CBC: Technology & Science

Saturday the 25th of March 2017

How lasers, environmentalists and Google combine to reduce methane emissions - 08:21

Friday the 24th of March 2017

Black hole gets unusual 'kick' out of galaxy core thanks to gravitational waves - 15:51

'Sure you want to send that photo?': Approaching the issue of sexual extortion with youth - 15:21

Trump's proposed NASA cuts take aim at Earth science - 15:21

Spacewalking astronauts prep space station for new parking spot - 11:31

Twitter exploring subscription-based version for first time - 10:31

Skin powered by the sun? Prosthetic limbs with better sense of touch being developed - 10:02

The politics of Pluto: 10 years later, the bitter debate rages on - 04:01

Thursday the 23rd of March 2017

Neolithic rock art uncovered by Egyptologists - 19:11

How a blind man plays mainstream video games and the future of accessibility in games - 17:41

If you're a hungry black hole, try snacking on a star - 16:11

Google's YouTube losing major advertisers upset with videos - 15:41

New wintertime low for Arctic sea ice: scientists - 08:51

Wednesday the 22nd of March 2017

Ground-breaking bat cave discovery gives Alberta researchers baseline in fight against deadly disease - 23:31

Lip-reading program more accurate than humans could help hearing-impaired - 14:41

New categories of dinosaur family tree proposed by scientists - 14:41

Waste not on World Water Day: Bob McDonald - 13:43

Earthquakes could cause Los Angeles area to sink abruptly: study - 10:51

Canada, NATO attempt to define boundaries of response to cyberattacks - 10:21

Rusty-patched bumblebee first of species declared endangered in continental U.S. - 08:21

Tuesday the 21st of March 2017

Trump's travel bans and cuts to science could create a Canadian brain gain - 17:31

Trump approves human exploration of Mars and signs off on NASA's budget - 14:31

World saw record temperatures in 2016 — and it's getting warmer: study - 13:31

Tiger crushed to death by rescue workers in northern India - 10:02

U.S. to start carry-on electronics ban on flights departing from 8 countries - 05:31

Dating apps for the 'elite' reinforce the worst aspects of human nature - 04:31

Monday the 20th of March 2017

How Alberta's eagle expressway was spotted 25 years ago - 22:01

'Free TV' Android box dealers lose court appeal to lift sales ban - 20:01

Archeologists find 400,000-year-old cranium fossil related to Neanderthals - 16:01

Google apologizes to advertisers for posts alongside offensive YouTube content - 14:31

Here's how the FBI says Russian hackers stole Yahoo account secrets - 12:01

YouTube faces social media storm over LGBT-blocking 'restricted mode' - 12:01

'Made in Canada' wasps next step in battle against ash borer - 10:01

Sunday the 19th of March 2017

SpaceX capsule returns from space station with science samples - 10:31

'Free TV' Android box dealers in court Monday to fight injunction blocking sales - 08:31

Traces of Earth's original crust found in Canadian Shield - 04:31

Saturday the 18th of March 2017

How a new tool can predict coastal flooding in Nova Scotia down to the metre - 09:01

Make love, not (just) war: Why romance is the key to Mass Effect games' popularity - 05:21

Biofuel mixture could cut jet particle emissions by more than half, study suggests - 04:31

Friday the 17th of March 2017

FBI worried that Canadian alleged 'hacker-for-hire' could flee - 21:51

Snap judgment: Why Wall Street has doubts about Snap Inc. - 15:31

Canadian charged in Yahoo email hack to appear in court today - 10:32

Why is a Czech zoo sawing the horns off all its rhinos? - 08:32

Thursday the 16th of March 2017

McDonald's apologizes for scathing Trump tweet - 22:01

South By Southwest panel looks for strategies to fight toxic online comments - 17:01

Making sense of music through math - 15:31

New rules for flying recreational drones in Canada revealed - 13:01

Record 202,000 Canadians cut the cord last year and ditched television service - 11:31

How one Yukon fossil helped solve an ancient mystery - 11:01

Charges against alleged Canadian Yahoo hacker may be 'politically motivated,' lawyer says - 10:31