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'Nastiest' Jurassic crocodile named after Motorhead's Lemmy

1 week ago from UPI

Scientists named a newly recategorized Jurassic sea-crocodile after Motorhead frontman Lemmy.

Prairie-chicken nests appear unaffected by wind energy facility

1 week ago from Science Daily

Wind energy development in the Great Plains is increasing, spurring concern about its potential effects on grassland birds, the most rapidly declining avian group in North America. However, a new...

A taste cell encyclopedia

1 week ago from Science Daily

A significant technological advance now allows scientists to identify the complete set of genes in any type of taste receptor cell. The technology provides taste researchers with a treasure trove...

Eradicating exotic pests with 'infertility genes' may be possible

1 week ago from Science Daily

It may be possible to eradicate populations of invasive pest animals through the inheritance of a negative gene – a technique known as gene drive – suggest researchers.

The mystery of the yellowing sugarcane

1 week ago from Science Daily

Since 2011, a mysterious illness known as Yellow Canopy Syndrome (YCS) has afflicted Australian sugarcane causing $40 million in losses. Researchers used supercomputers to perform large-scale investigations of the sugarcane...

Genetics takes fight to gardeners' green foe

1 week ago from Physorg

A scientist from The University of Manchester has hit upon an innovative way to control greenflies which infest our gardens and farms.

New ultrafast method for determining antibiotic resistance

1 week ago from Physorg

Researchers at Uppsala University have developed a new method for very rapidly determining whether infection-causing bacteria are resistant or susceptible to antibiotics. The findings have now been published in the...

Rogue elephant tramples 15 to death in India, faces culling

1 week ago from Physorg

An elephant that has killed 15 people in eastern India over a months-long rampage could be shot within days if it is not brought under control, an official said Wednesday.

Researchers examine contaminants in hunted wildlife

1 week ago from Physorg

Concerning environmental contaminants, game species are not subject to the same safety testing as commercially marketed livestock. A recent study sampled feral pigs, gray squirrels, and waterfowl from relatively uncontaminated...

Will the Doomsday Clock be reset in light of North Korea situation?

1 week ago from CBSNews - Science

Experts from the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists said Trump's "fire and fury" comments are concerning and will be evaluated for the 2018 clock

Baby whale gets up close with Southern California beachgoers

1 week ago from AP Science

DANA POINT, Calif. (AP) -- Southern California beachgoers have gotten up close and personal with a baby whale....

Penguin feathers record migration route

Scientists study the chemistry of penguin plumage to track the birds' movements.

Asian hornet to colonize UK within 2 decades without action

1 week ago from Science Daily

The yellow legged or Asian hornet -- a voracious predator of honey bees and other beneficial insects -- could rapidly colonize the UK unless its spread is combated, according to...

Scientists restore youthful plasticity to the brains of adult mice

1 week ago from Science Daily

Like the rest of the body, the brain loses flexibility with age, impacting the ability to learn, remember, and adapt. Now, scientists report they can rejuvenate the plasticity of the...

Possible Anti-Aging Brain Therapy Shows Promise in Mice

1 week ago from Scientific American

Old animals injected with the hormone component klotho learn and remember better -- Read more on

Disney's 'Magic Bench' Puts You in the Picture with Animated Figures

1 week ago from Live Science

Take a seat on a new "Magic Bench" designed by Disney Research, and interact with animated characters — no special glasses or headsets required.

Dallas Cowboys LB Jaylon Smith close to full return after leg injury

1 week ago from UPI

Dallas Cowboys middle linebacker Jaylon Smith is inching closer to getting back on the field after a horrific leg injury.

Cleveland Browns' Myles Garrett: No. 1 NFL draft pick now No. 1 DE

1 week ago from UPI

Although there was some early drama with injuries and some curiosity when he lined up with the third stringers, first overall draft pick Myles Garrett is the starting left defensive...

An updated classification for freshwater crayfishes

1 week ago from Physorg

A new paper published in the Journal of Crustacean Biology provides an updated classification system that includes all the known crayfishes worldwide. This makes available a single, comprehensive taxonomic summary...

NIH accelerates genomics in clinical healthcare

1 week ago from UPI

The National Institutes of Health is funding $18.9 million in research to accelerate the use of genome sequencing for use in clinical care.

Icy treat for panda stars' birthday in Dutch zoo

1 week ago from Physorg

Two multi-layered "cakes" made from ice, vegetable juice and fruit greeted a pair of giant pandas at a Dutch zoo Tuesday for their first birthday party since arriving from China.

Blocking a key enzyme may reverse memory loss

1 week ago from MIT Research

In the brains of Alzheimer’s patients, many of the genes required to form new memories are shut down by a genetic blockade, contributing to the cognitive decline seen in those patients. MIT researchers...

Harvard bioethicist responds to edit of disease gene in embryo

1 week ago from Harvard Science

The announcement by Oregon Health & Science University that scientists there had edited the genes of human embryos to remove the cause of a deadly disease has raised the prospect of a...

These record-breaking tube worms can survive for centuries

1 week ago from

Deep-sea tube worms can live decades longer than their shallow-water counterparts.

Local collaboration key to protecting pollinators while managing ticks, mosquitoes

1 week ago from Physorg

Managing mosquito and tick populations and protecting the health of pollinators are growing concerns on a global scale, but success in both requires teamwork on the local level.

Dopaminergic neurons derived from iPSCs in non-human primate model

1 week ago from Physorg

Researchers have demonstrated the ability to generate dopaminergic neurons in the laboratory from induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs) derived from fibroblast cells of adult marmoset monkeys. This new study, documenting...

Four new fruit fly species from the Himalaya and information about their flower visitation

1 week ago from Physorg

The first record of flower visitation in a group of fruit flies from Himalayan India and a total of four new species are described in the open access journal ZooKeys....

Large flying cockroach lands on reporter before live shot

1 week ago from UPI

A reporter in California had a startling encounter with a flying cockroach seeking its moment in the spotlight.