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Wednesday the 28th of June 2017

Calculating 'Old' and 'New' Water Runoff - 11:51

Tiny Mite Takes a Major Bite Out of NYS Honeybee Population, Threatens Fruit and Vegetable Crops - 10:52

NUS Researchers Create Novel Probiotic Beer That Boosts Immunity and Improves Gut Health - 10:51

Could an Artificial Coral Reef Protect Marine Biodiversity Against Climate Changes? - 09:52

Innovative Smartphone Technology Can Let You Know When You're Drinking Too Much - 09:52

Alcohol Use Among Homeless Youth Due to Victimization Varies by Gender and Type of Abuse - 09:52

Vortex-Antivortex Pairs Found in Magnetic Trilayers - 09:52

Fight CRC and Cancer Research Institute Award $400,000 to Support Cutting-Edge Immunotherapy Research in Colorectal Cancer - 09:51

Robots to Help Children with Autism - 08:52

Sandia Creates Better 'Fingerprints' to Detect Elusive, Valuable Chemical Compounds - 08:52

Study Illuminates Serotonin Contributions to Cocaine's Allure - 08:52

Magnetic Particles that Flock Like Birds - 07:32

Tuesday the 27th of June 2017

Astronomers Detect Orbital Motion in Pair of Supermassive Black Holes - 16:42

'On Your Mark, Get Set' Neutrons Run Enzyme's Reactivity for Better Biofuel Production - 16:42

Sandia Method Supports Real-Time Warhead Verification Without Revealing Design Data - 16:42

Researchers ID Network of Neurons Crucial for Vocal Learning - 14:52

Brain Signals Deliver First Targeted Treatment for World's Most Common Movement Disorder - 14:52

Ingredient Found in Soap Can Alter 'Wettability' of Your Skin - 13:52

Yi Cui Named Blavatnik National Laureate - 13:51

Explore Innovations in Industrial Biotechnology at Upcoming Workshops - 12:52

Cybersecurity Expert Can Speak to the Media on Latest Ransomware "Petya," Affecting Computer Systems from Russia to Britain - 12:52

Graphene Ribbons Result in 100-Fold Increase in Gold Catalyst's Performance - 12:52

UW-Madison Scientists Illuminate Structures Vital to Virus Replication - 11:52

Sensitive Faces Helped Dinosaurs Eat, Woo and Take Temperature, Suggests Study - 11:52

Cotton Candy Capillaries Lead to Circuit Boards That Dissolve When Cooled - 11:52

Announcement: Scilight -- New From AIP Publishing - 10:22

Protein Data Takes Significant Step Forward in Medicine - 10:22

Military Sexual Trauma Among Men Is Prevalent and Predicts Alcohol Problems Years Later - 09:22

Not Everyone Who Drinks Too Much Has an Alcohol Use Disorder ... but Maybe You Do - 09:22

Marijuana-Positive Drivers Increasing, Alcohol-Positive Drivers Decreasing - 09:22

Study Calls for Urgent Need for Improved Human-Wildlife Conflict Management Across India - 09:22

Achieving 'Bliss': Children, Adults Differ in How They Perceive Sweetness of Fruits - 08:52

Friend or Foe? Manganese Concentration in Drinking Water Needs Attention, Researchers Say - 08:52

The Blue-Winged Amazon: A New Parrot Species From the Yucatan Peninsula - 07:51

Breaking the Rules to Make Electricity from Waste Heat - 07:51

Winners of 2017 Blavatnik National Awards for Young Scientists Include Pioneering Bioengineer, Chemist and Nanoscientist; Will Receive $250,000 Prizes - 05:52

New "Gold Standard" for Flexible Electronics - 04:52

Magnetic Curve Balls - 04:52

Texas Tech Expert: Firework Duds Pose Most Danger to Fourth of July Revelers - 04:52

Monday the 26th of June 2017

Beyond the Lab: Workshop Hosted by Top Media Publication & Alan Alda's Center Transforms Scientists and Engineers into Storytellers - 16:32

Ecologist: Tracking Bacterial Movement Between Humans, Animals Key to Understanding Antibiotic Resistance - 16:32

Could This Strategy Bring High-Speed Communications to the Deep Sea? - 15:32

Curtains for Privacy and Quiet - 15:32

Microbe Mystery Solved: What Happened to the Deepwater Horizon Oil Plume - 15:32

New Class of 'Soft' Semiconductors Could Transform HD Displays - 15:32

Blocking Cancer -- Scientists Find New Way to Combat Disease - 15:32

Computer Model Simulates Sense of Touch From the Entire Hand - 15:02

New Research Could Help Humans See What Nature Hides - 15:02

Talking Turtles II: WCS Discovers More Turtles That Talk - 13:32

A Little Place for My Stuff - 13:32