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The scent of plastic trash makes fish think it's food, new study finds

16 hours ago from LA Times - Science

If you thought “empty calories” were bad for you, consider this: Plastic is ending up in the bellies of fish and other marine life — and it may not be...

Neuroscientist who studied Einstein's brain dies at 90

17 hours ago from AP Science

OAKLAND, Calif. (AP) -- A founder of modern neuroscience who studied Einstein's brain has died....

Fundamental pathology behind amyotrophic lateral sclerosis

1 day ago from Science Daily

Scientists have identified a basic biological mechanism that kills neurons in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) and in a related genetic disorder, frontotemporal dementia (FTD), found in some ALS patients. ALS...

Scientists give star treatment to lesser-known cells crucial for brain development

1 day ago from Science Daily

After decades of relative neglect, star-shaped brain cells called astrocytes are finally getting their due. To gather insight into a critical aspect of brain development, a team of scientists examined...

The nerve-guiding 'labels' that may one day help re-establish broken nervous connections

1 day ago from Science Daily

Working with fruit flies, scientists have identified different labels that attract and control specific nerves. In theory, the 'right' labels may re-form nervous connections if delivered to the site of...

Popular sungazer lizards under threat from poaching

1 day ago from Science Daily

The sungazer (Smaug giganteus), a dragon-like lizard species endemic to the Highveld regions of South Africa, is facing an assault on two fronts as farming and industrialization encroaches on its...

A new critically endangered tree species depends on unique habitat found only on Kaua'i

1 day ago from Physorg

A new tree species, Melicope stonei (Rutaceae or citrus family), endemic to the Hawaiian island of Kaua'i, is already assessed as Critically Endangered according to IUCN criteria. The newly described...

Escaped tortoise found two weeks later, 164 feet from zoo

1 day ago from UPI

A giant tortoise that escaped from a zoo in Japan has been found by a family two weeks later, about 500 feet from her enclosure.

Husky fights off black bear at campsite in Alaska

1 day ago from UPI

A visitor to an Alaska campsite captured video of the moment a mother black bear attacked her Siberian husky and the dog was able to drive the predator away.

New plant discovered in Shetland

1 day ago from Science Daily

Scientists have discovered a new type of plant growing in Shetland -- with its evolution only having occurred in the last 200 years.

Biophysics explains how immune cells kill bacteria

1 day ago from Science Daily

A new data analysis technique, moving subtrajectory analysis defines the dynamics and kinetics of key molecules in the immune response to an infection. These biophysical descriptions are expected to clarify...

Fish database could help eliminate the ultimate bait and switch

1 day ago from Physorg

Fish fraud, the misrepresentation of cheaper fish as more expensive ones, is a rampant problem worldwide. Now in a study appearing ACS' Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, scientists report...

New brain region identified in spatial memory, navigation

1 day ago from UPI

Researchers at the Flanders Institute for Biotechnology have identified a new region of the brain responsible for navigation and spatial memory.

Hunter Island penguin species never actually existed, study says

1 day ago from UPI

Almost 35 years after the lost "Hunter Island" penguin was discovered, scientists have determined the species never actually existed.

Predators preserve existing animal species

1 day ago from Science Daily

A new study increases knowledge of how boundaries and barriers are maintained between different species in the animal world. According to theory, crosses between two species, known as hybrids, may...

Genetic variants found to play key role in human immune system

1 day ago from Science Daily

It is widely recognized that people respond differently to infections. This can partially be explained by genetics, according to a new study. The findings offer novel insights into the genetic...

Carolina Panthers sign LB Thomas Davis to one-year extension

1 day ago from UPI

All-Pro linebacker will stay with the Carolina Panthers through at least the 2018 season after signing a contract extension.

Researcher helping save rare, iconic trees

1 day ago from Physorg

An NDSU botanist is part of a team working to save one of the rarest pine trees in the world.

The hidden secrets of insect poop

1 day ago from Physorg

Insect defecation may not seem like one of the pressing scientific inquiries of our time, but in fact the faeces of these wee creatures serves an extraordinary variety of functions...

How Do You Move a Giant Sequoia?

2 days ago from Scientific American

Boise, Idaho, recently relocated a century-old, living tree provided by John Muir -- Read more on

Hybrid barriers can cut terrapin road deaths, study finds

2 days ago from Physorg

One of Georgia's most colorful turtle species could be wiped out on Jekyll Island by simply wandering into traffic-but not if man-made barriers keep them off the road.

China’s embrace of embryo selection raises thorny questions

2 days ago from News @ Nature

Fertility centres are making a massive push to increase preimplantation genetic diagnosis in a bid to eradicate certain diseases.Nature 548 272 doi: 10.1038/548272a

The irresistible fragrance of dying vinegar flies

2 days ago from Physorg

Markus Knaden and Bill Hansson, and their colleagues at the Department of Evolutionary Neuroethology, study ecologically relevant odors in the natural environment of insects, especially vinegar flies. In this new...

On This Day: Elvis Presley dies

2 days ago from UPI

On Aug. 16 1977, Elvis Presley, the king of rock 'n' roll, died of heart failure at his home in Memphis at age 42.

Deep defensive line a good problem for Baltimore Ravens

2 days ago from UPI

The Baltimore Ravens have a deep defensive line with several players engaged in a fierce battle to earn one of the final spots on the 53-man roster.

Why being average is bad news for ants

2 days ago from Physics World

Medium-sized ants slide more easily down the slopes of sandy pits dug by antlion larvae

A moth and its flame: Mate selection found to evolve from response to flower odors

2 days ago from Physorg

For moths, love is literally in the air through the action of pheromones to attract mates.

Stray dogs turning bright blue from river pollution

2 days ago from UPI

Animal protection groups in India said stray dogs that have turned up bearing bright blue fur were likely affected by pollution in a nearby river.