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Friday the 24th of February 2017

Diamonds That Deliver - 16:31

Finding of 38,000 Year-Old Engravings Confirms Ancient Origins of Technique Used by Seurat, Van Gogh, Pissarro, and Lichtenstein - 13:31

A Road Trip to Test a Magnetic Cloak at Argonne National Laboratory - 13:31

OU Professor Awarded Highest Recognition by Society for Mined Land Reclamation Work - 13:31

Study Shows Ancient Humans Arrived in South America in Multiple Waves - 12:31

Study Catalogs the Complex Flavors of American-Made Goat Cheese - 11:31

Iowa State University Researchers Detail Genetic Mechanisms That Govern Growth and Drought Response in Plants - 11:31

A Novel DNA Vaccine Design Improves Chances of Inducing Anti-Tumor Immunity - 11:31

The Dawn of a New Era for Supernova 1987A - 10:31

Nano-Sized Hydrogen Storage System Increases Efficiency - 06:31

The Brown Rot Two-Step - 02:51

New Polymer Additive Could Revolutionize Plastics Recycling - 01:51

Thursday the 23rd of February 2017

Government of Myanmar Unveils New Plan To Protect Marine Wildlife and Resources - 17:31

William Halperin and James Sauls Are Awarded London Prize - 16:31

American Society for Cell Biology Officially Partners with March for Science Organizers - 15:31

Harker School Wins 2017 SLAC Regional Science Bowl Competition - 15:31

FDA Study Offers Food Establishments Better Methods for Preventing Norovirus Outbreaks - 14:31

Playing Favorites: Brain Cells Prefer One Parent's Gene Over the Other's - 14:01

Researchers Uncover a Role for HSP90 in Gene-Environment Interactions in Humans - 13:01

New Gene Sequencing Software Could Aid in Early Detection, Treatment of Cancer - 13:01

Wayne State Vision Researchers Show Zika Virus Can Damage Retina and Cause Blindness - 13:01

Organ-on-a-Chip Mimics Heart's Biomechanical Properties - 11:31

Julia Hirschberg Elected to the National Academy of Engineering - 11:31

Science Exchange Online Marketplace Now Offers Eurofins Services for Drug Development - 11:31

Electrical Grid Could Use Offshore Wind for 10 Million Homes - 11:31

Anti-Aging Gene Identified as a Novel Promising Therapeutic Target for Older Melanoma Patients - 10:31

Landscape Ecologist to Research, Teach Dryland Ecology - 10:31

How Migratory Birds Respond to Balmier Autumns? - 09:31

Professor Bob Nichol Available for Interviews on Discovery of New Earth-Sized Exoplanets - 09:31

Tiny Cavefish May Help Humans Evolve to Require Very Little Sleep - 09:31

Experts in Planetary Geophysics, Extraterrestrial Habitats Can Discuss NASA Announcement on Exoplanets - 03:31

Titan Shares Her Journey as a 'Black Girl Scientist' - 01:51

S&T Researcher Studies Next Generation Phones, Cars - 00:51

Oil and Gas Wastewater Spills, Including Fracking Wastewater, Alter Microbes in West Virginia Waters - 00:51

Wednesday the 22nd of February 2017

NMSU Expert Gives Tips on Safe Water Storage, Treatment in Case of Crisis - 17:31

NMSU Range Science Professor Receives Fulbright Award to AustraliaNMSU Range Science Professor receives Fulbright award to Australia - 17:31

NMSU Partners on Regional Transportation Research Center - 17:31

Texas Tech Observatory Director Can Discuss Newly Found Planets - 16:31

Self-Driving Vehicle Development Needs a Moral GPS, Says University of Delaware Researcher - 16:31

Chemist Nathan Gianneschi to Join Northwestern - 16:31

Farther From the Forest: 'Eye-Opening' Study Shows Rural U.S. Loses Forests Faster Than Cities - 15:31

Masdar Institute Pioneering Innovative Wastewater Treatment System - 15:31

'Atmospheric Rivers' Associated with California Flooding Also Common in the Southeast - 15:31

Masdar Institute Files Patent for Innovative Cloud Seeding Material that Could Trigger More Rainfall from Clouds - 15:31

From Rocks in Colorado, Evidence of a 'Chaotic Solar System' - 15:01

Aronowski Receives Prestigious International Stroke Science Award in Research - 15:01

Upcoming Webcast Takes a Close Look at NASA's James Webb Space Telescope - 15:01

Sagan Institute Director Explains What Life Could Be Like Near Trappist-1 - 15:01

11 From Yale Elected to Connecticut Academy of Science and Engineering - 14:02

Four Faculty Elected to Connecticut Academy of Science and Engineering - 14:02