CBC: Technology & Science

Wednesday the 31st of August 2016

Ontario mushroom picker finds giant puffball in woods - 11:01

Hero for the half-shell: Meet the man who wants to save abandoned turtles - 11:01

Curious radio signal stirs talk of extraterrestrials - 09:31

Starving cod in southern Labrador? DFO monitoring fish stocks - 08:11

Order for Apple to pay billions in back taxes is good for almost everyone: Don Pittis - 08:11

Tuesday the 30th of August 2016

The crazy quest to send spaceships to an Earth-like planet at Alpha Centauri - 16:11

Squishy 'Octobot' may point to future of robotics - 14:11

PlayStation 4 Slim images appear weeks before Sony press event - 14:11

Company aims to develop hundreds of Aboriginal software testers - 12:11

Meet the Japanese mini-rover that aims to win the Lunar X Prize - 12:11

Check out some of the weirdest creatures in Atlantic Canadian waters - 09:12

Your dog really does understand what you say, science confirms - 09:12

Searching for HMS Terror: Hunt resumes for 2nd Franklin Expedition ship - 08:42

Ad industry vows to be more open about paid endorsements on social media - 08:11

EU rules Apple must pay up to 13B euros in back taxes - 06:51

How new FAA rules for commercial drones could leave Canada's UAV industry on the runway - 04:21

Monday the 29th of August 2016

Mechanical failure sends UBC Sailbot off course, drifting south - 20:01

Justin Trudeau turns to Weibo and WeChat to reach Chinese audience - 18:01

Fishermen relieved Atlantic bluefin tuna dodges endangered species label - 16:31

How drone and robotic technology will be used to help maximize crop yields - 16:31

Human ancestor Lucy's cause of death solved, scientists say - 13:31

New Apple iPhone unveiling expected next week - 13:01

Scientists exit Hawaii dome after yearlong Mars simulation - 09:21

Deadly lightning kills more than 300 reindeer in Norway - 09:21

Research into cow burps could cut methane emissions, and budgets - 07:51

Sunday the 28th of August 2016

Calgary's TOM Makeathon develops 'life changing' tools for people with disabilities - 23:21

No tailings ponds, but in situ oilsands still release toxic contaminants: study - 17:31

How a $64M hack changed the fate of Ethereum, Bitcoin's closest competitor - 08:31

Saturday the 27th of August 2016

Esports founder, team owner spar over mid-season rule changes ahead of Toronto finals - 07:21

Friday the 26th of August 2016

Summer 2016 an 'exceptional' year for biodiversity in St. Lawrence River - 16:41

Brazilian plant's 'sneeze' caught on video - 12:41

Whirling disease needs constant vigilance, U.S. experts say after Banff fish in jeopardy - 12:41

Dig reveals surprising truth about 'super-henge' near Stonehenge - 11:41

Richard Branson hurt while bicycling in British Virgin Islands - 11:11

Dancing on a different stage: the balletic inspiration behind PS4's Bound - 10:44

Federal government won't introduce cellphone driving law, will leave issue to provinces - 08:21

U.S. Homeland Security investigating Leslie Jones website hack - 08:21

Thursday the 25th of August 2016

Apple boosts iPhone security after Mideast spyware discovery - 14:31

Whirling fish disease found in Banff lake 1st in Canada, officials say - 14:31

WhatsApp is going to share your phone number with Facebook - 14:01

Japanese truck driver playing Pokemon Go kills pedestrian - 13:31

'We didn't want to cry wolf,' Environment Canada says in defending late tornado warning - 13:31

Tanmay Bakshi, 12, spent his summer learning from IBM developers, and teaching them, too - 13:01

World's first self-driving taxis start taking passengers - 10:31

LookUpBanff billboard promotes conspiracy theory about toxic chemtrails - 10:01

Nunavut board waives environmental review for cruise ship Crystal Serenity - 09:01

Record-breaking giant pearl found by fisherman - 09:01

Watch the moment a funnel cloud forms over Windsor, Ont. - 08:31

Banff billboard promotes conspiracy theory about poisonous contrails - 08:31

Wednesday the 24th of August 2016

Arianespace 5 launches LIVE - 17:01