CBC: Technology & Science

Thursday the 5th of May 2016

Fort McMurray wildfire burning so hot only weather can stop it - 04:30

Wednesday the 4th of May 2016

Fort McMurray's horrifying experience shows humans can't stand in nature's way: Don Pittis - 15:10

Scientist break record for growing embryos outside human body - 14:10

Facebook pays 10-year-old boy $10,000 for finding Instagram bug - 10:20

Scientists think they've found the shipwreck of Captain Cook's famed ship Endeavour - 08:50

Roll out of new federal-government-wide email system halted, again - 07:30

Tuesday the 3rd of May 2016

Fiat Chrysler, Google to co-operate on autonomous minivans - 17:00

Meet the WISP: Radio-powered computer doesn't need batteries - 15:30

Move over drones and driverless cars - unmanned ships are next - 13:30

Gravitational waves discovery earns $3M US prize - 10:40

Who created bitcoin? The long search may not be over - 10:10

Ottawa toughening energy efficiency regulations by 2020 - 08:40

Alec Falkenham, Dalhousie researcher, inks deal for tattoo removal cream - 08:40

Glowing fibre optic dress is everything fashion lovers needed from the 2016 Met Gala - 08:40

The super-cheap Canadian cellphone deals only Americans can buy - 04:20

Solar Impulse completes California to Arizona leg - 03:00

Monday the 2nd of May 2016

Facial recognition tech lets everybody know your name - 16:30

Watch a record-smashing 2,200-metre flight on a real hoverboard - 15:00

3 Earth-sized planets found orbiting nearby dwarf star - 12:10

Watch SpaceX's historic rocket landing from aboard the droneship - 11:40

Scientists study ecological fallout of sea star die-off - 08:40

Websites like Twitch need to address suicide prevention, Montreal researcher says - 08:40

BCE to buy Manitoba Telecom in friendly deal worth $3.9B - 08:40

In-car sex could be the distracted driving hazard of the future, expert warns - 08:40

Your most obnoxious Facebook friends are probably popular in real life: study - 08:10

Enough with concept cars, we need them on the lot: Don Pittis - 08:10

Wolverines can be taught to sniff out avalanche survivors, trainer says - 07:40

Craig Wright, Australian businessman, says he's Bitcoin creator - 07:40

Sunday the 1st of May 2016

High-speed video reveals secret behind peacock mating display - 13:30

The pipeline test of Justin Trudeau's leadership - 10:30

'Open data': Why it's making waves across Canada - 04:10

Saturday the 30th of April 2016

With 3-D printer, Iqaluit students built robots for Nunavut skills contest - 11:50

Franklin Expedition: Exploration of HMS Erebus wreck may reveal more than artifacts - 08:20

Bedford company sending drones to survey earthquake damage in Ecuador - 06:50

Friday the 29th of April 2016

Japan abandons unresponsive $450 million space telescope - 14:40

Coral reef at Amazon River's mouth surprises scientists - 14:40

Small, furry animal shuts down world's largest atom smasher - 12:40

Huge trove of Roman coins unearthed in Spain - 09:20

Successor to the Hubble telescope faces daunting challenges: Bob McDonald - 09:20

FBI paid less than $1 million to unlock iPhone of San Bernardino shooters - 08:50

Diesel-generated electricity costly for environment, economy, Ontario First Nations say - 07:30

Thursday the 28th of April 2016

The internet is slower in Western Canada, tests show - 17:50

Hugging your dog makes it stressed? - 16:50

U.S. Army determines Kennewick Man is Native American - 16:50

Scientists may have discovered massive lake under Antarctic ice - 15:50

Apple Carekit apps aim to help patients manage health problems - 15:20

Curiosity rover shares stunning view from a plateau on Mars - 14:20

Rare white magpie spotted in Edmonton - 13:20

Perimeter Institute creates new $8M theoretical physics chair - 12:50

Russia launches 1st rocket from new space facility - 08:00