Science Blog

Thursday th 18th of October 2018

Study finds meat, not eggs, is linked to type 2 diabetes - 14:10

New material, manufacturing process use sun’s heat for cheaper renewable electricity - 14:10

Anti-inflammatory drug ketoprofen effective for treating lymphedema symptoms - 14:10

Dry conditions in East Africa half a million years ago possibly shaped human evolution - 11:20

Eliminating emissions in India and China could add years to people’s lives - 11:20

A 150-year-old drug might improve radiation therapy for cancer - 11:20

Did eating starchy foods give humans an evolutionary advantage? - 11:20

Northern Fur Seal New and Recolonized Breeding Sites Have Population Growth Rates Among the Fastest of Any Fur Seal - 07:20

Wednesday th 17th of October 2018

Bill Gates and European Commission launch €100 million clean energy fund - 18:20

Restoring unity, order, smarts, meaning, sanity and balance in the space we call travel – 1: HSR - 18:20

Kids’ sleep may suffer from moms’ tight work schedules - 09:21

Mom and dad genes and the intricate process of gene regulation - 09:21

A step toward personalized, automated smart homes - 09:21

Arctic ice sets speed limit for major ocean current - 09:21

High-dose radiation therapy improves survival in patients once thought incurable - 09:21

Engineers speed up electrons in semiconductors - 09:21

Hydrogen use doesn’t emit carbon but its production often does. That could soon change - 09:00

Looking for promising silvicultural treatments to regenerate boreal forests - 09:00

Marketing, not science, informs notions of healthy teeth - 04:30

Antibiotic effectiveness for cystic fibrosis may be influenced by PH, Oxygen - 04:30

No, we’re not all working for a bunch of psychopaths - 04:30

Unlimited spending on television political ads fails to deliver votes - 04:30

Renewable energy offers common ground for Democrats, Republicans - 04:30

Alligators and timing shed light on reproductive disorders - 04:30

Are trigger warnings emotionally protective? - 04:30

Tuesday th 16th of October 2018

The Eugenics Crusade, on PBS’s The American Experience - 17:30

Root architecture discoveries could help breed drought-resistant crops - 13:30

Dirty air and disasters sending kids to the ER for asthma - 00:30

Monday th 15th of October 2018

Giant planets around young star raise questions about how planets form - 07:30

Sea snail shells dissolve in increasingly acidified oceans, study shows - 07:30

Survey shows widespread skepticism of flu shot - 07:30

Postpartum depression linked to mother’s pain after childbirth - 07:30

Quantum computers tackle big data with machine learning - 07:30

Painting Cars for Mars - 01:21

Daytime sleepiness linked to elevated brain amyloid - 01:21

Scientists find clues to mystery of Williams Syndrome’s peculiar symptoms - 01:21

Applying physics modeling to voting of SCOTUS ‘Super Court’ - 01:21

A (Mentally) Healthy Diet - 01:21

A cure for Alzheimer’s? Yes, a cure for Alzheimer’s! - 01:21

Restoring unity, order, smarts, meaning, saneness and balance in the space we call travel - 01:21

Tuesday th 9th of October 2018

A 1.5°C vs 2°C world-temp rise could mean fewer health, ecosystem effects, new report finds - 13:04

Can exercise stop the recurrence of breast cancer? - 09:00

Researchers demonstrate first example of a bioresorbable electronic medicine - 09:00

Even when presented with facts, supported by evidence, many people choose not to believe them - 09:00

Expanding fungal diversity, one cell at a time - 09:00

Copper Ions Flow Like Liquid through the Frozen Atomic Network of a Crystal - 09:00

Caffeine helps block pain - 09:00

First genetic risk factor found for erectile dysfunction - 09:00

Models of dinosaur movement could help us build stronger robots and buildings - 08:10

Monday th 8th of October 2018

Aubrey & Me - 13:40