CBC: Technology & Science

Sunday the 23rd of November 2014

Russian rocket docks safely at International Space Station - 23:00

Russian rocket blasts off for International Space Station - 18:00

Agriculture Hackathon first of its kind in Canada - 13:30

Rewilding aims to give land back to nature, but what's really 'natural'? - 05:30

Saturday the 22nd of November 2014

'Dirty snowball' from space likely created Sudbury Basin: researcher - 06:00

Friday the 21st of November 2014

Ontario, Quebec sign deals on electricity, climate change - 16:40

Canada pledges $300 million to Green Climate Fund - 16:10

Living gobs of jelly multiplying in Canadian lakes - 15:40

Uber economics could be the new cottage industry: Don Pittis - 13:00

Rare white deer spotted in northwestern Ontario - 10:00

Take a look at the world's best wildlife photos - 10:00

Why European Space Agency deserves our respect: Bob McDonald - 10:00

RCMP drops some Internet-related probes following Supreme Court ruling - 09:00

Waterloo's Kik raises $38 million, acquires GIF-sharing app - 08:30

Uber economics could be a new cottage industry: Don Pittis - 08:30

RCMP drops some Internet-related probes following court ruling - 08:30

Thursday the 20th of November 2014

2014 on track to be hottest year on record after warmest October - 17:00

Chill factor: What's behind Buffalo's intense lake-effect snow - 15:00

Privacy commissioner warns senators against internet surveillance measures - 14:30

Privacy advocates release free tool to detect spyware on PCs - 14:30

Human-loving seal that rejected wild arrives at Detroit Zoo - 13:30

Poo-powered bus starts taking passengers in U.K. - 13:30

Ontario students among best in computer literacy, study shows - 11:00

Scientists record thud of Philae's comet landing - 10:30

Hackers may be streaming video of your home live online - 10:00

Yahoo hopes to impress as new Firefox default search engine - 03:00

Wednesday the 19th of November 2014

Banking industry culture fosters cheating, study suggests - 16:20

New subatomic particles predicted by Canadians found at CERN - 14:50

Arctic ducks adjust nesting to combat polar bear threat - 13:50

As glacier melts, High Arctic residents fear for water supply - 13:20

Apple iOS 8 update aims to revive older iPads, iPhones - 11:50

WhatsApp starts encrypting messages - 10:50

2 new subatomic particles discovered at CERN - 09:30

Acadian child's face reconstructed to illustrate history - 07:00

Tuesday the 18th of November 2014

4 important bird habitats in Canada listed as 'in danger' - 17:00

Fredericton startup develops anti-fraud internet ad technology - 16:31

Singapore Airlines passenger stunned by $1,200 US internet bill - 16:31

New York pay phones to be changed into Wi-Fi hubs - 13:30

Comet surface is hard ice covered in dust, Philae lander finds - 12:30

Philae lander drilling results reveal Comet 67P surface is hard ice - 11:30

Comet 67P too hard for Philae lander to drill - 11:00

Beaufort Sea polar bears decline in health, numbers: study - 10:30

Energy East pipeline 'advocates' targeted in TransCanada PR move - 10:00

Nokia announces N1 Android tablet - 09:00

Uber executive reportedly advocated smearing some journalists - 04:02

Monday the 17th of November 2014

Electric vehicles move closer to widespread use, experts say - 16:31

What's killing sea stars on the Pacific Coast? Scientists think they know - 16:31

Brain recalls language acquired in infancy even if it's no longer used - 16:31

Millions of spiders cover Cape Breton field in webs - 14:30

Doctors, nurses urge Ontario to ban neonicotinoids - 14:30