Science Blog

Monday the 20th of April 2015

Children with Autism Have Extra Synapses in Brain - 15:20

DNA ‘spool’ modification affects aging and longevity - 11:00

New tactic targets brain tumors - 10:30

Quantum model reveals surface structure of water - 10:30

Drugs that activate brain stem cells may reverse multiple sclerosis - 10:30

Technology can transfer human emotions to your palm through air - 10:30

Overnight fasting may reduce breast cancer risk in women - 08:00

Broccoli sprout extract promising for head and neck cancer prevention - 08:00

For many US teachers, the classroom is a lonely place - 08:00

College rankings go under the microscope - 08:00

Big Butts Aren’t Everything to Male Baboons - 07:30

Evolutionary history of whales, dolphins and sea turtles - 07:30

Complex cognition shaped the Stone Age hand axe, study shows - 07:30

Smokers Who Use E-Cigarettes Less Likely to Quit - 07:30

Friday the 17th of April 2015

A blueprint for clearing the skies of space debris - 12:30

Should they stay or go? Study finds no harm when hospitals allow familes to observe CPR - 12:30

New genetic mutation could signal start of malaria drug resistance in Africa - 12:00

Text messages a good way to support mothers with postpartum depression - 12:00

Mouth, as well as gut, could hold key to liver disease flare-ups - 12:00

2 drugs reduce teacher-rated anxiety, in addition to ADHD, aggression - 12:00

Study links brain anatomy, academic achievement, and family income - 12:00

Smoking and mother’s genetics combine to increase likelihood of twins - 12:00

Cancer and chemobrain: Cancer diagnosis affects cognitive function - 12:00

Just screw it: Why winemakers ditched cork for caps - 10:40

Thursday the 16th of April 2015

Pro golfers live a lonely life of rivalries and meager income - 21:00

Thumbnail track pad - 17:00

Genetics Provides New Clues about Lionfish Invasion - 16:30

Western lifestyle may limit the diversity of bacteria in the gut - 16:30

Today is [Insert Health Issue Here] Awareness Day — is that making us healthier? - 16:00

‘Survival of the fittest’ may take a back seat to wealth, power - 15:30

Encountering a wall corrects ‘GPS’ cells in mouse brains, study finds - 15:30

Major Advance in Artificial Photosynthesis Poses Win/Win for the Environment - 15:30

Death of giant galaxies spreads from the core - 15:30

Study finds major vascular anomalies in the brai - 15:30

Could maple syrup help cut use of antibiotics? - 15:30

Housework keeps older adults more physically and emotionally fit - 15:30

Rare monkey photographed in Congo’s Ntokou-Pikounda - 15:30

Adverse childhood events appear to increase the risk of being a hypertensive adult - 15:30

Scientists use brain stimulation to boost creativity, set stage to treat depression - 15:30

Wednesday the 15th of April 2015

On the Road to Spin-orbitronics - 11:00

For Ultra-cold Neutrino Experiment, a Successful Demonstration - 11:00

Don’t blame kids if they do not enjoy school, study suggests - 11:00

Scientists develop mesh that captures oil—but lets water through - 11:00

Most partisans treat politics like sports rivalries - 10:30

Nanoparticles fighting plaque - 10:30

Deepwater Horizon catastrophe continues to plague Gulf Coast communities - 10:30

Female chimps more likely to use tools when hunting - 10:30

A New Potential Cause for Alzheimer’s: Arginine Deprivation - 10:30

Medicare Announces Coverage for Annual HIV Test - 10:30

Earth Day is on the horizon. But is ‘greener’ always better? - 10:30