CBC: Technology & Science

Friday th 14th of December 2018

Webcams and wearable tech are going to the dogs, literally - 16:40

'Both things are true': Science, Indigenous wisdom seek common ground - 15:20

Mercury from melting permafrost ending up in Arctic waterways, study finds - 10:20

China's 'complicated' role in fight against climate change - 10:20

Stop posting videos of shoplifters, N.L. privacy commissioner says - 08:20

Washington governor proposes major steps for orca recovery - 08:20

Future of Canada's exotic bird hospital rests on a wing and a prayer - 08:20

Alberta Beach ice quake mystery solved - 08:20

In the quest to build a better battery, a Canadian is energizing the field - 06:30

To feed the world amid climate change, we need a better way to grow rice - 04:30

Thursday th 13th of December 2018

Saskatoon woman fighting to save rescued raven from date with death - 14:41

Apple to open $1B campus in Austin, Texas - 13:40

Young beluga in Summerside 'lives a dangerous life' - 13:10

Virgin Galactic aims to reach space today with tourism rocket - 10:10

Wednesday th 12th of December 2018

'We're running out of time': Canada under pressure to step up at global climate conference - 20:30

U.S. Congress OKs killing sea lions to help save salmon - 20:00

40 groups ask Catherine McKenna to retain 'stringent' pollution standards for automakers - 17:50

40 organizations ask Catherine McKenna to keep 'stringent' pollution standards for automakers - 16:30

First healthy adult Atlantic whitefish seen since 2014 - 15:30

2-wheelin' with a tree: Cyclists put spin on Christmas tradition - 15:30

Environmental agents set machines on fire in Amazon rainforest to curb illegal mining 'epidemic' - 15:30

Online ads spoil Christmas surprises, raising privacy concerns - 11:30

Arctic contaminants researcher wins $100K lifetime achievement award - 10:30

Huawei's CFO walks free on $10M bail as she awaits extradition proceedings - 09:30

Rarely recorded nova caught on tape with the help of Sackville professor - 09:30

GPS bike-share program in China credited with reducing gridlock and smog - 04:30

Heads up! Geminid meteor shower peaks this week - 04:30

Tuesday th 11th of December 2018

Pro-pipeline First Nations spar with environmental activists over 'devastating' tanker ban bill - 15:40

Canex warns military personnel to check credit cards after 'malicious attack' - 14:40

Arctic breaks records with 5-year heat streak - 13:10

B.C. sea sponges show unique resilience in face of climate change - 11:41

Google CEO Sundar Pichai faces Congressional questioning on Tuesday after no-show with Senators - 10:30

Space station crew will inspect mysterious hole during spacewalk - 10:30

Status of Huawei CFO's husband questioned as he tries to post bail for wealthy wife - 09:30

Couple 'frightened' after Samsung phones fail to connect to 911 on Freedom Mobile - 09:30

Google accelerating demise of Plus after new security flaw affected 52 million - 07:40

Monday th 10th of December 2018

BlackBerry unveils secure smart-city service as CEO opens up about big tech - 17:30

New alert system warns large ships of nearby whales off B.C. coast - 17:00

U.S. customs searching more travellers' electronic devices, watchdog finds - 17:00

National security 'comes first' on Huawei 5G review: infrastructure minister - 16:10

Canadian Donna Strickland collects Nobel Prize - 16:10

NASA's Voyager 2 spacecraft reaches interstellar space - 13:50

Humpback has whale of a time playing with log off Vancouver Island - 10:20

On space station, David Saint-Jacques takes questions from media - 10:20

Regulator halts fracking operations in northeastern B.C. while investigating earthquakes - 09:51

Federal funding changes send Halifax ocean program into uncharted waters - 09:51

Rapper 2 Milly on why he's suing makers of video game Fortnite over dance moves - 09:30

China pressures U.S., Canada ahead of hearing for Huawei exec - 09:30

Ellen Page steps up attack on Nova Scotia pulp mill's effluent pipeline - 09:30

Twitter CEO Dorsey criticized for Myanmar meditation tweets free of political context - 09:30