Science Blog

Friday the 22nd of May 2015

How alternative currencies lie Bitcoin could catch on and cash in - 08:20

Subconscious learning shapes pain responses - 08:20

Native Americans disproportionately disciplined at school compared to white students - 08:20

Anticipating temptation may reduce unethical behavior - 08:20

All sounds made equal in melancholy - 08:20

Hubble observes one-of-a-kind star nicknamed ‘Nasty’ - 08:20

Faster heart rate linked to diabetes risk - 07:50

Thursday the 21st of May 2015

Lowly ‘New Girl’ Chimps Form Stronger Female Bonds - 21:30

New class of baked, expanding magnets has potential to energize the world - 16:40

New music strategy shows 70 per cent increase in exercise adherence - 09:30

Drinking chamomile decreases risk of death in older Mexican American women - 09:30

What would it take to limit climate change to 1.5°C? - 09:30

Infections can affect your IQ - 09:30

Endocrine-disrupting chemicals in baby teethers - 09:30

Researchers identify mechanisms linking early adversity, disease later in life - 09:00

Online safety: If you want something done right, do it yourself - 09:00

Jaundice-treating blanket newest MSU startup - 09:00

Supernova Hits Star, Results Shocking - 09:00

Scientists create mice with a major genetic cause of ALS and FTD - 09:00

Octopus eyes and skin both hold ability to see - 08:30

In post-Soviet Russia, Lenin’s body still a powerful symbol - 08:30

New ‘deep learning’ technique enables robot mastery of skills via trial and error - 08:30

Wednesday the 20th of May 2015

People tend to locate the self in the brain or the heart - 13:00

Ancient snakes — a new hiss-tory - 10:30

Taking control of light emission - 10:30

To handle big data, shrink it - 10:30

Microclinics Help Keep Kenyan HIV Patients in Care - 10:30

How Early Childhood Vaccination Reduces Leukemia Risk - 10:30

Animals’ presence may ease social anxiety in kids with autism - 10:30

Hospital admissions strongly linked to disability for older adults in last year of life - 10:00

Study: Negative Findings for Children of Gay Parents Don’t Hold up to Scrutiny - 10:00

Tuesday the 19th of May 2015

After a sip of milkshake, genes and brain activity predict weight gain - 16:50

​In study, skipping meals is linked to abdominal weight gain - 14:50

Discovery paves way for homebrewed drugs like morphine - 13:20

Photonic computing at the speed of light - 08:00

Maternal Obesity Compromises Babies’ Immune System at Time of Birth - 07:30

Parents struggle to limit cell phone use at playgrounds - 07:30

CLAIRE Brings Electron Microscopy to Soft Materials - 07:30

Personal microbiomes shown to contain unique ‘fingerprints’ - 07:30

Omega-3 fatty acids enhance cognitive flexibility in at-risk older adults - 07:30

Evidence of non-adaptive evolution within cicadas - 07:30

Nano memory cell can mimic the brain’s long-term memory - 07:30

Monday the 18th of May 2015

How microbes acquire electricity in making methane - 11:30

Which is most valuable: Gold, cocaine or rhino horn? - 11:30

Exposure of U.S. population to extreme heat could quadruple by mid-century - 11:01

Microchip captures clusters of circulating tumor cells - 11:00

Neurobiologists restore youthful vigor to adult brains - 11:00

Efficiency record for black silicon solar cells jumps to 22.1 percent - 11:00

I knew it was you by the sound of your (whale) voice - 08:00

Youth Dance Classes Score Low in Physical Activity - 07:30