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Thursday th 25th of April 2019

AI monitoring store shelves at new Walmart lab - 11:30

How do you prove a porn user is 18 or older? - 09:10

Solving maple syrup's sticky situation: knowing when the season ends - 08:40

Privacy watchdogs release report probing Facebook/Cambridge Analytica breach - 08:40

Canada to ban industrial activities inside marine-protected areas - 08:10

Science of sweeping: Champion curler teams up with U of Sask. to find out how to do it right - 07:50

Cenovus shareholders reject emissions target motion - 07:50

Ontario cancels program that aimed to plant 50 million trees - 07:20

A lesson from New Jersey as Quebec tries to persuade people to leave flood zones for good - 07:20

By claiming Ontario's done its 'fair share,' Doug Ford pushes the climate burden west - 06:50

'It's time for us to watch them': App lets you spy on Alexa and the rest of your smart devices - 06:50

Why hasn't Facebook banned any far-right groups in Quebec? - 04:30

Wednesday th 24th of April 2019

Scientists alarmed by disappearing penguin population at Antarctic breeding ground - 20:20

Montreal 'going to war' against single-use plastic and styrofoam food containers - 16:40

Scientists turn brain signals into speech - 16:40

Trash talk: McKenna says she's working on a fix for garbage spat with Philippines - 14:10

Google's Wing Aviation gets OK for drone deliveries in U.S. - 08:30

New York City wants more of Quebec's clean energy, but how green does that make Legault? - 08:00

'Ferocious' spring avalanches should elicit caution from backcountry travellers, say experts - 08:00

Beyond sandbags: Quebec looks for ways to limit future flood damage - 08:00

Don't be a kidnapper: Leave the babies be, wildlife expert says - 07:30

Bell tells 88-year-old she must wait 4½ years to get cellphone credits refunded - 07:30

New Zealand and France seek an end to terrorism and violent extremism online - 07:30

'The Boss' grizzly is ready for his closeup, as Alberta wildlife shakes off winter doldrums - 07:30

Tuesday th 23rd of April 2019

NASA's InSight lander has detected 1st 'marsquake,' scientists say - 17:20

Cameras that guess your age and sex are coming to store shelves - 16:20

'Eat it if you want to': Filipino President Duterte lashes out over Canadian cargo of trash - 13:52

Twitter profits rise as quarterly ad revenue doubles - 13:30

Samsung delays launch of folding phone after screen failures - 13:00

Stray polar bear found roaming Russian village airlifted back to the wild - 11:40

How Elizabeth May is making her wedding low-carbon - 07:30

Calgary city staff buzz about endangered bee discovery on city's 'bee boulevard' - 07:30

How a UPEI student project could cut the heating bill for an Island lobster plant - 07:30

Oilsands CO2 emissions may be far higher than companies report, scientists say - 04:30

Monday th 22nd of April 2019

Streaming services will eclipse TV subscribers in 2020, report predicts - 15:30

SpaceX loses its first crew capsule in fiery test incident - 15:30

'Is that even legal?': Companies may be sharing new credit or debit card information without you knowing - 11:00

Coyote co-existence policies mean pets are never safe, group of homeowners say - 11:00

Why swim goggles might help astronauts' eyesight - 09:20

Canadian researchers warn of 'cascading impacts' as bumblebee species decline - 04:50

Sri Lanka blocks social media after Easter Sunday bombings - 04:20

OPINION | Earth Day is no longer serving us — the house is already on fire - 04:20

Sri Lanka blocks social media after Easter Sunday bombings - 03:50

Creating a fire tornado: Montana lab seeks to unlock the mysteries of wildfire - 03:20

Saturday th 20th of April 2019

This is what happens to the e-waste you drop off for recycling - 03:10

Friday th 19th of April 2019

ISS astronauts set for Easter feast thanks to arrival of private supply ship - 06:00

Meat and the environment: Do Canadians know what's at stake? - 03:30

Thursday th 18th of April 2019

Librarians archiving Alberta's climate-change, other reports ahead of new government - 19:10

Jerrie Cobb, first woman to pass astronaut testing, dies - 18:00

Human error may have caused Israeli lander to crash land on moon - 14:00