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Saturday the 22nd of April 2017

Could Genetics Influence What We Like to Eat? - 18:51

4 Exciting Diabetes and Obesity Research Discoveries - 09:51

Scientists and Engineers Push the Envelope for Better Heart Health - 09:51

Cancer Research Advances: 5 Leads for Better Diagnosis and Treatment - 09:51

New Study Reveals the Mystery Behind the Formation of Hollowed Nanoparticles During Metal Oxidation - 00:01

Art explores Alzheimer's in dance and orchestra - 00:01

Friday the 21st of April 2017

Atomic-Level Motion May Drive Bacteria's Ability to Evade Immune System Defenses, Finds Study - 15:31

Beyond Femtoseconds - 14:41

What Can You Study in Femtoseconds? Materials - 14:41

Soil Carbon Sequestration Goals of Paris Climate Agreement Are Unrealistic, Say Scientists - 14:11

Johns Hopkins Malaria Research Institute Awarded Seven-Year Grant - 14:11

Report Recommends Ways to Improve Response to Toxic Inhalation Disasters - 11:51

Skidmore College Professor Honored with Prestigious Guggenheim Fellowship - 11:51

Ag Expert Available to Comment as Farmers Begin Planting for US Growing Season - 10:51

Weight Expectations: Context and Distraction Skew What We Predict and Remember - 10:51

Corn and Soybean Markets Up Slightly Going Into Planting Season, According to Economist - 10:51

One Small Change Makes Solar Cells More Efficient - 05:31

Ultrafast Imaging Reveals the Electron's New Clothes - 05:31

Thursday the 20th of April 2017

Smithsonian Snapshot: Saving the Panamanian Golden Frog - 16:32

New Data Unearths Pesticide Peril in Beehives - 16:32

Summit to Examine Issues Confronting Great Lakes - 15:32

Study Overturns Seminal Research About the Developing Nervous System - 14:32

BP Oil Spill Did $17.2 Billion in Damage to Natural Resources, Scientists Find in First-Ever Financial Evaluation of Spill's Impact - 14:32

Rare Supernova Discovery Ushers in New Era for Cosmology - 14:32

Naked Mole-Rats Turn Into Plants When Oxygen Is Low - 14:32

Empowerment of Women Worldwide Key to Achieving Competing Goals of Food Sufficiency and Biodiversity Protection - 14:32

What Can You Study in Femtoseconds? High Energy Density Physics - 14:32

De Silva Lab Awarded $3 Million Federal Contract to Develop Zika Test - 13:32

What Can You Study in Femtoseconds? Biology & Chemistry - 13:32

Electronic "Cyclones" at the Nanoscale - 13:32

Making Batteries From Waste Glass Bottles - 13:32

Rising Water Temperatures Endanger Health of Coastal Ecosystems, Study Finds - 13:32

Study: Accomplished Female Scientists Often Overlooked - 12:31

Changing the Game - 12:31

New High-Tech Lab Enables NAU Researchers, Students to Command Mars Curiosity Rover - 12:31

Training the Next Generation of Cancer Researchers - 11:42

"Science Is Antithesis of Fake News," Says Wildlife Conservation Society President Ahead of Earth Day and March for Science - 11:42

It's Too Early to Mourn Cassini, the 'Quintessential Discovery' Machine - 10:51

Pioneering Researchers to Be Honored at Upcoming ECS Meeting - 10:51

Sensor-Filled Glove Could Help Doctors Take Guesswork Out of Physical Exams - 10:51

Sandia Honored for Fighting Ebola, Analyzing Emerging Biotechnologies - 10:51

Brookhaven Lab Joins the OpenMP Architecture Review Board - 09:42

A New Angle on Two Spiral Galaxies for Hubble's 27th Birthday - 09:42

NYU Langone Research Leads to Accelerated Approval of Bladder Cancer Immunotherapy Drug - 09:42

Looping the Genome: How Cohesin Does the Trick - 08:51

UF/IFAS Expert: For Earth Day, Save Energy with Small Steps - 08:51

In Young Bilingual Children Two Languages Develop Simultaneously but Independently - 08:51

In a Flash! A New Way for Making Ceramics - 06:51

Deciphering Material Properties at the Single-Atom Level - 05:51

Plant Scientists Identify Aphid-Destroying Wasps in Cup Plants - 00:31