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Washington Nationals scoot past Miami Marlins

1 week ago from UPI

WASHINGTON -- The depth of the Washington Nationals organization, especially in the outfield, was on display Thursday night.

New hope for endangered eels, Japanese summer delicacy

1 week ago from AP Science

FUJISAWA, Japan (AP) -- The Japanese summer delicacy of roasted eel, braised with a tangy sauce and sprinkled with prickly mountain pepper, is...

Artificial sweeteners trick the brain: Study

1 week ago from UPI

New research may help explain the reported link between the use of artificial sweeteners and diabetes, scientists say

New Version of DNA Editing System Corrects Underlying Defects in RNA-based Diseases

1 week ago from Newswise - Scinews

Until recently, CRISPR-Cas9 gene editing could only be used to manipulate DNA. In 2016, University of California San Diego School of Medicine researchers repurposed the technique to track RNA in...

Newly found immunodeficiency can turn chickenpox virus fatal

1 week ago from UPI

Researchers have identified a mutation in a sensor that the immune system uses to detect viruses that can turn the chickenpox virus deadly in rare cases.

Marine noise pollution stresses and confuses fish

1 week ago from Science Daily

Increased noise pollution in the oceans is confusing fish and compromising their ability to recognise and avoid predators.

How urban seasnakes lost their stripes

1 week ago from Science Daily

Researchers studying turtle-headed seasnakes living on coral reefs in the Indo-Pacific noticed something unusual about the snakes' color patterns: seasnakes living in more pristine parts of the reef were decorated...

Mapping the Brain, Neuron by Neuron

1 week ago from Newswise - Scinews

A mathematician and computer scientist joined an international team of neuroscientists to create a complete map of the learning and memory center of the fruit fly larva brain, an early...

New Jersey firefighters free baby deer from fence

1 week ago from UPI

Firefighters in New Jersey responded to a resident's back yard to free a baby deer that became stuck in a fence in an "unusual incident."

The only way is up: Trees help reptiles thrive

1 week ago from Physorg

James Cook University researchers in Queensland say if graziers leave trees in place on their land all types of reptiles will benefit.

Great white sharks in Nova Scotia may hold key to species' secrets

A Nova Scotia scientist says great white sharks recently tracked in Nova Scotia waters may offer insight into the mating habits of these elusive creatures of the deep.

Vinyl cyanide found on Titan—aliens, have at it

1 week ago from PopSci

Science The compound might be suitable for cell membranes. One man's trash is another's treasure. One researcher found evidence of a compound that could...

Yoda bat officially recognised as new species

1 week ago from Physorg

An unusual breed of fruit bat—previously nicknamed 'Yoda' due to its resemblance to the Star Wars Jedi Master—has now officially been registered as a new species and renamed the happy...

Cellular transport routes

1 week ago from Physorg

Unlike many other organisms, plants can't simply run away from environmental conditions that change for the worse. Nonetheless, plants have the ability to react to environmental effects. These reactions are...

Versatile coating for magnesium could eventually lead to better bone implants

1 week ago from Physorg

Broken bones may be repaired more effectively by using a biodegradable coating for magnesium-based metal implants.

Seeing without eyes – the unexpected world of nonvisual photoreception

1 week ago from Physorg

We humans are uncommonly visual creatures. And those of us endowed with normal sight are used to thinking of our eyes as vital to how we experience the world.

Why changing your light bulb could help you sleep better

1 week ago from CBSNews - Science

A new study says replacing regular light bulbs with a special bulb that emits less blue light could get you to fall asleep faster. Michael Breus, clinical psychologist and a...

BASF to restrict use of egg scandal pesticide

1 week ago from Physorg

German chemical giant BASF said Thursday it would not reapply for EU authorisation for some uses of pesticide Fipronil, at the heart of a tainted egg scandal that has set...

Fireworks on a pinhead as electrons enable colours in 100 000 pixels per inch

1 week ago from Physorg

The image is on a canvas as wide as a human hair, its colours never fade, and they can be edited and erased on demand.

Link Between Biological Clock and Aging Revealed

1 week ago from Newswise - Scinews

UCI scientists studying how aging affects the biological clock's control of metabolism have discovered that a low-calorie diet helps keep these energy-regulating processes humming and the body younger.

What is Biology?

1 week ago from Live Science

Biology is the science of life. Biologists study the structure, function, growth, origin, evolution and distribution of living organisms.

Fish fly takes Ontario town by storm during breeding season

Last week Caledonia witnessed blizzard-like conditions when an insect called the fish fly insect created large swarms during the course of its annual breeding period.

Blood test can screen for rare sinus cancer, study finds

1 week ago from UPI

A new DNA blood test can catch a rare but deadly form of cancer that occurs in the sinuses, researchers report.

Tiger Woods will plead guilty, enter diversion program for first-time DUI offenders

1 week ago from UPI

Tiger Woods will plead guilty to reckless driving and enter a diversion program in October, a Florida prosecutor said Wednesday.

New study details one of biology's largest proteins

1 week ago from UPI

Scientists have discovered one of the largest proteins in nature. The protein serves as an anchor for a bacterium living in the frigid waters of Antarctica.

Too near, or too far? What fruit flies teach us about personal space

1 week ago from Science Daily

Until now, little has been understood about the mechanisms that allow us to determine when someone is 'too near' our personal space or too far away. A biologist has found...

The color of people's clothing affects lizard escape behavior

1 week ago from Science Daily

The color of T-shirts people wear affects escape behavior in western fence lizards, according to a new study.

Invasion of glowing tropical jellyfish baffles U.S. scientists

1 week ago from UPI

Researchers are trying to figure out what the appearance of millions of bioluminescent pyrosomes off the Northwest means for the food chain, fisheries and ocean.