Science Blog

Friday the 9th of October 2015

New paper explores America’s obsession with Steve Jobs - 15:00

Scientists paint quantum electronics with beams of light - 14:30

If the going gets tough, when should the tough give up? - 14:30

Ecotourism can put wild animals at risk, scientists say - 14:30

A cure for vitamin B6 deficiency - 11:00

YK-4-279 turns off mutant cancer gene in animals with leukemia - 11:00

Could ‘The Day After Tomorrow’ happen? - 11:00

Purdue prof solves 140-year fluid mechanics enigma - 11:00

The Topolariton, a New Half-Matter, Half-Light Particle - 11:00

Single Atom Alloy Platinum-Copper Catalysts Cut Costs, Boost Green Technology - 10:30

Elephants provide big clue in fight against cancer - 08:30

Thursday the 8th of October 2015

Neuron-firing patterns that underlie time measurement - 16:00

Analyzing protein structures in their native environment - 16:00

Surgeons restore hand, arm movement to quadriplegic patients - 16:00

Bio-inspired robotic finger looks, feels and works like the real thing - 10:30

Women and men react differently to infidelity - 10:30

Varying walking pace burns more calories - 10:30

New study suggests hallucinations, alone, do not predict onset of schizophrenia - 09:30

Room temp skyrmions, a new type of digital memory? - 09:30

Lab-grown 3-D intestine regenerates gut lining in dogs - 09:30

Beetles provide clues about the genetic foundations of parenthood - 09:00

Scientists identify potential therapeutic target for pulmonary hypertension - 09:00

Smoking cessation drug proves initially more effective for women - 09:00

Embrace the chaos: Predictable ecosystems may be more fragile - 09:00

Remote Mexican village uses solar power to purify water - 08:30

Wednesday the 7th of October 2015

Sex more likely on days college students use marijuana or binge drink - 14:30

‘Psychic robot’ will know what you really meant to do - 14:30

Race a key factor in which homeowners made money in up-and-down 2000s housing market - 12:00

The perfect match might be the imperfect one - 08:30

Researchers discover clues on how giraffe neck evolved - 08:30

Tuesday the 6th of October 2015

Study profiles US threat from drug-resistant bacteria - 17:20

Long-term contraception in a single shot - 16:50

Repeating aloud to another person boosts recall - 16:50

Extremely active rats become lazy when they artificially receive ‘runners’ high’ - 16:20

Link between dengue, high temps of strong El Ninos - 16:20

Hospitals may sicken many by withholding food and sleep - 16:20

Study: Testosterone therapy does not increase aggressive prostate cancer risk - 16:20

New Test Predicts Teens’ Future Risk of Heart Disease - 16:20

Brain prosthesis aims to provide breakthrough for people struggling with memory loss - 13:20

Rewarding good behavior of prisoners is a benefit to society - 12:50

Treating 5 percent of hepatitis C patients with new drugs would cut cost, infections - 12:50

How Birds, Fish go with the Flow - 08:20

Collectors plundering cactuses to extinction - 08:20

FDA approves new injectable drug to treat schizophrenia - 08:20

New fossils intensify mystery of short-lived, toothy oddball - 08:20

Monday the 5th of October 2015

Ancient rocks record first evidence for photosynthesis that made oxygen - 18:00

How the brain builds new thoughts - 13:10

A Simpler Way to Estimate the Feedback Between Permafrost Carbon and Climate - 13:10

Team finds thriving wildlife populations in Chernobyl - 13:10

Sex causes immune system changes that increase chances of conception - 11:50