CBC: Technology & Science

Wednesday the 28th of September 2016

BlackBerry to exit hardware business, posting $372M loss in quarter - 07:01

Tuesday the 27th of September 2016

Got kidney stones? This doctor says roller coasters could be the cure - 16:11

Smart home devices used in cyberattack on tech writer's site - 12:54

Ottawa failed to assess privacy implications of C-51 info-sharing, watchdog warns - 11:52

Elon Musk to outline his plans for Mars mission - 10:51

Amazing drone footage shows massive destruction in Aleppo - 10:21

Nunavut shipwreck confirmed as Sir John Franklin's HMS Terror - 09:23

Monday the 26th of September 2016

Got a few million to spare? Here are the companies vying to send tourists to space - 19:01

Nova Scotia's ancient cold-water corals protected by fishing ban - 18:01

Pokemon Go fervour has cooled, but the game isn't dead yet - 15:01

Hubble spies possible water plumes spewing from Jupiter moon - 14:31

Securities regulator should probe Yahoo over hacking disclosure, says U.S. senator - 13:02

Will live streaming of U.S. election debates engage voters? - 10:32

China boots up its massive 'Eye of Heaven,' world's largest radio telescope - 09:31

Unmanned gliders to help DFO measure and monitor oceans - 09:01

'We're losing our delta': UNESCO begins monitoring mission of Wood Buffalo National Park - 08:01

First Nations, environmental issues draw William and Kate to Great Bear Rainforest - 08:01

Biometrics not yet ready to protect you from the Yahoo hack - 04:31

Sunday the 25th of September 2016

Fuel cells set to power up the drone industry - 06:11

Saturday the 24th of September 2016

Calgary school named 'greenest' in Canada - 12:31

Friday the 23rd of September 2016

UN mulls whether to lift global ivory ban or tighten elephant protections - 16:57

Five Canadian communities threatened by climate change now - 16:21

How to protect yourself after the Yahoo email hack, whether you use Yahoo or not - 12:31

Twitter shares jump more than 20% on report of takeover talks - 12:01

Geological formation of Aboriginal chief wearing headphones recognized as 'hidden wonder' - 09:12

Putting pants on rats and walking like a goat net scientists Ig Nobel awards - 09:12

Black market dealers reveal secret to super cheap cellphone plans - 07:51

Costa Rica volcano erupts in picturesque display of smoke and ash - 07:51

'We need to fix this': Big telcos hoard fibre optic networks despite CRTC order - 07:51

Thursday the 22nd of September 2016

YouTube Heroes program seeks crowdsourced moderation, but panned as censorship - 16:11

How your morning brew could help clean contaminated water - 15:51

Apple reportedly in talks to buy supercar company McLaren - 15:21

Why the controversial science of cold fusion is getting hot again - 15:21

Spiders coming into your home are 'looking for love, basically' - 14:57

Meteor shoots across Quebec, Ontario, New Brunswick night sky - 14:57

Hubble telescope discovers planet orbiting 2 stars - 14:57

Yahoo confirms 500 million email accounts hacked in 2014 - 14:57

Tesla update halts automatic steering if driver inattentive - 12:41

Fukushima cows find new purpose in radiation study - 09:51

Rosetta spacecraft to end epic journey with comet crash landing - 08:51

'Shady, secretive system': Public Safety green-lit RCMP, CSIS spying devices, documents reveal - 08:51

Survey reveals 'significant gaps' in Canadians' understanding of science - 08:21

'Like breathing through a straw' British vets urge people to stop buying flat-faced dogs - 07:41

Greenland ice sheet melting 7% faster than believed, says new GPS study - 07:41

Wednesday the 21st of September 2016

Researchers play No Man's Sky like an archaeological dig, but find a mostly empty sandbox - 15:31

Watch what happens when a 6-metre python swallows an entire antelope - 14:31

So long, summer — tomorrow marks the 1st day of fall - 14:01

Tesla updates software to improve radar in wake of Autopilot crash - 12:31

Researchers play No Man's Sky like an archaeological dig, but find a mostly empty sandbox - 11:31

Paris climate change deal passes key threshold - 11:01