Science Blog

Friday the 27th of November 2015

Scientists get first glimpse of black hole eating star, ejecting high-speed flare - 14:00

In Rim Fire’s wake, fungi hold hope for rebirth - 10:00

Synapse discovery could lead to new treatments for Alzheimer’s - 10:00

Increased CO2 enhances plankton growth, opposite of what was expected - 10:00

Graphene microphone outperforms traditional nickel and offers ultrasonic reach - 10:00

Personally tailored diabetes care reduces mortality in women but not men - 10:00

Wednesday the 25th of November 2015

Later socialization can beat childhood neglect — for prairie voles - 12:10

Warm Temperatures Worsen Cardiovascular Disease but not Diabetes Risk in Mice - 11:40

An extreme close-up on heat transfer - 11:40

Umbilical Cells Help Eye’s Neurons Connect - 11:40

Comet fragments best explanation of mysterious dimming star - 11:40

Tuesday the 24th of November 2015

Tracking Down the Missing Carbon From the Martian Atmosphere - 17:40

‘Ecosystem of influence’: Role of corporate funding in climate change discussion - 17:40

Scientists create malaria-blocking mosquitoes - 17:10

A Sticky Breakthrough - 16:00

Earth not due for a geomagnetic flip in the near future - 11:30

A new way to make X-rays - 11:30

Male and female drinking patterns becoming more alike in the US - 11:30

Cause of Deadly Disease in Snakes Identified - 11:30

Biologists induce flatworms to grow heads and brains of other species - 11:30

Mathematical model forecasts the path of breast cancer - 11:00

What do perceptions say about our world views? - 11:00

Monday the 23rd of November 2015

Genetics affect concussion recovery - 12:30

Adults Aged 50-59 Now Largest Age Group in Opioid Treatment Programs - 12:30

Study counters long-time practice of prescribing more fertility hormones - 12:30

Biologists Characterize New Form of mRNA Regulation - 12:30

Persian dwarf snake consists of 6 species - 12:30

Tracing the Roots of OCD in Pets and People - 11:30

Exercise could help protect brain against decline as we age - 11:30

Never mind the sugar—how much fat? - 11:30

Brainy bird: Pigeons uncommonly good at distinguishing cancerous from normal breast tissue - 11:30

Why CEOs delay sharing bad news—and how to stop it - 11:30

Sunday the 22nd of November 2015

How fast you move can predict how healthy you’ll be - 05:19

Hardened steels for more efficient engines - 05:19

Climate change: Warm water is mixing up life in the Arctic - 05:19

Research on kaons could challenge underlying principles of physics - 05:19

Featured Blog: Poetry of Science - 05:19

Thursday the 19th of November 2015

Intelligent gel attacks cancer - 12:40

‘Trigger debate’ over Indonesian mud volcano sheds light on dynamics of disasters - 12:10

Sequencing algae’s genome may aid biofuel production - 12:10

Seven minutes of meditation can reduce racial prejudice - 12:10

Finally! Henry Rollins gets a fossil fireworm named after him - 12:10

Closing low-performing NYC high schools had positive effects - 08:50

How a raisin can predict a toddler’s future academic ability - 08:50

Quantum spin could create unstoppable, one-dimensional electron waves - 08:50

FDA moves quickly to approve easy-to-use nasal spray to treat opioid overdose - 08:20

Working Up A Sweat May Protect Men From Lethal Prostate Cancer - 05:06

Blood test results vary from drop to drop in fingerprick tests - 05:06

Short winter days trigger aggression hormones differently based in males and females - 05:06

Couples who have sex weekly are happiest - 05:06