CBC: Technology & Science

Friday the 21st of October 2016

Twitter conversations on abortion, economy rise after Clinton vs. Trump debate - 12:51

Schiaparelli Mars probe crash-landed, may have exploded, says ESA - 12:51

Facial recognition software 'sounds like science fiction,' but may affect half of Americans - 11:51

Tesla may get into ride-hailing business in 2017 - 10:31

Mystery flares: Edmonton astronomer stumped by his own discovery - 09:01

Major websites down in U.S. East Coast after suspected cyberattack - 09:01

Mystery flares: Edmonton astronomer stumped by his own discovery - 08:31

How Netflix may be crushing border hoppers — and ways to get around it - 08:31

Partisan Twitter bots distorting U.S. presidential candidates' popularity - 07:31

'There's a big problem': Two-thirds of Tragically Hip tickets weren't sold directly to fans - 07:31

Want cheaper access to American e-commerce? Better tell it to the feds: Neil Macdonald - 07:31

Thursday the 20th of October 2016

Calgary Zoo opens Canada's 1st greater sage-grouse breeding facility - 21:31

Snapchat, Skype, BBM not protecting users' privacy, says Amnesty International - 19:31

'Scalper bots' that scoop up concert tickets to be outlawed in Ontario - 17:01

From election campaigns to dishonest monkeys: Why we're hard-wired to lie - 14:01

The science of lying: Why dishonesty has been a major part of the 2016 election - 13:31

'Vulnerability illusion' leaves younger people exposed to web frauds - 12:31

Nintendo unveils Switch, its new hybrid gaming console - 10:31

European scientists puzzle over Mars lander's silence - 06:31

Wednesday the 19th of October 2016

All new Tesla vehicles will have self-driving technology, Elon Musk says - 21:31

'Perfect guinea pigs': Astronaut brains' to be studied by University of Calgary researchers - 14:01

Czechs arrest Russian hacker sought by United States - 13:31

In space, lots of people can hear you scream: 8 people now in Earth's orbit - 12:31

VR arcades sprout up across Canada as high-tech headsets more prevalent - 11:02

Chinese billionaires take interest in Canadian clean technology - 09:33

Engineers stumble on WW I German submarine sunk by 'sea monster' - 09:01

Rigorous rules proposed for recreational drone flyers, documents show - 08:01

European Space Agency will try to put its 1st lander on Mars today - 04:31

Tuesday the 18th of October 2016

NASA images show unprecedented ultraviolet view of Mars - 15:45

Eyes on the sky: Drones take flight with advertising banners - 15:45

Cold tomatoes just aren't as good — and that's a scientific fact - 11:22

Meet the Higgs bison, the mysterious bison-cattle hybrid depicted in ancient cave art - 11:21

U.S. building robot co-pilots that don't panic or get tired - 10:22

Rockstar Games announces Red Dead Redemption 2 for fall 2017 release - 08:52

Rockstar Games appears to tease Red Dead Redemption sequel - 08:21

Remember N.L.'s famous blue whale carcass? Now you can attach your name to it - 07:51

Monday the 17th of October 2016

Canadian researchers chart path of Rosetta's comet - 16:01

Texas man using Facebook Live to document survival experience on remote N.L. island - 13:11

We're likely not alone in universe, says astronomer searching for extraterrestrials - 13:11

Exxon asks court to toss out New York state' climate change case - 13:11

WikiLeaks says Julian Assange's internet link 'severed' by a state actor - 12:41

Germany tells Tesla to stop using term 'autopilot' - 11:01

Watch this mamma whale help rescuers free her calf from shark nets - 10:31

Kill the cats, save the seals? Why some conservationists want to euthanize Hawaii's feral felines - 09:31

New theory emerges about mysterious fossils in the sea floor off Newfoundland - 08:31

In virtual and augmented realities, computers adapt to humans - 04:31

Jia Jia, world's oldest panda in captivity, dies in Hong Kong - 04:01

Sunday the 16th of October 2016

China sends 2 astronauts on month-long space mission - 20:31

Mafia 3 wraps a bold crime epic around an serviceable open-world action game - 08:41

Worried about creepy clowns? There's an app for that - 08:11