Newswise - Scinews

Tuesday the 24th of January 2017

Study: Voters Want to Preserve Forests, Water - 09:31

Can Prostate Cancer Metastasis Be Stopped Before It Starts? Research Team Identifies Role for Particular MicroRNA - 09:31

Nanocavity and Atomically Thin Materials Advance the Technology for Chip-Scale Light Sources - 00:31

Monday the 23rd of January 2017

The Future Is Now for Robot Cars - 18:01

TSRI Scientists Create First Stable Semisynthetic Organism - 18:01

Texas Tech University Has Experts Available as Tornado Season Makes Early and Deadly Entrance. - 18:01

BREAKING SCIENCE NEWS: Wildlife-Snaring Crisis in Asian Forests - 17:01

New Tools Will Drive Greater Understanding of Wheat Genes - 17:01

PPPL Physicist Uncovers Clues to Mechanism Behind Magnetic Reconnection - 17:01

Arctic Melt Ponds Form When Meltwater Clogs Ice Pores - 16:01

Jet Lag Impairs Performance of Major League Baseball Players - 16:01

New Technique Identifies Micropollutants in New York Waterways - 16:01

The Science of Consciousness, June 5-10, 2017 - 16:01

80-Million-Year-Old Dinosaur Collagen Confirmed - 16:01

Kawtar Hafidi Named Director of Physics Division - 14:01

Choreographing the MicroRNA-Target Dance - 14:01

Road Map to Help Northern California Fishing Communities Thrive - 14:01

Astronomers Find Seven Dwarf-Galaxy Groups, the Building Blocks of Massive Galaxies - 14:01

A Gene's Journey From Covert to Celebrated - 12:41

Big Wheels in Motion - 12:41

Melting Solid Below the Freezing Point - 12:41

Research Helps Explain How B Cell Metabolism Is Controlled - 11:51

Engineers Eat Away at MS. Pac-Man Score with Artificial Player - 10:51

Noninvasive Ultrasound Pulses Used to Precisely Tweak Rat Brain Activity - 08:51

NAU Researcher Discovers Key to Fighting Autism May Lie Not in the Mind, but in the Gut - 08:51

Using Sunlight to Activate the Flow of Electrical Current in a New Material - 08:51

Space-Age Challenge: Healing Broken Bones, Wounds and Internal Organs - 00:31

Friday the 20th of January 2017

How Much Drought Can a Forest Take? - 13:21

Turning Research Data Into Scientific Discoveries - 10:31

New Genetic Engineering Technique Could Help Design, Study Biological Systems - 06:31

Thursday the 19th of January 2017

Think Binge Drinking Is Safer for Your Liver Than Regular Heavy Drinking? Think Again. - 19:01

New Low-Cost Technique Converts Bulk Alloys to Oxide Nanowires - 17:31

Seeking Structure with Metagenome Sequences - 16:31

UF/IFAS Findings Could Help Prevent Crop-Killing Pathogen From Coming to U.S. - 16:31

Viruses Overheard Talking to One Another - 16:31

Four Faculty Honored with Presidential Early Career Awards - 16:31

Nanoscience Expert Receives 2016 Dickson Prize in Science - 16:31

Chemists Cook Up New Nanomaterial and Imaging Method - 16:31

Scientists Initiate First Ethical Guidelines for Organs Cultivated in Vitro - 15:31

Neutrons and a 'Bit of Gold' Uncover New Type of Quantum Phase Transition - 15:31

As Cells Age, the Fat Content Within Them Shifts - 13:31

New Theory May Explain Mystery of Fairy Circles of Namibia - 13:31

MEDIA ADVISORY: What Happens When Hackers Hijack Our Smart Devices? - 13:01

Caves in Central China Show History of Natural Flood Patterns - 13:01

You Are in Command as NRAO's 'Orion Explorer' Tours This Iconic Constellation - 13:01

NASA Reviewing $239 Million UAH-Led Proposal for Lunar Astrophysics Mission - 12:01

Call for Entries: Awards for Science Writing - 12:01

Of Mutualism and Lipid Metabolism in Fungi - 12:01

Reproducibility Project: Cancer Biology Publishes First Five Replication Studies Conducted by Science Exchange - 11:01

Regional Sea-Level Scenarios Will Help Northeast Plan for Faster-Than-Global Rise - 11:01