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Tuesday the 26th of May 2015

Pranksters publish secretly-recorded public conversations to make point about NSA - 22:20

Pranksters publish secretly-recorded public conversations to make a point about the NSA - 21:50

Is Europa habitable? NASA mission will use these 9 instruments to find out - 16:00

Leona Aglukkaq official 'can't do the math' on climate targets for MPs - 15:30

NASA unveils 9 gadgets that will probe Europa's habitability - 14:00

NASA unveils gadgets that will probe Europa's habitability - 12:30

Sally Ride, first American woman in space, saluted in Google Doodle - 12:00

Rampant telecom surveillance conducted with little transparency, oversight - 12:00

House debating Liberal motion to free 'muzzled' federal scientists - 10:00

Why tomato juice tastes better on an airplane - 09:30

Tomato juice does taste better at high altitudes - 08:31

B.C. university lets students buy textbooks with bitcoin - 08:31

House to debate Liberal motion to free 'muzzled' federal scientists - 08:30

How Franklin expedition mystery could be solved by high school students - 08:00

Flying ants eat wings as part of mating ritual, entomologist says - 07:30

Galapagos Islands volcano erupts for first time in 33 years - 05:30

Chimps are 'persons' too, legal activists say. So are elephants - 04:30

Monday the 25th of May 2015

Ocean Tracking Network warns sea goers of rogue robot - 14:30

Fake answers make online security questions less secure - 14:30

Dolphin Hana of Vancouver Aquarium dies despite 'breakthrough' surgery - 13:30

Dolphin Hana dies despite surgical treatment at Vancouver Aquarium - 13:00

Stop driving? Shut the oilsands? How can Canada cut emissions 30% by 2030? - 12:30

Cure of deadly white-nose syndrome offers hope for Canadian bat populations - 11:30

Facebook to broadcast Canadian Amber Alerts in news feeds - 10:40

Driverless truck corridor from Mexico to Manitoba proposed - 09:20

John Nash, mathematician who inspired A Beautiful Mind, killed in car crash - 08:30

Crystal app aims to find your personality in social media posts - 08:00

Election debates in Canada, brought to you by Google - 08:00

6 of the most unusual complaints about Canada's Big 3 telecoms - 08:00

Ocean 'blob' could be responsible for warmer temperatures - 07:30

Environmental group hopes 'living shoreline' protects Halifax coast - 07:30

Montrealer sets world record for farthest flight by hoverboard - 07:30

AdBlock Plus mobile browser could devastate publishers - 04:30

Sunday the 24th of May 2015

Should gas pumps have climate change warning labels? - 11:00

Top 10 new species of 2015 - 11:00

4 reasons why feeding bread to ducks is stupid - 04:30

Saturday the 23rd of May 2015

Are anti-NSA pranksters invading people's privacy? - 05:00

Friday the 22nd of May 2015

'International Flag of Planet Earth' aims to unite globe as we race into space - 16:00

Solar halos, sun dogs, eclipses and other optical phenomena - 15:00

Student creates Earth flag for interplanetary missions - 14:30

Walrus cam returns after 10 years to Alaska's Round Island - 14:00

An Octopus can 'see' using its skin - 13:30

Funding for science in schools is key for our future: Bob McDonald - 11:30

California oil spill: Cleanup hampered by winds, choppy seas - 10:00

Ex-government scientist in northwestern Ontario says muzzling was part of "toxic" work environment - 08:30

Can Shopify's IPO success revitalize Ottawa's once-mighty tech industry? - 08:30

California oil spill: Determining the cause will be a long-term process - 08:00

Scientists study impact of diluted bitumen spilled into ocean - 08:00

People are making dial-up noises on Tumblr to honour the internet's 56K past - 08:00

Move over honeybees, unpopular moths are helping food grow - 08:00