CBC: Technology & Science

Thursday the 31st of July 2014

Beef sustainability defended by farmers - 07:30

Can whales be healthy and happy in an aquarium? Scientists weigh in - 04:30

Wednesday the 30th of July 2014

Know your summer enemy: 5 facts about fruit flies - 15:32

New beetle species discovered in Fredericton park - 15:00

Octopus mom waits record 4.5 years for eggs to hatch - 14:10

Gas company sues tiny village for $1.5M — 5 times its annual budget - 13:50

Microsoft Cortana digital assistant coming to Canada - 11:00

Twitter stock soars as number of active users surpasses 270 million - 10:00

Political staffers best be wary when wrangling Wikipedia entries - 10:00

Opera uses Google Glass to share onstage views - 10:00

New energy storage technology to be tested in Nova Scotia - 08:00

Twitter stock soars as number of active users surpasses 270 million - 07:30

Be like Tom Cruise in Minority Report: motion-control armband out now - 04:30

Tuesday the 29th of July 2014

Minuum's tiny virtual keyboards solve the fat finger problem - 17:30

Internet usage-based pricing confuses consumers, U.S. watchdog finds - 14:02

Vancouver Aquarium's whale program provokes more debate - 10:30

'Hot Seat' alarm alerts parents who forget child in hot car - 10:30

BlackBerry boosts security assets with Germany's SecuSmart - 10:00

Chinese cyberattack hits Canada's National Research Council - 09:00

New ultra-thin film may protect pilots from laser beams - 08:30

Monday the 28th of July 2014

Inuit Circumpolar Council highlights environmental concerns - 21:30

Nanoleaf Bloom light bulb dims without dimmer switch - 16:00

Inuit Cirumpolar Council highlights environmental concerns - 14:30

Vancouver Aquarium whales program debate continues at Park Board - 14:00

Fracking gets U.K. approval in effort to go 'all out for shale' - 13:00

Xplornet pledges fast internet for rural, remote areas - 11:30

Amazon launches 3D printed products store - 11:30

Vancouver high school students place 2nd at RoboCup soccer competition - 10:30

Live-tweeting court helps followers learn: St. FX study - 09:01

Ross Lockwood returns to Earth after 4 months on (simulated) Mars - 08:30

Massive 22-kilogram cod caught off Notre Dame Bay - 08:00

Webcam captures 100 sea turtles hatching - 08:00

Mustard to battle against wireworms - 08:00

Aviation safety by the numbers - 08:00

Biological inventory first step for new park - 07:30

Vancouver Aquarium whales program under review at Park Board meeting - 07:30

'We're not the Jetsons yet': Volvo's 'world first' safety features next step in a smarter car - 07:30

Sunday the 27th of July 2014

Hitchbot, the hitchhiking robot, bums 1st ride - 14:30

Friday the 25th of July 2014

New exoskeleton could help paraplegics walk - 14:30

Dinosaurs of a feather? New fossil dispels idea that most were scaly - 11:00

Arctic oil spills likely to spread across borders: study - 08:00

Vegetarian or flexitarian: How much meat do you really want to give up? - 07:30

Thursday the 24th of July 2014

Google's Geek Street Fair in Toronto brings tech to kids - 19:32

Iceberg collapse proves risks of getting too close: videographer - 15:00

False killer whale calf now nursing at Vancouver aquarium - 15:00

Huge aquatic insect with giant jaws found in China - 15:00

Telcos' extra charge for paper billing probed by CRTC - 12:00

Extra charge for paper billing probed by CRTC - 10:30

HitchBot the hitchhiking robot to travel across Canada - 09:30

Dogs feel jealousy, science confirms - 09:00