CBC: Technology & Science

Monday the 5th of October 2015

Want to be a biohacker? DIY kits let you make GMOs at home - 04:10

Saturday the 3rd of October 2015

Concerned Montrealers fight plan to pour sewage into St. Lawrence - 19:30

Franklin Expedition search: Every HMS Erebus artifact 'has a story to tell' - 04:30

Friday the 2nd of October 2015

Blue whales' meal planning revealed - 17:10

Double hit of asteroid plus volcanoes killed off dinosaurs, study says - 16:40

Partial remains of woolly mammoth found in Michigan, near Canadian border - 15:40

Woolly mammoth bones found near Ann Arbor, Mich. - 14:40

Hunter says $200 tracking device saved his life in emergency - 14:10

Suspected car thieves arrested after sending selfie to vehicle owner - 14:10

Woolly mammoth bones found near Ann Arbor, Michigan - 14:10

How science is helping make beer tastier - 14:10

Montreal's raw sewage to be dumped into St. Lawrence River as planned - 12:50

Archeologists race to protect flood-exposed buffalo jump near Calgary - 09:50

Miley Cyrus invited to B.C. to visit caribou herd threatened by wolves - 09:00

Spelunkers, cliff climbers needed for Mars mission: Bob McDonald - 09:00

Amazon bans sales of Apple and Google TV streaming devices - 08:30

Uber vs. the world: How cities are dealing with ride-hailing technology - 06:00

Uber vs. the world: How cities are dealing with ride-hailing technology - 04:30

New Horizons captures Pluto's moon Charon in best images yet - 04:30

Thursday the 1st of October 2015

'Yelp for people' app developed in Canada greeted with online outrage - 17:50

T. rex tackles Triceratops: Canadian specialists ready new exhibit for Smithsonian - 14:20

Sound of bacteria swimming synthesized by scientists - 13:50

Venus or bizarre asteroid are prime targets for next NASA mission - 12:50

Egypt moves quickly to search Tut's tomb for hidden chamber - 11:20

Polar bears panic Canadian researchers in Beaufort Sea by chewing on equipment - 10:20

Social media vigilantes told not to post pictures of criminals to ID them - 08:50

Mark Carney hopes markets can make wise choice on climate: Don Pittis - 08:50

Watch Google's latest driverless car drive itself around - 08:50

Wednesday the 30th of September 2015

UN report on cyberviolence highlights rampant online issue - 16:00

Glowing sea turtle is 1st biofluorescent reptile ever discovered - 15:30

Cars of the future today: Driverless Google car, Tesla's new Model X - 14:30

Facebook friends, phone records may help banks decide if you're loan-worthy - 13:30

Scientists fight to save unique Irish moss - 13:00

Scrabble brain: How a board game could change how your mind works - 12:30

Scientists fight to save unique Irish moss - 10:30

Mark Carney says climate change could have 'huge' cost to insurers - 10:00

UN report on cyberviolence highlights rampant issue online - 09:00

Tesla Model X unveiled as company offers SUV option - 09:00

Spin Cycle: Are greenhouse gas emissions really falling as Harper says? - 08:00

It's twins! Toronto Zoo giant panda Er Shun is pregnant - 08:00

King Tut's tomb may contain hidden chamber - 08:00

6 new things in Mac OS X El Capitan - 04:30

Tuesday the 29th of September 2015

XPrize competition offers $20M to reduce carbon emissions - 16:00

$20 million up for grabs as XPrize looks to carbon - 14:00

New Brunswick tides will be at highest point in nearly 20 years - 13:30

Edward Snowden joins Twitter, immediately starts following the NSA - 13:30

Trudeau commits $900M to boost high-tech innovation, fund incubators - 12:30

Google unveils Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P smartphones - 12:30

Will Facebook really start charging you to keep your account private? - 11:00

Oil companies give Arctic the cold shoulder - 10:30