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Larvaceans provide a pathway for transporting microplastics into deep-sea food webs

1 day ago from Science Daily

A new article shows that filter-feeding animals called giant larvaceans can collect and consume microplastic particles, potentially carrying microplastics to the deep seafloor.

Which research results in mice will help humans with MS? Now there's a way to tell

1 day ago from Science Daily

Researchers have developed and successfully tested a method for determining how relevant to the human disease findings are from mouse models.

Autonomous glider to track critically endangered right whales

Scientists in Halifax are launching a high-tech tool to track the whale population on the Scotian Shelf. A glider will be deployed off the coast for 30 days to capture...

Antifreeze to Improve Aeroplanes, Ice Cream and Organ Transplants

1 day ago from Newswise - Scinews

The design of aeroplane wings and storing organs for transplant could both become safer and more effective, thanks to a synthetic antifreeze which prevents the growth of ice crystals, developed...

Frogs adapted to pesticides get more parasites

2 days ago from UPI

Resistance to one sort of affliction may make frogs more susceptible to another, new research shows.

Adding silicon to soil to strengthen plant defenses

2 days ago from Science Daily

Researchers have examined the addition of silicon to the soil in which plants are grown to help strengthen plants against potential predators.

Eating habits affect skin's protection against sun

2 days ago from Science Daily

Sunbathers may want to avoid midnight snacks before catching some rays, new research recommends. A study in mice shows that eating at abnormal times disrupts the biological clock of the...

Kangaroo punches young boy in the face at wildlife park

2 days ago from UPI

A mother visiting a wildlife park with her family captured video of an annoyed kangaroo punching her young son in the face.

Researchers to study chemical contamination of US waters

2 days ago from AP Health

SOUTH KINGSTOWN, R.I. (AP) -- University of Rhode Island and Harvard University professors are collaborating through a new research center to study chemicals...

The lining of our intestines uses business process for fast digestion

2 days ago from Science Daily

Every time we swallow food, cells that line the intestines must step up their activity in a sudden and dramatic manner. According to a new study, they rise to the...

Alligator found swimming in New Jersey motel pool

2 days ago from UPI

A small wayward alligator stopped by for a quick swim at the bottom of a New Jersey motel pool.

Musician plays violin to soothe bears trying to break into home

2 days ago from UPI

A Nevada resident who spotted a family of black bears trying to break into a house warded the animals off by having their nephew play for them on the violin.

Using experimental and computational methods, researchers reveal workings of bacterial defense system

2 days ago from Physorg

Central to understanding why bacteria become antibiotic resistant is knowing how bacteria respond to the drugs trying to kill them. In a new study, Boston College researchers report that antibiotics...

Structure of superlong, ice-binding protein reported

2 days ago from C&EN

Adhesin protein helps Antarctic bacteria stick to ice and photosynthetic diatoms at same time

How a nutrient, glutamine, can control gene programs in cells

2 days ago from Science Daily

Researchers show that an intracellular metabolite of glutamine, alpha-ketoglutarate, plays a role in regulating cellular differentiation programs by changing the DNA-binding patterns of the transcription factor CTCF and by altering...

NIAID herpesvirus study in mice leads to discovery of potential broad-spectrum antiviral

2 days ago from Science Blog

After herpesviruses infect a cell, their genomes are assembled into specialized protein structures called nucelosomes. Many cellular enzyme complexes can modulate these structures to either promote or inhibit the progression...

Hundreds of Pikachu march through Japan for Pokemon parade

2 days ago from UPI

Japan was infested with giant yellow mice, as hundreds of Pikachu took to the street to celebrate the popular Pokemon franchise.

Scientists keep an eye on green sea turtles adapting to life in the San Gabriel River's murky flows

2 days ago from Physorg

When scientists confirmed their existence in the San Gabriel River in 2008, the green sea turtles were thought to be oddballs or lost wanderers.

Wayward leopard rescued from bottom of well

2 days ago from UPI

A leopard took a fall down a well in an Indian village and rescuers were able to hoist the big cat to safety using a harness.

How head-on collisions of DNA protein machines stop replication

2 days ago from Science Daily

Head-on collisions between the protein machines that crawl along chromosomes can disrupt DNA replication and boost gene mutation rates. This may be one of the ways bacteria control their evolution...

Is Lead Making Birds More Aggressive? Tulane Researchers Investigate

2 days ago from Newswise - Scinews

Tulane University researchers have received a grant from the Morris Animal Foundation to continue study on lead exposure in wildlife.

New method for the 3D printing of living tissues

2 days ago from Science Daily

Scientists have developed a new method to 3D-print laboratory- grown cells to form living structures. The approach could revolutionize regenerative medicine, enabling the production of complex tissues and cartilage that...

Pigments made by beets may help boost resistance to disease and the nutrition value of crops

2 days ago from Physorg

Color in the plant kingdom is not merely a joy to the eye. Colored pigments attract pollinating insects, they protect plants against disease, and they confer health benefits and are...

Two new beetle genera and four new species from the Australopacific in a new monograph

2 days ago from Physorg

Amid his ongoing revisionary work on a number of hister beetle genera, the Slovakian-born naturalised Dutch entomologist and Alexander von Humboldt Foundation researcher, Dr. Tomáš Lackner, Bavarian State Collection of...

'Riverdale' actress Tiera Skovbye engaged to producer

2 days ago from UPI

Tiera Skovbye said boyfriend Jameson Parker surprised her by proposing in his childhood bedroom.

How home security resembles dancing honeybees

2 days ago from Physorg

The earliest forms of biological communication between single-celled organisms have survived evolution to exist in all species, including humans.

Maryland man trips over unexpected snake in apartment

2 days ago from UPI

A Maryland man making a late-night bathroom run said he tripped over something inside his apartment that turned out to be a large snake.

These spiders crossed an ocean to get to Australia

2 days ago from

The nearest relatives of an Australian trapdoor spider live in Africa. They crossed the Indian Ocean to get to Australia, a new study suggests.