CBC: Technology & Science

Tuesday the 25th of April 2017

Say what? How a Canadian company can clone your voice - 16:02

Meet Steve, the curious ribbon of purplish light discovered in Alberta skies - 14:02

Facebook facing criticism after Thai man murders daughter live - 14:02

Murdered woman's Fitbit logged steps after husband said she died - 11:32

Fiat Chrysler expands Google self-driving car fleet to 500 - 11:32

Arctic climate warming higher and faster than expected - 10:32

Scientists invent more accurate way to measure oilsands pollution - 10:03

Researchers explain how naked mole rats survive 18 minutes with no oxygen - 09:02

Facebook says its mind-reading project is all about improving our lives. Yeah... right - 09:02

Air pollution levels in Toronto subways highest among country's 3 major rapid transit systems - 05:31

Monday the 24th of April 2017

Fossil find reveals skunk-sized predator roamed Egypt 34 million years ago - 18:21

Human-influenced extreme weather has been felt across the globe: study - 17:01

Canadian Space Agency narrows astronaut candidates down to 17 - 14:32

Trump teleconference with International Space Station LIVE at 10 am ET - 09:21

Introduction of final candidates in CSA's astronaut recruitment campaign LIVE - 09:21

Ancient methane 'burp' points to climate change 110 million years ago - 08:21

Sunday the 23rd of April 2017

Soil your undies, literally: eco group - 14:51

Saturday the 22nd of April 2017

A note of optimism on a day of worries - 13:21

Global March for Science raises concern over Trump policies - 12:51

How VR put a human face on a story about elephant poaching in parks - 11:51

Happy Earth Day! Our home, seen from space - 04:21

Friday the 21st of April 2017

Canadian cities prepare to march for science - 15:01

Company offers to launch customers' DNA into space with the help of Canadian tech - 14:31

Ocean 'conveyor belt' brings billions of plastic particles into Arctic waters - 14:31

With these glasses, a legally blind teen can see — and shoot 3s with the Harlem Globetrotters - 08:21

Man hunts for lost shipwrecks using NASA astronaut Gordon Cooper's 'treasure map from space' - 00:51

Thursday the 20th of April 2017

Your internet provider can't pick which apps and services count against your data cap, says CRTC - 15:32

China launches 1st cargo spacecraft destined for its space station - 15:02

Scientists create fluid that seems to defy physics - 14:02

Environmental group sues Catherine McKenna for failing to report on efforts to save caribou habitat - 09:42

Bose faces lawsuit over allegations its headphones spy on users - 08:51

CRTC rules today on video, music streaming services and data plans - 08:21

American, Russian en route to joining Space Station crew - 03:31

Wednesday the 19th of April 2017

Newly discovered exoplanet best place to search for life, astronomers say - 13:31

Facebook reviewing reporting practices after killing posted online - 04:31

Driving to the top of the world: Exploring Canada's new Arctic highway - 04:31

Tuesday the 18th of April 2017

Asteroid to make close pass of Earth on Wednesday - 14:32

How one app wants to make you smarter while you wait - 14:31

'Soil your undies' to test the quality of your soil - 13:32

Liftoff: University of Alberta satellite rockets into orbit - 13:02

NASA provides 1st live 360-degree view of launch to space station - 11:02

Giant sea scorpions used serrated tail spines to slay prey, Edmonton study finds - 11:02

NASA providing 1st live 360-degree view of launch to space station - 10:02

Disgraced lab worker's actions could see Mass. dismiss thousands of cases - 05:02

Why we should be thanking Burger King for hijacking our smart home devices - 04:11

Monday the 17th of April 2017

Dead endangered whale may have been hit by ship - 13:11

Space station cargo mission includes toying with fire in orbit - 10:52

Climate change causes glacial river in Yukon to change direction - 10:21

New telescope at the top of the world to look at universe's earliest origins - 06:01

'It scares me': Permafrost thaw in Canadian Arctic sign of global trend - 04:31