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Better dosing of meds: 'Cyclops' algorithm spots daily rhythms in cells

25 min ago from Science Daily

Humans, like virtually all other complex organisms on Earth, have adapted to their planet's 24-hour cycle of sunlight and darkness. That circadian rhythm is reflected in human behavior, of course,...

Using 3-D weapons of science to fight infectious diseases

25 min ago from Science Daily

Researchers have achieved a significant milestone in the effort to understand pathogens responsible for some of the world’s most deadly infectious diseases.

Bugs for thought: Gut bacteria tell the brain what animals should eat

25 min ago from Science Daily

Could the bacteria that inhabit our gut influence our food choices? A new study shows, for the first time, that this idea may not be as far-fetched as it seems....

Rosetta online server that includes everyone

25 min ago from Physorg

Our bodies are made of biomolecules like proteins, nucleic acids, fats and sugars. These biomolecules are folded into specific 3D structures—predetermined by the DNA and RNA sequences that build them—which...

How Gut Bacteria Tell Their Hosts What to Eat

55 min ago from Scientific American

 By suppressing or increasing cravings, microbes help the brain decide what foods the body “needs”  -- Read more on

New method to ensure reproducibility in computational experiments

1 hour ago from Physorg

Research reproducibility is crucial to move forward in science. Unfortunately, and according to recent studies and surveys, the number of irreproducible experiments is increasing and research reproducibility is now recognized...

Extinction risk for many species vastly underestimated, study suggests

1 hour ago from Physorg

A new study indicates that the number of plant and animal species at risk of extinction may be considerably higher than previously thought. A team of researchers, however, believe they've...

Ammonium nitrogen input increases the synthesis of anticarcinogenic compounds in broccoli

2 hours ago from Science Daily

In the quest for less contaminating fertilizing strategies, a study has explored the use of ammonium-based fertilizers, less widely used than the nitrate for fertilizing owing to the reduced growth...

The Evolution of Dog Breeds Now Mapped

2 hours ago from Science Daily

When people migrate, Canis familiaris travels with them. Piecing together the details of those migrations has proved difficult because the clues are scattered across the genomes of hundreds of dog...

Police officers wrangle 4-foot alligator in Georgia park

2 hours ago from UPI

Police in Georgia managed to wrangle a 4-foot-long alligator found walking in a local park.

'Artificial Womb' Keeps Extremely Premature Lambs Alive for Weeks

2 hours ago from Live Science

The new machine supported the lambs for up to 28 days, which is the longest amount of time that an artificial womb has kept animals stable.

How a dolphin eats an octopus without dying

3 hours ago from

An octopus’s tentacles can kill a dolphin — or a human — when eaten alive. But wily dolphins in Australia have figured out how to do this safely.

Punter Kasey Redfern signs with Detroit Lions

3 hours ago from UPI

Kasey Redfern is joining the Detroit Lions, the team announced Tuesday.

Snake researcher shows camouflaged copperhead

3 hours ago from UPI

A snake researcher challenged her Twitter followers to spot a camouflaged snake hiding among a bed of leaves.

’s brain shows humanlike features

4 hours ago from

South African Homo species had small but humanlike brain, scientists say.

World's last male rhino getting help from Tinder dating app

4 hours ago from Physorg

The world's last male northern white rhino has joined the Tinder dating app as wildlife experts make a last-chance breeding effort to keep his species alive.

80-year-old 'viable' anthrax strain debunked using advanced genomic sequencing

4 hours ago from Science Daily

A strain of anthrax-causing bacterium thought to have been viable 80 years after a thwarted World War I espionage attack, was, in reality, a much younger standard laboratory strain, a...

A.J. McCarron: Bengals want 'at least' first-round pick in trade for backup QB

4 hours ago from UPI

If the Cincinnati Bengals trade backup quarterback A.J. McCarron, it won't be for anything less than a first round draft pick, according to a league source.

'Eco-treehouse' could be future of home building

5 hours ago from Physorg

A University of Dundee researcher has worked with architects to produce conceptual designs for a luxury 'eco-treehouse' capable of housing a family, regulating its own temperature and functioning on a...

Insecticide-induced leg loss does not eliminate biting and reproduction in Anopheles gambiae mosquitoes

5 hours ago from Physorg

Researchers at LSTM have found that mosquitoes that lose multiple legs after contact with insecticide may still be able to spread malaria and lay eggs.

Understanding the correct architectures of IMM proteins

5 hours ago from Science Daily

Scientists have developed a new technique to understand the correct architectures of IMM proteins, using special chemical tools.

College students, worms help scientists find new genetic clues to sleep

5 hours ago from Science Daily

Through a combination of experiments with college students and laboratory worms, researchers have identified the first specific genes to show molecular alterations associated with short sleep duration.

First molecular genetic evidence of PTSD heritability discovered

5 hours ago from Science Daily

The first molecular genetic evidence that genetic influences play a role in the risk of getting Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) after trauma has been gained by a new study.

Some cows may be predisposed to subacute ruminal acidosis

6 hours ago from Physorg

Cattle with subacute ruminal acidosis suffer from a number of low-level ailments that affect productivity. A research team led by University of Illinois scientists has documented changes in pH, microbiome,...

Loose monkey spotted hanging out near Florida bakery

6 hours ago from UPI

Residents of a Florida town are being warned to steer clear of a monkey seen swinging from trees and climbing a fence near a bakery.

Species spread in spurts—and here's why

7 hours ago from Physorg

When plants and animals move into new spaces they often do so by fits and starts, with lots of progress one year and less—or even a loss of ground—the next....

A better way to pasteurize eggs

9 hours ago from Physorg

An Agricultural Research Service (ARS) scientist in Pennsylvania and his colleagues have developed a technology that rapidly pasteurizes eggs and could sharply reduce the number of illnesses caused each year...

Rare leatherback sea turtles wash up dead in South Carolina

9 hours ago from AP Science

ISLE OF PALMS, S.C. (AP) -- Two dead leatherback sea turtles have been discovered along South Carolina's coast....