Science Blog

Friday the 27th of March 2015

85 college students tried to draw the Apple logo from memory. 84 failed. - 10:50

Wearable device helps vision-impaired avoid collision - 10:50

HIV can lodge quickly in brain after infection - 10:20

The color of lettuce determines the speed of its antioxidant effect - 10:20

Playing music by professional musicians activates genes for learning and memory - 10:20

A first glimpse inside a macroscopic quantum state - 10:20

A peek at the secret life of pandas - 10:20

New lobster-like predator found in 508 million-year-old fossil-rich site - 10:20

Thursday the 26th of March 2015

New methods to speed simulations in computational grand challenge - 14:01

Science: Theory of the strong interaction verified - 14:01

How did the chicken cross the sea? - 14:01

Common bacteria on verge of becoming antibiotic-resistant superbugs - 12:01

Two most destructive termite species forming superswarms in South Florida - 12:01

Thousands of atoms entangled with a single photon - 12:01

Drilling project to retrieve longest ice core ever from South Pole - 11:31

Common bacteria on verge of becoming antibiotic-resistant superbugs - 08:30

Wednesday the 25th of March 2015

Air Pollutants During Pregnancy Can Damage Child’s Brain, Up Risk of Cognitive, Behavioral Problems - 11:30

Ocean acidification likely hampers tiny shell builders in Southern Ocean - 11:30

Saccharin shows promise as cancer inhibitor - 11:30

Discovery could lead to biological treatment for common birth defect - 11:30

New kind of light bulb could save lives in developing countries - 11:30

New process could yield better solar cells, faster chips - 11:30

Engineer helps crack mystery of bird flight - 11:30

Tuesday the 24th of March 2015

Color Changing Behavior - 17:30

Fat turns from diabetes foe to potential treatment - 10:01

Child with autism improves with antibiotic; prompts new investigations into autism - 10:01

Quantum experiment verifies Einstein’s ‘spooky action at a distance’ - 10:01

Mayo Clinic study of thousands of brains reveals tau as driver of Alzheimer’s disease - 10:01

Running barefoot may increase injury risk in older, more experienced athletes - 10:01

Brain tumor cells decimated by mitochondrial ‘smart bomb’ - 10:01

Monday the 23rd of March 2015

Our solar system may have once harbored super-earths - 17:00

Landmark study proves that magnets can control heat and sound - 14:00

Images that fool computer vision raise security concerns - 14:00

Stress granules ease the way for cancer metastasis - 11:00

More than 70 minutes math, science homework is too much - 11:00

New low-calorie rice could help cut rising obesity rates - 11:00

Real ‘skinny water’? Special microbes make anti-obesity molecule in the gut - 11:00

How do anorexics control their appetite? - 10:30

Raising hope for men with erectile dysfunction - 10:30

Flower-enriched farms boost bee populations - 10:30

Stress management techniques improve long-term mood and quality of life - 10:30

Project to reduce violence in Panama City with improved parenting - 10:30

World’s largest asteroid impacts found in central Australia - 10:30

Thursday the 19th of March 2015

Smarter by the minute, sort of - 14:30

Nanoscale explosives show potential in fight against cancer - 14:30

Spot treatment: Using gold nanotechnology to fight acne - 14:30

‘MIND’ diet may protect against Alzheimer’s - 10:30

‘Mini-lungs’ aid the study of cystic fibrosis - 09:30

Scientists ID spinal cord neurons that control pain and itch - 09:30

Potential probiotic benefits of a pear-enriched diet - 09:30