Science Blog

Saturday the 23rd of July 2016

Grad Student Uses Her Disease to Fuel Research - 09:31

Friday the 22nd of July 2016

Are Calm Environments Restorative? It Depends - 18:51

Three Charged in $1 Billion Gov’t Health Fraud - 18:51

Ford Developing Car Parts Made Out of Captured Carbon Dioxide - 18:51

Newly discovered material property may lead to high temp superconductivity - 16:21

Using data to inform the connections between technology and policy - 15:51

Naturally occurring CO2 delayed impacts of climate change - 15:51

Researchers identify genome-modifying enzyme linked to Rett Syndrome - 13:11

Resistance to antidepressants linked to metabolism - 13:11

Study: Managed beehives can discourage crop-raiding elephants - 13:11

Koreans say they’ll help develop Hyperloop technology - 11:21

U.S. land capacity for feeding people could expand with dietary changes - 10:51

Natural Attraction: Genes find their partners without matchmakers - 10:51

Study: Violations of privacy rights by law enforcement ‘fusion centers’ are the exception, not the rule - 10:51

NSF, other federal science websites down - 10:51

Why do consumers participate in ‘green’ programs? - 10:51

Just-so black holes: Direct-collapse behemoths ‘a cosmic miracle’ - 08:21

Rapid, low-temperature process adds weeks to milk’s shelf life - 08:21

Vibrating footwear could help astronauts, visually impaired skirt obstacles - 07:51

Study confirms: Forms of HIV can cross from chimps to humans - 07:21

Shaken baby syndrome accepted as diagnoses by majority of physicians - 07:21

Thursday the 21st of July 2016

Predatory prawns effectively combat major parasite - 21:11

Designing climate-friendly concrete, from the nanoscale up - 20:11

Historical Records Miss a Fifth of Global Warming: NASA - 20:11

Chicago to host world’s largest conference on high-energy physics - 18:21

Seeing the Milky Way’s Giant Black Hole with New Eyes - 18:21

Three-drug combinations could help counter antibiotic resistance - 17:21

Artificial muscle for soft robotics: low voltage, high hopes - 17:21

Wherefore art thou, dark matter? - 16:51

Study Shows Changes in Brain Activity After Mindfulness Therapy - 16:51

New therapeutic targets for small cell lung cancer identified - 15:21

Researchers ID new mechanism of tuberculosis infection - 15:21

How ‘however’ almost kicked ‘but’’s butt: linguistics study - 15:21

Alien Solar System Boasts Tightly Spaced Planets, Unusual Orbits - 14:51

Scientists program cells to remember and respond to series of stimuli - 14:21

Borrowing from pastry chefs, engineers create nanolayered composites - 14:21

World’s most powerful quantum computer now online at USC - 14:21

Temperature helps drive the emergence of different personalities in spiders - 14:21

NASA Mars Rover Can Choose Laser Targets on Its Own - 14:21

Software predicts how you look with different hair styles, colors, appearances - 13:12

South Pole shows early success at neutrino hunting - 13:12

A little insecurity helps make a generous donor - 13:12

Hospital 4X as likely for kids after laundry pod contact - 11:01

Study: Media fuels anti-Muslim attitudes and policies - 10:01

Dragon Attached to Station’s Harmony Module - 10:01

India continues developing its strategic petroleum reserve as its oil imports grow - 10:01

Students try to overcome ‘yuck’ factor in Bug-Eating 101 - 10:01

Underwater Drones Hunt Buried Targets, Save Lives - 10:01

Prehistoric fish discovered in the depths of Mississippi lake - 10:01

Making all that glitters more realistic in computer graphics - 09:31