Science Blog

Wednesday the 18th of January 2017

Healthy concession stand makeovers are a game changer - 09:32

UCLA researchers teach computer to read the internet - 09:32

In Rett syndrome model, team shows how adult learning is impaired in females - 09:31

Improved measurements of antiproton’s magnetic moment deepen mystery of baryonic asymmetry - 09:31

Mitochondrial DNA shows past climate change effects on gulls - 09:31

Climate change to shift global pattern of mild weather - 09:31

Strength of hair inspires new materials for body armor - 09:31

Tuesday the 17th of January 2017

Curiosity, communication, and collaboration key to new LabEscape “Escape Room” - 16:51

Light source discovery ‘challenges basic assumption’ of physics - 11:31

Tigers Could Roam Again in Central Asia, Scientists Say - 11:31

Movin’ on up? Views on social mobility shape Americans’ faith in the status quo - 11:31

Want to Ace an Exam? Tell a Friend What You Learned - 11:31

Viral escape hatch could be treatment target for hepatitis E - 11:31

UV Light Can Aid Hospitals’ Fight to Wipe Out Drug-Resistant Superbugs - 11:31

Drug-resistant ‘nightmare bacteria’ show worrisome ability to diversify and spread - 11:31

Bait knocks out cockroaches — and asthma symptom days - 11:01

First of its kind cancer stem cell research unlocks clues to treatment resistance - 11:01

Team identifies mechanisms of inflammation-induced animal aging - 11:01

Study reveals for first time that talking therapy changes the brain’s wiring - 11:01

Risk of tree species disappearing in central Africa ‘a major concern’ - 11:01

Discovery adds rock collecting to Neanderthal’s repertoire - 11:01

Left wingers twice as likely to punish companies for tax avoidance - 11:01

Monday the 16th of January 2017

Carfentanil: The next step in the opioid crisis? - 15:01

Sunday the 15th of January 2017

Though an intensifying global bad-air problem, not all doom and gloom, World Bank report shows - 16:31

E-waste in East and Southeast Asia jumps 63 percent in 5 years - 11:01

Soil fungi help tree seedlings survive, influence forest diversity - 11:01

Depression as hard on the heart as obesity and cholesterol - 11:01

Children gain more weight when parents see them as ‘overweight’ - 11:01

Teens unlikely to be harmed by moderate digital screen use - 11:01

Saturday the 14th of January 2017

Pulling Space Dust Out of Thin Air - 13:31

Seeing the quantum future… literally - 13:31

Thinking of changing your behavior in 2017? Try moving first - 13:31

Researchers develop environmentally friendly soy air filter - 13:31

Study finds association between eating hot peppers and decreased mortality - 13:31

The global toll of fetal alcohol syndrome - 13:31

Three Ways to Be a Winner in the Game of Evolution - 13:01

Products that target telomeres could backfire, fueling cancer - 13:01

Scientists reprogram embryonic stem cells to expand their potential - 13:01

Children’s Consumption of Low-Calorie Sweeteners Jumps 200 Percent Since 1999 - 13:01

It’s the Heat and the Humidity, New Study Finds: Why Lyme Disease is Common in the North, Rare in the South - 13:01

Proposed Forest Thinning Will Sabotage Natural Forest Climate Adaptation and Resistance to Drought, Fire, and Insect Outbreaks - 06:31

Friday the 13th of January 2017

Multiregional brain on a chip - 12:01

Cloud making aims to increase mountain snowfall, power generation - 12:01

Chemist Develops New Theory for Explaining the Function of Proteins - 12:01

Bait and switch? Study finds fish fraud runs rampant - 12:01

Changing atmospheric conditions may contribute to stronger ocean wave activity on the Antarctic Peninsula - 12:01

Climate change could kill off parasites, destabilizing ecosystems - 12:01

Self-Medicated Memories - 07:01

Nutrient-dependent FNIP degradation regulates FLCN localization and promotes renal cancer progression - 07:01

Thursday the 12th of January 2017

Being rude to your child’s doctor could lead to worse care - 16:01