health - 16:30

Large reductions in prison population can be made without endangering public safety - 16:30

Fast casual restaurant entrées higher in calories than fast food - 16:01

PTSD linked to low levels of fat hormone - 16:01

Tuesday the 10th of May 2016

Small brain area plays key role in making everyday decisions - 15:50