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Wednesday the 29th of July 2015

Microsoft's Windows 10: Here's what to expect - 04:30

Tuesday the 28th of July 2015

Storm chaser ranks 'monster' Manitoba tornado among top 4 he's ever seen - 15:30

Intel, Micron say they can crunch data 1,000 times faster - 15:30

Virgin Galactic unprepared for spaceship co-pilot's fatal mistake, probe finds - 15:00

Anonymous CSIS document leak probed by RCMP, CSE - 14:30

Belugas get comfy in northern waters for the summer - 13:30

Unexplained mass whale deaths off Alaska island may remain a mystery - 13:00

U of T gets $114M grant for stem cell research - 13:00

95% of all Android devices vulnerable to takeover via new bug Stagefright, Zimperium says - 13:00

Anonymous CSIS document leak probed by RCMP, CSE - 12:30

Mini-washing machine powered by foot pedal wins Dyson award - 12:00

Whale deaths off Alaska island remains mystery - 11:30

Storm chaser ranks 'monster' Manitoba tornado among top 4 he's ever seen - 11:30

Google+ no longer necessary for other Google services, company announces - 10:00

Microsoft's Windows 10: Why it's free and why it's a big deal - 09:30

Students find rare tooth of human ancestor in French cave - 09:30

White cross jellyfish explosion in Bay of Fundy puzzles scientists - 08:00

Cord-cutting grows as more people flee traditional TV, report says - 08:00

Cord-cutting ramping up as more people flee traditional TV, report says - 04:30

Monday the 27th of July 2015

Hacker strikes as New York Magazine runs stories from Bill Cosby accusers - 14:00

Rise of the machines? Musk, Hawking, Wozniak warn of impending military AI arms race - 14:00

Mystery wreck uncovered in Pictou Harbour - 13:00

University students get $35,000 to build self-driving golf cart - 13:00

Researchers master art of tackling wild boars to collar invasive species - 13:00

Wireless 'black market' offers cheap plans outside Manitoba, Saskatchewan - 13:00

Roald Amundsen's Maud, stuck in ice since 1930, to be raised next week - 12:30

Hacker may have disabled magazine's website over Bill Cosby content - 12:30

Burned forests hold clues for the future of the ecostystem after brutal N.W.T. fire season - 11:30

Wireless 'black market' offers cheap Prairie rates in rest of Canada - 11:30

Bloody Creek crater scientists find more meteorite hits - 08:00

Psst. Wanna pay $48 for a $90 cellphone plan on Kijiji? - 08:00

5 exciting places left to explore in the solar system - 04:30

Saturday the 25th of July 2015

Instagram brings #curvy back into search results after brief hiatus - 17:00

Friday the 24th of July 2015

Amazon surpasses Wal-Mart in market value - 16:50

Debating the search for alien life - 15:50

Self-driving cars may help solve urban congestion, depending on who's in the driver's seat - 15:20

Hazy skies, glaciers found on Pluto - 14:20

Striking Pluto silhouette released by NASA - 13:50

Calgary study finds link between first names and first impressions - 09:20

Pluto mountain range previews newest photos, discoveries coming today - 09:20

Uber faces class action lawsuit filed on behalf of Ontario taxi drivers - 08:50

'Butt dials' are not private, U.S. court rules - 08:50

WTO inks trade deal to end tariffs on more than 200 tech products - 08:50

E-sports league starts testing pro video gamers for drugs - 08:50

The bad news for Western drought: 'monster' hot El Nino on the way - 04:20

Hacking cars: What can consumers do to stay safe? - 04:20

Virtual reality could be coming to Youtube - 02:00

Thursday the 23rd of July 2015

Amazon could surpass Walmart in stock value in potential U.S. retail sea change - 20:00

An emoji movie is in the works at Sony — whatever that means - 15:30

NASA discovers 'closest twin' to Earth so far - 13:40