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NIH: Study uncovers specialized neurons linked with pain

1 day ago from UPI

A recent study by the National Institutes of Health has identified a new class of sensory neurons responsible for mechanical pain.

Viruses up their game in arms race with immune system

2 days ago from Science Daily

Myxoma virus -- introduced to control the rabbit population in Australia in 1950 -- has developed a deadly ability to suppress the immune response in host rabbits. This example of...

Cancer detection with sugar molecules

3 days ago from Science Daily

Scientists have synthesized a complex sugar molecule which specifically binds to the tumor protein Galectin-1. This could help to recognize tumors at an early stage and to combat them in...

Queen bees less likely to lay eggs, start colony after insecticide exposure

Queen bumblebees exposed to thiamethoxam, a commonly used insecticide, may never lay eggs, something that would threaten the insect population, according to researchers.

Now Showing: Researchers Create First 3d Movie of Virus in Action

3 days ago from Newswise - Scinews

Imaging the movement of a virus demonstrates that single-particle X- ray scattering has the potential to shed new light on key molecular processes, like viral infection, when paired with powerful...

Meadow of dancing brittle stars shows evolution at work

3 days ago from Science Daily

Newly-described fossil shows how brittle stars evolved in response to pressure from predators, and how an ‘evolutionary hangover’ managed to escape them.

Genetically Engineered Ants Showcase Smell's Role in Social Behavior

3 days ago from Newswise - Scinews

After creating mutant Indian jumping ants with no sense of smell, HHMI Investigator Danny Reinberg and colleagues saw profound abnormalities in the ants' behavior and brains. The results show that...

U-M Biologist Teaches Microbe-Hunting Skills Honed at Sea

3 days ago from Newswise - Scinews

University of Michigan biologist Melissa Duhaime recently spent a month on a Russian research vessel off the coast of Antarctica, filtering bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms from thousands of gallons...

Video: How animals glow

3 days ago from Physorg

Fireflies, frogs, jellyfish, mushrooms and even parrots have the ability to emit light from their bodies. These creatures use either bioluminescence or fluorescence to put on their light shows.

Circular RNA linked to brain function

3 days ago from Science Daily

Circular RNA is linked to brain function, scientists have shown for the first time. When a RNA molecule called Cdr1as was deleted from the genome of mice, the animals had...

Organic waste and insects—animal feed of the future?

3 days ago from Physorg

Right now, the European Union doesn't have enough animal feed of its own to nourish livestock, forcing it to bring in supplies from beyond the bloc's borders. To face this...

'Inefficient' sailing fleet keeps oyster fishery alive

3 days ago from Physorg

Oyster stocks in a Cornish fishery are sustained thanks to "inefficient" traditional fishing methods, new research suggests.

WWE's Sasha Banks turns into a zombie and scares Raw Superstars

3 days ago from UPI

WWE Superstar Sasha Banks was turned into a zombie recently by special effects pioneer Tom Savini to promote Mattel's WWE Zombies action figure line.

Cows in Antarctica? How one expedition milked them for all their worth

3 days ago from Physorg

Domestic animals are rarely associated with Antarctica. However, before non-native species (bar humans) were excluded from the continent in the 1990s, many travelled to the far south. These animals included...

Venomous snake found slithering next to baby's bed

3 days ago from UPI

An Australian dad vacuuming his house called for help when he made an unexpected discovery -- a venomous snake hiding next to his baby's crib.

Italy official defends killing rare bear after man mauled

A rare female brown bear had to be shot in the Italian Alps as it threatened humans, a governor says.

Invasive earthworms at the root of sugar maple decline

3 days ago from Physorg

A new study suggests that non-native worms are eating up the forest floor, causing sugar maples to die back and perhaps harming other forest dwellers.

Fighting ivory trafficking with forensic science

3 days ago from Physorg

Two weeks ago, Kevin Uno was on a field expedition in Kenya when he got a message he'd been hoping for: the NY Department of Environmental Conservation had officially approved...

Joseph Bologna, actor and screenwriter dead at 82

4 days ago from UPI

Actor, playwright and oscar-nominated screenwriter Joseph Bologna died Sunday at the age of 82.

100-year-old fruit cake among the artefacts from Cape Adare

4 days ago from Physorg

Made by Huntley & Palmers, the fruit cake is still wrapped in paper and encased in the remains of a tin-plated iron alloy tin.

Tokyo zoo releases video of 'fluffy' baby panda

4 days ago from Physorg

A two-month-old panda, the first cub born at Tokyo's Ueno zoo for five years, is growing well and has become "fluffy", the zoo said Monday as it released fresh video...

In South Texas, Threat of Border Wall Unites Naturalists and Politicians

4 days ago from NY Times Science

The proposed wall, not yet funded, would slice through private property, including refuges for butterflies and wildlife.

Newcomer Neil Walker helps Milwaukee Brewers top Cincinnati Reds

4 days ago from UPI

Neil Walker expects to sleep soundly Sunday night.

Raising monarch butterflies at home could drive up numbers, naturalist says

Jim Wilson, a Quispamsis naturalist, says planting milkweed and bringing monarch butterflies in from the predatory wild could be helping to turn around the extreme decline in the monarch population.

Val Kilmer says Kurt Russell is 'solely responsible' for success of 'Tombstone'

4 days ago from UPI

Val Kilmer is crediting his co-star Kurt Russell with the success of their classic 1993 western, "Tombstone."

Bangladesh hopes to rekindle passion to save rare crocodiles

4 days ago from Physorg

Bangladeshi conservationists introduced two rare river-dwelling crocodiles to potential mates Sunday in a last-ditch attempt to save the critically-endangered species from extinction.

UPI Almanac for Sunday, Aug. 13, 2017

5 days ago from UPI

On Aug. 13 1995, former New York Yankees centerfielder Mickey Mantle died of liver cancer at the age of 63.

College football notebook: Clemson's defensive line dominates scrimmage

5 days ago from UPI

Ohio State has a solid counter-argument, but Clemson might have the best defensive line in the country.