CBC: Technology & Science

Saturday the 23rd of July 2016

Ursula Franklin, renowned Canadian scientist, dead at 94 - 23:41

Alberta teens detained for Pokemon Go U.S. border crossing - 16:01

Extreme unplugging: B.C. families paddle Mackenzie River to get kids away from screens - 11:01

What the dog smelled: The science and mystery of cadaver dogs - 08:31

Friday the 22nd of July 2016

'Heat dome' baking Ontario and U.S.: What you need to know - 13:51

Pokemon Go launches in Japan with McDonald's as 1st sponsor - 11:31

Edward Snowden gives thumbs up to Oliver Stone film about him - 10:01

Twitter abuse can be unrelenting for outspoken black women - 10:01

How Pokemon Go went from Google prank to mobile gaming phenomenon - 09:31

Thursday the 21st of July 2016

Facebook's giant internet-beaming solar drone takes off - 17:21

Ditties for dorks: Physics institute compiles 'ultimate science playlist' - 16:51

World's 1st IVF-conceived wood bison born in Canada - 16:01

Lichens aren't quite what we thought, shocked scientists discover - 14:01

'Survivors' of one of planet's worst extinctions unearthed along Bay of Fundy - 13:31

Israel takes on Facebook in battle against incitement - 13:31

Latest search for dark matter comes up empty - 13:31

Huge 'X' found at centre of Milky Way galaxy - 07:51

Big cats could be big help to deer-vehicle collisions, researcher says - 07:21

Researchers experimenting with shorter, easier-to-pick cherry trees - 05:21

Hillary Clinton, reply-all and other email annoyances: Don Pittis - 04:21

Long after Stéphane Dion's Green Shift, a price on carbon still looms - 04:21

Abuse of Ghostbusters star a PR 'nightmare' that forced Twitter to ban Yiannopoulos, expert says - 04:21

Wednesday the 20th of July 2016

Tesla working on new vehicles, including heavy trucks - 22:41

Kickass Torrents subject of U.S. indictment, alleged owner arrested - 18:21

Smart cars could nudge aside auto insurers - 17:21

Can-opener claws and birdlike bones: New species of 'megaraptor' found - 16:51

Windows 10 personal data collection ruled 'excessive' - 15:51

'Incredibly dangerous' Pokemon Go stunt draws ire - 15:51

Justin Trudeau won't rule out imposing carbon price plan on provinces - 15:21

WhatsApp blocked in Brazil, then reinstated — for 3rd time - 12:41

Goodbye Finnegan! Farewell to humpback whale sealed with a kiss - 11:31

Earth keeps breaking heat records after El Nino's departure - 10:01

'This girl fought': How a slain online sensation subverted Pakistan's male-dominated media - 09:01

Wild horse birth control now a humane alternative to culling in Alberta - 08:31

How should we behave in Pokemon Go's playground world? - 08:31

Conservationists question ethics of Alberta's 'bloodbath' caribou plan - 07:39

Tuesday the 19th of July 2016

Twitter to allow uses to apply for verification check mark starting now - 15:31

How to catch 'em all in Canada: Pokemon Go tips from a 'seasoned' pro - 12:31

Ghostbusters' Leslie Jones, under hateful barrage on Twitter, fights back - 12:31

Tesla shortens web address, hinting at possible name change - 12:31

I Am Setsuna evokes classic games like Chrono Trigger, but it's no simple nostalgia play - 12:31

Astonishing bird's-eye view of humpback whales swimming off Newfoundland coast - 12:01

Mountain goat drowns trying to escape crowds taking its photo - 11:01

Why smartphones and social media can make violent events more 'overwhelming' - 10:31

StatsCan says government's IT agency providing 'slower, lower quality services' - 08:31

Free data for Pokemon Go may not be as good as it sounds - 08:31

Monday the 18th of July 2016

'Tragic' polar bear kept at Chinese mall 'for selfies,' group says - 12:31

Japan's Softbank will buy U.K. designer of chips that power most smartphones - 10:31

Elon Musk says software update will likely fix Tesla's Autopilot issues - 09:31

Known for ancient fossils, N.L.'s Mistaken Point now a UNESCO World Heritage site - 08:31