Science Blog

Friday the 11th of July 2014

Omega 3 fatty acids lessen severity of osteoarthritis in mice - 09:00

Do women perceive other women in red as more sexually receptive? - 09:00

Astronomers find 7 dwarf galaxies with new telescope - 09:00

Lobstrocities: Extinct sea scorpion gets an eye exam - 09:00

The ocean’s most abundant organisms have clear daily cycles - 08:30

Researchers Consider the ‘Anticrystal’ - 08:30

Cognitive assessment can help measure surgeons’ expertise - 08:30

Find could lead to new therapy for reducing inflammation in diseases - 08:30

Green light: Algorithms that use real-time data to change outcomes in complex systems - 08:30

New Compound Treats Both Blindness and Diabetes in Animal Studies - 08:30

Potent spider toxin ‘electrocutes’ German, not American, cockroaches - 08:30

Thursday the 10th of July 2014

Hubble Spots Spiral Bridge of Young Stars Linking Two Ancient Galaxies - 18:00

Despite setback, ‘Mississippi Baby’ represents significant breakthrough in effort to end AIDS - 18:00

New study shows drinking alcohol provides no heart health benefit - 18:00

Observing Polar Bears from Space - 08:30

Amphibians can acquire resistance to deadly fungus - 08:30

World Cup Fever: Study Shows Group Fervor Stems from Shared Experiences - 08:30

Virtual humans inspire patients to open up - 08:30

How Twitter can address specific health issues - 08:30

New med shows promise in treating eczema - 08:30

Men’s hot flashes: Hypnotic relaxation may ease the discomfort men don’t talk about - 08:30

Speeding up data storage by a thousand times with ‘spin current’ - 08:30

Hubble instrument reveals the universe is ‘missing’ light - 08:00

Fossils of tiny, unknown hedgehog discovered - 08:00

Study cracks brain’s emotional code - 08:00

Climate, genetics can affect how long virus-carrying mosquitoes live - 08:00

Is a heart attack waiting in your medicine cabinet? - 08:00

Wednesday the 9th of July 2014

Vasectomy may increase risk of aggressive prostate cancer - 16:00

Tiny DNA pyramids enter bacteria easily — and deliver a deadly payload - 11:00

Shark teeth analysis provides detailed new look at Arctic climate change - 11:00

Rotten egg gas hydrogen sulfide holds key to healthcare therapies - 11:00

Frogs have developed rapid defences against the red swamp crayfish - 11:00

Neandertal trait in ancient skull raises new questions about human evolution - 09:00

Genetically driven gut feelings help female flies choose a mate - 08:30

Study: Tablet Computer Use May Help Keep Older Adults’ Minds Sharp - 08:30

High-Tech Speech Treatments Receive Boost from Grants, Teamwork - 08:30

Extreme obesity may shorten life expectancy up to 14 years - 08:30

Discovery of a new means to erase pain - 08:30

Is This Fun or Exercise? You’ll Eat Less if You Answer Right - 08:30

Cinnamon may be used to halt the progression of Parkinson’s disease - 08:30

Astronomers bring the third dimension to a doomed star’s outburst - 08:30

2-to-1: Solar energy gets a boost - 08:30

Obesity risk stronger among siblings - 08:30

Tuesday the 8th of July 2014

Vascular bed to bedside: Engineered blood cells could cure diseases - 08:30

Oklahoma earthquake swarm linked to wastewater injection wells - 08:30

Large Rivers in U.S. are Becoming Less Acidic - 08:30

Spinal cord mass arising from neural stem cell therapy - 08:30

Supermassive black hole blows molecular gas out of galaxy at 1M kilometers per hour - 08:30

SAR11, oceans’ most abundant organism, has ability to create methane - 08:30

Platonic solids generate their 4-dimensional analogues - 08:30