Science Blog

Friday the 31st of October 2014

Scientists seek cure for devastating witches’ broom disease of the chocolate tree - 14:00

Harnessing error-prone chips - 12:30

3 Questions: Richard Binzel on NASA’s Asteroid Redirect Mission - 12:00

Strange, fanged deer still found in Afghanistan - 10:30

Scientists trigger self-destruct switch in lung cancer cells - 10:30

Majority of high school seniors favor more liberal marijuana policies - 10:30

Acoustic changes in speech of depressed could help monitor mental health - 10:30

Hubble Sees ‘Ghost Light’ From Dead Galaxies - 10:30

Sexual fantasies: Are you normal? - 08:00

Lack of oxygen delayed the appearance of animals on Earth - 08:00

Thursday the 30th of October 2014

All work and no play: Study examines psychology of workaholism - 10:30

Three abrupt pulses of CO2 led to ending of last ice age - 10:30

Green technology saves energy and boosts profits, productivity in factories - 10:30

Making lab-grown tissues stronger - 10:30

Contamination likely explains ‘food genes in blood’ claim - 10:30

Wednesday the 29th of October 2014

Smoke and haze over China - 10:30

Saving lots of computing capacity with a new algorithm   - 10:30

Being Overweight May Be Deadlier Than We Think - 07:50

Obama airs concerns about Ebola quarantine policies - 07:50

Arsenic in drinking water linked to 50% drop in breast cancer deaths - 07:50

Shaking up cell biology: Researchers focus in on decades old mystery - 07:50

Tuesday the 28th of October 2014

Self-reported sleep disturbances are linked to higher risk for Alzheimer’s disease in men - 10:00

Physicists find simple solution for quantum technology challenge - 10:00

Mixing Medications and Dietary Supplements Can Endanger Your Health - 08:00

Parents can learn autism therapy in groups to improve kids’ verbal skills - 08:00

Tenofovir gel use lowers HSV-2 risk in women - 08:00

Where did the Deepwater Horizon oil go? To Davy Jones’ Locker at the bottom of the sea - 08:00

Better chemotherapy through targeted delivery - 07:30

Radiation Exposure Linked To Aggressive Thyroid Cancers - 07:30

Monday the 27th of October 2014

Placebo better than ‘watchful waiting’ when treating young children’s coughs - 17:20

Chimps plan for a good early breakfast - 17:20

Insightful mathematics for an optimal run - 10:30

Slowing the biological clock to aid pregnancy - 10:30

Menopausal symptoms may be lessened with young children in the house - 10:00

From the mouths of … young fireballs - 10:00

Newly donated blood reduces complications from heart surgery - 07:30

People with mental health disorders 2x as likely to have heart disease, stroke - 07:30

It’s better for memory to make mistakes while learning - 07:30

Cutting power could dramatically boost laser output - 07:30

Scientists engineer toxin-secreting stem cells to treat brain tumors - 07:30

Faster switching helps ferroelectrics become viable replacement for transistors - 07:00

POLARBEAR seeks cosmic answers in microwave polarization - 07:00

Clot dissolver tPA’s tardy twin could aid in stroke recovery - 07:00

How cells know which way to go - 07:00

Sunday the 26th of October 2014

Cocoa flavanols reverse age-related memory decline - 17:00

Saturday the 25th of October 2014

Spotlighting the sun: Partial solar eclipse shows off massive sunspot - 09:30

Dinosaur noses enhanced smelling and cooled brain - 09:30

Ebola epidemic in Africa poised to explode - 09:30

Past Climate Change Caused by Ocean, Not Just Atmosphere - 09:30

Best sex positions for women with bad backs - 09:30