Science Blog

Saturday the 27th of August 2016

Shifts in the microbiome impact tissue repair and regeneration - 09:31

Spherical tokamaks could provide path to limitless fusion energy - 09:31

Activity tracker uses heart rate to personalize amount of exercise needed to prevent death - 09:31

Researchers Find a New Way to Identify and Target Malignant Aging in Leukemia - 09:01

Integrating user-collected data in city planning - 09:01

Ranavirus study finds ‘super spreaders’ of disease - 09:01

Ready for kindergarten? Gap between rich and poor narrows, Stanford study finds - 09:01

New oral anticoagulants provide same stroke prevention as warfarin but cause less bleeding - 09:01

Crystal unclear: Why might this uncanny crystal change laser design? - 09:01

Friday the 26th of August 2016

Egyptian women say doctors don’t discourage female genital cutting, study finds - 12:11

Zika virus may persist in the vagina days after infection - 12:11

3-D-printed structures ‘remember’ their shapes - 11:41

Looking to saliva to gain insight on evolution - 11:41

Spitzer Space Telescope Begins ‘Beyond’ Phase - 11:41

Smartphone speech recognition can write text messages three times faster than human typing - 11:41

Blending wastewater may help California cope with drought - 11:41

Important advance made with new approach to ‘control’ cancer, not eliminate it - 11:41

Designing ultrasound tools with Lego-like proteins - 11:41

Study: Just thinking about quitting a job could have an impact on work performance - 08:51

Research sheds light (literally) on cellular forces - 08:51

Thursday the 25th of August 2016

Psychosis associated with low levels of physical activity - 09:31

Coffee drinking habits can be written in our DNA, study finds - 09:31

In unstable times, the brain reduces cell production to help cope - 09:01

Researchers pinpoint enzyme that triggers cell demise in ALS - 09:01

Elevating brain protein allays symptoms of Alzheimer’s and improves memory - 09:01

How easy is it to spot a lie? - 09:01

Using light to control genome editing - 08:31

In a good mood? Take advantage and do something unpleasant but necessary - 08:31

Scientists use ultrasound to jump-start a man’s brain after coma - 08:31

A better way to learn if alien planets have the right stuff - 08:31

Physicist’s DNA Chip Offers Big Possibilities in Cell, Cancer Studies - 08:31

The first autonomous, entirely soft robot - 08:31

Wednesday the 24th of August 2016

New Electrical Energy Storage Material Shows Its Power - 11:21

In Some Genetic Cases of Microcephaly, Stem Cells Fail to Launch - 11:21

NASA’s WISE, Fermi missions reveal a surprising blazar connection - 11:21

Norwegian prisons rehabilitate criminal offenders - 11:21

Chimpanzees Choose Cooperation Over Competition - 11:21

Cyber researchers create chip that checks for sabotage - 09:01

Parents, Listen up: Children Keep Still During Prayer - 08:31

Test for Damp Ground at Mars’ Seasonal Streaks Finds None - 08:31

Acupuncture may yield pain relief for children who have complex medical conditions - 08:31

NASA Symposium: Futuristic Space Exploration Concepts - 08:31

African bird shows signs of evil stepdad behavior - 08:31

New strategy holds promise for detecting bacterial infections in newborns - 08:31

Stanford research: How counselors can successful respond to a crisis via texting - 08:31

Tuesday the 23rd of August 2016

Phase III trial planned for drug to reduce brain swelling from stroke - 20:41

Why are we so afraid to leave children alone? - 20:41

Milk Truck Microbial Study Aims to Improve Dairy Food Safety and Quality - 13:31

Ancient air trapped in rock salt for 813 million years reveals clues to Earth’s past - 13:31

Musical Tastes Are Cultural in Origin, Not ‘Hard-wired’ in the Brain, Study Suggests - 12:31