CBC: Technology & Science

Friday the 29th of August 2014

Japanese artist projects visual effects onto human faces - 19:30

Imported garlic a source of plant viruses - 15:00

'Sailing rocks' mystery of Death Valley solved - 14:30

Asteroid smash-up captured by NASA telescope - 13:30

Why science literacy matters: Bob McDonald - 13:00

Canada plans legislation to end pay-to-pay billing fees - 12:00

Asteroid smash-up process captured by NASA telescope - 12:00

Canada's starving gannets post 'mystery' to researchers - 11:30

Haiti mangoes, coffee fields under threat from climate change - 10:00

Is mapping the North Pole seabed worth the time and money? - 09:30

Regulator battles telecom companies over 'pay-to-pay' billing fees - 09:30

Inuit were not the first people to settle in the Arctic - 09:00

'Unborn' baby turtles talk to each other before hatching - 04:30

Thursday the 28th of August 2014

Google's secretive delivery drone project heats up race for air supremacy - 23:00

Hurricane Marie brings big surf to Pacific coast - 16:30

New iPhone coming? Apple invites media to Sept. 9 event - 12:30

Canadians rank 1st in world for science literacy - 12:00

JPMorgan investigates possible cyberattack by Russian hackers - 10:00

Painful memories rewired in mice, sparking hope for PTSD treatment - 09:00

Paper billing fees add up to over $500M a year, study finds - 07:30

Wednesday the 27th of August 2014

Vancouver Aquarium files legal challenge to whale, dolphin breeding ban - 15:00

Saskatchewan clarifies ban on drones used for hunting - 15:00

Drones flying over Alberta badlands to map dinosaur beds - 15:00

Toronto Zoo reveals hatching of Burmese star tortoise - 14:00

Vancouver Aquarium vows legal challenge to whale, dolphin breeding ban - 13:30

Walking fish may reveal how our ancestors emerged onto land - 13:30

Snapchat reportedly valued at $10B US - 13:00

Complete Inuvialuit driftwood house found in Mackenzie Delta - 13:00

Vancouver Aquarium launches legal challenge to whale, dolphin breeding ban - 13:00

Archeologists unearth first complete Inuvialuit driftwood house - 12:30

HP, Compaq computer power cords recalled over fire hazard - 09:30

Global warming likely already dangerous, may be irreversible - 09:30

Iceland volcano rocked by new quakes, stirring eruption fears - 08:30

Slackers rejoice! Practice may not make perfect - 04:30

N.L. fossil shows earliest evidence ever of animals with muscles - 04:00

Tuesday the 26th of August 2014

Apple reportedly rolling out larger iPads amid sales slump - 20:00

Using Facebook makes you less likely to share your opinion - 15:00

$36 smartphone launched in India - 13:30

GPS rival Galileo setback after satellites put in wrong orbit - 13:00

Thigh bone on Mars? Curiosity rover snaps strange photo - 11:30

GPS rival Galileo set back after satellites put in wrong orbit - 10:30

Franklin Expedition: Stephen Harper visits search for Franklin Expedition wreck - 09:30

Rogers, Shaw launch rival Netflix-like service Shomi - 09:30

Franklin Expedition: Stephen Harper joins search for lost ships - 09:00

Rogers, Shaw launch Netflix rival streaming service Shomi - 09:00

Foggy the humpback whale returns to Bay of Fundy after close call - 08:30

Advanced hypersonic weapon destroyed during U.S. test - 08:30

Amazon buys Twitch for almost $1B US - 06:30

Monday the 25th of August 2014

'Super-material' graphene subject of new Ontario development centre - 18:00

Amazon buys Twitch for almost $1 billion - 16:30