CBC: Technology & Science

Saturday the 3rd of December 2016

Scientists gathering in Winnipeg to focus on 'complex' changing Arctic climate - 15:31

Friday the 2nd of December 2016

A planet's worth of human-made things has been weighed - 17:51

Is chocolate really good for you? UBC scientists make new tool to measure antioxidants - 17:21

Canadian scientists help prepare a path to Mars - 16:21

Ban on diesel planned in 4 of world's biggest cities - 15:21

Canadian researchers are leading the way to Mars - 14:21

Stuffed in a Scottish chimney for years, a 17th century map is painstakingly restored - 08:51

Buzz Aldrin recovering in hospital after reaching South Pole - 05:02

Thursday the 1st of December 2016

As more Nova Scotia beaches are flooded with dead herring, cause remains mystery - 17:21

Artificial dog noses are being used to improve drug and bomb detectors - 17:21

Smelly no more: astronauts help freshen up deep-frying - 16:21

Human ancestor 'Lucy' was tree climber, new study shows - 13:21

Russian supply ship launched to space station may not have reached orbit - 11:21

Buzz Aldrin evacuated from South Pole after falling ill - 11:21

Buzz Aldrin flown from South Pole after falling ill - 10:21

Can cell providers tell when police spy on their networks? - 08:21

Wednesday the 30th of November 2016

Pluto's heart of ice might be a sinkhole - 16:01

European Space Agency releases first images from ExoMars spacecraft - 15:01

Antarctic ice shelf breaking apart from inside out - 12:01

As skinny cable rules take effect, consumers wait for better options - 11:31

Rare bottlenose whales discovered off N.L. already in jeopardy - 09:41

Want to delete your internet presence? New tool aims to help you vanish online - 05:31

Tuesday the 29th of November 2016

Great Barrier Reef sees record coral bleaching - 14:21

Carleton University computers infected with ransomware - 13:51

Transport Canada lags in responding to vehicle safety issues, auditor general finds - 12:01

Celebrities, activists rally support for Nunavut hamlet's Supreme Court case - 11:31

Bird poop helps cool the Arctic in summer, new study finds - 11:31

'Beyond unacceptable': Auditor General rips treatment of First Nations, slow embrace of new technology - 11:01

California sets its sights on cows in effort to combat climate change - 10:01

Monday the 28th of November 2016

1st automated vehicles begin tests on Ontario roads - 16:01

Unknown virus or toxin likely killed Aurora the beluga says Vancouver Aquarium - 15:31

San Francisco transit system hijacked by ransomware attack - 15:31

Pope calls on world leaders to act swiftly on climate change pact - 13:01

Science explains what made the Boston Molasses Flood of 1919 so deadly - 09:31

The Canadian government doesn't want hackers' help - 09:01

Trapping carbon works, but high cost will limit its use to essential processes: Don Pittis - 05:31

Sunday the 27th of November 2016

Slippery boots: Most winter footwear fails test of walking on ice - 05:01

Saturday the 26th of November 2016

2nd beluga whale dies in Vancouver Aquarium in less than two weeks - 13:01

Catherine McKenna insists Ottawa will stick with plan on climate change despite Trump win - 05:21

Friday the 25th of November 2016

Scientists stumped by disappearing seabirds off Nova Scotia despite protections - 17:31

Cassini's grand finale: a death dive into Saturn - 15:31

Weight loss yo-yo: How the gut reverses effects of dieting - 15:01

Satellite data confirms San Francisco tower sinking - 13:01

Climate change causing dramatic Arctic shifts, scientists say - 11:01

Thursday the 24th of November 2016

Why your body's internal clock might need a tune-up - 17:31

Trump shifts stance on climate change - 13:31

Why Europe's Mars lander ditched its parachute and crashed - 13:01

U.S. hikes biofuel targets in victory for Big Corn - 12:31

Rotting whale buried at Nova Scotia beach after fears it could explode - 12:31

Trump shifts stance on climate change - 11:01