Science Blog

Friday the 31st of July 2015

Shoring up Tor - 11:20

Bering Sea Hotspot for Corals and Sponges - 11:20

Changing Clocks & Changing Seasons: Scientists Find Role for Neuronal Plasticity - 11:20

Identifying a key growth factor in cell proliferation - 11:20

Free fitness iPhone apps fail to meet American College of Sports Medicine exercise guidelines - 11:20

Paralyzed men move legs with new non-invasive spinal cord stimulation - 11:20

Structures Reveal Basis of Recurring Urinary Tract Infections - 11:20

Study: For most Vietnam veterans with PTSD, symptoms worse over time - 11:20

Feds ID gene variant linked to compulsive drinking - 11:20

Starvation Effects Handed Down for Generations - 11:20

Thursday the 30th of July 2015

With racial segregation declining between neighborhoods, segregation now taking new form - 08:00

Wednesday the 29th of July 2015

Shortest Wavelength Plasmons Ever Spotted in Single Walled Nanotubes - 11:00

Landslides Triggered by Nepal Earthquakes - 11:00

Previously unknown microbial ‘drama’ playing out in the Southern Ocean - 11:00

Colonoscopies of the future: Adjustable-focus endoscope helps to reduce discomfort - 11:00

Scientists unlock secrets of stars through aluminium - 11:00

Can the emerging middle class make Coca-Cola lose its fizz? - 11:00

Study finds brain chemicals that keep wakefulness in check - 11:00

Yarn from slaughterhouse waste - 11:00

Rogue wave theory could help save ships - 11:00

Boxfish shell inspires new materials for body armor and flexible electronics - 11:00

Finding Link Between Autism-Like Behaviors and Genetic Mutation - 10:30

Tuesday the 28th of July 2015

Coffee consumption habits impact the risk of mild cognitive impairment - 17:00

The ‘Happy Meal effect’: Little bribes spark better eating habits - 10:30

40% of adults worldwide have never heard of climate change - 10:30

Experimental MERS vaccine shows promise in animal studies - 10:30

Diabetics who skip breakfast provoke hazardous blood sugar spikes - 10:30

‘Carbon sink’ detected underneath world’s deserts - 10:30

Humpback whale recovery in Australia — A cause for celebration - 10:30

High-fat maternal diet changes newborn heart ‘tastebuds’ - 10:30

Washington, DC sinking to a new low — literally - 10:30

A single hair shows researchers what a bear has been eating - 10:30

A new litmus test for chaos? - 10:30

Hormones Influence Unethical Behavior - 10:00

Chemicals in House Dust May Trigger Receptor Linked to Obesity - 10:00

Movement Tracking Technology Sheds Light on Different Speech Disorders in Children - 10:00

Monday the 27th of July 2015

College social life can predict well-being at midlife - 14:50

Recurrent ovarian cancer patients may have hope - 14:50

Almonds contribute little to carbon emissions, study finds - 14:50

Go ahead, be sarcastic - 14:50

Yale study identifies ‘major player’ in skin cancer genes - 12:50

It don’t mean a thing if the brain ain’t got that swing - 12:20

Exercise mimic molecule may help treat diabetes and obesity - 12:20

Sochi Winter Olympics ‘cost billions more than estimated’ - 12:20

Scientists study predator-prey behavior between sharks and turtles - 12:20

In lab tests, new therapy slows spread of deadly brain tumor cells - 12:20

Insulin resistance increases risk for Alzheimer’s disease - 12:20

Researchers predict material with record-setting melting point - 12:20

Simple procedure using a nasal balloon can help treat hearing loss in children - 12:20

Quantum networks: Back and forth are not equal distances! - 12:20