CBC: Technology & Science

Monday the 20th of February 2017

Double bed, favourite foods lined up for U.S.-born panda's flight to China - 15:51

Media ask judge to order release of San Bernardino iPhone records - 15:51

Salivating over history: Manitoba Museum curator gives artifacts the old spit shine - 08:51

How saying yes to free Wi-Fi could mean 'you are the product' for businesses - 08:21

Government to weed out pesticides from foreign websites - 05:31

As Arctic warms, Canada's glaciers playing major role in sea level rise - 05:31

Sunday the 19th of February 2017

'Harsh conditions' help force shutdown of Sable Island wind project - 12:31

SpaceX launches rocket with supplies to International Space Station - 11:01

Friday the 17th of February 2017

Citizen Science: You could find Planet 9 - 17:31

SpaceX ready for Saturday launch to International Space Station - 17:31

Winston Churchill believed there may be life in space - 14:31

Dancing Alberta bears, cheeky Toronto raccoons featured in BBC's Planet Earth II - 10:51

Building blocks of life found on dwarf planet Ceres - 10:01

'How would you know what your rights are?': Secret policies govern cellphone searches at the Canadian border - 05:31

Thursday the 16th of February 2017

Researchers hope new technology could one day be used in stretchable smart tablets - 14:32

World's oceans losing oxygen, threatening marine life: study - 14:01

Is it a butt or a bug? Newly discovered beetle masquerades as ant's backside - 11:01

Fossils show life rebounded quickly after ancient mass extinction - 11:01

Wednesday the 15th of February 2017

Is it a butt or a bug? Newly discovered beetle disguises itself as ant's backside - 18:52

Scientists propose refreezing Arctic in battle against climate change - 18:51

Scientists discover beetle that gets around by pretending to be an ant's butt - 18:21

Fossil gives 1st evidence of live birth in ancient reptile thought to lay only eggs - 16:21

App aims to keep couples happy in relationship with quiz-style game - 11:22

Antarctic sea ice hits record low early data shows - 10:31

India successfully launches 104 satellites into space - 09:31

Tuesday the 14th of February 2017

Passenger-carrying drone to fly in Dubai - 17:31

India set to launch record 104 satellites with single rocket - 15:32

Toxins found in marine life in deepest part of Pacific Ocean - 11:31

Air pollution in China, India accounted for 2.2 million deaths in 2015: study - 10:31

It's not just your TV that can track your habits without consent - 07:31

Virtual reality is too isolating to ever become 'the next big thing' in tech - 05:31

'This feels very familiar': Canadian scientists rally to support American counterparts fearing Trump clampdown - 05:31

Monday the 13th of February 2017

What to know about California's failing Oroville Dam - 13:01

Scientific data used to track and protect animals is vulnerable to hacking - 10:31

IBM's Watson computer gets job fighting cybercrime - 10:01

Here's why reports of data breaches will skyrocket this year - 05:31

Sunday the 12th of February 2017

Bondage, gifts and cannibalism: A spider's Valentine's Day - 18:01

Why job stealing robots might liberate us from the tedium of work - 17:01

Saturday the 11th of February 2017

Poachers are hacking scientific data to hunt the animals being studied - 11:51

Friday the 10th of February 2017

PayPal freezes Canadian media company's account over story about Syrian family - 23:31

Ford investing $1B US inautonomous vehicle tech firm Argo AI - 18:01

It's Alive! Algae Survive 16 Months Exposure To Space - 17:31

Scientists create beating 3D heart cells - 14:31

Warm ocean water triggered vast seabird die-off, experts say - 14:31

Trump administration delays adding bumblebee to endangered list - 11:51

A full moon, an eclipse and a comet — all in one night - 05:31

Thursday the 9th of February 2017

Anyone can be an internet troll if the situation is right - 16:31

Can sharks be fished sustainably? - 14:01

More frequent, stronger earthquakes linked to fracking, Alberta study finds - 13:31

Climate change, fishing threaten endangered African penguin - 13:31