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Friday the 28th of November 2014

Canada's process to protect endangered species is failing, study finds - 16:20

Canada's laws to protect endangered species are failing, study finds - 13:50

Broadcast TV will be extinct by 2030, Netflix CEO says - 13:20

Up, up and away: Camera captures Newfoundland from stratosphere - 12:20

Climate change, inbreeding cited as risks to Sable Island's feral horse herd - 11:50

Duck dynasty: Quacking invaders a menace to N.L. residents - 09:00

Japan's Mount Aso erupts, disrupting flight - 08:30

Bar room science: What beer can teach us about volcanoes - 08:30

Syrian Electronic Army hackers: Who are they and why are they targeting the media - 08:00

Syrian Electronic Army: What is it and how is it hacking the media? - 05:30

Climate change survey reveals Canadians' fears for future generations - 05:00

Thursday the 27th of November 2014

Astronauts' Thanksgiving feast boasts 'space-food flair' - 15:31

2014 is on track to be the hottest year on record - 12:00

Vaccines: Busting common myths - 10:00

Syrian Electronic Army hacks global news sites, including CBC - 08:30

U.S. firm investigated for clean-up at old Canadian mill site - 05:30

Bell employees planted glowing online reviews of new Bell app - 05:30

New dinosaur finds soar in 'golden age' of discovery - 05:30

Wednesday the 26th of November 2014

Compact fluorescent bulb recycling won't be mandatory, Ottawa says - 17:30

High Arctic no refuge for polar bears if climate change continues, study finds - 16:31

Snowy owl numbers on Nunavut island highest in years - 16:00

Dinosaur species discovered among fossils stored in Canadian museum for decades - 15:32

3D printer aboard ISS makes first object in 'historical moment' - 13:00

Fight against Asian carp includes Ontario anglers, hunters - 12:00

Woolly mammoth autopsy provides flesh and blood samples - 11:31

Underwater robot measuring Antarctic sea ice a 'huge step' - 10:30

Bird's-eye view: Bald eagle soars through stadium wearing camera - 10:01

Tuesday the 25th of November 2014

How vultures stomach rotting flesh and avoid food poisoning - 17:00

Sony Pictures computer system down after reported hack - 14:30

Neonicotinoid pesticide use to be reduced by 80% in Ontario - 13:30

Canada Revenue Agency privacy breach leaks prominent Canadians' tax details - 13:00

Record North Pacific temperatures threatening B.C. marine species - 08:31

BlackBerry will pay iPhone users up to $600 to switch phones - 08:31

Social media terms of service may be trumped by Canadian law - 05:30

Monday the 24th of November 2014

Saskatoon company marketing new electric fatbike - 16:31

CRTC to decide if small ISPs can use high-speed networks built by big rivals - 15:32

Earliest ice on record appears on Great Lakes - 14:30

Cheaper smartphones gain popularity among consumers - 14:00

Watch rare footage of a monstrous 'black sea devil' anglerfish - 11:00

Hacker claiming ties to Anonymous forces Toronto police website offline for hours - 09:01

New malware Regin may have been launched by a country, Symantec says - 09:01

Married woman 'mortified' to find profile on dating website after Facebook click - 05:30

Sunday the 23rd of November 2014

Russian rocket docks safely at International Space Station - 23:00

Russian rocket blasts off for International Space Station - 18:00

Agriculture Hackathon first of its kind in Canada - 13:30

Rewilding aims to give land back to nature, but what's really 'natural'? - 05:30

Saturday the 22nd of November 2014

'Dirty snowball' from space likely created Sudbury Basin: researcher - 06:00

Friday the 21st of November 2014

Ontario, Quebec sign deals on electricity, climate change - 16:40

Canada pledges $300 million to Green Climate Fund - 16:10

Living gobs of jelly multiplying in Canadian lakes - 15:40