CBC: Technology & Science

Sunday the 29th of November 2015

Bill Gates sparks multinational plan to spend billions on clean energy tech - 17:00

Baboons fight for 'throne' at Toronto Zoo after queen dies - 13:00

Saturday the 28th of November 2015

King Tut's tomb: Researchers now 90% sure it contains hidden chambers - 13:30

Photos show 10 of the worst weather disasters - 12:30

California and Canada working toward joint climate change solutions - 05:20

Friday the 27th of November 2015

'World's sexiest robot' causes a frenzy at Beijing tech conference - 22:30

Dinosaur nesting research at the U of C shows similarities to birds - 21:00

Double-dipping a chip is officially disgusting, science confirms - 19:00

Google offers downloadable maps for offline use - 17:10

Paris climate conference: What you need to know - 16:10

Government announces $2.65B to help developing countries fight climate change - 14:40

Huge, dark Martian sand dunes captured by Curiosity rover - 13:40

We don't have to give up our lifestyle to lower emissions: Bob McDonald - 13:10

Best Buy Canada site malfunctions on Black Friday, frustrating shoppers - 11:20

Muslims use hashtags to reclaim their voices online - 09:30

Remains of doomed SpaceX rocket likely found - 09:30

Facebook envy fuels cycle of self promotion, study finds - 08:30

Meticulous records of old whaling captains, fur traders examined for climate clues - 08:30

Software pirate has to make anti-piracy video go viral, or pay massive fines - 08:30

Thursday the 26th of November 2015

U.S. opens door to space mining but spurs international-law worries - 19:30

Ottawa tech worker develops powered wheelchair you can control with your phone - 11:40

World's cheapest computer Raspberry Pi is now just $5 - 10:20

Phuc Dat Bich admits to hoax after fighting Facebook's name policy - 09:20

Ancient Alexander Keith's bottle discovered in Halifax waters - 08:50

Wednesday the 25th of November 2015

Why Calgarians may want to check out the city's newest net-zero home - 23:20

Polar bear injured by radio collar part of U of A study, Environment Canada says - 20:30

Century-old mystery fossil identified - as Canada's 1st dimetrodon - 17:10

RCMP commissioner wants warrantless access to online subscriber info - 16:40

There's lots we don't know about oil spills' impact, report finds - 11:40

2015 will be hottest year on record — until 2016, WMO predicts - 09:40

Stunning drone video provides a rare view of beluga whales - 08:40

Climate laggards get a trade advantage when others cut carbon: Don Pittis - 08:40

Endless telemarketing calls, scams and how the big telcos could stop them - 08:40

5 great things Einstein's theory of general relativity gave us - 05:10

Tuesday the 24th of November 2015

Breakup Shop dumps your partner for small fee - 18:20

Google's YouTube Kids app now available in Canada - 16:50

Anonymous is rickrolling ISIS as part of its plan to defeat terrorism - 16:50

What Belgian cat tweets teach us about foiling online surveillance - 13:50

Ahead of Paris climate talks, Canadians say they're willing to pay to reduce emissions - 11:00

Reusable rocket landed successfully for 1st time - 10:30

Cybersecurity experts warn of new ModPOS malware targeting retail payment terminals - 09:30

To unfriend or not unfriend: What to do with racist Facebook 'friends' - 09:00

Reducing black carbon and methane emissions could reduce Arctic warming - 09:00

Canada warming at twice the global rate, scientists tell premiers conference - 09:00

Canada 'failing' in fight against cybercrime, hacking - 05:30

Neil Young launches PonoPlayer for high-resolution music in Canada - 00:50

Monday the 23rd of November 2015

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg to take 2 months paternity leave - 16:30

Scientists engineer mosquito strain with malaria-blocking genes - 16:00

Mars will get ring like Saturn, scientists predict - 14:30

Weather disasters have become twice as frequent in 20 years - 14:30