Science Blog

Monday the 6th of July 2015

Did microbes gobble the distinctive features on Comet 67P? - 10:50

New Horizons mission Plans Return to Normal Science Ops - 10:50

U.S., Partners Announce First Conservation Management Plan for Polar Bear - 10:50

Tactical reconnaissance vehicle project eyes hoverbike for defense - 10:20

Federal funding for science and engineering at universities down 6 percent - 10:20

Old-school literature search helps ecologist identify puzzling parasite - 10:20

Discovery of nanotubes offers new clues about cell-to-cell communication - 10:20

‘Rambo’ protein may not be so violent after all - 10:20

Ion channel mechanics yield insights into optogenetics experiments - 10:20

Major Midwest flood risk underestimated by as much as five feet - 10:20

Obesity, excess weight in U.S. continue upswing - 10:20

Producing biodegradable plastic just got cheaper and greener - 10:20

Study shows grey squirrels are quick learners - 10:20

Sunday the 5th of July 2015

‘Bee soup’ could help understand declines and test remedies - 22:00

Scientists uncover a ‘funky cofactor’ - 10:30

Lyme disease subverts immune system, prevents future protection - 10:30

Discovery points to a new path toward a universal flu vaccine - 10:30

Study: Healthier menu options can boost bottom line for carryouts - 10:30

Microarray that pre-tests cells makes chemotherapy more personalized, efficient - 10:30

Army researcher invents new ways for intelligence analysts to visualize, interact with information - 10:30

Failure of lysomes — cells’ ‘garbage disposal’ system — may contribute to Alzheimer’s - 10:00

Photo-doping: Making a better semiconductor - 10:00

Shark Week wouldn’t happen without the small frys - 10:00

REM sleep critical for young brains; medication interferes - 10:00

Old World Monkey Had Tiny, Complex Brain - 10:00

Editing stem cell genes will ‘revolutionize’ biomedical research - 10:00

Mass killings, school shootings are contagious - 10:00

Thursday the 2nd of July 2015

Lifelong learning is made possible by recycling of histones - 09:31

South Africans using milk-based paint 49,000 years ago - 09:31

Climate Scientist Aims to Change National Dialogue, One Story at a Time - 09:31

Penn Team Identifies Gene Responsible for Some Cases of Male Infertility - 09:31

Smart mouth guard could detect teeth grinding, dehydration, concussions - 09:31

To banish blues, get outdoors - 09:31

High-speed video reveals how lovebirds keep a clear line of sight during acrobatic flight - 09:31

In blinding eye disease, trash-collecting cells go awry, accelerate damage - 09:31

President Obama honors outstanding mathematics and science teachers - 09:30

The FBI Website at 20: Two Decades of Fighting Crime and Terrorism - 09:30

Improved Survival in Adult Patients with Low-Grade Brain Tumors - 09:00

Wednesday the 1st of July 2015

New theory on consciousness: There is no free will - 11:00

Males may contribute to offspring’s mental development before pregnancy - 10:30

New model of cosmic stickiness favors “Big Rip” demise of universe - 10:30

Patients with recurrent depression have smaller hippocampi - 10:30

First-ever possible treatments for MERS - 10:30

Doing good deeds helps socially anxious people relax - 10:30

How cortisol reinforces traumatic memories - 10:30

A good night’s sleep could be the wrong response to trauma - 10:30

The bizarre mating habits of flatworms - 10:30

Boys more likely to have antipsychotics prescribed, regardless of age - 10:30

70 percent of college students stressed about finances - 10:30

Tuesday the 30th of June 2015

Outsmarting HIV With Vaccine Antigens Made to Order - 10:30