Science Blog

Tuesday the 25th of April 2017

Patients with Drug-Resistant Malaria Cured by Plant Therapy - 12:31

Using light to propel water - 08:11

Sound waves enhance deep sleep and memory - 08:11

Deepest ocean observatory celebrates ten years of operation - 08:11

Exosomes Have a Sense of Urgency - 08:11

New chlamydia drug targets discovered using CRISPR and stem cells - 08:11

Predicting people’s ‘brain age’ could help to spot who is at risk of early death - 08:11

First genetic evidence that PTSD can be inherited - 08:11

Monday the 24th of April 2017

When love hurts, a placebo can help - 15:51

First-ever direct observation of chiral currents in quantum Hall atomic simulation - 15:01

Bad Air Contributing to Poor Mental Health and Being Unhappy - 11:01

Brands dedicated to positive social change use social media to primarily promote products - 11:01

Nile faces greater variability - 11:01

Brain circuit enables split-second decisions when cues conflict - 11:01

Lung association reports 4-in-10 Americans live in counties with unhealthy air - 09:01

Mothers’ relationship happiness may influence infant fussiness - 09:01

Brain’s power to adapt offers short-term gains, long-term strains - 09:01

Graphene holds up under high pressure - 09:01

Virtual Earth-sized telescope aims to capture first image of a black hole - 09:01

Saturday the 22nd of April 2017

Wonder material? Novel nanotube structure strengthens thin films for flexible electronics - 21:11

Sunflower seeds traced as source of toxic mold, potent liver carcinogen - 21:11

Atomic-level motion may drive bacteria’s ability to evade immune system defenses - 21:11

Friday the 21st of April 2017

New Quantum Liquid Crystals May Play Role in Future of Computers - 18:01

BP oil spill did $17.2 billion in damage to natural resources, scientists find - 18:01

Researchers Seek to Reduce Nighttime Agitation in People With Alzheimer’s - 18:01

Social and emotional well-being programs may boost academic success - 09:21

New findings from research into multiple concussions in hockey players - 09:21

The protein CHIP unfurls anti-aging activity - 09:21

How Venus flytrap triggers digestion - 09:21

Origins of Indonesian hobbits finally revealed - 09:21

Investigational dose of oral interferon-free treatment can cure hepatitis C in children - 09:21

Fecal microbiota transplants improve cognitive impairment caused by severe liver disease - 09:21

Glad You Asked: Is America Still a Beacon for Immigrant Scientists? - 08:51

Misophonia: When sounds really do make you crazy - 08:51

Thursday the 20th of April 2017

The Inverse Faraday Effect, Laser Light and Magnetization of Metals: Addressing Fundamental Limits of Ultrafast Devices - 15:51

Type of treatment for prostate cancer affects quality of life - 10:22

Just breathe: Mindfulness may help freshman stress less and smile more - 10:22

Level of unconsciousness in brain damaged patients related to body temperature - 10:22

Milk study improves understanding of age-related diseases - 10:22

Engineering technique is damaging materials research reveals - 10:22

Possible hints of new physics found - 10:22

Tarantulas use their lateral eyes to calculate distance - 10:22

Wednesday the 19th of April 2017

Mutant HIV complicates disease monitoring, distracts immune system from the functional virus - 12:01

Making batteries from waste glass bottles - 12:01

Identical twins; not-so-identical stem cells - 12:01

Study on mice demonstrates the action of strawberries against breast cancer - 11:31

Hazardous asteroid effects ranked from least to most destructive - 11:31

Study defines thunderstorm asthma epidemic conditions - 11:31

Five Wildlife Protection Groups Petitioned the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to Protect Giraffes under the U.S. Endangered Species Act - 05:02

Frog slime kills flu virus - 01:11