CBC: Technology & Science

Friday the 30th of January 2015

Fracking linked to 4.4 magnitude quake in Fox Creek - 23:30

Premiers, Joe Oliver spar over infrastructure funding ahead of 2015 election - 18:00

FCC's new broadband internet target leaves Canada behind - 18:00

Geckos in Namibia evolved to lose sticky feet in desert - 17:30

Premiers highlight infrastructure 'deficit' ahead of 2015 election - 14:50

Flutter app lets grieving teens mourn by composing songs - 14:20

Mount Polley spill blamed on design of embankment - 13:20

Fire at Mars test habitat shows dangers of manned mission - 13:20

Mount Polley spill: independent report to be released Friday - 12:50

Google agrees to data protection revamp after U.K. probe - 10:20

Amazon shares surge after surprise jump in profit - 09:50

Just 4 credit card purchases can reveal who you are - 09:50

Arctic snow geese 'blizzard' hits Richmond, B.C. - again - 08:50

Marriage proposals study looks at the psychology of suitors - 08:50

Premiers gather in Ottawa to discuss trade, climate, health care - 08:50

Rabid wolf chases 2 Labrador families on snowmobile trip - 08:50

Thursday the 29th of January 2015

Man regains use of injured hand using 3D printer - 16:30

Climate change will make storms nastier but less frequent - 16:30

Is Google's traffic app safe? No Waze, say U.S. sheriffs - 15:20

Is Google's traffic app safe? No Waze, say U.S. sherriffs - 13:50

CRTC backs net neutrality in ruling against apps that favour certain content - 12:50

How a victim of a nude photos leak responded to the 'sexualization of non-consent' - 12:20

5 signs you're using tech like a millennial - 10:20

Spy agencies 'drowning in data' and unable to follow leads: security expert - 09:50

'Dragon' dinosaur with ultra-long neck found by Alberta researchers - 09:50

Facebook profit nears $700M as user base grows along with ad views - 09:20

Asteroid flyby reveals space rock's origin and a tiny moon - 09:20

72 deer eliminated from Point Pelee National Park - 08:50

Saskatchewan stargazers capture asteroid videos - 08:50

Spy agencies 'drowning in data' and unable to follow leads: security expert - 08:50

Wednesday the 28th of January 2015

Laser co-inventor, Nobel Prize winner Charles Townes dies at 99 - 23:00

Cybersurveillance and your privacy: Politicians call for spy agency oversight - 20:40

More Canadians concerned about 'losing control' over personal info - 15:50

Humans met Neanderthals on way out of Africa, skull suggests - 15:50

NAFTA probe of Alberta's tailings ponds blocked by Canada - 14:00

Yahoo to spin off lucrative stake in Alibaba - 10:30

Astronomers find oldest ever 'solar system' with rocky planets - 09:30

How Goldie Hawn helped make B.C. children better at math - 09:00

Waterloo's Kik messenger app surpasses 200M users - 09:00

Canadian spies track millions of downloads daily: Snowden files - 05:20

Tuesday the 27th of January 2015

Apple sells record 74.5 million iPhones in 1st quarter - 20:20

How Goldie Hawn helped make B.C. children better at maths - 19:20

Apple sells record 74.5 million iPhones in quarter - 17:50

Did forecasters get the snowstorm wrong? - 17:20

Taylor Swift threatened with nude photos after her Twitter, Instagram hacked - 16:20

Climate change could threaten Alberta's wetlands, study suggests - 16:20

Waterloo's Neverfrost hope to give windshield ice the brush-off - 15:51

Scientist finds snakes so old that they may have had 4 legs - 12:30

Ontario to ban acquisition and sale of killer whales - 12:00

Urban fox survey seeks deeper understanding - 10:30