CBC: Technology & Science

Friday the 31st of October 2014

Canada accused of 'boasting' with doctored photos of Canadarm2 - 16:30

Co-pilot dies in Virgin Galactic spaceship crash - 15:00

Virgin Galactic's SpaceShipTwo crashes during test flight - 14:00

Antares rocket explosion shows why it's hard to do science in space: Bob McDonald - 11:00

New U.S. space rockets include crew-escape systems - 09:30

Moto360 smartwatch is capable, but not always cool - 04:30

Thursday the 30th of October 2014

Microsoft Band wearable fitness tracker unveiled - 20:30

CSEC oversight bill garners support from gun owner's group - 16:00

Bell launches Project Latte streaming service with entire HBO catalogue - 15:00

U.S. confirms White House was hit by cyberattack - 14:00

RCMP telecom subscriber data requests poorly tracked, says privacy czar - 12:30

New leopard frog species found in New York City - 11:30

Apple CEO Tim Cook comes out and reveals he's gay - 11:00

Barn owls chicks rescued from old Port Mann bridge - 09:00

Prospect of cellphone chatter on planes appalls many passengers - 09:00

Apple's Tim Cook reveals he's gay and proud of it - 09:00

Grizzly killed in Yoho National Park road had been orphaned nearby - 08:30

Amelia Earhart mystery: Metal found on Pacific island from aviator's plane, group says - 08:30

Tim Cook reveals he's gay and proud of it - 08:30

White House computer network may have been hit by cyberattack - 08:00

Kilauea volcano lava 30 metres from Hawaiian village home - 08:00

Amelia Earhart: Metal found on Pacific island from aviator's plane, group says - 08:00

Antares rocket explosion: Will it set back the commercialization of space? - 04:30

Wednesday the 29th of October 2014

Walt Natynczyk, head of the Canadian Space Agency, moves to veterans affairs - 16:00

BlackBerry CEO explains lack of new features its new smartphone - 14:30

uberX illegal, says Montreal Mayor Denis Coderre - 14:00

Severe drought threatens Sao Paulo, Brazil - 14:00

Atlas V rocket with U.S. Air Force satellite to launch from Cape Canaveral - 12:30

SMU's Burke-Gaffney Observatory unveils new telescope - 12:00

Uber debuts uberX, unlicenced taxi service, in Montreal - 11:30

Antares rocket explosion: Orbital Sciences Corp. looks for cause of blast - 10:30

Apple Pay not expected in Canada any time soon - 10:30

Antares rocket explosion: Kamloops students lose science experiment - 07:30

Antares space rocket explodes shortly after launch - 07:30

Researchers uncover real name of Egyptian mummy 'Justine' - 04:30

Tuesday the 28th of October 2014

Woman wins lawsuit over Google Street View of her breast - 20:00

NASA's Antares rocket explodes shortly after launch - 18:30

YouTube without ads? It may be coming, but you'll have to pay for it - 15:30

Engineering and business administration grads top earners - 13:30

Wireless speeds in Canada's big cities match U.S., U.K., study says - 12:03

Invasive green crab impact being surveyed by conservation group - 10:00

BP spill left big oily 'bathtub ring' on seafloor - 10:00

Greenhouse gas emissions drop brings Europe near 2020 target - 08:30

Indiana Jones of botany finds long-lost plant species in Saskatchewan - 08:00

Bluefin tuna stocks rebounding - 07:31

Space launch called off due to passing sailboat - 07:31

Monday the 27th of October 2014

Space junk forces space station to take evasive action - 13:21

Pietro Cordova new Wind Mobile CEO, Anthony Lacavera stays as chair - 13:00

Online hate speech could be curtailed under new anti-terror push - 09:00

Bats nearly wiped out in Eastern Canada by deadly fungus - 09:00